Why we obsess…

We’re two friends on opposite coasts.  theMoonisDown lives in the west and UnintendedChoice lives east. One thing bridges the gap of ALL that divides us and that is our great love for all things Twilight!

We’ve created a space to share our Twilight joy, and we’re glad you’ve found us.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to tell Charlie Swan (yes, we know he’s not real…) What about Kellen Lutz? How about a commentary on the first 30 seconds of the 3rd song on the soundtrack?  You’ve found your outlet! If it’s related to Twilight via the movie, books, music, characters or actors, you must share it with us!

Write something funny- or make it serious. Or maybe it’s just really sad, depressing and super obsessive.  Whatever you wish- we wanna hear it! Send all submissions to letterstotwilight@gmail.com for review. Oh, and do you have something specific to tell the delicious Robert Pattinson? Then visit us here at letterstorob.com.

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs for all the answers to life’s most important questions!

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown
*we’ll tell you about our names when we become friends xo

115 Responses

  1. would i have loved to join you guys to make NEW MOON but not all wishes and dreams come true right? I would at least love to meet all of you. well keep doing what your are doing you guys have done a GOOD job with the movie i loved it and cant wait to see what you have for us in november….the cool thing its close to my birthday. Two days before. love you guys and keep up the fantastic job cant wait to see NEW MOON and to buy the movie that was the best. your #1 fan

  2. why do we win? i’m super confused. I mean.. I know we do… but still.. why?

  3. finally! a place where twilight can shine and be understood and not hated upon! yay! lol you guys are awesome!

  4. would it be wrong for me to be super annoyed with Bella in Eclipse? I mean she can’t make up her stuuupid mind and she drives me insane…I was secretly hoping Edward would leave her dumbass already so she could lose him for being an idiot with Jacob…she would’ve got what she deserved…ugghhh anyway I guess i have to put up with her since she is kind of important…I love these sites you girls are awesome!!!….Much Texas love!!! 🙂

    • I was so mad many times in Eclipes… I had to walk away from the book after being locked up for weeks reading the first 2. But then I had to remind myself she was a teenage girl and this was just a book!! LOL

      • I agree…I was so frustrated with Bella in Eclipse I just wanted to smack her around *lol* She was thoroughly irritatting. I can’t coment about the Whether Heights comparison…I just could never get beyond the first chapter either…though it’s been years since I’ve tried to read it. Maybe adulthood will give me some kind of insight that trying to read it as a teenager never gave me.

    • I think Bella is supposed to be irritating in Eclipse: the book is based on Wuthering Heights, and Bella is just as selfish as was Cathy in Bronte’s novel.

      So I agree with you, I skipped over whole pages because of my irritation with that foolish girl.

      Must say, though, the only time I tried reading Wuthering Heights, I found Heathcliffe and the whole story so depressing I couldn’t get beyond the first chapter.

      • yes, she is really irritating! of course I read the whole book but Bella was so selfish I mean poor Edward and poor Jacob how she was acting wasn´t fair to any of them

      • i read Wuthering Heights all the way through, and yes, Heathcliffe and Cathy are super retarded and mean and just dont ever do the thing that they should, but then the second generation (which is the second half of the book. i did not know this before haha) kind of made up for all of it to me. i liked it a lot because it all kind of ties together.
        my recommendation would be to try to get through it, sometimes Heathcliffe and Catherine actually say amazing things lol
        it makes for good quotes

    • she anoyed me to.i mean….what about poor jacob.

  5. Oh another thing…you guys have a picture of the ‘tribe pride’ somewhere on here…my question is why didnt they (summitt and them) choose the guy who is in between taylor and the freaky-skeletor-looking guy that’s supposed to be playing Sam on the other side of him? You know the one with the REAL long hair…he looks super cute and he’s waaaayyyy taller than Taylor…I’m just saying I think he would’ve been a better choice don’t you think?

