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Readers, they’re just like US! Have you ever gone on a YouTube binge and watched 58 straight interviews with Rob & Kristen and listen to them answer the same questions (were you a fan of the series before you did the movie? are you guys dating? what’s with your hair, Rob? what’s it like to kiss Rob, Kristen?) and come away with with a deeper understanding of Rob’s grooming habits or become more convinced that Kristen doesn’t really have a personality?? Or maybe you simple can’t stand another dumb uninformed interviewer and simply MUST share with someone?

Have you ever read a piece of Twilight news and thought WHAT THE… and had to find a outlet to share your horror/astonishment/joy/fascination?

Well this is it! We want to hear from you! Give us a break and write your own letter to anything related to the Twilight world or to Rob Pattinson, and we promise to feature the very best!*

We’re in this together people!

Now get to writing!

*We try to respond to everyone, unless you’re really crazy. Then we just FWD your e-mail to The Quad and laugh our lil’ heads off. Not really.** But you should hear back from us. We usually like to respond within 48 hours. But sometimes it takes us a bit longer. Like 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to support us so that we can quit our day jobs and blog full time, we’d be willing to go back to our 48 hour response time.

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    • I wanted to know if anyone has tried to read other books? I am reading the True Blood Series (not recommended for minors) and I am having a hard time really enjoying it. I was hoping others could recommend something great??? It doesnt have to be about Vampires… Anything good will do.

      • Well I kno you said it didnt have to be Vampire books but a really good series you should look into is the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. Her writing is amazing though her look on Vampires is very different than Stephene’s lol. But yea “Guilty Pleasures”, “The Laughing Corpse”, “Circus of The Damned” I think there is 12 or 13 books all together but they’re really great 🙂

      • It took me months to stop myself from rereading the Twilight series and I had to find other books that I could sink my teeth into. I found a few that placated me, but really…what could be a replacement?

        Here are books I enjoyed in my post-Twilight funk.

        -Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, 4 books(not for minors, my favorite after Twilight series)
        -Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance, 4 books (not for minors)
        -Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance (not for minors)
        -Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs (not for minors but read On the Prowl first, it is an anthology with a little back story).
        -Graceling by Kristin Cashore
        -The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins

        • Thanks for the tips. I used to read constantly and now all I want to do is re-read twilight and search twilight blogs. I am really depressed I can’t snap out of it. I don’t know why this series has affected me this way! I’ll try the Patricia Briggs series while I wait for Stephenie M. to finish Midnight Sun!!

          • I’ve done nothing but re-read Twilight for the past 5 months, either. I have really enjoyed the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon in the past. Her latest book in the series comes out this month.

          • I can’t stop reading them either! After I saw Harry Potter 6, I read the deathly hallows again but now i’m right back to the Twilight saga! Reading new moon again… I still love it!! I haven’t stopped reading them (besides the one H.P) since I was introduced to them in November of 2007! I don’t even know how many times I’ve read them. (Other than Breaking dawn I’ve only read that 2.5 times)


          • i feel the same way, this is my 13th round of reading the series i’m on Eclipse now. i was wondering since u mentioned midnight sun, would u happen to know when Stephenie is going to be finished with that? i was going to send a letter, but i had to download something and this is my dad’s computer so, not such a good idea. anyways i didn’t know if u had a source that u went by. sorry i know this was random but i have been trying to figure out a way to contact her but can’t seem to get anything thanks 4 your help. =)

          • Hey, Yeah i have been reading the True Blood series latley, i like them but people have different perspectives on books. I love vampire books some good books i have read latley:
            – Vampire Academy (Really Good)
            – House Of Night Novels
            – Vampire Diaries

            Hope you find another good series

        • I all but re-read the twilight books too. 🙂 Waiting for the movies to come out. I’m just like Bella I don’t know what I’m going to do when the Twilight Saga finally ends…:(
          OH NO.!!!

          • I have started to read the second book in the series when I am getting my treatments at the hospital, which seems to make the time and the treatments go a little quicker.
            I hope I get to read the entire series before it ends

        • i might read hunger games… is it good (i am young)

          • hunger games is amazing and its sequl catching fire is awesome too. there is going to be third out soon. Graceling and Fire by Suzanne Collins are both very good. as well as Water for Elephants. not fantasy or sci fi at all but its really good and robs gonna be in the movie

        • percey jackson and the olympions are good, you should try them

        • the hunger agmes was AWESOME

      • i have read them and liked them try music

        • I’ve read several Vampire, Werewolf series, some good authors are Christine Feehan ( Dark series) , Sherrilyn Kenyon about vamps and weres and Greek Gods), MaryJanice Davidson (undead series hilarious new vampire queen with attitude), C.T. Adams=Cathy Clamp ( were races with magic),
          Lynn Viehl ( Darkyn -knight templar ), Carrie Vaughn ( Kitty- were pretty cool series), Kerrelyn Sparks ( I like this Vampire romance series), Jacquelyn Frank ( a race of genie like called Demons), J.R. Ward (Vampire like race who only feed on their own race)
          Katie Macalister ( pretty cool), Lynsay Sands ( about Immortal Atlanteans with nanites )

      • i read the host and i think its ok if you like aliens….there is another one called “the boy called it”…ome that book is really sad…i think everyone should read it….if they think there life suxs wait till you read this book then yourll feel srry for this little boy…well i think that book is good

        • Hello People I Love Taylor Lautner So SO SO Much Words Cant Explain Itt But All i Have To Say Is Taylor ( Jacob) iiLoveuuxoxoxo :D:D

