We interupt this Kellan post…

We interrupt this Saturday morning LTT post to bring you this important Public Service Announcement (letter)

Dear Robsten,

We stopped caring months ago. But thanks for trying…

(i love how cute this little girl is!)

Rob and Kristen seen on the Isle of Wright and snapped with this super cute girl. Little paparazzo in training.

Now follow the cut to see our real Saturday post

Thank you for rejoining us for this regularly schedule Saturday morning LTT programming. On with the show…

Dear Kellan,

It’s the New Year… it’s 2010… it’s a new decade so I thought I’d treat everyone to some gratuitous shirtless pictures of you… ya know, just because…

Deal breaker #1 in Moon’s book: Puka Shell/Hemp Necklaces

With arms wide open… next dealbreaker? Men who like bad music aka Creed

Deal breaker? That other dudes hair. yuck city.

Gang banged by the Lacrosse team? Yea, deal breaker…

Deal breaker? Sharing you with another woman…

Wait, what were we talking about……………………

Happy Saturday

Thanks to my hard drive and Kellan Lutz Online for pics
Thanks for Robsessed for the PSA pics

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132 Responses

  1. What. The. EFF is that last pic?!
    It is weird.
    That chick looks like she’s got no left leg!
    Horrible angling!

  2. robsten schmobsten! i think i’m more concerned about the lack of clothing on that little girl.. and where i can possibly purchase her cute shirt. 🙂

    p.s. although, i’m not at all concerned about the lack of clothing on our favorite accountability partner.

  3. Nice PSA. That lil girl must have a blog somewhere.

  4. Damn, I thought that was a tramp outside Sommerfield supermarket on the Isle of Wight – but actually it was Robsten?! I love the fact that Sommerfield is the lamest dive of a supermarket ever over here. But it does sell Red Stripe and Rizzla so thats all they would need.

    That girl doesn’t need a coat the locals are tough, it is balmy at 2 degrees C.

    • The Isle Of Wight? Hot damn, Rob KNOWS how to show a girl a good time.

      This does mean that we can have a stalking outing pretty much in my back yard….I grew up in one of the two places you can get the ferry there from…Anyone want to ‘accidentally’ hang out at my Mum’s?

      • “The Isle Of Wight? Hot damn, Rob KNOWS how to show a girl a good time.”

        i want to know if this is sarcastic or not.. do tell. a lot of us don’t really know about the place. do u know why rob would take k there?

        • The Isle of Wight is a place all English children will be forced to spend at least one annual summer holiday in. It is an island (!) just of the coast of Southampton, which is made up of depressing villages and towns. The atire Robsten are wearing in the photos indicate the weather which can be expected all year round. In fact I just popped on the Island website and instead of a welcome to the island you get a KNOW YOUR LIMITS alcohol warning – ‘nough said.
          I have a feeling I might really offend some islanders with this but I live in Milton Keynes so you are welcome to attack me back.

          beakerj – Do you think Rob dazzled her at Black Gang Chine? haha

          • Aaargh, the interwebs ate my last reply…

            Mrs H, I firmly believe Rob dazzled her both by the plastic dinosaurs & in the Wild West Jail. Then he took her off to put differing coloured sands in small glass receptacles. Stripy=sexy. She’ll be exhausted on the ferrry home.

            They probably went to the Island because Twilight won’t have made it to the cinema over there yet…

            But I have to say, if someone took me to Milton Keynes I’d think they were breaking up with me!

          • I just wet my self over the stripy sand bottles – OMG it’s all coming back to me now. Didn’t they have an “Ice Rink” made out of a 4m square lump of plastic?

            Twilight not making it to the cinema yet – no they are still waiting for Panic Room.

            I think my Husband might be breaking up with me unless we leave Milton Keynes…

          • Wow, Isle of Wight just got a whole lot more like Kissimmee, Florida.

          • Just think ‘seaside town’ & ‘winter’. That’s the IOW at this time of year…

          • TeamSeth, I was thinking Seaside Oregon, only colder.

          • @itslapushbaby, I meant the whole ridiculously touristy part. I suppose Isle of Wight does not have Gatorland.