    • @krazykidd hmmm.. i never thought about that…. it’ll be interesting to see who they choose for the rest of the ‘pack’ for new moon- i don’t think they’ll use the same guys…

  6. That really sucks because that guys is not that bad looking…I ran across this video on youtube of the pack boys…and apparently he was supposed to be playing Embry…hmmm well lets hope NM turns out awesome!!
    I just wanted you gals (unintended & themoon) that I am officially hooked!! You’ll be seeing alot more from me…and I’m spreading the word I have a few friends that would enjoy it here as well!!! 🙂

  7. *my bad i meant to say ‘I just wanted you gals TO KNOW…*

  8. YEA! krazykidd, bring all your pals!

  9. I sure will…after all I am responsible for hooking them on the books AND the movie…LOL Can you imagine it…a bunch of elementary school teachers reading the Twilight series and making plans to go watch the movie…it’s hilarious!!!

  10. Not only am I hooked on your two blogs, I got my sister Genevieve hooked too! 😀 I’m so loving the posts here and at LTR. Keep up the awesome craziness ladies.

  11. Hi gals,

    I love your site and wanted to offer my help with it if you so desire. I am a 54 year old struggling web designer and welcome all opportunities to practice my skills. I sense you are being deluged by letters to be published and I could help get thing online and maintained, do graphics etc. ..free of charge, of course.

    I love Twilight and all that goes with it and I love web design so this is a perfect set up for me.

    If you don’t want or need my help, I fully understand. Wonderful site.


  12. @UC – yes, as a matter of fact, you and Moon are exactly like our own personal brand of heroine! (But in a non-creepy way)

    My sis left a few comments today on both blogs. Trust me, we can’t help ourselves. The posts are just way too funny (great) to resist. 🙂

  13. Ok i just found this sight like yesterday and i love it soo much. I love all the stuff u have on it!! And alot of the fan made videos are pretty funny, i laugh alot at them and i would love to konw how they keep straight faces to?! lol

    p.s. I love how this website is just Twi fans no haters!!

  14. Also u 2 are sooo funny with your posts!! i love that soo much it makes u want to keep reading it more and more!! And Themoonisdown im sry about your Edward doll 😦
    and i hope u got your calenders by know!!

  15. Hiya, let me just start off with saying…your site is freakin amazing! It is so refreshing to find someone with a similar sense of humor..or should I write it in proper Queens English… humour 😉 Unintendedchoice..you have a gift with words… keep up the great work.

  16. Amazing website! I’m so freaking excited to find a website that is actually designed for people like me! (As opposed to little tweenieboppers.) I’m laughing so hard I peed my pants…ok no I didn’t. I’m at work so I have to laugh on the inside or my coworkers’ assumptions that I’m a crazy person will be validated.

    • @Eliza WELCOME! so glad you have to buy new undies because of us…. well, in theory 🙂 just pack an extra pair every day, just in case! xo

    • yes I feel like as an adult I just found an outlet to by obsession rather than reading some of the other sites with a bunch of young kids with their typing/text lingo that I cant even understand.. YAY for this place.

  17. I have to say….you guys are hysterical!! I found ur site by chance and cant seem to stay away! Thanks for putting out there what most of us are thinking lol! well…me at least! hahah…. keep it up! 🙂

  18. Hi themoonisdown and unintendedchoice,

    I am such a huge fan of twilight .. (of course!) and a huge fan of your two websites. I’m totally obsessed with loging on every day just to see what new posts you have for us crazed twifans.

    What I really want to know is, was that really Rob writing in one of those posts over the weekend???.. I couldn’t figure it out??

    just wanna clear it up with myself coz I was hyperventelating (sp?) and waiting in suspense on what happened to themoon when she was gone for a while…hmm

    Love you girls .. and thanks!


  19. I’m a new fan of Twilight…I am so upset with Kristen. I didn’t find her fabulous in the movie but I liked her anyways…but after what she said, I hate her now and she should be OUT! Did someone make a petition to make her go out? I’m in to sign it!!! A fan from Tahiti (French Polynesia)…

  20. Yay, I’m so happy your site exists. It’s more than meets your average Twi-site — it’s got personality! And a hell of a sense of humor, if I do say so myself. 😀

  21. I obsess for one reason only – totally beauty! Rob P is singely the most attractive, sexy, hot, fit, talented man I have ever laid eyes on (actually thats 6 reasons!) : )

  22. Ladies,
    I believe we are kindred spirits. I recently found your site and feel like you stole the words right out of my mouth. I laughed out loud while reading on my blackberry on my train ride home today from work. Definitely received a few looks, but hey it’s Philly they have seen worse. If they only knew how Nikki Reed annoyed me so, they would understand!

