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So you kinda like hanging around here at Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob? You think we’re kinda funny sometimes? You have a blog or run a site? Wanna tell your pals about how rad we are? (Well ok, just fib a little on that rad part) Yea we thought so… so we stopped looking at Rob and Kellan pictures long enough to create these snazzy little banners…

Loving Letters to Twilight? Save these and link to:













Save the banner and link to:













Wanna swap links? Uh, that sounds gross… how about you just email us!

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Resse.
    I was wondering if
    you knew any places
    where i could create a
    banner for my blog?
    Please&Thank You,

  2. Thanks for letting me know..I’ll try to make one 🙂
    P.S. I’m always on your site..You 2 are awesome 🙂

    • Im so glad I found this site it makes me chuckle all the freaken time! I love it! Even when your talking crap I love it! Its awesome.

  3. all i can say is that i love you guys..
    this site always gets me laughing out loud with your witty comments and honesty…
    keep the funny going ….

  4. This site always puts a smile on my face and gives me something to randomly laugh about out of the blue. (Which often leads to confuzzled stares by others). It helps me get through a long grueling day of physical therapy and a boring school day. Keep up the awesome work ladies! =)

    Con mucho amor ❤

  5. I crack up every time I come to your site. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monday Funny of the 16 frames for Twilight… laughed out loud several times (sometimes at inappropriate moments when I just happened to remember renesmee standing there with her hands on her hips saying “my name is renesmee, seriously?”) and sent the link to that cartoon to all my Twiligh buds. They had the same reaction. Someone is very talented.
    Thanks for the blogs…. keep it up!!!

  6. Can ANYONE post the link to
    The List a twilight fan fic.

  7. Okay so i didn’t know how to message you guys
    So i will leave a comment :]
    First of all i lovelovelove your site!
    I’m addicted. I have to have my daily fix.
    And yall should look up The Weepies. If you dont already know about them. I think they would be totally fantastic for New Moon playlists and possibly soundtrack! i wish. I know i’m sounding like a crazy.
    hah well i guess that is all i have to say…

    • well i love your comment to them but you dont sound like a fan bitch!jk im just kidn wits you. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……so jacob black is the hottest out of them. dats all 4 now. heheheh! love you edward or jacob.

  8. you guys have a great blog! keep up the good work =)

  9. Dear Rob…
    You’re very special for me, you can percept that I’m not English, but I’m study. I’m spanish.
    I like you very it much, I know you since you were now I’m a fan, I’m really crazy for twilight . I love it very much and I love you to. I wold like to go to Madrid to see a premier of New Mooon, but is a little diffilcult for me because i live in BARCELONA, i’m only fourteen and my parents…. but my mother have told me that if i aprov the curse she can go with me. I hope the new moon team come to Barcelona i wold very happy.
    Goodbye i’d wike to know somethings notices about you, this is my email:
    I’d very happy. From an SPAIN fan.
    Kisses Rob Guapissimo ” beautiful”. Celia to Barcelona

  10. This is a fantastic and a very well done blog and I love coming here. I have added you to my blog roll and I also have a Twilight blog as well. Love this blog!

  11. I found this webstite, like a month ago, went on it once because it mentioned Five Star Day (you know the movie Cam Gigandet is in?) but i didn’t look around and now i went on it like a week ago, and i couldn’t stop lol! I go on it sooo much! you guys are great! ❤

  12. Hi!

    Just found this site and I have to say I think it’s awesome!!! I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Fantastic job! I will definitely be putting a link on my Rob Pattinson site!!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  13. i love you robert pattnison

  14. Found this website and it is amazing thanks for creating it.

  15. these sites are my new religion.
    haha, i love you guys!

  16. rob ve kristen her zaman birlikte olmalılar birbirlerine çok yakışıyorlar en azından dob’un başkalarıyla olmassından iyidir

  17. hey,

    Jayde and you guys are an awesome site.
    Just wondering is this an American site?
    Im in Australia


  19. How much do I love this site, too funny…ahhhhh the loe of Twilight reaches far and wide. As my husband says, we are twilit…:)

  20. I discovered your website yesterday, through Twicrack Addict.
    I spent 3 hours yesterday, at work, actually crying with laughter at your site.

    I am from London and although I don’t necessarily think my humour is limited to obscure, ironic Robert Pattinson British style cryptic weirdness, I do understand that state side humour is very different. YET I have not yet met anyone who is able to distinctly pin point or address what fundamentally causes our obsession, as twilight fans any better than you both have with humour and a lack of any seriousness.

    Thank you!!

  21. I’m new around here, but i luuve this site, so hilarious, it cracks me up, i just wish i knew how long it’s been around.

    still in the dark with some of the inside jokes kinda deal) lemons?

