When Twihards attack

Dear Twihards,

First let’s come up with a better name for ourselves because I don’t exactly like to be called anything that ends in “hards.” Secondly, other people are onto us. It’s not just our little LTT corner of the fandom that discusses the ridiculous (but amazingness) of the phenomenon anymore. Other people know. Like REAL people who haven’t fallen for the Edward Cullen or Jacob Black trap. They haven’t been entranced by the “spider monkey” line or Buttcrack Santa or the Fake lesbians, the DILF’s mustard pants or the brilliancy of “They’re NOT Bears!”

A few weeks ago I heard about some drama going down on a blog called The Score Card Review. Basically every year they host their own movie awards on their site. They work with writers & people in the industry to come up with a list of the best movies, actors, screenplays etc. etc. etc. And then their readers vote. It’d be like if we did an LTT award ceremony and had you vote between Buttcrack Santa & Big Daddy (which would be CRUEL and unfair. HOW COULD ONE CHOOSE!?)

So anyway, New Moon was included as one of the options on a few categories. The guy running the awards said even though the movie wasn’t at the caliber as many of the Oscar-nominated movies that were also up for his award, it made a lot of money and he wanted to see where it ended up in the rankings. Here is the rest of the story, straight from his site:

Last year, 823 people voted. February 16, a date that will live in infamy to … well, me. I was tracking my stats, and noticed people finding the TSR Movie Awards from [a bunch of Twilight sites]. On February 16, I had over 2,000 voters. Then I looked at the results. Everything Twilight was nominated for, was destroying the competition. Destroying. Something had to be done. It was a hostile takeover. I ran some filters and noticed a couple of things.

1. A number of voters were only voting for Twilight and nothing else.
2. A large number of voters were giving everything Twilight a 10 and everything else a 1.
3. Moon was crushing everything else for Best Ending. Keep in mind this is a film barely anyone saw, yet hundreds were voting for it. I think it did $1.5 million at the box office. My best guess as to why this was happening … Remember when I said the awards appeared on many Spanish websites? I think they recognized the word Moon and decided that must be The Twilight Saga: New Moon. When Moon was the ONLY film hundreds voted on for Best Ending, it’s the most reasonable explanation.

The site decided to pull New Moon from the awards. This was (part of) their official statement:

Unfortunately, I had to remove ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ choices. Too many twihards were giving everything Twilight a 10, and every other film a 1, trying to manipulate the results.

I love movies, movie fans and I have no problem with people loving Twilight, but trying to kill other movies is not the point of these awards….but here is an example of what was happening …

In the BEST MUSIC category, Twilight had a 9.3 score. The next highest was Crazy Heart with a 3.8. That was the next highest! In other words, there were hundreds of twihards who decided the best way for Twilight to win was to give the other nominees a 1.

Apparently fans FLIPPED out & sent him hate mail & hate comments. And he had some pretty strong words for the “Twihards” and called them out for their avid fan… uh.. ish.. ness. Yes. their fanishness..

Hear my thoughts & get Twilosophical with me after the jump

What!? Twihards aren't crazy!

So here’s the thing- shouldn’t him pulling New Moon off his options bother me? Shouldn’t his excessive use (and not so positive use) of the word “Twihards” offend me? I mean, I’d assign it a much cooler name if I had a choice, but aren’t I a “Twihard?” Aren’t I into it harder than most considering I’ve run this site for so long? Well… maybe. LTT isn’t a fan site- the kind of site that stands by the saga no matter what. It’s a site where we discuss the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the crazy, the normal, the SO abnormal it’s kinda become normal and love it, hate it, make fun of it, protect it and at the end of the day just laugh and laugh and laugh because we’re all in it. Together. So no, this dude calling out Twihards is NOT offensive to me. Because he’s right. Twihards aka Twilight fans aka WE are crazily, obsessively fans of this saga. And I’m the first to admit we sometimes (okay MOST of the time) go a little too far.

