My perfect New Moon premiere outfit – Contest

Dear New Moon cast members,

We are 34 days from the premiere of New Moon and to be honest I’m started to freak out a little bit.That’s 34 days till every Twihard descends on Los Angeles to hunt you like dogs in the street. Ok, maybe it won’t be that intense. 34 days till UC and I are reunited again. 34 days till I get to meet tons of our awesome readers turned pals! 34 days till we make out with Chris Weitz to how our gratitude. But mostly there’s only 34 days for me to pick out the perfect outfit to wear when I see New Moon. You can imagine how much I’ve been thinking about this. UC has already pulled her perfect outfit together so I’m under the gun and I need to find the hottest, sexiest outfit that will make Rob stop dead in his tracks.

So I got to thinking that I should probably wear something comfortable since I’ll have to be able to punch and kick easily and the outfit needs to be able to last several days out in the elements as I’ll be sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the theater next to a hobo. Because of these prerequisites I’ve decided I should role with a tshirt and here are the options I’ve found…

I’m just a werewolf… not a mummy or a zombie or even a cookie monster. Sorry to let you down

Follow the cut to see my NM outfit and to learn about our CONTEST!

What else says romance and excitement of a new movie like “I Drink Your Blood?” That’s just poety. And Rob will be drawn to his face since it’ll be like looking in a mirror

Or there’s the stalker option. Letting you all know I will NEVER go away. EVER. Never. ever.

Now this one just confused me… should I wear this one in hopes a cast member gets confused and walks towards me thinking I’m a bathroom attendant? And what’s with the Roswell symbol in the middle?

You can’t see the back of the shirt but it says “WEAR this shirt like an idiot”

I was starting to get discouraged… would I ever find the perfect outfit to wear to the New Moon premiere? And then the clouds parted and

Beauty and elegance personified! Rob will see me from across the red carpet and RUN to me because he knows that anyone in a purple tutu with his faces between their boobs is his soulmate. Clearly.

And then I picked these awesome shoes because I’m going to need to be able to run. It’s not easy chasing after your favorite stars in stilettos. What better solution than New Moon themed Converse?

Now I need some jewelry to accentuate the look

Who doesn’t want to wear KStew’s craft project instead of diamonds? Give me string and poptops any day! It’s like giving a sign to Kristen that I’m one of her people!

And to keep all my goodies in…

With this  Edward Cullen basket purse on my arm I’ll be able to smuggle in not only my flask but my little dog Toto.

I had my entire outfit ordered and then I saw this…

Yup, a Vampire Pimp Cup! I immiately ordered this because what outfit is complete without a Pimp Cup? Of course I’ll probably need to add a few rhinestones to dress it up for the occasions but if you see a girl at the premiere in a tutu with a wicker basket for a purse and a Vampire Pimp Cup you’ll know it’s me! Please say hi and don’t alert security!

I Drink Your Blood,


And guess what in honor of finding my perfect New Moon outfit we’re hosting a contest!! Yup, that’s right another contest to give the best readers in the world the cool merch they deserve! You know how we talked about the CafePress contest a few weeks ago, well guess what! They are going to give our lucky winner a tshirt of their choice. And seriously, there are TONS of awesome one’s to choose from.

So you want the details?
Simply leave us a comment putting together the links to YOUR idea of the best/craziest/funniest/weird New Moon Premiere outfit using a CafePress shirt as part of the outfit. You can choose anything else you want from all over the interwebs (try Etsy, Google Image search) to go with it (purses, earrings, shoes, whatever!) and we will choose the best one! Now this is a ONE DAY ONLY CONTEST! You have till TONIGHT (Thursday) MIDNIGHT PST to comment your outfit/entry on this post.

What will you win?
Your choice of ONE shirt from CafePress’s Twilight store!! YEA!!

Now head over to CafePress to get started!

Share you favorite outfits over at The Forum
Laugh it up at LTR

*thanks to Etsy and Google image search for these fun treats*

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  1. Um, I’ve totally already planned my outfit.
    But I’m staying away from the Twi Chic range and opting for black and purple in an Alice-y style.
    Actually, it’s a Jayde-style too since I have similar style to Alice (no, seriousl. Well, that’s what I tell myself hahaha).
    But what a FAB idea for a contest!!
    Love, love love!
    Good luck everyone 😀


  2. Haha, wear that tutu, send me a pic & I will love you forever!

    I don’t have a New Moon premiere outfit yet, but I have one for my boyfriend (and not just for the premiere…):

  3. If you get the pimp cup, perhaps Rob will break into that classic Nelly song,

    “Pimp Juice.”

