A Very Twi-Weekend, Part 2 (part 1 to come later)

Enjoy this VERY entertaining story from LTT readers turned real life loves of our lives Ashley & Chelsea

Twi related costumes? Check! Dignity? Back at home!

Second working title “Please don’t hate us!”

Dear Creation Entertainment TwiCon 2010,

As a means of satiating our Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse needs, Chelsea and I went to the Twilight Convention in Los Angeles at the grand old Marriott this Saturday. This would be part 2 of our crazy weekend…we hung out with KStew and Joan Jett on Thursday…but that’s another post! So as a continuation of our “Very Twi-Weekend” (Runaways Thursday, Remember Me Friday) we decided to go to TwiCon! Chelsea and I resurrected our Twi-alter egos as the hot busty Rosalie and Alice, and of course checked our dignity at the door.

Why God, WHY??!!!

We were running a bit late so we missed the Hillywood introduction but we were JUST in time to walk in and hear the sweet sultry sound of Chaske Spencer’s deep and velvety voice. He was doing the Q&A session and answering all kinds of Twi-related wolf pack questions. Like, “What’s your favorite fruit?”… *bitchface* Kiowa Gordon followed after Chaske and was a bit quiet, reserved, and a little shy. He got pretty comfortable after a while and jumped off the stage to walk around the crowd. He stopped to give a girl a hug and then recognized Chelsea from when she saved him from a pack of rabid fangirls at the New Moon red carpet line. He then performed a song with his band, “Touche”. Did you know he had a band? We didn’t either! Apparently it was their first live performance! Maybe he can play with 100 Monkeys! Hot Alex Meraz was next and was super hilarious! He did a spot-on imitation of KStew *stutter blink blink hand in hair stutter* being nervous before filming the scene where Bella hits Paul. Alex thought he would tease her by blowing her kisses…the Stew did not approve. He said after that she had no problem hitting him. After all of the Q&A we now knew all of their favorite fruits. Which is very crucial information…*bitchface*

Follow the cut to hear the rest AND see some Charly Bewley!


Soon after, Chelsea and I ventured out and walked around in the SAD vendor room, which seriously had about 10 vendors. Booths included the Twilight hand model, Twi-gear.com t-shirts, airbrushed “bite me Edward” tattoos, random jewelry, a lady selling Reneeseemeee (SP? Aw who the eff cares anymore) perfume, and the always awesome Hillywood cast. (They were the hosts!) We’re guessing Summit severely limited what could be sold there due to copyrights and whatnot. As we were walking around…we saw the following things:

-Homemade Twilight inspired shoes

-Blow-up/manillow Edward (HOW creeptastic is THIS?)

-Glitter wolf pack tattoos, fanny packs, Twi-moms, 9 year olds, 45 year olds, and lots and lots of merch with Edwards face on it.

Stuffing Charley's BOX

However, the absolute highlight of our day was going to the hotel bar for happy hour at 4pm for ½ price wine and appetizers. Let me tell you, the pinot grigio REALLY helped all the 2nd hand embarrassment we experienced throughout the day. We headed back over at 5pm to see Charley Bewley, who plays the Volturi guard Demetri. HOT. Our jaws dropped when we saw him. I had always just known him as the quiet one with the bad makeup, but without the contacts and white face paint, he’s really, REALLY attractive. At one point Charlie mentioned that he used to sell stripper poles. Chelsea then shouted out “Give us a demonstration!” which was answered with mad approval from the crowd. Some girl jumped up on stage and volunteered to be the pole (Chelsea note: BITCH! That was my comment & idea! *sulks*) At this point we’re writhing in our seats due to quirky-British-sex-appeal…OVERLOAD. Charlie then proceeded to GRIND all over that lucky ass beyotch. Hips were grabbed, pelvis was thrust, audience DIED. *fans self remembering it*

Let's make out! What there's people here??

