#FanFail- what is it in the Twidom?

Do I have to photoshop Robsten in order to be a fan?

Dear Twilight,

I realized yesterday that I, quite often, hashtag #fanfail, even when I’m not on Twitter, when talking about myself as a fan in this Twidom. If I forget who a minor character is or accidentally miss Ashley Greene’s dog’s birthday or forget to mention that when the manager of the McDonald’s in Pasadena gave control of the franchise to Big Daddy Lautner for one day, I am hard on myself. I sometimes consider myself a failure as a fan.

I realized that I think this about myself when yesterday morning I received an email from an old friend you might remember, EastFriend from The Quad, who, I can only imagine was INSPIRED BY GOD to say (aka she read Moon’s post from yesterday), “Don’t hate me. I’m a bad fan, but WHO is Boo-Boo Stewart!?” I wrote back, “You’re NOT a bad fan. No one is supposed to remember who he is.” But it spurred on some thoughts in my mind about who IS or ISN’T a bad fan. Can we really quantify that? Is there a fine line between FAN and NON-FAN? There just might be….Here is what I’ve come up with.

Here’s how you know you’re STILL a fan:

  • It IS okay if you still aren’t sure what part Boo-Boo Stewart plays and wonder if he’s actually Justin Bieber’s younger brother. You’re still a fan.
  • It IS okay if you’re not sure who Justin Bieber is & think he’s probably connected to The Twidom since he’s trending at #1 on Twitter almost every day and what else can be that popular other than something Twi-related? You’re still a fan.
  • Even if you haven’t watched New Moon on DVD yet… You’re still a fan.* (see my explanation below)
  • It’s okay if you don’t know why Rob Pattinson is in Budapest right now. You’re still a fan.
  • It’s EVEN okay if you still like Nikki Reed on occasion and don’t understand why people seem to hate on her. You’re still a fan.
  • Guess what? Even if you thought TWILIGHT was better than NEW MOON even though it wasn’t as good but it was still better (follow me?) You’re still a fan.
  • If your cousin’s boyfriend’s half sister’s brother told you that one of the Twilight cast members is gay because he experienced it first-hand and you forget whether or not that knowledge is public because you are so disconnected from the Twidom. You’re still a fan.
  • If you LIKE your Twilight books & movies pure & innocent and even though you feel majorly cock-blocked you’d rather that than have all the blanks (and SO MUCH MORE) filled in by FanFic writers, You’re still a fan.

Here is how you know you MIGHT need to turn in your fan card:

  • You lost your Twilight books. And didn’t immediately replace them. You’re probably not a fan
  • If You saw this commercial and did not IMMEDIATELY think that it’s Big Daddy Lautner’s theme song, then You’re probably not a fan.
  • If you don’t own even one little embarrassing memento of your obsession (like a bookmark or a melted piece of Jacob milk chocolate) You’re probably not a fan
  • You saw the new Nicolas Sparks book-turned-film last weekend and are now on Team Miley-Cyrus’ Boyfriend, You’re DEFINITELY not a fan
  • You ran into Cathy Hardi at the TGIFridays in Venice Beach and now you’re dreading your hair, smoking the tree, prank calling Oregano at 4 am and talking shizz about Summit and how they “screwed the pooch with that Weitz-guy.” You’re either not a fan or Cathy roofied your drink while she distracted you by showing you the Robsten audition tape on her cell phone

So it’s hard to tell.  Am I still a fan? Are you a fan or not? Where is the line? It’s not black & white. It’s all gray & gray’s not good (or cool), but I think we can say this. For as long as I continue blogging on LTT, even if I mistakenly think that Boo Boo Stewart is a distant cousin of Kristen’s, I’m still allowed my fancard. And if you still read LTT every day (or at least 3.67 times a week), despite forgetting the exactly date and time of Edward Masen Cullen’s birthday, you’re still a fan, as well.

Glad we settled that!

