Open Weekend Post- Hosted by an Alpaca & Taylor Lautner

Dear Weekenders,

This weekend’s “Open Post” ( <—– click that if you weren’t around last weekend and don’t know what I’m talking about) is hosted by an Alpaca. And Taylor Lautner.

Source: Alpaca Picture Book by KD Galbraith
Walnut Creek Alpacas

You might think,

“WTF, UC? Are you really that lazy that you just threw up a picture of a really super, duper cute fuzzy animal next to Taylor and called it a post?”

But you’d be wrong. I didn’t wake up this morning and think,

“Hmm- what can I do that would be so incredibly random- Oh, I know! South American animal + Fish-O-Filet lover’s son. That’ll make ’em laugh.”

This was ACTUALLY sent to us by someone. Yes. This Existed.

Someone, somewhere, took a picture of an Alpaca (that may or may not be stuffed- I can’t tell) and put it next to a picture of Taylor Lautner.

I, however,  felt I had to create the following:

Why did someone choose to take a furry animal and put it next to Taylor’s face? Are they insinuating that Tay-tay resembles this animal? Is owning an Alpaca & having Taylor as their lover a dream of theirs? Are they just…. weird?

This is your open post discussion for the weekend. (Orrrrr discuss whatever the crap you wanna talk about!!)

Kinda 2nd-hand embarasssed but also kinda just want to hug that fuzzy animal,

Thanks to Kristi for finding this and thinking of us!

After the jump, enjoy a little extra something this weekend to help aid you in your New Moon watching:

Dear UC/Moon/LTTers:

My first actual “letter to twilight!” I am so giddy.

In light of the upcoming DVD release of New Moon I have sat around all day at work (working of course) thinking of fun things to do at your New Moon DVD party! And….(drum roll please!)…I have come up with the “Official” New Moon drinking game! So grab your beer, mixed drink or cherry coke (for you under aged LTTers) and play along!

  • Take a drink when…. Bella blinks too much in a single second. BlinkBlinkBlinkBlinkBlinkBlinkBlink. Gulp Gulp!
  • Take a drink when…. you see a member of the Wolf pack sans shirt. (6 gulps for every 6 pack you see?!?)
  • Take a drink when….someone says the word “bears” (as in “they were as big as bears” “watch out for the bears” “they are NOT bears”)
  • Take a drink when….you see someone wearing plaid (look in the background too, for extra drinking possibilities) might want to stick to main characters, as there is A LOT of plaid
  • Take a drink when….a Cullen “high school” student is wearing an obviously non-high school outfit while attending high school.
  • Take a drink when….Jacob says something in another language besides English (may or may not make sense, doesn’t matter)
  • And the big one: Take a drink when…. whenever Bella “sees” Edward in her imagination

Keep on Drinkin’!

  • Drink for the full length of: Jessica’s zombie/leporasy/shopping analogy.
  • Drink for the full length of: Edward’s parking lot stroll from car to Bella at the begining of the movie.
  • Drink for the full length of: the elevator ride Bella, Edward and Alice take with the Vultorri (if you can still drink at this point in the movie, props to you!)

Group Challenges (because I assume you are not sitting at home watching New Moon and drinking alone)

  1. First person to cry has to chug their beer. (really, you shouldn’t cry, you have seen this movie about 5 times already…but you might be drunk at this point from all the plaid, blinking, slow walks and jorts)
  2. Last person to jump up and do stellar Kong-Fu moves when Harry Clearwater says “My Kung Fu is strong” has to chug their beer.
  3. Best “Lykke Li” impression- must sing along with the movie! Gets to pick another player to chug their beer.

Hope my drinking game helps you enjoy your New Moon DVD release party! Any other ideas of times to take a drink or take a chug?

