Thankful for Twilight and all it’s done….

Dear Twilight,
It’s been a strange year to say the least. Although I often find myself focusing on the negative in my life, I really truly do have a lot for which I am thankful.

I am thankful that the first movie wasn’t so awful that it stopped me from later reading the books. Twilight was the first movie that I saw by myself, coincidentally over Thanksgiving weekend. The movie peaked my interest, so naturally I Wiki’d the plot of the books. LUCKILY, months later when I finally did read the series, I didn’t remember about the DEMON baby, cause well… who would start reading this series full well knowing there’s a DEMON baby involved?

I am thankful that after reading the series and seeing the movie again (appreciated it much more after having read the books), that I turned to the internet and stumbled across Letters To Twilight. If it was not for that faithful night, on 3/16/09 (YES, that’s the date I first found LTT and commented), when I read the aptly titled post: I’m gonna be nice today. UC and MOON articulated the random thoughts swirling around my head about the movies, the books, and the actors. It was kismet and I knew it.

Flash forward to present time and I can claim both UC and MOON as my real life friends (although I haven’t met Moonie yet). I’ve met several people from the fandom in person and have forged incredible friendships – we’ve even traveled together to tour the Pacific Northwest! I really don’t know what I would have done without these friends this year. I’ve also been fortunate to have met some hilarious and generous friends who regularly send me “Cullen smiles” and cards in the mail or fly in from Chili to visit! For some of my friends, I’ve only been able to keep an email/chat/phone relationship, but I know they care deeply about me and the feeling is mutual.
It’s amazing that at 29 years old, I’ve made so many remarkable friends in such a short period of time. These fantastic women have been my crutch when I could barely get through each day. I cannot adequately express how much they mean to me, how much I needed them, and how I will be forever grateful for their friendship.

So Twilight, I got really heavy there, especially since I’m writing to something that isn’t tangible, but I am thankful. Thankful that Stephenie Meyer decided to write down her dream and everything that has happened since.

Going broke for new moon,

We love you Brookie! XO

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  1. Awww, Brooke, what a gorgeous letter!
    So sweet 🙂

  2. Brooke,
    That letter was so beautiful. I don’t want to sully it with the 101 snarky Renesme comments runing through my mind. What you described is the best possible outcome of Internet interactions and SM (if you are lurking) should take a bow.

    Cheers to your new friendships!

  3. Brooke, what a great letter to see first thing in the morning! 🙂

    I am so thankful that I stayed awake all night to not lose the glow of ACTUALLY SEEING NEW MOON IN THE THEATER!
    I am even more thankful that I was able to come “home” here and share the experience with everyone that helped give me the courage and support that got me there! You KNOW who you are… 🙂
    I’m thankful and proud to be the Mom of a Unicorn who some how tricked me in to going … 🙂
    Most importantly THANK YOU UC & Moon for creating this 2nd home for me!
    Lastly, since today is my Thanksgiving, when we are all sitting around the table saying our individiual (sp) thanks I will be adding all of you into mine…. of course I may be asleep by then with my face in a plate of mashed potatoes…so I’ll be sure to add my thanks that I hid all the camera’s this a.m…. 🙂

    • MC I can’t believe you stayed up ALL NIGHT….no, scratch that. I can believe it. I wanted my New Moon high to last FOREVER. What bliss!

      P.S. at the Thanksgiving table tonight make sure not to mention “cockblocking” to your son again (I hope you haven’t gone to sleep when you read this and that you remember that from yesterday, otherwise you’re just going to think I”m a complete psycho sicko!)

      P.P.S. If you fall asleep in your mashed potatoes PLEASE take a picture 😀

      love ya. still so happy for ya. and way proud.
      muah 😡

      • Um, sorry, the 😡 was supposed to be a kiss, not an angry face. I guess I don’t know how to make a kiss emoticon.

      • Already hid ALL THE CAMERA’S this a.m. First thing I did!!!
        Unicorn already informed the rest of the family about the cockblocking …way to start my day…it gets soooo much worse…read comment below…

    • Hey well done you! I am so excited for you and I don’t even know you how weird. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great thanksgiving xx

      • Thanks Ish…it has been a very interesting day to say the least….no matter how bad it gets..I pause..take a breath and think…NEW MOON…I SAW IT…I DID IT!!! I am still bathing in its bliss…if I haven’t said it enough…THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVED, ENCOURAGED AND SHARED THIS VERY EXCITING EVENT WITH ME!!! 🙂

    • I’m so thankful I was able to be here to share in your excitement. I’m still SO excited for you! I’m so glad you came to LTT to hang out with us and that we got to be friends. I love that this happened the night before your Thanksgiving dinner with your family so they can all share in it with you, and if you fall asleep in the mashed potatoes just tell everyone you were *really* hungry.

      • LMAO ..JODIEO..thanks for pining those eyelids open last night..I mean this stay with me and relish in the afterglow…I am honored to be considered as one of your friends…I so heart you!!!
        Everytime I walk by a mirror today, after I get over the scare that is, I think “Ok you so look like the female version of Edward when he stands before the Volturi”..yeah that bad, but so worth it!!