For example: There are twitter accounts that exist to make the movies, the actors, the music #1 ALL OF THE TIME, even when the movies, the actors & the music don’t deserve to be #1.  How many times have we seen tweets saying “GO HERE NOW- VOTE FOR KELLAN TO BE THE HOTTEST GUY EVER” when he’s up against someone so much hotter (and more famous!). And “Twihards” are the reason Kristen won the BAFTA award. And she knows it.  If all things were equal, and all the Rising star’s movies were received with the same level of adoration and had a similar type of fandom- Carey Mulligan would have won, because she deserved it the most for her amazing performance. Even the Kristen fan sites admit that this shouldn’t have been Kristen’s year. But all things aren’t equal. All movies aren’t received the same way and the level of fan adoration isn’t the same. Carey Mulligan was NOT in a movie that hit teens and moms and grandmoms and all the in-between like The Twilight saga did, therefore, she didn’t stand a chance.

okay NOW I'm embarrassed

Is that fair? No. But it might just be the reality of a big, obsessive “fandom.” But is it embarrassing? Well, kinda. Last year Twilight won over Slumdog Millionaire at the MTV movie awards for “Best Picture”. I mean, come on!! Slumdog won the OSCAR that year! I don’t think ANYONE reading LTT will argue for the ‘artistic integrity” of any of the Twilight movies. When New Moon wins over better, more legit films, it kinda makes us fans look dumb. Like we’re saying, “We don’t care about culturally significant films , we just want to hear 109 year olf virgin vampires say “I don’t want you to come.’ Move over “Shawshank Redemption” we want the Wolfpack in JORTS!

So to the dude who took New Moon off his movie competition: I’m sorry you had to see the dark side of the fandom. Come on over to LTT and stay for awhile. We’re MAJORLY, obsessive fans who might from time to time vote for Rob Pattinson to win a “Hottest man in the history of the universe” contest 112 times in an hour, but at the end of the day, That’s Normal. And so is watching Oscar nominated films & admitting that it might be more fulfilling that seeing the Wolfpack shirtless while wearing jorts. But that’s not gonna stop us. Cuz at the end of the day, it’s a bunch of guys- some with actual six-packs, and they’re in jean shorts. Tell me something that’s more “culturally significant” than that!?


What do you think!? Don’t miss the entire article from The Scorecard Review. Was he too harsh? Are you offended? Do you think Twihards (aka US!?) go too far!?

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  1. thanks for the birthday wishes!! Love you girls too!! Why am I awake you ask? Had to email a client…back to sleep in 3…2….1

  2. I’m so embarrassed when my sister calls me a Twi-hard. I hate the term, because it just brings up too many crazy images. And I wouldn’t even call everyone on LTT a twi-hard, because from what I’ve seen, most of us are pretty normal 🙂
    As in not-go-on-a-rampage-and-deface-innocent-people-in-personal-photographs-in-“defense”-of-people-we-don’t-know-who-would-likely-be-scared-of-us normal.

    But there’s a large part of the “fandom” that embarrasses me to no end.
    The ones who are actually crazy.

  3. Considering how embarrassing it must have been for KStew to win the BAFTA from Carey Mulligan, she handled her acceptance speech gracefully. Maybe that’s why the Stew is so ‘unsmiley’: she just hates that that all doors just open magically for her because of Twilight. She likes to work for it. (Male KStew fans around here… take note.)

    • Agreed – I watched a piece on the BAFTAs before the awards on the Culture Show (pretty high brow culture programme) where they were making predictions for the awards and one guy said he thought Kristen would win and Mark Kermode (uppity film critic I often disagree with, but love it when I agree with) said that he didn’t think you could discount the type of people that vote for BAFTAs and that the ‘British public’ would probably vote for Carey.

      LITTLE DID YOU KNOW, KERMODE! Twihards are a voracious bunch!

    • That makes me think of the all the advantages some of the other actors are taking – which legitimately, in the business, you gotta take any you get – but it does make me respect the Stew a little more. She doesn’t just want everything handed to her.

  4. That picture up there of the “Jakeward” chick is going to haunt my dreams. No lie.

  5. hahaha. I actually think it is funny that people have to take measures against some devoted 10 year olds and that those teens are unintentionally mocking with the self proclaimed ‘importance and seriousness’ of many of these online polls. (I’m not referring to this particular awards show). Sucks for them though.