    Pimp juice – oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo
    I think I need to let it loose
    (might think I need to let it loose)
    Let her loose, let her loooooose
    She only want me for my pimp juice
    (that’s all she want me for f’real)

    I would pay good $$ to see him sing that. 😉

    The tutu looks like something my 4 year old would wear to dance. If you wear that, please get leg warmers. They complete the outfit.

  4. Oooh, what’s the LTT plan for the premiere? I wish I could come! (that’s what she said.)

  5. I’ll be wearing a mullet wig and a flannel shirt in the hopes that during the crowd frenzy, Rob will mistake me for KStew and pull me into the limo with him.

  6. Cool another contest!!!..Love the outfit you picked!! PERFECT.and I need leg warmers with the slash marks in them….I am jealous..can’t wait to see what UC is going to be sporting! . I want to be with all of you so bad AND if you are dressed in that get up, I would not even stand out…Well maybe I would, wearing my shirt that says: “I lost half my mind over Rob”.
    ummmm Moonie..just wondering if you were perhaps trying out the Vamp Pimp Cup to make sure that it held real liquor or you were just worn out from your debate with UC yesterday cause like you made some…dare I say Cyndi ..mistakes…examples: .”immiately” “and Chris Weitz to how our gratitude” Don’t get me made my day cause I was like Moon is showing me some love! LOL

  7. Phew. I’m glad you decided not to wear that tutu, Moon. I would have been soooooo embarrassing if we’d shown up in the same thing!

    I thought you said you were going to wear a sheet and cover yourself in feathers and bruises?

    • LMAO…Sheet and bruises =WIN

    • that is my outfit now. And since I’ll just be at the local mall, I won’t be crimping your style.

    • Ok, Moon, here you go.
      The shirt will tell Rob exactly who you are and what your agenda is.
      Now, we know Rob’s CONFIRMED ex-girlfriend was a tall one, and rumor has it that you are good on height yourself, so I think you should accentuate your um, assets and show off those great gams in this skirt. It’s got that Saga feel without really going overboard and that stylish pocket is perfect for keeping your phone, camera, Sharpies, roofies, and cards with your phone number within easy reach.
      You need to be able to chase, run, stomp 12-year-olds, and stand for hours at a time. These bad boys can do all that and make you look cute doing it. And tall. You’ll be able to see over the heads of any Crazy who tries to get in your way.
      You’ll want to show off your lucious locks, but you don’t want the wind to be whipping your hair around your face, so try out these sweet pins to keep your hair picture perfect.
      Last, but not least your bag should reflect the occasion while your necklace hints at things to come. IfyouknowwhatI’msayin’.

      Crossing my fingers I did all that code correctly…

    • Here you go, Moon.

      We’ll start with the cafepress shirt since Rob will obviously be checking out your rack. This shirt not only tells him who you are, but also what’s on your agenda.

      We all know that Rob’s CONFIRMED girlfriend is tall, and rumor has it Moon that you are tall, so I think it’s best we accentuate your height with a short skirt. This understated number allows you to show your support for the love of a lifetime while the stylish pocket is there to keep your camera, phone, Sharpie, roofies, and cards with your phone number within easy reach.


    • Here you go, Moon.

      We’ll start with the cafepress shirt since Rob will obviously be checking out your rack. This shirt not only tells him who you are, but also what’s on your agenda.

      We all know that Rob’s CONFIRMED girlfriend is tall, and rumor has it Moon that you are tall, so I think it’s best we accentuate your height with a short skirt. This understated number allows you to show your support for the love of a lifetime while the stylish pocket is there to keep your camera, phone, Sharpie, roofies, and cards with your phone number within easy reach.

      You expressed your need to chase, run, stand for days, and stomp 12-year-olds and these bad boys you can do all that AND look cute doing it. And the added height will allow you to see over the heads of all the Crazies.

      You’ll want to show off your luscious locks, but to keep the pesky wind from mussing your hair use these pins. They tell a story with so few words.

      Finally your accessories should commemorate what is past, the occasion at hand , and the promise of things to come.

      (crossing my fingers for the code…)

      • Yeah, and since *I* won’t be going to the premier I picked out an outfit for Moon… not me.. or maybe it’s because I didn’t read directions..