    • @MidCyn 🙂 I commented in yesterday’s post about your NM experience. Sorry I missed the’s all explained there.


  4. Awesome letter Brooke…

    Since we’re on a thankful roll…I thought I’d continue the trend by being a lil’ pat of butter on said roll…

    *I’m thankful for Twi,teeth,throat,back,butt,on-ramp,straight pash,ice cream swirl hair,vest,suit,skinny tie,button fly,shirtless, happy trail,bitten fingernail,wet tee, tight shirt, “absolutely”, sports, grape,laugh and Do me stare Porn.

    *I’m thankful for my fiance who is team Jacob, gave New Moon 9 1/2 out of 10 and thought Chris Weitz was a genius. Im also thankful that he deals well with my obsession, supports my Twi-venture,is willing to fund said Twi-venture and is ok with turning a blind eye to my future indiscretions with Taycob….

    *Im thankful for Taycob….(since NO ONE else has mentioned it.. :: eye roll:: LOL) and our future karaoke sessions where I will school his ass (twss) and Guitar Hero where he will school mine (twss) A huge-as list of all the reasons I adore him is on the way…trust

    *Im thankful for Cyndi…who is a personal hero…for taking a HUGE step in watching NM in a theatre. I’m so proud of you and cant wait to watch “Eclipse” with you with pocket E & J. If u can do it..I can cross the road to talk to Taycob…

    *and finally I’m thankful for everyone who thinks I’m NORMAL for crushing hard (like a 12 year old) over the Under-age, over-developed wolf boy…and are willing to lay down their lives and dignity for the Illegalautner cause…(u know who u are and u know I crush on all of u too)

    Thankful for Taycob cookie (cause age is just a number baby)

    My my…another long of these days imma post a sentence…and that will be all…
    Morning everybody!

    • You’re thankful for Taycob??



      • yeah…I threw up a little in my mouth every time I typed his name…but i did it anyway cause ppl expect it from me…I’m thankful that I’m really a Robward lover whose only using Tay to get that squee-inducing Dorkalicious man behind a dumpster…TRUTH!

      • Lay off Fangy!
        18 years ago Big Daddy seduced Deborah with Filet-o-Fish and beer and the result was this beautiful, beautiful boy that will soon will be man. Who takes pictures while reclining shirtless and beckons us with his eyes to ignore Chris Hensen and touch his stomach. Wait. Where am I?

    • Priceless…simply priceless..what else can I say ILWL..
      ” If u can do it..I can cross the road to talk to Taycob” LMAO..of course you can…even if I have to drag you…
      hope you had fun last night…

      • I did!..It was more “I ❤ New Moon" more that "I ❤ fiance" last night…but he didnt mind..i thought about u during the opening scene and every single Ghostward scene…squeeee…im still so excited that u watched it!!!!

    • I’m thankful for Twi,teeth,throat,back,butt,on-ramp,straight pash,ice cream swirl hair,vest,suit,skinny tie,button fly,shirtless, happy trail,bitten fingernail,wet tee, tight shirt, “absolutely”, sports, grape,laugh and Do me stare Porn.

      Question 1: “on-ramp”?
      Question 2: “straight pash”?
      Question 3: “sports”?
      Question 4: “grape”?

      And finally “absolutely”? Are you thankful for ME? 😀

      • 1) On ramp is what we call the sexy V’s on guys…Fang taught me this on twitter…

        2) Two hot straight guys making Roblor…or Paulett…

        3) Taycob and football…his throwing arm is ridonkulous…

        4) Taycob catches grapes in his mouth thrown at him from miles away…Its like an athletic Roman feast…

        finally…YES! always! and also the way Taycob says it like its meant to be screamed during the naked mambo…a sexy mouthful i might add(twss)
        ❤ ya!

    • This should bring you back to the willd side:

      … And you are welcomed!

    • @ILWL: “*Im thankful for Cyndi…who is a personal hero…for taking a HUGE step in watching NM in a theatre.”
      Awwww Eddie tissue plz…I luvs you bunches…and look out come June….I am going to be ready and waiting!! xoxox

  5. What I am about to say is totally off topic, but this is the only place where I can share it.

    I have a confession to make. Even though I came into the fandom after watching Cougwicke’s interesting (read basterdized) version of Twilight, I’ve never pictured Rob in my head as Edward. Instead, I’ve always pictured a mixture of what SM describes and Rob with a sprinkle with physical prowness and athleticism (we love Rob, but athleticism come on… I have two words for you groin pull) Anywho, the dude has only been a figment of my imagination, or so I thought, until I came across a picture of the dude that lives in my head while I was lurking by twilightheaded.

    That was such a weird experience. Felt a little like Andrew Mcarthy in Manequein His name is Jace something. I have very vivid images of him as Edward in that cream v-neck sweater. I don’t know anything about him aside from the things he does to Bella in my head. Who, btw is the overly airbrushed Kstew in the Twilight poster where Edward is looming over her.

