Another Jackson post… yet again

jacknashDear Jacksper-

Since we didn’t get to rock out with you and that thing you call a band this week (Thanks for canceling by the way, whatever it’s not like UC and I are together every Tuesday my dear but anycrap…) We’re apparently going to OD on posts about you instead. See what you do to us? Please see us through this phase!

One of the great and sometimes embarrassing things about being a loud n proud Twilight fan is that people will send you links to everything Twi-related. Mostly it’s crap we’ve seen before, I mean we do run a Twilight/Rob blog after all, but still this means sometimes you get some real goodies that fall between the cracks. Like this little gem to the left here…

With all the hoopla surrounding Team Wolves and big reveal and Rob going into hiding and other crap we somehow missed this cuteness from Vancouver. And ain’t nothing like a little Jacksper and Ashley real life action. Cause this shiz is too cute for words. It’s like seeing Alice and Jasper in real life just out gettin’ coffee, ya know just another day in the neighborhood.

Jackson's got nothin' but a smile for you!

Jackson's got nothin' but a smile for you!

First off, tell Ashley since we’re now BFF’s to please share her boots, not the handbag. Kthanx.

Secondly, Jack ( hope you don’t mind if I call you Jack cause that’s what I’ve named your folder on my computer) this is re-donk-ulously adorable. Like in that you-look-like-a-high-school-crush-of-mine kinda way. Not so much the hat but the smile and the dimples. I just wanna poke my finger in one of them. Oh and the hair! Don’t cover it up! Have I ever told you about my curly hair fetish? People who know me well know I call it “the curly hair factor.” Chances are if you have curly or wavy hair I will be stupidly in love with you for no reason. Curly hair boys can do no wrong in my book. Now don’t use that to your advantage or tell Rob he needs to get a perm, cause his hair is wavy and perfs.

Ok, now that you know that will you please come back to LA and play with your ridiculous band so UC and I can rock out to some curly hair.


PS ray bans, always the ray bans PLEASE!

PPS if you love us and you love Rob please vote for us at the Dazzle Awards! We’re up against some stiff competition and we’re currently in 4th place but I BELIEVE!!! We can do this people. IN OUR TIME! Now get over there and scroll down to best rob fansite and choose wisely!

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  1. Hahaha Moon blogs that she’s a ‘loud and proud’ Twilight fan, and in contrast UC blogs that she ‘keeps her mouth shut’ about Rob/Twilight when she’s out and about in public. Love it.

    Also, something else I love – Jacksper in ALL of those pictures from Robcouver earlier this month. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them. He’s totes inexplicably adorable and I want to be his best friend. Hell, I want to be best friends with ALL of them – except Nikki & KStew because I only have fake lesbian love for my girls at LTR.

    PS. –
    I just blindly Googled the phrase “inexplicably adorable” to make sure I could use that and that I would be using is correctly and the first result that came up was:
    “Lady Bracknell – Little Ashes Review, Random Fangirl Edition
    It is inexplicably adorable. He dances. Twice. He is every inch as awkward doing it as you imagine he might be. He looks really cool riding a bike. …”

    True story. Blindly Google is yourself and see… I laughed.

    • ha ha ha Robcouver …love it!!

    • HAHA that is funny now that you’ve pointed it out we wrote those things on the same day.

      girl, it takes all kinds to run these sites. i’m the one who will talk to anyone about twilight, jump into other peoples convos, tell them to visit LTT/LTR and hello take pics of mini edward in VERY public places. UC is the best emailer, writer, and networker! we are the dynamic duo!

      ps i too have a deep thing for jacksper he is too flipping cute for words. AND can i just say it’s refreshing to see one of these stars SMILING in a pap picture!

  2. Wow…I knew Jackson was a hottie, but damn! I sure wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

    And yes, when you guys are done with the boots, I need a turn with them because they are ADORABLE!!

  3. You do know that Kellan has naturally curly, blond hair don’t you? Yet another reason to love all things Twilight! And, I ran over to Dazzle Awards and voted for you guys–you always slay me!

