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  1. Rob:
    I really appreciated your hard-work in “Twilight” as Edward Cullen. You did an absolutely awesome portrayal of Edward. I went to the movies and saw “Twilight” six times and I know that is not as many times as a lot of other fans, but I can tell you that I have never went to see any other movie six times….that was a first for me. I love the story of Edward and Bella and how Edward loves Bella is just unique. You are way hot in “Twilight” and any other time for that matter. I guess the reason that I went was because of you. Awesome job Rob!! I listen to your music too, you are very talented and your playing Bella’s Lullaby was awesome. That part of the movie was just done so well and with your playing of the piano was a very intense moment.. Hope you are enjoying yourself and I know that you have an awesome future!

    • I have to say, having experienced some forms of fame & adulation, to watch the NYC autographing session is just mind boggling. Only the strong, creative beast can understand it all and process accordingly without imploding. You’ve arrived mon cher…live! xoT

      • Completely agree.

      • Robert Pattinson,
        In “twilight” you were so handsome us “Edward Cullen”!! I hope you’ll be so great in “New Moon”, too. I wish you a happy birthday!!!
        Love and kisses, I love you

      • Hey Robert,
        i’m from Israel, I’m your big fan here in the country, including the books and movies.
        I hope that one day I happened to meet you, just once.
        I’m looking forward to this day, you do a wonderful job!
        I am very influenced by your character and not just twilight, hope we talk ever.

    • Im sure he wont even read these. there are a great amount of fan sites and fanmail junk, so what makes this site so special.

    • Just a little “but” (whispering in your ear): “It’s NOT Pattinson who is playing “Bella’s Lullaby” in the film. It’s Carter Burwell! Pattinson is just moving his fingers in the picture but we are hearing another musician playing!”

      • actually, carter burwell wrote bella’s lullaby and had robert pattinson play it during filming the movie. Pattinson is a musician himself and he CAN and DID actually play the song in twilight.

      • He is not just moving his fingers on the piano if you were a real fan of Robert Pattinson like i am because i am his all time BIGGEST FAN you would know he recored himself playing that song for twilight, and you would also know that he actually composed that lullaby himself so there you go!

    • hay i broke my riste eney thaing to cheer me up plaese but your awsome in twilight no realy

  2. Oh, but this site is fantastic! Thanks for visiting my humble little blog and I will definitely be back to yours. 😀

  3. Dear Robert!
    You were totally best in the Twilight! It must be hard to act so good as you act! I love the story of Bella and Edward and I’m waiting for New Moon film, hoping that you will act in it.
    Twilight is really fantastic especially a one beautifull vampire! I can watch it 24h per day!
    I’ve got a few faviurite parts of the movie but some from the book don’t exsist in the movie…
    But general it is the best story which I read and watched! It conquered The Harry Potter in my opinion.

    • What the fukk man. Robert Pattinson is HOTT but he lukks like a total dirt ball sometimes. And it’s true! Well he’s a good actor and hes hott so heyy holla lmao!!!
      My favorite part was the end when he kisses Bella on the neck and says “a long life isnt enough time” or sum shit like that lol.

  4. Hi
    My name is Livia and I wanted to tell you you are my q air my life all my life and I believe in you! When I saw you the video that you bite the Tyra Banks I broke my computer and all my attacks (laughter) … I love you, and give you all my life to see you, but I live in Brazil and it is difficult, but one day I will see you, even if it is the last thing to do in life!
    Rob you love is everything to me!

    I love you forever!!

    se voce entender…
    te amo muito eu preciso ver voce um dia voce é td para mim!!
    te amo!!

    “You are my life now”

  5. Rob~~~
    My name is Madison.
    I am happy that you got the part, and not anyone else.
    Even if I do hate Kristen’s gut for kissing you.
    I believe when you say nothing is between the two of you.
    And I tell others to shut up before it ends up in a fight, when they start about you.
    And I have had my butt kicked more than once.
    But they shut up.
    I want to thank you for bringing Edward Cullen to life.
    And for being sooo dang sexy.
    But mostly for the Edward Thing… You did it better than anyone else could’ve.
    Love forever,

    • I’m sorry, you just can’t love someone that you’ve never met it’s insane. Yes, Rob is a fanstastic actor, but saying i love you is a bit out there. Obsesion will never lead to anything good. You can always say I totally think you’re an awesome actor and stuff like that, just don’t say you’re in love. And I think Rob might find it a bit creepy that people are saying they’re in love with him and writing him love poems. And hate is a really strong word, try saying I really really dislike you.