    Am I still a fan of Rob…the movie version? Abso-effing-loutley!!! I love all his adorkable, liquid sex, Heineken-induced ways and unclean plaid (read woman) choices. I Just can’t afford for him to go all Rob on me in the middle of a meadow scene.

    -end of over sharing

    • Heloo… Just clicked on that link and said fellow is Alex Petty. He played alex rider in the movie adaptation of stormbreaker I think although he’s grown up some since then! He has just been in another movie aswell but I have memory fail on that one. Sorry.

      • Thank you… No wonder I couldn’t find him. Jayce Wayland must be a character name. I think I’ll just keep him a mystery and my imaginary Edward.

    • Um, yeah.

      I am just…oh my god. He’s like. Wow.

      That said, I totally agree that Rob isn’t *my* Edward. Never was, never will be. He’s still cute though, but not my Edward.

      I recently found the man who plays the main character in my novel. I’d been unsure on precisely how he looks until recently. But now that I’ve found the pic to work with, all is right in the world.

      • *whines* I wanna seeeeeeeee. Lemme see your novel porn.

        • Like the man or the sex scene?

        • Both!

          • you drive a hard bargain, woman. (you see how i used “woman” the way Garrett uses it with Kate in BD? Hot.)

            Lemme give you a quick sampler (can’t release too much before it’s published you know). Emma has just come into Ruel’s hotel room in Moscow:

            I closed my eyes softly and swallowed when I heard the door shut. I could feel his presence as he approached me from behind. I didn’t turn to look at him as he put his hands on my bare shoulders. He leaned down and kissed me slowly on the neck sending goose bumps down the left side of my body.

            “I’m really glad you came back.” He whispered in my ear.

            “I couldn’t stay away.” I murmured flushing.

            “Mmm, well that’s good to hear.” He said and kissed the other side of my neck. His right hand moved slowly forward down my shoulder, over my collar bone and down to my sternum, intentionally avoiding my breasts. He dropped his left arm around my waist and pulled our bodies tightly together. I gasped at his strength. The ripples of his chest and torso pressed into my exposed back through the tight cotton of his shirt. He breathed in once deeply as if taking in the mixture of our scents before speaking again. “Of course, now that I have you here, I’m going to take my time with you.”
            Those words dissolved any doubts or moral issues I had once held about going back to him.
            “Oh?” I replied nonchalantly, gaining back any confidence I might have left in the hallway when I’d crossed through the threshold to his room. “Then it’s a good thing that the nights here are rather long this time of year.”

            <a href="Don’t ask me to write any FF.

          • *fans self*

            Holy shit! That’s hot!

            Ruel? Mmmmmm. Me likey.

            You tease. Are you sure you don’t need a beta or something? I was a Girl Scout – I have a badge in trustworthiness or something.

            1. Why did she leave, and then subsequently come back?
            2. What are these doubts and morals of which Emma thinks? Is she blind?
            3. Exactly how long is the night and how many times has Ruel read the Kama Sutra?

            Warning to all ye who’ve entered here: fanfic will ruin a perfectly good brain. Ex: mine.

          • @TS

            1. Ruel sounds HAWT!!!
            2. Garrett or the actor who will play him should be so honored for you to be his ‘Kate’.
            3. Both Keifer and Billy would be very amused that you are having this conversation as them. 😉

          • @S-Pizzle
            Sorry, Betas are already in place.
            1. She didn’t really leave, they are staying in separate hotel rooms. So they had made out in his room and then he took off his shirt and she freaked out and went to her room.
            2. They’re coworkers on a business trip, so she’s worried about losing her job, plus she’s like super in love with Ruel.
            3. It’s winter in Moscow, so fairly long. Once, but it was for his job. ::grins:: Ah the mystery!

            1. Yeah, he’s pretty amazing. I wish I could date my fictional character I’ve created… er, wait…
            2. Thanks, hopefully I will be Kate. I’d at least like to make it to the audition. That in itself would be quite the accomplishment.
            3. Nah, Trust is all Cold War stuff. My story takes place in the near future. Though Billy Crudup is so hot in Almost Famous, so I’m glad you enabled me to think about him tonight.

  6. Thanks everyone! I’m a big sap, what can I say….


  7. What a sweet letter. And so true for many of us, I’m sure. I haven’t met any of my fandom friends in RL yet, but I’ve also forged some pretty strong bonds for which I am very grateful. Thanks for sharing that with us, Brookie-Cookie. Hearts&Kisses

  8. Brookie

    I’m going for #5 viewing in less than an hour. Then enough is enough me thinks 🙂


  9. In moderation purgatory… Taking the day off from LTT. Sad panda

  10. I’m wondering…You guys are always mentioning fanfiction. (I love BB, too)

    What are your favorite stories and why? What fanfiction sites do you use?

