2nd Hand Embarrassed – Jacob/Renesmee

Dear Stephenie Meyer-

I’ve always been a little weirded out with the whole Jacob/Renesmee imprinting scenario, never mind how I can NEVER spell “Renesmee” correctly. But that’s a different post for another day. Back to Jacob and Renesmee… seriously though I understand it’s not like a sick-o gross pedi thing and I get that it totally adds another wrinkle to the storyline that make the future possibilities OH SO interesting but STILL.

We’ve all been there, we’ve convinced a friend to read the Twilight saga and they’re WAY into it, then they get to Breaking Dawn and you inevitably get the text late at night that says “JACOB IMPRINTED ON RENESMEE?? WTF!?” And then you have to explain yes, a 17 yr old boy is oddly “in love” with Edward and Bella’s baby.   UH YEA. I find the “I’m unexplainably drawn to love/protect/obsess/someday marry” a baby storyline super weird.com. And bordering on some Dateline NBC shiz.

So when I saw this fanmade video I knew it was gonna be some whacky stuff and it did NOT disappoint.

Please Stephenie, write the Jacob/Renesmee story so I can wash these bad memories out of my brain!

Mildly creeped out…

More thoughts after the cut

  • Uh whats with Renesmee’s mile long dress??
  • LOVE Bella’s (kstews) WHAT THE EEFFFF face at .42 even she thinks this is whacky
  • 1.21 CHESTER ALERT!!!! Call Chris Hanson!!!

Oh god… I can’t do it anymore!

67 Responses

  1. OMG
    i’m So creeped out. SOOO CREEPED OUT

  2. I was sort of ok with the jacob/renesmee thing..now not so much.
    or rather not so ok with the video. WOW…….

    • hahahaha

      I don’t know what’s creepier though, that

      1) The whole situation is so messed up


      2) The video is actually really really well done

  3. Hm, I actually thought the video was quite good (except for the ending). I mean, of course Bella is creeped out, because the video obviously follows the story of breaking dawn. And it was well done, with all these various, unrelated movie-excerpts combined so that in the end, it really looked quite convincing. So, ok, the song wasn’t the best, but I’m opposed to saying the video is bad since it is essentially the story of Breaking dawn. So all one could actually do is accuse breaking dawn of “badness”, but not the video for taking that said badness (which is, in my opinion, not so bad) and putting it to life.
    I’m not saying I didn’t find Jacob/Renesmee (wow. had some trouble spelling, too) weird. But … yeah. Already made my point.

    • we love differing opinions!!!!! Thanks for the comment XO

    • the video quality and looks are awesome! they did a great job! im mostly talking about the weirdness of the imprinting thing playing out on video

    • Hamnoo, hmm, that is a fair point. The video is faithful to its source material, and all the probs I have are from the source. There’s nothing the viedo’s creator added or embellished that was creeping me out.

  4. Sorry, the whole last book kinda of left a bad taste in my mouth. I didnt dig the whole imprinting on a child thing. Especially since its a child. I mean a teenager who is like… I dont know 16-17, I could see that. But not a newborn.. odd. But she really did set it up for us in Eclipse. So, I wasnt suprised.

    If I had authored that book, I would have had a lot different ending.. but with Jacob actually going away, coming back when she is say.. 16-17, then imprinting. I think that would have been a more *swallowable* situation. Even though Jacob handled it *well*..

    With that being said.. the book was good, the situation that is going to spark in the mainstream is going to cause a lot of controversy, mark my words.

    But yea, the whole thing is super creepy. And as a mother to a small child, he is 5, its more creepy.. blech. Steph kinda dropped the ball on that.

    Love ya guys!

  5. ick…that vid..i couldnt watch past 40 secs in..and i didn’t like breaking dawn..at all..in fact there’s alot about all of the books that i didnt like..im pretty certain rob is the main driving force of my fandom.

