Sundance is like, SOOoo commercial

eh. stuff.

eh. stuff.

Dear Pals-

We were recently sent this picture of Kristen Stewart hanging out at Sundance this week, and I just couldn’t help myself; the bitchface she was working called to me ,and I felt compelled to write down what I thought she was doing in this pic. Imagine this: Kristen is live blogging from Sundance on her mac…

Fade in…

kbitches livejournal

yooo dudes i’m at sundance. just saw spike jonze. his niece is a twilight fan apparently. guess she loved the movie or whatever. god i was so happy when he didn’t ask for an autograph for her. bleh. i wonder if he knows where the good green is at here? it’s SOoooo boring. fucking utah n shit. i wish i could have snuck some in my shampoo bottle or something. tsa is so weak. don’t they know we like to wake n bake, man? wake and muther fucking baaaaake.

anyshit i guess nikki reed is coming up here. she kept calling saying she could totally come up if i needed her or whatever. guess she’s at the airport now who knows, at least that’s what the pictures on perez say. i’ve got my sister here to keep up my fake lesbo facade until nikki decides to show up. then we can hit the gifting suites and do a three way kiss with the girl at the paige denim booth while the paps are shooting.

so uh, yea. sundance.



I promise some twi-girl love soon. We have something cooked up already. Stay tuned. and until then, perfect your bitchface with Kristen.

If you can stand it, watch this video of KStew being interviewed by MTV where she bitches about being asked about Twilight. Yea, we get it- you’re in a new movie called Adventureland, but don’t bite the hand that feeds.

ME (themoonisdown)

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20 Responses

  1. Why does she even bother??? Really, don’t hurt yourself Kstew, if you think you’re doing us a favor we’d really rather see anyone else from Twilight besides you…even the waitress from the cafe, hell even Butt-Crack Santa would do!

  2. Judging by the looks of this photo, she got some by TSA.

  3. What I wanna tell her is, “Hey–at least no one’s mentioned that ‘Adventureland’ opens the exact same day as ‘Little Ashes.’ ”

    ‘Cause seriously…then her bubble’s really busted. Can you imagine the bitchface that one would earn?

    I want to give Larry Carroll a hug after enduring that interview with her. And a beer.

  4. I really hope my opinion of her doesn’t become so distasteful that it wil ruin New Moon for me.

  5. @vicky – DUDE thats what we call that guy! butt crack santa!! HHAHA. love it

    @leigh anne – NO WAY! i didn’t know they open the SAME day, how delicious.

    @sass – yea im gonna lighten up on her now… or rather not focus on her and hit some of the other gals! 😀

  6. hahahah! That was funny. Thanks for the laugh:)

  7. Why does she look like someone just ran over her CAT…u know, the one she can’t live without…?

  8. Perhaps she is just getting into character for New Moon. You know, miserable all the time.

  9. @UC i LOVE when he said that to her. SO awesome.

    @sass she’s supposed to be miserable but not outwardly so, right? not all the time at least. geez.

  10. Well maybe she’s having digestion problems…cuz that constipated face has been on her for a while…Dear Kstew…it’s called ex-lax…try some!!

  11. Ha ha ha ha, this is great! It’s true, she looks so pissed or miserable most of the time. I thought the “green” is supposed to get you mellow and happy? At least that was the general effect back in the day when I ah…. tried it, lol.

  12. I want to see the interview she does after Adventureland tanks…

  13. @LAURA
    ROFLOL!! That’s AWESOME!!!
    cuz really, what we all care about is another movie where some kid from a small town has to spend his summer working(like everyone else) at a cheesy “Amusement Park” instead of following his dreams of going off to see the world—Sounds like a SNOOZEFEST!—*and don’t forget the bonus: getting to see Kstew’s bitchface for two hours! WOOoooHOOooo!–count me out, If I see it at all it’ll be because netflix offers it on Instant view, cuz lord knows I ain’t waiting for it 🙂

  14. Question: Is KStew really acting in Twilight, or just being herself?
    I’ve read the series many times (addicted).. and I love Bella’s character.. but in the movie she (KStew) didn’t show any real emotion and seems so self-conscious in scenes when she’s with Edward. Scenes with Charlie seem natural, teenage daughter/Dad.. but scenes with Edward were really weak. Honestly, I get the vibe that she’s very immature, and she was uncomfortable anywhere near Rob, which came through in her attempt to portray Bella.
    What do you think??

  15. @SuzieQ – I think I’d be uncomfortable too if I had to work with someone who made me jizz in my pants day in and day out. Especially if I were expected to keep my keep my clothes on. We’ve all seen the Twilight Tuesday vids. She can hardly contain herself. I think most of the time in her scenes what’s really going on in her head is Dora from Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming,” when what she really wants to say is, “I just want to try one thing…over and over and over.”

  16. Christa I’m busting up, you are so right…. that totally makes sense because her BEST scene by far is when she attacks him! I’m entirely too critical of her considering I can hardly keep from jizzin when there’s a freaking new picture of him loading boxes into his car or walking through the airport. sigh..

  17. […] I was going to be a fake lesbian I’d totally choose you […]

  18. you guys keep hating on kristen…why???
    Rob loves her… why don’t you..
    quit hating…
    if i were her i wouldn’t finish twilight just bc of fans like you….

  19. @brittney – your lips to gods ears!

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