    • Haha, good point! It’s like voting for Class President in high school. Even though the nerd would be more organized and do a better job, you know the popular girl with the big tits is going to win.

      • what about the nerd with the big tits ?

        • Oooh, good question. I think it depends on whether or not she shows them off? A “C:/Dos C:/Dos/Run Run/Dos/Run!” t-shirt might nullify the big tits… but then, I’ve never been a horny male teenager, so I could be wrong about this.

  6. Don’t kid yourself. You know that jorts are the greatest fashion trend to ever come about.

    Only the coolest wear them: Daisy Duke, Baby, Florida Fans(gag), Jessaica Simpson, strippers and the Wolf Pack.

    How can you NOT live them?

  7. I just had a Bella in the hospital blinking and stuttering fit, and I feel the need to offer an apology to T-Bone Burnett. The music in New Moon was good, but not THAT good. Sigh.

    I don’t understand any of this, and I love The Twilight Saga. I don’t understand the devotion. I don’t understand how anyone, even if they are a teenager, has enough time to scour the internet and find polls in which Twilight is mentioned. I don’t understand why people think that just because they are entertained by something [read: are in love with a fictional vampire or wolf] that means it’s qualitatively good.

    I think there’s a distinction between being a Twifan, a Twihard, and a Twicrazy. I pretend the Twicrazies don’t exist… If they can be in denial about reality, then so can I.

    • I like the three classifications, Tuesday. Good stuff.

    • YES, completely agree.

      “I don’t understand any of this, and I love The Twilight Saga. I don’t understand the devotion. I don’t understand how anyone, even if they are a teenager, has enough time to scour the internet and find polls in which Twilight is mentioned. etc….”

      This is exactly what I was thinking + would say too.

    • I’m a little worried because I’m not sure which of these 3 categories I fall into. I’m relatively sure I’m not crazy though.

  8. I am so not surprised at my level of 2nd hand embaressement right now… It’s so expected! I couldn’t help but cringe at every one of the comments on that website. lol. It’s one thing for Twi related things to sweep petty polls like ‘Who is the hottest man in the universe?’ and the Mtv Awards, Teen Choice awards or Kids Choice… that’s no big deal because really nobody cares about that…

    The Baftas… erm… I defintely know K felt she didn’t deserve that award because twilight fans are ‘attentive’ but that was what was so great, is just how she just took it in stride and admitted to it. I don’t know if anybody saw her post- win interview but she was almost embaressed.

    I personally love just seeing the shit hit the fan with this fandom lol. It’s hard (TWSS) not to look away… Where else does fvckery like this happen? I love that cringy 2nd hand embaressment feeling… makes me feel totes normal.

    • yes- It’s not a secret I’m not the biggest Kristen fan, but watching her win that award and hearing the interviews afterward I DID feel bad for her. I was embarrassed for her and felt just as awkward as she did (okay well, not JUST but almost!)

      And yes- it’s SO HARD TO LOOK AWAY!

  9. As much as I love Twilight, it beating Slumdog Millionaire at MTVMA’s really pissed me off! I was angery for days!

    I wish there was still a way to vote for New Moon, but I understand why he had to take it off. The fact that people were giving 1’s to what were probably some amazing movies is terrible!

  10. LTT/LTT need to host their own awards.

    This NEEDS to happen.

  11. This topic was SOOOO needing to be addressed. I felt the same twinge of embarrassment for myself and some second-hand embarrassment for the cast who KNOW they don’t deserve every fan-voted award but still have to go up and accept it gracefully and without blushing up a storm.
    After four (five) films- I’m sure every other actor in Hollywood is going to get a little tired of it too.

    • They should just start NOT inviting anyone else to the Mtv Awards, just have the Twi- crew.

      For some reason… that doesn’t bother me.

  12. I want to see Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in jorts singing and dancing to Jai Ho. Now THAT movie would win MY vote. Even over New Moon. 😀
    Happy Monday everyone!
    And a very happy barfday to Brooke!

  13. UC, I think you said it best when you said that the crazies are a small part of the fandom, but they are a LOUD part of the fandom. They are really making me want to take three steps back from the whole Saga altogether.

