Thankfulness oozes from our LTT pores

Dear Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, Chris Weitz, Chris Hansen and everyone else that falls under those 5 titles,

Continuing with our weekend of thanks (aka Moon & UC take a break from blogging due to the pie-coma we’ve been in since Thursday), we opened it up to our readers to share what they are thankful to YOU for in the Twi-world!

Kristin, forum mod, incredible friend and list maker extraordinaire, kicks us off with a sappy, funny, THOROUGH list of thankfulness!

Just wait till you see the hand signals people give you if you leave out the leg hitch

  • I am thankful that Crazy Cathy is a cougar, without her prowess for Rob, we wouldn’t have gotten to see him come to life as Edward Cullen.
  • I am thankful for DVD commentary, without that I wouldn’t have the pleasure of hearing “cheeseburgahs!”, “super human moron” and “there’s always something suspect about a guy who plucks his eyebrows”.
  • I am thankful for DVD’s in general when it comes time to fast forward through Kristen/Bella stuttering in the hospital bed.
  • I’m thankful that Stephanie Meyer had a dream. A dream about a meadow that has changed mine and countless other womens perspective on what  constitutes the perfect man. However I am not thankful for repetitive use of the word “chagrin”.
  • I am thankful for the leg hitch. David Slade, so help me God, that leg hitch better be in there.
  • I shall give thanks to the man who restored my faith in the movies, Chris Wietz. I am so thankful for him, I would iron those mustard colored pants even. Lets try and remain proper, but there are many ways I would like to show just how thankful I am.
  • Also thankful for Michael Sheen and Tweed. (say that last part very seriously)
  • I am thankful that I while I am a mother and I love the Twilight Saga, I am not a twi-mom.
  • I’m thankful that there is a forum, about twilight, that I moderate. Never thought in my life, those 3 things would be together in a sentence.
  • I am thankful that I don’t go one day without thinking about Rob/Twilight/New Moon/LTT/LTR, they are my life now.
  • (here comes LOTS of cheese) I am thankful that I have met people who will be my friends for life, all because of twilight. People I have met and will meet, that are so fabulous, it makes me sad to think I wouldn’t know them if I had just blown off this stupid “vampire book”.

The Twitters were abuzz with thankfulness

Random_Brunette i am thankful for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone,Chris Weitz,ShirtFree-ness & Heineken,amen 😉

RobwardisSEXX I’m thankful for Rob always having the right amount of scruff on his gorgeous face. & 4 s.meyer’s creations.God bless her.

PhyllmeupRob Im thankful that Rob and Twilight reminded me 2 act young & really feel lifes emotions again without guilt. Cheesy enough?

Follow the cut for so much more thankfulness that you’ll wish you were back in your pie-coma

We bow to the brilliance of Steph. And promise we'll find her a better stylist for the Eclipse premiere..

Krystle shares her thanks

  • Stephenie Meyer….the creator.
  • (Not thankful for the stylist who cut the mullet)
  • AngstGoddess – for so much awesomeness!
  • Brit Pack – treats for the eyes and ears!
  • Chris Hansen FOR NOT doing his good job. Where was he during the Rolling Stone shoot?? Protecting Dakota or Boo Boo?
  • Paris Latsis for keeping Reed occupied and away from Rob and her her fake lesbian other half.
  • LTT/LTR, & Robsessedpattinson.comMy holy trinity

Thankful for Twi-Moms!?

Why am I thankful for Twilight Moms?  Well, really, UC and Moon, where exactly were you and your blogs on August 4th 2008 when the novel that is “Breaking Dawn” was released.  Hmm, let me see……….you were NOWHERE!  LOL! I had to go SOMEWHERE to talk about…….well everything!  I mean, my poor husband–“A baby?  So are you saying there is a baby vampire or a baby werewolf?”  I was almost incoherent really, by the end.  So thankfully that website helped me through.  I laugh whenever you start to make fun, but really, they are good people.  Do you think Mrs. C-Dubs is a twi-mom? –Choo-Choo

Don’t read the following, Chris Hansen

I am thankful to whoever taught Taylor to say “DO ME” with his eyes in photoshoots.(admit it Rob! it was you!)..Even though most of us cannot touch you with a very long barge-pole (and in my case one that spans oceans and continents) for fear of the bad-ass jorted Hansen…thank you for making us all feel like we have a chance in Hale…

Personally…I’m thankful for you two and everyone on LTT…In less than 2 months I’ve found life support, laughs and family I ❤ u. –IllegalWolfLover

And the list goes on…

  • This year I am thankful for Chris Weitz and his ballsy-ness. Our DILF has his priorities in order, as evidenced by his making this movie for us and no one else. Damn the critics man, save the empire! We’ve got your back Chris!! If there is a downside to your movie, it’s that it has sucked me back into being a normal fan. I promise not to hold it against you ::wink:: –luludee
  • I am thankful that my friends see something as disturbing as this list and immediately send it to me.  Thank you, Twiworld.  😀 –fangbanger06

Don’t forget the men in our lives who haven’t seen us for WELL over a year!