-Rachel B (aka GriffsSayWhat)

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105 Responses

  1. Bahaha Rachel that New Moon DVD party game is awesome! And totally hilar.
    I may use it …
    And speaking of funny things: I found a book at Kmart (do you guys have that in the US??) and it’s a flip cover – choose your team! Front is Team Edward and back is Team Jacob. Anywho. In the middle there are glossy pics and there’s one of TayTay and Big Daddy sitting at some sporting event. Pretty sure you’ve used the pic on here so obvi, I thought of you. Basically it’s a lameass biography of Rob and TayTay, but the chapter names for Rob’s section is effing hilar. I was going to buy it merely for the hilarity factor but I didn’t want to waste $13.

  2. Um, I swear to Rob that another LTTer and myself were just talking about alpacas yesterday!!!. Nothing to do with Taytay (although I do see a resemblance now that whomever did that dual image above points it out). That is so weird.
    Happy weeekend, and NM DVD release day everyone!

  3. I wish! It’s NOT DVD weekend here yet. We get the movies a day and a half earlier but the DVDs 3.5 weeks later. Please explain!

    Off to sulk…

  4. Take a drink …..each time you tell yourself ‘he was only 17’. Scull if you need to say it out loud. Shotgun a can if you feel no guilt what-so-ever.

  5. Um, Griffs, we’re so doing this on Forks Tour 2010!

    • Just stay away from the cliff afterwards.

      • HI Ang..Happy Saturday!
        I wanna jump those cliffs…yes I do!! You in???
        Did you get New Moon?? Did you watch it in all is glory??

        Just so you know…don’t have email yet…lost it after the night we “talked” so if you have written I don’t want you to think I am not answering…still having tech difficulties..Dell and I worked til way late last night fixing lots of stuff but they are still saying they want me to send it back…not gonna happen..and why can’t they have English speaking techs?? At least the advanced techs??

        • Aw, MidCyn, hate to hear you are having technical difficulties. 😦 Hope you get e-mail back soon!

          OME, I am watching NM now! BluRay on my new tv! I love my Unicorn so hard right now for helping hooking me up today!

    • Can I go too…

  6. Well, I watched my New Moon DVD last night…ended up with 2 other ladies watching along, but I was the ‘knows-far-too-much & hence-wincingly-embarassing’ older fangirl…who never normally feels that way because I only admit stuff on here, or to my BiFF…sigh. It downed the thrill of getting it early.

    The Tay/ Alpaca resemblence is remarkable…I wonder if the Alpaca gets mobbed by screaming girl Alpacas…
    At least it has a better wig than Jacob in NM…can someone not CGI that sucker?

    And…how is everyone today? Lovely to see you all, hope you’re all having a lovely lovely day, & that everything is lovely. Because of yesterday I suggest we have an excruciatingly polite day ending in a group hug & maybe a few tears.

    • Oh I feel you pain. I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone this morning and telling her I was going shopping after my DH gets home since the kiddos are still sick and was telling her about how I am going to have to buy 3 copies of the NM dvd because not one copy has everything on it. She was kind and listened to my rambling, but was not feeling my pain. It was obvious. Nice to know there are other “older fangirls” that we can talk to who understand the importance of today’s DVD release.
      I also like the Alpaca/Taylor resemblence. My babysitter is going to think that is a hoot!
      Okay, time to go and check on the kids and get my workout in. Enjoy a beautiful Saturday!

    • @eatmyjorts: I luvs you…just saying…(sniffle sniffle) ((HUG)) LOL

  7. So this brings up a great point. I think I will write a long-winded, 10-paragraph post philosophically comparing Taylor to an alpaca.

    Just kidding. I am all posted out after yesterday. I’ll just say that I didn’t know that owning an Alpaca & having Taylor as a lover might be a weird dream.

    Have a great weekend everyone! I agree with eatmyjorts, let’s all have a pleasant and polite weekend filled with butterflies and “unicorns.” Give peace a chance.

    I’m off to search for the Eclipse preview from the Walmart DVD and all of those cut scenes from the Target DVD on the interweb b/c Canadian NM DVDs are lame.

