Perfect Sunday activity: The Twilight Art Gallery

Dear Art lovers,

It’s Sunday- the perfect day to take a stroll scroll through the Twilight Art Gallery.

First up, we have a beautiful depiction of what it is like when Jacob dreams of Bella:


Apparently Jacob dreams that Bella has a brown bear coming out of her head. And Raven claws for hands...

You can find this masterpiece on Etsy for a mere $8.00

Next we have a beautiful pencil drawing of Edward:


Edward "Crooked-face" Cullen

This, also available on Etsy, is a steal for $5.00

Our next artist has done a beautiful job depicting what Edward might look like as a drag queen.

Unfortuneately, "Drag Queen Edward" was not her intended result...

Unfortunately, "Drag Queen Edward" was not her intended result...

Add this to your collection of “Handsome men turned drag queen creepers” for a mere $15

And last but not least, introducing the perfect addition to your outfit the next time you stalk Robert Pattinson in a foreign country, men’s bathroom or the secret garage under his hotel:


I'm less afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF than I am of these shoes...

Perfecting your outfit for Rob Pattinson stalking does not come cheap. These custom shoes are $130.

This concludes our Sunday tour of the Twilight Art Gallery. I hope you are inspired!


Thanks for Sara & Li Li for the links!

Cleanse your mind with actual good Twilight art: Bella and Deepest Loss

*Etsy links not shown to protect the artist we are making fun of honoring. If you would like to puchase one of these pieces, please e-mail us & we’ll be happy to send you to their Etsy stores.  And then we will make fun of you. Behind your back. And probably publically.

Not sure what else to do on a lazy Sunday? Hop on over to LTR then to The Forum

33 Responses

  1. […] Thanks itsonlyme, Robsessed and wherever else I saw these pics! Spend a leisurely day at the Twilight Art Gallery over at Letters to Twilight […]

  2. Those shoes…bleeeeeh

  3. okay, erhm, i think the first one is a nice idea but brought to paper badly.
    the second is a lame-o copy of a twiposter.
    the third is creepy because you can tell what pic´s been the original to this “let´s turn hot robert into creep-drag edward”-nightmare. (and it´s on canvas, that means someone was really sure about doing this piece. shiver.)
    and the shoes… horrid, even though you have to admire how much effort they must have been taking.
    (lady pattinson-pants is still the queen of rpattz-couture.)

  4. I’m glad my artist talents only include knitting “sparklepeen’s” and lurking behind Dumpster’s “ifyouknowwhatI’msaying”……….

    • Ruby, is there a photo of knitted sparklepeen? I would really, and I mean REALLY like to see it! Really.

      • Hop on to the forum- the archives- tuesday stewsday 06/08- page 4 and lo and behold knitted sparklepeen….

        • Oh Ruby, I heart you so much right now. WISH that I had that amount of talent. My craftiness is totally unrelated to Twi-anything or sparklepeens, oh well.

          I especially like the jaunty scarf!!

  5. Ah….still eagerly anticipating the LTR/LTT commissioned work of art…

    UC, Moon and Rob riding on a Unicorn…perhaps incorporating black velvet?

    Eating cookies? Holding an apple? Wearing Pattz Pants? ‘Art’ sweater? A random floating Dad/Mom case? Is this do-able? Is it weird that I want this as my screensaver?

    • Pro-3, you are brilliant as usual. I am a crafty gal, and could probably pull this piece off in some kind of multi-media collage, my drawing skills are nil. Maybe we could collaborate. Do you have any helpful tips for hiding said art piece from Mr LPB?

      • @LaPush… I must be some kind of evil. Because Mr. Pro has no, and I mean NO idea that I want to make sweet, nasty love to twenty-three year british cougar bait, and his seventeen year old fictional doppleganger, that I read fan fiction smut relating to said fictional character, that I have found ‘friends’ on a blog writing letters to said cougar bait, that I have reread the books relating to said fictional character so many times that excerpts fall randomly out of my mouth at inappropriate moments without my consent, that I cyber ‘stalk’ said cougar bait for new info/pictures daily (ok hourly, um….never mind.)

        I could continue…

        All that to say…I believe that either Mr. Pro is ‘incredibly unobservant’ (there I go again…this time it works) OR I am a Twi-concealing Ninja!

        If I can harness this dark gift into some sort of collective ability, I will share happily with you and anyone else who cares to partake.

        Dare we craft, twi art so deliciously atrocious that it will raise the echelon of twi crap everywhere to levels so unattainable that fangirls will implode with glee? Yes, yes we should. Or….we could just laugh about the potential of this concept?

        And P.S… likey the new avatar! 🙂

        • Ya….I just had a coffee.