I’m thankful for: My husband: for putting up with me and my obsession with all things Twilight. The man sat thru seeing Twilight on the big screen last Thursday with me, even though he had already seen it and didn’t care for it at all.  I actually sent Rob a thank you letter, (thru LTR of course) awhile back, when my husband admittedly realized how much he actually appreciated Rob, and everything that he has brought to our lives.  Our love life has never been better, thanks to Twilight, Rob and fan fiction.  Feel free to use said letter, if it is needed.

Fan fiction: See explanation above.  But a personal shout out to certain stories, Let Your Light Shine, A Life Extraordinary, and The Office.  Right now, I am reading The Lost Boys, and can’t put into words how amazing this story is.

Chris Weitz:  The work that he put into New Moon is so incredible that even my husband was impressed.  There were very few issues with the movie for me, and that is saying something, because my expectations were pretty high.  But I have to take this moment to comment on a few things.  Jackson’s poor wig was AWFUL!!  Seriously someone needs to be fired for that. Alice’s vision of Bella being a vampire with Edward for Aros, was REALLY LAME.  COME ON, Stephanie never once envisioned Bella running through the forest with Edward, dressed like Laura from Little House on the Prairie (My husband’s words actually).  Please, even Alice with her fashion sense, would have never put Bella in that dress, and Edward in that god-awful vest, to run thru the forest.  Actually, Rob’s wardrobe in the movie was not quite right, for most of the movie, except when he was half-naked. There so many things that I loved about the movie, that it would take too long to list, so I won’t go into that now, so I am still very thankful.

To Whoever made this executive decision at Summit:  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!  I just about lost my Junior Mints, when I saw the image of the subway train whizzing by, with Rob’s amazing face on the big screen, and knew full well that I was about to see the “Remember Me” trailer.  My husband looked over at my face, and knew that I was toast.  He leaned over and ask the all-important question, “Did you know about this?” I could only respond with heavy breathing and say, “Are you kidding me?”  Never has the phrase, “So, I guess, it was just here to tease me.” caused me to want to jump out of my seat to lick/kiss the movie screen, before then. Seriously, the next three & 1/2 months until March, are going to be really, really long, to see the least. –KatieBird

Phew! I’m thankfulness-ed out. I’m ready to go back to being bitchy, complaining about stuff and offending people! Thanks to everyone who sent in stuff they were thankful for (and sorry if yours didn’t get posted. I blame it on the pie coma) and we’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow! XO- UC & Moon, who are thankful for ALL OF YOU. And Rob. Duh

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

60 Responses

  1. Damn the man, save the Empire!

    I’m hungover, I went to bed at 6am, and as a result I am emotionally fragile right now! I want to give everyone of you a hug because you are all awesomesauce, never forget it. Coming to this blog every day really means a lot to me, I know you understand because it’s normal.

    Cynicism will resume tomorrow!!

  2. Wow!! I can’t believe that I got posted… Moon & UC, you left out the part where I thanked you for making me feel “normal”. You two are amazing!! Thanks for including me!!

    I also thanked Rob for being “Rob”, and all that that means. He is the reason why I am on the internet every day.

    Seriously, if you like AH fan fiction, I highly recommend reading The Lost Boys. It is so good!!! Edward is a British boy in a up-coming rock band. He is so hot in this story, that he even makes a ghost blush.

    One last recommendation. Go see Pirate Radio!! Tom is fantastic in it, and the music is amazing.

    XXOO to all.

  3. If you want to see some great photos of Rob and read more about The Lost Boys, go the Random Acts of Rob. Seems great minds think alike, because she is recommending the story as well!!

  4. I am thankful I have a place to come (that’s what she said) and to let all my Twi-ness hang out without fear of being judged or given weird looks or told I’m pathetic.
    It’s so nice to not have to control myself like I have to with my friends!
    Seriously, I’m grateful I had them to come with me to the midnighter for NM but it just wasn’t the same!
    They didn’t jump up and down and squeal like me when we left the cinema!
    Thanks to all of you, espesh Moon and UC for being so effing awesome! Mwah!

