Letter to Stephenie Meyer: Bree- really?

Upon hearing the news that Stephenie Meyer wrote a book about Bree, @Brookelockart, Moon & myself quickly began an email conversation to speculate what was UP with this news. Brookie was inspired to write THIS letter:

Wait.. is this a joke?

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the next installment to the Twilight Saga would be a Novella about Bree – a new born flailing and screaming vamp that came oh so close to getting a second chance and a new diet, but met a slightly anticlimactic ending at the hands of the Volturi.

Steph, (can I call you Steph?) I believe I just made Bree 10 times more exciting than she actually was in Eclipse. I understand the purpose she served in the series; it not only showed Bella the true nature of a new born vampire, it set up expectations for the reader, so when Bella is changed she is remarkably different. So there it is. Purpose served. Why in Hale would you need to give her a back story?  When I read on your site that you wrote The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, I stared at my screen for a good 30 seconds just dumbfounded (and wondered if you were a Full House fan – How RUDE!). Then I mumbled under my breath, “What about Midnight Sun?!”

I took my frustrations to twitter, where the fandom was agitated. Thank god I follow some hilarious, snarky people. The tweets sparked my imagination about all the 3rd tier characters that I really never ever want you to write about any more than a blip in that elusive Twilight Series Guide (Yeah, December 2008, my ass). Just so we are clear, here are all the future titles we never want to see appear on your site:

  • The Lauren Mallory Diaries (thanks MasenVixen for that gem)
  • Cougartown: Mrs. Cope can’t help herself
  • The Untold Story of Lee Stephens, a fainting teenage boy
  • Fever Pitch – Renee and Phil’s love story
  • Surf’s Up: Rebecca Black escapes to Hawaii
  • A Pack Life: Jared does Sam’s bidding
  • How to Price Gouge on the Olympic Peninsula – A John Dowling Handbook
  • Austin, Connor and Ben – Nerds Unite! (this would be The Font and White Yorkie’s fav)

"Hi, I'm Bree." WHO!?

I’m hoping, Steph, that you get the point. I know these characters may fascinate you, but really all we want is Midnight Sun. There’s something that I’ve been dying to address with you…I’ve heard rumors that in writing New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn that you lost Edward’s voice. You fell in love with Jacob and could no longer give us a story from Edward’s perspective. Stephenie Meyer, I accuse you of being Team Jacob and the only way to prove your innocence is to finish Midnight Sun. This Bree story is insulting. I’m sorry, I do get easily distracted, but there’s no way that a Bree story will fulfill my need for Edward. GIVE ME MORE EDWARD.

Now once Midnight Sun is completed and I’ve read it 6 times, I will find it acceptable for you to write about the following:

  • Edward Cullen – New Moon, well actually I’ve read the Fan Fic, “Dark Side of the Moon” and have convinced myself that this is what you would have written if you were Team Edward. So no rush on this Novella.
  • Leah Clearwater – Who wouldn’t want to know more about this strong-willed shape shifter? She has a tragic love story and finally finds some reprieve when she leaves Sam’s pack. Will she imprint? Will she ever be able to have kids? Will she ever learn to like the Cullens?
  • Edward Cullen – Leg Hitch, nuff said.
  • Emmett Cullen – We got a Jasper and Rosalie back story, but poor lovable Emmett is left out. Emmett needs his time to shine!
  • Edward Cullen – Please, please, please, please write Isle Esme from his perspective and for Pete’s sake, NO FADE TO BLACK.

Let’s recap: No one cares about Bree, do NOT write any more novellas about minor characters, FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN, then give us Honeymoon Edward. Is it really too much to ask??

Your faithful fan and Team Edward Captain,


PS That was noon on June 5th, right? *marks calendar*

Who else has June 5th marked on their calendar? And are you just gonna download the book for FREE or will you actually shell out some moolah to read it? And seriously…. BREE!? What are your thoughts!?

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199 Responses

  1. Seriously, BREE??!! I’m surprised and I’m not. I knew something was afoot when they made a BIG deal outta casting Bree. I was like WTF?!

    But of course I’ll devour it like a meyer whore that I am.

    and i will be BUYING the physical copy. of course. i need that days of our lives knock off cover in my collection.

    ps I’m crossing my fingers for that Emmett and well ANY of the Edward stories. PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

    pps thanks for writing this brookie!

  2. I *DO* remember reading somewhere were SM mentioned she wanted to maybe write more on Bree. I swear I’m not making it up!
    However: I DON’T CARE!!
    Gimme Midnight Sun, woman!!
    Oh and if you’re looking for an ahmayzing backstory and more info on the series, got to the Twilight Lex site and into Personal Correspondances.
    SO MUCH INFO! Make sure you read PC1, it’s got Carlisle and Esme’s back story which is oh-so gorgeous!!