          • @ Pro3!! Sometimes we are on a serious mindmeld…..NOT ONLY am I on my 4th coffee of the day, BUT Mr LPB is just as clueless!! –about ALL those things you mentioned. I thought he was catching on when I went to see the movie in the theater the third time, then again when I almost passed out when the RP GQ showed up (his cousin sends a subscription, I am the only one who reads it then give it to my gay BFF), and again when I bought the DVD at Target–he raised his eyebrows and then asked to watch it, (good boy.) But that was back in March, and I have been laying pretty low, so I think he is firmly back into Cluelessville. (I pretended it was gay BFF who wanted to see Little Ashes, totally worked)

            If I had mad photoshop skillz, I would make you that screensaver….maybe I can get a tutorial from my son, he’s the whiz kid….

            Twi-Concealing Ninja should be your pen name when you start writing your own FanFics! I know for sure that Mr LPB has no clue about me reading FF, I am SO glad to have my own computer so I don’t have to cover my tracks!

            (I felt very accomplished when I got my new avatar, my old alien got replaced randomly, and I didn’t like the new one as well as the old one….)

          • I know, right?

            Ignorance is bliss! Listen, Twilight/Fanfic hubs aren’t hurting….ifyaknowhatimsayin. They should be sending Rob
            royalty checks. 😉

  6. Despite the fact that these people are clearly sorta talented, and can draw a bazillion times better than I ever could, these pictures are still rather embarrassing to look at.

    Thanks for making me laugh!


  7. Pleas tell me these are not actual Chuck All-Stars that have been tainted. Please tell me they are a $10 KMart knock off. Yikes.

  8. Is it wrong to pimp my own thread on the Forum? ‘Cause if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right! I’m obsessed with crap Twi-merch, especially with the crazy on Etsy, so I started this thread:

    It will make you laugh and cringe. I promise. All right, done pimpin’.

  9. I know creativity is different for everyone and hence interpretation of your thoughts is always unique. Even when we read the same book, the version of our imagination of any description in the book will be dissimilar.

    And I think as long as you have inspiration like Twilight saga and Rob is there, gems like these would always be around and would surface and resurface almost all the time. In addition we are very open minded so we will notice them no matter how it makes us feel.

    Best wishes for future inspiration and interpretation.

  10. I think the world would combust (but I would probably pay to see) if ms. pattinson pants got a hold of the edward shoes and then added a Team Edward shirt and maybe the Von Trapp shawl all together in one outfit. Accessorized with a Bella Bracelet, Cullen Crest and a wolfpack tattoo. Again, the world would probably combust, but it’d be a hoot to be seen (yes, a hoot)

  11. I sort of love those shoes, weird creepy faces and random quotes, love it, but they are way out of my price range. ….

    I really love that people get inspired to make things, I do, I like to make stuff too. I just don’t know where the line is crossed into “this is so awesome someone will buy it on Etsy!” “And I will price it $100 over what I paid retail for the original thing!!”

  12. I am sorry, but I can’t help but think of the line “It took me 3 hours to finish the shading on your upper lip”

  13. Ummm… do you think if I make an entire outfit dedicated to Twilight, that I will make lots of money on it? I mean. We already have Pattinson Pants… why not A Stewart Shirt, or Rathborne hat? What about a Lutz purse?

    No? Not your forte?

    Damn. I was hoping to make millions!! Or at least going to Twicon and having Jackson fall in love with me because of my amazing fashion statement?

    I would SO fit in at a 100 Monkey’s concert, no??

  14. What *is* it about Twi-Hards and their love of the ridiculous shoe-as-art?!

    Those Connies are right up there with Pattinson Pants and those Eclipse Keds…sooo bad…so funny…so good…

  15. Score, you posted my creepy photo that I found. Love it.
    Let’s get Twilight shoes/flip flops and wear them to The Tuck.

  16. UC – xoxo!! it makes me scream every time!

    (and glad i’m not the only (ahem) older twi/Rob fan that has to hide it from the husband. So far i am definitely a twi-concealing ninja)

  17. Why is there a claw coming out of Bella’s cooch on the first pic? *shudders*

  18. I think bear bella looks more manly than the crooked face drag edward. just saying.

    and the shoes….want to know the worst part? ive seen those before. IN REAL LIFE. ON SOMEONES FEET. IN DAYLIGHT.
    I almost cried. because I was loling so hard.


  19. oh and the good twilight art is freaking beautiful times ten. I wish I had prints of them in my home.

  20. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  21. Ok, I was going through older posts and noticed that first picture…
    Are you sure that was made for Jake & Bella?? Because I’m pretty sure that’s from Bram Stoker’s Dracula… you know where Lucy’s out in the yard all orgasm-y like and the wolf comes along…
    Now that I think about it… that sounds like Kristen, maybe she was dreaming of Jacob being in her room.

  22. […] had  my eye on these bad boys ever since I posted them in the Twilight art gallery a few months ago.  What a perfect time to break them […]

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