          I Have Watched Every Movie You ARe In Put The Best Is New Moon :O:O Topless Oh haha

          iiLoved You Wen You had No musles 😦
          But I Still Love You xoxoxo


          We Have The Same Date Of Birth And We Both Like The Same Food (steak) And My Favour Colour Is Baby Blue And So is Yours hahahaha xoxoxox (L) 🙂

          ii Feel Like Crying Righ Now Cause ii Love You SOSOSOSOSOSO Much I Swear To Godd I WOuld Die For You :O

          • i love taylor the most beacause i have everything with his name on it in my room on my school books in my bathroom on my knife and fork every where i sware i would do any thing for him even judt to meet him


      • well than dont read the booksa enymore if you dont like the Vampires

      • Maxium Ride series are really good

      • Hi Kris,
        I know you said it didn’t have to be vampire reated, but have you tried “the Vampire Diaries”?
        it is about two vampire bothers fighting over a high school girl 🙂

        But if you are in for the romance, and haven’t already read them, try the books that Stehpenie also has pointed out in twilight:

        Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare
        Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë
        Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

        The best of the top.. 😉

        • Of the three, Austin is my favorite. If you like LONG movies, find the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. Very good!

          • My husband is Austin-obsessed so we re-read Austin’s books almost as obsessively as a Twilight fan and have every Austin vid we can lay our hands on. The Best version of P&P is the 1980 BBC version – my favorite is the Keira Knightly version, probably because although Mrs. B’s actions remain ridiculous, the comedy isn’t as cruel to her…with Donald Sutherland as an english papa – and the funniest is the Bollywood version – Bride and Prejudice. If you read the book and fall in love like the rest of us, you’ll then come to enjoy the very funny Lost In Austen.
            Austen is Meyer’s literary ancestor – too bad we won’t be around in 200 years to laugh back at all those people who won’t read Twilight now – I’m sure college courses will be devoted to Meyers’s work then…

      • hey welly its a vampire series and i felt the sam eafter twilight i felt upset and dissapointed that i hadnt got any more to read so i didnt read anything else for a while then i reaad the house of night series they are awsome and nearly as good as twilight try them outt they might not be you cup of tea but there god damn good .

      • a really good series ive loved is called the Abhorsen series. i know, sounds dumb, but whatever. the first book is called Sabriel, then Lirael and then the Abhorsen. i really liked em

      • keep reading it gets better, I’ve all but the newest and ended up really enjoying them. It’s just a slow start I think. It was hard trying to read something different and I’m fighting the urge to read the Twilight series for a third time. I’m sure it will happen eventually.

      • I’ve been reading the House of Night books and they are okay. I probably would have really enjoyed them before Twilight but now they are just books.

      • Try reading some Jane Austen. She’s hilarious, and Masterpiece Theater produce made-for-tv movies on all of them. Great love stories, great social commentaries, great language, and did I mention she’s hilarious?

      • I can’t bring myself to read any other books. I hated reading before I read the Twilight series, and I had never read any books for fun in my entire life. For a while, when everyone was raving about the series, I pretty much refused to read it. I didn’t want to waste my time on some stupid vampire books. I had never read anything else for fun, so why start now? Well, I saw the movie at one of my friend’s birthday parties who is obsessed with Twilight, and I didn’t get to finish it. I had borrowed Twilight from another friend to read after a test one day, but ended up not needing it. I still had the book after the party, and decided to read it because I can’t bear myself to not finish a movie, and the video store was already closed. I began reading at 1am, and didnt stop until I fell asleep around 6am. I was surprised how intriguing the book was. I finished it the next night and went to the store at 10pm after I finished to buy New Moon. Anyway, to make a very long story somewhat shorter, I finished the 2nd and 3rd books in 3 days. It took me a week to finish Breaking Dawn because I couldn’t bear myself to let go of this world I had become trapped in. The Twilight series was, well, there aren’t words to describe how amazing it was. So, if anyone finds any books out there that are anywhere near as good as the Twilight series, please let me know. I haven’t found any that come within 1000 miles close. They don’t have to be about vampires or werewolves. But, I am a huge sucker for love stories.

        • i am totally the same… i hated reading before i read the twilight series i saw the movie at a friends house and fell in love i read new moon read eclipse saw new moon the day it opened (after school) and then just read breaking dawn. I am re-reading new moon right now and i’m almost done. i still have never read twilight but i now own the movie. I own a book called “hunger games” and i cant bring myself to read it.

          • I have that series but haven’t gotten to reading it yet. I heard it was realllllly good though.

        • Diana Galbadon- The Outlander series completely rocks.

      • The Hunger Games and it’s sequel Catching Fire. Post-apocalyptic, and also YA, but Stephenie Meyer actually took HG to dinner at a restaurant w/ her. Easy reading and even made me cry—-like Edward leaving Bella cry.

      • Hello
        my name’s pauline and I’m french so I hope that you understand me…=s
        Me, I read the vampires diaries 1&2 of L.J Smith and I like him and the series is very great!!^^
        I read too the host of Stefenie Meyer it’s another kind but I love them too. S.M wrote more better.
        Sorry if you don’t understand me…=s
        I put him(it) to you francais there if you want to see (what I wanted to say) with a translator

        je m’apelle Pauline je suis française donc je suis désolé si tu ne me comprends pas =s
        Moi, j’ai lu le journal d’un vampire 1 & 2 de L.J Smith et j’ai vraiment aimer le livre de plus la série adaptée de ce film est vraiment bien je trouve!!^^
        J’ai aussi lu les Âmes vagabondes (le deuzième livre de S.M) de Stephenie Meyer c’est un autre genre que Twilight mais je l’aime aussi je le trouve vraiment bien. Stephenie Meyer écris vraiment bien.
        Désolée si tu ne m’a pas comprise… =s
        Je te le mets en français si tu veux ( pour voir ce que j’ai voulu dire) que tu pouurras mettre dans un site de traduction.
        Je t’es mise plus de chose en français mais c’est évidement plus facile pour moi de parler en français^^
        Donc je te laisse mon blog si tu veux me répondre ( la traduction de la page sera indiqué en bas de celle-ci ).