They then opened questions to the audience and I IMMEDIATELY raised my hand and shouted out (Like I said, the wine helped). Hillywood called on me! I was given a microphone and asked the question that Chelsea fed me “Was filming the elevator scene as awkward as it looked?” Charley, who was on stage, jumped off the stage and walked to the other side of the room, realized then that I was on the opposite side, and made a B-line right for me and Chelsea. He walked right through the crowd and stopped an INCH from my face. Literally. Up. In. My. Grill. I’m talking, first date/ standing at the door awkward first kiss pose. We did the head bob/I’m not sure where my face goes/ lips or cheek? thing, finally he leaned in and planted one on my cheek. ZOMG *DIED* Meanwhile, fangirls are screaming and flashbulbs are popping. Charlie hopped up on the chair next to us so that everyone could see and continued to answer the question. I jumped up next to him while Chelsea scrambled for her camera and scooted around so she could snag pics (don’t forget we’re STILL dressed as Alice & Rose.) Charlie answered that yes, it was awkward because he felt that his character, Demetri, would have had some trouble in such a confined space with juicy Bella, aka he thought he would have wanted to eat her. Nom. He also said that Kristen kept glancing at him and he may have spaced out for a second or two. He said earlier that he thinks Demetri has some adult ADD going on.

Charley Bewley - Stipper Pole Salesmen at your service

After he finished answering his question, I jumped back down in my seat next to Chelsea and tried my hardest to compose myself. It took about a half hour for my heart to return to a normal pace. After our question Charlie answered two more (but we kind of weren’t paying attention after HE KISSED ME AND ALL) and then he said his goodbyes. Chelsea and I rushed out to the ticket counter to see if there were still photo-op tickets available. Money was no object. I threw my credit card at the lady (Chelsea note: No really, she THREW that sucker down on the table!) and $50 later we were on our way. We detoured to the ladies room to collect ourselves and figure out our game plan. We decided to try and be the last in line. It was such a tease after my close encounter that we had to investigate further. While waiting at the end of the line I was approached by a girl who told me that they had a picture of where it looks like Charlie’s making out with me. *Squee!* And then they told us we HAD to smell him. Smell him? “That’s normal”…right? Finally it was our turn, we walked up to Charlie and he exclaimed “Hey! It’s you!” We took our picture with each of us kissing Charlie on his cheeks, Chelsea on his right, and me on the left. A Bewley sandwich. Nom. And yes, he smelled Uh-MAZING! So good. SO GOOD. After our picture we hung out in the photo room while the last few girls took their pictures. When he was done, I asked him if he lived in the UK. “No, I live in Los Angeles” he said in that hawt accent. *Died* Then Chelsea jumped in with “What are you doing later? Want to grab a drink or something?” Charlie was a little flustered and asked us where we would go out. Chelsea and I both said “Los Feliz!” and he said “Oh I live around there.” I asked “Where?” And then immediately facepalmed, *stutter blink blink* “Uh, I mean, what neighborhood. Not where exactly!” We all laughed a little awkwardly and then he said “Well, I don’t go out much, where would you go?” We mentioned a few places and then he said that he had to stay and do the vampire ball and that that wasn’t until ten. I, of course, asked him if he needed a date for the ball, jokingly. He said quietly “I think they arrange that for me, like an Indian marriage.” Chelsea asked him what time he got done with it and he then mentioned that he was running a marathon in the morning. Boo. I said “Well, let me give you our numbers, just in case.” Chelsea grabbed a flyer and a sharpie and tried to remember her own phone number. The photographer started talking to him as he was waiting for Chelsea. I grabbed the paper from her and waited for them to finish speaking. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and reached his hand out towards me. I slipped him the paper with our numbers and he immediately stuck it in his pocket. Where I’m hoping it still is…and not at the bottom of the Marriot dumpster. He finished up with the photographer and someone told him he had to go….

And now we wait….

*phone rings*

*Scrambling and tripping each other Ashley and Chelsea fight for the phone*



It was just the roommate.

But as we all know, “The Volturi don’t offer second chances.”

Damn….*still waiting by phone*


The End.

Chelsea & Ashley

64 Responses

  1. STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME… grrrr the post scheduled 1 hour later than normal! SORRY everyone! blame it on benjamin franklin…

  2. awesome!!! Great story ladies! Keep us updated if he calls or not 😉

  3. I enjoyed reading this WAY too much. I may or may not have replaced “Chelsea” and “Ashley” with my name while I was reading…
    Sounds like quite the amazing weekend though! I’m actually really impressed with the whole Charlie encounter. He’s so friggin hot. And I’m even more impressed that you guys gave him your numbers! That takes a hell of a lot of courage. Maybe he realizes that and will call 🙂
    You girls are super lucky!

