Brooke’s year was full of new friends and FUPA’s!

*To finish out the end of this special Anniversary week we’ve been having afternoon letters from reader-friends and today’s letter is from Brooke, missed her thanksgiving letter? Shame! Read it! Also make sure you see the VIDEO I made of the last year of LTT LTR!*

"Book Club" meeting in Seattle

Happy Anniversary! Break out those little bottles and make Buttcrack Santa proud! Sorry I didn’t get you a gift, but I figured my loving contribution today would count for something. Since I have already shared with you my thankful thoughts for this blog and the fandom (the non-crazy ones, of course), I wasn’t sure what else I could say without completely repeating myself. After eating my weight in caramel popcorn (damn you work vendors!! *shakes angry fist*), I had a few ideas…

At first, I had planned on writing about LTT/LTR momentous occasions: the first post that *I* read, the first time *I* was mentioned in a post (with my picture)***, the second time *I* was mentioned in a post, the time *I* was a guest panelist and taught the world about the FUPA, the time *I* talked about needing more batteries from all the fic and rob porn, the time I coined the phrase “I don’t give a flying fucksten”, the time when *I* gave my eloquent opinion on fan fiction, or finally the time when *I* had my pic with Sam Bradley show up on LTR this past weekend. This idea fell flat, because clearly I have not been included on this blog nearly enough times.

Follow the cut for the rest of Brookie’s letter

The trinity of Philadelphia!

Then I thought of talking about the enormous number of hours I didn’t bill to clients due to this blog (reading, commenting, responding to comments, tweeting about it, chatting about it, emailing about it, etc)… about 3-4 hours a work day, 5 days a week, carry the 1, account for inflation, subtract the time I really did bill to the clients while reading the blog and I’m not good at math, but it’s A LOT of money. However, can I really complain? My job is boring.. next idea.

I could talk about the people from this site that I’ve met in person: UC, Calliope, Marta, JanetRigs, Freya, LaPushBaby and DanySpike (there were more people that I met at the suckage that was the 100 Monkeys concert, but I was 5 drinks and 4 shots in. Sorry don’t remember your names), but really this community from LTT is so much more.

In the end, I decided to talk about the awesomeness of UC and MOON.

Ladies, I don’t know how you brought the snark day in and day out, but you keep me smiling. I appreciate your humor, your participation with your followers, the friendships that we’ve made, and the understanding that Moon and I have dibs on Rob before UC (single ladies unite!).

To another year of this crazy twi-obsession! Raise your little bottles… to UC and MOON!

Gros Bisous,

***Yes, I used to go by a different handle on the blog, you weren’t imagining things

Awwwww Brookie we heart you and will gladly raise our little bottles to ourselves and YOU! Thank you for your letter and your friendship!

Don’t miss out on this mornings post complete with VIDEO

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

23 Responses

  1. Ummm
    ‘and the understanding that Moon and I have dibs on Rob before UC”

    NOT okay with this.

    Also. I’m done. Stop saying nice things about us. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m officially and totally way too cocky now. I walk around saying things like “Don’t you know who i AMMMM? I’m UC. I run a blog and make people laugh.”

    Actually you know what? keep it coming.. people still have NO idea who I am.. let’s keep saying great things about me until it’s picked up on the news or something. Then you can stop.

    Philly girls unite!

  2. Awww, gorgeous letter once again Brooke 🙂
    There’s nothing like a little LTT/LTR before bed to cheer you up on a shitty day.
    *Raises her little bottle* To Moon and UC!


  3. YEAHHHH BROOKIE!!! ❤ you long time.

    Can I be a secondary base for the Trinity in Philly? I visit there enough you know. Hehehehe

    Thank you Moonie Pie and UC (I pronouce like juicy) for introducing Brookie and I. Although, I fear my OCD scares her at times, I know I have met a life long friend and beer chugging partner (though she'll beat me every time).

  4. Of course you’d post a pic of me where I’m BLINKING! Thanks. :-/


    I love you all!! <— I've said this a lot this week. 'Tis true. But I means it.

    Yay for friends!