    • hi philly girl- i believe we’re kindred spirits b/c you’re from philly and i live in the burbs. i also feel a little 2nd hand embarrassed b/c i hope i don’t know you in real life:)

      i’m so glad you laughed out loud. i do that each and every day… it’s hard being friends with someone as funny as themoonisdown


  23. Just stumbled upon your site this morning and I have to tell you I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Very original, full of spunk and fun Twilight gossip! You two had me cracking up from the first word I read!

    I’ll be popping alot, you guys are officially in my favorites!!

    Have a great week!


  24. Hey i was looking for sum twilight sites
    an i love your sites its one of my favs
    i have yet to find one like yours its hard to find Twilight gossip! with no haters

  25. I love your site. Keep it up !

  26. Well, Twilight does unites us all… because I live in Chile (aka, Southamerica, next to Argentina) and you guys take the words out of my head. Love your blog. Of course I would never admit that in real life, I still have an image as a cool ‘philosophy major’ to protect. And thank you for being my secret-long-distance fake-twi-bffs =D

  27. I am a new fan to the Twilight Saga, although my “obsession” is no less that anyone else. lol. I first heard of Twilight when I went to see the movie in December. It was actually just a fluke that I saw it, I missed the show I was actually going to see. But it was definitely the greatest fluke I’ve ever made! I automatically fell in LOVE with the movie. Still, my true craze hit me just last week when I finally decided to read the books. The first one took me about 3 days because I was reading off and on wile traveling. But once I finished it I couldn’t bring myself to put down books 2-4. I read each of them in under one day a piece. I thought about it ALL DAY LONG and would replay scenarios in my head, and even felt at times that it was me in the story and not some fictional characters. [major kudos to meyer for being able to get inside my mind like that]. I finally realized how bad it was when one of my friends actually told me that I acted like I was obsessed with the story and [said in a joking manner] that if the characters were real i would probably stalk them. lol. of course there would be no stalking involved, im not crazy, but the comment did make me slow down a little. i had locked myself in my room while reading the books and finally decided to come back amongst the living because lets face it, i have homework to do. hahaha.
    however, i LOOOOOOVE the entire twilight saga and would love ANY chance to meet the characters [the cullen family/bella most of all] or be involved in the movie in any way. im a graphic design major and the opportunity to work with the art directors on the movie and see a few of the behind the scenes shots would be one of the best experiences of my life; for personal AND educational reasons. I’d forever be of gratitude. Well, this ends my rant. =)

  28. Wow… you guys make me feel better. I’m 50 years old and have been feeling a little guilty about my “obsession” with Twilight. I’ve seen the movie about 10 times and feel seriously perverted for admiring Mr. Pattinson’s good looks since I have a son the same age!! How wrong is that? I think it’s more of that old vampire-fantasy type thing I’ve had forever, and Edward is so romantic. So, I’m really not too bad off am I? Please?

    • Thank God I found you guys! I’ve been guilty with similar obsession too!! I am a teacher and I am over 30, but I act and feel like a 16 year old girl, when it comes to Twilight. I watched the first movie more than 10 times already. I wonder if my husband find my suddenly erratic behaviour as odd. I am so embarrass with myself. And I’m confused. Am I liking Edward Cullen or Rob Patt because if it is the latter one, I’m gonna be totally sick with myself. Argghhhh!!! Definitely my personal brand of heroin, but which one??