      • I must be the oldest person on this site LOL Reading some of these posts make me chuckle. I am glad that people have finally realized what a great actor Rob is but its kind of sad that these young girls think that he is the GREATEST thing in their lives… I love the books OBSESSED with Twilight so I dont want to sound like I am bashing but these young girls will one day realize that Edward is not perfect and while he says all the right things **sigh** and loves Bella like every girl would dream about **sigh** he really is flawed as a man which is one reason why us older Twilight fans love him… lets fix the broken guy LOL. Rob/Edward has made us old fans have unrealistic expectations of men LOL I now look at my husband wondering why he cant be like Rob/Edward LOL Sad but true.

        • i don’t think you’re the oldest here!!!

          • Don’t know how old you are “kris” but I’m 28 and you might be older because 28 to me isn’t that old. lol. but i agree. I’m totally drawn to Rob. not edward, he’s fiction, but its Rob that has my attention. I support him in everything he does, no matter how he looks, how short or long his hair is, its just hair, lol which roles he chooses to do. what’s crazy is that he really isn’t even that interesting. he’s just a normal guy when you get right down to it. but he’s got my full attention. love it! he’s my VAN MORRISON!!!! and this site totally rocks by the way!!

        • Just so you know, you’re not alone being an oldie but a goodie on this site…….I’m up there myself (over 40).

          I can’t agree with you more. It’s all of Edwards quirks that make him attractive. He is after all 108. I’d be a bit stodgy and short tempered too lol.

          Now before you read I have to preface this by saying I love the books, and I’m reading them again for the third time lol and probably would have gladly walked to my own annihilation if Edward were delivering it lol.

          But I am curious to know if anyone has really looked at these books lol.

          He confesses to her he IS the bad guy.

          He tells her he has killed people. AND SHE DOESN’T CARE!! (that’s kind of a deal breaker for me. It’s bad enough these days that before I date a guy I have to ask if he has a prison record I need to now about.)

          They deal in dirty paper and grand theft auto.

          Edward is always condescending toward Bella, “lovingly” insulting her awareness, among other things.

          He tells her she is his “own personal brand of heroine” (Now, I have already told my 13 yr old niece, if ANY guy says this to you RUN THE OTHER WAY!!) Clearly we are dealing with a totally dysfunctional person and a classic co-dependent relationship.

          She frequently comes home from visiting him with injuries.

          His family “kidnaps” her for her own good.

          He sneaks into her house repeatedly at night, in the beginning with anyone’s knowledge, then without Charlies. (think about that, someone watching you sleep? Don’t serial killers do that?) lol

          Not to mention the B & E to get the truck key……

          And the fact there are indications of a suicide pact lol. (since neither wants to live if the other dies).

          Maybe we should look into this a little further lol.

          • Yes, Ms. Lisa, Edward and Bella’s relationship, although chaste, is every parent’s worst nightmare for their daughter. Teenage obsession is never pretty. And then multipoy that obsession exponentially for Edward who is STUCK at 17 for decades. OMG…a recipe for disaster.
            I love the books, but your exhortation to make a closer examination makes me question myself. I would have sent my daughter to live with her father if she had shown such a obsession with a boy who was so controlling.
            “But it’s for her own good.”…
            Bella has a death wish and needs to see a shrink twice weekly.
            Edward is a stalker who needs a restraining order.
            And they are role models? Heaven help us.

          • i was thinking and you know how in new moon when bella jumps off the cliff and comes home and alice is there and jacob ran in? dosent that break the treaty? i thought it did!

        • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally agree with you i look at my boyfriend and think i wish you were like edward cullen

        • Yeah, me too (about that husband part.) But because we both have been dealing with the real supernatural world for quite sometimes now, I think my husband is more like those boys in Supernatural series, only less handsome. Yes, the supernatural world does exist, but it’s best if we are not really a part of it.

      • Hi yes i agree with you how can you say you love someone without ever meeting them. But i must say i can also see it form the new generation’s side. i mean it is not like they have some sort of good role models to look up to. where are the james deans of this world with their good nature?