        So I leave you my blog if you want to answer me (the translation of the page will be indicated at the bottom of this one).


      • leave him alone he is just a person now if he wasn’t famous would any of you people look twice at him so BACK OFF and let him breath i fell sorry for him i dont no him but if i asked him do you want to leave the fans and the pararatzy behind for just one day and be like everyone els he would say yes in a hart beat and one day he will crack under the pressure and it will be all our fault and there will go one of our best actors of our time the thing is with him is that the reason he has no luck in love because people don’t love him they love Edward the dream man for women nice body and jar line his eyes his voice every posible thing but the thing is that is not him so robert if you do read this with i very highly doute good luck to you and all the best in you life and dont let the pressure get to you and no that i beleve in you so people out there next time you are have the chance to met him treat him like a person and say hi my name is …………… ask him about his dog i dont really care dont just dont go rob i love you because the truth is you dont you really dont you may not no it but is just a cruch and you mite just mite get somthing out of it SO BACK OFF I MEAN IT

      • some really good books are,
        the House of night series by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast
        there is 6 of them
        also check out the
        mortal insterments by Cassandra Clare,
        there are 3 of them but each book is seperated into “3” books but they are still clarrified as one book 🙂
        they are really good ive read both series and they are very intreging 😀

      • The Blood Bloods are good and if you haven’t read the Host then you should. The House of Night series is really good and so are the Vampire Academy books. the Daughter of the Moon series is a good one too. Wicked Lovely.

      • Kris, i recommend the Riley Jenson series written by Keri Arthur. It is about Riley (obviously) a half vampire half werewolf struggling to find her place in Melbourne Australia (or anywhere really) as to her abnormality. After being shunned by her wolf pack all her life she and her twin have found a place at the directorate for other races (basically a cross between the CIA and the Mafia, they execute on site) but one catch, her boss is certain she is Guardian material (agent) and with scary lovers trying to kill her among with a sexy vampire hell-bent on making her his her life just gets a little bit more hectic….

        A series of books.
        1. Full Moon Rising
        2. Kissing Sin
        3. Tempting Evil
        4.Dangerous Games
        5. Embraced By Darkness
        6. The Darkest Kiss
        7. Deadly Desire
        8. Bound To Shadows
        9. Moon Sworn (pending release)

      • Hey, I have been reading the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine and it’s brilliant!! I love Twilight but there’s just something about the characters in The Morganville Vampires! Highly recommended! I’m sure you will enjoy it!

      • S. Kenyon is a great series( she has a website that has info on the books and some extras) she weaves a really good story 19 books so far- Lara Adrian has a good series going too brotherhood good vamps protecting humans- Anne Rice is good too I like Interview with a vampire and the vampire Lestat- J.R.Ward- Black Dagger Brotherhood- you can go to the website and find out about the books- other supernatural books Lora Leigh steamy !!-

      • I suggest you read Dan Brown’s awesome books. Even though it’s a wee bit of hard to understand –since there are scientific terms–you’ll love it. It’s very thrilling. =)

      • Just a thought, but I also felt the same way as you until I found the House of Night series written by P.C Cast ahd daughter Kristin Cast. The books are about a young girl being marked by the goddess Nyx and the adventures she encounters. There are 7 of the thus far. Very good to read.
        Hope you enjoy them like I have.

      • The Host by Stephenie Meyer is really good…it was hard 4 me 2 get into the first few chapters but in the middle once u get use to the characters its awesome..S Meyer knows how to make the characters speak to you…

      • There are alot of good books, like the Vampire Academy series, The Eregon series, The Host, there is also a scary book called The Oath.

        There is also the House of night series ( i love those)
        As you can see, you just have to find a good book! =]

      • there’s always the book, “The Vampire Academy” i honestly haven’t read it myself but some of my friends have and they say thats it’s just as good as the twilight series, but personally i don’t think thats possible, but anyways u could try it. i was thinking about trying it myself as soon as i finish reading the twilight series again. =) enjoy!!!

      • I would recommend the house of night series and if you are a true Supernatural fan i would go for blood and chocolate (the book) beautiful creatures, and if your into not reading the whole minor thing.

        One of the best vampire series books ever written in history: The black dagger brotherhood – J.R. Ward. awesome.

      • well i’ve read those books too. but i have read quite a few books so i would recomend (if you like scary) Blue is for nightmares series, (others i love) or Morganville Vampires series, and then Night World series i hope this helps

      • there are lots of great books out there. Look up Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater, Deep and dark and dangerous- Mary Downing Hahn, Wait till Helen Comes- Mary downing Hahn, The Host- Stephenie Meyer, Bleeding Violet- Dia Reeves, Distant Waves- Suzanne Weyn, The Percy Jackson Series- Rick Riordan, Pandora series- Carolyn Hennesy, there are plenty books on the shelf! Good luck,

        Miss Bookworm

      • ii would try the book :
        So B. It

      • Hey, this happened to me too! But a good series is the house of night series (Marked, Betrayed ,Chosen,Untamed, Hunted, Tempted etc… but obiously twilight still kicks this series’ ass !! but its still a good read !! let me know how it goes !! got any 4 me ?

      • have you’ve ever read Vladimir Tod? or Sucks to be me? they’re vampire books but if you don’t like that i’ve read others like amaranth enchantment, pigs tale, eragon, eldest, and alot of romantic fiction novels. I like the long book series, like twilight!

      • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins its a trilogy but the books are intense.

      • Libba Bray~A Great and Terrible Beauty; A Sweet Far Thing; Rebel Angels

        Alyson Noel~ Evermore: The immortals; Blue moon; dark flame; night Star(coming soon)

        L.J Smith~ Night World…there are like 4 books now

        they are great…you’ll like them

        • oh yeah…The Host…by Stephanie Meyer is actually really good once u get past the boring/confusing part at the beginning!!! i really liked it…still not as good as the TWILIGHT SAGA…but hey it works

      • I know the Percy Jackson series is pretty good. Id recommend that, or if you want something totally different, and in the real world instead of just supernatural stuff…. You could read Size 12 Is Not Fat, Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, and Big Boned, a series by Meg Cabot.

      • I just started reading the ” Hunger games” its a really great book. it not about vamps or wolves, its about a girl who, well you’ll just have to read it yourself to find out.

      • try reading the devouring series. so far there are three books. they are amazing and they have nothing to do with vampires. if you like a good horror book, you’ll love these. they gave me the chills while i read them and a bone deep terror of what may be under my bed! they are by Simon Holt. let me know if you enjoyed them!(:

    • omg like comon sooo wat if they smoke they knw the effects and if they want to they want to
      really there nt 5 years old.
      no one has the right to let othere poeple nt to smoke
      and there is worse things that they can be doing

    • Don’t know if you’re into young adult fiction or adult or REALLY adult fiction? For A, read Lian Hearn’s series of the Otori clan, that begins with Across the Nightingale floor. No vampires, different enough to distract you from picking up Twilight AGAIN.
      For B read something by Michael Ondaatje (The English patient you probably know, but try In the skin of a lion or Divisadero too) or for fantasy try Ursula le Guin, maybe The Telling.
      For C, go soak your head in Joyce Carol Oates wonderful book Blonde and then read Do with me what you will and Childwold while you’re at it. FInish off with something by Jorge Luis Borges, like Labyrinths, his “dazzling prose, so cold it burns one’s lips” should be the antidote for a Twilight fan or the cold ones!

    • My two favourite series are the Twilight ones, obviously, and also the Maximum Ride Series. It’s by James Patterson and I love it so yeah. Hope it helps. =)

    • hi my name is victoria lopez iam a huge fan of twilightand stepheine meyer;if you read this iam aks in the nices way if you will finhish midnight sun?i no its hard to NOT right ex pacly a ahor like yourself and a hit book like twilight and you rob and taylor are the most HOT sexy gorgous men that have ever walk this earth so dont let ur fans get you down what u want is what it is so good bye and sorry for any miss spaling

    • Hello 😉

      You are like my own brand of heroin!! ❤ ❤ We must say you are the best looking guy walking this planet! We know we act extreme, but we are hypnotized by you.
      Anyway… We are 2 girls from The Faroe Islands, come to Faroe Islands, we will show you the best time of your life 😉 So far 😉

      …. We are sorry… But you are so beautiful!! Thank you..

      Kisses Eydvør and Barbara ❤

    • The Hunger Games. By Suzanne Collins. Haven’t read all the responses, so someone else may have written this series already. Easy to fall into the book and not stop reading. But beware, only 2 books have been published, so you’ll be stuck WAITING for the next book in the series. Mucho frustrating!

    • This site really exists??!! Its like finding a mythical unicorn: covered in pixie dust and ass-raping tasteful cinematography. Oh, if i could only destroy the whole world…

    • I had started to read the twilight series when I was getting my treatments at the hospital, which seemed to make the treatments to go faster and not hurt so much.

    • I just love u guys bc ur so awesome!!!! im a big big fan 🙂

    • Twlight was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Also the books had given me a lot of tips as well. Keep on writing more books on Twlight, I would look forward to read them.

    • it sucks that they already found someone to play renesmee i would be perfect for that part when she grows a little more but im only thirteen so who cares i look like i could be their kid instead of the one they found. but no hard feeling she’ll be perfect for the movie.

  1. hey everyone as you know i’m one of you biggest fans and i would love for all of you to come to california,by the bay i guess, i live in a small town

    • Hey Guys, Um I was just watching a video from the set of new moon and it made me really happy and really sad:) 😦 I was happy because you all look GREAT I’m soooo happy you guys are all perfect for your parts!!!!!! What made me sad is the Kristen, Rob, Nikki, and Peter, well you guys were smoking and I love you all too much to see that effect you in negative ways. I think speak for most of your fans when I say please try to quit I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If its too hard I understand but you’ll look younger longer if you stop…. 🙂

      • Dear New Moon Smokers,
        Really? All that smoky badness should be a no no but since you’re all vampy and all I suppose you won’t be effected right? Well I hope not, here’s why (1) Rob and I have yet to meet, fall madly in love, laugh at Kristen for being dumb, and then run away together. (2) Kristen has yet to be laughed at by Rob with me in close proximity while he hums my lullaby. (3) Nikki has a long career of bad facial expressions and hilarious on set injuries that I need to keep the laughs a-rollin. (4) Where will these kids learn if sudo-daddy is setting a bad example? Please note that if you so choose to be naughty by hooking up with ridiculous fan letter writing fans such as muhself then I’m willing to help you teach them. Please just consider all this and remember we love you all.

        • Can Rob just slap that half-open-rabbit teeth-showing-too thick of a bottom lip-smirk off Kristen’s face? That would make me helllllla content. Oh & I’m pretty sure Rob’s gunna read THIS post & be like, *insert sexy british accent* “Hmmm I just might have to fly to Phoenix & pick up this Tielle lady & fly off into the sunset singing her a fantastic lullaby as she falls asleep on my shoulder….Oh & I guess that Izzy girl’s post was okay too.”

