I’m gonna be nice today…

I saw two things this week that made me say nice things about Nikki Reed AND Kristen Stewart (I know! Pigs DO fly!) So today’s letters are about those two miracles:

Dear Nikki,

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I really appreciate what you did to yourself and to your hair for Twilight. I do think it showed your commitment to the character of Rosalie.

I felt REALLY bad for you when Larry Carroll told you you looked ‘unnatural’ as a blonde. I love me some Larry, but I could tell he hurt your feelings a bit. Especially because I’m sure you KNOW that Rosalie’s hair wasn’t the best.. So far, the wig we’ve seen from the paps on the set is AWESOME. I know you’re gonna look gorgeous for New Moon cuz you look exactly like my gorgeous cousin in that picture. Don’t worry- I’m sure Kristen thinks you’ll look great too, fake lesbos always have your back. (damn- I told myself I was gonna get through a letter without mentioning that.. Oh well, I came close!)



Dear Kristen,

I watched your interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Saturday morning and immediately sent the following e-mail to my girlfriends:

  1. I love Kimmel in this.
  2. No, Kristen. You’re not obsessed with Twilight “just as much as everyone else,” but props to your publicist for getting you to start saying that. The tweens will eat it up.
  3. Your awkwardness is b/c you’re shy. I get it now. You feel uncomfortable and think you come off acting uncomfortable.. So you seem kinda dorky.. which is kinda true. All you need is a little confidence because you’re a beautiful, talented, successful girl. Confidence, Cohen.. Confidence *fake prize to the first person who comments with what that’s from (Moon- you can’t enter)
  4. Good for Kimmel.. keeping it on topic… He had only one reference to the ‘famous veggie vamp’

Wait, this actually ended up being nicer to Jimmy Kimmel than it did to you… Oh well, 1 out of 2 isn’t too bad, right? Better luck next time…


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33 Responses

  1. You know how I feel about my Larry Carroll…he can do no wrong in my eyes. I love him. That is all.

    Oh, and I love Kimmel, too. He’s brilliant. He loves Lost. He effs Ben Affleck. He knows how to steer an interview. That is all.

    p.s. Never even watched it, but I know where the quote’s from…and I love Adam Brody, of course.

    • never watched the o.c.? you will love it! wish i could watch it for the first time!(must have seen it a gazzillion times by now.)
      josh schwartz is amazing.

  2. LA- YOU WIN. first comment PLUS you win the fake prize. Sit on the edge of your seat- I will present it to you later (after I come up with one)

  3. I just realized that I’ve yet to make it all the way through a KStew or NReed interview. So thank you Moon and UC for giving us the highlights. I’d be completely clueless without you!


  4. Miracles do happen… 🙂

  5. Kstew and Nikki…what can I say. I too, from time to time..”warm up” to Kstew. Then she usually goes are spoils it..but today is an I’m ok, You’re ok day lol

  6. UC,
    I agree with you…Kstew is not in any way shape or form obsessed as everyone else. Props to Kimmel for the “stalking yourself” thing..I had a good laugh about that.

    PS to Kstew,
    I know UC is being nice today but I am not…

    IF you were as obsessed as you are saying you wouldn’t even think about dropping out of Twilight…Let alone say it. You’d be dedicated to the film, much like you’re always saying our beloved Rob is.

  7. Ummm…Cam Gigandet in the OC…oh hale yes!!! Sexy surfer/punk dude suites him more than James…and James is slobberrific so that IS saying a lot!

    • Sorry, I just have to mention since you said ‘hale yes’ that Jackson is on the OC as well!!! Granted he’s kinda weird on it, but he’s there all the same.

    • So was nikki! She was the one dudes cousin that came down after he died and dated Ryan for a little bit… and there was all the tension because Cam’s char used to date her. He’s gorgeous but I had my cousin dying in the theater because everytime Cam came on screen I would say something about him killing Marissa. “Marissa killer!”

  8. @UC– I LOVE that you quoted the OC. Adam Brody is so gorgeous. He makes my heart pitter patter.

    I’m really proud of KStew for being better in interviews– even if it’s not genuine, she gets and A for effort.

  9. Yep, there’s only one Cohen in my pop-culture mind. Just watched the ep where they go to LA with “The Valley” (Oh, the meta, Josh!) and see Paris Hilton.