    • Thanks for this! I’d never read some of that stuff before and it’s all very enlightening 🙂 Carlisle and Esme’s story- swoon! Where are the real guys like this?

      And you’re right I’d read somewhere too that she wanted to write a backstory on Bree.

      And yes Midnight Sun would look so much better on my bookshelf with the rest of the collection, but I’ll take what I can get…

    • No you’re not making it up I remember reading or seeing something about Stephenie liking Bree’s character a lot and hinting about wanting to tell her story.

    • Wait, wait, wait, wasn’t the Full House family Tanners too?!? Maybe she really IS a Full House fan and we are going to find out all about Danny’s illegitimate love child who mysteriously disappeared one day…

      Bree Tanner…the Tanner they would have added after we all got tired of Uncle Jesse’s twins.

    • This might be what you saw on Bree before, its under Eclipse FAQ on SM site.

      “Are you going to post outtakes and extras for Eclipse?

      Outtakes, no. Why? Because I don’t have anything good. I didn’t cut anything major or funny this time.

      Extras, not for a while. I do have a couple of fairly large extras I want to do, but I can’t work on them until I’m done with book four. Eventually, I’m planning to write the story from Bree’s perspective—how she met Riley, how life was amongst the newborns, how she found and lost love in the middle of the chaos, how the Volturi were involved, etc. I’d also like to write the alternate ending that I once considered for Eclipse, back when I was under pressure to end the series at three books. I’m looking forward to writing these both up, but don’t hold your breath; it’s going to be a while.”

  3. “Stephenie Meyer, I accuse you of being Team Jacob…” Those are some strong words Brooke! 😉

    I like this, but to be honest, anything that adds to the twi-verse from Steph herself I’m all for. I think it might be because I don’t read fanfiction, so to me, this is great, because it’s new and it will pull me back into that world I love to be in, and it’s actually from Steph, The Creator, if you will. I’m sure there is some really great fanfic out there (in fact, I’m positive there is) but for me, something only adds in to the stories when it’s from The Creator.

    I don’t know, I guess I’m a real purist when it comes to this.

    HOWEVER, Midnight Sun, this needs to happen more! That leaked version is the biggest literary boxtease evah!

    • HTML FAIL. Don’t know why I bother.

    • She’s totally Team Jacob. She pretty much said so. (Pssst . . .that’s why Edward’s voice left you, Stephenie)

      • Really? Woah. Doesn’t that speak volumes? You create the PERFECT guy and then you end up liking the other guy more? This has shaken my very foundations!

        • Dear God no! The CREATOR of TWILIGHT is TEAM friggin’ JACOB?!?!?

          What is wrong?!?! Jacob is only for “real life” partner purposes. This is a BOOK. Fantasy…therefore, perfect sparkly hot vampire dude WINS EVERYTIME.

          My head hurts, this is wrong…just wrong I say!

    • My thoughts exactly!

      And yeah, I will probably buy the actual book. I am a sucker for completing collections.

      • I will not buy the book. Simply because SM fails to win me over whenever she writes something which is not E x B. No offense to SM as a person, but Book II in breaking dawn? The Host? Srsly?! The worst book I’ve read in a loooong time. I refuse to spend any more money on this fuckery, hoping my one unsold copy will be haunting her untill she finishes Midnight Sun.

        P.S. Of course I will be reading it online, like the total sucker that I am.

        • I know! I want to punch someone in the face (her, maybe?), when she talks about maybe doing a sequel to The Host next. What?!?! Give us what we want!!!!

        • yeah, as soon as I read this I quickly scanned my brain to remember how much, if any, E & B could possibly be in the Bree story. I join you on the “unsold copies haunting her until she finishes Midnight Sun.”

    • You know I’ll get it too and I’m sure it will piss me off while reading it because it isn’t midnight sun.

      So do you not read FF on principle like Janetrigs? or just don’t know where to start. I HIGHLY recommend the New Moon Fan Fic I mentioned up there.

      • I can’t read it because I don’t like it when Edward and Bella are anything but the Edward and Bella from the books. As soon as they are both human or whatever, I can’t handle it.

        My dream fanfic would be someone basically writing, in every minute detail, what happened during the FADE TO BLACK. If you point me in that direction I would be a happy woman.

        • Dark Side of The Moon is New Moon told from Edward’s POV. This is true to the story. Believe me, excellent fic.

          There’s a ton of Fan Fic that stays very close to the story and several that fill in the fade to black….