          • ugh. this name thing is so annoying.

          • “we” don’t care either, but expected breaking it down Vanity Fair style: parkas, white “glove”, hairstyle, window display behind them…. so much to comment

            Special thanks to MrsH x, beakerj, ummm… to break it down Tatler style, I really appreciate it

            and there was also something bout Kellan…
            but my mind is still in Mlton Keynes…

      • “Accidentally hang out” on the IOW?. I’m on my way to catch the Eurostar, meet you in a couple of hours.

  5. I’m so pleased about how little I care about those new photos. Although I’m pretty ill and I don’t about getting dressed or out of bed today either…

  6. With that last picture I was thinking “awww, Kellan did a feel-good piece about a poor unfortunate ringette player who loses her leg in an untimely Joint Control incident on the ringette field, but then regains her self-esteem when the hot jock takes notice of her, and they fall in love”.
    Then I just realized she had her leg crossed.

    • That would be just like him, wouldn’t it, to take pity on the unfortunate girl and make her feel special?

  7. Robsten…. Intersting. Very interesting. So she’s been there all this time?
    Wow, so we are the Thanksgiving with her folks and Christmas with his folks already?

    About Kellan, he’s begining to feel like that cheese that was left without it’s shirt wrapper for too long.

    • Yeah, I’m guessing it’d be hard to spend Thanksgiving with his folks.

      I feel you on Kellan, maybe however, it is just the photos that we are receiving of Kellan from our limited source to the Twilight world (aka LTT). I don’t think I’ve seen a shirted Kellan in…well, ever.

      But I do love me some cheese (sorry, EG. I love you as well).

  8. Why does the last pic say “LOOKING FOR GRAND CANYON”?
    Hmmm…..Is that what these crazy kids are calling it these days?

  9. Aww I can see the Isle of Wight from where I’m sat – to think I was a 15min hovercraft ride away… I go every year for the very cool music festival, but that’s in June. Maybe they’ll fit in a visit mid-Eclipse promo. OK probably not

  10. He’s such a manwhore. Love it. and LOVE that little girl in the photo!

    YOU KNOW Robsten couldn’t say “no” or run or hide from that CUTE little British girl.

    “PLEASE Edward and Bella…can I have a photo? Just one! Please! Mummy look it’s Robert Pattinson! and some…homeless girl…”


  11. Totally off topic here… Well, sort of. That picture of Robsten with that little Smith (I’ll explain) reminds me of the Matrix. Here was Robsten in their hobolicious hawtness minding their own UK white trash business and felling proud of themselves for outsmaring the Twitrix. And along comes this cherub-looking agent and asks for a picture. Of course their first instinct is to say no… After the tens of thousands of dollars err pounds that it took to pull this off they don’t want to ruin it with a 12£ camera. So they give in, what’s the worse that can happen? Then as soon as they walk away.. BAM!!! she turnes into an agent Smith… Uploads the pic to her blog with her phone while simultaneously uploading the GPS coordinates. Then he helicopters swoop down and Robsten run at top speed (actually, Kristen runs, and drags Rob)… And then Trinity is all punchy and yells “fight! Fight, dammit!”… Ok… Maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, but you get the gist. Yeah… Like I was saying, Poor, poor Robsten.

    • Poor little tink, tink.

      Oh, Xy, my sik, how I love a good conspiracy theory.

    • So, I say gooo little Smith. But, true story I am sure.

      About the pics, *munches captain crunch pb crunch cereal thoughtfully*

      –dramatic pause–

      Yep, looks like I am SOOO Idontgiveacrapsten.

      I do however hope that little girl doesn’t have a blog, but instead opted to sell the pics for totes large amounts of money.

      I bet she could bring in maybe 250K (no Idea for the number in pounds) for the Rob pic, giving back to the fandom.

      And what say, about 29.99 for the KStew photo?

      just sayin

      • Are those photos worth that much now, really? If she got one of them TOGETHER, cuddling in their Columbia jackets, then maybe that’d be worth something: “Isle of Wight is the Right Holiday Get-away For Love Birds Robsten”
        But separate pics of them with a little girl who’s flashing the standard, “I’m too young to flash a proper smile” smile (and don’t pretend that’s not the truth, little kids always smile like that! I worked at Disney, I know how it is), I’m not sure that’s worth a ton.
        And blog? Come on people, wouldn’t she be on myspace above a blog?

