Eclipse – The Choice is pretty simple… maybe

Vanilla or Chocolate, PC vs Mac - It all begins with a choice!

Dear Eclipse Poster Designer and Marketers,

I have to commend on the new Eclipse poster… the darker colors, the NSYNC circa ’01 denim jacket (read this if you love NSYNC), Edward’s creepy dead-eye stare, Bella’s cocked eyebrow (kiss me!), and then I looked down and saw your tag line:

“It All Begins… With a Choice”

And I thought WTF? A choice? She will never choose Jacob, we know that, otherwise Bella would have told Edward to go ef himself when he came back to Forks and would have made out with Jacob in that little garage, instead of drinking warm soda while she fixated on his rippling muscles. So THAT can’t be the choice, it’s gotta be something else, right? But what? So I came up with a list of the only plausible things she could be choosing from…

“It All Begins… With a Choice”

  • V-Neck vs Crew Neck – A peek of Edwards chest hair vs highlighting Jacob’s man boobs?
  • Pancake makeup vs Bronzer – Deathly pallor of the undead or the deep tan of spending summers at the La Push beach
  • Harry’s Famous Fish Fry vs Spaghetti – What will Bella make for Charlie’s dinner? Some of that famous fish fry and be forced to listen to another story about “the big one that got away” or the same dinner she always makes Charlie: Spaghetti.
  • To let Alice pick your clothes or wear the khaki skirt/blue shirt again – Does anyone want to chance the wrath of the fashion obsessed Alice? And really what is so great about the darn blue shirt paired with the floor length Amish skirt? Why Bella resists, I’ll never know.

what about these…

  • Paper vs Plastic – Neither you earth haters, get your reusable bag on, people!

Ain't no lie baby, Bye Bye Bye!

  • NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys – If you say anything besides NSYNC I don’t know you
  • Jonas Brothers vs Hanson Brothers – Which brothers do it for you? Short, brunette- Jew-fro-d-Christian-purity-ring-wearing-brothers or blond-girly-haired-Christian brothers-from-Oklahoma?
  • Dwight Schrute vs Andy Bernard – How could Angela choose between the Assistant to the Region Manager of Dunder Mifflin or the man who sings “Take a chance on me” barbershop style on speakerphone?

Follow the cut to see what other choices they could possibly mean

  • Robsten vs Nonsten – Don’t start

New wall paper, new shoe leather, a new way home, I don't remember. New version of you I need a new version of me!

  • Ben vs Noel – The hot guy on the swim team you followed to NYU or the nerdy graphic designer RA on your dorm floor?
  • The Double-Double vs The Big Mac – Is this even a question?
  • Dawson vs Pacey – The Forehead or The Mighty Duck
  • Jack vs Sawyer – Since I don’t watch Lost I had to ask my roommate who the big choice was in Lost and this is who she said. So Lost girls, tell me about the choice between Jack and Sawyer.
  • Timberlake vs Beiber – The Justin who makes panties drop, grown ass women swoon and brings it on in to Omletteville or The Justin that awakens unknown feelings in prepubescent girls?

Welcome to the OC, bitch!

  • Ryan vs Seth – The hooligan from the wrong side of tracks in Chino or the nerdy boy who quotes Death Cab and names his sailboat after his crush?
  • Perez vs Micheal K – A queen blogger who draws penis’s on celebrity pictures or the best gay in the gossip blogging business?
  • Good  vs The Dark Side – You could use the force for good or for evil. It’s your choice. But I will say the Dark Side you can choke a man just by thinking about it and you might also have a bionic arm.
  • Superman vs Batman – Nerdy reporter from Smallville, Kansas who moonlights as super hero in Metropolis or rich playboy Bruce Wayne from Gotham City (edit, sorry i was up late)

and finally…

Boom, roasted!

  • Edward vs Jacob – This is obviously the choice you want us to make, Eclipse Poster designer and Eclipse Marketers but we know what happens, we know she will never choose Jacob and we know Jacob ends up with their crazy child spawn so you see your poster design is flawed because there was never a choice to begin with.But the V-Neck vs Crew Neck… that’s a choice for the ages.

Team Noel…no wait, Ben… no wait Noel… damn,

So what other choices are there I left out? What choices does Bella make in Eclipse? Did she make any wrong decisions in your opinion?