  29. There actually IS something rather incredible going on with the whole Twilight series of books and the movie. I’ve been watching it progress for the past six months or so and I must say it’s truly amazing in that it resonates with people of ALL ages. Even though I’ve been a bit embarrassed to admit to my OWN obsession {being that I’m 53} I find that there are so many others in the same “predicament” that it soothes my rather flayed conscience. After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that NO I don’t actually WANT Edward or Jacob….{they’re way too young for me, sadly} but what I DO want is the fairytale. That amazingly handsome protector who would love only me, and always be there… forever. The whole restraint thing that Edward struggles with is MIGHTILY attractive too. I’ve always been a sucker for a guy who was able to keep his hands off {while suffering with longing of course!!!! LOL!!!}

    So there you go. From pre-teen girls all the way thru the spectrum…. Twilight Obsessives Unite!

  30. I just stumbled on to this site tonight. I thought I knew ALL the cool Rob sites but boy was I mistaken! I love the sarcastic sense of humor and the “where in the world” photos. You guys rock!

    My story is much like a lot of yours… I was blissfully unaware of all things Twilight, as I’m 42 and not regularly around teenagers (thank God).

    And then, I was dragged to see the movie Christmas day and my life changed forever. 🙂 I immediately bought the book and read it overnight. Then I went back to the theater and watched the movie the next night. And the next night. And New Year’s Eve… I read all 4 books in two weeks’ time. Then I started rereading them. And THEN I bought an ipod touch just so I could download photos from the movie. Soon, that wasn’t enough and I looked for photos of Rob… swoon! Next, I discovered that I could have movies and audiobooks on the pod… And then there’s the accompanying books and movie guides, not to mention bracelets, bookmarks, posters, mousepads, t-shirts…. I am single-handedly reviving the economy with my Twilight purchases!

    I have never, ever been this focused on a book or movie or person. It’s not me. I’m not that girl. But I can’t seem to help myself. I babble on about Twilight and Edward / Rob, blushing and giggling, to anyone who stands still in my office for more than three seconds.

    I have now converted three unwilling coworkers and my husband into Fangirls and Twi-guy. My hubby even asked me to get him a Team Alice shirt. I love this man! 🙂

    I know this is a long post, but I do want to add that as much as I obsess and drool over Rob, I really connected with Edward, especially in Midnight Sun. I loved getting a peek into his mind- how you see that he feels he’s a soulless monster, unworthy of love, doomed to walk alone forever… miserable. And then he comes to life as he interacts with Bella and realizes that she loves him too. I love how their relationship is sexy but not sexual – all that restraint is very hot!

    Ok, well I guess that’s it. I’ve unloaded enough crazy for now. Thanks for reading, to anyone who actually makes it thru the whole post . 🙂

  31. i just found this site by chance. i was looking for a “twilight birthday/japser” card for a friend on another blog site when i happened upon this site. i have been reading the comments and stuff and it seems like a pretty cool site. I have been on many of them and most are filled with haters as well as those obsessed fans like myself…i belong to another great site that has lots of fan fic and great people to chat with, but i am glad that i found this site too..yall seem pretty nice and some of the comments are hilarious!

  32. Dear Twilightfan,
    hi! nice to meet you! Wow, unbelievable that i found this website…. !!!! It’s good to know that we are not alone, i found this site like i found my another home. ohhh …. Though i am new fan, but it is what i am looking for !!!
    After reading books, i know that i really love so much. I know that my love, passion or crazy are not less than anyone. It seems that what i gonna do…
    …. here again ,,,,, just 3 word. ….
    I love Twilight….
    Finally,,,,, i admit that i breath in and breath out ….. ….
    always Twilight….


  34. i really love the book the movie ehh but all of the actors done an incredible job cant wait till New Moon comes out lol

  35. Accidentally came across this site a week ago (well LTR, actually) and fell in love with it instantly! everything you guys have to say is sooo true, and its always what i am thinking. Finally, a place where i can vent all my twi-feelings (none of my friends love it as much as me). Great job on both sites! – <3Sianna.

  36. i found out about you guys on laurensbite…i freaking love both letterstotwilight and letterstorob…its pretty much a part of my everyday to come to this website for new posts. you guys rock!!!!

  37. i just read the series again last week and im even more obsessed this time around. lol. my sister said she wasn’t speaking to me all the days i was reading because i was just ignoring her. lol. i read on here [cant remember who] a lady said they have OCD [obsessive cullen disorder]….i think i have it as well. haha.