  8. WOW this comparison makes me want to start an Alpaca farm, I mean this particular Alpaca seems like it’d look good in flannel.

  9. I think I’m on Team Alpaca now, just can’t get enough of its little scrunched up face! Maybe Summit could cast him for Breaking Dawn? There is something eerily similar between the two of them though.
    Got my DVD this morning so bring on the drinking game! Looks like I’ll be playing solo though unless I can convince non-unicorn hubby to watch with me, and since he’s already seen it on a very dodgy quality pirate its unlikely…

    • Nope, I’m Team Llama.

      Of course, there’s the subdivision of that…. Team Llapaca. Or is it Team Alpama… 😉

  10. Have to say though I do wonder whether the person who sent in the picture saw the alpaca and thought “Now he looks like Taylor!” or saw Taylor and thought “Now he looks like an alpaca!”

  11. Haven’t watched the NM DVDs yet.

    I got Target’s 3-disc version, and my best twi-friend (who’ll be over any time now to watch NM and all the features) went to Wal-mart to get their version w/ Eclipse last night. The one she went to had a huge roped off area. It was divided in half, one side said “Cullens” the other said “Wolfpack” – there was punch (red, of course) and cake, and all sorts of Twi merch in it & stuff for people to wait until they released the movie. The sides (wolfpack/cullens) didn’t mean different DVDs or anything, it was just so people could show their “Team” —She didn’t get there until about 12:45 or so, so she missed all the fun, but said it was hilar and when she’d gotten there, she said there was still quite a line at both the electronics dept for the DVDs and the regular check-out lines (99% there for NM). She said she’d never seen Wal-mart that busy at that time of night. She said she was bummed she didn’t get there before midnight saying it looked like it would have been fun/funny to experience w/ all the other crazy twi fans. 😉

    I can’t wait to see the 7 min of Eclipse sneak she got and all the features between the two of us. Now where the heck is she….. ?

    I have to say I am bummed that I can’t do the drinking game (was in a pretty major accident recently and Drs say, among many things I’m not to do, I can’t have alcohol yet… ) but believe me, when they give me the all-clear, I’m SO having friends over and playing that NM drinking game!! I cant’ wait.

    • You could always play the drinking game with water. People always say we should drink more water. That game would keep you plenty hydrated!

    • @JacobEdwardsWife: Sorry to hear about your accident hope your ok…I can try to offer a lil help since I can’t drink anything either (not that I drank much before my accident) but I love a good pina colada or red wine especially when watching a good movie with friends…
      anyway,..they have some great red “sparkling” yes sparkling is definately indicated when watching Edward..but I digress…they make a great Red sparkling non alcholic wine and if you like beer my hubs likes the Sharps non alcohol beer…just a thought so you can play safely! 🙂 and not feel left out..get better soon..!!

      • Thx I have to say I would not recommend breaking your neck 😉 it isn’t fun.

        • OUCH! I imagine not…wishing you a speedy recovery!! BTW I wouldn’t recoommend breaking your brain

          • No that wouldn’t!! 😦 though did have bleeding and bruising on the brain. Did that happen to you…breaking you’re brain?
            I have to say I got very lucky: alive, walking, talking…supposed to eventually get back to “normal”…scared the crap out of my husband & family. Enduring the neck brace and book full of restrictions. Feels like I’m not able to do anything. bah!

  12. Just came back from Target, and guess what I have? I never saw so many “mature” women trying to look nonchalant around a 4 panel display. It took everything in my power to not buy that Edward “leaving you was the hardest thing i’ve done” lunchbox. My Kung Fu is strong.

    • Just to clarify for those who don’t know me, I don’t think anyone I saw was more “mature” than me. 🙂

    • LOL – that’s exactly what it was like for me last year when I went to Target to get my Twilight movie! There was like one tweener girl, and the rest of the people surrounding the display were 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…. etc.

      • Don’t you always wonder if any of them read LTT?