    • Sorry for the multiple posts, everyone. I’m the daily dumdum.

    • Um, AMAZING


    I am an idiot. & Don’t want to mess it up 46 times before I get it right.


  9. haha, love the “toilet”-shirt
    like EVERYBODY of my anti-twilight-friends
    calls it toilet. srsly xD

    • I’m sorry, there’s people who are anti-Twilight?! I didn’t know… I think that’s like how homophobic people are actually homosexuals in denial! Much to their chagrin, your Toilet crowd is actually going to the 2am in hopes of avoiding you. Nothing more embarrassing than being called out for what you really are.

  10. Ah, if only I weren’t leaving for vacay this afternoon. I’ve got some serious packing to do so no time to play dress up. Good luck!

  11. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter what tee-shirt you pick, just make sure you knot it up front like you know who, maybe mullet-ize your hair a bit and Rob won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

  12. The shoes are great. We used where those when I was a kid. Now they are collecter items. Cool. The tee shirts are great. Phils won 8-6.

  13. Dude… I just ordered the Vamp Pimp cup. For real. Only I prefer to call them the Elegant Conversation Pieces that may or may not result in uneasy looks from my dinner guests…

  14. Moonie, you could seriously wear a potato sack and still look awesome.

    Ok, total sidenote but sort of along the same lines. For bloggy people that are totally into Twilight you are some seriously stylish chicas. From the few pics we’ve seen (with the red ribbon) you ladies are always dressed SUPER cute. I’m proud to follow you into mayhem*!

    *mayhem being anything remotely Twi related.

  15. What, no Pattinson Pants? Or if you don’t want to step on PattinsonPants lady’s toes, how about Lautner Jorts? That shows everyone you’re fun and totally with the times.

  16. I can’t believe you’ve left out the Pattinson Pants!!!

  17. “Live like you’re in Forks, Love like you’re a vampire, laugh like your best friend is a werewolf.”
    Where’s the “Dance like you’re at prom with Edward?”

    • And they left out “Sing like Edward’s giving you an O on Isle Esme”

    • HAHAH! My fave one is the “Stupid lamb!” with a sheep jumping off a cliff into the ocean. So funny! It doesn’t really go with the skirt I’m going to wear though…

  18. Moon, PLEASE let me bedazzle your pimp cup for you!!!!!

    Wish that I could come down for the premiere…I would totally wear the tutu so we could look that kind of awesome.I can’t wait to see the photos and videos of LTT girl shenanigans…..


  19. Is that an Olson twin wearing the I Drink Your Blood shirt?

  20. I think the tutu with the converse shoes would be perfect. How about wearing the pattinson pants underneath the tutu? It would compliment it perfectly! Double wammy! I have go get a pimp cup asap! BTW
    G-Unit and I pre-ordered our tickets this week- we must get out outfit figured out.

  21. Uh, yeah…there are over 700 pages on esty alone for Twilight themed merchandise. That is straight up cuckoo bananas.

    Don’t have much time to peruse and suggest an outfit; I already spend way too much as it is on these websites and as a single lady, I need to keep my job. But might I suggest since there is a group of y’all attending the movie, why not do something as a group? You know, like in junior high when you and all your besties wore the same thing to school, because just in case your classmates didn’t already know it matching bracelets, keds or t-shirts definitely declared best friend status. Since UC already has her outfit picked out and the other ladies probably do as well, just do something subtle but still shows y’all are LTT girls and y’all are dedicated to Twilight.

    Look Hot

  22. And I’ll be needing a pimp cup immediately.

    What’s wrong with Jacob’s head on the stalker shirt? Is it just me or does he look totally effed up?

    I’m actually turning my midnight viewing into a pajama party. Jammies, hoodies, and a smuggled in 2 pound bag of Twizzlers. Life gets no better than that.


    • “What’s wrong with Jacob’s head on the stalker shirt? Is it just me or does he look totally effed up?”

      Well, sadly the shape shifting went terribly wrong and he doesn’t turn into a wolf…he’s a turtle.

  23. Snorts…..Pimp Cup

  24. i guess I’m gonna win this contest.. since No one else is trying..


  25. I’ll be wearing this on top. I may have some trouble fitting into it… but showing a little skin is

    always a good option. Maybe I can get a special order adult onesie. I hear bodysuits are back in style.