        • You want the Fade to Black in perfect detail?

          Let Your Light Shine by @lolashoes


          • My personal favorite, but not completely canon, though. Lolashoes’ version of Bella’s transformation is what I always thought it should be. An act of love, not life-threatening.

          • Allryans wrote an excellent ff guide to dummies herself which is posted on the ff thread in the forum along with lots of other recs

          • I haven’t read fanfic…. I’ve kept myself from reading it. But I can’t remember why with this link directly to it staring right at me.

            *flirts with stepping through the door by clicking on the link you’ve so conveniently provided*

          • Oh , interesting. My first read of fanfic and it’s That. Wish I didn’t read it at work, now everything I draw looks like sparklepeens.

        • vixen1836 @ fanfiction.net “Isle Esme”. Um…yeah. She is the closest to writing true ( therefore sometimes truly frustrating) canon I’ve ever found. Although, I would like to state for the record that I love Lola too.

          She also wrote key points of Eclipse from Edward’s perspective. It’s all rather loverly.

        • I have a little list of fabulous fanfics that fill in the Fade to Black quite nicely. Remember what someone once said: “The Isle Esme missing moments are the gateway drug to fanfiction”. If you send me your email I’ll send you the list.

        • I thought you were a believer, a purist. Oh well….

          Listen to Brookie’s requests….I hear they are good too, although I’ll never know.

    • NO FanFiction! Whoot

    • “that leaked version is the biggest literary boxtease evah!” EXACTLY! We need Midnight Sun! Throw us a fricken’ boon here!

      *sobs quietly while marking down June 5th on calendar* (I know I’ll buy the book for pretty much the same reasons you mentioned)

  4. Bree? Seriously?! Steph knows we all want Midnight Sun. I think this is the Mormon way of flipping us all the bird.

  5. So, I’ve had a letter to you guys saved for about 6 months now about my theory as to why Stephanie hasn’t finished Midnight Sun. I should probably get off my ass and send it.

    • I tell UC and Moon all the time that I have 10 letters swimming around my head. They also know the chances that I ever fully write a letter are about 15 to 1. Sometimes I lose my mojo half way through. But seriously give it a shot!

    • Please, send it in. I have a lot of ideas about that as well. After reading a lot of fanfics written from Edward’s perspective, I realized what Stephenie may have realized–what’s going on in Edward’s mind is not innocent and PG-13. She can’t continue with the meadow scene, and the discussion in the bedroom afterwards, without Edward’s NC-17 or at least R-rated thoughts. Fine for me, but for her teen/tween audience this is apparently territory where she can’t go.

      • This is what I was saying yesterday! Even in Midnight Sun there were a couple of places that hinted at some serious sexual undertones. I’m thinking of the part about what he actually thought of her blue shirt, and when he touched her face for the first time. As the story progressed, it would have had to get progressively more erm…graphic in his mind. Wouldn’t it? Maybe I should throw in my hat and write THAT version of Midnight Sun.

        • Were you talking about this yesterday? I’ll have to run over and look. This subject has been in the back of my mind a lot, the subtle and not-so-subtle sexuality in Stephenie’s writing. She gets us thinking in these directions, just coming up short of going “there.” That’s why it’s not just tweens and teens that like it. Compare and contrast with Harry Potter, for instance, where there is an almost total absence of this kind of thing except for some innocent “snogging.” *Going to look for your comments*

        • Yes, you guys are right. There were a couple of times in Midnight Sun when I wondered how she was going to explain things. For instance, the unfamiliar “feelings” that Edward had when he watched Bella biting her lip and he realized he wanted to kiss her and feel her body against his. Yeah, we all know what those “feelings” were, but how do you keep it PG-13 for kiddies.

          @raven – I remember the blue shirt comment. He was noticing how it clung to her soft curves. Maybe Edward isn’t a complete gentleman. 🙂


  6. Oh Brooke…I love you.

    It’s like you just typed everything I thought.

    Isle Esme…from EDWARD’S perspective?! Help me Lord!

    And alllllll is right in the world.

  7. Um, I definitely second the call for Honeymoon Edward.
    There are so many OTHER minor characters she could have chosen to write about, too, if that’s the way she really wanted to go.
    I care not for Bree. Ugh.

    Also, the girl who plays Bree freaks me out a bit. She looks so young and.. creepy in that pic.

  8. Yeah, I was super pissed when I heard about this. Bree. WTF? Who gives a shit about her?????

    That being said, in order to fufill my obsessive need to have a completed set, I will buy the stupid book.