        • OH, TS, you know I was just pulling a number out of the sky on the value of said pics.

          KStew’s is maybe worth more like 50 bucks.

      • Hee hee the combination of the two pics is what makes them so valuable.

        All snark aside, I’ve not cared about this relationship at all, but looking at those pics makes me hope that whatever they have going on survives the Twi storm. It’s fair to assume that they took turn snapping the photos. And we’ve seen tons of pics when they are made to pose next to someone and they make the sourliest of faces. The way they look at each other in these pics is just beautiful. I don’t think I’m a Robsten… But I am happy for them. I just hope Taylor finds that too… With IWL. 😉

        • Hear, hear!

          • Their awesomeness requires visuals. I am partial to the 2:18-2:40 clip…. She’s so busted!

        • Duh, wonder why I didn’t think of that. Rob took the one of lil sneaker shirt with KStew and KStew took the other.

          RIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT! Sometimes the obvious escapes me.

          So, where are her parents?

          • Daddy has been knocked out cold by Mommy and laying on the floor of the supermarket.

            Mommy is lurking behind a dumpster, searching for Taytortot.

          • @lovemesomecullens…Are you kidding..her parents or should I say Mom is the one that pointed out the Kstew in the first place and said “Now be a good lil girl and go ask the nice man/lady if you can take a picture with them”…
            “But why Mommy? Who are they?”
            “Their just tourists sweetie, but you know how tourists love to have their pictures taken with us local folks, so be a good little girl and do as Mommy says”
            “I thought I wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers?”
            Mom nudges the girl forward whispering in her ear..
            “You do this for Mommy and I promise you I will buy you what ever you pick out in the store, don’t forgot to make sure you smile sweetly” and gives her a slight shove toward the pair…The rest is history…pity is taken on the little girl with the somewhat terrified look on her face by KS and RP and as she forces a smile onto her face next to the strangers..then girl goes back to Mom and has the camera grabbed from her hand as she is dragged down the street…still wondering what the hale just happened…..thats what Imma thinkin….

        • Oh Xy…Way to get an Illegalautner reference in there…I ❤ ya…

          I love a good celeb couple (cause I'm shallow) but It's hard having to switch between nonsten/ Robsten/ Dontgiveacrapsten…and when Robsten news hits it has me switching a million times a day…
          Yes or No thats all I ask…no pics no explanations…just YES…or NO…see? I'm not fussy and demanding at all…lol

          • Lol….. Tay needs you now more than ever!

            Yeah, to me this latest mission impossible escapade To hobo island is more of a confirmation than anything either of them could ever say given how Rob likes to play with the media. And the irony that they themselves had to take pictures that would out them is not lost on me. Poor little Robsten (tink tink)

          • Reply to Xylem–they had to take their own photos to out themselves! FTW!

        • Their awesomeness requires images. I loooove 2:19-2:40 cause she’s so busted!!!

    • I think you are onto something with this Twitrix theory. Especially the KStew running and dragging Rob part. Though I think Slade made him work out for Eclipse.

    • Me thinks u also watched the Matrix triology yesterday…am I right??? LOL

      • P.S. Don’t know why my reply ended up way down here..it was supposed to be right after Xylem reference to the Matrix…hmmm

      • Lol!!! I’ve not seen the trilogy for several years… But it was my first “Twilight” so yes, the script to the first Matrix is written on my heart in Neo’s handwriting. *sigh* How I miss ‘Kenu’.

        • LOL..watched the whole triology for the 1st time (that I remember lol) yesterday on AMC…still on the disabled list so was just lovin me some Neo…

  12. That last picture is hhhooottt!!

  13. How on earth did that little girl know that was KStew? I still am having issues deciphering it being her, and I know it is her. Kudos, little girl.