        • all.the.time.
          We really need to have t-shirts made up! It would make identifying other LTTers so much easier (and less embarassingly awkward)

          • Yes!! Love this idea! I saw a woman yesterday with a bag that said “I ❤ Boys That Sparkle." I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn't think of a tactful way to ask: "So, are you a Twi-crazy or do you just have an acute fondness?"

          • I think a badge that said ‘They’re not bears’ is something I could get behind.

          • @absolutelyvic:
            Great idea for the LTT shirts, how cool would it be to make them available only to LTT Ladies…like our own private club logo that would identify us to each other!
            Something like: LTT in bold letters (preferably in purple)
            and in small green letters circling around “If you have to ask…don’t”??? Just an idea!

          • LOVE that logo idea Cyn

          • Instead of T-shirts, they should be jorts


        • I wonder it about practically veryone I meet. I think it would be pretty cool to happen upon another reader in everyday life.

      • The display was surrounded by dudes when I got my copy!

    • PS – and you’re SO right about everyone (including myself) TRYING (unsuccessfully) to look all nonchalant like it was no big deal walking up to it, but the way everyone snatched their copy like a cobra strike gave everyone away.

    • @Ang..My Kung Fu would have flown out of the window…you so know I would have bought that lunchbox..for one of my kids..yeah for one of my kids…I want to go shopping!!! I miss out on all the good stuff…I can only imagine what my livingroom/bedroom would look like if I actually saw all the Edward merch out jealous..
      P.S. I hadn’t read your above comment b4 I wrote my earlier one where I asked if you had watched NM yet…can’t wait to hear how your experience is on the BIG screen…Did I tell you that lipgloss is very very hard to clean of the flat screen???

    • C’mon, Ang! We all know you bought the lunchbox! (j/k)

      PS -you don’t need the lunch box, you’ve got the secret “box for mature ladies” I gave you 😉

    • That is to funny because that is exactly what I told my husband when I got back from Target! I also considered buy one the bag to put all of my school fundraiser stuff in. The lady who was in charge before, put all of the stuff in a Walmart canvas bag. I was thinking, “Heck, I’m in charge now! I want a New Moon bag!” My Kung Fu was strong too. I walked away with just my DVD. Although, that just might be the excuse I need to get into Walmart tomorrow. *evil laugh*

      • Oh yeah, I’m sure more NM merchandise will find it’s way into my home soon. No need to buy out the display in one trip though. Hope you enjoy your trip to Walmart!

  13. I went to our local grocery store to get the dvd last night, and there was only two people waiting for the doors to open, so instead I went to Borders where they had a midnight release party. I missed it, but I got there in time to meet Catherine Grimme, the little girl who played Bella in the ballet scene in Twilight. She was so cute! She was signing photos of her with different members of the cast. I got one of her with Rob and another with her and Peter. She was all out of the other cast members. I didn’t get my picture take with her, but I got one of her signing, and one of her smiling at the camera.

    I got the exlcusive Borders edition, with the necklace. I wont ever wear it, but i have it up on my wall. (wolf pack side up)

  14. GROUP HUGS…anyone? Anyone?

    Has symbolic group hug with the teeny wolfpack…


    • ((HUGS YOU BACK)) I am in desperate need of a group hug…TWI-Daughter bailed on me….Blanket Eddie has still yet to be returned…have no email…forced to watch racing all day with the hubs….the worst…not having anyone to watch NEW MOON with! 😦 (sniffles)
      Virtual hugs to all my LTT ladies… 🙂

      • Ugh! I’m angry at Twi-Daughter now.

        • I am kinda upset too since we planned this all week and had a whole Twi-party theme…oh well something must have come up…

          BTW I wasn’t expecting you to get me to just wanna go with you guys cause I know we’d love to see all the same things…this coming from someone who never leaves the house…I can always dream tho right..cause I would love nothing more than to go to Forks and get the full its on my bucket list..

          • Never stop dreamin’ Cyn.
            Think of this: there was a time where if someone had told you that one day you’d be posting comments daily on a blog you wouldn’t have believed them. Just look at you now!

