It was a WTF weekend in the Twidom

Two letters within a letter for a real whacky weekend…

Dear Summit,

Everyone’s all in a tizzy because something called the “Calendar of Hollywood,” which I’ve never heard of, allowed some doofus on the holiday weekend shift to post a date for the Los Angeles premiere of Eclipse. This calendar, which looks sketch-ball-mcgee, states that Eclipse will premiere on June 24th, a full week before the release of the movie in June at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Because you have not come out and denied it, the fandom has done apeshit. Dontcha know that plans have already been made, flights scheduled, hotel rooms booked, parole officers notified, and alcohol companies doubling distilling? I, however, would like to call shenanigans. Am I the only one who remembers something similar happening last fall when an incorrect date AND location (Grauman’s) was reported and sent everyone into a tizzy and then it turned out being false after all?

So why don’t you just come out and tell us when it’s gonna be, there are puffy paint manufacturers that need to know whether to crank up their output to be ready for June.


Dear dude who punched BooBoo Stewart?

Seriously, WTF dude? You punched BooBoo Stewart! You punched a 15 year old kid named BOOBOO Stewart? Sure, the kid probably got beat up on a daily basis in Junior High for that name but who shows up to a signing in Vancouver to punch a little kid? He plays Seth Clearwater afterall, the cutest, littlest wolf in the pack

You punched this kid cause you hate Twilight? How lame does that make you? Were you at the Tower Records and the Twihards who showed up were disturbing your peaceful afternoon spent browsing for the latest Nickelback album or complete South Park series on DVD so you decided to go punch a kid?

Real cool dude. Hopefully your cellmate in county takes it easier on you than the crazy Twihards waiting outside the jail for you to be released. Seriously, those Twimoms will cuttabitch for messing with someone who’s old enough to be their teen son. Trust.


Seriously who punches a kid at a signing? How messed up is that? What’s your take on the Eclipse Premiere date switch? Real, fake, time to rebook your tickets?

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51 Responses

  1. I thought Summit ended up confirming the premiere for the 24th but never confirmed location?

    And someone punched BooBoo??? that’s total WTF

  2. Well I hope that guy taught Twilight a lesson! They won’t be doing that again, now, will they?!

    Yeah, seriously, wtf? I think they oughta send the other wolfpack boys up there and see if that guy is still so brave.

  3. Awww… poor Boo Boo. 😦 Apparently, though, he ran after the jerk who hit him, got on him and held him down until police arrived and they arrested him. You DON’T MESS with the JORTS PACK.


    • He was obviously a real tough guy if little BooBoo was able to hold him down until police got there!

      • BooBoo’s been working out with Rob. Obvi.

        • Isn’t Booboo also a martial arts champion? Possibly stupid blokes who like to lash out should do their homework in future….This has to be the single lamest thing I’ve heard involving a member of the cast.

          Don’t like Twilight? Boo hoo, not BooBoo.

          P.S. Is the cast running short of surnames? Will we know him as B-Stew?

          • I mean the lamest thing done to a cast member…just to clarify. The boy done good in my opinion.

          • I guess BStew… but BooBoo is pretty standalone. I like to call him BooBoo Radley.

  4. Summit confirmed June 24, but they didn’t say WHERE. So of course I’m pulling for KNOXVILLE.

    (And no–before anyone assumes. I don’t live there. I just wanna see people freak out, like they did last year. “Knoxville? WTF????” That was good times. Oh, the memories.)

  5. He was jealous of the jorts.

  6. “Were you at the Tower Records and the Twihards who showed up were disturbing your peaceful afternoon spent browsing for the latest Nickelback album or complete South Park series on DVD”

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Love you, Moon.

  7. Wait, some guy punched BooBoo Stewart because he didn’t like Twilight?!

    Wow, I feel a lot less crazy now.

    Punching a 16 year-old boy unprovoked because he plays a character in a movie franchise you don’t like because Edward Cullen makes you look like an even bigger jerk by comparison? That’s NOT normal.

  8. He was re-enacting ‘FacePunch: The Movie’???

    Seriously, that is way bad form. I hope his wife punched him in the face when he got home for being the world’s biggest ass.

    That shit will come back to haunt you, it’s Karma, Kramer.

  9. Oh, and the date change? Clearly they are effing with people, because what is more fun on a slow holiday weekend than messing with TwiFans and watching them freak?

  10. I would like to call WTF on this nonsense:

    GQ face Rob + Robward body + creepy comic book drawing = Only Ok on my neice’s DeviantArt profile, and def NOT OK on my homepage.

    • “…….this FAME book uses an ambrosial, sensory approach to deconstruct each of Robert Pattinson’s roles.”