    Maybe I’ll pair it with a pair of these leggings to get

    that vampire sparkle going. Plus, if I catch the light right, maybe I can blind Rob long enough to throw a sack over his head and drag him off to my rented PT

    Cruiser. Employee discount, holla!

    Actually, I heard layering is in these days, so maybe I’ll throw these bad boys over my vamp-leggings

    to pay homage to the wolfpack. I may be Team Edward, but I can steal appreciate a pack of studly wolf-boys. Truth is, it’ll also help guard against sparkly cameltoe too. A win-win situation.

    Since I’ll probably be camping out on the sidewalk with you for days (I wish), I won’t be able to shower which means the hair will get pretty rank pretty quick.

    And unlike Rob and Kristen, that look doesn’t work for me… So I think I’ll top it off with this hat. I think it says I’m a free spirit with a love of tween

    vampire romance. Something for everyone.

    Finally, I’ll complete the outfit with these sassy shoes, but died

    blue. They’re a throwback to Bella’s satin ribbon heels in the Twilight book that drove Edward so crazy, so they’ve GOTTA work. They’ll also come in handy when

    trying to stomp some b*tches out of the way. Plus, they look simple enough to tear off in a hot second in the event I need to chase Rob down.

    Damn, I’m going to look fiiiiiiiine!

    • umm html fail. Wtf is up with all the unnecessary line breaks?! Sorry.

    • Sparkly cameltoe!!!

    • “sparkly cameltoe”

      Hot chocolate out my nose.

      The visual I have of this all together is beyond amazing…you are going to seriously dazzle Rob.

    • Awesome!

    • My daughter just turned 1 this week. Please purchase the onesie in her honor. You can deliver it to me when we meet up in JC (its approximately halfway between our respective homes) to see the premiere together.

    • you had me at the onesie!

      • Me too! You can find a way to make it work!

        • definitely. Even if you have to buy two, OR better yet, get two pasties: one the cullen crest (over your left nip, teamedward, duh) and the other the wolfpack cult tribal tat.

          If you’re feeling ballsy, skip the jorts and put another pasty of the Volturi coat of arms over your camel toe. Or you could put a pic of Ben (the Egyptian vamp who can control earthly elements) to tie in with camel theme. Maybe save that one for BD: Part II.

    • Sparkly Cameltoe will definitely catch Robward’s attention!


    • Asley Green IS bringing back the onesie, so you will totes be in fashion.

    • It has been brought to my attention (a.k.a. I just got around to reading Tiffanized’s comment) that I ignored the most important rule of the contest.

      So I’ll swap the original onesie out for this onesie. If I can’t get them to make this in a “grown-ass woman” sized bodysuit, then I may go with this tank top instead. I think it really gets the message across that “I’m a big fan and I love you, but you’ll want to do what I say because if not I might lose my shit and actually hurt you.” And that’s all I’m really going for.

      OK, entry amended (I hope that’s not against the rules). Sorry for my confusion/stupidity.

      • Heyyy: I dig the shoes. And just think, you can use them for BD: Part II as well…a la when she wakes up a vamp and jumps off the balcony to go huntin’

    • heyyybrother, i bow to your genius. and i want those shoes.
      wish i had time to participate, but i’m going to see where the wild things are. let the wild rumpus begin!

      my real premiere night outfit is jeans, a flannel, and a tshirt i got at the thrift store that says “i ❤ sparklers".

  26. I think the shirt and the tutu will go very well with the Twilight converse. Just make you have red tights to wear under the tutu :-).

  27. “You can’t see the back of the shirt but it says “WEAR this shirt like an idiot”

    Dear Moon,

    Are you psychic? Did you know that that was the EXACT phrase that was going through my mind when I read the shirt…? I think you’re magical. Oh, and p.s. haven’t we determined that Rob’s into boobs? I say go with the purple tutu outfit and the shirt with Rob… I mean’ Edward’s face on it. I think he’ll appreciate the visual. 😉


  28. For attracting the one and only Twi gaysian at the premiere:

    I’m pretty sure that shirt refers to a dog, but whatev. He’ll get the point.

    And of course, you have to have accessories with your outfit. Eric’s fav:

    Look Bella, a worm!