          • @absolutelyvlc..You are so right! <3!! Somedays I think ppl wish I hadn't started…lol…but I thank God that I found LTT and my friends here…I was a point where I really didn't think I could take the isolation for even one more day or that I could come to terms with the loss of my entire social network, both friends, family and co I am able to smile everyday, ok most days, lol..b/c of everyone here..I know that sounds kind of sappy but imagine for a moment that you were loving your life, job and friends and then the next your housebound with a body and mind that doesn't work anymore. That everything in your world had changed and was unrecognizable? All the elements of what made you who you where was gone?…its very strange, terrifying at times and hard to explain to someone..anyway..for me being able to come here gives me some sense of normalcy, routine and most important friendship. I guess that is why I get nervous about making mistakes or the whole downthumbs thing, silly I know but its all I have. I call it my lifeline b/c it is..I have come to adore so many ppl here and really care about them..I didn't think I would have that ever again and am always afraid I am going to lose it..
            Geez..I don't know where all that came from…sorry!!

          • Anyone going to Forks must DM me on the forum or Twitter so we can meet for a Bella Burger and a Vitamin R!!

            This is my new LTT rule.

  15. Sending big hugs just for you Cyn! XXXXX

  16. So apparently I bought the DVD that doesn’t come with the deleted or extended scenes =( wtf. The making-of documentary was very good though!!

    • at least you got that, HULTRG. My crapass dvd only has the director commentary. I feel so Robbed (I wish….get it “Robbed”? Ok, that wasn’t funny)

      • oh that stinks…. why do they even have a million versions??? Why can’t they just have one awesome DVD with everything everyone wants to see in it. Absolute crap I tell you.

        p.s. some deleted and extended scenes are on youtube . There are 4 parts

      • @absolutelyvlc…oh yes it was funny…and even I “got it”

  17. Just watched the 4 part deleted scenes…big mistake taking them out..more Edward is always a plus and love the extended version of Jacob & Bella…I swear they take out some of the best parts…why???

    • Which DVD did you end up with? You should have come to my house for my little New Moon party! I served blood oranges and invented a cocktail called Face Punch.

      • JODIEO…Where have you been….I just watched the 7 mins. of ECLIPSE..OMELE….ITS FANTASTIC..Especially the ending with Edward & Bella…thud

        I don’t have my DVD yet..I preordered it and have to wait for it in the mail..but DIRECTV offered it at midnight last night so I recorded it for my NM viewing party with Twi-Daughter who never showed so I haven’t watched it yet…so wish I could have attended your New Moon party!! ❤

        • Ahh, I don’t yet own the DVD either. My nephew’s wife came over for a little Twi-athon. She brought her DVD and I provided food and punch.

      • Facepunch cocktail? That sounds amazing!! hahahaha Love it!

      • Face Punch cocktail! I’ve had many cocktails that left me feeling like I’d had a “face punch” the next morning. 🙂

    • i know… I dont know why they took them out… did you see the deleted scene with Victoria with the creepy dead guy??

  18. Here is the link for the 7 min. Eclipse extra…hope I did this right?

  19. One more time:

    • Oh wow you got soooo much more in the US sneak peek than we got here in the UK, ours was about half the length of that one and nowhere near as much detail!

    • Cyn, THANK YOU!

      I was out all yesterday so didn’t have time to search. Good thing for you and your Edward-induced insomnia.

      I love that we got to see the potato chip scene. I am so excited about Eclipse.

      Dear Stephanie,
      Thank you for writing these books so we can also have these movies to look forward to (and the graphic novel that came out this week was pretty sweet, too). You look great in the clip. Can you please write more books now, too?! Ignore all of the jealous sour grapes morons out there and just DO THIS. We’ll facepunch anyone who tries to get in your way.