    • I haven’t read that bit just yet, but I’ve known about the imprinting thing between Jacob and Reneesme for some time now. The relationship between Quil and Claire helped me getting used to the idea, and Stephenie sure did come up with a turn that I, for one, didn’t expect…

      Just have to say; THANK YOU, UIC & TMID for these heart piercing letters with wit, humor, intelligence and insight. You make my days far more colourful. 🙂
      Love, Karina.

    • thats interesting to hear!! ive always wondered if there were folks who liked certain actors (ahem rob) more than the series and how that would keep them interested!

      love is melissa

  6. OK, that video is creepy! The longing glances between “Jacob” and a child, the song. nah. I think Edward would have ended Jacob immediately after he “imprinted” on his baby. I wasn’t as creeped out while reading the book as I was watching that video.

    I like Dawn’s idea of maybe Stephenie should have maybe done it differently. LIke do a prologue – 15 years later – Jacob imprints on Renesmee now that she is a woman and Edward and Bella are still banging each other like there’s no tomorrow. That would have been much better.

    • yes.. maybe jacob should have just been the BEST big bro/friend/uncle ever.. then s. meyers could come back in the future withi a great love story for them! (i still hope she does & think she will)

      • agreed, it should have played out like this. but i think smeyers felt like she needed to set up that storyline for down the road post twi-saga and this is sadly how it turned out.

  7. uber creepy i couldn’t finish watching that craptastic crap!

  8. I can’t finish that video either… Imagine being Reneesme…you’re making out with your boyfriend and then he tells you that you kiss like your mother….ewwww…and then he tries to explain they only made out because he was emotionally blackmailing her to get her away from your dad….too weird.

  9. I have no words.
    That is all.

  10. Ewwww… Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t totally creeped out with the situation in Breaking Dawn (I’m with Dawn, we were set up for that already).

    BUT I am creeped out by this video. And what is with the Jacob in the vid?!? Could he be ANY creepier?!?

  11. Why…why did I press play? (Oh right, cuz I have a sick facsination with fanvideos.) I’ve never been able to wrap my head around THAT storyline…I try to pretend that it didn’t happen.

    Is it possible to wash my mind?

    • with you I try to act like there is NO Renesemeesesee yea think I spelled that right…I mean come on…no Edward and Bella time..nope just bam…here you go BABY …yea I almost tossed the book and about cried..but I pushed through..

    • ME TOO!!! i can’t stay away from fanvideos. and its weird cause i HATE embarrassing situations so sometimes i have to pause it for a second and then hit it again. LOVE the weirdess of fanmade videos!

  12. why do people insist on making stuff like this? ugh so gross. i personally could have done without the whole entire renesmee storyline, not just the jacob/nessie part, the whole idea of renesmee.

    • I liked the story line.. but im with you. Without her the story would have been okay. I guess she wanted Bella to have that happy ending..I dunno. I just thought it really odd as well, that Bella had this sort of detached feeling toward Nes. I dunno.. I have heard that SM was fiddling with the idea of creating a whole new series based on Jacob and Ness. I would however, love to see books from Alice’s POV.. just me, but she really kept me into the books.. her character is fab.

      Am curious, who the heck is going to play her in the movie..meh. I feel like I need to be clensed in blech. I have no idea how the heck they are going to be able to get that emotion across screen with actors.. its just gross. Poor Taylor..

      • “I have no idea how the heck they are going to be able to get that emotion across screen with actors.. its just gross. Poor Taylor..”

        -oh my….I’ve never even considered that before! How will they? It’s one thing to read it, but…..uh….seeing Taycob look all ‘googly-eyed’ at a CGI infant/toddler?!

        Weird…and kinda creepy.

        • Agreed. Its just not something that I can see Taylor being able to pull off. I would have a issue with that if I was a actor.. but then, thats why I am not a actor.

          My friend Lor just said to look at in the sense that its not a romantic love, that is even shown, its something that is sensed.. but in the book its written more on the terms of *a deep caring*..

          So when looking at like that.. I can see how that is okay.. its still creeps me out though..

          But with that being said.. I would love for Taylor to come over.. I have some laundry that needs to be done.. and I see some abs that look fit for work.. rarr.

          Wait!!! How old is he?