      • Rachel,
        i know how you feel! i saw that video too and i almost went into shock “not litterly though!”
        i still say that teens SOULDN’T SMOKE!! BUT NO ONE LISTENS. people just don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smoking ISN’T cool and older people get into younger kids heads that it is cool!

    • Adriana,
      I am a big fan also. I live in a small town by the bay in California. Contact Me:

    • I was looking at you tube the other day. One of the videos shown it made Bella look like she was commiting suicide is that true????

  2. You ladies are hysterical. My girls and I were reading your site yesterday, and we’re really impressed with delicate blend of crass, sarcasm and devotion. Thanks and keep it up.
    – RhoJo, Pamster, Sassy, Red

  3. @Rhojo!! i think you may be our very best quote yet! we may have to use it!! endorsed by… 😀

    OMG: “we’re really impressed with delicate blend of crass, sarcasm and devotion”

    LOVES 😀

  4. I love you for being able to read my mind! You know exactly what Im thinking!! I do go on YouTube binges and search the internet endlessly for pics and news of Rob! I swear you know me too well!! It’s only day 2 of my finding your site and I want you to know that I ❤ you guys!

    • @JustGotWicked- YES! Another one who ‘understands’ we ❤ you too! And seriously… theMoon and I started this site b/c we spent all this time, talking online, sharing vids, making fun of fans that are more obsessed than us (They exist) and just HAD to share our thoughts with the rest of the world! WELCOME

  5. I know that I am in the right place, all of you love Rob. He did an awesome job portraying Edward and I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. I have went and saw “Twilight” six times and I know and I know that is not as many times as most but I have to say that I have never went and saw any other movie six times…..that was a first for me. It was a great story but Rob really was the main reason that I feel in love with the whole “Twilight” thing. Rob is just way hot and is an awesome actor!!

    • @treasure_7 welcome! we’re glad you found us- 6 times is more than me- i’m going on my 5th time (it’s moving to our “cheap” 4$ movie theatre next week!) soon!! I assumed you found the ROB portion of our site- but in case you didn’t, it’s 🙂

    • oh i totally agree with you! rob is sooooooooo sexy! i love the twilight series but rob in them makes them 100 times better! 😀 i personally have the dvd and have watched twilight 19 times so far! 😀 lol! i know some of u may not believe me but im telling the truth! i just couldnt get over how SMOKIN HAWT rob pattinson is! and trust me, if i would have watched the harry potter movies, i totally would have noticed the sexy wizard! lol! 😀 i almost cried when cedric diggory died! 😦 😦 😦
      i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. This isn’t a letter. Just a note to say how hot Taylor is and if Rob doesn’t step up and start smelling the soy protein drinks, he’s going to be full of flab rather than fab…though I do respect Rob, I can’t say the same for his eating habits. By the way, Taylor is really ripped and hotter than ever. I call dibs on him! 😀

    P.S. Kristen Stewart was stuttering and blinking, because that’s her acting style. She was like that in some of her other movies and I got really pished when you guys asked Robert to ask her about it. Kristen is amazing and I’m a HUGE fan of hers, even before twilight, and that was just a big blow…!!

    • @Ashley C. girl- WELCOME. .I think you are our first Taylor over Rob fan- so… you will get a LOT of Taylor.. all to yourself! thanks for writing!

    • i feel the same way as Ashley Cullen about Kristen Stewert!! she has been my FAVE actress since i watched her in Speak years ago and ive watched her in all her movies and thats the way she acts and i think that people askin Rob to ask her was wrong because she actually could become self concious about it now!!so u did no favours for asking that!! anyways bak to TWILIGHT!! ive jst found this website via another website called Lion and Lamb Love and it is a great website people!!visit it!!!! bt although ive only jst stumbled upon this website, i LOVE it!!u guys are great!!and im sooo happy to find a website where i cn write my feelings about the film and books and actors and everyone cn undertand where im coming frm!!!! thanksxox

    • Yes, I have also concluded that stuttering and blinking is not only Kristen’s acting style, but the way she comports herself in real life, after watching innumerable interviews. Well, so what, Meryl Streep also has her recognizable mannerisms, and Kristen has hopefully a few years ahead of her in which to broaden her scope. The main thing is, that Kristen Stewart’s stuttering and blinking proved pretty perfect for her role as Bella, so we should all lay off the poor girl.
      (Yes, I know, we are all terribly, terribly jealous that she gets to put her little paws all over Rob, but try to be graceful and grown up about it, will you?)

  7. […] comments from me (moon), Twilight trading cards, Twilight buttons, Lisa Frank UNICORN stationary to write you very own Letters on and an Edward/Rob journal to write all your deepest darkest Rob related secrets! Seriously, wait […]

  8. Hey, I just found these pics of Kirsten on and those ears are just begging for there own letter….. just sayin

  9. Ive been thinking for a long time now that the obsession i have with Rob is totally wrong……..i told my BF who laughed (yes, laughed!) in my face when i told her how totally hot Rob / Edward is. ‘Hes a character in a film you freak’ was her exact reply. I dragged her to see Twilight (her first viewing on the last day it was on at our local cinema), my 5th viewing…….i even paid for her ticket, just to prove her wrong. And prove her wrong i did – she is now totally commited to Rob / Edward and sings his praises constantly. She even tries to tell me that she loves him more than i do. WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE! I am slightly concerned that i have bred a monster, after all he was mine first and first come, first served…….surely??

