Thankful for David Slade (hopefully)

Dear David Slade,

I was asked to write a letter about what I’m thankful for this Twi-giving—I mean, Thanksgiving.  I couldn’t think of anything.  I mean, I’m grateful for the usual stuff like having a house to live in and not being dead from some horrible disease.  But relative to Twilight, I’ve got nothing left to say that hasn’t been said before.

So instead, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re going to deliver an incredible movie with Eclipse.  In advance, I thank you for the following:

This is all I ask...

The Leg Hitch.
I know you already have this “in the can”.  If Jesus loves me, and the song tells me He does, you spent six weeks of your filming schedule on the leg hitch alone.  Like those action movies where they show the car exploding from eight points of view, so should you show the Hitch from every possible vantage point.  Front angles, back angles, aerial views, slo-mo, hidden cameras in the inseam of Bella’s pajama pants–I want it all.  Also, sound effects are pivotal here.  No music (unless you can convince Tom Jones to let you use “You Can Leave Your Hat On”—that would be epic).  Only the sound of fabric-on-fabric as Edward slides Bella’s leg over his hip.  I know you won’t let me down.  So thank you for that.

Please, God. No

The Ring.
Edward’s mother’s ring.  The one he guilts Bella into letting him give her.  You’re not cheaping out on this one, are you?  Because you know that Hot Topic is going to sell a replica of it, and you know that I’m going to buy it and wear it around just like I had good sense.  So you hired a real jeweler to create the most stunning engagement ring, and you didn’t pay any attention to the way Stephenie Meyer described it, because it sounds god-awful big and tacky in the book.  You did these things because you love me, and because I’m faithful enough to thank you in advance, and because you don’t want to see eight million shoddy imitations of an ugly ring at the premiere.  I know you did.  Thank you.

Why aren't my camping trips like this?

The Tent Scene.
I want to know what EXACTLY Edward is seeing in Jacob’s mind during the tent scene. I don’t care if it appears in a poorly superimposed thought bubble above Taylor’s head, so long as I see Jacob doing all the freaky stuff he wants to do to/with Bella. You’ve certainly filmed this in glorious detail, you dirty, tiny man. I appreciate it.

The Soundtrack.
I know you’ve already got a message in with Tom Jones’ people about “You Can Leave Your Hat On”, but I’m hoping you’re working on getting rights to “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls for that non-canon “Edward alone in his room” scene you filmed.  Also, we haven’t gotten any decent rap songs with the franchise, and I heard 50 Cent say he was a fan.  You’ve taken advantage of this to get Fiddy to do a cameo as the entertainment Alice hired for the graduation party, haven’t you?  You’re the tops.

So, Dave, you have a pair of giant yellow pants to fill now that we’ve seen the DILF’s New Moon. Today I’ve given you preemptive thanks, which will be revoked immediately upon a poorly delivered leg hitch, a detail free tent scene, a gaudy ring or a boring soundtrack.  Don’t make me hunt you down in June.



P.S. Seriously, though, I’m thankful for Moon and UC, who, despite presumably having real jobs and living three thousand miles apart, manage to seamlessly bring us Twilight-related content with heaping side dishes of snark every day.  Even Sunday.  I’ll admit to being so lazy I don’t even read on the weekends.  Anyway, I’m not just saying this because I’m three days late handing in this assignment.  Without Bunny and Noreen I’d be on some other Twi-site, in a sea of Twimoms and squealing fourteen-year-olds, with the WordPress user name “Mrs. Cullen”, posting comments like, “ZOMG Rob is so HAWT ZOMG I want to marry him and have all his babies.”  Actually, I think I’ve made that exact comment on here before, so nix that.  The point is, Moon and UC make me work for it, make me laugh, and generally make me feel normal.  Thank you ladies.

Tiffanized- we love you. And you brought tears to my eyes. First from laughter and then from sappy feelings. It might be the anticipation of the pie I can smell in the other room though, so don’t get too big of a head. 🙂 We love you. And are thankful that YOU are a part of our community! XO

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  1. Brilliant. My sentiments exactly. Well put Tiffinized. hear hear. jolly good show. roger.

  2. “Front angles, back angles, aerial views, slo-mo, hidden cameras in the inseam of Bella’s pajama pants–I want it all.”

    A girl after my own heart. Awesome letter. 

  3. Tiffanized,
    I am thankful for this genious post! Your brain is just not right… And I am so grateful for that because it gives us these delcious quotes: by the way, you had me at the words Jacob & freaky

    “If Jesus loves me, and the song tells me He does, you spent six weeks of your filming schedule on the leg hitch alone.”
    “hidden cameras in the inseam of Bella’s pajama pants”
    “So, Dave, you have a pair of giant yellow pants to fill now”
    “It might be the anticipation of the pie I can smell in the other room though, so don’t get too big of a head”

  4. Simply Amazing!!!
    Lets all be thankful for having similar thoughts!
    Maybe the combine sentiment will get us what we want on eclipse!!!
    Love ya Tiff!!!!!

  5. Tiffanized = Awesomesauce on pasta..mmmmm….

    I think most of us have imagined infinite combinations of that tent scene…I mean its not like we’re discussing international policy on twitter…lol
    I personally think the tent scene should play out in three ways…

    1) As Tiffanized mentioned..we get a play by play of Jacob’s fantasies…which sparks off Edward and erm…bow chika wow wow ensues…

    2) Edward and Jacob leave for the fight and are replaced by Emmett and Paul…Fire and Ice AND angry sex? hawt….(“Paralyzer” plays in the background)

    3)And for all the wierdos in the “I ❤ straight guys making out" club….Bella gets kicked out of the tent and left to fend for herself while the boys figure out how to quit each other…or not….
    Then again…I might be the only pervert who thinks of the 3rd option… 😦 i hope not…

    Giggity giggity goo cookie
    Morning everybody!

    p.s. David Slade…LOVE that u love Tay…please keep jailbait ass pics coming…since we're going to hell…
    we might as well do it with high quality photography…

    p.p.s. I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm thankful for Robsten (even though i'm a firm-dont-give-a-crapsten) just cause Rob's smile (u know the one in the wrist-gate pics) manages to make me squee. Just thought I'd put it out there for the fans who just cant say it (wink wink). I'm an Illegalautner* shipper and unless ur hating on that…the downer thumbs will be considered NORMAL….justsayin… LOL

    *thanks for the sexy mouthful that is Illegalautner StotheP <3's and muah's….

    • Number 2 was for me right?

      Even if it wasn’t, I’m going to go with it. Why hasn’t Slade called me yet to film that scene? *sobs*

      Also, number 3 sounds terrific also. Don’t forget that manip that someone (chim?) had on twitter. That ruled.

      PS. I also am thankful for Robsten in a purely I don’t really give a crap but may or may not have squeeed when official wrist holding pics were released. Don’t judge.

      • No. 2 was totes for u and Chim and everyone else who joined that awesomely pervy chat…
        That Entertainment Weekly Roblor kiss left me weak in the knees and so dirty i had to stand under one-o-eight temp water and scrub it permenantly into my brain… 😉

        Remember Rob…he’s only 17…bahahahahaha….

        • Good gawd.

          This sentence will haunt me for the rest of my days:
          “Remember Rob…he’s only 17.”

          It just sounds so creepy!

          Can I possibly have some of that 108 degree H2O? Maybe with a side of Paulex to keep me “otherwise occupied”?