    The Score Card Review did right. The Twihards stacked the votes and took no notice of actual quality of film. Maybe some of them truly did feel that New Moon had more artistic integrity than Precious, but childishly disregarding all other movies in favor of New Moon doesn’t EARN New Moon any awards.

  14. Well, I guess this is the equivalent of labeling the books as “literary classics”. This fandom is batshit “normal”. What else is new?

    Btw, I will cut a bitch that dares to call me a Twihard. That name is all kinds of (bad) hardcore wrong.

    • TRUE. not literary classics.

      although…. and maybe this is a twilosophy for another day.. but when books like Pride & prejudice came out…. they were books about gossipy, ditzy women… were they considered “literary classics” of their day? Are there any books released in our generation that we can really consider classics? Will it be that once we’re all gone to a better place (a place where jorts are worn every day) that books of our generation will be seen as “Classics?”

      So much twilosophy today..

      • You opened a can worms now. That is an interesting point. I guess we can talk about classics also in terms of social circumstances of a certain era. I mean, historically, each period had popular themes and authors who stood out. And are now classic pieces because they represent that.
        But today, we live in a pop culture and everything is so relative. For example, if Warhol was still around, I think he would find the Twilight phenomenon an integral part of today’s society and he wouldn’t give two shits about its literary merits and just acknowledge its massive presence. So Buttcrack Santa would replace Marilyn and Elvis and go down as the new pop icon.

        • Yes! There’s something really fascinating about pop culture phenomena like Twilight. It’s as if they can’t really be measured against the usual standards we use to gauge art.

          P.S.- I love you for mentioning Andy Warhol.

      • Food for thought. I going to go put my saga into a timecapsule.

      • I absolutely think that we can’t recognize what will be a classic until many years have passed. I was an American Lit major in college, and took a lot of flack from my English major mom for not reading Canon literature. I insisted then that I was reading future classics. I am hoping within another 20 years I can tell her that I told her so. That is also normal, I’m sure.

      • I just heard an interview with a Jane Austen biographer on the radio. He said there’s no way she would have ever known that her works would be considered “Classics” and still be relevant in the year 2010. Back in the day, she was just a humble writer who wrote some “fluff” stories that didn’t sell terribly well and didn’t have a huge following.

        So as lovintherain said there’s no way we have the ability to be sure about what will happen with Twilight when people look at it 200 years from now. I do think that it will have a presence (may be little…may be big…who knows) in literary history. Something that is this big of a part of society now for the past few years will still be noticed and studied down the road. On the other hand, whether it’s still relevant 200 years from now, is considered something that represents this era well, and still speaks to readers in the future, (hallmark traits of what we classify as a “classic”,) it’s impossible to say.

        Therefore, by default you could say that it is possible that Twilight is/will be “a classic.”

        • Yeah, but we have to consider that in the past, it was much harder to get published. It was an extremely selective process. And today almost everyone can. New writers keep popping out and the market is over saturated, making it very difficult for an author to stand out. Even if they do stand out, it is often just ‘a flavor of the month’ kind of thing nowadays. It really is hard to tell.

          • And it seems that for a piece of literature (similar to music or movies) to be considered classic, the author has to be more than a one hit wonder. Will SM put out more novels that are beloved?

          • that IS the question…
            (on an off topic but similar note I’m also wondering if JK Rowling ever will, too.)

  15. Dear “Twihards” (you know, the ‘real’ ones, not like the sort of ‘fake Twihards’ we are),

    It’s fine to have a hobby, but a hobby stops being a hobby when it seriously consumes your life and compells you to act irrationally (i.e., paint your body and spend all of your money at Twilight conventions). Don’t waste your life on a “hobby” like that. Teenagers, do your homework instead, get some scholarships, get a part time job. Adults, work on your career or family or house or volunteer or do something to further your life and the lives of those around you. Being a Twihard will not, except for in extreme circumstances (i.e. you are someone who works for the franchise in a legitimate job eg. director or stunt double, you are a party planner for area Blockbuster stores, or you want to go to prison for lusting after under-17 year olds,) will not get you ANYWHERE in life.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I can see why SMeyer said the vampire world was feeling a little “crowded” lately. I think without LTT I would have dropped any sort of Twilight fan activity a long time ago. It’s just not fun when it’s saturated with these loud crazies.