      • Hi Rob

        you have changed my life i agree 100% with Isabella you cant just love someone that you have never met but there is a thing called love at first site Yes Rob is a fanstastic actor but you have to see people for who they are not because they are famous now if he wasn’t famous would any of you people even look at him in the same way he has loads of girls throughing them selfs at him but he never knows if they are in love with him as a person of the person he PLAY’S in these films everyone needs to stop and just look at him as a person he is no diffrent to you or me even kristen they are just people and fans like us will end up kiling him because he cant take anymore SO BACK OFF AND LET HIM BREATH with out the screaming girls chacing after him i feel very very very sorry for him and kristen i bet if someone aked him if he wanted to leave all the fans behind for just one day he would say yes in a hart beat

  6. hi rob, i´m actully from sweden so my english can be a little bad, but i hope you understand.
    I really liked the film and the books , the fourth book hasen´t come out here yet, but i´m wating for it . I can´t wait. I loved the film , I looked at it over and over again and I never get tired of it. you and bella are really good actors , and your love to each other seems so real , and when I at first saw the movie I just hoped that you and bella were together in real life , so go for bella rob, or me haha .and it´s going to be so fun to se the next movie new moon , the scene I look forward to most is when you are in itally, I just know it´s gonna be great. i´m glad your edward in the film , because you can play him so good and your such a good actor , and good-looking to .
    I can write so so much more , but it´s probably getting a little boring hahah, I hope your going to do more films , that I really would like, and you can always count on me to watch them haha , so bye now handsome

    BTW: your a really GOOD singer to , but it´s to bad that you aren´t singing in the next movie because I really like your songs and voice : D

    • i think it’s awesome that people all over the world are reading the books, and sweden is awesome. But i can’t wait for the second movie to come out, i just hope that Taylor will still play Jacob

  7. Robert,
    I really liked it that you played Edward…
    I saw the movie 12 times and I cant wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I dont think anyone will be able to get me out of my room when I get that DVD!
    Im also looking forward to the next movie New Moon, I’ve read all the books more than once!
    I would say that I was one of your biggest fans, but I know that many other people have said that so I’ll just say that I really like you and your acting!
    Really good!

    Great Job and I cant wait to see you and Kirsten in New Moon and hopefully the other two as well!

  8. obviously hes not gonna read this so why are you all wasting your time?!

    • actually.. he DOES read this site! i make him cuz he lives under my bed. I only let him out to go to the gym and for snacks.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • what do you mean why are we all wasting our time? you obviously “wasted” your time to write a comment. not to be mean but let people get out what they want to say. have a delightful day:)

      • to unintendedchoice not to be nasty but u need to get a life i now he read this site coz my step mom lives a few house down from him and she told me that when there are fans at his house he tells them to write on this and he will read them later and to prove it he printed a sheet out with a fan letter on it and guess who it was MINE he said that he only printed it off because he liked what i said about telling people to back off and let him breath and that I’m the only one he think wouldn’t scream when i c him and you no what he is write i love him and his films and that goes for the hole cast but i WONT go crazy if i c one or all of then and you saying i only let him out to go to the gym and for snacks u are SAD very very SAD so please tell me you just kidding

    • hey he might so back off

    • thats what I said!

  9. I love this site. It makes me love the world just a bit more with its completely free word slinging ways. I mean that in the greatest way possible. As for Twilight and everything related, I seriously applaud and graciously thank Stephanie Meyer for sharing her imagination with the world. As for Robert Pattinson, he is extremely talented and seems (one may never know for sure) like a very generous, kind, and balanced young actor and given the idea I have of Hollywood, he is a savoring breath of fresh air. Applauds to him for being a sensationally extraordinary addition to the entertainment world!

  10. hope do well on newmoon and i hope one day to here play your guitar u have inspired to show people sometimes music can help

    my fave actor SPUNKRANSOM

  11. hez rob
    listen i am reallz reallz seriouslz inlove with u cus like i have dreams of u and i kiss u and we kinda TOUCH just like a lill but dat onlz in dreams *how badlz i wish it were real* lol

    • thats just sick

    • keep those thots to yourself thats gross to think of that innocent man touching on a gurl that says stuff like that.Everybody has their wishes and dreams but it means more to keep them to you.

    • WOAH!! Major information over load!!!! Ummmm….. dude. Really you keep those things locked away in your head or you share it with your boyfriend cause most of us really don’t want to know that…… By the way….. Were you drunk by any chance while you were writing this? Cause I’d have to be before I’d write anything like that ANYWHERE!! *shudder*
      Can anyone say obsessive?

    • ummmmm……..ok………..ya……….WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!

  12. gorgeous!