      I don’t know what this means but I do know that I would only want to read an “ambrosial, sensory approach to deconstruct each of Robert Pattinson’s roles” on LTT/LTR. I think whatever that is coming from anyone else would likely be terrifying.

  11. Maybe Summit and Slade’s posse are trying to shake off a few of the crazies by releasing a new “date” and “time” for the premiere every week leading up to the end of June. So only the most mentally adept fans will finally, in the end, figure out how to get themselves to the right place. Or, just imagine, throughout LA lots of “fake out premieres” will be set up to confuse and shake off the riffraff. But only one will have Robward.

  12. Imma post another comment because I don’t feel like working.

    In all seriousness I’m starting to feel a little worried for those involved in Twilight. The fandom is going reaaaallllyyy too far (we’re talking way beyond “Amandah and gallery of Twilight art” far) with this series and everyone involved in it. I think everyone in the cast, crew, food service etc. needs a little Jasper-style self defense training session just in case.

    This and the post on LTR today remind me of the “Twilgiht in Forks” documentary which I STARTED to watch and barely made it 5 minutes in because I was about to explode from embarassment. Actual fans, visiting Forks, were telling the documentary people that the Cullens are real. Yes, that’s right. Twilight fans were “proving” that the Cullens and everything in the series actually exists. To…I dunno…justify their craziness?

    Dear Twilight fans,
    It’s fiction.
    Rob is not Edward.
    Booboo is a little kid who is just like your son/nephew/younger cousin. Punching him will not do anything to get you closer to (or further from) Rob/Edward/Forks/the Cullens.
    And finally, not to be shallow or anything, but a Cullen crest chocker is not an attractive piece of jewelry.

    • Rosalie’s necklace always reminds me of one of those badges they wear around their necks on CSI.

      The first time I saw it, I thought WTH? Is she on Cops?

      • oh I know!

        I always wonder why they didn’t, like, put her in a diamond necklace or something. You would think if she was really that shallow and the Cullens had tons of money, she’d have a new Tiffany or Cartier necklace on every day. Instead she opts to wear a CSI badge…

        • Seriously! I don’t get Rosalie’s character at all, and I’m guessing no one else working on the films does either.

    • Okay, I recently went to Forks, and it was serious amounts of 1st and 2nd hand embarrassing… BUT I wasn’t like, “Oh this is real.” I might have made some book to real life comparisons, but I certainly wasn’t searching for Ben Cheney or Jessica Stanley. I mean, didn’t they go to college anyway? (hehe)

  13. 😉

  14. THIS –> but a Cullen crest choker is not an attractive piece of jewelry

  15. Punching a kid? Clearly they have no soul.

    Granted BooBoo could probably kill the dude with his bare hands cause his Kung Fu is strong but still…seriously? You hit a kid.

    Prison doesn’t like people like you…hope you packed the vaseline.

  16. Speaking of prison and/or county….

    how many Twilight fans do you think the US penal system has?

  17. Someone please give Anya Marina the wrong premiere location information.

  18. Secretly…listen up…

    I think Summit is on to us and all of our plans.
    *take a deep breath*

    *They read LTT/LTR.
    *They knew about #Leghitch2010 flight plans/hotel reservations.
    *They wanted to be absolutely CERTAIN that the most “normal” out of all of the fans were not there…so they sabotaged our crew’s entire #Leghitch2010 plans by shifting the date back by a few days so that no flight or hotel plans could be altered in any way.

    Two words:
    Non-refundable ticket

    Thanks again, Summit.
    First you take Chris Weitz away from our WalMart experience…and now THIS?

    I smell a war brewing…
    Twihards vs. Summit.
    Heck, we’ll even take out that guy who punched BOO BOO Stewart. Who the hell does he think he is, by the way??? I have no words.

    Ash aka Paleochicksdigs

  19. p.s. No one will be able to “CAMP OUT” at Grauman’s.

    Unless you wanna be attacked/molested at 2am by someone wearing a shitty Elmo costume and asks you to “tickle him”.

    It’s Hollywood. Not West Hollywood where it’s at least a college campus. Hollywood is scary…and I will not be out there sleepin on that Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    Right #Moonie?


  20. OMG Why the HALE would you punch BooBoo? He is, hands-down, the most ADORABLE kid on the PLANET! This is upsetting. I want to hunt this man down. I hope Julia Jones shreds him into kibble. You do NOT f*ck with Seth Clearwater. Ever. Capiche?

    • PS – On a side note, apparently BooBoo chased the guy down and held him till the police came? You GO little dude! I love how all the wolves’ kung fu is strong.

  21. […] EastFriend from The Quad, who, I can only imagine was INSPIRED BY GOD to say (aka she read Moon’s post from yesterday), “Don’t hate me. I’m a bad fan, but WHO is Boo-Boo Stewart!?” I wrote […]

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