  9. I’m pretty sure the general consensus when hearing this was BREE WHO? Major WTF? Steph.

    BTW I don’t have June 7th marked off on my calendar, nor do I have June 5th, the day the book actually comes out 😉

    • My first thought was “Bree who?” too! Maybe that makes me a bad Twinerd, but… meh, I can’t bring myself to care.

    • Oopsies, should have read on Amazon and not on her site. It is available online on 6/7, but hard copies are available on 6/5.

      You know I’m going to read it and will most likely buy it *then hang my head in shame*

      • Honestly, I think we’re all going to read it… I’m pretty sure we’d read anything if it was associated with Twilight

        I’ll be buying it and I’m sure I’ll actually even like it

        • I’m going to read it because I think Bree has a major lady boner for Edward, and who doesn’t want to read about a young teenage girl rabidly in love with vampire she can’t have …. wait.

  10. Brooke, you summed it up exactly. Who cares about Bree? Certainly not me. At no point did I ever think… “Huh … Bree… I wonder where she came from…” And to be honest, when the Cullens were all, we can give you a second chance, show you a different vamp life I was like, WHAT? How are you going to have her around and Bella stays alive? Jasper’s bad enough. Let Jane kill her! All that being said, I’m sure I’ll buy the book – I’m a sucker for complete sets. *sigh* Damn you SMeyer!! Give me a complete Midnight Sun and maybe I’ll forgive you.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure how that would have worked out, but I guess they figured Bella would have been turned soon anyway… Not quite sure.

    • I want a Volturi backstory. Something that chronicles all the humans and bad vamps they put an end too. Morbid, but more juicy than reading about the Cullens trying to turn newborns into vegans.

  11. Despite all this, I know I am going to read this little book anyways! Because its part of Twilight and I cant get enough! lol

    “but met a slightly anticlimactic ending at the hands of the Volturi.” I was reading so fast I thought it said she met her end at the hands of “Voledmort” which makes it clear I need to lay off the Harry Potter!!!

    Anyway- good letter Brooke!!!

    Oh and P.S. everyone- ME AND MY SISTER ARE GOING TO FORKS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. After reading so much fan fiction, and I do mean SO MUCH, I honestly don’t even care anymore what Steph has to add. I read about Edward in every imaginable scenario, every profession known to man and most importantly, every position known to man (btw, I will never ever have the need to open a Kama Sutra again as long as I live), I don’t see how anything Steph has to write about the Cullens after leaving us in such a long dry spell is of any importance. But that’s just me.

    • I’m with you there… have read a TON, but there’s something special when it is from the author.

      • *sigh* I know.. Even though I will certainly not be reading this Novella, if Midnight Sun ever comes out, I guess I’ll end up reading it. Mostly because I’ll want to be able to participate in awesome discussions here on LTT.

        • Is anyone else worried that Midnight Sun will be a huge disappointment? I mean, honestly, there is ff out there where Edward is more fully realized than SMeyer made him. I have a feeling if she writes Midnight Sun or New Moon from EPOV, I will just want Ithaca is Gorges instead.


      “I read about Edward in every imaginable scenario, every profession known to man and most importantly, every position known to man (btw, I will never ever have the need to open a Kama Sutra again as long as I live)”

      that killed me. thank you gizmo!

  13. Midnight Sun is my own personal brand of heroin. In the absence of that I’ll take the little bit of weed dangled out in the shape of Bree. I’m a Twi-hard crack-head! Who can live by “Just Say No”?

    And of course I’ll buy the damn book. Cause we love your crap Steph.

    Now… if only you can give us the tent scene in Edward’s voice, or the moment he nearly steps into the sun in Volterra and Bella slams into him, or when Bella finally says yes to ‘matrimony’, and definitely Isle Esme (except her puking in the sink… you can leave that part out).


    Pretty please.

  14. Ugh. I think the book will be “girl gets made into vampire. bad stuff happens. Then she dies.” But I will of course own it and read it multiple times because I’ve drank the sparkle kool aid. But this better not be the last book Steph! *wags finger*

  15. STEPHENIE ….WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US??? Please please please finish midnight sun! Then rewrite Breaking Dawn to remove the halfling spawn and colour in the ‘black-outs’ for us …you could even call it a companion novella rather than replacing the original. Tho I am sure I speak for all of us when I say it would most definitely replace the original as far as we are concerned!

    on a seperate note. I, too, will probably be buying the physical copy of this Bree crap cuz I am a fool like that. But I will grumble about it the entire time I am reading it.

    • oh MrsK, I think we are just going to have to let go of the notion that she’ll rewrite BD and just use Fanfiction as our substitute. SM loves her baby demon.