    • Don’t do it. I fell down the slippery fan fiction slope a couple of months ago and now I lose hours and hours of my day. and are good.

      You’ll subject yourself to a whole bunch of new terminology (that I still don’t truly understand) – “lemons” means lots of sexing 😉 “canon” means (I think) that the characters stay somewhat true to the books i.e. Bella still loves Edward and is clumsy even if she’s a barmaid or a teacher?

      People like coming up with new Ed”wards” so there’s Tattward for example 🙂

      Someone can correct me but I believe some classics are (google them and you’ll find them):
      Wide Awake (this is on Live Journal)
      The List (lots of lemons)
      Clipped Wings and Inked Armor (this is a stunning one, very angsty and a bit dark though)
      Let you Light Shine (probably a good place to start)
      A life Extraordinary

      Some of it is AMAZINGLY well written and it can get a little addictive (or maybe a lot addictive)

    • I can’t let Just Me do this alone (I’m here with you, friend).

      I am 3 months into amassing more knowledge about Twilight fanfic than I ever retained about the works of Ayn Rand, project-based accounting, or the Constitutional Amendments, and that’s saying a LOT!

      I can give you recs and reviews that will keep you from RL for weeks. Twit me (@stacyotis) if you’re ready for the red pill.

      And there you have it, people. I AM the dude slouched against the building on the corner, sliding little baggies of fanfic out of my pocket and into the minds of innocents.

      • Well then Sam and his disciples are gonna have to run you off our lands back to whence you came.

        • Disciples?

          Are you the metatron? Where are Jay & Silent Bob? Will Chris Rock be falling from the sky naked?

          • I was commenting on the part about handing out baggies of fanfic. Corrupting the youth. Just like in NM when there’s a dude from another tribe selling meth (or other drug) to Quiluete kids.
            God, go reread New Moon, woman!

          • I know. I just pulled an obscure movie reference out of my pocket.

            My brain will not allow to me reread New Moon until I have read every fanfic and book on my to do list. Even then, I will just reread my fav parts.


  11. I am still buzzing about Cyndi. Totes made my day. You are the true hero! I cannot believe you actually typed the word pa** BEAKER. Instant cringe and gagging at that word. Is it still used inthe states? Do people still say “Hey wanna go round with me”?


    • Um, what did I write? Are you talking about “pash”? I thought that was short for “passion”…maybe I’m an idiot. It was IWL’s word anyway. But I guess it means something other than what I thought. Sorry I grossed you out.

    • Ish…Im the one who used pash….it sucks? Well, its from the land of Rob…lol…

      p.s. Pash=kiss…why are u censoring it? is there something i need to know? bahahahhaha

  12. …Sometimes Kismet happens.

  13. What a great letter. I think for alot of us here, Twilight came into our lives just at the time we needed it most.

    Because of all you great ladies and the honesty that is shared, I finally was able to get the courage to comment after almost four months of reading. I don’t know many of y’all, but I’m happy I’m here-y’all bring the funny each and every day in the forms of letters and comments and make my day a little brighter. I love all of you interweb friends!

    • We love you, TOO! You are so right about Twilight coming into our lives when we needed it! I don’t have an Oprah-story or anything, it’s just that at this time in my life, with things that have happened recently, it’s been amazing to have a place where I can escape to talk about some books and movies that I am ridiculously obsessed with, with some awesomely hilarious friends who insist that I’m NORMAL!

      You guys and LTT/LTR are like my own personal Isle Esme, except without the feathers and the downer cleaning lady. And I’m pretty sure that if we were all fake lesbians, we’d get the eff over some bruises and inspire the hottest slashfics of all time! OF ALL TIME!

  14. Usually books are better than movies. In movies the writer has on 120 pages to make the story come alive. In a novel the writer has more leeway.

    • That’s what I said to my boyfriend today when we were discussing how when I was younger I wanted to be a famous screenwriter. Then I started doing screenwriting and didn’t like it.

      I’m all about the novel writing, baby.

  15. Brooke,
    I’m also thankful you came out to the PNW and I got to meet Real Life LTTers…. It meant a lot to me, and I’m glad to have gotten to know you. You’ve had quite an amazing year, and who would have ever thought that these books/movies would have made such an impact…..
    Great letter, ya big sap,


