Open Weekend Post – Hosted by Disapproving GIFs

Dear Weekenders-

Remember when we asked if you’d die of loneliness on the weekends if we didn’t post on Saturday and Sunday? Well we heard your answers and we’re going to give it a whirl for a while till things heat up with Eclipse again and then we’ll be back full time on the weekends.

First it’s business time…

  • Since we won’t be posting regularly (on the weekends until Eclipse returns!) we’ve come up with what we’re going to call “Open Posts” inspired by our lover Micheal K from Dlisted. Essentially we will post something for the whole weekend. It will be the place you can comment, chat, discuss, email us letters or ideas, whatever, in lieu of our normal posts. With that in mind some comments may end up in moderation as they sometimes do but we’ll get them out asap, it just might not be as quick as we do during the weekdays. We also encourage you to run over to the forum where they continue to have lively topics and discussions throughout the weekend.
  • Also a BIG reminder (as if you could forget) Rob’s new film Remember Me is now in theaters, if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet DO THAT and if you’re so inclined and want to see Rob in a shower multiple times this weekend, you can participate in Remember Me Saturday!

So without further adieu… let’s get on with the show…

This weekends Open Post is Hosted by: Disapproving GIFS!

Ever needed to show your disapproval with a quick look? Been so annoyed you needed to show how NOT INTO IT you are? Well Jackson and Rob have it down pat… just follow their lead… and drop these GIFs the next time someone’s harshing your buzz.

Jacky doesn’t want to have to cuttabitch. So DROP IT!

There’s never been a headshake with so much behind it. So much win, so much disapproval, so much funny. And Rob brings it.

Do you feeeeel their disapproval?

Now it’s YOUR TURN! Have fun in the comments and we will see you in the theaters this weekend for Remember Me and back here on Monday morning!

*shakes head* BOTHERED!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

29 Responses

  1. I f*cking love that Rob gif.

  2. Jayde stole my words.
    I have no words to explain my love for that one.

  3. Call me a freak, but that Jackson GIF is kinda hot and I’m not even a Jackson fan. Just sayin…

  4. That Jackson GIF is freakin’ hilarious! I seriously can’t stop laughing…where the HALE is that from? Too awesome!

  5. Hahaha! That Jackson one kills me. What a nerd.

    But the Bothered one? -click! save!-

  6. I tried to see Remember Me last night but it was sold out! BOTHERED!

    • I’m almost afraid to post this (def too afraid to post it at LTR) but just curious if I’m the only one around here not seeing RM? As much as I’m interested in seeing Rob in another role, and am certainly intrigued by spaghetti shower sex, I am just not feeling up for a movie that explores *that* topic. I still think about it enough without having to go see a movie about it. I’m afraid I’d come out of the movie too BOTHERED to really have enjoyed it at all, you know?

      • I saw it and really loved it. I hate spoilers, so I didn’t know it was about *that* topic…and really, it’s not. People will make a big deal out of that (and clearly is a big deal) but the underlying message of the film would be there with or without the particular ending it had. And I do know what you mean about being BOTHERED to have enjoyed it. That crossed my mind because I literally enjoyed Rob so much that I was smiling a lot when I probably shouldn’t have been. But the messages of living in the moment and finding a level of acceptance of what your reality is, regardless of how you came to be there, is really quite lovely.

      • I ruined it for myself and found spoilers and it kind of turned me off some. I think I’ll watch it when it comes out on DVD. It’s just not something I really want to watch in a theater full of people.

      • I went to it yesterday with a friend of mine. We knew going in it was a drama, so I brought a packet of travel kleenex to be proactive… which we both ended up using.

        Its not a happy fun cheery movie, you’re not going to leave laughing, or smiling cause it made you feel so dang good/warm and fuzzy/happy. But we both left the theater saying how much we really liked it.

        I totally get what you’re saying though. And was pretty worried about that myself. But I went in reminding myself that it was a drama and to expect one. I was happy to find that I still really, really enjoyed the movie.