    As for KStew, I thought she performed admirably on Kimmel. There’s a difference in saying, “I can be dorky and find doing press uncomfortable, an unfortunate part of my real job, being an actor,” and “I’m so fucking real, not one of those fake, media-trained bitches, so that’s why doing press sucks.”
    I don’t think I’d want a real Twihard in the film anyways, at least not as a lead, because they’d be too afraid to stray at all from some notion of canon, to try to make things better than some of the book’s dialogue. I’ve always appreciated what KStew has said about Bella, unlike, say, Emma Watson griping about Hermione.

    • great response, Tigerlily – you make a good point in noting the distinction relating to how actors/actresses treat doing press. I see KStew as more of the first quote (that she’s just naturally awkward sometimes and it can occasionally come off a bit weird), which I think is what you were saying, as well. That being said, I cracked up at thinking of her saying that second quote, completely seriously, and just shocking, like, Ryan Seacrest or Maria Menounos completely into silence.

  10. I love Jimmy Kimmell! He’s too funny. I love the idea of Jimmy’s dad on the New Moon set. That could be a new segment on his show!

    Dear Kristen,

    I’m sorry for thinking you were a hippie bitch. You’re still a hippie, but not so much a bitch.


    Dear Nikki,

    Mad props to you for not getting up and smacking Larry upside the head for saying you looked “unnatural.” What a douche!!


  11. One word does it for me: awkward….

  12. I thought Nikki was being kind of whiny during the whole “unnatural” thing…
    maybe that’s just me.

  13. Ok, so I know I won’t be the first on this but because I LOVE Adam Brody and have been having a mini O.C. marathon to distract from midterms week I have to mention: It was Anna, of course, and her brilliant advice to Seth Cohen. Love that girl, but I was always rooting for Summer.

  14. I think Nikki looks beautiful in the blond wig.

    and, it’s nice to know that Kstew doesn’t just say stupid things about Twilight. She says stupid things about all of the movies she is in aka “It’s kinda funny.”

  15. i loved the kimmel interview…first off, cause Jimmy is genius! (“obsessed with yourself” classic!) and second, because Kristen actually made me laugh…with her and not at her! i like the fact that she is shy and a little awkward….cause I was too when I was 18. so yea…props to Kristen for having a better interview then with letterman….cause that was painful to watch! I actually watched the jimmy kimmel interview a couple times! “kinda funny!”

    oh and now that I know Ryan Reynolds is in Adventureland I MUST see it!! he was my boyfriend before I knew Rob even existed! gotta love me some Ryan Reynolds!

  16. also! did anyone notice the look on Kristens face when jimmy mentioned her dad? like “oh crap, please don’t go there, please don’t go there!” i seriously thought he was gonna say something about the oscars comment. but jimmy likes to “keep it light”. =D

  17. hey here’s a fun game to play
    watch this and count how many times nikki mentions kristen.

    she went to africa with her and her bf? weird?

    • Yeah they’re becoming a weird three some. Lets just hope they didn’t have to share a room… that might have been awkward ;). Unless Nikki is into the whole voyeuristic thing.

      I was smiling to myself thinking Kristen had managed to not make an ass of herself for once when I watched it. Then when I got home, my roommate was like “OMG, your girl is a complete idiot. She can’t speak coherently about anything…”. He hadn’t ever seen any of her interviews. Kinda funny having kstew arguments with my auto obsessed roommate.

  18. I really did look like the “unnatural” comment bothered Nikki, didn’t it. I feel bad for her on that front. It’s not like she had much control over that, but I’m sure she heard about it wherever she went. I was all impressed with the new dye job. I had no idea it was a wig. That makes it all that much more impressive to me. She really bleached her skin for the first one? That’s above and beyond…and also a little scary. I hope she doesn’t have to do that again.

    Kudos to KStew. I think this may be an indication that she’s turned a corner. I’m sure she really did say that she was thinking about getting out. Maybe she decided to stay in after all, and making that decision (this time knowing what she was getting into) has made all the difference. I think it’s like I’ve been saying all along, she just has some crazy sort of social anxiety, and the pap and fans have been making her nuts. If she really has made the decision to stay and give her all, maybe her interviews will only improve from here.

  19. […] (YES, that’s the date I first found LTT and commented), when I read the aptly titled post: I’m gonna be nice today. UC and MOON articulated the random thoughts swirling around my head about the movies, the books, […]

  20. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!! Love you girls.

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