  16. HI guys..popping in while the turkey finishes cooking..ah yah..about that…totally forgot to stuff the damn bird…

    SO ANYWAY, YOU GUYS GOT ME IN DEEP TODAY…yes thats what she said…
    Ok so here is how it went…Middle daughter telling oldest daughter how she was stuck behind this truck all the way home that said Industrial Vibrators…and how she took a picture of it cause it was so funny…I walk into the room in the middle of the conversation and I blurt out..”.do you know they make sparkleen vibrators..and you can even freeze them so that they are like Edwards u know what” (Cause I like totally misunderstand the conversation thinking they are talking about a truckload of vibrators) OME…I couldn’t believe what I had said…you could hear a pin drop and their faces…priceless…Middle daughter finally speaks and says..”Mom, we weren’t talking about THOSE kind of vibrators…these are the kind that they use to vibrate cement at a construction site…thus the name” Oldest daughter then decides to speak and in the most appalling (sp?) voice she can muster says..”Why and to whom would you be EVEN talking to about vibrators with AND HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ewww about sparkling.ewww FROZEN vibrators???”
    So first hand embarrassed I fumble (and the shovel comes out) with how it came up (yup I said that too) in a discussion about Edward….(hole gets much deeper) and how he is cold as ice and that his (falling into the hole now) you know his thingy would be freezing too…(dirt is starting to cover me) and that they now make & sell vibrators that are supposed to be “simililar” ……(through the darkness I realize the room is now empty and I am talking to myself…..IT GETS WORSE…IF POSSIBLE…several mins. later…after brushing off the dirt and trying to regroup hubs and unicorn son come in the house and both daughters are immediately back in the kitchen ranting to the hubs about the whole “incident” and of course hubs is looking at me like he has NEVER seen me before in his life..son laughs so hard he chokes on the shrimp he is eating and says “Wow, never in my lifetime did I ever think I would hear OUR Mom talking about vibrators..the braindamage MUST be worse than we thought!” I fled the room……

    • BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priceless moment. I officially love your son and am pissed off that he’s getting married.

    • We are ruining you, woman! So delicious . . . teach the parrot to say “sparklepeen.”

    • Ok, new rule: You are not allowed to do anything, say anything, or have family over without having the webcam running.

      And if your daughters weren’t talking about THOSE vibrators they wouldn’t have thought the sign was funny. =P

      I’m so proud of you.

      • They so were talking about sparklepeen vibrators!

        And I want the webcam too. Cyndi, you could have your own reality tv show.

    • @MidCyn – Oh wow…you had a conversation with the kids about sparklepeens??? I’m so proud. 🙂

      I can’t believe you stayed up all night…still high on New Moon?

    • HAHA! That’s so funny! Ok this reminded me of the time when my mother told me being short doesn’t matter in bed! I’m short okay, 5’1 and well boyfriend that time was 6’1! She said it in front of him and I was well, mortified. Him and I broke up months later!

  17. I haven’t seen the movie yet(yes I know I’m lame). I’m still getting over the flu and then Tgiving came along. My dd was sick first then I got it. Oh well, a number of excuses. I just want to say hi to all!

    I see that Midnight Cyn has seen New Moon! Yeah, see you beat me Cyndi! Congratulations!

  18. That’s a beautiful letter Brooke! I feel exactly the same way. I’ve met people here and I’m so glad I met them because they make me laugh! I haven’t met one in person, hopefully I will soon.

    Thank you Stephenie Meyer, you’re awesome and you inspired me so much with your wonderful stories. That was one of the darkest times of my life when I started reading Twilight and you’ve provided an escape for me even for a few hours, to get lost in Forks, Washington…in the lives of Bella and Edward. Thank you so much.

  19. MidCyn, I love your parrot. Tell your son I love him too. In a platonic way with slight inclinations of stealing him from his fiance. Er, what?

    • Love those photos!

    • Woman! You ARE Kate! I wish I could be your Jerry Maguire, but unfortunately I cringed during the whole “show me the money” bit. I do not have the cojones for Hollywood powerplays.

      Love the pics! Love the shirt! You’re the Martha Stewart of LTT! It’s a good thing!

      • Well, I did have a dream about hanging out with Rob once. Of course we were running lines and he decided that I should totes play Kate and got me a screen test that day and I booked the part. You know, all my dreams more or less revolve around booking the part of Kate. I mean, I even envisioned a bonus fight scene between her and Felix during the Volturi standoff. It’s a pretty hardcore scene. Sigh.

    • So cute TeamSeth! You are hilarious!

  20. Great letter. I feel so much the same! I’ve really enjoyed this weekend of “being thankful” and I’m so glad to hang out here with others who are as thankful as me for Twilight…and all that it has brought to our lives.

  21. Once you have stepped into the seedy world of fanfic, there is no escape.

    I am always forgetting that they are vampires. AU rules my life.

  22. *executes flawless dismount off broom, twirls cape in elaborate flourish*

    Fear not, fair maid, I am here to embarrass myself on your behalf. And that is FIRST-HAND, HARDCORE just like in the best fics.

    Top Five countdown of how NM made StotheP think of fanfic:

    5. Like Weitz, almost every fanfic author has had the good sense to ditch the hatchback.
    4. Bella tossing and screaming in bed? Insert scene wherein she heads to the kitchen to whip up a batch of Tarty Charted Motherfuckers. (Wide Awake)
    3. Tattooed, pierced, foulmouthed, deviant Edward. Tattooed, moody, foulmouthed, deviant Edward. Take your pick. (Clipped Wings and Inked Armor or Emancipation Proclamation)
    2. The final scene would have had a lot more cowbell if Edward had . . . (shit, you have no idea how hard it is for me to type this) . . . deflowered Bella with his . . .(gah, srsly) . . . fingers. (My Yes, My No)

    And the number 1 way NM could have been improved by taking a digital page from many fanfics?