    Oh yeah, and finally, the Score Card was totally right. Too bad NM can’t be considered seriously for anything like that due to the fact it’s just going to be hijaked by irrational fans.

  16. I like to disassociate myself from the fandom.
    I act nonchalant when someone says “oh, do you like Twilight?” (Unless, of course, I can sense they’re like me).
    I also mock the merch even though deep down inside I’m secretly wanting one just to say (only here or Twitter) that I have it.
    Why? The “Twihards”. That seems to be all people think of when they think of Twilight.
    So, for the most part, I duck my head and pretend not to care.
    Although I have to admit, sometimes when someone tells me some “news that just broke” about the series, im just dying to say “oh honey I knew that days ago!”. But then they’d ask questions …

    • This happens to me all the time. Some friend who knows of my fondness for Twilight will send me a link to some “breaking news” or “new pictures” that I saw days ago. But I don’t want them to know that’s “old news” to me, so I just thank them and move on.

      • My boyfriend likes to out me to everyone! When we were in Port Angeles walking around to kill time while waiting for the ferry to Victoria, every time there was a Twilight poster he’d loudly announce, “Look! There’s another Twilight thing! You LOOOOVE Twilight! We should go in the store! Don’t you want to?” Granted there was only like 4 people walking around in the “Forks” weather, so no one heard (and I’m sure they’re used to it by now), but it was such 1st hand embarrassment. Sigh.

        Of course, during the entire trip to Victoria (and still today) I wondered if Stephenie Meyer named Victoria for the city… just a 90 minute ferry ride away over the Strait of Georgia…

        • Sounds like such a cool trip! (aside from the 1st hand embarrassment.) 😉 And there is also a Carlisle, Washington. Hmmmm… one never knows! 😀

    • NEVER let them ask questions!!!!

    • “Although I have to admit, sometimes when someone tells me some “news that just broke” about the series,im just dying to say “oh honey I knew that days ago!”. But then they’d ask questions” TRUE!

  17. This fandom embarrasses the CRAP outta me most days. But that changes nothing. I am here, likely for the long haul. I’ve accepted that.

  18. I love and see a lot of movies. And I have pretty quirky tastes. So I can appreciate something as “good” because I enjoy it. Not because it’s great literature or an Oscar-worthy film…but just because something in it draws me in. I “love” Twilight….but if any of the saga movies ever won an award at the Oscars, I would be appalled. Now…at the MTV Movie Awards, I expect them to take something in every category. 🙂

  19. I hate the term Twihard with a passion. It just sounds icky. I like the term “Robhard” much better. Good visuals.

    So, about this Scorecard dude. Yes, he opened a massive Pandora’s Box that I find funny he did not realize he was opening. I mean, come on dude. Look around. Honestly, he probably should have never included New Moon. Just cause a movie grosses high in the box office does not mean it’s a movie that deserves any awards.

    But, in the defense of all the rapid fans, the voting system set up was poor. It required you to vote for every movie, not just letting you vote for the movies you’ve seen. So if New Moon was the only movie I saw, I couldn’t just vote for it and move along. I still had to rate every other movie, even if I had no idea if it was a 1 or a 10. Now, being a good movie goer that I am, I just closed the thing and didn’t vote at all in order to be fair. Apparently the thousands of other fans did not.

    Gah, did i just get all tweed serious and defend Twihards?!? Ugh, I need more coffee.

  20. The term twihard doesnt really bother me….but then again I get called by my DH a twitard so….lol

    Altho I really think its a defense thing for him,since he has read the books,bought the movies (and watched them repeatedly) but claims its just for me and our girls lol

  21. So, #1 Happy Birthday Brookie!

    #2 I’ve been called Bat Shit Crazy for a number of things and it is never about my acute fondness of Twi

    #3 Amber’s exple above makes sense on how the Twi takeover wreaked havoc. Although, I still bet that the Twi-crazies caused most of the voting inconsistancy.

