A Twilight blogger in need of help

Dear LTT Fashionistas,

I need help. I have a really important event to go to, and I need to make a really good impression. It’s important that I be ‘set apart’ at this event and really show my unique “UC-ness.” I thought of a few things- I love cats so I could wear whiskers (scratchy). I love cupcakes and I could constantly eat one (fattening). Then it hit me. Duh. Twilight.

So here’s what I have picked out for my outfit so far:

The shirt


Custom made t-shirt from this pattern found here via the ever helpful Google images.

The Pants

Pattinson Pants lady won’t return my call (I think she’s mad that we won’t post her TomStu pants- we told her “We don’t run letterstostu.com, Pattinson Pants lady”…) so I’m improvising here, but I’m pretty happy with how my very own “Creepy pics of Rob Pattinson Pants” came out:


The Shoes


I’ve had  my eye on these bad boys ever since I posted them in the Twilight art gallery a few months ago.  What a perfect time to break them in!

The Bag

This is where you all come in. I need help. There are so many options and I don’t know what to do.  Let me know which of the following bags are your favorite to complete my outfit:






There are SO many good options and it’s SO hard to decide! HELP!

(Psst: here is the outfit so far…. You can see how it really needs one of those bags to complete the look!)


Good catch! I DID leave a little room to show off my belly. Sexy, huh?

Thanks for your help! I’m really gonna SHINE at this event!


PS: Just in case: How to tell if someone is using sarcasm

Discuss my outfit on The Forum
Tell Rob how jealous you are of my hottness on LTR

To the bag lady and cover purses lady on Etsy. Thank you for the beautiful items of which I can make fun.

And Thank you, April, for finding the perfect bag options to go along with my outfit!

59 Responses

  1. Quick, you better trademark that outfit before hot topic starts selling it. BTW clearly GQ Rob bag for the win!

  2. Why cannot I not help but picture KStew in this outfit?

    Also, you MUST sell those t-shirts. I’ll buy the first one …

  3. The zebra print bag adds just the right amount of class to the outfit.

  4. Okay, thank God my internet probs decided to hold off (for now) so I could comment!

    Um, WOW.
    UC, love, if you wore this you would be like, the most stylish, most happenin’ chica there!
    That shirt (which is effing hilarious, by the way) is a total knock-out! Take it that little bit further by getting a size too big and then tying a knot down the bottom, ala KStew.
    And those pants? Phwoar!
    You’ll have to watch yourself though: girls may all of a sudden be attracted to your lower half and try to jump you.
    Hey, you never know.
    Oh and those shoes are perfect! See if you can get the pair I saw floating around that are signed by the totally DILF-y PFach. Extra points there!
    And as for those bags? That’s a toughie! They’re all so chic, so cutting edge.
    But I say go with the zebra print.
    Animals prints seem to be in.


  5. Ohhhhh Fashion and LTT… what a delicious combination!

    Btw I’m kinda liking the GQ-purse hahaha. I’ll take that bullet now please…

  6. UC, I’m jealous. Now I really feel like a bad fan-my closet is sorely lacking in fab Twi-fashions like these.

    Anyway-The GQ bag is cool, but I’d go with the zebra striped number-if you’re going to an event, you wanna dress it up a little, right?

    To further take it up a notch I’d switch out the white laces for the silver ones. You’ll be dazzling.

  7. You 4got the twilight make-up to match the outfit (http://twilightbeauty.com/) I am going with the body mist of Volturi LOL!

  8. This is too effing much WIN!! Can’t breathe….laughing too hard….

  9. Holy Crow. The shirt is awesome, and the pants…why do I love that you used “Creepy Uncle Eddie’s pic for those? I am srsly scarred. I like the GQ bag, but there’s something so uber-wrong about the first one – I guess the bright flowers next to the dark/broody pic of EC is what’s killing me.

    The shirt needs to go up at Cafe Press or something…love it!