    1. (Forgive me, IllegalWL – just stop reading right now, k? I love you . . .) No Jacob Black.

    *shuffles feet back to broom. dejectedly hovers one foot off ground entire ride back to Cave of Mortification. drowns painful self-awareness in vodka and eye-of-newt soup.*

    • How about the massive improvement that could have come from Edward taking Bella over his knee and giving her a few whacks every time she did something dangerous (master of the universe or the submissive). Umm….

      *puts on scarlet D signifying sexual deviancy and slinks off to cave of mortification with S-Pizzle*

    • I can forgive u cause I know ur’e an Illegalautner shipper and the 0.1% of hurt u caused me will be righted when u stalk Tayand other Twi-men with me and Sparkle in June…There’s no other way…I cant promise that the stalking will be fun or fruitful but it’ll heal the hole punched through my chest…

      I ❤ u…never forget….lolz

  23. Dear Brookie,
    I loved your love letter to Twilight. So I thought I’d write you a love comment.

    You have become an everyday feature in my life, and you have enriched it greatly. Your point of view and sense of humor make me smile and laugh, and I love seeing your tweets on random subjects. However, that’s just a small portion of what I like about you.

    I know that you’ve had a really difficult year, and have had to go through some devastating changes in your life. Yet you persist, and you carve out your new life out of the ashes of your old one. You’ve invited people who are good for you into your life, and have eliminated people who are toxic to your spirit. You continue to care about other people, and want to help them. Who else called me when I had H1N1 telling me to get my butt to Urgent Care and gave me advice on dealing with bad customer service with a store?

    Going to Seattle with you was a highlight of my year, and I’m so glad we shared that, with all the fun we had. But mostly I’m glad that I got to really know you and sit and talk and to really become friends. Just another blessing Twilight brought me.

    Love you, Brookie! I hope the upcoming year brings you more blessings than you can believe.

    • Dearest Freya,
      I’m so glad that we are friends and that was the sweetest letter to me ever. I’m still mad at Best Buy on your behalf. They will not get my cash this holiday season. lol


  24. I too am grateful that I’ve had the chance to meet Brooke. Though our RL meeting was rather brief, I had a thoroughly wonderful time with you. You are enigmatic, and friendship radiates from you.

    We’ve only known each other for a very brief time, but I am very glad to call you a friend, whether it be online or RL (and of course, celebrate the win that is Phillies together *can’t wait till next season W00t*). And though we only had time to laugh at a few jokes and scenes in a hushed theater, you made me feel welcome and comfortable, and it is just easy as pie being friends with you.

    For that, and for all you do in this fandom… I am thankful and LOVE YOU! 🙂

    xoxoxox, Jo

  25. Hello…taps on screen…anyone still up and about??? I FINALLY am happily back on my couch…OWAD!!!

    • here! and free the whole day…did dinner go well?

      • Hey ILWL…OMELE…what a day…seriously…I have been on me feets since 8am..except for the one break that I got to pop in here…phew!!
        Dinner mmm…”like dancing…not such a good idea for me” Bella’s voice of course..
        Which disaster would you care for first?

  26. Or should I give you the good news or the bad first…lol 🙂

    • start at the start and end at the end…lol..ive got all night…LOL 🙂

      • LMAO that ALMOST made sense….scarey!!!
        First oldest daughter calls right before we are to sit down and says she has to work late and won’t make dinner..bummer big time…Now the good part is I did not fall asleep in the mashed potatoes…the bad part is that they never made it to the table to begin with…
        Picture it..walking from kitchen to dining room, not a difficult feat for most…myself on the other hand..whole different scenario….See’s 5lb dog, steps over, misses the 12 lb dog, trips and falls onto the 170lb dog…who was jet black…becomes black & white very quickly…didn’t break the good glass bowl tho… 🙂 so much for the mashed potatoes..170lb dog still ate his dinner… 🙂 From the other room…Maxie hearing me screech and everyone’s chairs been pushed out in effort “try and catch me” starts screaming “WHAT THE HELL…over and over and over…in hubs voice..big surprise there I tell ya….
        Sits down to dinner..minus the potatoes..Hubs seemed to be able to scrap enough from the pan to get some…. 🙂
        Half way through…Middle daughter jumps up and says “OMG I going to be sick”…runs upstairs…everyone stares at ME ..then at their plates and long pregnant pause…awkward?? I am like hey…this darn dinner took me all day to cook and you WILL eat it…not my fault she snacked on junk…blah blah…onward we go….she doesn’t return until much later….get through desserts and am cleaning up and scrubbing the stove, pulls off the cast iron grates and of course one slips out of my soapy hands and yup you got it..lands ontop of big toe….cracks toenail half way down and freaking throbs like my heart does for Edward….play me Possiblity…
        Finally get whole kitchen clean and oldest daughter comes home and hits the fridge…I am considering hitting something myself…we talk..then rest of the family except hubs all join in..finally a bright spot in the day..til the power goes out (windy as hell here in Maine.comes back on.and all is well..til the can of whip cream arrives…yup the fight is on…Mom is ready to lose what is left of her mind…all chip in to clean up..I am limping toward the living room and begin to crawl into my “bed”..which 16lb has pee peed on…ok..change all the sheets spray couch…yell up to daughter to come and get the darling…and step in 5lbers dog poop..I AM NOT KINDING…NOW I am beyond words..cause its the good foot and can’t hop to the kitchen on bad foot…yelling like a mad woman to kiddo’s upstairs for someone to get down here and help me….I hear…”Be right there Mom..were watching a movie…” NOW I am a very PATIENT PERSON…until this moment…I YELL “somebody better get their butt down here right now…they all come running cause I don’t yell in that tone very often…son gets wipey thing…but hands off to daughter cause like dog poop is “gross”..HIS DOG IS FRIGGIN 170lbs…give me a break already…FINALLY get cleaned up head to the couch once again…realize Maxie is not covered so I get up again and sweetly say goodnight as I am covering to which she sums up the whole day with…”Night shithead” in hubs voice….so all in all it was a good day…and yours???