  5. Weird……. I’m five drinks and four shots in…but its Friday, so it’s allowed.

    I have havent met any of you (yet) I love this site and check it daily….. this week was the worse for my “production” at work and honestly.. home.

    Good thing anniversaries are once a year.

    Heres to another year of LTR/LTT goodness.
    *raises bottle of Stoli for toast*

  6. Cheers Brooke! And thanks for making me feel normal concerning the amount of time I spend online doing twi-stuff.

  7. No ribbons!!!??? haha.

    Brooke, I’m so glad you all took time from your trip to meet me, it meant a lot to me to hang out with you all….next time, more booze will be in order. (like how I said next time?)

    I, too, raise my little bottle to the awesomeness of UC and Moon, and their power to bring random people together who were just MEANT to be friends!! Amazing.

    mwah!! to all of you!

  8. Yay for the cute letter! And yay also for my first totally drunk comment. How fitting it is to raise those little bottles! This is the only place i’m allowing myself to go online right now. I know, it’s normal!! Right???

  9. Hurray for all of you!

    If it were not for LTT & LTR I would have no-one to truly empathise with the following tale:

    Earlier tonight I was at my Christmas work party. We got to secret Santa & I unwrap mine…it’s a 2DVD set of Robsessed & The Haunted Airman…Yes I was officially outed at my work party.

    ‘Holy Crap’ I yell, ‘who knows?’. ‘Who knows what?’ they all reply…& I have the painful task of explaining to a looooong table full of Children’s Services professionals who Rob is & what Twilight is….&….&. all the pitying looks &..sob.
    But who could it have been? Who threw me to the sharks? Not my 2 co-workers…I know who they’ve bought for…& they only know a tiny bit of my *condition*. Eventually I realise that my husband (who used to be our colleague before we got married) had fixed another colleague’s fence the week before…still with me? Turned out he’d whinged on about how dire New Moon was & how I forced him to see it (lies) & the end result was…hahahahahahahahahaha…Rob DVDs!

    Totally busted, totally humiliated & yet a total Rob win, despite being profoundly Team Jailabait. I may just hop over the fence for the night now as I slob out to watch Robsessed.

    The worst part was probably when my co-worker Helen said, ‘You’re actually properly pleased aren’t you?’ & I said, ‘Yes. And you’re actually properly traumatised, aren’t you?’ & she said, ‘yes’.

    I need some love.

    • That not only made me laugh but I pretty much guffawed. Outed at your work party!! Classic!

    • Wow, I totally love it. Your hubby and co-worker got you good!

      There are only a certain number of guys at my work that know (and when I mention guys, I mean guys… I’m one of two vaginas out of 22 employees!)

  10. To Moon and UC! (I’ll raise my sparkling cider, since I’m not of legal drinking age) Thanks for the fabulous year, and thanks for the lovely letter, Brooke.

  11. Brookie!!!!!!

    What a wonderful surprise was reading your letter!!!

    I don’t want to get too boring with this comment so I’ll just try to sum it up: I heart you. A lot. Meeting you last october was incredible, your house was great and your non-speaking spanish cats were lovely. I truly hope we can meet again.

    You once asked me if I thought you were witty (I can no longer say that word without thinking about the time Rob said it lol). I remember I said yes. But now that I got to know you a little better, I can say you’re not only witty, you also have a great heart, you’re beautiful, intelligent….well, you rock!

    Here’s to another year! Hugs!

  12. I was supposed to raise a little bottle?


  13. What a lovely letter Brooke.
    UC and Moon, I raise my little bottle to you. Thank you for the snark and great moments you have brought us all during the past year.

  14. So what are FUPAs?!?

  15. I raised a big bottle last night as I chatted with girls I have met through this site, and got quite properly hammered in the process.

    I want to say to Brookie how glad I am for her friendship and kindness. You are a very funny, extremely lovable and altogether beautiful person. And to UC and Moon–if it hasn’t been expressed enough this week, thank you. Thanks for being friends and for giving so many of us a place to belong in the fandom which would be embarassing to be a part of otherwise. Love you girls!

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