  10. I love GQ bag but it doesn’t go with this outfit and I was going to say zebra print but I felt that was just a tad too over co-ordinated and then it occurred to me you’d end up looking like agent Steph attempting to dress down (not that she’d ever force her feet into chucks, but go with me here) so I’m voting for the black and hot pink polka dot bag – It has the exactly right amount of attitude and doesn’t shout over the wardrobe as those earlier bags would. (You can tell I’m taking this task seriously, yes)

    I have also had a thought on Pattinson Pants. If possible, I believe it would look much cooler if some of Rob heads were to be replaced by Rob Hands, ideally with those loooong fingers pointing in the right direction (if you catch my drift) What? Too much? Humph. It was justy a thought…

    I swearz I don’t know how you keep doing this day after day. Iz in awe

  11. Definitely the GQ bag. Because the feathers on the other bags are a bit “too much.” You always want to keep things a little understated, don’t you think?

  12. Hilarious! Love the T-shirt so much.
    Can’t decide which bag to take, really, they are all so classy!
    UC you rock my mornings!

  13. Uhu great stuff!

    Of course you’re going to shine at the EVENT , especially when your date is also wearing a borrowed Onedayoldswaetyshirt he picked from the floor.
    I’d advice you to ditch the bag altogether, you have pockets on your pants so why bother? After all it will only confuse you, where would you hang it? around your neck? on your arm, across your shoulders? around your waist? you see what I mean? free arms is always a plus point of sexyness, you can twitch them when you are nervous, cross them on your (INCREDIBLE) chest when you don’t want people to think you are ‘notdatingyourdate’ or use them to make your date red hot with jealousy by touching anything that is not him – such like a ‘warewolvesandfemalevampires’ etc .

    And by the way don’t forget to tie a knot at the end of your characterized T-shirt, it will help display more of your sexy tumm.

    Have a great day UC !
    NB – If you’re not meeting any one special in this EVENT then please do a new ensemble that includes a dress and some make-up.

  14. LMAO, love the t-shirt, you should totally sell that on http://shop.cafepress.com/twilight where they obviously need more twi shirts.

    As far as the bag, I like the GQ bag but it seems a bit too normal and understated…

  15. I thought the winner was “Pink Marabou Glaring Parking-Lot Robward” until I scrolled down to the GQ bag. That’s the winner – stylish AND practical! Plus you know it will hold all your Twilight books and gear better than any of those other shapeless totes – I see the whole saga and mini-e fitting in there quite nicely! And maybe some SweetHearts in case you get hungry…

    : )

  16. Creepy Uncle Robward scares the shit out of me. I hate him. Just saying. I like the maribou feathers. They remind me of Isle Esme…*sigh*
    Be sure to complete your look with Edward Body Glitter, and a squirt of Twilight perfume, yours for the tender price of $104.95 on Amazon.com.

  17. Is it totally wrong that I love that GQ bag (in a want to own it but would die if anyone ever knew I had it kinda way?)

    i could take up some hobby… Needle point? something that will help me continue on my quest to never get a date and I could keep the supplies in that bag.

  18. i like the one w/ zebra stripe… the GQ one is great – i just don’t think it goes w/ the outfit…
    and Brooke – totes normal to keep knitting supplies in the GQ bag – looking into purchasing a jackson one now…. hm w/ yarn that is twilight themed – scroll down to middle of page:

  19. FINALLY, I GOT THIS ONE SO EASILY! OMG UC…I am laughing so hard that I am almost over the fact that I scared the sh** out of myself this a.m. when I woke up to find an scary eyeball looking at. me.. ok..the blanket my son bought me is OFF the couch…sorry Rob….your defiantely warm and fuzzy…but … I KNOW the reason they got it for me was so that I can remember his face/name everyday w/o effort, but it must go! I will hang it somewhere in my living/bed room….maybe cover the coffee table that I insist on hitting w/ some part of me EVERY night!
    BTW..I want one of the cool names you all have…since I don’t have any (thoughts that is) anyone have a suggestion…be kind!!

  20. Am going to go with the trend and say the GQ bag. The rest of the outfit is too subtle. You need to drive the point home, what better way then showcasing Rob on all four sides of your purse.

    P.S. the Jacob shirt is hilarious.

  21. I would definately add a peice of Cullen jewlery..like Alice’s choker, or armband….Just HOW BIG are your cats cause bite marks around your wrist would sure make an impression! :}

  22. I had picked out the GQ bag, too, before I read all the comments here, too, so clearly that is the right choice.


    you are going to have to fight me for those shoes!!! I have been coveting them since the last time you posted their pic….

