Twilight Saga videos you may not have seen…

Dear crazy party people,

Are you still recovering from your big New Years Eve? I hope so. I hope I am too by the time this is published. We’re keeping it light since it’s still a holiday weekend and lots of people are traveling to and fro this weekend, but I thought we could all use a laugh to kick off 2010.  Here are two videos that were new to me when I saw them a week or so ago. I hope they bring a Cullen Smile to your pretty faces.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Krystle for telling me about the Jay Leno show video and thanks to MY HUSBAND for caring about my “hobby” once in his life and sending me a funny vid! XO

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33 Responses

  1. My cheeks hurt… At 8:30 am. 🙂

  2. Too funny on the second video (haven’t seen the first). I love that they apparently have a bootleg an advanced Summit approved DVD copy of New Moon and theat the blooper reel is almost as long as the featured presentation.

    How sad is it that I could identify the Nana dream scene and hear Edward sparkle from just the music? Also, the “Coning to America” royal penis refences too much WIN. I may need to cut back on my entertainment or the amount of time I spend disclosing said entertainment on LTT.

    • It’s not sad. I could recognise it as well. It was all, “Um, no, that’s not the break-up scene. That’s the Gran dream sequence.”

      You gotta watch the first, it was really funny.

  3. 1st vid wins bcoz of the teen wolf reference!! ahaha..

  4. ahh the leno vid was hilarious!

  5. the second video was soooooo funny! thanks for posting it.


  6. Hmm…

    The second video seems so familiar…

    Kinda like it has happened to me. But maybe opposite.

    So odd.

  7. I felt so bad for Michael Welch in that first video when the dude says the way he’s dressed makes him look like “the vampire’s accountant.” Sad.

  8. Too funny for 11 am on a Sunday! I am laughing over the question to Taylor from the 1st vid: “How does it feel to have brought millions of girls into puberty?” Taylor: “I think it was the series and characters…” Nice try, Taylor!

  9. Poor Taytor Tot, his summit coaching skills were put to the test in the first one!!

    Good recovery, once they flashed to the scene of a shirtless Taylor, I wasn’t even listening anymore anyway.

    And who needs a 6 pack when you have a whole beer fridge, or whatever Big ‘un said, well, that was cute, too.

    Loved the second vid, the bloopers were hilar.

    Have a great day ladies!!


  10. Lol, love the second video when he yells “Kiss her! Kiss her!” with Charlie and Bella in the background 🙂

  11. “I don’t even know you.” I hear that more and more in my own house. jk jk, sorta.

    • Shoot…me too. It usually involves pots and pans flying in the air! That and some door slamming!

  12. I loved Kellan in the first one: “Boxers!”

  13. The Jay Leno vid was hilarious!!!!
    Sigh…Chaske “Barry White” Spencer and the Paulex wink? THUD. (How many people wanted him to say mofo on the red carpet *raises hand alone*)

    “The series and the characters…” err….Its ok Tay…I saw the Hansen behind you…It must have shocked you when the the first Twi-mum was handcuffed and led away after she made an innapropriate comment at you involving her intentions, your skinny tie(porn) and those little kitchen things that make butter curls (dont ask…even the Hansen had to stop and throw up all over his shoes)
    You’re just trying to save us all…you poor naive, enunciating, PR-trained, suit porn-ed, BFF-requiring guy you…but you cant…so deal…and make dirtier comments…go on…be a Rob…
    Morning everybody!
    The hamster is all smiles and giggles!

  14. I want to be friends with that girl who said Jay Leno could be Edward. Is she holding a bottle of Jack or is Patron?

    It’s normal that in the first video at 0:55 when Paulex invites the host to the wolfpack party, all I saw was Bewley in the background, right?

    (Tuesday and Mtn Lion: Getting grounded with a VitaminR. Now you’re talking.)

    • TS~ thanks so much for the photo of Billy.

      Deeply appreciate it,

    • TS – where you ever able to watch that What the Buck New Moon review video? He loved Charlie…even said Team Charlie more than once. Of course, I thought of you. 🙂

  15. Both videos were hilarious. I like the first one better because the second one reminds me too much of my real life.

    “You know I like to watch Twilight 8 times while we eat chips!”

    I also love how they say they’re gunna watch Twilight and they’re actually watching New Moon.

  16. I can’t see the 1st one! 😦

    The 2nd video is sooooooooooo funny! LOL. It kind of reminds me of my life. Lately I’ve been tricking DH to watch Twilight with me but he won’t. The other night there was nothing good on tv and it was one of those rare evenings that he’s home with me. I said let’s watch Twilight(innocently) and he was like “NOOO.!” Then he left and came back with a movie….Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!

  17. I love me the random!

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