  22. This is the best site ever …….. love you guys you are the best …and i’m addict TWILIGHT,………:*:*::X::X:X:X:X:Xi love it ..:X:X:X:

  23. thank you so much for saving my days from boredom! i’m from finland and i read your site every day and laugh my ass off!! you guys have the best twilight-humor ever! love you!! xx


  25. i think its great to finally find a website about twilight that is honest, and fun to read! i loved the blog about all the missing things in the the first movie ( ie. yellow cabinits, the date bella started school ect. ) not alot of other websites have things like this and its nice to know im not the only one who noticed this from watching the movie lol

  26. Good evening…

    I have a confession to make…

    I think I am just as addicted to LTT as I am to the Twilight series and the movie (with no thanks to the Cougar).
    I find myself checking in ever few hours, even though I know there wont be any new posts to read. Sometimes I wish I had printouts of all the entries so I can lie on my bed and just read through all the conversations I missed before I was blessed by finding LTT.
    I was annoying my friends so much while I was reading the books, that Im to affraid to mention anything about it now… ahhh how I miss my Twi-ginity days. Everything was so new and every page of the book was magic (STILL IS!!!) ❤

    So thanks to UC and Moon for creating a place where hardcore Twifans can chat without feeling guilty. You guys are really reaching out to the world! Im from South Africa, and I have seen a few other people come from all corners of the earth.


    So, guess I will check back in about an hour or so… lol

    • i LOVE your confession! Thanks for sharing it! and you’re welcome.. and do you really print out blog entries? WoW!

      • haha I feel good getting all that off my heart 😛

        Lol no I do not print out blog entries, but I have SERIOUSLY and STRONGLY considdered doing it! I would love to read more of the older stuff you guys posted. Especially those right in the beginning. I just dont seem to have time to sit down and go back to all the older stuff.
        You know what would be really cool… If you had like a pdf file of all the older entries that your fans can download. Like say a pdf for 2008, and then one for 2009. Could be like one of those book things you get at the end of every school year 😛 (guess like a yearbook? lol)

        LTT is EXACTLY the brand of heroin I need everyday 😉


        P.S. LTR has a special place in my heart too ❤

        • haha.. thanks girl. I love you b/c you have cupcake in your name.. and i’m obsessed…

          pdf of our entries.. hmmmmm i’ll have to see if that’s possible!

          • Ah alas! What would the world be without cupcakes… lol
            I would bake you a cupcake and send it in the mail, but i just cant garantee it will still be edible when you get it 😛
            Hope your having a great day! cant wait to wake up and read a new entry 😉

  27. Hi LTT Ladies!

    Wanna swap links (in a non-gross way)? I’ve linked to your site from my blog, could you link back?

    Thanks!!!! Keep up the amazingness!

  28. Hello Moon and UC!
    Had to register just to let you know that your blogs are supercalifrag! I only discovered them last week, and they are compulsive and completely brilliant. Why go anywhere else! I’ve been in major denial as to just how robward obsessed I am, but now thanks to you and all your inspired letters vocalising nearly every rob/ twi based thought I’ve ever had I feel like it’s all totes normal! Major win for me is that I can chuckle away to my hearts content reading your previous posts!
    Seriously snorted out loud on the train on friday reading “platial pad”.
    Love it!

  29. Also read one regarding musical snobbery which is fine with me…you should check out Mumford and sons if you havn’t already done so.
    Fave comment so far was something like
    ” …if I could sue Rob I would, I miss my sanity.” That goes for me too.

  30. ooooh. i LOVE THIS SIITE! I am soo ‘ f r e a k i i n g ‘ glad that i found it! YAY. I check it everyday. LOVE IT.

  31. i LOVE this web site…!!! cheking it everyday!! xD ♥♥♥

  32. OMC! This is theee funniest thing I`ve seen since, well, EVER!
    I hope I can get more laughs out of you very funny people!!

    ❤ ❤

  33. miley only hates u guys cause more people r watching ur show than here REALLY STUPID SHOW HANNAH MONTANA

  34. i love you guys, you make me laugh and im always on your site keep it up 🙂

    elle x

  35. Love your site! you need a facebook page!

  36. I love your site almost as much as I love all things Twilight (okay, mostly Rob!). THANKS and keep up the great work!

  37. woohoo i finished 2999 pages in less than 24 hrs….. dats like a record for me….all thanks to d twilight troopers….for a gal whu dosent read much… dis is like heaven…thanks stephenie… love u gal…. and i’m pretty thankful to u d most… take care all

  38. Thank you for having such a wonderful site so that I can get connected to people who finally understand my obsession with twilight. Nobody around me understands me and most of them don’t even know what I’m talking about. What a relief!

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