    PS. Can’t wait to hear about Jett and Stew.

    • I’m also hanging for the Jett/KStew tale!!

      Was a really really fun read, I agree.

      However. FEDORA. I am not a fan of.

  4. Hi.
    I am so f*cking jealous down here.
    I always thought Charlie was pretty hot and then I hears him speak and I DIED.
    I have a thing for boys with English accents.
    And slightly Southern accents (mmm Jacksper) but I digress.
    He kissed you. He kissed you? HE KISSED YOU?! Man. You are only lucky bitch.
    Obvi, that is meant with love.
    Also: your outfits are adorbs!


  5. Um. Jealous! You guys look adorable by the way! We will know STAT is he calls, right?

    • It should be noted that neither of these girls are shy. They are amazing and Chelsea may or may not have a very enticing professional voice as well as very nice boobs. She even asked Sam Bradley out for drinks. She rocks! Also noted that I am kicking myself in the ass for not going with you guys *pouting* Just as well. I would have had to go dressed as Butt Crack Santa as I cannot pull of the smexy like these two 🙂

  6. I award you both +100 points for being so bold with the phone number – you go girls!


  7. That Bewley is such a FLIRT, you can tell every time he’s in an interview. He strikes me as the type of guy who kind of oozes sexual appeal, which is weird considering Demitri is not hot! You’d think it would permeate? Maybe he choked in the presence of HHH?

    Chelsea and Ashley, your blagging powers astound me! I hope the phone rings for you and a sultry English voice is at the other end.

    By all accounts, that was a pretty good weekend, non?

  8. That’s awesome and again you look adorable in you costumes!!! LegHitch2010

  9. *Jaw drops* I don’t think jealous even covers it! I was jealous when I read that you heard Chaske Spencer’s voice… but by the end… well, let’s just say I crossed the line into envy somewhere between the stripper pole demonstration and the kiss.

    Thanks for letting me live vicariously!!!

  10. Pinot grigio or no pinot grigio I would NEVER have the guts to be as forward as you were. You always have a no, but you might get a yes, respect for that. And of course he’s gonna call, you girls are hot!

  11. I fully expect shenanigans such as this when I visit this summer. Plus I get my make-out session with the girls…Oops, Did I say that out loud?


  12. Congrats on your big weekend! Like others have said I would have never had the guts to ask him for a drink… good for you! You’ll never regret that!

    Thanks for reporting back so we can all live vicariously.

  13. I was SO EXCITED for the post to go up this morning and for you guys to read it…how awesome is our PHOTO OP with him?

    I’m framing it and putting it beside my bed. Heart shaped frame and all.

    BlowUPward was totally creepy. @thealexmeraz posted about it yesterday. Check out what he said on Twitter…something like “You missed your chance to meet Robert Pattinson yesterday!” haha. Oh, Alex.

    The room and TwiCON was full of hotness yesterday. If you haven’t gone to TWICon or have been too 2nd hand embarassed thinking about it…I highly suggest that you go. As it turns out, everyone that’s there is mostly 2nd hand embarassed but just hides it well. It’s a nerd fest and we’re all there for the same reason. LOL. Well…except for BlowUPward. Everyone we talked to was very nice and even nicer after a glass of wine. Chelsea and I are going to start the day drinking next time. and take a shot everytime we see something homemade…UC, maybe you can post the home-made shoes we saw? So great. TwiFashion. ❤

    I'm still on a TwiCon/Stew weekend high. I don't wanna come down!

    #LEGHITCH2010! LA!

    ❤ Ashley

    • Regarding the BlowUpward—what the heck is going on with the front of his pants? Is that what I think it is? Anatomically correct blow-up doll?

      • OMG! How did I MISS that? (when reading your post I had to scroll up and see)

        Maybe he comes (twss) “fully functional”?

      • The BlowUpWard is almost as creepy as Felt Bella’s womb. :O

    • Ahhh@!
      *whining* I wish I had a RL twi-partner-in-crime…..

      Eh, my semi-twifans all drink heavily, though. Maybe I can liquor one of them up and kidnap them for the next one. They’re not shy and would love showing off boobies to the wolf pack.