    #4 Twilight is not, nor will ever be a “classic” in book or movie form, unless you’re watching MTV, which referred to Clerks 2 as a “Movie Classic”

    #5 Twihard is a major LAME term. I thought Twilighters was the term from long ago, not that I like any kind of labeling of myself, except as a Yeasty Bitch.

    #6 I still hate and blame RON!

  22. When are the MTV movie awards this year? I’m imagining it’ll just be a repeat of last year with New Moon winning everything? Or maybe Remember Me?

  23. I never feel bad for flooding the MTV Movie Awards votes because:

    A) Not a real movie award. I mean really, does anyone say “MTV Movie Award Winning Actor Robert Pattinson”? No. Because no one cares.

    and, more importantly…

    B) If we don’t vote for New Moon, then whatever Hannah Montana wins. And seriously, we can’t have that.

  24. Well, I’m going to come out of the closet.as an antique.
    I think ya’ll are standing too close to the fire or
    being a little short sighted. I am from the
    generation that went from “How Much is That
    Doggie in the Window” by Patty Page to
    “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen. ( look in history
    of rock) by way of Elvis Presley and later the
    Beatles. Enjoy this ride, Have pride in this ride, stand
    up for your “feelings” about this ride and let
    history be the judge if the fuss is outcome is worth
    all the fuss. I think that it wil l be. A generation of
    young gals and not so young gals worldwide has agreed on something.
    I say if Twilight got 30 plus million votes last year go
    for 45 million MTV votes this year.
    Use your power.
    As far as the Scorecard. If I remember correctly he said that RP has most vote for male and the
    most votes against..The fors were ahead when
    he pulled the poll. I believe that it was the TL fans that voted against. No judging. His lil ole poll had many
    many loopholes in it. When fans vote there is only
    love not reason, which is as it should be. They want
    reason make it peer poll.
    I’m reliving the 50’s through you. Please just
    enjoy it because you will tell you children and
    nieces and nephews that you suffered slings
    and arrows for them.
    Not nearly through , but enough

    • I like you!
      “Louie Louie” is an absolute classic.

    • Great words! Especially this…

      “Enjoy this ride, Have pride in this ride, stand
      up for your “feelings” about this ride and let
      history be the judge ”

      And any mention of Elvis gets a thumbs up from me!

  25. “We don’t care about culturally significant films , we just want to hear 109 year olf virgin vampires say “I don’t want you to come.’”
    Bahahaa…UC, you had me there.
    Like the others were discussing above, I too sometimes wonder (wearing my tweed jacket, to be serious, mind you), if our next generation will know what a huge deal Twilight is. I am kinda 2nd-hand embarrassed to admit that I’m BOTHERED by thinking whether the Twi-craze will live that long or not…

  26. I bought the Edward lunchbox yesterday with “Leaving you was the HARDEST thing I’ve done” just cuz it’s got Edward and Hardest. ::inner 14 year old boy chuckles::
    This morning said Edward Lunchbox scared the bejeezers out of me when I walked into the kitchen. It looked like a very pale head floating in a jar on my stove. (Think science class or Silence of the Lambs for body parts in jars.)
    I’m going to use the Edward thermos as a very large and bulky flask ::inner 18… I mean 21… year old chuckles::

    • but it’s plastic, so if you bootleg it, you can get it through airport security… er, not that I would ever do that.

  27. I’ve never been one to hide a part of who I am – I’ll publicly announce my love for showtunes, Kelly Clarkson … I think I even hosted a Napoleon Dynamite party when the dvd came out, complete with steak and tater tots. Even though society would dictate that a college-educated, pseudo-intellectual should only reveal her love of Russian novels, Neruda, indie-yes-you’ve-never-heard-of-it-and-that-makes-me-feel-superior music and art-house films, the truth is that while I may love those things, I also love silly things too, and that makes me who I am, and I have no problem with that.

    Twilight is the only thing I feel compelled to hide. Why? Because of the crazies. Crazies, some of whom I know in real life and loathe for lots of other reasons, keep me in the TwiCloset. The guilt by association is a heavy burden to the normal Twifan. I would have flounced the fandom altogether if I had never found LTT and NORMAL.