  29. This is pretty funny. My cuz and I just discussed last night whether or not we were sleeping on the streets beginning on november 19 or possibly 18th. Wow, I had no idea that we should be dressed for the occasion, we live in Maine so we were planning on being warm not stylish. Not to worry, I highly doubt Rob would be coming to Maine to see his own movie. Good luck to the rest of you putting you ensambles together! Love the shirt and whoever said the line, “dance like your at the prom with Edward”….if only!

  30. First put on this


    Wear this


    ! What isn’t cool about having Rob & KStew near your crotch?

    And this


    is perfect for your hair!

    Rob will definitely notice you in

    legwarmers complete w/ pumps & fishnets!

    And last but not least, the

    Cafepress shirt

    because we all know that Rob loves to be called Edward!

  31. Do you mean tonight FRIDAY? is the deadline.

  32. I was walking through my workplace about a week ago and saw a young girl wearing a NM t-shirt (if not the same, at least a lot like the stalker-Jacob version). I almost reacted to it. But then I heard a voice in my head that said “Don’t scare the tween.” So I kept myself in check.

  33. Since I will be at home {tear drop) I will be going naked with only strategically placed seaweed…sand and clam shells…oh yes and a big smile….

    • OK (shamefully hangs head) I was just reminded me I am thinking of the wrong book/movie…what a loser…I am currently watching all NM clips….definately lost in space day….I am giving myself a thumbs down…. 😦

      • @MidSin – I gave you thumbs up to cancel your thumbs down! It doesn’t matter that the ocean sex comes in a later book. All roads lead to Isle Esme.

      • I agree with Ang. I gave you thumbs up!

      • I love your seaweed and clam shells idea! Oh, and you’ll need eggs. For afterwards. Lots of eggs.

        • Eggs???? That boat sailed away from the dock a long time ago!!!!

          THANKS ANG..MILFY & KATIES S…I felt like such a twi-ass…

          • You’ll be freezing in that seaweed and clam getup! LOL.

          • @Mid-Sin – The eggs are for eating…not those kind of eggs! While on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn Bella eats a lot of eggs. Edward cooks for her too. So hot!

          • @Ang………OMG………I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!


          • @MS – NO! You must post and post often. You help me keep my inner Twi-dork polished.

          • Cydi, you’re the best. I totally didn’t mean those kinds of eggs, but I LOVE that your mind went there. Don’t you dare stop posting though!!! 😉

          • @Ang & Katie S….no seriously I am done posting…I feel like such idiot…I am not keeping up and its only going to get worse…I love all of you and will always be here reading your comments but this it’s just too embarrassing…even TS said that alot of what I post doesn’t make sense…it is humiliating…love ya all… xxoxo

          • @MidSin – There must be something wrong with me then, because you totes makes sense to me! Hmmm. Seriously, don’t leave us!

          • No! Don’t be sad… I kid because I love. And who is TS? You make more sense than I do on my good days! Trust me. You would be missed if you stopped posting here.

          • You gals are hilarious!

            MS your mind is so creative!!! LMAO! I was gonna say the eggs are for eating but Ang beat me to it! :-). Remember Bella was scarfing down eggs while they were on Isle Esme. Haha. I guess Renesmee was hungry!

          • MS – In the words of Bella after their makeout scene in her bedroom:

            “Hey, don’t go.”

            Please don’t go! Hang out with us! You make sense and even if you don’t, I don’t care, we love you!


          • @MS You didn’t say anything wrong. No need to feel bad or to stop posting. Scroll up, I posted the same thing like 4 times in a row. And I don’t even have an excuse!

            You are way too much fun around here to not post anymore. I usually scroll down through all the comments until I find yours as it is! ❤ your face and your comments.

  34. Okay. My New Moon Getup.

    A – Crappy wig in honor of the synthetic nightmares worn by Taylor, Jackson and Rosalie.
    B – Slutty Bella’s Wal-Mart cami (actually from Wal-Mart, on clearance for $6. Truth:
    C – Pink assless chaps, for riding motorcycles in my attempts to summon Ghostward.
    D – Pink and aqua Keds Slip-ons, Twilight themed. Comfortable AND fashionable. And they match my assless chaps.
    E – Cullen crest tattoo, because I am COMMITTED, dammit.
    F – Twilight flask. Because there’s no way this is happening if I’m sober.

