Open Post hosted by Tweed Day and Angry Men

Dear LTTers,

This weekend’s Open Post is hosted by none other than TWEED DAY. Yes- THAT’S RIGHT!!! Today you don’t need an excuse to put on your tweed and have a good time. It’s actually a national holiday (who cares for which nation) Directly from a very random website:

When : Always April 3rd

Tweed Day celebrates one of two things. Either it celebrates the warm, fashionable woolen clothing that originated in Scotland. Seemingly always in fashion, Tweed keeps you warm and looks good, too. It should come as no surprise to learn that tweed is more popular in the north, and not often worn in the south.

Or,…it celebrates the birthday of a corrupt , New York City politician.

Are you saying “what the?” like we are? Read all about it here. We don’t really care about the traditional celebration of National Tweed Day. Today let’s celebrate our favorite man in tweed, Edward Cullen:

Sigh… so Grandpa-ish yet so hot. Thanks Claudia for the heads up!

But OH! We’re not done. Because this weekend is a holiday weekend and sometimes we feel generous on holidays, this open post is hosted by SOMEONE ELSE too. It is hosted by angry men who have lost their women to Twilight…

(Seriously I know this song is SO bad, but just get through it- it’s worth it!!)

When I first saw this video I was just STRUCK with how similar the lives of Twilight lovers are. Sure we look different, act different and ARE different… but at the end of the day… we’ve given up a HUGE chunk of our lives and dedicated it to this VAMPIRE story… much to the dismay of the men in our lives! I laughed so hard because I seriously think my husband has had the exactly conversation or complaint of me like in this video at least once a day for the last year and 1/2 (without the awful music!)

Hoppy Easter, enjoy passover or just have a good weekend!


Thanks again Claudia & thanks to Jennifer for the video!!

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19 Responses

  1. LMAO!

    You’re right that video is terrible but THAT IS SO MY HUSBAND’S THEME SONG!

    Fricking hilarious!

  2. Sooo funny 🙂 There seems to be a random holiday every week. I think national Hamburger day is in May or something….

    On a different note, yesterday I was wandering the isles of my local Walmart searching for stuff for my sons easter basket when I ended up in the clearance isle. And there was Edward and Bella in barbie form. I may have said “Awe, poor Edward” outloud. I felt so bad! But the good thing is that I didn’t feel bad enough to buy one. Like I did when I found a tickle me Ernie there for $9. Elmo was $70. Poor Ernie! Now he lives in my sons closet because he scared the crap out of him.

  3. Ha! Am I the only one that thought that one wolf-boy looked a bit like Jared?

  4. This should seriously be my hubby’s theme song! LOL!

  5. Nice wolf boys! Although after yesterday’s post all I can think of is micro-jorts…

  6. In honor of Tweed Day, I will be busting out my kicky tweed bolero. Good thing it is a little chilly today.

    Happy weekend!!


  7. I’m not married but that was hilarious. “She’s got the hots for teenage boys and thinks it’s alright.” Lol
    Also I’m pretty sure that husband signed his death warrant by burning his wife’s books.

  8. I really wish I could view the video on my blackberry. I could use a laugh. There’s nothing like being completely superfluous at a family function to make you wish for an escape to Forks. I’d be happy with Forks-adjacent…

  9. Am I the only one who’s dh is happy? I am in the mood way more often now. He couldn’t be more pleased : )

  10. Serious Tweedward Is Serious.

    “Tweed is my only reason to stay… alive, if that’s what I am….”

    😀 (Seriously, I don’t care what anyone says, I love the tweed! Especially that long coat in the dream sequence). *swooooon* 😡

    Love the video, too! I saw that before on… SO funny!

    Tweed is the skin of a killer, Bella.


  11. Okay, why did that angry emoticon show up after *swoooon*?! It was supposed to be a “kissy.” I think that maybe he is jelly because he doesn’t own any tweed. LMAO

  12. OH MY GOD.

    “Likes teenage boys and thinks its alright” HAHAH…

    I’m not married, but I sure can imagine my future husband acting and saying those things…someone help me now before I’m doomed in my future marriage! “That’s normal” right?

    Oh god.

    That’s why I’m still single…isn’t it…

    🙂 Ash

  13. SO I’m sitting in a cafe with my mom. She’s visiting from out of town. Our conversation naturally veers to New Moon. She refers to Edward as “The Ice Dude.”


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