    Also, Tuesday, I slacked off yesterday, and I’m so sorry. So here’s a two-for:

    1 Charlie
    2 Charlie
    3 Charlie

  14. The girl in the last pic with Kellan looks like Nikki Reed.

  15. I am a strange person. I have intensely interested in those Isle of Wight pics… somebody shoot me.

  16. ok i’m goin to be the first looser to say that i seriously give a crapsten about the pictures!! must be serious if the spent holidays with their respective family. how did they go through heathrow and lax unoticed!

  17. Are those parachute pants in the second pic? What I wouldnt give to see him bust out “Cant touch this”….pure cheeeeeese baby..pure cheeeeeese….(I always think of Wallace when I say that….weird)

    “Looking for grand canyon” teehee..(insert dirty joke here) I’m hoping its Carmen Electra cause she is FIERCE and I want her to be Kellan’s Demi…

    Oh Robsten…one day…the hormones of a kazillion
    adolescent screaming fans are gonna hit and ure gonna pash in public and me and the porcupine will start making plaid booties. Till then imma keep my mouth shut so that I dont get lapushed off a cliff by my alpha…
    Morning Everybody!
    The hamster is weird…

  18. I’m a southern girl trying to figure out the whole Isle of Wight thing. Did Rob take his girlfriend to the English equivalent of Myrtle Beach in winter? Dude, epic fail. She must really like you if she’s actually having a good time 🙂

  19. Kellan’s arms wide open = Jesus wanna be.

  20. I cannot believe someone has not found that little cutie to find out more deets. YET

    I would like her to make some serious £££££ as she is plastered all over t’internet.

    But how lovely that they could not run or hide or say NO, b/c they REALLY love the fans. The paps can go f*ck themselves, but they stopped for a fan Cute!

    IoW is pretty, but a little sleepy maybe.

    Cannot wait for Moon and UC to break it down properly with the pics :)))

    • PG11– Agreed.

      That little girl is now the interest of us all. She is like our own little Elian Gonzalez.

      Wonder what will happen to her, where will she be in ten years?

      What will you do cute sneaker shirt girl?
      Will we know your name?
      Will you rehash the 2 minutes of bliss from that epic day?

      We must know….

      • An Elian Gonzalez reference! How long you been saving that one? Just kidding. It’s so true – she is now the interest of us all!

        • Hey Ang…glad to see I am not the only other late to the party person… 🙂
          How ya doin? Get your yard work all done??? Love me my pic of lil Eddie..smooches x 100 for that…made my day!
          Ready to take a trip and track down the Robsten and rent a kid for the day in hopes we can be as fortunate??? I am definately in need of some serious vacation time …so hopefully “their” next stop is someplace warm!
          Will write you in a bit…

        • ha, ha, I had to google him to make sure I had the right kid.

          I remember all of america wanting to know what would happen to Elian. He was the first balloon boy I guess…

  21. I need to know some details here. Luckiest little girl in the world gets these photos on her cell phone. She goes home and uploads them–where? Just to her computer? Or emails them to a friend, who tweets them around? The pictures seemed to be first shown on a funny little blog about organic gardening or something on the Isle of Wight: “Twilight stars spotted on high street” . . . “make sure to mulch your dahlias in January”. The internet is a many-splendored thing, that’s all I can say.

  22. Oh, and Part 2: Kellan. Did he really have only one line in New Moon? And yes, maybe someone was kind enough to get him a couple of shirts for Xmas.

    • He had a least two lines – not that 2 is that much better. He said something in the birthday party scene and in the vote at the end. But I think that was it.

  23. One thing is clear from these Rob and KStew pics…Rob is a better photographer than Kristen.

    • I thought the exact same thing…but he is Rob and Rob can do no wrong..betcha he never even saw the lil girl….just Kstew’s bedroom eyes….its all in the eyes…trust…check out both pics and then really look at “their” eyes…could have been a freakin lampost next to them and they still would have taken the pic the same way…again the eyes say it all…you can fake a smile, a laugh, but the eyes always give it away….they are in love…. le sigh….

      • They do both look rather pleasant…dare I say, content even? Nice pics.

        Forgot to say above that I’m glad you liked the pic of little Eddie! You know how he is…always getting in the middle of the holiday action. Yes – write me and tell my how your New Year was!