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190 Responses

  1. Team Seth. With a lil Team Ryan on the side (I mean, did you SEE his abs and aviators?!).
    Oh and Team Edward, whatevs.

  2. oh woah… i loved this post. it’s a hoot! i have to go re-read it…

    oh, and NSYNC, for sure.

  3. Umm how did I not know that NSYNC had a greatest hits album?!?! *runs to Amazon*

  4. Team Seth, Team Sawyer, and N’Sync.
    I don’t belong to a side re: Edward vs. Jacob. They both have their merits!

  5. Love the Felicity and Dawson’s Creek shoutouts haha. 2 of my all time favorite shows!

    • MY FAVORITE! and my other fave WB show i almost did a roswell shout out: liz vs tess (holla emilie de ravin!)

  6. Did you see Stepehenie’s announcement yet?

    • Boring.
      I don’t wanna read about Bree.
      I don’t care about Bree!
      I wanna read Midnight Sun, dammit!!
      Hear that, Stephy?!

    • Whoa, very surprising. But very cool. Thanks for posting.

      I’m still holding out for some sort of sequel. I’d love to see if Stephenie could do a (non-creepy) version of Jacob and Renesmee’s later life. Too much to ask for?

    • *whines* But I want Midnight Sun!! *stomps foot like a child*

      Who am I kidding, I know I’ll end up buying the thing even if its not what I want.

    • Bree? Can’t get more random than that.

    • I started a thread on the forums this morning(News from the Twi-dom) but I don’t think anyone noticed it yet. Come on over and talk about the news!

    • Hrmph. I’d much rather have the end of Midnight Sun. Plus, if she wrote all these great details about the first few days of being a newborn…why didn’t she include them in Breaking Dawn instead of having Bella not make ANY sacrifices at all after becoming a vamp?!

    • That was a top headline on Yahoo news. Whenever she writes in a non Bella POV it feels like fanfiction to me. But still, I think Midnight Sun is the best thing she’s written so far, and she needs to be finishing it now.

  7. Team Seth, Team Dwight, Team Timberlake.
    Not going to comment on N’SYNC vs BSB 😉
    And I guess Team Edward, though Jacob has his own merits.

  8. You had me at Ben v. Noel. I ❤ Felicity.

    My issue with the poster, other than the idiotic tag line (It doesn't even BEGIN with a choice… it begins with a crazy vampire creating an army of newborns!), is that they've vamped up Bella too much. (Not in the vampire sense, in the sexified sense.) I may or may not have watched Twilight recently, and when I was looking at the cover, Bella looked so young and innocent. You fly to Italy once to save your ex-boyfriend from a coven of powerful vampires and suddenly you're a sex kitten? Bella's innocence is one of her best character traits. Eclipse poster Bella… well, she's been around the block.

    • Compare the covers of Twilight and New Moon. (Not that I have done this or anything.) Bella’s innocent look was gone.

      Oh, and I was already BOTHERED by the “choice” line in the preview. Let’s be real….the ONLY people who will see this movie already know what choice she made. Seems like a stupid way to market it to me.

      • I just got this overly excited thought about how we get to discuss Slade’s directorial choices and our emotional response to the film IN PERSON!!!!!! Squee!!!!!

    • hahaha. Well, I thought that her sexual frustation was all over the Forks in Eclipse. Marriage is such a big nono in her book, but if she gets some vamp-human sexy time, it’s no big deal anymore. Let’s call a cat a cat and Bella is one that wants sex, badly.

      P.S. being twilosophical for a sec. The whole marriage and sex bargaining stuff, kinda bugged me. I mean, those are not things one should bargain for imho.

  9. Why do we have to choose?
    I thought that’s what the sexual revolution was all about. Women no longer have to choose between career and motherhood. We can have both.

    So why can’t Bella have Jacob and Edward? They all seem kinky enough to be on board with that. (I think there’s a little unresolved sexual tension between Jacob and Edward).

    If David Slade was brave enough, that tent scene could be epic. “R” rating anyone?

    • I see a porn spoof in the making. Genius!

    • Yes, I said so a long time ago, but David Slade obviously does not listen to me…or maybe that is what this whole “get a new editor in” crap is about? David REALLY wanted to make the R rated tent scene, but Summit brought in a new guy to edit all the dirty out?