  13. Dear Robert Pattinson,
    My name is Isabella, but my friends call me Bella. I really liked your acting in Twilight. My friends and I still say I could have made a better Bella than Kristen Stewart, but she’s a rich actress and I am a kinda normal person off the street. I am obsessed with Twilight. I talk about Twilight so much that my friends have threatened to stop being my friends. I always have one of the Twilight saga books on hand. I never put one down. I have Breaking Dawn in my hands right now. It is kinda hard to type with a over 700 page book in your hands. Though I do not believe my psyhcotic BFF’s, but they said you have never read a Twilight book and if you haven’t and I can’t believe I am saying this, but you shouldn’t be Edward Cullen. Well, that’s my opinion. And other fans PLEASE don’t yell at me.

    • you are insane

    • he dont have to read the books to be the perfect part.do you need to see every other models pictures to be a perfect model? no.

    • But he did read all the books. Right after his first audition. I’ve read it several places.

      • try, just try…not to be psychotic ladies. if rob reads this sight( hey baby, i miss you too!) then all of the crazy speculation will most likely be unwelcomed. i hope that he does read it, CUZ I LOVE YOU!!! Rob, let’s run away together, Kstew who? I’m tellin you, just do that adorable run your fingers through your hair thing and I will be yours. Oh, and please tell kristen that slightly dirty hair works for you……not her.

  14. you did amazing in the movie twilight ,
    i think your beautiful, yes beautiful
    insanly and utterly beautiful ..
    wow so since i got that out ..
    im still asking myself if i had died and gone to heaven
    im pretty sure you gave me a heart attack when i first seen you , i was blown away .
    so im here to say , im pretty much in love with you ..

    always me
    if you don’t want people to dazzel over you ,
    become less attractive c:

  15. Hallo Rob!
    I´m sorry, I can´t speak for english very good. I´m from Slovakia, and I love the films and the books of Twilight saga.
    Thank you for best actress job, because you are the best in this role. In Edwards role, you very sweet, nice and you are so hot. In the Harry Potter when you was the Cedric, you are very good, but you mould Edwards character is the best. I´m very happy, that you play Edward.

    With remember Nathalie.

  16. ok so!
    im basically in love with you
    i wont say all the stuff i could,
    you would probably get scared haha.
    your hair and your eyes are amazing though
    i will say that.
    i loved the twilight books, and the first one was definetly my favourite
    i cant wait for midnight sun to come out,
    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    – abbie x

  17. hey rob

    so i just want to tell you that you are the best actor i have seen. i had never realized that you played Cedric in Harry Potter but well haha now i do. also your voice is amazing. my favourite song is “i was broken”, it is the best song i have heard, not just of your music cuz i like all your songs but out of anything i have ever listened to because you sing with such passion and your voice is so real and what you sing has meaning . you have a very unique voice and it sounds nothing like what i would of thought you would sound like. anyways i was really just wondering if it was hard to keep the american accent on the whole movie? at first when i watched you on tyra i was like ohh hes british lol then i saw you in the movie and you werent british i was confused at first.

    i hope rob actually reads this . its hard to find such great sites like this that allow you to actually be connected to the stars you admire and like.