    • i have seen some pics of the kellan curly hair!!! in fact they are in my archives for a SPECIAL post down the road…

      and THANKS for voting!! we’re gonna do this thing!

  4. Um…I LOVE that fringed bag she’s carrying. So fabulous.

    We can still be friends, though. ‘Cause I love me some Jackson and his ridiculous band.

  5. ROFLMA…b/c I am picturing Rob with/getting a perm! HA HA HA

    And you are right he is adorably cute, which is great, but Rob is HAWT and Manly! GRRR!

  6. they both seem super die if jacksons band came to pittsburgh..he’s def a hottie.

  7. Dear Jacksper,

    Sorry the LTT gals made fun of your Elvis-fabulous bouffant last week. And sorry that we, their faithful fans, took it even further by speculating about why you would appear in public with said ‘do. I see our comments might have appeared “mean-spirited” and we’ve driven you to wear a beanie that makes your head look a bit flat and misshapen. We sincerely apologize for these transgressions and assure you that it was “all in good fun”.

    Hoping to see you soon with a less rectangular head,

    P.S. Keep rockin’ the shades!

  8. Ashley’s fringed bag would go perfectly with a fringed jacket I have. I think. Well, maybe not, that might be a bit too much fringe. Damn. *sigh*

    Jackson is looking much better in this picture, I wonder if he minds that his hat will totally flatten his bouffant? I am guessing not.

  9. oh i love me some jackson/jasper. thats all i can say.

  10. Hmmm… I want to say that Jackson had actually shaved his head by the time these pictures were taken in Robcouver. Maybe that’s why he was wearing the beanie around town.

    And to quote Lainey, “HELL-OH. I am definitely on Team Jasper. He is a BEAST.”

    I hear you, girl. This was one of Lainey’s only times where she actually made sense.

    • lainey is a whack-a-doo but im glad she’s got somebody on the inside to bring us the scroop!

  11. W.O.W–Love Jackson, love Kellan, LOVE Rob…..Although CH may not have done the best in making Twilight I believe we as fans owe her our EXTREME GRATITUDE for casting all this HOTNESS!!
    @moon…I am so with u on the curly hair and the dimples….dimples are my curly hair…and they SLAY me EVERY TIME……and all these boys have them to a certain degree…I think Kellan’s are my absolute faves though….Is it weird to wanna lick someones face??? ROFLOL 😛

  12. @Mrs.P It is totally NOT weird to want to lick someone’s face at all. And I am not just saying that because every time I see Rob smile I want to run my tongue over his front teeth, in a nonsexual kind of way of course!

  13. Alright.. since there is all this Jack love.. I shall share a secret with you all.

    A few weeks ago, I was terriably sick. I know, sob. But anyways.. so I had to take this horrid cough medicine that had codeine in it. Well I would dream of Robward everynight..except for one. And in this dream I was totally mackin on Jasper..all pasty, pained faced and bugged eyed. Yes, Twi Jasper. It was beautiful. Then towards the good part of the dream, the one where you dont want to wake up from, I hear: Dawn Dawn..hey Dawn.. it was my son waking me up. I was apparantly kissing my pillow. Yes I made out with my Jackperillow (Isnt that a name of a tree?)
    And I am not at all ashamed..well maybe a little.

  14. jackson looks freaking adorable. and im totes loving them hanging out.

  15. I bet no one ever sent you this:

    is a game of RPatz to dress him up as if he was your doll… even tho you can leave him naked too xD ❤

  16. Um bat twirling + these photos = I finally comprehend why Team Jasper exists. I wasn’t totally sure before, but now I get it.
    And I so ❤ him and Ashley hanging out.
    p.s. I had a vision of Rob with a perm and I enjoyed it a lot.

  17. He is quite adorable! But…if only his hair was in it’s natural (messy/curly) state. It sadly….is not. =[

    Remember the “bouf”?

    ….oh my.

    The Lyle Lovett hair-don’t?!

    I’d prefer he left the hat on…at least until his sexy mess of curls come back! =D

  18. love Love LOVE me some Jackson!!!! Maybe even more than Rob…..maybe not…..depends on the day.

    I love seeing him and Ashley together, awwww.

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