  24. I’m pretty sure that it was actually Rob and Kristen that wanted their picture taken with the girl and not the other way around, after all, she is wearing an awesome converse shirt. Kristen probably wanted that shirt immortalized forever in the form of a picture. I bet she even offered up the girl a pic with Rob in exchange for the shirt.

    That girl is adorable btw

  25. Hey Ang are you here? I just read your email..love your emails..I was listening to Possibliities while reading it..lol ..still have power but it is howling like a pack of werewolves outside..tee hee..but I have my Edward tee on and Blanket Rob…so its all good…

    • Hey! Don’t let the werewolves in! Alice doesn’t like how they smell. 🙂

    • MidCyn, did you watch the video that xylem posted above? If not, watch it! I haven’t seen it before and it’s really nice to look at!

      • WHAT!! A VIDEO OF ROB YOU HAVEN’T SEEN YET?? I find that impossible to believe…I did just watch it and OMELE…could he be more adorable??? I am also writing you an email….
        BTW…I think ILWL has left the fold 😦 I don’t think we have our “Breaking News” partner which makes me a very sad puppy….I was going through some emails a little while ago and read the one where you sent me what we wrote…laughed til I cried….

        • Yeah, a Rob video I haven’t seen is hard to believe! Going to e-mail now…

        • I have not left….do not fear….Its been a while since we’ve all been around at the same time…yay!!!

          • HEY GIRLFRIEND!!! Thought you had forgotten about us!! Missed you so much…hope your doing well! How is your New Year so far???
            Missed you bunches….
            Happy puppy smooches 🙂

          • awwwwww i missed u guys…the new year has been ok so far…getting ready for summer school boooo….how has it been for u?

          • @illegalwolflover…Summer school..sounds so funny when I am having a blizzard here..lol….the New Year has been pretty quiet so far, I have been forced to take it easy as I had a pretty bad fall Christmas Night, but am slowly getting better…have really missed you..seems as though you’ve been really busy…glad you made it through the holidays ok..I was worried about you, knowing how much you were missing your family! 😦 But now you have the coming of age for Tay to look forward to!!! What an exciting year its going to be! Did he really break up with the “other” Taylor??? He must know there is ONLY one person he is meant to be with…ahh true love always wins out!!

          • Oh noes…I hope ur’ feeling better…yes Swiftner is over and I cried cause they were so cute together. I dont want to even think about his birthday cause i know a lot of cougars are counting down to it…and that makes me feel weird…I missed my family like crazy hence the lack of presence on LTT…yup this is the year we become BFFs…It is my delusional resolution…lol

          • OME! I was in my e-mail and almost missed you! Wow…been a long time since the Twi-journalists were all here at the same time.

          • illegal – btw – you should NOT be worried about feeling cougar-like in your BFF quest with Taycob. You are waaayyyyy to young to be a cougar!

          • @illegalwolflover What happened to the Swiftners? I didn’t even know when or how? Are you sure? They really were cute together! I want details!
            I love your delusional resolution!!! Why not? I mean your finacee’ may have alittle problem with it, but hey you can be delusional all you want..its normal..and as far as the “cougars”, most are smart enough to still look at Tay as the young guy that he is….just perfect for you!!! Take it from an ole lady..birthday or not..Taycob will always seem like a son and I could never look at him any other way! So sweetie, he is all yours and you have all the support you need right here at LTT…we have your back!! Hey you better start working on your B-Card for him! Something that will make him forget he ever knew the other Taylor and that will knock his socks and jorts right off……that is what Imma thinkin!!!

          • ANG!!!! yay!!!! Reunited and it feels so good….Bella says she’s not a cougar and she’s only 2 years older than Jacob…what does that make me? lol

          • illegal – I was about to start typing more lyrics to Reunited…but it seemed a bit fake lesbian-like. 🙂 I actually thought about Bella’s comment when I said you were too young to a cougar! But you know she was just overcompensating. She thinks she’s older than she is because she’s hung up on that old Cullen guy!