      …In which case I demand that the footage ends up in the extras on the (R-rated) DVD!! (With all the versions they are making, why not a red-marked Adult version as well? With complimentary Bella linguerie in the box? Plaid, of course.)

      • Actually the editor change might be hopeful in the sense that the make out scene in Twi is so much hotter than anything in NM, and the “new” editor is the editor from Twi. So maybe the schmexy scenes are actually getting the sexy edits… ::fingers crossed::

    • I find this idea oddly satisfying.

      (And as a disclaimer, I’m not a weird sort of kinky person. But when it comes to Edward AND Jacob… I could be.)

    • It started with a choice: Who gets to be on top?

    • I love the way your mind works. Win!

    • the porn title…

      Eclipse: pitchin’ a tent???

  10. I couldn’t believe that poster when I saw it, “It all begins… with a choice.” Doesn’t Bella herself say at the end of New Moon to Jacob “Jake, I love you, but don’t make me choose, because it’s him, it will always be him.”

    Erm… HELLO?!!

    • Good point! I kind of forgot about that, even though I love that line.
      There was never a choice.

      • No, but Stephenie herself sure drags it out in Eclipse with all the forced kissing and Bella agonizing about how she really loves Jacob – just “not enough”.

        If that girl could just stick to her first choice, not complicate things, and trust her gut feeling….er, but then we wouldn’t have four books, we’d have two, because then she would have turned vampire right at the end of New Moon. Oh, never mind.

        • I meant this more from a marketing perspective but I’ve just realised I sound a little bit like a crazed Team Edward fan.

          NB: I am all over Edward, but I have to say I watched NM the other night and I’m not sure if it’s because I know Taytay is legal now or what, but dude was doing it for me.

    • Exactly. Even as I was first reading the book, it never crossed my mind she would actually choose Jake. I think that’s why a lot of people (myself included) found Jake’s advances and B’s stalling annoying. I was like ‘brake the pup’s heart already, you know you will!’.

  11. Team Noel!! OMG! 😉 That took me back…LOVED THAT FRIGGIN’ SHOW!

    WIN WIN WIN for Jacob’s “I have your daughter…” as Embry would say (I think it was him…) BURN! I’ll console Edward, no worries…

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Moon, You forgot to post the most epic (epicest?) choice EVER ——

    Coke Vs Pepsi or Pepsi vs Coke.

    Didnt you partake the taste challange? Are you for the “real thing” or part of “the new generation”?

    All the “wars” fought in the malls and grocery stores with the secret little cups of soda labeled “A” or “B” of liquid gold.

    The “pepsi-ators” having dance offs with the “cokettes” the protests, the gangs in school, and the slaming the others of their choice on Websites (Wait…what?) or slam books.

    Remember the fashion wear you could purchase at the local mall to show your choice to declare the team that your on with leggings and scrunchy socks in matching colors or peg leg jeans, rolled just so…

    Me –
    Coke, Edward, Paper, Timberlake, BSB, V neck, Bronzer, Superman ( Dean Cain Yum) Dawson, Perez, Ryan, Hanson and Dark Side

  13. Oh, such easy choices! Teams Jacob, Pacey & Sawyer for me. I have a thing for sarcasm.

    All the rest are yours to do with as you please.

    And, yay Stephanie!

  14. *struts around in her Team Sawyer shirt*

    Dude. Sawyer is the way to go. He’ll give you some good luvvin’ in the jungle even when you are caged up and waiting for death while Jack will just go on whining about some thing or another.

    But if I can’t have Sawyer, I’ll take Sayeed.

    • Double thumbs up for that!

    • Word!

    • JodieO- You are a girl after my own heart.
      Obviously the choice is Sawyer, but I’ve been eyeing up Sayeed since day one. I love that he was also your second choice!!! 😉

    • Also, totally agree with you about Jack.
      He’s cute and all, but I can only handle one emo fake boyfriend and Edward has filled that role.

    • Charile!! Oh wait, he’s dead. And a hobbit (but I still love). Sayeed will most definitely do.

      • But is he *really* dead!?!? Hrrrrmmmmmm..

        I’d also take Desmond so long as he keeps talking. Hell, he could even talk about Penny the whole time. Just keep talking, Brother.