  35. Ok- I don’t pay attention. I just emailed this to you guys. So here it is:A quilt-for sleeping on the sidewalk, of course.- My T shirt- skirt-,.The right underwear is important a jacket to dress it up a little,comfy shoes for standing in line,a roomy bag for souvenirs,hobo gloves in case it gets chilly,jewelry of course-can’t forget to accessorize-’m not sure if these are pins-if not, I can hot glue some pins on. I’m handy like that).And of course, earrings I think I’m all set-*sigh* wish I was really going.

  36. Apologies if this doesn’t work, as well. I already put in way more than the alloted 15 minutes. Yikes.

    I start off the look with the “classic” Mrs. Cullen t-shirt. This way there won’t be any awkward introductions.

    Moving on to the twinkle-sparkle wedding dress. Nothing says class like a wedding dress with it’s own power source.

    Under the dress I’d go with some tweed bloomers. You know, for “later”.

    I’d finish off the look with the TomStu “Mom” shoes circa 1986. Rob will be extra glad you paid attention to details.

    And the obligatory…

  37. the tshirt:
    (dead? really?)

    a long green skirt like Bella’s “meet the vamp parents” look

    (I actually could not find one as ugly as in my imagination. this will have to do)

    KStew’s super sexy boots from Twilight
    (and I know these are the right boots because I found them on Yahoo answers right after I answered a few totally reasonable questions about Edward and Rob and Robsten)

    Of course I’ll get my hair cut in a mullet style (re-cut, I should admit). here’s what Rob & I will look like in our family holiday card after we have our own little Rennesme

    When I’m hungry, I’ll have a few of these for a snack:

    And jewelry is so important to complete an outfit:–TWBV–Twilight-Apple-Tear-Drop-Necklace.htm
    Note the box it comes in.

    And if I get hot while chasing Rob down the street, I wipe my brow:–Twilight-Cullen-Family-Crest-Wristband.htm

  38. Top:

    Despite the fact that it’s a maternity shirt, the idea of Breaking Dawn themed maternity wear was just too creepy to pass up.


    Who doesn’t want to proclaim their love for Edward on a pair of Rocky Horror lips?

    Pants: A pair of jorts. Simple. Tasteful. Attractive. And of course, I’ll be pasting Chaske Spencer’s picture all over them, Pattinson-pants-lady-style.


    And, of course, these puppies:
    I’ll be opting for the optional Bella on the left ones.

    And although this isn’t part of an outfit, I’ll be bringing this along when I camp out in front of the theater to pass the time-

    Because if cross-stitching doesn’t say “normal fan,” I don’t know what does.

    I’m gonna look good.

  39. shoot – my comment with my links for my outfit did not appear. UC or Moon – are they showing up for you?

  40. Sorry if this is a double – didn’t seem to work last time. here goes again:

    my tshirt:
    (dead? really?)

    My “Bella meets the vamp parents” skirt

    (I imagine it uglier, but this was the best google image had to offer)

    My sex shoes
    (these are the ones KStew wore in Twilight, and I know this is correct because I saw it on Yahoo answers, right after I finished answering some incredibly reasonable questions about Edward and Robsten)

    This shows my haircut (and is a preview of mine & Rob’s holiday card in 2015 after we are married and have our own little Rennesme)

    In case I need to wipe the sweat from my brow:–Twilight-Cullen-Family-Crest-Wristband.htm

    No outfit is complete without a little jewelry–TWBV–Twilight-Apple-Tear-Drop-Necklace.htm
    (Note the box it comes in)

    And finally, to snack on when I get hungry:

  41. I should’ve mentioned..when you comment w/ more than 3 links, wordpress spams you.. so we have to auto-approve. if you don’t see your comment right away, we’ll get it approved, have no fear!


  42. Two words: Pattinson. Pants. Maybe add the tutu and the creepy white Edward t-shirt along with the shoes, tacky bracelet. Leave the purse thing somewhere else – you’ve got pockets in those Pattinson Pants!! Def wear shoes but get your own Cons to decorate with your own unique style.

  43. Alright, I’ve got it.

    Starting out with the t-shirt, because really? what better way to not have to choose between Edward and Jacob AND really get their attention:

    Pair it with this skirt, since the Twilight New Moon cast definitely can’t resist the plaid and BONUS, Ralph Lauren can photoshop you into a skinny toothpick!:

    Then the basic black leggings because Bella wouldn’t go without them:

    The shoes because you’ve got to continue the Jacob/Edward theme with having their pictures on each of your shoes and the leggings look isn’t complete without Converse:

    For a bag, I would suggest something that will securely hold all your overnight needs and really stand up to being lugged around outdoors. This is perfect. Plus when Rob stops to talk to you about how great it is you can tell him how you found it at your favorite vintage store:

    The jewelry is obvious. You MUST rock out the traditional ice/wolf charm bracelet:

    Oh and don’t forget this if you are over the age of 18:

    And for sleeping you must have the hot pink sleeping bag:

    I think that that about does it!