  10. im sorry but all you rob fans, have you seen taylors new body!!its enough to make anyone weak at the knees.i never really liked rob, don’t know why, and while all my friends are obsessing over him i’m obsessing over taylor. as ashley c said, rob needs to step up. taylor’s fanbase is growing. woooo, i love taylor!

  11. Does it have to be to Rob i mean Taylor’s a lot better, but anyways. One of my best friends( now a complete liar i think) Amanda Coyle says she’s goin out with TAylor and is goin to be Jane in New Moon. It’s completely impossible, but i want to know if i’m just mistaken or what. I can’t trust what she says anymore and i wan to know the truth.

    • well, i don’t think they’ve announced who jane is yet. why don’t you ask her for a picture of her and taylor? that should prove if she’s lying or not!

    • OMG!!!!!!!!! CONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I googled something saying “Amanda Coyle as jane in twilight” and this was the very first thing on the web page for it!! LOL. I told one of my friends the whole story and she totally agreed with us!!! We started cracking up when we read this!!!!! I cant believe you actually posted something!! Anyway, this whole thing is a bunch of total bull shit and she needs to fuckin stop lyin to get attention. It sucks that no one likes her but she needs to get over the fact that NO ONE believes her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. I’m venting here!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Anyways!!!!….DAKOTA FANNING is Jane so get over it!!! Amanda, it’s time to face reality. YOU ARE NOT JANE SO CRY ME A RIVER, BUILD A BRIDGE, AND GET OVER IT!! That’s right i said it. so there…………………..ok, that’s all I had to say. GET A LIFE.

      • OMG rachel!!! I am so glad you’re venting your feelings here b/c so am i. Even though she said she gave up her part. They didn’t even know who was goin to be Jane when she said she got the part. lol. I forgot i had even posted something here until you called me yesterday. hahaha 😀

        • hahahahaha i didnt know you posted something on here till i googled it lol!! This is great, she thinks i believe her and that is suck a lie but you know the truth!!! Who would even believe that crap?! Its a bunch of bull!!!!!! I never really liked her from the begining lol!!!

          • lol thats nice… she came back to me sayin sry… plus i was gettin pretty bored on the bus… o and she might not go to north so im guessin thats a god thing !!!!

    • OMG!!!! CONNIE!!!!! you need to look at the bottom of this page!!!! me and my friend are venting our feelings!!!!!!! LOL. We sdatrted cracking up when we saw your comment for this. I googled “amanda coyle as jane for twilight” and this was the first thing on the google page!!! it is so h-i-g-h-larious!!!!!!! She needs to get over the fact that no one believes her!!!!!!! SHe is a fuckin liar!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole thing is total bull shit!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is total bull crap. Dakota Fanning is Jane so you just gotta get over it and your not going out with taylor lautner. No way biotch. GET OVER YOURSELF!! YOUR NOT THAT SPECIAL! I hope you read this and realize how fucking stupid you sound!

  12. I enjoy coming to LTT on my free time. I’m so hooked on twilight that i just can’t get enough!
    My mother has offically given me the name: Twi-Stalker!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  13. Cause I am

    obsessed and in search of an outlet! So here it is:

    RP in case you’re reading …

    The Threatened One
    by Jorge Luis Borges

    It is love. I will have to hide or flee.
    Its prison walls grow larger, as in a fearful dream.
    The alluring mask has changed,
    but as usual it is the only one.
    What use now are my talismans, my touchstones:
    the practice of literature,
    vague learning,
    an apprenticeship to the language used by the flinty Northland
    to sing of its seas and its swords,
    the serenity of friendship,
    the galleries of the library,
    ordinary things,
    the young love of my mother,
    the soldierly shadow cast by my dead ancestors,
    the timeless night,
    the flavor of sleep and dream?
    Being with you or without you
    is how I measure my time.
    Now the water jug shatters above the spring,
    now the man rises to the sound of birds,
    now those who look through the windows are indistinguishable,
    but the darkness has not brought peace.
    It is love, I know it;
    the anxiety and relief at hearing your voice,
    the hope and the memory,
    the horror at living in succession.
    It is love with its own mythology,
    its minor and pointless magic.
    There is a street corner I do not dare to pass.
    Now the armies surround me, the rabble.
    (This room is unreal. She has not seen it)
    A woman’s name has me in thrall.
    A woman’s being afflicts my whole body.

  14. Reading all of these letters, has almost made me piss my pants….or maybe it was all of the beer i just drank…lol… anyhoo….. Im so sick of hearing ppl say how in love they are with Rob…ugh…get a life…you are in love with the character that Rob plays… Who wouldnt be…Sure he has a hot face and all, but be truthful to your obsession… is it Rob or Edward….. Goodnight!

    P.S. I think the movie sucked so bad, I only watched it 5 times…. Praying each time, I wish they would of stayed closer to the book….just sayin

  15. OMG naynay!!!i am shocked!!!lol. well all i have to say about ur comment is that i honestly cn say that i love Edward AND Rob!!i think of them as two different people…wel fiction and non fiction. i love Edward because hes basically perfect!!and ive loved vampires since i watched Buffy the vampire slayer wen i was younger!! and i love Robe because in interviews he is this modest, down to earth guy, who is also funny, takes the piss out of himself and he also thinks the same as u, in that, he thinks they dnt love him bt they love Edward!! that is WRONG!!! i actually love Rob more because hes a real person and so ther actually are ppl like that out in the world, whereas we only dream and wish that ther is an Edward out ther!! so i hope that gives u knowledge into my mind:)

    yea, i wud jst like to say WAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL WITH THE SMOKING!!!!! i saw pics of basically them all smoking!!!! i dnt judge them or anything, bt i jst didnt see all of them as smokers…and i was nieve enuf to think that Rob was only pretending to smoke in those photo shoots of him with a cigarette!!lol. yea i no!!!like theres Rob, Kristen, Nikki, Kellan, PETER(i wud never have thot) and ive bn told that Jasper smokes aswell. so its only Taylor and Ashley that dnt smoke!!lets hope it stays that way:) … i suppose its a depressant and they may need a smoke for their stress or smething!!

    who r we to judge wat they do in their spare time….i jst wish i didnt see photos of it!!!