  38. omg!!! This is my story… Where do I begin?! …I guess at the beginning. I’m Flower and I’m a Robert Pattinson addict. WOW, I feel better already… 🙂 I first saw RP on Harry Potter’s TGOF and no biggie. He was handsome but too young. A few years passed and I learned of “Twilight” through my son’s girlfriend. Didn’t pay much attention but heard of the sudden “hatred ” my son and his friends had for this “Edward Cullen” guy. Then the movie hype…didn’t care. Fast forward… April, 2009. I’m going on an Easter Break trip w/ my son to NYC and my sister-in-law suggests “Twilight” as reading material for me. “Yeah, yeah…” Bought the “damned book” in NY. Didn’t even glanced at it ’til the flight back home. (had it for10 days!) From then on, I still don’t know WHAT THE F**K HIT me!!! Bought the movie, saw it, (seen it countless times since), got the rest of the books, read them in RECORD time, and LOOOVE IT ALL!!! About three things I’m absolutely positive: First, Edward Cullen is NOT Robert Pattinson, (HE DOES EXISTS!!!), Second, I can watch and respect him from a distance,(THANKS TO YOU!!! Keep me posted, always!!! ) and Third, I’m UNCONDITIONALLY and IRREVOCABLY happy that 21st century girls have an OLD/NEW version of THE PRINCE!!! Oh!, and I forgot to mention that I’m 50 years old and a TOTAL COUGAR!!! Thanks for letting me express myself!!! It’s been the therapy I needed, THANK YOU, Stephenie! And to YOU!!!!

  39. Hi-so much to say but a question first. Did we or did we not see Bella’s bite mark scar in the prom scene(i hear it will be in New Moon and will sparkle)? I also just want to say that I really don’t understand this whole Team Jacob thing(yes, he is hunky and sweet but just seems a tad young for Bella kinda like a freshman mooning over a senior! Drives me nuts!! Its like a choice between caviar and spam-um, yeah Edward is the caviar. Just my opion.

  40. Just found you guys today after months over at NMM.org…I’m so happy there are other intelligent women out there who are freakin’ obsessed with this series. It seems like it’s only getting worse too…AHHHH. Really enjoyed your site and will be often! For a while I thought I was the only one who thinks Kristen Stewart is either pathologically nervous or stoned in all her interviews….as well as a hunchback, terrible posture. Freakin’ love the “this is how you found us??” bits.

    • I really can’t believe that there are so many people that are this obsessed with Twilight. I thought I was the only one. My friends used to get so angry with me for being so obsessive, but I guess they’re over it.

      I found this site when I was reading Stephenie’s update on her website this morning. It sounded pretty cool and I thought I’d just check it out.

  41. I am so glad i found this! haha i love it!
    I am so super obsessed with everything twilight, and I’m glad i’m not the only one, even though everyone thinks i’m a nerd fro being so super obsessed!
    I love this site too!
    I love newmoonmovie.org and eclipsemovie.org too for awesome updates!

  42. Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know how great you and this site are!
    As i’ve been trying to keep my Twilight obsession a secret since around Xmas – except from my bf who is refusing to become a unicorn, but listens to me rant! It’s good to have somewhere I can come and hear ‘That’s normal!’
    It’s one of the only places i’ve found where the fans are honest about how hilarious it is to be obsessed with Twilight/RPatz – the snark is my fav thing!
    So thanks very much, feels like I’ve found a home, and I’ll definitely be coming back – probably daily!! Thanks!

  43. So I just stumbled onto this website by accident. I was on Stephenie’s website and saw her mention something about LTT so I had to search it out *lol* I’m glad I did. I must say I’m a late comer to the whole Twilight thing. In the beginning I just couldn’t fathom what could be so intriguing about some book about a vampire *haha* was I wrong. My mom (age 58) read the series first and suggested I give it a try. I read “Twilight” and couldn’t put the book down. I had the series finished in like 5 days and was distraught that there weren’t anymore books to feed my need *lol* I was ashamed to admit my addiction to Twilight at my age (33) but thankfully have found that there are many more like me out there. I just finally watched the movie last weekend. It was a good movie, but am I the only one who was disappointed that some aspects of the book weren’t there? I’m anxiously awaiting New Moon as I’ve read that is more true to the book even than Twilight was. And actually I’m even more anxiously awaiting Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…though I read somewhere today that it’s not for certain yet that Breaking Dawn will be a movie (sobbing…that’s the one I REALLY can’t wait to see). Okay I’ve rambled on long enough….good job ladies!