  18. I luv u edward/rob!!!

  19. Hi Robert! i no that you probably wont read this, bt ther is always hope!! anyways, id jst like to say that your music is amazing and i love the song I was Broken, it is a VERY good song and i have to be honest, where did your singing voice come from?? i think its soulful and i wish you made a cd or something. i know that you said that you didnt want to cash in on your fame of Twilight, but your music has nothing to to with Twilight and i highly doubt people would buy your cd because you played Edward, even tho they hate your voice or something!! and i heard that New Moon was your favourite book, and id just like to say that its my favourite too!! i couldnt believe it wen i heard you say that because everyone i know dnt like it because Edwards not in it enough!! bt thats kinda why i like it because you feel the loss for Edward like Bella does and thats what makes it an amazing book, in my opinion!! it has so much emotion in it nd it made me cry so many times and i jst love it. i listened to this song called Missing by Evanescence and if you could by any chance suggest that for the soundtrack, that would be great, because i nearly cried listening to it, while thinking of New Moon, because it fits the whole feeling of Bellas despair!!! also, its one of my missions on my list of missions to see you in the flesh!whether its at a distance or actually getting your autograph!! if so, your autograph would be my first….considering i live in Ireland and no one visits here EVER!! it was hell knowing that all of the cast from Twilight were in London for the premiere and i was a short flight away!!! i wish i was able to go, BUT its one of my missions to go to the Breaking Dawn Premiere because im addiment to go to a London University, because there are more opportunities over ther!! im sure ALOT of people have said this, but if you could possibly tell Kirsten that i aspire to be an actress like her one day and that shes been my favourite actress for years!!its hard to believe shes around my age!! i apologise for the long letter, but ive never had the opportunity to possibly get my feelings on Twilight to the actors of it!! also, i would like to say that i was with you all the way when so many were doubting you, when you first were announced to be Edward. well…to be honest, i didnt know anything about Twilight wen i saw the film, but wen i heard that people wer saying that you weren’t good looking enough!!!!!!! that was below the belt and even though i wasnt a fan of the books or anything at the time, i still thought that that should NOT have been said!!! but i bet all their opinions have changed dramatically!! i actually did everything backwards when it came to Twilight…i watched the film, read Midnight sun, then read Twilight!!! i actually prefered it that way because i related to Edward more in that i didnt know what Bella was thinking at certain points and i myself was frustrated!!!lol. ill end this, finally, by saying that dont panic over the fame, take a step back if you need to, we will all understand, but the most important thing is for you to not get too stressed or over whelmed by this whole ordeal!!! i know it has to be difficult, but dont worry!!you are where your supposed to be in life and take everything in your stride and ENJOY!!! because thats the most important thing!! Enjoy your work!!

    Kerry xox

  20. Rob,
    Love your music, movie or no movie. Some day, you must record a cd for us. Please. It’s cruel to keep your talent all locked up for only locals in special cities where you happen to be to see. Come to Orlando some day!!!
    Thought you did great with Edward, please stop making fun of yourself, you’re a great actor as well as musician. Just accept that! 🙂
    Have fun with New Moon! Can’t wait to see it!

  21. Dear Rob,

    You haunt my dreams and its cruel. Every night since I have been sick, I have had to take this cough medicine that has codeine in it. Now, I know that codeine can cause nightmares, but no one said *make out* dreams. So I found myself getting slightly better and every night, dreams. Dreams of you and I, walking through the gardens in Denmark. Eating at a nice Cafe in New Orleans. *sighs* Dreams of you and I in bed, talking about your desires and fears as you run your hand over my arms, down my neck, over my collarbone, to my….well I am sure that you understand where that was going. But onto the point of the letter to you, oh beautiful one.

    I can say with all honesty that I have never had a celebrity crush. I do not want to stalk you or even talk to you.. because I might throw up. Yes, get sick. That’s right, or I might even shout at you like all the tweens do. And frankly, I would love for you to have control of your hearing. Perhaps we can date via the phone. I have been told I have a *operators* voice.

    So yesterday, as I am sure you know, was the release of Twilight and I, like so many others, stood outside in the cold here in Philadelphia to get my copies, because I could not go for one more moment without my legit copy of it.. yes I resorted to the unspeakable. I trudged my body home and stared at the flap to the DVD jacket, staring at your perfect eyes that were masked by horrendous contacts.. that should be a crime, but I understand you were playing a role. Carefully, as if I had a priceless Mona Lisa, opened my viewing copy of Twilight (yes I have another that I have now sealed into a ZipLoc baggie in my cedar chest-carefully preserved for all time) and placed the DVD into the tray and hit play. All was perfect.. and I saw all these things that make you so beautiful.. the beauty mark that is at the lower back hairline on the left hand side of your neck. The way that your ears turn red when your kissing, the way that your left eye is a little more *fuller* then your right one. All of these things make you so beautiful in a completely non-perfect way. Your haunting eyes… I could write for hours about them. But back to my viewing experience… I must have watched it, oh I don’t know, 8 times yesterday alone.. then I put on the *commentary* and drifted into another night of fit full sleep, which were plagued with dreams of you, yet once again.

    Now let me just state for the record that I am a lot older then you.. I am not prone to crushes with people that are unattainable, but you Oh Beautiful One.. well you are the exception to every rule I had for myself with regards to men, crushes, and inhibitions. Yes, you have made me drink snifters of brandy, as I imagined you might do, while songs from you, that I was able to borrow from the Internet, surround me in the steam filled bathroom, whilst my eyes were closed and imagining you there-washing my back. Yes, Rob… You have made me wish for the time machine, the Genie in the Lamp, the ability to rip open time space to at least have the chance to *work* with you and be a love interest in a movie..