*I haven’t watched New Moon on DVD yet. And yet I blog about Twilight each and every day of my life (except Sundays now- it’s my day of rest) so if you wanna say I’m not a fan, I’ll be happy to have a fan off with you. And show you my boobs. For fun. Cuz I wouldn’t win if we had a boob-off, but it’d be fun to say I was a part of.

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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  1. 🙂 !!

  2. I’m supposed to have my New Moon DVD Party on Saturday.
    (If my friggin’ DVD arrives!!!)
    And I’ve done up some little quotes in the Twi font that I’m going to cut out, back onto red cardboard, tape a toothpick onto the back and put it on top of my cupcakes as toppers.
    Long story short, a couple of the quote (“They’re NOT bears” and “My kung fu is strong”) are purely my own inside joke with you lot.
    I’m also making a red punch for which I’m gonna have a label saying “Face Punch”. Geddit?
    Yup, pretty much my whole party will involve me laughing at our inside jokes and my friends going “erm, WTF?!”

  3. I have watched New moon on DVD once and fast forward Edward approx 8 times. I figured thats normal right ?

    • You FF to Edward or FF through the Edward parts?

    • I have to confess I have FF through Edward parts in NM…LOVE Jacob parts…but still love Edward…I am conflicted as to who I like better…this is normal…right?

    • Well on my DVD there is an extra called Fast Forward Edward which is ONLY the scenes Edward is in so all the Wolves, Jacob,Bellas breakdown yadda yadda yadda missed out – Is this a special feature of the UK DVD ? I would NEVER fast forward Edward thats like blasphemy or something 🙂

      • I think that option is on the Walmart version here in the states.

      • Hahaha! Yes, ff through Edward is a sin! I think the FF Edward/FF Jacob is on the WalMart DVD, which I don’t have. I have to do it the old fashioned way and hit the button 😦

  4. I am a major fanfail all the freaking time. But I LOVE those books/movies/entire franchise (including all the crazy stuff because it’s hilarious).

    Ergo, I am fan.

    And Sparticus.

  5. Giiiiiirl, I can’t watch New Moon (which I only just bought this weekend) without snickering over “I don’t WANT you to come.” and “They’re NOT bears!” And when I was watching the DVD I remember giggling over those parts and didn’t notice anything else until Marcus said “You already know what you’re going to dooooo, Aarroooooo.” I guess that means I’m a bigger fan of LTT than I am New Moon.

    But am I a bad fan that I’m only mildly annoyed that I haven’t been able to see most of the photos on LTT or LTR for a couple days now?

    • why can’t you see the photos?

      • I dunno! I can’t even see all the ads and buttons and stuff. I can see them now I’m at work, though. Which means the GOOD laptop is now having fail. Argh.

        • This happened to me a while back as well. But I hadn’t change any settings on my computer or cleared the cache or ANYTHING. And then one day it just came back. (PS that was a happy day indeed)

    • I’m with JodieO, I think I’m a bigger fan of LTT/LTR than I am of New Moon.

      Glad to know some of you haven’t watched New Moon on dvd yet. I was feeling guilty because I haven’t gotten around to watching it with the DILF’s commentary.

      Speaking of the DILF…was watching “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” on tv this weekend..and um, there is Chris Weitz as the neighbor wearing a “World’s Greatest Dad” apron. How did I miss that before? Oh yeah…because I didn’t know who he was before New Moon.

      • Wait, what? For real? That might make me actually want to see that movie.

        • I caught about 2 minutes of that (never watched it before) and it happened to be a scene where Chris was in it. I had no idea!

      • Also, the dilf’s commentary is pretty amusing in parts. Worth a watch.

        • And it’s interesting in parts too. But the Making Of documentary is really great! Best bonus feature in my opinion.

          • Yes. There’s a lot of babble about camera angles and editing techniques, but there’s a lot of silly funny parts, too. I mean, it IS two grown men watching New Moon. Just because they made the movie doesn’t mean they aren’t going to poke fun at it. =)

      • WHAT?! I never knew that!!! I watched a little bit of it too this weekend on FX.