  44. FINALLY!!! Somewhere where people are as obsessed with Twilight as me, but that treat movie/books/their obsession with humour. At the end of the day this is all just fun, it’s supposed to be fun, it’s entertainment, nothing more, that’s why I’m obsessed, it’s just so damn enjoyable. Having said that, and, although I’m as obsessed as the next girl (TRUST ME), it’s so good to be somewhere where there are not people taking it far too seriously (scary fangirls) or slagging it off (haters). I’m so happy I could jump through the PC screen and give you a huge hug followed by shouting something soberingly cynical to even up the balance. You guys are my heroes. I’m so glad there are others out there like me!

  45. I’ve just read Stephanie Meyer’s last comment on her website. And she says that a band called Elbow “Own her Ipod” . My Husband and I chose an Elbow song called “one day like this” as our first dance at our wedding. How good would it be if the same track was used for bella and Edwards wedding…? Have a listen if you don’t know the song… and wait for the very end, thats the best bit!!! x

  46. I”ve never been this obsessed over anything or anyone in my life. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! just wanted to share the love… and obsession really doesn’t Begin to cover it….

  47. so i just read Midnight Sun and I LOVED it….however, does anyone know of a way to reach stephanie?? because I REALLY REALLY REALLY would love for her to finish the book. It’s just not fair to leave us hanging like that!!! I only read it because she posted it to her site and I know she’s mad at those who leaked it, but trust me, I WILL GO BUY THE BOOK when [wishful thinking] she finishes it!
    so, back to my point….anyone know how to send her an email? even if her inbox has 1000 messages, at least I’d know I tried.

  48. Dear Moon and UC:

    I love this website! I think it’s great that us twilight fans have a place where we belong.

    I work for an oilfield company..and all of us girls in the office all read the books at the same time..and we are all die hard twilight fans..we have a countdown here in the office and everything! We are constantly (and i mean 3 or 4 times daily) emailing eachother updates that we just found out about, about the movies, and the actors!

    I must admit when all the twilight hype started..i was like what is the big deal about a bunch of vampires..then one day we were at my husband’s aunt’s house, and she had the movie..and so we all decided to watch it..well that same day my boss here at work..was at home by herself and ordered it on paperview, because nothing else was on..after watching it..she was like hmm, so she went and bought twilight the book, and she went ahead and bought new moon. well she finished twilight in two days..and came to me and was like..katy you have to read it. so i took her book knowing that i wouldn’t ever really read it. Well i went to go work out one day..and i had left my ipod at home..and i was like “oh man..how am i gonna pass the time?”..and i look in my backseat and there was twilight..

    that day changed my life forever!

    my thoughts on the whole sage were so off..i couldn’t have been more wrong. so now i try to get everyone to read it..and have been very succesful, because just like i was..they have misconstrued the meaning of the book! Forbidden Love.

    you can’t help but love it!

    thanks again girls..keep up the good work!

  49. love everything twilight in such a rediculous way its frightning
    but WHY OF WHY
    no love making scenes
    i’m D E V A S T A T E D!!!
    the whole “its for teens” thing is nonsense
    how can vampires, blood, guts, wolves and sooo many other things as well as the HARD CORE sexual tension be for “teens”
    surely the graphic element to the story makes it at least 16 and up
    and lets not kid…. very few 16 year olds who arent happily bonking away
    at least they got married 1st
    how often does that happen
    why or why stephenie
    i read all 4 books just to hear about what it must be like to bonk a VAMPIRE
    never mind that i dont even like men!!!! but clearly my homosexulity doesnt apply to vampires
    edward….. i turn straight for ANY DAY ANY TIME


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