      • One can dream, right? Well, I choose to dream big 🙂

        LOL & Yes, Lola’s version is the next best thing & I love it!

      • shes said she knew and planned for reneesme since she was writing twilight. i highly doubt she will get left out in a reboot.

        BUT DUDE if not why doesnt she just write a continuation of the saga told from reneeme’s POV since she pretty much set up the end of BD to do exactly that! HELLOOOOOOoooo. jacob and the changling guy from south america, ANOTHER love triangle!

        DO IT STEPHENIE!!!!!!! DO IT!

    • I’ve read so much fanfiction that I believe it has started to warp my brain. I went to a tattoo festival recently. Who do you think I had on my mind the whole time? Yeah. NO ONE there looked like Tattward… Such a disappointment.

  16. The least she could have written about was Riley’s story. That is something I would have read. Then maybe we would have gotten an awesome short with Xavior.

    Yum and yes please.

    • Absolutely! I believe I will only buy the book if Xavier grows on me more. I’m not there yet but I’m getting closer. (This is chock full of TWSS)
      A lot of the Eclipse set pics that I’ve seen are Victoria and Riley so I bet the novella was what they based that after.

  17. I’m with you Brookie! I kept reading the screen thinking, um, am I going blind? What about Midnight Sun, woman?
    And my second thought was that SM is a class act for first giving it as a free download and then donating portions of the proceeds after that. She knows her fandom will eat up anything she puts out (even us snarky ass bees) so kudos to her for trying to lessen the blow a bit.
    But niceties aside, AT LEAST give us Midnight Sun. I will be forever annoyed if my fangirliness fades before that is finished/published.

    • Thanks SP! SM is definitely a class act for offering this novella both ways and a very awesome way to raise money for charity!

    • I also thought it was very classy for Stephenie to make sure that all fans could have access to the story without spending money, AND donating proceeds to charity as well.

      She took a very awkward proposition from her publisher (I sort of got the sense from her note that even she wasn’t sure about having the story published…?) and made it into a very positive thing.

  18. Absolutely BRILLIANT letter!!!!! Laughed my ass off!!

    “PS That was noon on June 7th, right? *marks calendar*” —-> This one deserves a place in the LTT history book!

  19. Steph – You’ve finally done it. You created a Twi-related product I have NO DESIRE to purchase. Congratulations.

  20. I won’t be buying this, or anything else she writes unless it’s Edward and Bella.Or just Edward. It seems very odd to me that Midnight Sun stops right before it gets good-I think it’s finished or she intends to finish it and release at some point. That business about having a hissy fit because someone leaked it is bs-just release it already.

  21. I LOVE this letter. Brooke, EVERYTHING you said (and your Tweet friends) was perfect. Amen!


    We love you. Obviously. But really? REALLY???

    I’m pretty sure my Twi-purchases alone will put one of your sons through college.

    Still love you (but really),

  22. Nice letter Brooke, and I hope that your list of characters we don’t want to read more about is duly noted by Stephenie and her publishers!

    I do, however want to add that I want to read more about Jacob (shameless wolf girl here).

    I won’t be buying the Bree (Tanner = I thought of Full House too – I think Steph DOES regularly read LTT!) book. I already own 3 copies of Twilight so I think I’ve done my part. (Although it is nice that this will benefit charity, major props to Stephenie for making sure of that.)

    • Thanks and you didn’t have enough Jake in New Moon, Eclipse and his whole section of the book in Breaking Dawn?? Or are you pervy and want to read about his feelings to Reneesme (squick!) lol

      • I sorta want to give Stephenie the chance to make a non-creepy version of Jake and Nessie’s love story. When they’re BOTH 18.

        You know, if it’s even possible for that to be pulled off.

        Which maybe it’s not. If it’s not, then Stephenie, please don’t bother.

        (Okay, and I’ll also admit that I thought the Jacob parts of Breaking Dawn were some of the highlights of the book. Or maybe it was just the relief, as I was reading the book the first time, that the gestation of the spawn would not be told from Bella’s POV.)

        • I liked Jacob’s POV in Breaking Dawn too. I thought it was a fresh outlook, and it allowed us to get away from whiny Bella. Let’s be honest. Pregnant women are rarely in a good mood all the time (hellooooo hormones!), and we all know how Bella tends to act. She was lying on a couch for weeks, for crying out loud! I am not disappointed to be missing out on her whining about her pain and how she’s doing it all for “little EJ.”

        • I’m all for that.

          Just think how comical it’ll be Edward reading their minds. Awkward. Daddy hearing all those impure thoughts. Hehe

          But seriously I’d read that and probably really like it. I’d love to see a flash in the future with all of them.