        • Oooooo…Desmond. YES!! My husband actually started saying “Brutha” for a while.

        • smoke monster?

        • I actually think Richard’s kind of hot too, or is that just me?
          Don’t know if Sayeed is actually dead, but I thought it was hilarious when Claire attacked Kate and he just sat calmly by and watched!

          • Richard who always looks like he’s wearing guyliner? Yeah, I’m all over that, too.

          • There’s nothing wrong with a little guyliner. He’s in touch with his feminine side.

          • Dude. I *love* guyliner. If Bobby Long were to ever show up at a gig in some guyliner there would be no keeping me off the stage.

          • I just read an article that sayd Richard actually doean’t wear guyliner but it’s just his thick lashes…he’s pretty hot too

          • Richard is SMOKING HOT. But I have to stop reading comments because you may or may not have just given something away to me since I’m not to season 6 yet (still in the beginnings of season 5 playing Lost catch-up before the finale). God, but Richard’s eyes. He’s just hot. I wish he was in the jorts pack so we could see him run about shirtless all the time.

    • JodieO-
      Off the topic, I have a question for you, will you email me?

    • Last night my boyfriend asked me if I preferred Sawyer over Sayeed! How funny you should say this! I always prefer Sawyer. mmmm

  15. This is no time to resolve ALL your un-resolvable issues, Moon. Some things were just made to haunt you: it’s the tension between two equally viable but different choices that makes life interesting. Such as Rob vs husband or chocolate vs ice cream, margueritas vs cosmopolitans or Hawaii vs Italy for your honeymoon.. .

    So now I am going to buy some chocolate for my Easter egg and agonize over the “dark truffle with rum – or white truffle with raspberry” choice!

  16. Oh man, the Hanson brothers, no doubt! Takes me straight back to my tween years. I was 12 and had a crush on Zach, because he was 12 too. I was very practical.

    • I had the biggest thing for Taylor, but Zac was always my second choice… Did anyone ever have a crush on Issac? He was always the weird curly haired borderline-creepy older brother to me…

  17. Team “You got peanut butter on my chocolate” vs. Team “You got chocolate in my peanut butter”?

    Team Pop-Tarts vs. Team Toaster Streudel (so help you God if you pick the latter)

    Team Take the Activia Challenge vs. Team Irregularity

  18. I was a classic Dawson fan even though he looked somewhat creeperish being at least 10 years older than he was playing.

    • Team Only Notices the Hot Girl Next Door that Sleeps in His Bed After She Enters a Beauty Pagent? No thanks. I wanted to slap him upside his ginormous forehead.

      • Thank you! Is that when she sang Epionie’s song from Les Mis?

        It’s like in Felicity, I just wanted to give her the book He’s Just Not That Into You and tell her to go get with Noel already and not light the dorm room on fire from a candle! But I guess Dawson’s Creek was slightly more complicated than that. I miss the good old days when Pacey was sleeping with his teacher.

      • it’s cause she was sorta tom boyish until the pageant and OH was that the world’s worse version of On My Own ever sung or what?

    • pacey and the teacher!!!!

      dude my high school crush and i used to sit in the back of history class and talk about last nights episode of dawsons creek. he was a BIG team joey kind of person. i was a big team high school crush kind of girl 😉

  19. NOEL!!!!!!

    Come to think of it Ben and Noel are really a LOT lot like Edward and Jacob.

    Then why am I conflicted?

    Team Edward
    Team Noel

    I’m all over the place

    • cause noel wore shirts like “bad kerning” and i DIE. he is NOEL. he had a website before everyone did. he was the jacob for sure! stupid felicity was always pining over ben as he ran track or swam in the pool. ugh. but i did love ben too. DAMNIT

      • He really had a shirt that read Bad Kerning?! Seriously? That’s beyond amazeballs. :: sets Netflix list to be all of the Felicity seasons ::
        I don’t even remember how it ended…maybe because Abrams hadn’t developed his full breadth quite yet and didn’t know how to close out so he did a choose your own adventure. I do love how he always does that musical slo-mo montage at the end of every few episodes in all of his series. Every time I see it in Lost I’m like, “Aw, JJ Abrams montage!”

        • The ending sucked.

          NOEL rocked it. Swoonfreakingswoon. What can I say, I love geeks.