    • I’m listening too!

  27. that letter was nice but i hope you didnt forget your regular life friends during all this

  28. OH I GUESS WE ARE NOT DONE..TWI-Daughter justs comes downstairs in panic…she is on call and has lost her pager….”Yes, I say..and what would you like me to do for you…?” “Well have you seen it..?” “Yes, it was on the dining room table” ” I took it off there and upstairs with me to go to bed and now I can’t find it…what am I going to do” I REEL myself in before I say “Frankly darling, I could give a damn” and instead “why don’t you call the number?” “I don’t remember the number!” Getting alittle perturbed now..”Why don’t you call the hospital and have them page you so you can locate it” which I get the look of death…”Are you kidding me..and have the whole hospital KNOW I lost my pager..I must have set it down when you made all the fuss about the dog mess”…”OK I say, its my fault, sorry, but I don’t know what to tell you..goodnight”….ahhh I love my kids…
    OH HI JODIEO…Just looked up and saw your here…and how was your day??? Don’t you just wish you were here!!! NOT!!!

    • wow…what a day indeed….and i thought our family functions were a riot…
      Gah i love ur parrot…i want him…

      • Ummm He is a SHE….and you can only say that cause U two don’t have to put up with her nonsense….what makes it worse is that hubs looks at me with those eyes of his and so innocently says.. “I really don’t understand why she says the things she does, I try and be so careful around her” BULL SHIT…It is definately his voice she is using and everyone knows it….

        • sorry…reading FAIL…we have a manic cat who is determined to win over everyone except us….i know the feeling…

        • You just need to keep playing Twilight for Maxie until she says things like “You’d better hold on tight, Spidermonkey.” and “You can google it”.

          • That is one of the most frustrating parts of owning her..I can try for weeks to get her to say something I WANT her to learn and she won’t say it….but then out of the blue she’ll come up with something out of now where that she may have heard mons. ago. ..or as early as yesterday…we just never know…I remember one day she started siging and was as happy as could be and all of a sudden she started making the sound like doves…we racked our brains trying to figure out where she had heard it and the hubs finally remembered that weeks before we had watched a special on Discovery and there were doves in it…so weird how she chooses to “keep something” or not…

    • Hi! I’m almost afraid to say it for fear of rubbing it in, but I’ve had a pretty quiet day. Deposited my check.. picked up a few things at the store.. spent the rest of the day napping, reading, and watching movies.

      Can daughter call the hospital and say she thinks the pager may not be working properly and will they please try to page her to make sure?

      Next time invite this guy to dinner. Then it won’t matter what you dropped or what the bird said.

      • OH thank you JODIEO…that almost makes the day seem worthwhile…but seriously he would immediately think that I was just like Bella, clumsey and cursed and would run out the door…of course if it was Edward that came (ah yah that is what she said) he could be so helpful in so many ways!!!

      • Twi-daughter has not come back down so either she found it or she knew I was not going to be much help..tee hee..
        BTW JodieO are you getting the really bad wind that we are?? Been gusting over 45 mph earlier and around 27 now…

  29. Did I mention the turkey was delicious and I didn’t burn the rolls for the first time in 3 years???

  30. MidCyn, Illegal, JodieO – Am I too late? Are you still here?

  31. MidCyn – Sorry your day was so crazy! But really, you should write a book about the escapades at your house. At least your turkey was delicious. 🙂

    • Seriously Ang…its always like this and you are not the first to tell me that..One of my kids teachers who I was good friends with came up to me after the graduation and spilled how the daughter would keep everyone in stitches describing our Funny family…yeah I am not laughing too much tonight..but the stories I could tell the one where I got the pregnant cow we owned stuck in the barn doorway and the kids were little and where in the house…I couldn’t get out the door cause of the cow and when I turned around the huge bull we also had was RIGHT BEHIND ME…it was hilarious.. .not at that time..but looking back it is….