      • im still wondering how in god green world theyre going to do the whole renesemee being born/edward tearing up her stomach/turning her into a vamp scene.


        and yes POOR POOR taylor. but i feel like if anyone will GET IT and treat it NOT creepy it will be taylor. i seriously have all confidence in him now.

        • Yeah, I’ve wondered about that before, too – I’ve read a couple of blurbs from SM where she says that she’s basically not sure how they could ever do a movie off of BD. It’s a huge book, number one, and she said she would be really worried about the way Renesmee would be done, since she’s physically a human baby, but she’s completely self-aware

        • ive had many a long discussion with my bffs about how they would make it into a movie and we have all finally agreed that a whole third of that book will be a montage. like they will get married and then go to isle esme, start sexin a bit, and then it will be clips of eating eggs every morning and swimming snorkling, an “omg im preggers scene”, flashes of bella practically dying, then it will be all serious and frantic and lots of blood but nothing really shown, then ending with happy baby hybrid vampire hunting like a pro. then the movie would pick up the book from there.

          obviously thats just my opinion, but i think no matter how it translates to film its not gonna be like the book at all. which, in all honesty may not be a bad thing. BD was def my least favorite.

  13. Dear MOON,

    How could you? Do you not love me at all? I mean honestly, I was just having my english muffin with peanut butter and honey..hit the play button and well I won’t get in to details but OME…Ok and just for the record I love the Lemony Snicket series..read most of them with my son..but no no no some things just should not be shown…Ok searching for phone book..
    T-H-E-R-A-P-I-S-T 976-HELP!


    • i am truly sorry but we are in this together.

      please send your therapy bills to:
      somewhereville phoeniz, az


  14. OK, I have no problem with Jacob imprinting on Nessie…yeah, it was weird at first, but whatever. I got over it when Edward referred to Jacob as “my son” at the end of Breaking Dawn. OH SOB!!!!! That slayed me.


    I will NOT watch this video…other than the first 11 seconds I just viewed. ‘Cause that, my friends, is the delicious Steven Strait in “The Covenant,” and that, my friends, is programming that should NEVER EVER EVER be messed with. I love that movie. I love Steven Strait. I will preserve the sanctity and purity of my memories of him as Caleb Danvers, the sexy, badass male witch in “The Covenant.”


    • Yes, he is yummy.. and now he is forever tainted in my mind as a baby *lover*..

    • i don’t so much have a problem with the imprinting either, LA.. and i don’t really care about steven straight.. but that vid effed me up

      • I can totally see your POV.. its not the imprinting thing so much.. but that it was a newborn.. and Bella’s..just is weird is all.

        Steven is cute.. but he is no Robward or Taycob..not even close. But seeing that vid was so.. Well it was wrong. It had this ick factor.. made my skin crawl. Blech.

  15. I had to stop at 23 seconds in. I cannot go on.

  16. Um…. I hereby add to the resounding chorus of “CREEPY”.
    I admit, I kind of like the Jake/Nessie storyline, because after I got over the initial shock of imprinting on a baby and was reassured that it wasn’t going to be sick, I was captivated by the idea of suddenly knowing that someone was your soulmate no matter what the circumstances of meeting them were.
    But, this video is frightening. I somewhat enjoyed the first part of it, especially the “What the EFFF” face (lol), but I had to turn it off toward the end. Creepy, creepy, and double creepy.

  17. Wow, put that guy in a van with no windows and the Creeper status is complete.

  18. man oh man, the whole imprinting on renesmee thing took some getting used to but the fact that quil imprinted on that 2 year old made it a whole lot easier to understand…..but this video just killed it…all of it..and i’m creeped out by it once again….and i know i’ll be even MORE creeped out when taylor has to act all in love with a baby for the movie! he’ll go from dateline nbc victim to primeee suspect!

