Fans still love Twilight

Dear Twilight,

Nope. We haven’t forgotten about you. We’ve been a little distracted by all the NReed/KStew lesbo talk and the Kellan Lutz “good boy from your youth group” stories, but we still love you.

While Rob is definitely out-shining you in the letter department, people do still write to YOU too.  See, I’ll prove it:


twi-movie-companion1Dear People at Target,

I swear I am not crazy…and I am not a biatch (well maybe sometimes)! I just find it really annoying and hard not to use my vampire strength to rip your throats out for selling the last copy of the Twilight Movie companion you had in stock to a tween who still can’t possibly know or understand how Edward can make someone ‘jizz her pants,’ as he does me! I understand how you are not really in control of when you will get restocked again, but do you know how inconvenient it is for me to have to wait until tomorrow to hit up Barnes and Noble when you’re just 5 mins from my house?!!?? Anyway sorry for glaring at you (cashier girl) with my ‘onyx-colored’ eyes…I swear they’re not always this color. Next time please try and keep better stock…k?




My apologies to my fiancee who thought he might have to restrain me when that bitchfaced tween wallked past me with a smirk on her smug little face in triumph…for a SECOND there I wished I was Jane so I could put her dumbass on check!! (only for a SECOND)   


Dear Twilight,twi book covers

Who knew you were this addictive? I’m sure Stephenie Meyer’s publishers did. 

From December 23, 2008 to January 2, 2009 I was completely engrossed in the Twilight Saga that I didn’t even notice Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day! Honestly, there should be some sort of disclaimer on the back. Only took me 11 days to finish the series because “I had to know”. I thought I would be past my obsession once I finished all four books…now even it’s worse.

Now, I take random online quizzes about Twilight and their characters (so sad), and I cannot go to bed without hearing Bella’s lullaby. Also, (and this is hard for me to admit) I rub body shimmering lotion on my boyfriend so that he could sparkle like Edward. It’s safe to say I have a problem.

I will admit that I don’t obsess over the book more than I do over the movie. Watching the book come to life made me wish that this fantasy would never end! Every fibre of my being anticipates the release of the New Moon movie. In the meantime, I get my fix from fanmade videos and blogs (although I would prefer the official complete draft of Midnight Sun, hint hint Steph). 

Twilight, all that’s left to say is this: “You’re like my own personal brand of heroin“. 

Patiently trying to wait,

newtwilightlover (Shari)

20 Responses

  1. completely agree with the last letter! I read all four books in four days, i couldn’t stop! normal priorities like eating and sleeping didn’t seem so relevant!

    these books should come with a warning!

  2. I love the Target story. It’s akin to my smackdown at Books-A-Million. Good times. Precious memories. All for the love of Twilight.

  3. Dear NewTwilightLover,

    For a moment, while reading your letter, I thought that maybe I’d had another break from reality (see my Unicorn post) and written a letter to Twilight while in some sort of fugue state. I was only able to convince myself that I had not written the letter because my obsession started last summer (July 25, 2008, to be exact). By Christmas I was reading the saga for the fourth (4th) time. I was further convinced that I had not written this letter when you mentioned the shimmering lotion. I do not own this sort of thing. I do however have a ‘steadman’ named Bobby, and he assures me he won’t mind over much if I call out the name Rob at certain times. Apparently it’s close enough.

    Your Sister-in-Twilight,
    PS I hope you have found the deleted scenes on If not, go there immediately. They may save your life…or someone else’s, depending on the color of your eyes today.

    • @christa your responses are getting kicked into our spam folder. GAY.. prob has something to do with all your gravatar changes.. weirdddd! you’re not spam! you’re our first fan!

  4. Lame! Is there something I can do to fix that?

  5. Whew…I’m gonna start ordering all my Twilight stuff on line in case I run into one of those tweenies, or worse one of our Sisters-in-Twilight on a bad day 🙂 I am not a violent person but I do think under stocking Twi related items at mass chain super store (or selling to obviously tween fangirls) is inexcusable and if you ask me they had a “smack down” coming!

    United we stand! Until Rob is close by and then you byatches are on your own…just kidding.,,but not really! 😉

  6. @vickyb – Here here to ordering online. I have to wait just a little bit longer for my DVD, but I’m not standing in line at midnight to fight a “tween” for my copy. Although, if I did, she wouldn’t stand a chance! 🙂 I have Black Friday experience!

    @newtwilightlover – Listen to Christa…read all extras and outtakes. You will not be sorry (but you will find yourself wishing for more).

  7. I just finished the Twilight outtakes, I didn’t know they existed. Thank you Christa, so much for enlightening me. I’ve been fighting my Twilight Saga addiction for a few weeks now, only because my husband says he’ll have me committed if I start the series again for the 4th time. But after reading the Extended Prom Remix, I’m feelin’ a re-lapse coming on.

    @newtwilightlover- ditto

  8. @Amber.. I was going to pre-order mine online, but I didn’t want to wait either. So, I put my copy on hold at a local store.. that way I can still go out and see the crazy crowds, but then I can be like “outta my way bitches, I got my copy on reserve!”

    @newtwilightlover – I definitely agree with amber and christa, read everything. And in reference to wanting more…. STEPHENIE.. FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!! and then write Edward’s version for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. @Sam~ On Stephenie’s site on the Midnight Sun tab:

    “June 2008 Update: In response to the outrageous number of emails that I have received with questions concerning Midnight Sun, I talked to Stephenie this weekend and she asked me to let everyone know that Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published. And, after Breaking Dawn comes out, Stephenie will have much more time to focus on writing Midnight Sun.”

    Is this old info?!?

    • @suzieQ i think it was current info- but then she posted something in August after the draft was leaked saying she was “done”… but, i think after the movie buzz dies down, steph will miss edward/bella SO much that she will finish MS FOR SURE 🙂

  10. I got published….yay!!!! I want to thank everyone who made this possible…my mom…just kidding but how exciting! Thanks unintendedchoice and themoonisdown! 🙂

  11. I’m going to pray, just in case it helps 🙂

  12. I maintain that she’s finishing already, but just won’t say.

  13. The Twilight letters are hilarious! You’re giving Rob’s letter a bit of competition:)

    It took me about two weeks to complete the saga and I thought I was breaking a record. Guess not.

    I hope so!!

  14. I’ve heard some things recently which I don’t think I can divulge that lead me to believe she is. It could be wishful thinking, but I hope not.

    Besides can you imagine creating something like that and just walking away halfway through? I wouldn’t be able to stay away long.

  15. If Stephenie does finish MS, I swear, I will be her bitch forever.

  16. @Crista
    I think you may be right. There’s absolutely nothing on her site about new projects and she also mentions that she doens’t like divulging any information beforehand on her current work.
    Plus with all the hype around Twilight and people BEGGING her to finish MS? I can’t imagine that she won’t. Let’s all hope with all our hearts!

  17. @Sass u r too funny!

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