Impress this brother with a life of virtue

kellannoshirtDear Kellan-

Is it wrong to lust after your bible study leader?

Your sister in Christ-

PS. so I guess Kellan is on 90210 on January 13th on the CW. Make sure to catch that or not… we don’t need any ‘stumbling blocks.’ 😀

PPS. Yes, I’m taking this Kellan/Youth Group storyline I’ve made up and I’m running with it. Especially after seeing him at Jackson’s 24k show (more on this later)

PPSS. Thanks to Kellmett Happens and Twilight Series Theories for the tip and pics. Hot sauce! And great sites.

Also… whenever I see, hear or think of Kellan why does the song “I don’t want it” by DC TALK ALWAYS come into my head?

overlook the random family… this is the only video of this song i could find.

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  1. OH MY GOSH… i am dying. dying and dying some more. I have nothing else to say. I’m dead 🙂


    You did not title a post with a lyric from “I Don’t Want It,” from the Free At Last CD by dc Talk. (Yes, I know every word of that song. Please love me.)

    You didn’t.

    Nor did you reference Kellan, the aforementioned song, and post a picture of Kellmet & his amazingly gargantuan nipples.

    You didn’t.

    You couldn’t have. ‘Cause I’d be keeled over on this laptop, violently shaking and foaming at the mouth had you really done all this.

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    • @Leigh Anne: oh yes she did all of those things b/c the moon is amazing. Just wait until she finally posts her entry about Kellan’s missions trip to South Africa. We never has as much fun as we do when we pretend that Kellan is an old school youth grouper.
      “So just wait for the mate that’s straight from God
      Don’t have sex ’til you tie the knot”

  3. @leigh anne – yes i did! welcome to my sick and twisty world where i believe kellan is that guy in youth group everyone quietly crushed on.

    and also you MUST know that both UC and I know ALL lyrics to that song and will probably throw in some smitty/carman or jars of clay at some point.

  4. @themoonisdown–your Kellan/youth group theory is pure genius. I bow at your feet. If I ever get to meet Kellan in person I have two questions I’m dying to ask:
    1. Do you really love Battlestar Galactica as much as you professed in that one MTV interview, or were you just trying to appease the geeky Sci-Fi fangirls, such as myself? Prove it by explaining the term “Frak!” to me.
    2. Did you finish “The Purpose Driven Life?” Because I made it only to the second chapter and had to go make a peanut butter sandwich and watch season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Since I’m Radically Saved, I’m now feeling that I should take the liberty of rewriting one of Carman’s greatest hits:
    “Who’s in the house?

    Seriously, you get a bojillion cool points for even knowing who Carman is. Is he still living, I wonder? Surely there’s a role for him in New Moon. He could be “Bushy-eyebrowed Man in Italy.”

    Finally, speaking of New Moon…I will now commence with my letter writing campaign to have a Jars of Clay song in the soundtrack. Any song. Doesn’t matter which, as they all sound the same.

    p.s. You are officially in…it’s a fivesome, no doubt. Rob’s hair is gonna instantly grow an inch when he hears this news.

    • @Leigh Anne you’re KILLING me.. “who’s in the house” R.P.!!! since you’re radically saved, you, of course, remember the Ray Boltz hit “thank you (for giving to the Lord)”… well, @moon and I have major CCM gossip- Ray is gay! yep.. moon got to see him perform at a gay Christian “liberation” show this past weekend… we had MANY laughs over that one… it was almost as fun as thinking of new youth group scenarios to put Kellan in.. ooh- maybe we can try to find picture of him playing “bible trivia” at summer youth camp… !

  5. @unintendedchoice–Wait…stop…do not leave me hanging.

    Moon has a post about Kellan in South Africa? I cannot wait to read this. I don’t wanna spoil any surprises, so just e-mail & let me know…but did he run into Rob while there? Rob and his amazing Nibelung mullet? Be still my heart.

    “Safe is the way they say to play,
    then again safe ain’t safe at all today…”

    (Yeah, that’s birth control right there.)