    Oh and for Rob, too. Duh.
    And every other Twi thing I love, blah blah blah, you get the point haha

  5. Thanks for posting my letter 🙂 …Chris Hansen has enough notes that would incarcerate me from this site alone…lol…which he puts in a 3 ring binder next to his Robsten FF folder (aaaaah…legal porn…how…refreshing…) Yeah the Hansen is a total Robsten and hates anyone who isnt…

    I’m thankful that u made “mmmmmbop” famous…never has knowing absolute gibberish been more rewarding..

    I’m thankful that u inspired Taycob’s My Little Pony hair…and YES! beachy blonde highlights would have been awesome…

    I’m thankful that u understand the hysteria that Tay is going through…If you think Hanson Day (May 6) is raunchy and innapropriate you should see Tay Tay Tuesday on Twitter…

    I’m thankful that you are almost as talented as Tay. I mean he was a martial arts world champion 4 times at the age of 11…you could play drums and make ppl debate your gender at the age of 14…

    I ❤ you Taylor Chris Hansen…Imma expecting some iced tea in your kitchen ya hear?

    Pervy cookie

    Morning everybody!!!!

  6. Without sounding too sappy, I’m just thankful I found this frickin site and all you girls. I really feel like I should be including you all on my Christmas card list this year and arranging to meet for a Xmas Eve drink down the local pub prior to the arrival of Buttcrack Santa 🙂


  7. just read yesterdays posts and have to ask do they honestly still say pash in NZ? Am rethinking my holiday!!!!! Pash is the most hideous word in the eng dictionary. It repudiates me – makes me remember teenage snogs at blue light discos with boys wearing braces. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
    flying home on tuesday yippeeeeeeeeeee

  8. I’m also thankful for the fact that googling “glittery vagina” brings us a gem like this:

    AND for the fact that this picture exists:

    Also thankful for twitter friends that didn’t unfollow me after the foot thing was posted. That’s true love, ya’ll. 😀

  9. I love it when LTTers that get “published” on LTT get all excited that they got published. I get ridiculously happy when UC and/or Moon even respond to an email I’ve sent to them. That’s Normal, right?

    UC you can be bitchy, complaining about stuff and offensive to me any time you want!

  10. I put this on LTR earlier, sorry for the redundancy to anyone that’s read it over there already, but I wanted to share with anyone that may just read LTT:

    Whilst listening to the NM soundtrack (on constant repeat) this weeekend it occured to me that Band Of Skulls wrote “Friends” special just for all of us here in this “cyber zone”:

    All my life I’ve been searching for something
    Something I can put my finger on
    Maybe I’ve been living for the weekend
    Maybe I’ve been living for this cyber soul
    Every Friday just about midnight (ok, it’s more like every day just about breakfast time)
    All my problems seem to disappear
    Everyone that I miss when I’m distant
    Everybody’s here

    I need love
    Cause only love is true
    I need every wakin’ hour with you
    And my LTT/R friends cause they’re so beautiful
    Yeah my LTT/R friends they are so beautiful
    They’re my friends

    Love you all.

  11. “I am thankful that, while I am a mother and I love the Twilight series, I am not a twi-mom”

    Amen sister, amen!

    • Although Choo-Choo had a good point… I also had to briefly post on their message board in August 2008 because I had no where else to go to discuss BD with fans of an age where they could type and spell semi-coherently. Fan sites were all filled with inane tween comments, i.e. “OME that book was the best book evvvaaaahhhh…whatd u really think happnd on island esmeeee?” And I got called a number of incredible names by some poisonous, viscous scum who would make TammyO seem tame, who were trolling/taking over the Twilight boards after I left a semi-positive comment on the books. So Twi-Moms was the only safe place for adult fans to get a few 1/2 decent conversations going on the book.

      The moral of the story, however, is THANK CWeitz’s yellow pants that LTT/LTR exists for those of us who are looking for an alternate, snarkier, intelligent, but still adoring, fandom online!

    • Haha, me too! I will NEVER be a twi-mom!

  12. My NM glow is but a flicker.. 😦

  13. MidCyn? Hello? Come out and play!

    • I’m here too…Cyn…I think I’ve finally been caught with Tayporn which is against the terms of the restraining order….inspired?

      • illegal…wow, that restraining order is super strict. I was thinking we should do a wrap up for our breaking news that completes everyone’s story. I was thinking yours should wrap up post-February. WDYT?

        • Yeah Hansen got me good….he didnt appreciate the Hanson joke…i think post-feb would be an awesome wrap -up…still think the preggo should be fake cause i havent even spent enough time with him…and we’re already parents? not green…and very irresponsible…bahahahahahha

          • Yes, let’s make it fake. Getting preggo on your honeymoon while on an island, covered in feathers and eating a lot of eggs would not be green at all. Wait, that sounds familiar.