    And today as I placed the GQ edition with you on the cover into another large ZipLoc bag, saving the second for me to place next to my bed and stare at.. sadly, I must say, that you have ruined all men for me.. your beautiful, sexy, innocent-in a not so innocent way, with a painful expression in your eyes that makes me want to hold you and ravish you.. all at the same time.

    Sadly Rob, I must end this letter. Just know, that in Philadelphia-there is someone who loves you.. and in loves you.. What I really mean is: wants to ravish you as you are tied to her four poster, wrought iron bed, feed you and give you sponge baths daily.. and its okay, we don’t have to wash your hair if you don’t want to…

    Lust Always,

    Dawn in Philly

    ( Thanks Ladies for indulging our girlish drool habits.. its so nice to know that this site is here and makes us all laugh and smile…and occasionally drool to the point of damaging our keyboards. Much love to you!)

    • thats kind of obbsessive, but hay ..iknow what your talkin bout.i lust him to.and Ive nevvvver had a celebrity crush either, but he seems so close without even knowing.I dnt know what your talkin tho, Id talk to him and chilll!!!!!!!!!!no sicky for me either, maybe faint idk, but hes just…dreamy.

  22. Dear Rob
    I am Vampblood and I would like to ask if you are currently dating right now? I am asking for my sister who really wants to go out with you and didn’t want to ask you herself

  23. Hello Robert,

    My husband and I read the twilight saga together and he completely understands why I’m in love with you and has no problem if you want to stop by for any of ‘that good stuff you’ve been going without’ lately. You’ve made me insatiable and he could use a little break.
    Hot in Portland (OR)

    • wow, did you relly say that ? on the internet? to Robert Pattinson? you should feel ashamed, everyone is in love with Robert before or after twilight, but he doesnt need people throwing themselves at him like idiots, have some respect.Hot in Portland?sorry, thats kinda like hay my legs r open cum screw me cuz your hot.Ya kno, there is a thing called personality too, and esp since your married! stop.I just feel bad for you.Robert has feelings too.

    • Hahaha-My husband hasn’t read Twilight but he is aware of my Twilight/ Rob obsession. He doesn’t complain because he has also, ahem, benefited from it.

      And yes, Rob, if you still “can’t get laid” (like I believe that) in New York,
      take the train to Connecticut. I’m willing to let my husband have a break, too.

  24. Dear Rob,

    I’ve been a Robert Pattinson fan for the longest time and it makes me really pissed off when i said this long time ago that he’s an AMAZING actor and that his sooo attractive guy and everyone around me in theaters when Twilight came out said omg his Hot and im like BACK OFF!!! he’s mine FAVORITE ACTOR EVER!!!

    • lol you back off!!!hes everyones!!! mostly mine tho!and hes everyones favorite actor cuz hes stunningly amazazing!!! but mostly my favorite tho!!!

  25. Rob, Hey buddy whats up!!!!!! So i had a question………you and taylor are good friends right?!?!? Well is he goin out with a girl named Amanda Coyle? Cause if he is, i know her and no one believs her so it would be nice to have some backup here. Ya know wut i mean?? Is she even in the movie?? Cause on the internet and in People magazine it says that Dakota Fanning is playing Jane!!! I believe the magazone not this Amanda Coyle girl!!!!!! Anyway…….REPLY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  26. Dear Rob,

    Why, oh why, have you forsaken us? We were desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of you on the excessively annoying Kids Choice Awards. How much longer do you expect us to live without any new pictures of your lusciousness?! Do you realize how many people watched that excuse for an awards telecast hoping that the news of your absence was really just a ploy to throw off the paparazzi? I listened to the Jonas Brothers sing for the love of Pete. I think I paid my dues and should have been rewarded with you slimed so that your shirt clung to your body just like Hugh Jackman (who almost made up for you not being present). Instead you sent that pup, Taylor Lautner. My goodness he is a cutie and the his muscles rippled so invitingly under his shirt…I digress, and I’m going to be arrested. Anyway, he can’t compare to the legally of age and devastatingly handsome man that you are. Please, please, please, walk down to the coffee shop tomorrow so that we can once again by inundated by meaningless photos of you. These pics of you in the unabomber jacket and at the backstage of Sam’s show in skinny jeans and bad shoes just aren’t filling the void. And quit sending Oregano out dressed like you with your “friend” KStew to try to appease us–that only makes the longing for the real thing all that much worse!