          • Paulex action? naaaaaiiiiccccce….lol

          • IWL! You have just MADE my morning – nay, my whole freaking weekend! First off, ALL the options sound hawt and I’m thinking Slade should include them all in an extended tent scene for the DVD extras. Beginning with a specially-rated docuporn wherein Edward shows Bella how to pitch a tent. Ahem.

            Secondly, and this is a big one, I ❤ you so much right now I feel like it could only be expressed in incredibly dramatic musical theater. Or spraypainting a water tower. Or a really tasteful "I heart IWL" tattoo on my forehead. Take your pick.

            'we might as well do it with high quality photography'
            INDEED. Keep them coming (wait for it, wait for it . . . . that's what she said).

            I'm pretty sure you JUST completed me. Muah!

          • StotheP…U inspire me to take risks (designing my “StotheP for shizzle” tatt right now) U know that if I ever get in on that tent action, ill send pics right? not of me(gack)…of the boys of course…
            It helps that ur a million kinds of
            I ❤ u more…
            now u hang up..
            no u hang up….
            u hang up first…

          • Are you kidding me? If you suspect possible tent action, you better call me! Sounds like you’d be kinda busy, and what about the high quality photography?

            NOTE: I have a nice camera and both a zoom and wide-angle lens. I also have access to a leaf-covered mesh suit perfect for hiding in bushes and a bottle of raccoon piss to cover my scent. For the three of you, it will be like I don’t even exist . . .

            P.S. Holy cow, do I get the Twicreep Award of the Day or what? Plz, someone, be skeezier than me . . .

          • skeezier? hmmm lets see…would “i’d do a live-feed for my peeps on twitter” do the trick? One night in Vancouver anyone? LOL

          • Oh, he’s only seventeeeeeeen
            Whine, whine, we weep over everything
            We could call him baby, we could call him, dammit
            He’s a one in a million.
            Oh, it’s the rolling of his Quileute tongue that made us wanna stay.

            I told you, Gangbanker, I only do parodies.

          • @StotheP… Is that?…Could it be?…. Do I dare ask?… A Katt Williams reference?

          • Nope, sorry. Kings of Leon. And the liberties I’ve taken with it are many. Not unlike if I found Rob behind a dumpster . . .

    • Hee hee. Who knew that the wolf lover who would order Bella, Emmet and Paul to have a sexy time marathon would be so squimish?

      I am diving into Twitter to find ya… Just saw Taycob’s Rolling Stone pics and oh Gawd! It Is All I Can Say. Paul IS sexy, but even though he IS legal I am so glad he didn’t replace Taylor!

    • i wish i could quit you, illegal.

  6. “you dirty, tiny man” had me cracking up. brilliant letter =)

  7. Dear Tiffanized,
    I am thankful that there are so many gorgeous girls on LTT/LTR and that I’ve found this blog in the first place.
    So thanks TO ALL GIRLS especially Moon and UC for being as great as they are!!!

    And happy Bayram to everyone (today’s my celebration day, remember?!)

  8. All I want for Xmas is that the big OK be given to Breaking Dawn…

    Think how AMAZING it would be if someone like Peter Jackson directed it! Now I KNOW he doesnt really do this kind of stuff, but just take a sec and imaging how totally EPIC he could make it! If he can make a 3 hour Lord of the Rings, packed with action (Return of the King), then he can certainly make this GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

    AND to top it all, he does not, I repeat, DOES NOT as in NEVER settles for second best! They spent hours and hours in LOTR on a scene that lasts only 1 min… now THATS dedication!!!!

    He could rock our socks off if given the chance I think 😉

  9. IWL… About these staments…

    • tent scene should play out in three ways… this is how every Penthouse letter starts (or so I’ve heard)

    • “Edward and Jacob leave for the fight and are replaced by Emmett and Paul…Fire and Ice AND angry sex? hawt…. “um, do you remember the Renesme birth scene? That’s what I think she’ll look like midway through this song. Yeah, her lady bits are still human at this point. You saddist!
    (but I like where your mind is going with Alex and Kellan)

    “please keep jailbait ass pics coming…since we’re going to hell… “ *singing* someone is holding out on me

    As for the Paul on Emmet broke-back-tent action… I’ll just chuck it to the fact that you miss Heath. That’s normal.

    • Oh Xylem….u dirty dirty pervert….Penthouse? I should have known….
      and thanks for the Renesmee visual..NOT….I might block u on twitter for that sicknast comment….(btw…did u add me yet? I’m the one with the cheeky monkey grin)

      U saved urself with the Paul/Alex combo…i meant Edward and Jacob…but i like the way you think…all is forgiven….
      btw I do miss Heath…sob…

      • I meant Emmett/Paul combo…brainFAIL

        • Paul/Alex combo is fine too. The hawtness of Paulex has confused many a girl.

          It ‘s so disconcerting. Hot wolves? Who would’ve thought? Damn you, Summit.


        • I am so confused at this point, I’ll just take all of then Paul, Alex, Emmet, Kellan, Rob, Edward, Jacob, Taylor ooooh Taylor, I’ll take two of them, please. Not being greedy it’s just that 17 17 = 34

          • Xylem: Taylor ooooh Taylor, I’ll take two of them, please. Not being greedy it’s just that 17 17 = 34

            Hahaha!!! That’s Right! Never Thought of it that way – You just made my day – I am from now on praying for 2 Taycobs – ’cause then the age fits and I don’t feel as bad:)

            Thanks for that!!!

      • Hee hee. Who knew that the wolf lover who would order Bella, Emmet and Paul to have a sexy time marathon would be so squimish?

        I am diving into Twitter to find ya… Just saw Taycob’s Rolling Stone pics and oh Gawd! It Is All I Can Say. Paul IS sexy, but even though he IS legal I am so glad he didn’t replace Taylor!

        So I’ve forgotten how to reply now, I guess… Sorry for the double post.

  10. Tiffanized. Loved your letter. And this:

    “ZOMG Rob is so HAWT ZOMG I want to marry him and have all his babies.”

    Pretty much true except having the babies. I have had one baby and I’m pretty sure she will be only child after that. She didn’t rip out of my womb with her teeth but close. My hawt vampire boyfriend did not save me with his venom but my human boyfriend did annoy the shit out of me with his mere presence.

    This is turning into a PSA for teen girls, I think.

    PS. I get what OMG means and even OME. But what the hell does the Z mean?

    • “PS. I get what OMG means and even OME. But what the hell does the Z mean?”

      Thank you for asking this important question! I’ve been wondering the same for some time, but was never interested enough to ask. Whenever I encounter it, I just think Scooby Doo for some reason.

    • THANKS for asking that, Fangy – I’ve been wondering what the Z stands for, too!

      Also, the Renesmee birthing scene as a PSA? Amazingly effective, methinks. First in a series of Twilight PSAs, to be followed by a tear-jerking montage of Buttcrack Santa moments that reveals how drinking all those little bottles leads to either liver disease OR death by vampire.

    • This is what I found!

      A variant of omg which means “oh my god”. It first originated as an rare typo when someone says “OMG” in caps and presses the left shift key rather then the right and accidentally hits the near by Z.

      It was picked up and used as a humorous way of saying omg and making fun of internet slang in general do to its funny pronunciation of “Zoh-my-God!”.

      Like ZOMG ashley guess what!!