    • Yeah, I was re-reading Eclipse, and now Breaking Dawn, because I hard core ran out of books to read (and you can only do homework for so long) and I snicker every time they talk about bears, or someone says something about saying stuff OUT LOUD. Basically, I never noticed how much all the stuff we laugh about in here comes up in the books. I giggle more than I would normally!

  6. Give me back my filet o’ fish!!!!!!!

    Man, I love any 30 second spot that extolls the greatness that is fried, pressed, square fish. And Big Daddy Lautner.

    My new goal in life–and this is not in the least bit pathetic–is to hear a primary cast member say “Boo Boo” during press for Eclipse. And I don’t count any of the Wolf Pack as primary cast, except Taylor, of course. No, I mean Robert, Kristen, Ashley…heck, even Peter. I want one of them to utter the kid’s name…WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

    I really want Rob or Kristen to say it. Without a hint of a smirk.

  7. “Guess what? Even if you thought TWILIGHT was better than NEW MOON even though it wasn’t as good but it was still better (follow me?)” <– Yes!! Whew, I still have my fan card. (Though, I have to confess, I still don't own New Moon…)

    I only figured out who the eff Justin Bieber is a couple days ago, and I still don't get the phenomenon. Anyone?

    • Ugh, Beiber is PAINFUL. And he sounds like a girl.
      My brother totes got called a “smart arse little c***” by my cousin because bro said Biebs sounded like his balls hadn’t dropped and looked like he’d been hit by a truck. Srsly.

      • Moon saw him at a thing in LA and said he is COCKYYYYY too…. and also has no friends his age

        • I caught the tail end of his interview on Leno or something. It was my first real exposure to that kid. Within 3 seconds I wanted to punch that kid in the neck because he was way too cocky for a 9 year old.

        • I saw him on “Chelsea Lately” the other night and he was cockily (is that a word?) flirting with her. Chelsea was even weirded out, but her sarcasm held her through the oddness.

          • I love Chelsea Lately. I’m so glad he didn’t slap her ass like Akon ’cause that would just be wrong.
            Gross! I feel a lot better in my dislike knowing that he’s cocky.

          • Is Chelsea Lately the chick who did the interviews with the Twi cast and the whole of the wolf pack was like feeding off her sex jokes the whole time?

          • no- but they kinda look alike (they’re both blonde. blondes all look alike. and have big boobs. and are sluts)

            JUST KIDDING. JEEZ

          • @TeamSeth. I’m not sure, I didn’t see it. She (Chelsea Handler) was on the show “Girls Behaving Badly”. But making wolf pack sex jokes sounds like her.

          • No that interview with all the cast cursing is with Carrie Keagan – one of my fav interviews.

    • Nope! I don’t get the Justin Bieber thing, either. (But I was an NKOTB fan back in my day, so maybe I shouldn’t judge 😉 )

      • I don’t get it, either. And I was a NKOTB fan. But not a Joey fan. I think he was the closest to Bieber.

        • I was a Joey fan but I am steering way clear of this Bieber thing! Maybe if I was 11 again I would think differently. ::shrugs::

        • Jordan all the way!!!!

          • Definitely a Jordan fan as well. Well, and Donny, but mostly because he was Marky Mark’s brother. Do any of you remember the NKOTB cartoon???

          • Jordan for sure, and yes Tuesday I totally remember the NKOTB cartoon!! It was part of my Saturday morning cartoon lineup! I think it came on after Garfield and Friends.

          • Jordan first, then bad boy Donnie won me over.

    • I don’t get the phenomenon either. Although I do think it’s kinda cool that he comes from a really small town right near me, just because it’s so random.
      And I may or may not sing along when his newest song comes on the radio.
      *hangs head in shame*

    • All I can think of when I see him is “helmet head”.

      • hahaha, I used to play hockey with a little guy we nick named Helmet Head. Bieber totes reminds me of him! I think if you cross checked him he’d break in half.

    • I only recently figured out what Justin Bieber was and don’t get it either. Does this mean I am old? I just don’t see how anyone over the age of 12 would be interested in him.