    We so desperately miss you,

    • Yeah, I backed out of a dinner invitation and pretended we were watching the awards for my daughter’s sake. When Taylor came out to accept it all clicked for my husband and he just shook his head.

      It really was incredibly lame-my daughter didn’t even care about it.

  27. dear rob,
    i love you! i always look up to you! i have so many pictures in my room of you and twilight. i can not wait till new moon comes out! my friends and i all love you and can not get enough of you! we were really sad when you didn’t come to the kids choice awards. team edward all the way! i am on breaking dawn in the series and i can put the book down it is so good! please reply and e-mail me!

  28. i love twilight so much i can not went in still new moon come out novber i love rob some much and all the star to

  29. Hi Rob….
    Im Nathalie from the Philippines…..Youmay not believe this But i watched Twilight for almost a dozen times…..the movie thrice….and the DVD 9 times and still watching it….YOU are the PERFECT edward cullen for me……Kristen Stewart as Bella or not, I really dont care…..dont mind the nasty rumours about you…they are just absolutely jealous of you and try to put you down….Go Rob!!!!……we cant wait for New Moon’s release…..Your song ” Never Think ” serves as my lullaby to sleep and I use it as an Alarm Tune in the morning to wake up…..Great Actor…..you will definitely go a long long way….Love you Robert Thomas Patinson..

  30. OMGosh!!!!!!!!!This was the best movie and series of books I have ever come across to behold!!!!You are my favorite actor I can listen to you speak over and over and over again, your voice is so ….untouched…Ive never watched a movie so many times still wanting to watch again.You are the more than perfect Edward, You played the part knowing you were too.Ive never came across someone so unique before and a love story of such strong bliss.You and Bella are really something, something crazily enough I think everybody wants.This is the love story of a lifetime and they couldn’t have done it without you.I wanted to wake up and watch it again this morning and someone stole it! the movie! from my house! thats how much everyone adores the beloved story, or just you.I gotta say …flawless….
    GO ROBERT!!!!! all my love—–your greatest ….

  31. hi rob
    My name is Monica and i’m from ROMANIA. You have a lot of fans here.I can wait to see NEW MOON. I’ve read all the frist 3 books and now i wait for the 4 book. I love them.I hava to sey you are the most beautiful guy i ever seen.I wish that my boyfriend look like you. I’m thinking of you almoust every night. You are a perfect guy.I WISH YOU HAPPY BRITHDAY because i know that next month is your brithday.
    I love you rob and every time i see you my heart is beating very hard.I send you a lot of kissis and all my love that i fell for you.
    You are a great actor. sweet kissis for you………bye:)))

  32. Hello Rob,
    I hope you maybe read this letter, I hope so, But I must say that I love your appearance in Twilight . You are so cool, and funny, And I think you are the most beautiful guy that I have ever seen, I cant wait to see new moon. You are so perfect even your personality, and kindness. You are always happy to. I cant stop thinking of you and my hearts beating so hard when I thinking of you and see you on picture.
    I can see photos of you and the twilight every day al day long. I can stop doing it.
    I always see youtube videos on you to and my heart beating so fast al the time.

    So I hope you are fine… Many kisses and hugs from me.

    I lived in Sweden. And I love yor British accent to. I think it is very sexy

  33. hi.
    i’m from iran.and my english is not go0d enough.
    but i just wanted 2 say i really liked twilight it was so go0d.
    keep goning dude.
    ( bakht yaret ) it means ( go0d luck ) in farsi.
    khoda hafez == bye

  34. Rob (should i call you robert rather?) i was wondering do you have american in you because you have an english accent with just a hint of american loool XD anyway i think you did great in twilight and when i’m reading one of the books your face always shows up whenever it talks about edward cullen.(that must mean your good!) is it just me or does anyone else think that to?

  35. By the way my name may be american but i’m english lol xx

  36. Robert as much as i’m obsessed with you, why do you have to be sooo good looking ughh! this is so annoying that you’re not mine lol XD

  37. i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uu sooooooooooo much ur soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!! and luv twilight

    ♥ brianna

  38. I read the article in GQ man i feel sorry for the poor guy when he said he turned on his phone the one from england and there were only like 6 missed calls, that sucks and the fact that him getting so much attention, can’t go out for a walk without camera’s in his face. I would hate that. But he is good looking and i though he was in harry potter. I can’t believe he said girls didnt’ notice him before this. They all must have been blind. Clearly even in the article the qoutes came off like a genuine guy. The girl he ends up with is lucky if he really is.