      • I ended up seeing it last night and while I knew *that* was somewhat woven in to the story I was under the impression it wasn’t the main theme and it really wasn’t at all. Despite *that* I really enjoyed the movie even though it was tough to be sitting there at times. I also needed travel kleenex and I thought Rob did an exceptional job acting. There were a few British sounding words which I overlooked but leaving the theater, I don’t think it would be fair to pigeon-hole him as “the Twilight guy” who can’t do anything else. Based on this performance, I’d say the kid is going places. Oh and Ang’s comment was great. Spot on.

        • aw thanks. I’m actually seeing again this afternoon. I with a different person. I admit I’m biased, but I really think Rob did a fabulous job. In just 2 hours he managed to bring it all – the funny, anger, sadness, brotherly protection, contentment. What a range! The principal actors were all fab.

          • Oh yeah, I agree about the principal actors. Chris Cooper is amazing for starters. I’ve loved him in everything he’s been in. I also remember one shot of Emile de Ravin where it dawned on me that casting Martha Plimpton as her mother was genius. They have such similar features. Plus she was in Goonies. HEEEEEY YOOOOUUU GUYYYYS!!!!! 🙂

      • I’m glad to hear your reviews. I’m warming up to the idea of seeing it, but I guess I’ll just have to be in the right mood going into it. It just doesn’t seem like a fun weekend outing to me b/c of the theme. I may wait til it’s on DVD like EmilyB.

  7. I randomly came across a pic of KStew at the Runaways premiere tonight while procrastinating.

    I’m surprised at the color but I think she looks great in it! And is that…yes, I think it is…. a huge smile!

  8. haha I love Rob’s face in that gif…the way he says to Jimmy Kimmel, “Hey! I don’t talk like that..”…
    Also, jackson looks really weird there…

  9. I was SO bummed when I went to see Remember Me. NOT becuase of the movie, I really liked the movie.

    I was SO bummed that the Eclipse preview they showed before it was the exact same one they released earlier in the week online.

    I don’t know why, but I was expecting a longer preview for the theater, one with additional stuff, like showing a bit of the fight witht he vampires, werewolves and newborns. Something. I should have known Summit wouldn’t give me any more. Shame on me for thinking otherwise.

  10. Ok so I saw Remember me with the husband last night… Boy was io gonna get killed for dragging him to see it! I thought it was ok.. I loved seeing Robert outside of Edward and all the Pausing.. lol .. but I thought the ending was way too much especially since I am from New York… not going to spoil it but hey it is what it is… Im going to be paying back the hysband for a while I might get him an Alice tee shirt to calm him down ! lol Oh and Uc and Moonie Love that you guys read Dlisted.. I read his blog every morning when I get to work! You guys should make ” Hot Slut of the Day” and BUTT CRACK SANTA should be the first one up! ❤

  11. Gawd, that “Robert is Bothered” sketch was SO funny… I’ve been watching it over and over.

    James disapproves.


    • I know! I had recorded the show on my DVR. I had to force myself to delete it because I kept watching it over and over. The headshake shown in the .gif esp. It was addicting!

  12. Aw crap… that link didn’t work.


    Lemme try this.

  13. I am so annoyed that they didn’t show the Eclipse trailer in my screening of Remember Me! *sad panda*
    I was looking forward to seeing it on the big screen and in surround sound instead of a teeny tiny youtube clip on my laptop 😦

    I didn’t know much of the storyline before I went and saw it, so the end shocked me a little. I may have cried… lol

    Damn living in Australia and not getting the Twilighty goodness that the Americans get – Summit can we get an Eclipse premiere in Sydney *PLEASE*? I totally have room in my basement for some cast members to crash… (My Twi-Trinity friends may or may not be my “housemates” for the duration of your time here… Especially if the cast members include Taylor, Kellan and Rob :P)

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