  44. I don’t have a link…because I’m keeping the final product under top secret clearance!
    But, because you guys make me giggle at the most inappropriate times, I’m willing to share the idea with you…

    I’ll be the girl wearing the dress made entirely of pepperoni Hot Pocket boxes, with plaid underwear underneath.
    Even if I don’t win the contest – I still win!


    That’s what I’ll wear if I can’t get enough Hot Pocket boxes by then…

    • I love that you used that website! You rock just for that. Not to mention that stupid, shiny star right in the middle 😉 Better than charcoal I say…
      The issue with the hot pocket boxes is that the more you eat, the more you’ll need.

  46. Here’s my lovely premiere outfit:

    I think the mullet wig is the best way to attract attention. People might mistake me for Kristen!

  47. Alright LADIES….there aren’t enough TEAM JACOB costumes on this contest, so I’ll be representing. It is the “Year of the Werewolf” don’tcha know!

    I’ve thought long and hard about this one *that’s what she said* and here’s what I’ll be wearing:

    This is the PERFECT outfit to attract my favorite wolfpack! Usually they stick to their own species, so if you can’t beat ’em, join em! I mean, what he wolf can’t resist his she wolf?

    I’ll be carrying a bag…this bag…
    full o these with me to distract any *ehem* protective parents, aka “Big Daddy”. These should keep him busy while I work my magic:

    and last but not least, the perfect pair of shoes to top it all off:

    Can’t wait to show you all my outfit!

    Ash Frag

  48. Footwear first because a good night can easily be ruined by incorrect feet attire – comfy and warm

    Wolf head slipper….

    Working from the feet up check out these bad boys…plaid leggings…

    Because you can’t sacrifice fashion and t-shirt dresses are all the rage in London darling -This design on an XXL t-shirt worn as a dress…
    Sometimes you gotta say it how it is.

    And to top it off this beut. of a hat.

    Also a pair of these earrings made from recycled Vodka bottles so you would be wearing “Little Bottles”
    Absolut Vodka Bottle Earrings

    I would also use eyeliner to write the words “Barnes Rocks” on each cheek.

    Would carrying a doll wearing a Renesme romper suit be going to far?

    Thanks Mrs H x
    BTW you guys must have been eating WIN this week as your letters have been full of it.

    • Oh wow. Those earrings are actually kind of cool in RL.

      I have to say though, those leggings are a godsend. You’ll even fit in for the St. Marcus day festival!

  49. I’m here, but I’m going to go buy the NM soundtrack at Best Buy. Only $9.99! Are they out of their mind?! So chuffed.

    • Lucky. For some sucky reason you can’t get it here (UK) until Monday – even on itunes.

    • OMG. Just bought it. So so so so so good. 🙂 I was having heart palpatations as I opened it and put it into my CD player for the drive back from Best Buy.

      So, LTT-ers exclusive tip of today: If you are going to Best Buy to purchase your NM soundtrack because you can’t wait for it to come in the mail (totally normal), it will come up as $13.99 when the ring it up. However when you search for it on Best under “New Moon soundtrack” there are multiple options that come up. Someone, somewhere may have errored and it’s only $9.99 online. Anyway, let the cashier know that you searched for “New Moon soundtrack” on and it came up as only $9.99! They will have to verify etc. etc. But it should come up as that. If they keep seeing it as $14.99, tell them that you searched just “New Moon soundtrack” (NOT “Twilight New Moon soundtrack”) and that it came up with the cover image and everything. If all of that fails, cry. Or pay the $3 more, or just order it offline, hell it’s even offering free shipping! 🙂

      I had to ask someone for the soundtrack in the CDs section because someone forgot to alert them to put up their big display and they still had them all in boxes. ::rolls eyes:: Can’t these people keep up?!

      Anyway, AMAZING OST, and AMAZING price. It’s originally $18.99, by the way, so this is like nearly half price!

      Also, for tomorrow or Monday, I think we should do a re-breakin’ it down Vanity Fair style for the soundtrack now that we have the actual songs. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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