Special Friends


The following *super* special friends are some of our favorite sites.  Best yet, Buttcrack Santa agrees with us and actually personally requested we link to them here when he was on his deathbed (err deathboat). We can’t deny Buttcrack Santa his dying wish, so without further ado:

New Moon Movie
Spunk Ransom

*You cannot achieve this level of greatness. You must be asked.


86' Rabbit
The Danger Magnet
Eyes of Amber

Indie Twi Fic awards
I saw Forever in my Never
Irish Twilight Fans

Make me a Vamp
Twilight Moonlighter
Not an Addikt
On a Special Diet
Puerto Rican Twilighters
The Cullz Family
The Twilight Sisterhood
Touched by Twilight

Twilight Lounge
Twilight Braz


Whimsical Ficery

Clevver TV

Peace Love Twilight

My Fairytale Life
The Cullen Coven
The Irish Twilight Sisters
The Volturi Approves

Total Eclipse
Twilight Blog
Twilight Gossip Girl
Twilight Hijinks

Twilight Lounge
Twilight Whisper

Think you have what it takes to be a Special Friend (aka affiliate)? Email us!

10 Responses

  1. Hey,

    I was just wondering, why do some people have real pictures next to their names when they post a response? I dont mean UC and Moon, some other people do to. Are they Logged in in some way, or are they just friends of Moon and UC?

  2. Q: How the eff do I put one of your super-awesome buttons on my blog??
    I’m kinda crap at linking and such.

  3. I luv twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. i hate it when ppl say they are true fans when they haven’t even read the books. i bet half of them hadnt even heard of the books till the movie came out. i read the books about 20-30 times.

  4. Hmmm haha im goign to ignore the comment right above mine (( since ive ‘only’ re-read the books about 3 times each..)) haha but would you guys recommend opening a wordpress account?
    i have livejournal/and its awesome for a personal account but for trying to establish a fan base its a LITTLE tough…

  5. What happened to Lauren’s Bite? Hers was the first blog I read daily and she was so funny! Then she took a break, and then came back someplace else, but now I don’t have access to her 😦
    Did she give up public blogging or was it my B.O.?

  6. Hey there. I see you still have my old site Simply Bella & Edward linked. I am sorry I guess I forgot to tell you that it closed :\ I now have a new site which is mainly a place for me to post my designs (wallpapers, twitter bg’s, gifs etc.) Feel free to link the new site and follow on twitter if you like.

    Site: http://myfairytalemylife.wordpress.com/

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/myfairytalelife

    P.S if you ever need anything made for the site also feel free to let me know 🙂

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