    • The way it’s used by most people in the interwebs today, the Z doesn’t stand for anything. I think “ZOMG” is usually used when trying to add a little snark and make fun of the people who really would write something like “OMG Rob is so hot I want to marry him and have his babies.”

      In the immortal poetic words of Edward, “you can google it” like I just did:
      The origin of the Z is twofold: when holding down the “shift” key to type OMG the Z key is often accidently hit; also, in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft the Z was short for “zerg omg”, where “zerg” meant “to rush,” as in, “zerg the flag!”. It is also often a play on the Lebanese-Australian accent (which was popularized though shows such as Pizza (TV series)) within Australian culture.

      • You’re a nerd. I ❤ you.

      • Google it you did. Thank you, HeyyyBro.

        I guess I was pnwed. :p

      • Thanks for this thorough explanation. I am finally glad to know the answer. And also, it is quite possible that the interwebs have TOO much information.

        • ZOMG! Inconceivable!

          • XOMG sTOTHEpizzo u towts pwn me. ILU. U R QL. jst syn.

          • ZMOG sTOTHEpizzo u towts pwn me. ILU. U R QL. jst syn

          • Abs! You’re back!

            Don’t worry, it wasn’t like you’d never existed. I missed you! Dood, I think I even pined a little bit . . .

          • Guess who thumbed you up for that touching comment.
            Really? Pined? I’m so touched. Was there a big black aching hole in your chest while i was gone? Did Lykke Li torment you with her heartbreaking haunting lyrics? Now that I”m back is it like you think you’re in Heaven?

            P.S. I’m totes in a NM induced fog haze coma high right now (aka “cloud nine”) so just ignore me if I’m a totaly gush-ball.

            P.P.S. I missed you too.

          • Epic pining. I gnashed my teeth and bit the recess lady’s breast. Queen StothePizzle the Wicked.

            (Erm, if anyone reads this and thinks I’m insane, whatevs. It’s a song lyric. You can Google it.)

            Ahhh, the blush of first NM delirium. How well I remember . . . if only we could have shared it together. I would have woven you a commemorative brown and blue friendship bracelet.

            P.S. LTT Service Announcement: StotheP is home alone but for her doggies and some leftover fruit salad for the next, oh, five, six days. Day One has apparently found her a bit wackadoo. Plz to be excusing excessive abNORMALity.

          • IF only we could have shared it together. I would have woven you a commemorative brown and blue friendship bracelet.


            Only I want one that’s purple and green. Purple’s cool. Green is good. I don’t know wtf brown and blue is.

          • P.s. Yellow is ok too cuz I lurve me some yellowledbedder – I now you get it if no one else here does.

          • Brown and blue for the tones of the New Moon and Twilight movies.

            It would have been so much purpler if I had just said purple and green, right?

          • much purpler. but it’s purple. cuz you’re purple. ok, this isn’t purple anymore. purple.

    • I feel so much smarter after reading this exchange. See, it’s good for me to come on a little later…when everyone has already answered the questions in my head and I don’t have to look things up.

      Thanks ladies!

      • Ditto. I’m too lazy to look this stuff up, and thanks to you ladies I don’t have to.

        I still don’t know what OME stand for though. Yes, I’m that retarded.

        • Instead of Oh My God (OMG) it’s OME -Oh My Edward – as in Edward is God.
          But I prefer to read it with the inflection on the “my” and a pause before the “Edward” = “oh MY, Edward”….like he’s just taken his pants off in front of me and revealed The Sparklepeen for the first time.

          • HilARious! Except I’m trying not to picture Edward exposing himself to Beaker now . . . . nah, that’s pretty hilarious, too. Enjoy, Beaker. Take pics.

          • hahaha, now I’m trying not to picture it.

            Poor Beaker. He’s had a meep-attack like Harry Clearwater and meep his poor little self off in a frenzy. Exit stage left. The Sparklepeen is not for such delecate souls.

            (I kid you not, as I just finished typing this somebody in the next office over just ran in to the hallway and went “meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhp” like Beaker. THat was weird)

          • abs – I don’t think I’ll be able to form words the first time Edward exposes the Sparklepeen to me.

            Notice how I said that in a way that makes it sound like I think that WILL actually happen. That’s normal, right?

          • I DID notice that as a matter of fact.
            And no, you’re not Normal.

            You’re exceptional 😀

        • I use OME all the time! I texted it to a friend of mine not long ago and then realized she’d have no idea what I meant. So I sent another message explaining. She thought I was saying “oh, me.” But once I explained she liked it and now says OME too!

  11. Haha such an awesome letter, Tiffanized!!
    I completely agree with it all!
    Especially B’s ring. I picture a gorgeous emerald cut with some filigree on the sides.
    Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that I have a ring similar to the one I just described, except with an emerald and little diamonds on the side …


  12. I’m happy to be able to read a full post of yours, but I’m even more thankful for your hilarious comments every day. Srsly, you (and others) make the comment section yet another source of delicious snark, which I need to justify my twidiction.

    And in case Tom Jones says no, David, please please please think of Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing.

  13. Damn it…(oh are we still in Thanksgiving sweetness mode) ?
    Ahhh Shucks..ladies…I AM JUST NOW starting my descent into New Moon Madness and your throwing me head first (not a good idea=TRUST) toward Eclipse….what the hale!!!
    I am just NOT ready….its like asking me to celebrate Christmas when I haven’t had Thanksgiving yet….too much too soon….

    Hey ILWL…your never going to get over….I just found out that I am at least 40% Indian!!!! Truth…..I really don’t know why this is an important fact but for some reason I think it is….I haven’t felt any different since I found out and nothing “unusual” happened last night when I snuggled with Blanket least nothing that hasn’t happened before I learned of my heritage…lol..

    I know.. rambling this morning…sorry. trying to get images of what this leg hitch thing is all about out of my head so that I can get back to the business of preparing for the whole family to arrive…lets see..six adults (they call themselves that now) six dogs ranging in size 5lbs – 170 lbs..1 loud cursing Parrot…braindamaged chef makes for an interesting weekend…I will NEED to spend my late night hours here to regroup…so heads up Ang, TS, JO, ILWL…the trifecta better be ready…(there may be drinking involved…and I don’t drink!)
    You have been warned….xoxox

    • Yay for being Indian! Is it odd?

      Nearly everyone I know is a tribal member… Including me.
      Cherokee in the hizzouse! But I’m from OK, the dumping grounds for Native Americans, so that is probably why.

      Did you really see New Moon? What are your thoughts?

      • I am Chippewa (sp?) ya know like the boots…..
        Well I kinda sorta saw New Moon…but I will take what I can get …yah know what I mean (wink wink)
        My thoughts? Seriously your asking me that question??
        Well… pretty sure.was not impressed on first viewing (ducks)
        2nd liked it better (I think)
        3rd ..shitz I don’t remember the 3rd viewing at all….
        This mornings viewing….ummmmm …still not impressed…but to be fair…so far only a couple of parts remain in memory…(I haven’t started the whole note taking thing yet) I LOVE LOVE the scene with Bella in front of the window while Possiblility is playing….LOVE ADORE and have a whole new respect for Charlie….and OMJ rocked his role…I want to adopt him!
        Not having read the book makes it harder for me and the viewing is pretty bad so that doesn’t help. After this weekend I am going to start note taking and asking questions (again you have been warned) so please stop throwing things at me until I can really give a honest review…I was so excited just to be able to see it that the first few are just a blur…ok they would have been anyway…but you understand what I am saying… 🙂

    • Hey CYN!!