    I don’t blame this site one bit for taking New Moon out of the running. Twihards are banana sandwich.

    • When I read Neruda I thought it said Naruto. Somehow it wasn’t gelling with the whole pseudo-intellectual thing. And now I’m thinking of that Dr. Scholl’s commercial “I’m gellin'”.

  28. Oh my stars. That Jakeward Girl picture is terrifying.

    Personally Twi-hard doesn’t really bother me. I think I like Twilighter better.

    Totally agree with your analysis. Spot on.

    And I recently saw Moon. I really liked it… and it’s funny to think that fans out there voted for it thinking it was NM. Lol. Gawd….

    I really love all kinds of movies… from critically-acclaimed Oscar winning current and classic films to animation to silents to teen movies to film noir to… well, you get the idea. I love it all. You only live once, and I don’t want to miss anything! I just… love whatever I love, but feel I have enough objectivity to know the difference between something that is a truly universally accepted cinematic masterpiece and a series of movies that are a fun, dreamy escape.

    I’d like to think that people who aren’t into this or know about us would give some of Twi fans the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

    Oh, and having to vote between Buttcrack Santa and Big Daddy Lautner would be heartbreaking. I mean, like Sophie’s Choice tough.

    • Well said!

    • I loved Moon! Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor. I may have a lil crush on him. Still nowhere near my Robcrush of course.

    • Every time I see your handle I think “ who would want to facepunch a unicorn? That’s so sadsies” 🙂

      • Guns… adrenaline, that’s my… thing. 😉

        But I know there are people out there who would face punch me if they could, I just know it! That’s why I keep my Kung-Fu strong. Jogging helps, too. As if they could outrun me! 😀

    • yes- one should never be so “culturally aware” that they miss out on the BIGGEST FILMS of our culture. I’m all about indie flicks and the art scene, but dude.. clearly I can hang with some MTV-generation type pop culture stuff too… hello Twilight blogger!

      It’s about balance!

      • Tru. It is all about balance. (That’s what he said). 😉

        But seriously, I think that at least giving everything out there a chance is the best way to go. Then if you really don’t like something you then at least have the right to bitch about it. (Unlike the people who trash Twilight who have never seen the movies and never read the books…).

    • btw, I love your new avitar.

    • btw, I love your new avatar.

  29. Word, UC. The crazies in the “Fandom” are making us Normal fans look like ignorant loons.

    Now back to baking my red velvet cupcakes and Chex “Puppy Chow” mix for my New Moon on Monday party. Which reminds me I need to open the bottle of Smoking Loon wine to let it breathe.

    Carry On….

    • teehee. You’ve reminded me that I need to get on my Forks Tour 2010 booklet before my sister arrives tomorrow. I think we’re doing Vampire wine during our back-to-back Twi special, though I’m wondering if there’s a type of wine with a bear logo. hmm…

  30. Well, hmph. I am not really out of the closet with my Twi-love, but I don’t make excuses for it, either. JUST YESTERDAY my Sister in Law tried to make me feel like an idiot for liking Twilight. She said she couldn’t even get thru the first book because it was ‘so bad’.

    So her knowledge of Twi-fans are what she reads in the media, and basically thinks we are all like that Jakeward chick.

    Luckily after 15 years, I am the master of ignoring her.

    • Can you please teach me the art of ignoring in-laws? That is a skill I must acquire.

      • Ah! Well, I am usually struck speechless by the stupid crap they say to me, which if you knew me in RL, you would know is quite a feat. So when I cannot even begin to respond to them, I just pretend like they didn’t say it at all.

        Also, sometimes during dinner, I just glaze over and ignore the conversations, with a smile on my face and make to-do lists in my head.

        Yesterday, I parked myself on a chair near the end table where I could see the NYTimes was sitting underneath, and surreptitiously snuck the Sunday Book Review section out and read it, while the madness ensued around me.

        Also after 15 years, I no longer care what they think of me. That helps a lot. It is an art form, I should teach a seminar!

        • Yes, you should teach a seminar. Because what you do sounds a whole lot more civil than what I do – drink copious amounts of alcohol which may or may not have lead to a semi-nervous breakdown while on vacation with the in-laws in Mexico.