          But give me Midnight Sun first. This second. I’ll “sacrifice” Bree’s story for these instead.

  23. Preach it, Brooke. To be completely honest, I didn’t even remember who the hell this Bree girl was. Could really give a crap about what her second life or whatever was… but I think we all know I’ll read it anyway. I’m just another Meyer’s bitch.

  24. Brook:Perfect!
    Ms. Meyers: My avatar speaks for me!

  25. I always wanted Alice’s story.

    Or the Chronicles of Edward Cullen. (Before Bella)

  26. I don’t know if I am going to buy the book. Maybe I will listen to it if it’s free on Itunes. I don’t know. I am so despapointed that it’s not Midnight Sun. Dear Stephenie, do you know how many times I read the MS draft? 9 times! (is this normal btw?) I need some MS, the fanfictions help me a little but give me the stuff woman! xxx thanks bye.

  27. When I heard the news I had the exact same reaction….who cares! It has been hammered into us readers how hard it is to be a newborn, I get it. The red eyes, the hunger/thirst (whatever), your readers are not morons. I have no desire to learn about a fifteen year old that was at the wrong place at the wrong time. When I imagine her voice in Eclipse it irritates me, I don’t want to dive into her past.

    And like everyone else, where is Midnight Sun? I am not a fanfic fan, though I read it… It doesn’t give me the fix I need.

    It thrilled me to death to see all of you (though I am not surprised) had the exact same reaction. Steph, start writing for the twi-women/moms, not the twi-babies. We are the ones supporting your family.

  28. I just don’t get it….Bree…REALLY?? What is there to tell? Midnight sun is my favorite of all the books….I just don’t get why she won’t finish….and I don’t believe any of this “I can’t finish this story while there is so much hype around it”. I call bs.

    Steph, do a word challenge or something….sit down at your lappie and DO IT!!! NO MORE EXCUSES.

    Ps. Your grounded until you finish.

    Loved the post Brookie! 🙂

    • Right, I just don’t get it. There’s hype around ALL of it, so how is it easier to write about Bree than to write about Edward? Writing about Bree is like Stephenie writing fanfiction to her own story!

  29. You wrote down my thoughts exactly, Brooke! What the ef? Then again… I am a sucker for all things Stephenie Meyer writes… i actually even enjoyed The Host (when I stopped laughing at it). So I’m totally reading the story online. i’ve got June 7th marked! The actual physical copy, I don’t know… Let’s see. I don’t really feel the need to have it because it’s not really a part of the series.

  30. Love the letter Brooke!

    Sadly I probably will be reading/buying this novella cockado, but seriously, Cougartown – Mrs. Cope can’t help herself sounds pretty good. 😉

    • You know she had a thing with Eric Yorkie. That’s how he got to be editor of the school newspaper.

  31. I don’t have any of those “it’s best when it comes from the creator” feelings.
    Dear Stephenie- thank you for creating Edward and Twilight. I am forever indebted to you (and Visa) but I’m letting the fan fic writers take it from here. You focus on finishing Midnight Sun from here on out, k? Great! I’ll even Adopt A Highway to read it.

  32. If anyone’s back story would be worth a good read – Carlisle. I mean, that story might be beyond SMeyer’s artistic ability *cough* considering it would require a good deal of historical research, but if anyone was broody and tortured, it was Carlisle before he changed Edward. If she wanted to write something that fans would want to read, that critics would laud, that would make an indelible impact on the fandom, she could have gone that route.

    Or Jasper. Same reasons.

    Effin Bree. Even that weird half-vampy from Brazil has more interesting backstory. A short novella on Bree sounds like a really REALLY bad fanfic prompt.

    • Preach!

    • “Even that weird half-vampy from Brazil has more interesting backstory.”
      —- I got the sense from BD that SM will incorporate it into a Jacob/Renesmee sequel if she decides to do one. I can see a Jacob/Renesmee/BrazilianHalf-Vampy love triangle hovering in that cosmic waiting room that is “Stephenie Meyer’s potential story ideas”

      • Now that I would read

        • I would read that only because I want to see Jacob get a little bit of what he dished out in Eclipse. Sort of the old “what goes around comes around”. Let me see some tortured Jacob as he tries to fight for the love of his life. (Sorry, snarky Edward fan here!)

          • Did I read the wrong book or have I not already experienced quite a lot of tortured Jacob fighting for the (then) love of his life? NO more pain for Jacob, please. Just lots & lots of lovely love.