      If it’s Native American Indian…squeeee…I have my way in to the Wolf pack… 😉

      If its India Indian…are u sure a part of that isn’t Sri Lankan…cause then i have legit claim on u as family…adding to ur title of soul family that u are to me now…lol
      Im up for a drink…especially after all that tent talk…teehee muah!

    • Your house sounds like FUN this weekend! I wanna meet that parrot . . .

      Don’t worry, we’re still going to bask in the glory of New Moon for months, I think some of us are just so agonized about the ending that we can’t help but look ahead to the completion of that scene.

      P.S. I don’t want to ruin anything for you by mentioning what I KNOW Bella’s reaction will be when Slade’s continuation of Weitz’s final scene is revealed, so I’ll just share my own version:

      Edward: Marry me.
      Bella: LET’S DO THIS.

      • Imagine if Davo-Slade decided to spice it up a little? Step away from the story line?

        Edward:Marry me.
        Bella: HALE to-the NO!

      • Let’s do this!

        I love you.

        • Back atcha. You AND your wee BBurkey representation.

          Note: As I perused a fanfic today (8 yrs. of higher education, ftw!), I caught a mention of Charlie as “handsome.” A fanfic first for me and caused not a little internal squeelage on your behalf.

    • You have a cursing parrot?!

      Can I come over for dinner, too? That sounds like much too much fun.

      • Oh be careful what you say…lol….that Damn bird (oh maybe that’s where she learned to swear????) NOT..In RL I VERY rarely swear..truth….but lately she has been “picking up” on the stress in the household…unfortunately for the hubs..I KNOW IT WAS HIM…cause she uses “his” voice….lastest one…”F*&$&ing bird, shut up!” Yup that’s what I am dealing with….and the constant whistling for the dogs…(in my voice) “Come here boys..wanna go out?” and they all start running…oh and yes there is the constant sound of the living room phone ringing (very distinctive) when I am not in the room, which of course I fall EVERYTIME…FAIL…and then she has the gall to laugh at me! When will I EVER learn….

        • You should teach the parrot to tell you stuff about New Moon you need to remember. THat way the parrot will drive everyone else loopy instead of annoying you.

          • YES! And classic Edward lines!

            In crazy parrot voice:

            “You’re like a drug to me.”
            “If I’m going to hell . . .”
            “I just want to try one thing.”
            “Marry ME, StotheP. Choose ME.”


          • StotheP – I would pay almost any amount of $ to have a bird who spoke Edward. That would be awesome!

          • Hello. My name is Edward. Sqwaaack.

            It’s also funny cuz parrots live like a hundred and fifty years.

        • Hee! Birds are so funny. I had a friend in NYC who had a parrot named Oscar. Oscar learned to laugh at friend’s DH (with her laugh) whenever he stubbed his toe or had any other such accident.

          Oscar also had an entire conversation (through a door) with the gas man one time before she was able to get to the door and rescue him. I think birds are smarter than people give them credit for and they screw with their owners to amuse themselves.

    • MidCyn and other trifecta peeps – Let’s do it! The late night regrouping, that is. Glad you are still working your way through New Moon and finding things you like. Just make notes on and remember those!

      The window and “possibility” is one of my fav scenes too. I also like the time close to the beginning when they are in the school parking lot the morning of Bella’s birthday when Edward is smiling and tells her that her birth is reason to celebrate. Sweet!

    • Cyn, i couldn’t agree with you more. I still wanna bask in the ‘afterglow” of New Moon before I even start thinking on anything Eclipse-related. Oh, and i want you to get to the point where you love it as much as I do before we move on from here.

      i can’t even imagine the hillarity that will be your place this weekend. do you remember losing the chicken a few months ago? i have visions of lost turkeys and cranberry sauce happening this weekend.

      As long as the drinking involved in my SO’s holiday dinner with the company tonight isn’t too intense I will be online late too.

    • 40% heritage?

  14. Awesome letter Tiff! You are brilliant, awesome, superdeeduper funny!!!

  15. I’m thankful for Tiffanized. Not even a lie.

    I’m hoping that you actually have a gift for seeing the future, and that this letter isn’t just a desperate prayer to Mr. Slade, but your way of telling us the glory you’ve already witnessed.

  16. So well said. I effing adore your style, Tiffanized. For real.

    I am eternally thankful for LTT\LTR!!!

  17. I LOVE this letter. It’s like you were reading my mind because this is pretty much the exact list that I hope to be thankful for after seeing Eclipse.

    One addition…I’m thankful that you allowed Jasper to speak more than two lines.

    • Agreed! Also: thankful (hopefully) you got him to apologize to the wig dept. so they would stop punishing him with the Cabbage Patch curls.

      • OK…thinking about Jasper…I just had a really, really weird mental image that flashed. Jasper…with his white face, bad hair and speaking without moving his mouth very much…reminds me of Edward Scissorhands! This is tragic! When I read the books, I always think of a little more Jackson in my Jasper.

        • The first time I saw Twi, I told my friend that I got a Depp as Willy Wonka/Edward Scissorhands vibe from him, but not in a good way unfortunately… I hope his lines/acting is better in Eclipse, because I REALLY want to like him, and not just laugh inappropriately at him.

          • Well, in Eclipse, he does have that 94 page ramble.

            Though they may have to trim it down a little for the movie.

            Everybody has rambles in Eclipse. Jasper, Rosalie and BillyB.

            So maybe not everyone… but still, thats a lot of ramble time. Doya think they might have to cut out soemones ramble alltogether…. oh no….

          • @EC’sGrandpaCoat:

            “Well, in Eclipse, he does have that 94 page ramble.”

            LOL! I would MUCH rather than cut out Rosalie’s Eclipse ramble but since I remember hearing of an actor playing her human boyfriend, I fear that back story will be intact.

            Yeah, I’m a Rosalie hater. Sorry.

          • I hate her too. I want her to shudupinherface! and then punch her in it. Sorry.

    • “It’d be nice not to want to kill you all the time.”

      It would be nicer to hear you speak in that southern drawl a bit more.

  18. Ok, I’m at work and I have 2 days of work to do today and I don’t want to do any of it. Who wants to come play with me on the forum?

  19. Tiffanized, 60% of the time you make me laugh, every time.

    That letter is full of win! Especially “You’ve certainly filmed this in glorious detail, you dirty, tiny man.” Bahaha!

    • Yeah, David needs to brace himself for the onslaught of liliputian references coming his way…. And that’s just from Rob!

  20. “Without Bunny and Noreen I’d be on some other Twi-site, in a sea of Twimoms and squealing fourteen-year-olds, with the WordPress user name “Mrs. Cullen”, posting comments like, “ZOMG Rob is so HAWT ZOMG I want to marry him and have all his babies.” WORD.

    Great post, Tiffanized.

  21. Sooo…I was thankful yesterday for stumbling on your site a few months ago. You guys have been giving me shits and giggles every day…stayed up one night backtracking through all the Big Daddy posts with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. But this is my first time commenting.

    In case none of you have mentioned this, even though it’s a day late…THANK YOU BIG DADDY FOR SPRINGING FORTH THAT DELICIOUS ILLEGAL FRUIT FROM YOUR LOINS! I am forever grateful!