        • Dude, I totally have all four seasons of Felicity on DVD! The show rocks my world 🙂 Go rent them quickly! Team Ben!!!!! When I watched the series when I was in high school I was all about Noel… that I’m older and wiser, Ben all the way!!!!

          Have you ever gone to ?? LOL

  20. I am totally underwhelmed by this poster. I mean, it’s like they didn’t even try. Could they at least have gotten a 1/2 way creative graphic artist? Or did they spend all of their budget on wigs? (wait…)

    Also, Team NSync all the way. I ❤ you, Justin (from omeletteville)! *squee…*

    • Not only did they not try… BELLA HAS A CONEHEAD! Go check that sh*t out, it’ll change the way you look at it forever.

  21. Today’s post reminds me of the countless hours I have spent in my life caring so much about fictional characters as if they were real people. I guess I’ve always been Normal. I just didn’t go to a blog to talk about it.

  22. I may or may not still listen to NSYNC
    I went to their concert… however
    I will always be a NKOTB girl myself…

    To leg-hitch or not to leg-hitch
    Mcdonalds vs taco bell
    Chevy vs ford
    Coke zero vs coke

    You get the point :]

    Choices make for a more dramatic effect…

    Libras have a difficult time with these…
    Thank god beller isn’t one…
    Eclpise woulda been twice as long
    Who is before libra? Virgo? Idk
    But no one is as indecisive as us lucky libras :]

    • I’m a libra and I stuggle with decisions on a daily basis. However, there is no struggle when it comes to the choice between Taco Bell or McDonalds. Taco Bell wins everytime.

      • Agreed! I only go to mcdonalds for sweet tea and 3 sugar cookies :]
        Who knew it was such a great combo

        But taco bell is a winner evrytime

        • Apparently McD’s has Shamrock Shakes every year around St Patty’s day. My boyfriend just told me about this yesterday during dinner. Green mint flavored shakes. How could have never known about this? I love mint flavor!

          • TeamSeth your boyfriend is right, and I am disappointed that you had no knowledge of this. I rarely go to McD’s during the year, but during March I go an embarrassing amount. I have been known to walk in, ask for a Shamrock Shake, and if they are out I simply walk out. No shame.

    • Ome! I laughed so hard! It is so true that no one is more indecisive that a libra. My husband is constantly telling me to just make a decision. Drives him nuts that I tend to be the most indecisive person on the planet… Except that I’m Team Edward all the way (but he doesn’t want to hear about that).

      • (and yeah virgo is the sign before libra)

      • LoL its tough to be a libra
        No one knows our struggles :]

        I was team edward till taytay was jacob
        So I team switz
        Team edward when I read
        Team Jacob when I watch the movies

        • I would gasp and chastise you for the atrocity, but I understand the struggles with the decision-making abilities you’ve been cursed with lacking. 🙂

    • As a proud libra, I have to say Team Edward was the easiest choice I ever made. Come to think about it, it is pretty weird. And if there is any sign that is possibly team no leghitch, it must be out of our constellation.

      • I’m libra too and Team Jacob was the easiest choice I ever made. Very weird. Maybe they’re some secret key to the answers for all Librans choices. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee.

        • It’s usually written in the natal chart. There are various aspects and planets that might override the dominating libra.

          • Are you doing the star charts for the twi cast? Book-wise or actor-wise? Or is that someone else?

          • @TeamSeth: It’s me. Obviously I don’t have necessary info for complete charts, plus that would be an awful lot of charts and very complicated. It will be actor-wise because we only have characters’ birth info for E&B.

          • I thought you said you’d already done them? I must’ve misread something. 😦 And yeah, it’s a ridiculous amount of charts. Do we really only know those two’s bdays? Wow. Wonder if day of human birth vs. day of vamp birth makes a difference?

          • Cool.

          • @TeamSeth: I have the basic charts done. They are not complete charts astro-wise, obviously, not enough info for that (and I’m not a professional). Compatibility is the complicated part ’cause this cast is pretty big. So many people. So I have to figure out a system for comparison.

  23. You missed another choice… Peyton or Brooke? One tree Hill fans??? *crickets* Anyone???

  24. I gotta go with Ryan from The OC. Seth will always be there as the funny best friend though. Ryan- if you lose your best friend you will lose the girl, too. Sorry…

    Noel until he actually had sex. I think he got weird after that.

