Happy 2010 from LTT

Dear everyone everywhere,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’ve recovering from hopefully what was an awesome New Years Eve, so I thought we’d keep today simple and just share a video we’ve been DYING to write about but haven’t gotten to yet. Hopefully you haven’t seen it and if you have, watch again because I just had some major New Years LOLs!

Happy New Year,
UnintendedChoice for BOTH of us!!!

Our internet game is still ridiculous, even in 2010: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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  1. 23 hours since it turned 2010 here and the hangover is still hanging around like a bad smell (Jacob? I kid ;))
    Happy New Year lovelies 🙂
    Oh! Also, exactly a year ago I first saw Twilight in the cinema and discovered the awesomeness 😀

    • Hey! Glad to see you are alive after yesterday! Have some miso or matzoh ball soup. Surefire hangover cure. Trust.

    • First post of 2010…first anniversary of seeing Twilight…I’d say it’s a pretty sweet day in spite of the hangover! 🙂

  2. hahahahah… I just woke up and the first thing I did… turn the pc on and visit LTR/LTT!!!

  3. oh, tom…..tom, tom tom. remember the good old days when you were awesome?
    this video is great. this guys deserves a medal for best impersonation evah.

    • I daresay, his making a comeback. I never thought I would want to see another Tom movie again, but I just saw the previews to his new movie in which he’s not pretty at all, but he is funny and apparently still kicking ass. Looks like Burn Notice….oh yeah, HI EG!!

      • I saw a preview for that movie and thought the same thing. It looks really good to me…and I didn’t think I’d ever say that about Tom again. BTW – Love Burn Notice.


    OME that video is all kind of awesome! I had not seen it before, but I’m do glad I did. Given the state of Tom’s career, I seriously thought this could be him doing a spoof of himself. That dude is so good! Big studios could save themselves some bucks by just hiring this younger Tom for less. (ok so that was too mean for so early in the new year).

    In the spirit of twilight video I share with you the most awesomest NM review (outside of LTT, of course). WHAT THE BUCK! I WHIP IT OUT WHENEVER I CAN.


    I didn’t want to imbed, so I took off the htt. Seriously… Enjoy!

    • Xylem, thanks for posting the NM review. He had me at “we can’t have this bloody bitch in our house.”

      Happy New Year and thanks for all the funny.

    • I keep trying to watch that, xy, and it won’t work. So sad.

      • TS – It is hilarious. Try going to youtube and typing “what the buck new moon review.” It’s worth the trouble!

    • Ah – that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Every bit of it. One part that killed me was the Laurent / Tracy Chapman comparison. LMAO!

  5. that was really good! I kept trying to figure out if it was really TC or not!

    “Help me, protect you….help me protect you…” lol!

    Happy New Year All!!!! 🙂

  6. Happy New Year everyone!
    I’ve already seen this video before but I just clicked play three times in a row nevertheless cause it’s so hilarious. definitely the best thing Tom made in the last five years 😉

  7. Happy New Year Ladies!

  8. Happy 2010 EVERYONE!!! 🙂
    OMELE, that video was depends worthy! Leave it to UC/Moon to start the first morning of the New Year with a coffee spitting, pants peeing laugh riot! Could not stop hitting rewind…

    BTW totally off topic..(have to keep some of last years traditions) Nikki Reed was on Bonnie Hunt and I was sad to discover that she is not really blond which would at least give her an excuse but she is…how to put this politely…ummm…there is no way….as dumb as a doorknob! Seriously, I was shocked that I prefer her as Rosalie (and ya’ll know I detest Rosalie) but at least “she” has personality and brains…For example: she walks out on the stage and sits down in the chair next to Bonnie and says “I’m not very good sitting in things like this?” (Is she referring to the chair or the skirt she is wearing?) Then she comments that following Seth Greene is hard cause she is not very funny unless she falls in her shoes….goes on to say that she did, in fact, fall in her bathroom that morning..(okay TMI ) Bonnie comments that she likes the shoes and asks “So your really into fashion?” She responds “Yup, but I don’t know anything about it” Proceeds to giggle through the whole interview and ramble about how she loves to travel the world and that is why she doesn’t work much..(UH HUH I believe THAT) Then she plays “Young People Don’t Know Nothin” Here are the four questions and her answers:
    Q:The pop duo Wham asks you do “something” before you go go..?
    A: (First she asks is that a song?) then answers: Pick me (you) up?
    Q:What are you doing if your voguing?
    A: “Do you have to draw the picture..your doing a thing right?? (and draws a stick figure)
    Q: What is inside this product (a egg shaped container with the word Leggs written on it?
    A: Liquid Eggs..ya know like.before the egg whites came out…before the dieting thing started..yah know….”
    Q: Laverne & Shirley’s two best friends were?
    A: She drew a picture of her & Seth Greene
    Bonnie comments that she will have to call Nikki’s parents in for a teacher/parent conference!
    Like I said, I now prefer Rosalie and understand why I don’t see more interviews with Nikki….
    I know, I know, should not be starting off the New Year being so critical…but seriously..it was hysterical and a lil sad at the same time…so I thought it kinda fit the day….a lil sad to say goodbye to 2009 and a good laugh to start 2010!
    Happy New Year everyone…. 🙂

    • Wow…I would totes beat her in a trivia game!

      I think Nikki is far more attractive with her natural hair and make up than she is a Rosalie. But not much you can do about being dumb as a doorknob. Actually, I thought maybe I didn’t like her much because of Rosalie, but then it has also occured to me that I also didn’t like her character on the OC either. Hmm? Maybe it’s Nikki.

    • I saw her on that too! It took me a while to figure out it was actually her because I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be that dumb.

      Maybe she was just drunk or something…..

  9. Red light!! Green light!!!

    Happy 2010, darling lovies.

    Hope it is a fabulous one!

  10. Happy New Year. It suny here Socal. You gotta love it. It will reach 70. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  11. I am so glad Tom Cruise did NOT get the part of Eddie Cullen, I would never have watched the movies.

    Happy New Year LTT gals and the occasional unicorn.

    This is gonna be the best year yet, Elicpse for the Win.



  12. Thanks for “Helping me” to start the New Year with a Cullen smile!

    It would be funny if there was a whole series of these “screen tests” with other famous actors – imagine the possibilities, Johnny Depp as Edward, Leonardo DiCaprio as Edward, etc.!

  13. that guy does a fantastic impression! that vid was hilarious =P

  14. Happy New Year Ladies! Hope 2010 is filled with all things Twi…muah!

    • IWL, you know it’s gonna be a good one!! Uber Twi filled around here!

    • Happy “the year illegal becomes legal” Year! Who knew a year ago that the words “all things Twi” would make so happy? ah…smiles!

      • teehee…its also the year that Tay goes into hiding and a certain BFF-wannabe gets put in jail for excessive stalkery and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality lol…Hoppy New Beer! (A Heiny that is…with a Rob attatched for you) muah!

  15. Who has 2 thumbs and owns the Twilight Scene It game? THIS GIRL!!!! (yeah, that’s pretty lame when written and not seen).
    Here’s to hoping I find some Twifans in 2010 so more people will play with me! (that’s what she said)

  16. I don’t think my comments from earlier showed up as I wasn’t logged in (didn’t realize that til it was too late) so Happy New Year to all!

  17. RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT!!!!!!!!!! lmao!

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