  26. @MidCyn and Ang…apparently they had no chemistry and better off as BFFs…sigh…poor Swiftner…
    A birthday card? teehee… I’m thinking glitter and pink and velvet..that should get him reeeeeealll good…lol

    sigh…things feel so normal now that the twi-fecta are back….

    • I read that too…that they lacked chemistry to be more than friends. But it made me said for Taylor (Lautner) because he seemed to be more into her, I thought.

      The time is right for you to move in…except as MidCyn mentioned, your fiance might have a problem with that. hmmm….hard to know what to do with that wrinkle in the delusion.

      • oops – I meant to type it made me “sad” not “said.” duh!

        • I was just writing to tell you that the Illegal was here and I checked to see that you were already here!!! Wow this is cool..just like old times…WE ARE BACK!!!
          Illegal…I wouldn’t put too much glitter, might remind him of you know THE OTHER GUY..the sparkiy one!!! Don’t want to make him angry..do we….I am sure we can come up with a drop dead grab him right by the heart card that he could not possibly resist!!!! You know the three of us can take on anything!!!

          • MidCyn – Good call on not including sparklies on the b-day card. We do not want to make him angry! I think his kind likes muffins. And we know illegal can offer him some baked goods!

      • teehee…Fiance is actually cool with BFF-dom, and he said “what happens in LA stays in LA as long as you come back to me”. He’s really supportive of the obsession…not a wrinkle in sight…maybe cause he knows its a pipe dream…lol

        (he ripped out an article about him from a mag at work once…I ❤ him so hard for that)

        • That’s awesome…Mr. Illegal is so supportive he is stealing magazine articles for you. That is love.

          I felt like my family finally “got it” when I received Twi-related gifts for Christmas. A Rob wall calendar from my mom and a Twilight Rob mousepad from my sister. And they didn’t make fun of me for liking those gifts the best and staring at them for a long time after unwrapping them. 🙂

          • LOL..my family other than Twi-daughter (and even she gave me looks when I said I wanted a pocket Eddie) think I am nuts over my Twi stuff..although I definately think that the future daughter in law is trying to make points as she is the one that gave me the new tee, the Twilight game and the Twilight version of “Scene it”..she said she thought it would be good for my memory..shitz..I just love staring at the boxes..they are on the entertainment center that I just about destroyed the night of my embarrassing fall..luckily they were not on it yet…lol..now they are there in all their glory facing forward so that I can see them from the couch! I am going to have to get myself the Pocket Eddie I guess..I wonder if you can order it online? Whoa…lights are flickering…I do not want the power to go out..its too damn cold..good thing I have blanket Rob…I am afraid to look out the window to see how much snow we have…last time I looked it was half way up my giraffe…and he is HUGE..I had my daughter deck him out in white lights and red lights on his nose/Santa hat..he is so cute!! Hey maybe I can find a Edward topiary to put outside…hmmmmm

          • I have MISSED blanket Rob so much….its not even healthy…twss indeed…oh Mr. Giraffe I love u…sorry I’m on a sugar high

          • MidCyn – I love the pic on the twilight game box too.

            And speaking of an Edward topiary…I told my sis that I might make a Twilight tree for my office next year. She said I should look around Halloween for black decorations and vampires, etc. I was like “Wait, I’m not talking about vampire stuff. I’m thinking more like sparkly things with pictures of Edward…and maybe the other characters too.”

        • Oh shucks…i LOVE glitter…but u guys are right…glitter is for u guys..muffins are for me….hmmm wonder what flavour he’d like…let me guess errrr…blueberry?
          note to self – do NOT call him Jacob when u meet him..that is not cool!

          Yeah soon to be Mr.Illegal (if Tay doesnt sweep me off my feet) is an angel….he puts up with so much…enuff of the Illegalautner madness…how’s the robsession going?

          • That “note to self” just made me chuckle outloud! Yeah, that would not be cool!

            Personally, I’m close to needing help for my robsession. I just said earlier I’ve watched How to Be and Haunted Airman this weekend. It has been a Rob weekend for me. It’s like a sickness…but I don’t want to find a cure.