    • No playing for me…post holiday blues…the wind blew out the flame…. 😦

      • MidCyn! You’re breaking my <3. Sorry you have post holiday blues. Check your e-mail! I sent you something to help with the blues. His name is Rob. Guaranteed to make you smile.

        • Thanks Ang… I heart you so! Sorry not going to post anymore today…don’t want to be a downer 🙂

        • c’mon Cyn…dont let it get u down…think of Ghostward in the water…and coffee and Mr. Giraffe…Ang and I will get u through this…dont go…

          • It’s normal that I heard Bella saying “don’t go” to Edward in her bedroom when I read that, right?

          • Loves you know that…but seriously…bad day…. 😦 and its gone…like it never happened…like I didn’t really go..I mean I know I did..but that feeling…the images gone…kids are gone home too… 😦
            This is not the place to be…you know…only happy cookies and puppy smooches allowed….see ya tomorrow or the next day!
            LOV U !

          • MidCyn…OK I hope u feel better…when Ur ready we’ll be here…If ur up for a late night chat…Loves ya! Will be thinking about u…puppy smooch



          • Puppy smooches for all! Feel better MidCyn!

  14. Great post!

    In regards to the whole Twilight saga and Rob, I’m thankful to Stephenie Meyer. Without her, there wouldn’t be Edward Cullen! Thankful to Rob for bringing Edward Cullen to life. He did such a marvelous job…I’m sure the looks helped a lot!

    Thanks to UC and Moon for providing an outlet for our robsession which has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people (to share my robsession with)!

  15. This post rocked! Thanks for including my ‘thankfulness.’ LMAO @ Stephenie needing a better stylist for the Eclipse premiere. I’ve been waiting for someone to comment on her New Moon premiere look…..the red lipstick!!! No!!!! The dress!! *shakes head* But remember, she’s the same lady that put Bella in a khaki skirt!

  16. I keep thinking of more things I am thankful for, apparently I think best in list form 🙂

    All of you are so funny and witty. I love it! Can’t wait to be around more now that my major work project is over!

  17. I’m thankful for everyone here. Even though this is taking up all of my life now… it’s also amazingly led to potential work and some great networking. Who knew!!!!

    Sorry I’m so late in posting today, was out of town.

    Bright and early tomorrow, back at work!

  18. “I am thankful that I don’t go one day without thinking about Rob/Twilight/New Moon/LTT/LTR, they are my life now.”

    Somehow, with that sentence, you managed to make me feel both pathetic and reassured all at once.

  19. I am thankful for:
    Rob’s chiseled jaw, blue eyes, weird left nipple…….
    The OTHER holy trinity,,, LTT/LTR
    Chris Weitz….seriously, dude, Marry me….
    Rob’s Vanity Fair photo shoot…
    (Extra cheese coming your way)
    Special thanks to Moon and UC for creating this place for us so-called ‘normal’ fans, where I can freely express my love for Taylor (who happens to be nine months younger than me), my hate for Coug Cathy(well, I’m thankful for the fact that she brought Robsten together) and in general to assure me that it’s OK and totally normal to obsess about a silly vampire series….
    Happy Thankgiving!

  20. Hey, Cyndi! If you are lurking around here anywhere then check your email. I sent you a little funny.

  21. Pardon my ignorance….but when you said, “I am thankful that I while I am a mother and I love the Twilight Saga, I am not a twi-mom.” Can you clarify what the definition of a twi-mom is? I’ve seen it mentioned before, but didn’t get the reference….I’m assuming it has something to do with “that” web site, but not sure what. Thanks! And thanks for a fabulous list of thanks! I wholeheartedly agree with them all….and that damn David Slade must absofuckinglutely include the leg hitch…that’s all I’m sayin’.

  22. i always read – but almost never comment – but today I had to because i haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. you guys are awesome – so thanks for making my tuesday less crappy. 🙂

  23. “I am thankful for DVD’s in general when it comes time to fast forward through Kristen/Bella stuttering in the hospital bed. ”

    LMAO. A friend and I saw Twilight in the movie theater about 3x after it’s debut and she cries ON CUE every single time when the last hospital scene plays.

    When it happened the first time I handed her a tissue and said, “I know dude… if I totally mutilated a movie with my bad acting that 10 million people got to see, including future directors, I’d be upset to–embarrassed into tears”…and then I realized she was seriously crying from the raw emotion that Kristen’s “death defying” acting skills.

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