  32. I am here…but not sure for how long ..waves at Ang…our lights are blinking if I disapear you will know why!!
    How was your day Ang?
    I am so tired my eyeballs are falling out and I have to keep putting them back in….
    Hubs told me ” I am banned from computer tonight that I MUST sleep” and I sweetly said “your so right” NOT!!! Goodnight dear…

    • I was thinking you must be super tired by now! My day was pretty good. I put up my Christmas tree…which shouldn’t have been a big deal but took me all day because first I had to rearrange my living room furniture to make it fit. And for some reason, I just could not get the couch in the right place! So I spent most of the day moving the couch, chair, coffee table and rug…and only a small piece of the day actually decorating the tree!

      You should sleep! You need to be fresh for New Moon talking tomorrow. 🙂

      • ang uve put up ur christmas tree? im such a late bloomer its not even funny…

        Cyn…how long has it been since uve slept? not purple hun…not purple… 🙂

        • I almost always put up the tree the weekend of Thanksgiving because I have time off work. Plus, I love to enjoy the tree as long as I can! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I went for a walk in my neighborhood this afternoon and noticed a lot of houses with trees/lights up.

        • I think the last time I slept was Wed. night…I was up all of Thursday getting ready for the famly, overdid and was just miserable…and been awake ever since…but I feel like I am beyond tired at this point…so hopefully I will sleep…tonight…having a really hard time reading what I am writing…lol
          Ang we are planning on doing our tree tomorrow…that should be interesting don’t ya think?

          • Aww Ang…again we are share such kinship…we do our tree right after thanksgiving too and Christmas is my favorite holiday also…decorate like crazy..someone asked my oldest daughter the other day when were we going to do our lights and what are color scheme was going to be..I am thinking purple and green…no seriously Red and white lights outside and I have a thing I do every year where I make these fairly large ornaments out of string that I wrap around a balloon and then slather them with glue and sprinkle with glitter to match the indoor theme and then pop the balloon..they usually come out pretty good and make the tree really unique..this year I am doing a whole “sparkling theme” gee ya think…….and I know how hard it is to fit it in the room…this year we can’t decide where to put it…lots of rooms but they are small and we have all the animals to consider…

          • MidCyn – I love that ornament idea with the balloon! Sounds so cool!

        • The people I’m staying with put their tree up today. I got to help them center it. fun fun. But I won’t get to do a tree myself this year since I won’t be home for Christmas. Oh well. There’s always next year, and the trade for work, being near family, and still getting to see SO over the holidays is more than worth it. 🙂

          • AH…TS…please at least get one of those cute lil real trees and put it in your room….please I can’t bear the thought of you not having your own tree… 😦

          • Cyn, it’ll be fine. Their tree is HUGE and I can smell it from my room. Plus my parents are I’m sure expecting me to help them decorate their tree. So it will all be fine and Christmasy

      • Your right…I am beyond tired…Loves you all…and I can’t wait to talk New moon tomorrow…hope most of it stays…but I will probably look at the “pics” first thing in a.m. to keep it fresh…
        Goodnight…and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…keep smiling….

  33. IWL, what up? You’re not on g-chat 😥 Did you get my extended version email?

  34. I’m calling it a night soon too! Goodnight ladies!

  35. Oh your all leaving me.. 😦 I just noticed that one of my posts is missing the whole middle…???? What the hale?

    • We’re leaving you? You said you were going to bed!!!!

      But I am leaving now. Gotta be on the road at 8:30am to go see my sis.

      • When did I say I was going to bed? I am in my bed (couch) and have been since I started chatting with you all…lmao..
        Have a safe trip and lets catch up soon, missing you!

  36. Oh well….goodnight….loves you guys…hope I sleep tonight…I am thinking I might just watch you know what….still riding on NEW MOON HIGH…but batteries are running on empty….would love to watch it again tho….hmmm might just have to…(just realized I am probably talking to myself at this point….lol

  37. […] from reader-friends and today’s letter is from Brooke, missed her thanksgiving letter? Shame! Read it! Also make sure you see the VIDEO I made of the last year of LTT LTR!* "Book Club" meeting […]

  38. dear twilight .
    i love this movie. and you all.

  39. hey there,
    actually i fell quite nervous at this moment………………..the only thing i would like to state is thanks to stephanie meyer and thw whole team of twillight specially robert and kirsten for a great contribution to the world of love and educating us again about love and devotion to one person who will stay by your side no matter what………………….only here a vampire is so much pure and innocent than humans around us……………….may god bless everyone with such undying love and faith

  40. […] from reader-friends and today’s letter is from Brooke, missed her thanksgiving letter? Shame! Read it! Also make sure you see the VIDEO I made of the last year of LTT LTR!*"Book Club" meeting […]

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