      • My apologies for being judgemental… I suppose someone who swooned over Taylor before his 18th birthday and used to listen to Clay Aiken shouldn’t judge.

    • I have a fake obsession with JBiebs on Twitter. Goin’ to the Hot Topic to get a shirt and am going as a Bieber fangirl for Halloween. (I hope more than one boob fits in the shirt.)

      • HAHAHA! ❤

        the sleeves in little kid shirts always give me issues. But if only boob fits in, then you can fake his signature on your non-covered boob and act like you're just showing it off (the fact that he signed your boob, that is). Which is even hardcorer fangirl.

    • I affectionately refer to Beiber as “that little twat”.

      Now being a Rob Pattinson fanatic, one has to tread lightly when disparaging of other celebrities garnering obscene amounts of female attention, but this kid is HORRIBLE live, creates major second hand embarrassment when he attempts to dance and is obnoxious.


      I didn’t get the Jonas Brothers either, or Miley Cyrus, or Barney – so what do I know?

    • Oh thank god. I didn’t know who he was either and then my sister told me. I still haven’t listened to him though. I’m sort of viewing it as a “not necessary” thing to do. But now that I’ve finally seen a photo of him, I’m still trying to figure out how he skipped the Jonas Bros level and just went from no one to HUGE in 60 seconds.

  8. I need to turn in my fan card. I actually sold my books to a used book store. Yes. This has occurred. HOWEVER I do have a Twilight pocket Edward that I will take to social events. So it evens out right?

    Ah who am I kidding? I’m a fan of LTT and the awesome folks involved.

    • My daughters first barbie was Pocket Edward. ‘Cause giving a (then) 2 year old a sparkly vampire doll is normal.

    • Remember I only own one Twi Book, myself and it’s the NM one that was half off at Walmart last year before the movie came out. Plus, no pocket Eddie for me. However, I have like 2 games involving Twi, which I haven’t played. Oh well, I still enjoy being a “fan” and I don’t really care whether I am FanFail or not.


      But seriously, I don’t own the books either. I never bought any of them, and when it came time to reread NM in preparation for the movie release, I went to B&N and cuddled up with a 12oz. Pike’s Place and an in-store copy.

      Then, hearing of my situation, LTT’s ambushed by twilight sent me all of the books in pdf form!!!!! That’s why LTT rocks.

  9. Great, now you have me questioning my fan status. I don’t own any Twilight mementos. Not even a candy bar. I have to keep my Twi-obsession on the downlow, or trust me, I’d have my Team Edward t-shirt and my Rob Pattinson calendar hanging on my wall.

    • NOTHING!??????? not even a bookmark?

      • Does a copy of Rob’s GQ or of the Entertainment Weekly with Rob, Kristen & Taylor count? Surely it does.

      • Nope, I got nothin’ My husband would find out how obsessed I was and have me committed.

      • I wanted to get the Edward bookmark. I figured I could get away with that. But the only one I saw was that stupid New Moon Grandpa Edward one, and I hate that picture.
        I’ll just wait until the new Hot-and-Young-Once-Again Eclipse Edward bookmark comes out.

        • I think that counts then. The fact that you’ve mentally committed to getting one counts. It’s not your fault they don’t have attractive bookmark merch out.
          Honestly, I’m waiting for some Team Demetri stuff to finally come out. And, girl, I traveled all the way to Forks to the mecca gift shop, and all they had of Demetri was a signed and framed photo.

          • Well, I guess we can’t accuse you of not being a fan! I wouldn’t mind having a Felix bookmark too. I love the fact that he kicked Edward’s ass in NM (yes, I love Edward, but come on, he deserved it!)

          • I would love one of those too! Daniel Cudmore = yum Oh, yeah, and Edward totes deserved the ass kicking.

          • So TS, did you buy that signed and framed photo of Demetri? 😉

          • Would you believe if I said that it wasn’t for sale?

          • Well that makes sense. But maybe we’ll get some Demetri (and Felix) trinkets after Eclipse comes out. I’d consider buying something with his likeness on it. 😉

    • The only memorabilia I own (besides only the first two books) is the Bite Me notepad that I won on LTR for the conversation hearts, lol.