  6. @UC—I knew Ray was Gay back in the Day. And I must know more about this “liberation” show. Was Jennifer Knapp there?

    Oh, please God…don’t strike me down, for I love You, and You know how I jest.

    But still. Was she there?

    And, just so you know that we three were obviously separated at birth, I almost referenced “Thank You” in my comment earlier this morning…as in:

    I bet Kellan and crew sat around the campfire on the last night of their laboring in S. Africa, singing Ray Boltz’s “Thank You,” and the classic to end all classics, “Friends,” by…well, I think we all know who performs that one. And then maybe a few oldies from Twila Paris and Larnelle Harris, just because.

    Where have you girls been all my life? Where were y’all in August ’07, when I read the first three books and had NO ONE to discuss them with? Where were y’all when Rob was cast in the movie last December and everyone in the world was shouting, “Noooooooooooooo!’ whereas I was clapping, gleefully procclaiming, “GOODY-GOODY–it’s ruddy-cheeked Cedric Diggory!”

    Regardless, I’m glad you’re here now. My life is complete.

    • @Leigh Anne- I can’t believe we just found you NOW! Twilight-lover, Rob-obsessed AND you know the worlds to Ray Boltz songs! I’ll let “moon” fill you in on the liberation show! She needs to blog about it on her personal blog b/c the world MUST hear about it!

      JKnapp does love the ladies, doesn’t she? I remember back at “hope fest ’96” when i asked for her autograph, she stared at me just a little too long… i knew then, i just knew it.
      I agree- life now complete!

  7. @ you two – dude being on the west coast puts me behind in the comment party!

    leigh anne – you are too too kind… please stand up now… but make sure you kiss my ring on your way up.

    about the gay christian concert- it was something else! i mean i was texting UC throughout the concert and i was like you just need to be here to experience this with me i couldn’t even process it. especially when he was singing stuff like thank you. im pretty we ALL sang that one growing up. my friend (who i went to see perform) and i were literally crying from laughter.

    jknapp?! i lol-ed on that one for sure. sadly she was not there though. this was a ton of DUDES and it was pretty obvious they werent down for the vagine

    as for the kellan missions trip post i am working on it and made myself LOL at what i’ve put in there. coming SOON!

  8. and i forgot this little gem… put this on to really get your morning (afternoon for you guys) going

    the dancing and outfits are AMAZING. just imagine RP in those hammer pants

    tell me who’s in the house? RP!! Robert Pattz is in the house tooodaaaaayyyy. Who do you go to when the day is long? you go to ROOOOBERT ROOOBERT.

  9. @y’all (’cause I’m from the South)–I’ve been gone all day with my eldest child & just returned home. Of course I ran straight to the computer. And by straight to the computer I mean straight to y’all.

    My father-in-law is now wondering why I’m sitting here laughing at the computer screen. Embarrassing.

    OK, the concert thing…I have every intention of googling this later on tonight because I must know more. I dunno if the whole JKnapp thing is a given, but I heard from a very good source. (Someone in the industry, that is.)

    BUT–was that RJ dude from American Idol there, at least? ‘Cause that would be freakin’ GOLD!

    Anxiously awaiting the Kellan mission trip saga. I hope it has at least 3 parts, a major cliffhanger, and a satisfying climax.

    I said climax.

    I haven’t seen that video in years. Who’s cooler than Carman, I ask you? When we all meet Rob (’cause it WILL happen, you know) we’ll dress him up, teach him the lyrics & dance moves, and record our own You Tube video. And then he’ll be all, “Word to your mutha.”

    Little Ashes comes out in just over 2 months. We must discuss. In depth. Hot man on man snogging and a masturbation scene? I cannot wait.

  10. ohhh didn’t just name drop carmen..omg..hahah..i totally saw him in concert with my youth group way back in the day..this website keeps getting better and better i am so glad i stumbled upon you!!

  11. @brusselsprout- thats how we do it here!! im never giving up my creepy kellan youth group metaphor.


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