  19. Yeah I felt 2nd hand CREEPED out by this. Yikes.

  20. That video is a perfect representation of the imprinting-on-a-kid squickiness. I LOLed at the first sight of Sunny from Lemony Snicket because yeah, she probably is the best current toddler in pop culture to use as a Renesmee, but mainly because it completes the circle for me: My toddler is totally a Sunny, talking in complete, if appropriately inflected, gibberish that obviously has full meaning and import to him. But he’s also a crazy biting beast that takes down small animals (OK, fine, housecats and lap dogs), so that I was referring to him as “a Renesmessee” while reading “BD.” And now, through this creeptastic video that seems to imply what looks like a father and daughter frolicking on the beach is the same as a future spousal relationship, Sunny is Renesmee.

  21. That creeped me out, too. As I’m sure it creeped many people out.

  22. ummmmm, I am so creeped out I can’t even formulate a thought. ughh

  23. Ew! That’s just… wrong!

  24. Okay, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. I’m confused. Is the guy with the Geico caveman beard supposed to be Jacob or did they throw Joaquin Phoenix in the vid for no apparent reason?

  25. Alright, I wasnt able to see the vid at work.. came home, out of some sick morbid masochistic need, I watched.. now I am going to say something that is TMI, but I actually yakked.. yes, I finally am sick of something that is *twilight* related.. those were images that I didnt need in my head. Gah.. and I wanted to read the series again.. now I wont get the longing images out of my head.. I need to be cleansed..that was just sick sick sick.

  26. That was a creeptastic video.I had never even considered how they were going to portray that in the movie. That is certaintly something to think about.

    This was a pretty well made one, but you’ve got to wonder about someone who spends that much time on something like that.

    the girl who spends hours a day on her Twilight blog

  27. okay so i was totally okay with the whole j/r thing cause he defends himself throughout bd by saying “NONO NOTHING SEXUAL..(til shes ready)” but this video makes it look so pedophilia-ish its nasty lol

  28. holy brad pitt at the end.

    why did i watch that whole video?
    why am i going to watch it again?

    heebeejeebees. i haz them.

  29. Well that was just frikin creeptastic.

  30. The whole Renesmee thing is WEIRD! How come Edward doesn’t have a heartbeat, but he can procreate? Makes no sense. And the imprinting is gross! Just gross. It gives fodder to the people who already hate Twilight. It’s the ammo they need to make a really great argument on why the books suck. I wish Stephenie would’ve left it out.

  31. No. WTF was that? *sigh*

  32. i dont see what the problem is with him imprinting on her.
    i dont think its weird at all. it clearly states in the book that imprinting isn’t just the person falling love with the other. it says they become the girls’ best friend, parent, sister/brother until they become of age where they can actually be in a relationship.
    so as she’s a baby she just looks at him as a best friend or as a relative. its not like they are doing stuff when she’s seven.

  33. […] Renesme Cullen – SEE, I’m not the only one who can’t spell this correctly! […]

  34. That video is effed up. ‘Nuff said.

  35. I am SOOO tempted to watch it, but I cannot make myself do it! IT SOUNDS WRONG

  36. Okay,is it just me or does 1:42 and the ending look kind of pevertish I mean u don’t just see a little girl and and a totly diferent colored,hairy old man at the beach every day…Im I right?

  37. oops not 1:42 its 1:32 *cough* my bad…

  38. I actually loved the song in the video, but my interpretation of the Jacob/Renesme is totally different, I guess. The point I wanted to make was that the man in the video (i.e. Jacob) appears to age. Yet, if I understood the whole “imprinting” thing correctly, as defined in the books, Jacob does not have to age. Renesme will continue to do so, at least for a little while. And, I’m willing to bet that since she IS a Cullen, she’ll be predictably unique, stopping the whole aging process when she is near Jacob’s own age. Than the two of them will be physically more compatible. I believe Stephenie would go this route – as it would leave her yet one more loophole by which to return to the Twilight world, because sadly, she may not want to write of the evolving love story between Bella and Edward. She DID give them everything already. Now she can send “Nessie” through the torments of aging and falling in and out of love.

    Sorry to be so long winded.

  39. I completely agree – this is basically pedophilia. It’s seriously the grossest couple and without it in the storyline (the imprinting etc) twilight as a series would be 100% better.

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