    • Hey don’t have any paraphernalia, I only have the dvds and a copy of the books…okay two copies of the books (minus BD paperback bc it’s not out yet). Long story as to why I have two sets of books…

      But like you I try to refrain from buying any other stuff to keep my husband complacent. He already thinks I’m too nuts about the whole thing. It’s better this way.

    • I own a little bottle of absolut that Buttcrack Santa gave me for Christmas last year. I hope that counts because I don’t want to admit that my boyfriend bought me the trading cards and I was pissed that I didn’t get either Charlie.

  10. WHO is the young Bierber boy with the hair?? I don’t understand.

    And a boob off? A Twiboob off?? I’m in.

    • he’s like the biggest singer right now- moms & tweens love him.. and my 21 yr old sister

      • Warn her of the Hansen!!!

      • I feel like such an old lady.

      • I am a mom OF a tween and neither of us like him!! But we live in music snob Mecca, so it is just part of our nature.

        • WHere is music snob Mecca? I want to move there. (is it just me, or is there no good music on the radio anymore. Thank God for iPod!!)

          • SEATTLE. Apparently since we invented grunge 20 years ago, we think we still know more about music than anyone. I don’t get it.

            We do have a pretty good community radio station.

          • awesome, I’ll check that out! Thanks lapushbaby 😛

          • You bet, abslvc, I was also going to say thank God for the ipod and for my satellite radio!!!

        • And your tween is super cool and writes his own music. Just sayin’

          • That’s a good point! tho technically he is a TEEN. (omg) He doesn’t like the Bieber at all, (he thinks he’s too into his hair, haha), but my tween girly doesn’t like him either!! And she likes some crappy pop music, but not that kind. She’s in a big lady Gaga phase right now, I now know all the words to Bad Romance, which I just know will come in handy one day….

  11. Twilight is way better than New Moon, I don’t care how many CGI wolves you show me. Too much stutter and blinking and old-man Edward.
    I still don’t get why people hate on Nikki Reed?
    I only have the digital version of the books because I wouldn’t be caught dead walking around with the printed ones and I think THAT’S NORMAL. All my fandom information comes from LTT and LTR.

    @sassysmart: “Ah who am I kidding? I’m a fan of LTT and the awesome folks involved.” TOTALLY, I’ll take MOUC-sten over Robsten any day…but probably not over Rob. 🙂

    • Really? See, I’m okay with reading the printed books – I don’t care who sees that. I’ll freely admit that I’ve read them to anyone who asks. It’s everything else that I care about hiding.

      I try to be nonchalant about everything else in the fandom; although sometimes I accidentally insert an inside joke into an everyday conversation only to be looked at questioningly by eight confused people. Oops.
      In any case, this is where I do my fangirling.

      • Happens to me all the time – I will exclaim “that’s normal!” or “say it, OUT LOUD” . Although I haven’t been able to finagle “They’re NOT bears!” into a conversation yet…things to look forward to.

        • I’ve managed to get ‘They’re not Bears!’ into my work day as the mantra of a 15yr old Twi fan who’s undergoing lots of neuro & rheumatology tests for big painful health weirdness. She says it if she feels crap & it makes her feel better. I randomly text it to her sometimes, which cracks her up. We cacklelike fangirls in our ‘support’ sessions.

          I guess this makes me a fan?

      • Sounds like me. I own the books but nothing else. Well, all the Rob movies and the major magazines, but they’re well-hidden. The Twi-fangirl thing and the Rob-fangirl thing are related, but separate, I guess. If it weren’t for LTT and fanfiction my Twi-obsession would be a thing of the past, and I wouldn’t giggle when I say, “you can Google it.” My Robsession, on the other hand, only gets stronger.

    • i keep hearing this MOUC-sten… did someone write fanfic about us?


      • Moon + UC fanfiction? …I don’t know if I love it or am really uncomfortable with the idea. I think both.