    • awww! big daddy thank you for your first comment! good job!


    • Yay! Another lover of wolves… Or more specifically, anther Chris Hansen potential subject… Love, looove your contraband avi. That could evidence in the future, by the way. WELCOME!

    • Hey! I know you 😀 I’ve posted here a couple times too. Isn’t Big Daddy the best?

      A couple days late but I’m thankful for the Taylor time line…one of THE funniest things I’ve read in regards to twilight online. Thanks so much!

  22. Have ever been in a situation where your mother after meeting the new neighbor’s son insists you pay more attention to him cause he seems like a sensible boy and will look after you – and you then wonder what they used to win her over since that boy is so not your type and you’d rather be shot dead rather than be seen with him – then he starts to make every little excuse to come over your house and brings with him presents you can’t ignore plus he makes you laugh with his little comedy without even trying too hard , listens to you whine over your true love and bffs without complaints and one such whinny day you find yourself in bed with him and realize that what he lacks in looks he tremendously gains in the north and south ( he is a master of his tools) – You then make a U-Turn and love him deeply?
    That is David Slade and Twilight relationship!
    So rest assured Eclipse and David Slade are going to make angry sex – he will spend sleepless nights but deliver he will cause he is deeply love.. ..with the Saga

    Tiffanized you are my x-mas gift sent too early, great post.

  23. I announced to my boyfriend that I couldn’t watch a movie with him tonight, on account of having to do some more work at home… then I laughed out loud at ‘You have some big yellow pants to fill’, and now my boyfriend is err… not amused. This is what I usually do at work though, so he shouldn’t be complaining so much.

    Loved your letter, Tiffanized! You should have a weekly column on here or something. 😉

  24. OK hope your alll sitting down….HOW BLESSED AM I…..
    My son just arrived and is like..”I heard how bad you want to see New Moon..get dressed I am taking you!”

    OMELE….I raised a unicorn! I might actually try and go…ok probably not but I had to share!

    • Ok, now you’re going to have to explain OMELE to notanaddictbella

      Oh, and YOU CAN DO IT CYNDI!!!!! Just imagine all that New Moon-ey goodness on the big screen!!!!! And it’s the middle of the day, no no will be around. YOU CAN DO IT!

      And if not, then it’s all good ‘cuz you raised a unicorn. How friggin’ awesome are you. Get on with your bad self!

    • MidCyn – This is so awesome I just had to post twice!!!! I’m so excited for you and your son…who we won’t call unicorn if he doesn’t like it. BTW, my unicorn is cool with the name. He calls himself that to me all the time now!

      You will love it on the big screen! And we’re all poised and ready for questions!

      Go MidCyn!!!!

    • MidCyn, did you go?!

    • I can’t even tell you how excited I was for you as I read this. Let us all know what you decided to do!

  25. Also, 1st hand embarrassed…I own Bella’s ring and it is beautiful…got it as a gift for finally finishing Twilight…I wear it as a badge of honor….so don’t judge!!!

    I RAISED A UNICORN!!!! Who BTW already saw it with his fiancee…and I thought…damn he really really loves her!!!
    He says he liked it!! Could a Twi-Mom be MORE PROUD!

    • If I have children, I might need you to babysit every now and then. Instilling a respect for the Twi in one’s offspring (especially the males) is a commendable accomplishment.

      Tell him not to worry too much about the unicorn reference. Until the parrot makes fun of him.

  26. I’m thankful that David’s going to deliver on the Volturi. I just know he is, mostly because I don’t think the actors can disappoint. But I do hope the fight scene before is fantastic and that there’s some added tension with the Volturi. I’m sure there will be. I want creepiness though, even more so than what Sheen offered us before. And I hope Demetri is still a little flamboyant saying his lines like he said, “Nice fishing, Heidi.”

    I’m not thankful to Summit though because I’m going to be in South Africa when Eclipse premieres. Which is sort of uncool since the country apparently didn’t show New Moon without some insistence by fans.

    Turkey’s getting to me…and all that driving.

    • @TS – Like the new avatar! This time I’m not confused by who it is! Good Billy.

      • Really? I totes was. I can barely see it. All of your avatars are actually quite small.

        I want to zoom in on Dude, I fursploded’s avatar and see what the hell that is in Rob’s mouth.

        • abs – I know what fursploded’s avatar is because I have that pic in my rob porn folder. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it. 🙂 He’s got plastic vampire teeth in his mouth and that are holding his cigarette. Silly and hot all at the same time.

          And TS’s last avatar looked like Rob to me…which clearly could have have been given her feelings about robward. So this pic looks more like Billy!

          • And now I’m a little 1st hand embarrassed that I have admitted paying such close attention to avatars.

          • I must have missed TS’s last avatar cuz I thought it was of her – or at least of a woman. Soooooo, anywaaaaaaaaay. Yeah. Whatevs. I’m blind.

            Dude’s avatar looks to me like Rob’s got a spoon in his mouth everytime I see it. I know the pic of which you speak with the plastic vamp teeth.

            Avatars are the best. While i was in my self-imposed LTT/R exile I used to log on and just quickly “page down” to see everyone’s avatars so I didn’t feel that lonely for you all. So I guess if you want embarrasing, that’s a pretty big embarrassement. I dont’ even know any of you in RL, but I felt like while I wasn’t “seeing” and “talking” to you all I was missing something. Can you be lonely for people you don’t even know?

            P.S. @Ang, I’m working on putting that mental composition to “paper” this very moment.

          • Geez…apparently the turkey’s gotten to me too. I meant to say that TS’s avatar could NOT have been Rob. Very different meaning.

            OK, I’m going to stop typing now.

          • @abs, that is kind of embarrassing, but super sweet too. And I think most of us feel similarly. I knew it’d be too hard for me to stay away from you guys so I made it a point to go to the midnight.
            Also, my avatar was me (a woman), billy burke smoking for about 2 days, charlie bewley for a hot second (until every flipped out about it being a little boy…he’s older than Rob, people!!!), then back to burke…but the super duper insta-panty creamer photo of him with the undone bow tie. See his twitter page for details.

            @Ang, well excuuuuse me for not being into guys who have thousands of decent quality photos for me to choose from. When’s the last time you did a billy burke porn search? Doesn’t yield much! ::pouts::

            @both, I still always think that Rob is sucking on something in fursploded’s avatar…if ya know what I mean

          • @TS – I applaud you and your steadfast efforts to find high quality Billy porn! With all his hotness in NM, here’s hoping the quantity of Billy porn out there continues to grow in the future.

          • @TS I think YOU should create some BB porn. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He is an eternal bachelor, ladies man and all that.

            P.S. I wouldn’t mind either 😀

  27. I finally managed to write down a summary of the Fan Event in munich. So who’s interested in reading: Just ask.

  28. 5 stars – Buttcrack Santa approves!

    I hope they went to a decent jeweler instead of adhering to SM’s description of the engagement ring. And if Leg Hitch 2010 is a bust, I predict that David Slade will have to go into witness protection.