          • Don’t forget lots of beef! Must keep the young man in the best possible shape…so muffins & stacks of hamburgers/steaks….after you “get him” then you can sparkle all you want…as a matter of fact..if YOU sparkle then he can tease Edward and say that “his” girl is all sparkly and ISN”T a “cold one”….definately NOT a cold one!!!

          • why do I have the feeling that u guys are trying to make me his Girlfriend? bahahahhaha…I’m trying to be realistic…he dates ppl like Swifty and Selena…like REALLY gorgeouse ppl…I’ll just be his BFF…homely but funny and fun to hang around… 🙂

          • Well, if he wants a homely BFF, then it’s not going to work for you! Though for Mr. Illegal’s sake, I do want you to be BFFs only.

  27. This is officially one of the funniest things MidCyn has ever typed…

    I am afraid to look out the window to see how much snow we have…last time I looked it was half way up my giraffe…and he is HUGE


    • I’m getting confused as to where I should post…Its been too long I tell you far too long…twss lol
      I’m a perve today…forgive…

    • OMELE….I cannot believe I didn’t realize.(ok I can believe it) that I WROTE THAT…please someone find the delete button…please….face palm X 2

      BTW…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ILWL..YOU FORGET WE SEE YOUR AVATAR…and of course most importantly…you have a huge heart and perverted mind! Glad your not hunting after my Eddie!!!

      • teehee…well he IS my age….naaaa…I love u two too much for that…I must admit that I have been falling in love with him more and more lately….his dorkalicious laugh…sigh….

        My pic is not an accurate representation of me…teehee..but I love u guys for being soooooo nice…muah!

        • But I’ve seen the picture of you the night you went to New Moon – with pocket Eddie and Jake in your jumper! I KNOW how pretty you are!

          But now, as much as I love you, if you go after my boy, imma have to hurt you.

          • I wont I wont…Just an appreciator from a distance…I mean I would have to be a blind idiot if I didnt think he was hawt…I have to admit I did enjoy the LTR vids today…sigh….that smile….(just appreciating lol)

          • OK, feel free to appreciate from a distance. Just don’t start hanging out at dumpsters. K? K. Yeah, I don’t usually go to LTR, but I was glad I went there today. I never get tired of watching Rob videos.

        • Ummmm excuse me…Eddie is NOT your age..closer to mine..remember he is 109…so admire from a distance only plz…like over Tay’s shouder….k!! Well me thinks the power is going out..where is the sparling one when you need him??? So glad we had this time together..sung very poorly….I HAVE SO MISSED THIS….SEE U TOMORROW!!! LUVS YA BOTH! ME & BLANKET ROB GOT SOME SNUGGLING TO DO….

          • aww….have a good snuggle Cyn…I’m glad we met up atleast briefly…new year new stories! yay! see u tom! I’ll be heading off too…gotta make dinner for my hungry man and cat…love ya Ang! and NO dumpster diving i promise….muah! hugs!

          • Goodnight MidCyn!
            Good evening illegal!
            Enjoyed chatting with you both!

  28. […] So you and Kristen were caught, huh? Are you freaking out? You thought you had at least another year plus didn’t you? Until Breaking Dawn promotion began and you and Kristen were inevitably on a late night TV show where they introduce a clip from the film and you realize it’s “the one” and decide to right then and there kiss Kristen with tongue in front of the live audience so that they don’t have to see the disaster that is the Breaking Dawn birth scene on film? Don’t panic. Sure the Robsteners are celebrating the moment of you, Kristen & the little girl who has a shoe on her shirt, but the nonsteners still aren’t convinced. Take these two comments on came across on this blog’s version of the story: Susannah says: I dont think much of the British fan who gave the photo to the press. I dont consider them a fan, I consider them a betrayer. Is there any wonder that Robert and Kristen become more reluctant to pose with fans, if all that fan does is betray that kindness. Sorry Rob, I am in the UK and a more mature fan, and I am shamed that people in your home country can be so thoughtless of your privacy. Come on people wake up, they are not our property and are entitled to live private lives just as you and I are. I reiterate the early comment – leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!! […]

  29. […] We interupt this Kellan post… We interrupt this Saturday morning LTT post to bring you this important Public Service Announcement (letter) Dear […] […]

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