  12. If I feel guilty for not making it to LTT/R as frequently as I used to lately because RL is “getting in the way” does that guilty feeling mean I’m still a fan?

  13. raise hand…I didn’t watch the DVD either. I have to buy it still #bad fan (LMAO) I come 2 to 4 times a day at LTT/LTR to read the post and comments #Good fan? hahahaha

  14. A boob-off? How does that work?

    Love Park
    Be There
    And Be Topless

  15. I think Twilight is “better” than New Moon. I haven’t seen NM on DVD, namely because I don’t even own it yet. I didn’t know who Bree was, and in NM I didn’t know who Heidi was when they were making a big fuss out of it. I don’t own a single thing of Twi merch, aside from the books. But I can still call myself a fan according to your guidelines, so I’m totally cool with that.

    But I’m a bigger fan of UC and Moon than I am of Twilight. True story.

  16. I seem to meet all of UC’s qualifications for a fan, but I am pretty sure I am not a Twilight fan. Sure, I am irrecovably in love with the books and own multiple copies of them including an Italian version, but I am not in love with the rest of the empire that is Twilight. So I don’t want to be a fan.

    If for no other reason, because Twilight fans are known to do things like this: http://sariah.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/bellawomb2.jpg

    So, the question here is, can you be a “selective fan”?

    • I am also not a fan because I butchered the spelling of irrevocably. I need to study my Twilight books again.

    • I didn’t click on the picture since it said “bellawomb2.jpg” (lord knows what happened to bellawomb1.jpg), but I think anyone who reads LTT is a selective fan. LTT is a “just the tip” way into Twi-world. I doubt on the hardcore “fansites” they make fade to black or jortspack jokes all the time. But they do make bellawomb1.jpgs, and that’s just wrong.

  17. I sooooo want to have a boob off! Is this something new that the cool kids are doing these days? I must warn you all that “the girls” have seen perkier days, but they are always up for a challenge!

    Heart you UC and your trash talking boobs!

  18. Nope, UC. It’s definitely not okay to confuse dear little Boo Boo (cue giggling) with Justin Bieber. ANd I don’t get the whole hype with this kid. I just found out about him since he started being a TT on twitter.

    As for the Nikki Reed, I don’t know if it makes me a bad fan, but she seemed kinda alright? I mean I’ve only seen one interview of her with Larry Carrol from MTV (the one with all the Cullens minus Kellan and Jackson). She seemed a little funny too. She even suggested Larry play the role of Renesmee. ha ha

    Twilight vs New Moon. I don’t know. Twilight had all the teen angst and Rob/Kristen chemistry that NM lacked. Whereas, NM was overall a better experience with the visuals, cinematography and all but at certain points it did seem a little dull. But that’s probably because of Rob’s absence.

    Random thought: I don’t have the NM DVD. But I finished watching the entire six part documentary and I have to say this. Chris Weitz seemed like a genuinely nice guy. It was evident that he had put his best efforts in making that film and I wished he was appreciated more by fans and critics alike for his hard work.

    • About CW- that’s what I noticed, too, in watching the documentary and his commentary. He mentioned quite often “I did this this way because in the books…” or “I put this in because I knew the fans would…” He genuinely cared!

  19. YAY! I’m still a fan!! I don’t have to turn in my LTT card!!!

    I did have to research who Bree and Boo Boo were to appreciate those stories, but hey, I researched it!! I figure that makes me still a fan.

    Also, I do not own Breaking Dawn. I borrowed it, and am waiting for paperback to come out…that just makes me an economical fan.

    I own one piece of Rob-related merch, that was a gift from an LTT BFF….that makes me a good Rob fan?

    LAstly, UC, we could maybe have a ‘Bad-Fan’-off, which I might win, because I watched NM DVD once, but you would totally win the boob-off, because I’m…..*sob*…old.

    • Is the boob off quantity or quality? Quantity (or quantitty) wise don’t bother cos I’ll win. Quality? Let’s just say I’m 41 yrs old….

      • We will have to let UC set the rules…..

        Quantity? Quality? Oh I hear you, EMJ….

