Edward Cullen as a bunny

Dear cute bunnies acting out Twilight,

Thanks for making me laugh!

Bella the Bunny

(If this isn’t actually funny, I blame the 1/2 bottle of merlot I just consumed while reading Eclipse)

(tipsy) UnintendedChoice

13 Responses

  1. DAMN! Can’t believe I forgot to watch this yesterday! Stupid car trouble making me forget important stuff! Now I have to wait until I get home so I can hear sound. WAAHHHH!

  2. That was hysterical! And I wasn’t drinking Merlot. But hey… good idea.

  3. Okay good…I thought I was craving some TW so bad that I was willing to substitute a bunny for my real Edward Love! I will definitely have to try it with the Merlot next time!

  4. I was wondering when I was going to see the SOD Bunnies in Twilight! Thanks!

  5. And after watching? Wow. They nailed the Bella-writhing-on-the-floor scene. And I just loved how silly the James bunny looked!

    Now what’s this about Merlot?

  6. Is it strange that in some scenes the Bella Bunny was better than the actual Kstew? Just asking?

  7. @vickybonnett….hahah!

  8. Lame. The video was taken down.

  9. What??? This people are so lame. First, Summit kidnaps Rob (this is just my theory) and now they won’t even let us enjoy even the smallest bit of Twi fun. What did the bunnies ever do them?

    • @vickybonnett i was kinda mad when rob was “found” b/c i was looking forward to a post where we all speculate where rob is.. and of course it all started when you said you think summit kidnapped him!

  10. Oh, no! The bunnies are gone! It will still play if you put your screencap back up and link it to the Starz bunny site. What I want to know is, why did Starz make it available for embedding in the first place if they didn’t intend for people to um…embed it?

  11. I laughed so hard at this! My niece came over and since she has a knack at pointing out stuff and making it funny, I just HAD to laugh even moore.


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