  39. ben buse türkiyeden… rob sana yazmak istedim çünkü gerçekten seni çok seviyorum.. o kdar çok seviyorumki anlatamam en yakın zamanda türkiyeye gelmen dileğiyle..

  40. rob you are the hottest guy in the world i wish in the film twilight i was insted kristen.You are my life now.mwahhhhhhhhhh

  41. I like you’r movie i even watched it 12 times i want to watch it even more.i really want to be in america so that i could have the gutts to look for you and find you.you play perfect in the movie twilight i put you’r picture on the screen of the computer.you are the most hotttttttttttttttest actor in the world.I’m trying to do everything so that my parents would travel to America for living, so that i would meet you.Jessica Heyebelian from lebanon.mwah.

  42. your sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
    I’m tina i will find you and i will be number ONE fan.

  43. you’r so perfect for me.please write me soon

  44. rob you know i am number one fan so write me back soon.mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh


  45. weeeeee love you even more than other stars you are what we are thinking only.We haven’t felt like this to a star in years.So now that you know how much we love you.Write us back please soon.

  46. Rob,
    Where to begin, I love how seriously you took the role of twilight. And this might come off wrong if it does I’m sorry but I have to say there is something in your eyes that totally draws me to you. Your role in the movie was great but its not that, that got my attention. Your music and everything you do is great, funny but nothing about you is all that interesting your really just a normal guy when you get down to it and yet I seemed to be completely drawn to you. anyway, you did a GREAT job in the movie and it is one of my favorites. look forward to the rest. continue to do what you do, it works!

  47. hey rob u probably wont b reading this cuz who wood want to read fan mail wen u cood hang out wit ur friends. i love the movie and i hope the 2nd movie is good to. a lot of girls lik u and im won of them. i lik u not just cuz of ur looks but also ur charming personality. i hav a poster in mi room of u and mi mom also likes (loves) u to! it wood mean the absolute world to me if u wrote back to me and i wish the movie wood come out sooner than november!!!! i read the whole series in like two days. u r mi rolemodle and i hope u dont end up lik brittney spears just kidddin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tht girl u go out wit, well i hope the best for u to but if u go single i hope u will email me back if tht cood b possible. lov ya, allie (alexandra)

  48. hi, my names sierra my friends call me kaire.but I soooo wish that some day you would come to riverview flordia!!! me and all of my friends have read all of the twilight books.so many people i know love you.so do i!!!so if you do read this sometime place come here!we would love to meet you some day(i no i would).

    love always your fan,


  49. Dear Rob…
    I do like you as an actor…
    but the thing I LOVE you for is that you play Edward Cullen, and I LOVE Edward with a love that is as true as it can be:D
    I hope you’ll have a great career:)
    ( and don’t ever change the way you play Edward,please)

  50. I hope I submitted that right?

    • Okay apparantley I was not logged in when I wrote my last letter so here it goes again.
      Dear Rob, I am going to make this as short as possible. I feel a strong urge to let you know of my appreciation/admiration of you. Twilight was partially filmed in my moms hometown St. Helens, OR and you can catch a glimpse of her shop by the Columbia Theater in the “Port Angeles” scene, and supposedly the lamp in the dinner reveal scene was purchased from my moms shop. We did not know that Twilight was going to be a big movie and/or about the books. So my mom did not mention much of this until the movie came out. This sparked my interest and I watched and it was excellent. Then I read the series, also good, read them within two weeks. I started googling and came across Robert Pattinson music, I also watched a few interviews and loved the fact that you are funny and down to earth. Okay to my point… The song “Broken” and/or “I am Broken” your voice/lyrics spoke to me in ways that is hard to explain. I had a very traumatic adolesence and I am very good at turning off my emotions and barrying issues~not dealing with them. When I heard this song it unlocked something inside me. I have been writing ever since. It is practally a novel now. I named it “Broken Reflections” inspired by the song and how I felt about myself during that time. It has been an extremely creative/emotional release for me. I feel like a whole new person. I did not even realize that I had such feeling still hidden inside of me. Long story short I have been searching for a way to express my appreciation for your work and music. After seeing 500 foe myspace/facebooks I decided to write letters hoping that you find one of them someway/someday, showing my appreciation. I would love to know more about your music and inspirations and for you to know that you inspired/changed me. Thank-you, maybe someday I will know that you recieved my thank-you and appreciation.

      Forever Devoted Fan,


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