  16. HaHa..just read my comment…i sould never drink and type again,…… Im not saying I hate the movie, I just loved the books more, and thought that the movie didnt do the books justice,…at all…
    As for Edward…..who wouldnt want a guy that couldnt keep his eyes off of you! He is every girl and womans dream man.!
    As for Rob….wow….he is a dirty little hottie! He has to be getting more booty thrown at him than brad pitt! lol… I can honestly say that I love his music and I wish he will record more songs, and really wish let me sign would be longer…. ok….tata beotches!

  17. why hello all you people. hmm, interesting. first off, how in the hell did you all find this little fucking website of yours? geez. coni? wtf? who do you think you are. i mean serioulsly “your best friend is dating taylor” yeah you wish. hahahah. you amuse me in so many ways. wow. awh bitch. you know what just all of you fuck off. robert is mine is all possible ways. oh my, twilight is thee best thing ever made as far as i know and no i dont live under a rock. man time flies when your having fun right? LMAO! haa, welp enough said. all you people make me want to cough up a hairball or hurl! addicted much?! ahaha. yeah whatever. so im gonna go out on my date with the hell of a guy robert. hes mine, mhm. yeahhhhs. so talk to you all laters. oh and holla lexie 🙂 hahahah. PEACEEE.

    • hhahaha, alright. so i musta been dead when i wrote that ^^ so coni, im sorry! ahaha. but your best friend is quite a liarrrrr. oh and this chick amuses me in so many ways. lol. and no im not like this chick that says im dating robert. i just love to think that. 😉

      • WOW!!! Katie, ur funny!! lol. Oh, by the way……im rachel, Lexie’s friend! We play softball together. That amanda girl goes to my school and she is a total liar!! No one believes her but i guess she thinks they do cause she keeps makin up all this crap!!!

        • ok well rachel, just saying…we kinda said in many ways that she was lying if you go up the page lol. so we don’t need to repeat it. ok maybe we do…AMANDA YOU ARE A LIAR!!! SHUT UP!! ok. that’s all. 🙂

  18. I just wanted to say you have an amazing site. I just lost my “Twilight Virginity” and it feels so good! I can’t believe how completely obsessed I have become. I work with students as a Youth Minister and Twilight is all they talk about. I finally agreed to read Twilight so I could have a clue what they were talking about. Well, my life has not been the same since. I thought maybe there was something seriously wrong with me, until I began finding sites like yours! Thank you for making me feel a bit more normal.

    I am going on a week-long trip with my family next week. I have not even begun planning to pack for my family, but I already have all my Twilight books, DVD, etc. packed and ready in my carry-on. My husband thinks I am losing it, seriously.

    Y’all (yes, I am from Texas!) are truly talented and thanks for sharing all your thoughts with the rest of us!

  19. I too would just like to add that it feels great to know there are others out there who love Twilight as much as I do. im shocked actually about how qiuckly i fell in love with the story. one day it was just a book, and the next i can’t believe i never read it until just last week. what the heck was i thinking?!! although in my defense i never even heard of it until the movie came out. guess i was too wrapped up with harry potter. lol.
    anyway, LOOOOOOOOOVE this site. am now making it my homepage. lol.
    ii also agree that they should all stop smoking.
    1. its CLEARLY hazardous to your health
    2. its not cute


  21. IIIIII ❤ JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. I LOVE YOU ROB EPECIALLY IN TWILIGHT YOU ARE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hi rob,my name is monica and i’m from ROMANIA.I want to tell you that you are very hot and i love you.You are the most beautiful guy i ever seen.I wish you all the luke in the world and to find a good girl for you.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.bye bye

  25. I am writing to ask for your help. I previously wrote to tell you that I was new to Twilight and really enjoyed y’alls site. That enjoyment is quickly turning into obsession, as I can easily tell has happened to millions.

    I really enjoyed your post about being well-rounded, great ideas! I just can’t seem to get enough and it is totally affecting so many parts of my life. In some ways, it is wonderful…..others, distracting. I was recently snow sking while on vacation with my family. I spent so much of the time thinking about how I could squeeze in Twilight. I would listen to the soundtrack while skiing, think about it on the lift, on the slopes. My husband is very understanding and he even built me an Edward snowman and made a comment that the snow sparkled like Edward.

    Since I am “new” to all this, I am curious to know how long I should expect this obsession to last. I spend every free moment I have reading the books…again, watching the movie….again, looking at websites…again. When does it get easier? When can I pull myself away?

    Thanks so much for any help you can lend. I truly appreciate the dedication and commitment you have to people like me!

    • well….. hmm… good question… the major obsession will pass… eventually, but if it’s really affected you, which is seems like it has…. you might just have to figure out how to balance it in your life. my suggestion- try reading another book. it will be hard, but it will be good for you! turn off the soundtrack- maybe try something FROM the soundtrack- mutemath or Muse? tell yourself you can only look online for twilight news 3 days a week…. it’ll pass.. but it sounds like it might be with you for awhile!

  26. UC,

    Thanks for writing back to me so quickly! I thought maybe writing to y’all about the obsession would be a kind of “self-help” thing……speaking it into existence. Your idea about putting the book down was great! I am an avid reader so this was something I could handle! I actually picked up a different book today and began reading….baby steps, right?