      That looks so fun, and the 2nd hand embarassment only adds to the experience. You guys must have had a blast. That kiss pic is so cute!

  14. fantastic!
    I live in Nashville and wasnt quite comfortable attending the convention there, much to my BFF’s dissapointment (sorry Val). Loved the story, totally felt like I was there. Next time Nashville becomes a hot spot, ill White Zin it up and proudly wade through all the 14 year olds. Cant wait.

  15. That was fun story, Ashley and Chelsea, reading it was as if I was there, watching you work your magic.

    I’ve seen Charlie up close in nov 09 and he’s really really cute, but unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to smell him . http://twitpic.com/18ra20

    I’m sure he’ll call, to be BFF or to party together, otherwise I get this vibe from him that he’d prefer you in Emmet or Edward costume, ifyouknowwhatImean.

    But there’s another guy who is perfect to be friends with: Taylor L.
    (read my email!).
    I hope he’s you next “project” after KStew and CharlieB.

  16. Nope, still hate you.

  17. How cute do u girls look? Jealous! You guys look like you had a great time! Two thumbs up for being so brave!

  18. HAHA. For some reason my huge comment didn’t post…I’ll try it later…

    {IWASTHISCLOSE} to his face. Should have gone in for the kill. Damn. *sigh* Blasphemy, I know, but he’s like a funnier and more British version of Rob.

    Look what I found! http://lovingcharliebewley.blogspot.com/ More pictures of me looking terribly smitten. ugh. I’m still fanning myself thinking about it. I’m completely in love with this boy now.

    I can’t imagine my life without this stupid Twilight book series now.

    If anyone finds any other videos/photos of me, Chelsea, and Charlie, let me know! They’re out there…all the fangirls were SNAPPING away!!!

    xo Ash

  19. You guys are my heros! I am still laughing so hard at the costumes…ftw. I am supes jealz….he is hot. I can’t wait for the summer. That is all. LegHitch2010


    obird 🙂

  20. you girls rock my world! i love it!

  21. This story was HELLA-WESOME!!!!

    Kissed by the Bewley….I can’t even imagine!! Gah, he’s so gorgeous!!
    Stories like these make me wish I lived in LA.
    I’ll just have to live vicariously though you!

    Can’t wait to hear part 1!!

  22. OMG…that girl in front of you dressed like “victoria” was at TwiSuck Dallas edition.

  23. I love that pic of you guys kissing him…you’re all closed eyes & ‘I really really love you’ facial expression, which is more than he deserves with the pay- me-for- photos manwhore thing. Unless the monet goes somewhere good (Hillywood?) in which case I repent.

    Who knows, maybe the Twilight Travelling Puppet Theatre will one day hold one of these conmferences in a garage somewhere….a girl can dream.

    P.S. The English accent thing still doesn’t do it for me….

  24. Only 27 comments on this amazballs post so far??

    Where is everybody??

    • Probably much too jealous. You know- can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

    • HAHA…I’m jealous of us, too.

      Yeah, LTR has like…100,000,000 comments. I think it was too long for some people to fully digest. It also reads like a crappy romance novel because Chelsea and I wrote it on the “spring forward” daylight savings night…and ended up going to bed at 3am. We were seriously high after our TwiWeekend.

      Who’s getting New Moon at midnight?
      Which copy? I’m going to Borders 🙂

      xo Ash

  25. Nice work ladies! You amaze me. I would NEVER have the guts to do something like that!

  26. Ok, holy BALLZ, I just about slid off my chair and under my desk to pass out when I read about you guys giving him your numbers. Something tells me there will be numerous evening stalking Charley on the eastside to come and if I’m not invited or at least stuffed in the trunk for said excursions, I will cry my little eyes out.

    Ok, breathing is returning to normal but internally still freaking the shiz out. Please tell me you are making that girl who had the “looks like you’re making out” pic email it to you.

  27. Can’t wait for part 1…..so is there a reason part 2 was posted before part 1…? I’m confuzzled.

    Although I’m completely jealous that you got to smell (apparently delicious) Charlie, I’m glad you posted this. I enjoyed it uber lots.