    • Keep on keepin on!

  31. I would just like to say that if I had too, I would choose Big Daddy.
    And also Happy Birthday to Brooke 🙂

    • But, but, but…. what about Buttcrack Santa “didn’t know how to make a kitty meeeow” ? 😉 😉
      No one’s right. No one’s wrong.

  32. As for the BAFTAs – she won the Rising Star award – not an award for a great performance, but an award showing that she was becoming a major, well-known performer – that’s why she beat out other great actors and actresses, so I don’t really have a problem with the fact that she won that particular award. However, had she won a best performance award at the BAFTAs, I would have been a little confused.
    As for awards that are voted on by the public, like the MTV and Kid’s Choice and things like that, I’ll admit that I’ve voted for people for those types of awards simply because they were in Twilight. They’re voted in by popular vote, it’s like a popularity contest. As Amber put it earlier,

    “A) Not a real movie award. I mean really, does anyone say “MTV Movie Award Winning Actor Robert Pattinson”? No. Because no one cares.

    and, more importantly…

    B) If we don’t vote for New Moon, then whatever Hannah Montana wins. And seriously, we can’t have that”

    Honestly, when I first read about the Score Card Review and that New Moon had been taken from the polls simply because it was winning, I thought it was pretty unfair – I thought the point of the awards was to see what people choose. I mean, I get where the guy was coming from, but I think had it been any other movie’s fans that had been doing that, it wouldn’t have mattered to him. The stigma associated with being a fan of Twilight (crazy, nerdy, or whatever other kinda fan you want to label yourself) is why New Moon was removed from voting, not that the movie didn’t deserve that recognition (which, obviously, it doesn’t when compared to other great movies that were getting slammed). So I understand his reasoning, but I still think it’s a little biased and I don’t like it.

    Also, I’ve never really had a problem with the word ‘Twihard’, although, as I think Jimmy Kimmel said, it’s probably one of the worst fandom nicknames out there. Twinerd, I’d prefer.

    • Yeah! If it’d been a bunch of Avatar nerds he would’ve left it up there.

      Besides, the Oscars proved that NM isn’t just a teen love drama, it’s a bonafide horror film classic!

      • That’s what I think, too. We just have a really bad reputation because a very small percentage of us are batshit crazy and think that anything Twilight is automatically The Best Movie/Book/Franchise/Whatever Ever!!! Not saying that I don’t unabashedly love the books and the movies and like a little recognition of them, but I and many, many others in the fandom realize that our love for them is strange in that it doesn’t really make sense. I know that the books aren’t great works of literature and that the movies aren’t the most romantic and wonderful movies ever, but there are a very few vocal fans who think so, and so the rest of us suffer because of it.

        Also, they have to realize that we’re not all either crazy tweens or crazy moms that have nothing better to do than to spend all day, every day online just either voting in useless polls about who’s hotter or flaming anyone who says anything derogatory about the saga. Some of us are just regular people who happen to have a wierd and crazy obsession with a certain pale and sparkly vampire, but that’s normal, right? Right?

  33. I actually don’t mind being called a Twihard because I know I will never reach that certain level of unreasonable insanity with which we are all familiar. (Also Twihard reminds me of Die Hard and I looooove me some Bruce Willis.) As for what other term we would use to call ourselves, I don’t have a vogue idea. However I do often refer to UC, Moon, other purveyors of the Rob porn, and the folks I have met through these lovely establishments as my Sisters-in-Lust. That is just a Rob-specific category, though.

    • I always thought that they were called Twihards because it sounded like Die Hard. Like they are die hard fans of Twilight… and it just happened to have a rhyming first syllable. Which I find clever enough. And I like Bruce Willis.

  34. The fandom is totes creeping me out at the moment, with all the hate-mongering that’s been going on. Although the crazies are in the minority (I hope), they are a total buzzkill. And even though I hate all the fighting, I WILL CUT A BITCH if they try to drag UC and Moon and all the other lovely ladies into their web of hate again. Just sayin.

  35. You’re welcome. My kung fu is strong.

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