          • @eatmyjorts- I think what toooldforthis is getting at is that this love triangle would place Jacob’s in Edward’s spot with Bella, as in, you know that Renessmsemsejmse would end up with him, yet there’s still that pull towards the other guy. (but then, I’m a sucker for anything that has the potential to give me more Taycob)

          • Yes, what I meant was, I don’t think Bella was the love of Jacob’s life. He didn’t imprint on her (I still say Edward’s love for Bella was equivalent to the wolves’ imprinting). For Jacob to truly understand what Edward went through when he thought he might lose Bella, someone would have to go after Nessie. (And then we could be on Team Brazilian Half-Vampy and talk about how much better he is for Nessie than Jacob 😉 )

          • I know you’re right, but he’s been through so much already & is going to be bossed around FOREVER by an uppity spoilt vampchild….I think a NEW character should be written…that’s it…a new one…a sweet girl with a lot of freckles who has a sense of humour so large it breaks the imprinting, & frees Jacob who then loves only her….that’s the story I really want to read.

            Off to count my freckles…

          • I hear ya! I see spoiled brat written all over Nessie’s forehead. And what 16 year old kid wants to wait 7 -8 years for his girlfriend to grow up.

            I was rooting for him and Leah to get together. I thought there was a bit of sexual tension between them in BD, but it wouldn’t have worked out in Meyer’s world because Leah was sterile and couldn’t have BABIES!! And everyone needs to have BABIES to be complete. (Here I am off on another rant 🙂 )

  33. Thanks for telling me who Bree was. I can’t remember her from the books and I’m not the least bit interested in knowing more about her.

    I understand SM creating a backstory for each and every one of her characters (including the men who stalked and threatened Bella and narrowly escaped death by Edward) but why would anyone publish such scribblings?

  34. I couldn’t have been more dumbfounded myself!! I also stared at the screen after clicking off a link someone sent me on Twitter and was like “Whaaaa???” Because we never have our acts together we will be late to chime in but i HAVE started the draft of the “REALLY?!” post on this topic. i am so let down and it hasn’t even been released – lol!

    : /

  35. ok fine it’s not “really?” it’s WTF???”

    : )

  36. Having thought about it a bit more this morning, I have come to the conclusion that less is more.

    Sometimes, it’s better if an author leaves a story be without adding to the world and making millions of sequels and backstories and etc. It lessens the impact that the original – and best – stories in the series had, and generally cheapens the series as a whole.

    I kind of like it when the author leaves a fantasy world alone. When there’s just enough to enjoy and appreciate but not so much that you become repulsed by the whole thing. Not knowing EVERYTHING about a fantasy world is part of the charm of reading in general. I like it when an author knows more than I do.

    This applies to things other than books…like, for example, the famous Mona Lisa painting. It’s probably the most recognizable piece in art because of its simplicity and mystery. If we knew Lisa’s whole backstory, what she was looking at, who was painting her, why she was there, etc., a LOT of the mystique surrounding the piece would be lost and she’d be “just another portrait” from history.

    I know I am approaching the territory of stating that I don’t want any more out of the Twilight saga (i.e. a Jacob sequel) or Midnight Sun to be completed. But quite frankly, I guess I’m going to stand by what I’m saying and be ok with that if that’s what happens. I will definitely look forward to it if a sequel were ever made, but think about this… no matter how great it turned out, I doubt it would bring back the same feelings and general epicness of the original Bella and Edward series. And as for Midnight Sun… it was good, but not necessary, at least for me.

    Okay, that’s my Twilosophy of the day.

  37. I will be working in a bookstore at the time this comes out. I’ll probably buy it, and then be bitter that it isn’t Midnight Sun the entire time I’m reading it. (a day, because really, it’s not the hardest stuff to read…)

  38. I was disappointed when I read the announcment yesterday

    I really want more the the series
    But why breeeeee??

    I get you need the back story but no need the publish it

    However I do thank Steph for something new related to twilight
    I don’t want her to think we are ungrateful

    So I will be reading and buyin the damn thing

  39. Bree’s story sounds like a bad CW spin off.

  40. Ha ha ha – Bree!
    A whole character and novella named after cheese. Go Steph!

  41. You are too funny! I would love for Stephenie Meyer to finish MIDNIGHT SUN already!

    I am excited about the Bree novella though. It’s a point of view that we didn’t get during Eclipse in which we can actually see the fight instead of just what happened.

    I will be buying the book since I can grab it on the go if I need to, plus they will go on my Twilight shelf I have (saga in both English and Spanish as well as the movie companions)

  42. “I stared at my screen for a good 30 seconds just dumbfounded (and wondered if you were a Full House fan – How RUDE!). Then I mumbled under my breath, “What about Midnight Sun?!””