    And smooth-talkin’ Pacey! But I didn’t watch the later years….

  25. Andy Bernard!!!

  26. Yeahhh!

    And I did love Pacey to death.

  27. Well, Moon, I just came back from tutoring this horrendous 7 yr old who makes me never want to have kids, and then I get to read this wonderful post of yours and you make me forget all my worries! Bless you, girl!
    As for the choices, here are mine:

    V-neck: I don’t prefer men having boobs *shudders*
    Backstreet Boys FTW! (don’t judge me, I too grew up in the 90s, but wasn’t into NSYNC. Sorry, Moon)
    Jonas Brothers vs Hanson Brothers: Neither.
    Robsten 4ever! (*squee* inner 12 yr old)
    Ryan Atwood: Bad guys kinda own me. Even though I like Seth’s dorkiness too. Oh man, how I miss the OC (*stares off in space, singing “California, here I COOOOMMMEEE!)
    Batman: I prefer superheroes with a cool costume. Nothing horrible like red undies over blue tights…
    As for the last choice, gotta be Edward, even though he comes with his corny analogies where he compares his love to meteors and other astronomical objects.
    Btw, that Edward vs Jacob poster is beyond hilarious! I am definitely saving that one! (not that i have a twilight related folder or anything, no. Actually, I have 3, one for each film, but THAT’S NORMAL,right?)

  28. I think you mean Team Sayid vs Team Sawyer. I am Team Sawyer all the way, Jack’s jears are way too annoying. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who is team Jack and if there are, then those people are idiots.

    V-neck, please
    Neither the Bstreet Boys OR N’SYNCH, thank you. I’m too old for those! 🙂 I was a Duran Duran girl.
    Neither of the Brothers, please.
    NON. STEN.

    But Edward has my non-beating heart, forever.

  29. Hey everyone! Cyndi is out sick today, but she wanted me to let you know that she’s thinking of you and she misses you!

  30. “Jonas Brothers vs Hanson Brothers – Which brothers do it for you? Short, brunette- Jew-fro-d-Christian-purity-ring-wearing-brothers or blond-girly-haired-Christian brothers-from-Oklahoma?”

    You almost had me confused there.. Here’s my Canadian self thinking you were doing a shout out to the epicness that is Jack, Steve, and Jeff Hanson ( What can I say.. I am Canadian, eh.

    I think i’d chose the dark side. I’ve always wanted to choke someone with my mind..

  31. OMG I just love that Edward/Jacob poster so much!!! “I have your daughter MUHAHAHAHAHA!” total win! Gets my 50 gazillion votes for the Breaking Dawn poster… could only be improved if Jacob had his pretty little part-pony tail a la New Moon cinema trip!

  32. Batman is like Edward (fast cars, dark clothes, man of the night, ahem) and Superman is like Jacob (wholesome, buff, parent friendly).

    I choose Batman, grocery tote bags, …and Del Taco.

  33. I thought that was strange too, since she already made her choice at the end of NM. I quote “Don’t make me choose, because it will be him (Edward). It’s always been him.”

  34. My son is named after Ben on Felicity. I loved the way that Javier called him “Benjamean”. There was never a choice: Ben and for Twilight: Edward!

  35. What about Team I don’t give a fucksten. There’s always a 3rd choice, ppl.

  36. What about Solomon vs. Chaske? Dosen’t anyone miss Solomon’s flowing long locks? I didn’t think so.

  37. Why does this poster make me think I’m going to a lecture on abstinence and not a movie about vampires and werewolves?: “Make the right choice, girls, just say no.”

    • Several thumbs up to you for that one…

      Or perhaps an ad for birth control?

      • Yes, and in Breaking Dawn it’s like ‘see, we told you what would happen, even when it is with a vamp who is supposed to be sterile.’

      • “It all begins . . . with a choice. If it’s the dead emo vampire who doesn’t want you to come, and will only “try” once before you’re turned, perhaps a barrier method is the right choice. Or if it’s the leg-humping hot mutt, ready to go 24/7, perhaps the Pill would be right for you. Know your options and discuss with your partner. This is a Public Service Announcement from your friends at Twilight.”