  29. […] this video. It’s awesome! In part 1 he mentions the Munich thing… Already read LTR or LTT today? Don’t miss the Cullen Saturday […]

  30. Okay people, I’ve finally decided to go through with it and truly attempt at auditioning for the part of Kate in Breaking Dawn. Seeing that I have no experience to put on my resume, except a couple years of improv that I did 4 years back, I have a hunch finding in agent may prove difficult. So, if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone that could help me land an agent (preferably in Vancouver, BC), let me know.
    If I, you know, actually manage to get an agent (in time for the casting…please don’t name the director yet, please don’t name the director yet), get to the audition, make it to the call back, and get the phone call telling me I’m booked, I’ll make sure to represent you all. I won’t shy from my Twi-hard roots. (Think video of Rob telling LTT his favorite dumpster location and a first-hand report of what he actually smells like).
    That said, in order to build a resume, I’m offering my amazing acting skills (which honestly are pretty decent) and hot body to anyone who is making an indie film (or any film really) and needs an actress. No work as an extra (doesn’t count on resume). So, if you know anyone, anywhere, that is doing a film and needs a white, American, 18-30 age range, brunette/auburn, freckled female, let them know about me.
    I realize this is a looong shot, but if I don’t effort it, then there’s no shot at all. As Bewley said, “So I started to act and found myself in Vancouver, got a headshot, found an agent, and just began to act. I was in an audition room a year later standing in front of Wyck Godfrey and Chris Weitz, and that’s when I booked Demetri.”
    If that Tottenham lover can do it, well damnit, so can I! Think he’ll answer me on twitter about how he found an agent with no resume to boot?
    Do you think the film world works like high school government and I just need a bunch of signatures? Should I start a facebook fanpage?!

  31. Okay people, I’ve finally decided to go through with it and truly attempt at auditioning for the part of Kate in Breaking Dawn (which will hopefully exist as a part; she’s sort of important to the storyline I think). Seeing that I have no experience to put on my resume, except a couple years of improv that I did 4 years back, I have a hunch finding an agent may prove difficult. So, if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who could help me land an agent (preferably in Vancouver, BC), let me know.
    If I, you know, actually manage to get an agent (in time for the casting…please don’t name the director yet, please don’t name the director yet), get to the audition, make it to the call back, and get the phone call telling me I’m booked, I’ll make sure to represent you all. I won’t shy from my Twi-hard roots. (Think video of Rob telling LTT his favorite dumpster location and a first-hand report of what he actually smells like).
    That said, in order to build a resume, I’m offering my amazing acting skills (which honestly are pretty decent) and hot body to anyone who is making an indie film (or any film really–NO nudity) and needs an actress. No work as an extra (doesn’t count on resume). So, if you know anyone, anywhere, that is doing a film and needs a white, American, 18-30 age range, brunette/auburn, freckled female, let them know about me. I should have my head shot by next week.
    I realize this is a looong shot, but if I don’t effort it, then there’s no shot at all. As Bewley said, “So I started to act and found myself in Vancouver, got a headshot, found an agent, and just began to act. I was in an audition room a year later standing in front of Wyck Godfrey and Chris Weitz, and that’s when I booked Demetri.”
    If that Tottenham lover can do it, well damnit, so can I! Think he’ll answer me on twitter about how he found an agent with no resume to boot?
    Do you think the film world works like high school government and I just need a bunch of signatures? Should I start a facebook fanpage: Operation TeamSeth Books Kate for BD?!

  32. whoops! Sorry for the double post (which hasn’t posted yet but will when UC&Moon approve it…it had a link. Dang.). I was just trying to you know, really hit it home that I’m auditioning and all/any help is appreciated 😉 A one-two punch…

  33. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  34. WELL that figures…LIKE THE biggest event to happen to me in the last 3 years and the ONLY people that I WANT to share it with and who can appreciate this MAJOR accomplishment are no where to be found… 😦

  35. Tiffanized, great post! I totally agree with you on everything. Oddly enough I agreed with you the most on the ring – please let it be pretty vs. true to the description in the book! Also loving the thought bubble over Taylor’s head.

    Oh and I saw somewhere in the comments you have a guinea-pig smelling house. I too have a guinea pig and the poor thing is badly smelling up my house as well because I spend too much time online – erm, watching and reading certain websites like this one – these days instead of walking to the pet store to get fresh pine bedding to clean him. Poor guy.




    • We are bursting too!!!!!!

      Wasn’t is so much better in the theater than the tiny little computer? Did you swoon over Edward…and Ghostward?

      I’m just so happy for you!

    • YAYAYYAYAYAY! I’m so happy FOR you that I’m bursting! I’m so excited! I literally started bouncing up and down when I saw your post! I want to hear everything! At this rate it won’t be long until you are venturing out to hang out with us LTT weirdos!

    • Hey Cyn, just wanted to say I back-read your posts, and I am glad you got to see the movie tonight, and enjoyed it so much!!!! 🙂

    • ZOMG! OME! And everything else we might have learned today!

      You are a HERO, MidCyn!

      Can’t wait to read your official post!

      And I have to echo Abs below, ’cause I love the phrase: EFFIN’ A, man!

  37. Ok get ready for a long post…sorry..but its been a long time coming..ahh yah thats what she said! 🙂

  38. aside: oh lookie, the secret happy face is at the bottom of the page today instead of the top right. 🙂

    🙂 It’s like playing Where Is Waldo 🙂

  39. Where to start?
    Ok I am not even sure HOW my son got me to go…I think he tricked started out with just talking about the movie and showing him what I had on my computer (wink) and then I said its still my dream to see it in the theater..(now keep in mind he just drove over 5 hours to get here) so then he said “Well lets go”..(b/c he doesn’t live nearby he doesn’t know alot about my daily difficulties) so I am like coming up with lots of excuses and then he started with bet you can’t be ready in an hour…so it was a dare…I am a sucker for a to me it was I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG and get showered and dressed in record time and at this point I am just thinking that I should have been showered and out of my jammies before he got here anyway. So off I go and I am still just trying to beat the only objective. He comes back in the house and I am standing at the sink about to start baking cookies, all smiley caused I AM showered and dressed for the day…he is like lets go..WHAT NO I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE just wanted to prove you wrong!!! “Nope lets go, called the theater and we’ll just make it” Grabs my arm and I am literally begging him….NO!! Hubs actually tries to talk him out of it (cause he knows there WILL be problems) but son is hearing none of it and the next thing I know I am in the car!!! (AM I REALLY BORING YOU YET? SORRY!) Ok so two panic attacks later we are at the theater and I can’t get out..I mean I can’t…son (who HATES me smoking) says “I’ll go get the tix and you have a cigarette, take your pain med and relax” Then I am in the theater and I am contemplating bolting..much to my surprise its almost I give in and sit down…wait for it…the one chair in the WHOLE THEATER that is broken is the one I sit in…YUP the floor I go….son is calm..helps me up and we move down a seat which he know checks first…lol…we get comfy and it happens! THE MOVIE STARTS!!! W/O realizing it son taps me on the shoulder and says “Mom, your going to have to breathe or you’ll pass out” HUH? I didn’t realize I was so excited I was holding my breath! The best way to describe the experience is in two sections:

    The BAD:
    I heard EVERY SOUND no matter where it was occuring in the theater and it distracted me from the movie…
    The sound system was so loud it hurt and startled me alot.
    Some of the movement bothered my eyes and made me dizzy..
    The seat became unbearable to sit in after 1/2 hour although looking at the magic on the screen made it worth it…. 🙂
    By the end of the movie my biggest fear was realized…my brain went into overdrive and shorted out..
    Seeing Edward that close up made me realize that his teeth drove me crazy..ok he makes like a zillion dollars..fix them PLEASE! Especially when you see Jacobs gorgeous, perfect smile.

    EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD…Seeing him on that big screen was almost more than my heart could take even with breathing…
    The acting! OMELE…Kristen/Taylor/Rob WERE FANTASTIC!
    Special Effects: Scared the bageezis out of me..came out of the seat several times..truth..screamed..truth! The fight seen..hold me down so I don’t run to save Edward myself!!
    Bella & Jacob: Oh so sweet together..but Lord, try as I might..every time they almost kissed, I yelled (yes out loud) “DON’T U DARE”
    Scenery: Breathtaking and filmed so beautifully on the big screen!!
    GhostWard: There are no words…Seriously at one point and I am not sure which one, I almost without thinking (of course) wanted to leap at the screen and probably would have except son thinking I was jumping up again, put hand on shoulder…tee hee.
    Music: Cannot get over how beautiful the music went with the movie..I will not ever stop playing Possiblity…ever….
    You were all SO right…the difference is impossible to explain seeing it on the big screen!!!

    I do have questions tho..of course I do! First son brought to my attention (and this may already have been addressed) How is it that Jasper is the ONLY vampire that can break through Bella’s defenses? I mean the Volturi (creepy btw) can’t and they are wicked powerful? Edward can’t?
    OH BTW I am NOT sleeping AT ALL tonight or tom.night…I want to keep this feeling all if I stuff and cook myself instead of the turkey you’ll know why!

    • LOVE LOVE LOVE your story!

      I apologize in advance if we all answer this…the Jasper thing. It’s explained in a book…I forget which one. Bella’s mind blocks powers…like mind reading. But Jasper and Alice’s powers work with her. Jasper affects emotions and Alice can see things in the future. That’s why their powers work…but with anything that gets into Bella’s head…there is no getting in.

      • Oh, and I’m sorry you short circuited…but visions of Edward larger than life…not a bad way for the brain to go, heh?

      • But Ang..wouldn’t he have to get “into her head” to change her emotions?

        • Follow up..cause Alice doesn’t have any “effect” on her…she just see’s the future…with Bella in it…she can’t do anything to Bella…am I making any sense?…I am still so freaking giddy I really don’t expect to be….lol…I wish you all could see my face right now….I am beaming..and HAPPY..and, and I just keeping playing it over and over and feeling it over and over…I just know I am going to implode…You guys really should have better prepared me for this life altering experience…lol!

          • You are absolutely right about Alice’s power and Bella. Still looking for the Jasper thing. The book I think it is in is the longest! But I’ll find it eventually.

            Oh, I love that your son told you to breathe! Edward tells Bella that a lot. She gets so excited around him she forgets to breathe. Big screen New Moon had the same affect on you!

        • Well, I would think so…but that’s not how Alice described it. Hmm….I will look it up!

          btw – Pocket Edward just read your post. He is beside himself with excitement. I just took his picture to commemorate the occasion!

    • YAY! I’m so excited! I’m so glad you went and that you had fun. Heck, even the broken seat just makes the story that much better! Keep this up and you’ll be at the premier with UC and Moon for Eclipse come this June!

      They actually did try to make Rob fix his teeth for Twilight. They gave him those invisible braces things to straighten them out, but he hated them and took them out and somehow managed to damage his teeth in the process.

      As for Jasper… uhmm.. well.. I think it’s the dimple… yeah.. anyone with dimples like that can break through even Bella’s thick skull. Yeah.. really, I don’t know. It’s probably one of those things we just shouldn’t question all that hard.

      And oh yeah.. YAY! YAY! Don’t worry about going to sleep. In the unlikely event you forget the awesome that is tonight we will remind you again and again!

      • What I think is so hilarious is that I don’t think I have ever read anyone questiion Jaspers influence on Bella…and of all people my son asks me it…and I am like, “You know that is a really good question? But I KNOW who to ask” tee hee…
        TS…Charlie was so fantasmicgoric in this movie…I didn’t think he could out do Twilight, but he rocked this movie…seriously…I adored him even more… 🙂
        I have so many more thoughts and comments but I am seriously still delirious …:)
        Jodie..the teeth thing drove me crazy! they could at least whiten them, like I said seeing him…(sigh) so gorgeous and huge on that screen and then THE TEETH…I do think tho that it is so much more noticable b/c Jacobs are so perfect…not that I really care….give me my Eddie any day!!! 🙂

        • The movie company probably does make Rob whiten his teeth on occasion, but with all that SMOKING they will never be as white as Taylor’s.

          Then again, NO ONE will ever have teeth as white as Taylor’s. You can probably see them from space they are so white.

          And Charlie is so awesome. He broke my heart, poor bastard. And how scary was Victoria, huh? Now that she’s finally a proper redhead! I would have had a heart attack, too, if she’d grabbed me!

          • OK, I was seriously distracted in almost all of Jacob’s scenes because his teeth were so white! I just kept thinking…that’s not natural. Even for a werewolf.

          • Oh BTW for an ole lady who smokes…my teeth are white…
            Also…did I read you said that everyone is getting together with UC & Moon in June to see ECLIPSE??? Did I know that??? Was I invited??? What the hale….????

            Ah yeah Victoria was way scary…but I could so dye my hair and look like her…now..cause I am scary looking to begin with and if I dyed my curly hair read…watch out!!!

        • aaawww u guys…dont be hating on the teeth porn…sometimes those “can be seen from space” teeth is the only thing that makes me smile…and a little hot and bothered….lol

          • I’m not hating on Taycob’s whiter than white teeth. I’m actually pretty jealous of them.

            btw until like two days ago I was reading your name as ‘illegal wallflower’. Yup. I’m smart.

          • I know JodieO..ur never a hater…jealous of Taycob teeth seems such an understatement sometimes…lol

            Illegal wallflower? bahahahaha…i AM a wall flower…however did u know? u are smart…never doubt that….

          • I’m not hatin’ on Jacob’s teeth either! I just found them distracting. I mean, at least when he was wearing a shirt.

          • Haha Ang…absolutely…I guess Edward’s not the only one who dazzles ppl into submission…lol

    • I know I’m late to the party but OMG!, OME!, and OMJ!!!!!!! I am so proud of u….I (and everyone else) had the utmost confidence that you would be able to overcome your fear just because ur so purple and all kinds of wonderful…

      U cant hear me but I’m squeeing so loud my cat has taken refuge under the bed….SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!

      does this mean we get to see Eclipse next year???? SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ❤ ya so much!!!!



        “So tell me when you hear my heart stop
        You’re the only one that knows
        Tell me when you hear my silence
        There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know”

        • Im gonna see New Moon with fiance tonight…its a day of firsts…I had such a crappy day at work and THEN i come here and U guys just make me so happy…
          I am so proud of u Cyn…i just cant get this grin off my face…
          @Ang…Tehee I think i set off all the dogs on a 100 mile radius….LOL

          • illegal – how cool! You and the fiance seeing New Moon! Will Pocket Edward and Jacob be attending again?