    I was relieved to know that someone else reacted the same way that I did. I was also disappointed that she doesn’t mention when this Official Guide is supposed to come out. Maybe they are timing it with when Eclipse is released??

    I am in agreement with most of the comments from people who read alot of fan fiction. I don’t know if she can top some of the great stories out there, already written by her fans, who are amazing writers in their own right. I liked “Dark Side of the Moon” but really loved “Ithaca is Gorges” more, because it is also told in Carlisle’s point of view. “Blood and Lust” by Awesomesauce76 is a really great story of Breaking Dawn told in Edward’s point of view, and is completely in canon with the “demon baby”.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I will be buying the actual book about Bree, and the Official Guide, and Midnight Sun when it is finally published. Make no mistake, I am there…

    • Kendall has been telling me forever to read Ithaca is Gorges for a good two months now. It’s book marked on my computer at home. I’m going to start it soon, I swear!

      I’ll have to check out these other fics too, I’m big on the Vamp fics and I stopped reading a lot of AH fics all together.

      • Me too! I never read a whole lot of AH to begin with, but my whole reason for starting fanfic was to find a more satisfying ending (rather than BD). Also to fill in the “missing moments”.

        I wholeheartedly agree that you need to read Ithaca. It’s the best canon Edward I have ever read. Seriously, the author is phenomenal.

  43. nope. won’t buy it. I don’t care. Like you said, we can go read something better or more interesting from a fanfic author anyway.

    It was like a slap in the face and I immediately emailed the link to my friends and said, “Where the hale is MS?”

    But, IMO, not only do i think smeyer doesn’t like Edward anymore, I think she is actually talented enough to write from his more mature POV OR write the actual action scenes from the latter half of the book.

    • Well now that I was reminded that some proceeds will go to Haiti and Chile (where the spitfire DanySpike resides), I may have to buy the book.

      Yeah, the action sequences were definitely missing. I have also wondered about that as well.

    • ezangel – are you a fanfic writer or do you just have a similiar name?

  44. Is today, complain about Stephanie day? Yipppeeee!

    Steph – Please god let your writing be decent in this installment. Please do not refer to anything as being irrevocable. Please make sure that upon my reading, I do not think to myself, “this really is YA level writing, isn’t it?” And finally, please no devil babies.

    Like Brookie, I’m still gonna buy the book, which will be only my 2nd book I have, authored from Ms. Meyer. Buying this book will give $$ to one of my fav people’s country (DANYSPIKE, I am talking about you), so I have to buy it.

  45. just one change, Brooke darling. START WITH HONEYMOONWARD. Thanks.

  46. I have to confess, I’m kinda excited to read Bree’s POV. Fingers crossed this means there will be A LOT less Jake.

  47. Keisha posted above:
    “I don’t have any of those “it’s best when it comes from the creator” feelings.
    Dear Stephenie- thank you for creating Edward and Twilight. I am forever indebted to you (and Visa) but I’m letting the fan fic writers take it from here. You focus on finishing Midnight Sun from here on out, k? Great! I’ll even Adopt A Highway to read it.”

    So the Adopt a Highway line (after ROFL) got me thinking….if SM is so moved by philanthropy, maybe if the fandom offered to donate a minimum amount (i.e. $10k) to her fave charity in exchange for free downloads of a finished Midnight Sun????? $10per x 1000 people, $5 x 2000 people???

    Just a thought!

  48. Stephenie IS Team Jacob! She admitted it on the WalMart New Moon DVD (I think in the love triangle featurette).
    I was definitely shocked by this announcement. Did not see that coming. Though I do think this new book could be interesting since we really don’t get a lot of the newborns or the fight in Eclipse since it’s from Bella’s perspective, it’s really hard to get excited about it because I want, no NEED, Midnight Sun!
    I will read Bree’s book online before deciding if it’s good enough to buy.

  49. Great letter. Needed to be said. And the use of “Fever Pitch” almost made me pee. 🙂

    Let’s see how she does with a novella before completely dogging her. Bree ~could~ be interesting, though yes, more Edward would be better. And I really really want a story on Alice’s childhood and her mysterious stay in the hospital and her interaction with James. I think that would be a way better story to read.

    And really, Midnight Sun would be crap at this point because she’s not into it (which I still don’t understand). ~sigh~

    All I’m going to think of when I see Bree (and then read more about her) is Silent Hill. Love Jodelle, she’s a doll. But I’m going to be looking for the falling ash and bloody walls…

  50. MIDNIGHT SUN MUST HAPPEN. enough said

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