        • UC, can I suggest prizes for multiple categories: perkiest, most voluminous, best nips, etc., so no one feels left out, like in kindergarten–

  20. HEY! Maybe Booboo got punched because someone thought he was Justin Beiber…because they look A LOT alike as you guys pointed out in this post. Just sayin.

  21. “even if I mistakenly think that Boo Boo Stewart is a distant cousin of Kristen’s”

    Oh thank goodness for you UC hunny! I just love you for that! For WEEKS after I first saw the name Booboo Stewart (on LTT where else?!) I was convinced he was KStew’s baby brother, couldn’t quite figure out his Twilight-connection but hey!

    Sooo glad for my “exclusive” plastic New Moon keyring now too, its my official Twilight Fanclub Membership Card from now on and I will unlock my front door and work locker with pride!!!

  22. Umm, UC, that Filet-o-Fish commercial = too similar to that scene from Pulp Fiction. I’m calling the singing trout “the Gimp.”

  23. I’m a Bigger Fan of you awesome Bitches (commenters, UC & Moonie Pie, all included) than I am of Twi, although I still love that first Crack-like reading of the books. Whateves….

    PS I still hate Ron

    • Ron Weasley?

    • Me too. Love Ron Weasley though.

    • Hey JanetRigs or JaneTrigs…do I count as an awesome bitch…I haven’t been called one for ages.

      Was it you that did a shout out for HobNobs on Twitter? If you’ve got the dough, I’ve got the cookies…Seriously, I’ll happily send you some if you supply me with the details.

  24. Hi, my name is Victoria
    And I’m addicted to all things Twilight

    Normal? HALE YEA!

  25. I feel like this needs to be said: That photo manip at the beginning of this post is quite possibly the creepiest one I have ever seen. And that includes all the pregnancy/Renesmee manips.


    Why, Twi-crazies? Why?

  26. Great post UC! Totally still have my fan card! And that mickey d’s commercial!! Total win!! Ahh Big Daddy!! And I’m in on the boob off, as long as Rob is there to judge!!

  27. So many incidences come up where I dock myself fan points. oopsies.


  28. All I have to say, UC, is that if I’m about to cross a line, then please, don’t draw one.

  29. Until this post, I had NO idea who Boo Boo Stewart was. I thougt that was a nickname for Kstew…fail. I’m glad I’m still considered a fan though!

    UC, maybe if you and I combine for the boob-off we’ll win (cause goodness knows I wouldn’t win on my own)!
    Also, I’m new to Twitter, so if anyone wants to follow me, I’m @ThatsMrsG2You. Thanks 🙂

  30. Funny you should mention twi-merch, when today I dug out my “What if I’m not a hero?” shirt. The best part is that is says nothing else on the front, so I always get people trying to crane around and see if there’s anything written on the back. When I’m feeling mean I wear my hair down so you can’t see.

  31. Dad… I saw them! They’re NOT FANS!

  32. I pesonally love Nikki Reed!

  33. Hmmm…. I’ve watched NM a whole bunch of times on DVD so far. Like… maybe 20? (OMG!)

    I have the four novels and Twilight and New Moon on DVD. And the iTunes Twilight soundtrack and the New Moon (burned and given to me by a fellow Twi-pal) score. That’s it. Does the super duper (lame) collectible film cell from Target count as an embarrassing collectible?! Umm…. I think so!

    I also know minutiae about the stars. Like Rob’s hometown and Taylor’s dad’s name and former occupation. Umm… is that normal? 😉

    So, after carefully reviewing the numerous criteria, I believe I am… still a fan. 🙂

    Whew…. *collapses, wipes sweat off brow onto purple comforter set*

  34. I haven’t watched NM on DVD, I don’t even own the DVD… *gasp* UC didn’t say anything about not owning the DVD and still being a fan. But hey, if I can read @calliopeblabs talking about Dean and John and I automatically know who she’s talking about (That’s normal) I guess I’m still a fan, not the kind of fan Summit wants, but a fan nonetheless.

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