    Why am I not a part of a Twilight Crafting Circle? I think Brooke is on to something, maybe i will make my own GQ bag to store my hot glue guns in…….

  23. I know you have the pants ironed up and ready to go, but I think for future special events we need Robward jorts, the official legwear of the LTT community.

    I like that the shoes are on the wrong feet and jutting out at right angles. Adds that “special” flavor to the ensemble.

    • Rob-jorts=WIN!

    • omg, Robward jorts? BRILLIANT!

      Better yet… I’ll make myself some tiny Robward cut-offs and become a never-nude just so that they never leave my body. That sounds like the only sane thing to do…

  24. Don’t forget to wear one of the beautiful “Bella” wigs! I am thinking dreds would work! FAB-ULOUS Darling (add a Zsa Zsa accent here)

    Love you, good luck at your “event”

  25. Ok I promise not to be a pest posting everyday, but I am just really enjoying the fact that I sooo understood it today, so last one!
    UC…THANK YOU….I just decided if I EVER do leave the house again…I am borrowing this outfit that way they won’t think I am drunk or “stupid” just crazy!!! I think I can handle that… 🙂

  26. Definitely the GQ bag. However, to give it that extra pizazz, I would add a few marabou feathers to the top of it. Srsly. It will show people that not only are you classy, but just the right amount of sassy. And what about a hat?? Perhaps a top hat that displays a money shot of Robward?? A top hat would be a perfect touch considering if it’s a business meeting- It would show that you really do mean business. 😉

  27. I tell you those pattinson pants rock!!!!

    (ps. you forgot to fill in the crotch area with a pic of Rob’s lips holding a cig).

    Where can I find a letters to tom sturridge blog?


  28. I am really leaning towards UC choosing the hot pink polk-dot-pissed Robward purse to add a bit of “angsty” edge to her outfit…he looks super pissy amid the pink polka dots.

  29. aren’t you forgetting your rather large bella tattoo?

  30. My only question is…how are you wearing your hair? Because I know the mullet is a big commitment, but if you truly want to pull off this look, I believe it’s a must.

    Oh, and def the GQ bag. Four sides of Rob is better than two, I always say!

  31. The zebra pattern Rob bag, definitely! Make us proud!

    • The zebra bag is ab-fab. Keep the black and white thing going. The pale pink adds a splash of femininity. The zebras add a bit of the exotic, what with them being unusual prey for the Cullens and all. It’ll be perf!

      • exactly! a very coordinated color scheme, with a touch of subtle baby pink and a hint of zebra wild.. classy yet edgy..
        completed with the badass K-Knot, of course..

        obviously we expect pictures..


  33. Girl,

    Really now. With an outit as *sophisticated* as that right there, you need to forgo the “homemade” bags and go for something really sophisticated.

    I suggest something in leather. It says that you’re a high-class.

    May I suggest:


    You’re welcome.

  34. Good luck, dear, you’ll knock ’em dead!

    Go with the GQ bag, it’s sooo stylish and will DAZZLE everyone in the room.

    That reminds me, don’t forget to splash your face with glitter before you leave!!!

  35. Okay, ya’ll can be 2nd hand embarrassed by this comment but the GQ one is actually really cool… Truth: I would never purchase it for myself. Fact: If it was gifted to me, I would totally wear it! … Rob never comes to Colorado! Right =] … right?!

    • Well, the GQ bag is obviously the highlight of the examples presented, but it is very likely (actually, without doubt) it will draw all the attention and the rest of the outfit would go rather undetected (and we can’t allow that since there are PattinsonPants involved here and deserve the full spotlight).
      I would go with the GQ bag on a completely monochromatic wardrobe. That way it can truly shine..

  36. LOL, you are the best UC! LOL!

    As far as the bag, I would definitely go w/ the GQ bag. He looks super-delicious in those photos.

  37. Definitely the GQ bags. The other ones totally clash with your outfit, however the GQ bags complement your outfit very well :]

    Pick that one!!

  38. […] outfit to wear when I see New Moon. You can imagine how much I’ve been thinking about this. UC has already pulled her perfect outfit together so I’m under the gun and I need to find the hottest, sexiest outfit that will make Rob stop […]

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