  20. How come I am always the only one who has insomnia? Doesn’t the thought of Edward keep anyone else awake at night??? Just kidding…but definately have to get more LTT’ers in different time zones!!! Guess I will just have to force myself to watch the Eclipse trailer will be tough but I’ll somehow get through it.. 😉
    Happy Sunday everyone!!

    Don’t think that I don’t know how pathetic it is talking to myself like this!

    • The thought of Edward keeps me up at night too… you are not alone!

    • You didn’t drink enough Face Punch (which is unrelated to the unicorn below). As soon as I set the laptop down I passed out for 4 hours on the couch.

    • MidCyn – You weren’t talking to yourself there…we are just slow to respond. 🙂 Hope you got SOME rest though. Edward would want you to sleep so he could watch. teehee

  21. Awwww… I WUV them both! And that gif is a total ROFLcopter! Lolol!

    Am now in my 4th viewing of the NM DVD tonight… Yipee!!!

    And is it just me, or does Edward and the rest of the Cullens look a lot less white on the DVD than they did in the movie theater? Maybe it’s just me, or my TV… but I likey! 😀

  22. I feel sadden at the fack that I never recognized the resemblence! Also that I was out before she went to italy…playing my own drinking game with my hubby. Basically anytime there was a product placement! Will play again only with kool-aide and my 6 year old! We’ll see who wins! He’s going down!

    Any LTTr’s in UTAH? Come out come out where ever you are!

  23. Blanket Edward is on his way HOME!!! 🙂

  24. Edward is once again in my arms…squeeeee!! However for supposedly being in the bottom of a clean laundry basket he is not smelling like “my Eddie” so giving him a bath..twss..
    Giving major ❤ to the hubs for the retrieval AND for an early Birthday present…he bought me the book Eclipse!!! ITS HUGE!!! (twss)but I am going to try and start reading it!! (He said it was actually a gift from middle daughter for causing me such distress..).
    Even a freak snowshower this morning cannot ruin this great day!!! HUGE CULLEN SMILE….

  25. Edward update: He is lying on top of me as we speak..yup he is…and I have fallen hard for the lie…..”everything about him invites me in..his face, his (downey) smell”…just missing the voice will have to force myself to watch Twilight “as if I needed any of that” …

    As for Eclipse…will I be able to “follow the story” not having read New Moon and only seeing the movie version?? I tried reading a couple of pages..I think it may be more than I am going to be able to do..however..I said that about Twilight too…but after seeing the trailer I really want to know what happens in Eclipse!! Just seems iike a huge undertaking…but Imma thinkin it may be well worth the effort!

    • Eclipse has a few hot scenes in it. Even if you can’t follow the story skim for the makey outey parts and put a post-it to save the spot.

    • Mmm…sounds like Edward smells good and is nice and comfy! I may have to have my own Edward sometime (twss)

      I think you should be good to go to read Eclipse. New Moon (movie) was actually very true to the book. I can’t really think of anything that was left out. Good luck!

      • Thanks Opera…I think I may just give it a go..damn here goes the six million post-its…I need to buy stock in the company!!! Hope you had a great weekend!! xo

  26. Okay, so not only do I have my copy of New Moon next to my TV, but I also have two movies I rented tonite… Moonlight Mile, with Jake Gyllenhaal (who I saw in person once at Whole Foods, and was standing two feet from!!!), and Moon, with Sam Rockwell. And I just noticed the coincidence. Weeeeeird. Or maybe a subconscious tribute to Moon? I don’t know… just had to share! 🙂 Really wild…. 🙂

  27. And I just had to post this *again*, just in case no one saw it previously! I love it. 🙂

  28. […] last week and since it’s SO timely i feel like we need to just discuss the biggest news since Taylor found out he resembles an Alpaca….The Robsten kiss outside of a Montreal House party Moon: oh god im already sad… […]

  29. […] so hard!!! i mean we all love taylor ambiguous ethnicity…  but do you think she loves his alpaca face too? UC: Yes, who didn’t dream of owning an alpaca farm after seeing that commercial about how […]

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