  38. I see lots of Team Noels here. Weird. I always thought that was as easy as a Team Edward choice. I’m Team Ben all the way! Jack vs. Sawyer on the other hand.. that’s a tough one for me.

  39. My daily dilemma-
    Read LTT or be on time for work.

    Also: v-neck or crew? Depends on who’s wearing it, is it black or white, and then what depth of ‘v’? Years ago Lee jeans had 2 v-tee versions, cowboy-v which was deep, loose and clingy (ok, slutty) and a workman-v which had a higher v and tighter weave. That used to be my daily dilemma.

    Did I mention I’m a Libra.

    And totally Twi related:
    Forks vs La Push
    Charlie vs Billy for father of the year
    Esme vs Sue for mother of the year

    Oooh, I just realised what the ‘big’ choice is that the poster could be on about, Sue Clearwater has to choose between Billy & Charlie!!!

    • Yes! it all begins with a choice for Sue…. My kids are wolves, my fish frying husband is dead, so who should I mack on? Copstache every time! Fishing trips just got a lot more tense for Billy and Charlie…

    • It must really suck for the Blacks. Both Jake and Billy lost it to the Swans.

  40. PACEY!! and HANSON!!!

    And another thing, ‘It all BEGINS with a choice’????

    Isn’t this the 3rd movie? Hardly a beginning.

    Why yes, I do enjoy splitting hairs.

  41. There is no choice between Backstreet and Nsync. Backstreet’s back? HALE NO.

    Nsync, baby. All the way. I feel Edward would approve. (He’d also love “Gone.” Who doesn’t?) Also, the Pharrell Williams’ produced “Girlfriend” is one of the greatest jams of all time. Just as an aside. You know…

  42. Jack is a whiny bitch and Sawyer is a rough cowboy who never wears a shirt. I’m pretty sure the choice is obvious.

  43. OMG Felicity! I ❤ Noel. My first fansite was devoted to Scott Foley. Oh, back when HTML was a new, strange thing and having animated gifs and tiled photo backgrounds was still considered cool.

    And I'm a Sawyer fan. BUT Jin is pretty freaking hot, just saying. And Daniel Farraday in his little nerdy, psychopathic way. I liked bearded guys, whatever. But I'm not allowed to talk about Lost. Sigh. Almost caught up to current time in Season 6. I have…like 20 episodes in seasons 5 and 6 to watch until I get there. It's maddening to not be able to talk about it for fear of ruining things.

    • Moon- why don’t you watch Lost? Time to rent the DVDs

      • im like rob, i watched half of the first episode and then never finished. i have a lot of other shows in my life. this just never made it in. maybe in like 5 years ill finally decide its time and give in to lost.

    • TeamSeth, it’s really kind of hard to spoil Lost, because you never know if something really happened, or if it happened in an alternate time frame, or if a character is really there or only there in someone’s imagination. It’s all so confusing that you can read about future plot points and it makes hardly any difference!

  44. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: Eclipse: it all begins with a choice…. nsync or backstreet boys?

  45. By “choice” I think they mean the choice Bella makes to become a vampire.

    At least, that’s how I interpreted it, partly because of the part in the trailer where Edward says something like, “I understand the consequences of the choice you’re making.”

    Superman, because at least he’s actually a superhero

  46. I’m definitely Team V-Neck when it comes to Charlie Bewley. He’s so hot in those shirts.

  47. Team Ben, Team Hanson Brothers, Team Ryan, Team TImberlake, and I would normally say Aeam Edward, but Jasper is starting to grow on me for the soul fact that he looks hot as an eskimo or whatever in The Last Airbender. I’ll even forgive the magically appearing southern accent from New Moon.

  48. And of course…the age old question…Girl on top or girl on bottom? Uhmmmmmm. what?


    🙂 Ash

  49. oh i love LTT..cos i thought the same thing on reading the poster. so i came to my own conclusion the other day..its a choice between life and normalacy (babies) with Jacob and the undead immortal life of beng with Edward – souless life. (According to Edward)..i can’t wait i t seems its not only my fav book of the series but alot of others too. …do the SUMMIT people even know this? or am i assuming?…has there been a poll on the favourite book of the fandom? surely there is osme where….

  50. i kinda took the whole “It all begins…with a choice” thing to mean “edward or jacob”… but also kinda inadvertantly “life or death” or “vampire life or human life” or whateer.

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