    Hope you are having a great day, wherever you may be!

  27. UC and Moon,

    Have yall seen the latest picture of Jackson at the airport? OMG, I had always thought each of the Cullen/Hale men were hot…..but OMG, he is SMOKIN!!!

  28. hey fellow rob lovers!!!!!!!!! whats goin on??? i read twilight like 30 million times and i still want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is the best most beautiful most wonderful most senseir most loving guy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friends say im robsessed!!!!! which i am! i mean who wouldnt be!!!!!!!1

  29. Well, Happy 19th Birthday.
    Enjoy it the best you can. I am sure everyone around you is going to make sure you do. It is the last of your teenage years, so live it up.

  30. Did anyone watch Criminal Minds last night and Jackson. He is so Hot!!!

  31. Does anyone know how I can get a picture in the box where the icon is?

  32. ah, TWILIGHT! ❤
    i love everything about it.
    gosh, i wanna be in the movie ECLIPSE. (:
    hm, i hope the twilight cast actually READS! this.

  33. hey, so like i am such a big fan. i am in love with all the cullens (edward,emmett,carlisle,jasper aka rob,kellan,peter,jackson). my friends say i am obbsessesd. but i dont believe it. i mean who cant think you are all so awesome. i have read the saga like millions of times. i have pictures and names all over my room. and any time i see a mag with something in it that talks about wou all i stop what i am doing to read it. i know everything there is to know about twilight. and i can not wait for new moon. they picked a great group of characters. i really hope you read this. so like keep it up. love you all.

  34. ok are we allowed to write to other twilight characters other than rob??? srry i’m confused

  35. OH and if u can does it have to be a Cullen? Srry but I am on Team Jacob and I just HAVE to write to my future hubby Taylor lol I’m sooo confused

  36. Hi, to all the twi-fans, I LOOOVE, the Twilight Saga, but it’s a long story, see…I have a friend that is totally crazy about horror movies and vampires ( not the ones from Twilight, though), when Twilight came out to the cinema she begged me to go to see it with her, i can’t belive I did that but I refused, I read somewhere that it’s a horror, and I don’t really like horrors and stuff.
    My friend was really mad at me, but later she bought herself the Twilight book, but when I asked her how is it she said it is HORRIBLE, TOO ROMANTIC AND BORING and the worst is that I belived her…
    One day in the internet I found Twilight and decided to watch it… of course, I changed my mind strait away, and read the first book, I just finished the New Moon book, and I’m about to read Eclipse.
    All of my friends think I’m crazy with my love to Twilight, but as I found this web site it happens that I’m not the only one…

  37. because, it’s just too funny, in my opinion. i think this should be a monday funny, but i’m immature sometimes. haha.

  38. Tell Bella, i love her…. Tell Edward, i need him ….
    Tell Jacob, not to cry , my love for him will never die…
    It’s a destiny game that God plays role in their life
    (i guess and imagine when i was reading)
    2 men and 1 girl… life in the borderline…
    which roads she should take…
    2 will be happy and 1 will be sad to death….
    …… fate bring normal girl to meet 2 men, 1 is handsome and charming like an angel. Another is gentle, funny, compassionate and warmth…

    Anyway, the way she takes, another will ger pain, can’t deny or avoid.

    This story lead my imagination fly away to “Folks”….
    …. to meet the charming immortal…..

    Dare to dream…

    I love Twilight…..

  39. Hey, does anybody knows, when and where will be the world premiere of New Moon?
    Thanks, anyway ;D

    • My guess is it will be in LA and probably the week of the theater release! Start lining up now!!

      • Unintendedcoice,
        I am in the East Bay in California.
        I know it is early. But, I want to get a few people together and go to the premiere in November. How Can I arrange that??
        Anybody have any guesses?
        I am on My Space as TWILIGHT IS FOREVER if anyone wants to chat who is from the Bay Area.

        Any Bites!!!

  40. Sounds good to me. My little tootsies are going to already be on the red carpet before they put out theirs.
    I will bring my own until they roll out theirs!!

  41. I did so much digging and found Kristens My Space page. Her and Ashley left this morning for LA.

  42. Oh, anywhere on the internet or magazines have they mentioned where the wolves took her for her birthday??? Or what they did? If you find let me know. Otherwise. I got some info from her…..

  43. Hey I am French and in the life I want to be an actress my parents do not know it but in made I would like to come to live in America to make my carière over there it is my dream since a few years and I envestis a maixume in it thus I wonder to people of the assistance if they have contacts that it transmit them to me I theirs would be very very grateful. Actress is a brilliant trade. I want and I require to become one about it I sent letters to heaps of people in countries anddifferent continents but I never never had answer it is for that but now I request from all full people. If you decided to help me I would be grateful to you with life. If you have questions or things return to me on your address msn it is not a joke it has to say to me is my future.

    xoxo Claire

    Claire,girl,14 years

  44. Robert and Kristen i have one question do you really check these because i love you guys and i don’t want to just be writing this letter and no one answers you guys rock i love you guys so so much i have the hugest crush on Robert Pattinson!i have always dreamed of meeting you but you guys are really far from Richardson.but i guess i will just have to live with it.Listen i’ll tell you how desprit i am i have a flier from block buster of you and Kristen.i love you guys!

  45. Enthusiastic

    I love you Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. sup its me………..again.
    i love you EDWARDO CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. i like to sing my some of my favorite singers are Selena Q,me,my dad,the fray,pink,great American rejects and more.i have learned that you wrote some songs for twilight or is that a lie?well bye

  48. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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