    Good for you gals w/ the numbers!!! You’re never going to get a call if they don’t have the number, but if they do…… 😉

  28. Did you really just realize how hot Charlie Bewley is? Really?! Just don’t go meeting Cudmore and discovering he’s not just ridiculously tall but also ridiculously hot. hrmph.

  29. I took video of the Charlie Bewley encounter. Watch it now before they take it down:

  30. aww don’t hide your pretty, 1st hand embarrassed faces!

    Chelsea for Breaking Dawn! Nuts to NReed.

  31. Ashley u make me sound like a creeper that i told u he smelled good!!!!!!!! i wuld also like the props 4 being the 1 who told u 2 stay near the back of the line 4 more time in the room^-^ and yes Chelsea was very smooth with the phone numbers. oh n how we (meaning myself) told him how we love to watch him leave (Chelsea under breath after leaving room) but not as much as we love to see u come! ^-^

    • Oh man Savannah!
      S- “Charlie, we love to see you leave!” (meaning we get to stare at his ass)
      Me under my breath- “But I love to see you come” but spell come differently……

      I has a dirty mind.

      Yay for Cledbo who wants me in BD! Although I think I’d make a great Tanya too….It’s worth a shot!

    • We are all creepers at this point. I love guys who smell good. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. thinking about it now.

      You rock, btw. I like making RL friends…

  32. Wow you girls are so just.awesome. I never would have had the courage. Good for you!

  33. Wow, what an awesome letter… and experience! Good for you two, and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  34. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: A VERY Twi-weekend from @paleochickdigs & @bitemebaker http://wp.me/pogYm-2cU

  35. You have to tell us if he did eventually call you! I’ll bet you my Pattinson khorts he at least thought about it! 😀

  36. Oh… and also (yes, I’m trying out the HTML code on this site, lol,) that you get back to us on LTT and to make us even more jealous! 🙂

    So happy for both of you!


  37. Wow. JEALOUS doesn’t even cover…



  38. Ladies!!! You should’ve asked me! I knew where his room was, right next to mine in case you were wondering. Well of course I didn’t know this until after I met you Ashley, when I was walking back to my room, he was ordering room service. Danmit that would have been great!!

    If you remember me, I’m the girl who got the hug from Kiowa and was standing next to the women in line who got a pic that looked like you were making out with Charlie. I was also wearing a tiara.


    • Oh my gosh!!!
      Aw, hi Natasha! Too bad. We could have had dinner together…*sigh* haha

  39. Goddamn could that boy (Charlie) get ANY cuter? I don’t think it’s humanly possible unles they want firefighters on constant standby to douse out his poor hapless female suitors! *L*

    Our photo with Charlie is framed and is displayed with pride at work. I still recall Mr Bewley viewing the photo as he signed them only to comment that we looked beautiful and who was the hack in the middle of the photo?

    Did you get a chance to view Alex’s artwork?

  40. […] to Rob” & meeting awesome people like Charlie Bewley’s future girlfriend Ashley who become a fast friend? (Not to mention get my husband SUPER PISSED off at me as we left him […]

  41. It’s normal that I want to quit my job & move to LA, right??

    No seriously, AMAZING story! I am so happy you girls are brave enough to venture to these crazy events so that the rest of us can live vicariously thru you 🙂

  42. NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!!! i remember u! we sat together at the brunch rite? u had the huge cutout of Kellan which he signed rite on the crotch^-^ good times

  43. holy fuck!! i remeber seeing y’all there!!! during the trivia part, i asked who esme’s first hubs was. you probably dont remember but thats ok with me.
    charlie b was a total hottie!! four of us went and only i signed up for a pic with him – all my biatches were pissed. too bad for them!!
    that blowward went to the ball, by the way. it creeped me out to see it there.
    i hope y’all had as much fun as i did. but the absolute best was when not only the Wolf Pack calling me Tex (cuz i’m from Texas and have a drawl) but when Kellan asked me what city and then remembered me when it was time to take pics with him and Peter. all i remember of that was “Hey Tex! You’re back!” swoon-fest over here!!!
    who’s going next time? i already paid for my tix!! that 12 hr drive was so fucking worth it!

  44. i forgot – the “victoria” person won best costume or some shizz like that at the ball. the granny twihards should have won that.

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