          • Ang…no I dont think so… 😦 its our date night so its bad enuff he’s gonna be watching me “mmmm” over my dream man…two hot men in my purse might send him over the edge…lol
            Im excited that we’re going though..Twilight viewing didnt go as well cause he didnt get the insider jokes…

          • OHHH SO HAPPY FOR YOU….don’t forget pocket E & J and now you can picture me sitting on the floor next to you two watching it with me….oh and thanks for making all 5 of my dogs howl….good thing that they are not all here yet and hey..OMELE…..I almost forgot..(big surprise) Maxie is doing the Mhmmmm thing and the sniffling sound from possiblility already…hope she learns the whole song…she loves to sing..and I have had it playing non stop for a couple of days.and that reminded me of something else.I was trying to find my notes cause I know she said something in either Bella’s or Edwards voice once from a NM clip that I taped on TV but I can’t remember what or who it was that she copied…I think the note is on my dead computer…did I tell anyone here about that, so one of you might remember???

          • illegal – yeah, probably not a good idea to take two extra hot guys on your date night. Might want to keep your wolf girl tendencies under wraps too. I KNOW it’s hard though. (That’s what she said.)

          • Cyn & Ang… will try and keep comments like “OME! Cyn watched this part!!!!” and “OMJ I want Taycob to bite my fingers” to a minimum…key word …TRY…

          • illegal – You can try…but you are only human!

      • illegal – I heard you squeeee! My cat took refuge too.

        This is a purple and green night!

        • Already reconsidering Xmas lighting to purple and green…yup thinking bout that seriously….and mini dreamcatchers all over the tree….

          OH what the Hale was Alice wearing in this movie????

          • Purple and green Christmas! Cool and good!

            Oh yeah, what the HALE indeed was Alice wearing? And she’s supposed to be the high fashion Cullen! Wardrobe fail.

    • Cyndi! You’re AMAZING! That is the BEST NM-viewing story ever! Totally should have been a post all its own!

      That’s right, you are no longer a Twi Virgin – welcome to the club!

      I’m so freaking happy for you right now I could sparklesplode (I don’t do the fur, k?)!

      If I didn’t think it would tick him off, I’d ask you to tell your son he’s the BEST UNICORN EVER. Instead, just tell him thank you for the Twi-enabling on behalf of the normals at LTT/LTR.

      Give your parrot a cracker for me, too.

      • LMAO…I love sparklesplode!!!! I tried to keep the post as short as possible…there was so much I wanted to go into detail about what I loved about the movie…but was afraid to get carried away and probably won’t have finished til Sunday..its like I keep getting these lil flashes of it and it makes me want to “sparklesplode” all over the place!!
        Wait..maybe I did forget to breathe for way to long..Maybe I am dead and in Twi-Heaven….no that can’t be right…I would be definately be doing something very naughty with one undead Edward Cullen for sure…..sigh….

      • @StotheP BTW…Maxie would look at a cracker and say “No No NO” She is a gourmet eater…trust..I have to get her food flown over to the mainland and then delivered here…truth..otherwise she will sit IN her food dish and kick it all out on the floor…and she only eats certain shaped if you cut her veggies the wrong way…its “No NO NO” and kicked back out…worse than a kid…Hubs said while we were gone today she was pissed…cause like I am ALWAYS here at her “beak and call” and so she drove him crazy …meowing like a cat to get the dogs barking…doing the phone ringing…and then crying, sobbing and coughing..I am surprised she is still alive…can’t wait til I hear what he “taught’ her to say today…..

        • HAHAHA! Your bird is like a grouchy kid. That’s so freakin’ hilarious! I love that she goes out of her way to wind the dogs up.

          • Its all fun and games til the cops knock on the door…its happened trust me…a few summers ago before my accident..I almost put a sign on the lawn next to the 12 ‘ giraffe that said “No small children, ITS JUST A BIRD” =TRUTH…had a woman threaten to call the police cause she had walked by the house and her ” a small child calling for help” she said she heard that “same child” screaming and yelling on the way back and felt it “was her duty” to find out what was going on…I had been outside in the back yard..hubs had gone across the street to the store…so I had no idea what the hale she was talking about…the woman insisted I telll her what was wrong and of course at that moment Maxie was quiet…until hubs starts crossing the street to the house and we both hear…Crying and “Help me, Help me” Course I start laughing which just infuratiated the woman more…she holds up the cell phone and threatens to call the police if I don’t show her “the child” I politely ask her to go to the other entrance and as soon as she approaches the door we hear “Hello, how are you” in my daughters voice..the womans face could not have been any redder…she gets all flustered and then Maxie makes things worse by laughing hysterically at her…HONEST TO GOD TRUE STORY….For the first 5 years we lived in this house the guy that runs the store across the street assumed he was saying goodnight to the hubs at 5pm when he and hubs close when in fact it was Maxie all along….no shitz…its a zoo here…some day when she is in rare that I have the webcam I will try and get the goods….

  40. Oh I forgot to ask…son wants to know why they are called Unicorns? I don’t remember?

    • Because men who enjoy Twilight are mythical creatures… like unicorns.

      • Thanks Jodie, he was really bugged about that…said it is kinda an insult…you know in a manly way….lol..such a guy…oh and the fiancee even called to congratulate me and was all giddy with me when I was babbling on like a lunatic…guess I will go to the wedding after all!!!
        Son says he is “thinking about reading the books now” Whoa..only because he she keeps telling him there is so much more to “them” than the movies…he loves to read really long books anyway….plus way into well choreographed (sp?) fight scenes and he was impressed with the one in NM. (he has a blackbelt in Karate)..I am like DUH…it was freakin awesome…..
        Sidenote: Couldn’t wait to get on here and spill and he is like what is this “website” your so excited about..and leave it to me in my NM bliss to blurt out “They are like my BFF’s, they are the ones that told me what cockblock means……” before I could explain that I don’t remember WHAT it means anymore he stands up “MOTHER…(he has NEVER called me that EVER) don’t say it…I can’t believe you just said that..can’t…no don’t” and walked out of the room shaking his head..LMAO..OH I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS, IS WAS LIKE A BELLA MOMENT!!!

        • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love that cockblock is the one dirty word that’s broken through for you. =) It could be worse. It could have been ‘jizz’ instead of ‘cockblock’.

          And if he’s going to the books to look for fight scenes he might be disappointed. But the books are worth reading. For the most part.

          • At least she didn’t say “twat block”

          • @absolutelyvlc
            Huh? Ahhhh never mind….don’t want to know….really I don’t…

            I love being here talking about me actually having gone to see the movie..I would be worried it was a dream..except that I don’t dream it has to be real right….

            I love that I can just set the media player to keep playing Possiblility over and over while I am here with you all..

            I love everything right now..can you tell… 🙂

          • I’d only heard of it as box block, but same deal. ;P

            It pretty much means the same thing, but refers to different genetalia.

          • MidCyn – I’ve been listening to the New Moon soundtrack while here tonight. It only seemed right to celebrate your viewing!

            btw – how much did you love Ghostward? I know you loved the clip of them in the water…longer and better in the movie! Oh, and I loved when she “sees” him the first time in Port Angeles and he says she promised she’d not do anything reckless and she says “well, you promised it would be like you never existed.” So sad!

          • @Ang…OFTLOE….I cried..truth….broke my a nudge from son at that point I think…then he chuckled…”Its ok mom, its just a movie” OH just remembered…I think I kinda yelled “Bitch” at Jessica during that scene..oops…ooohhhh and Rosalie….(see this was how I was gonna break down the movie character by character but like I said I would have been writing til Sunday…CAN WE SAY OOOGGGLLYYY!!! What the hale did they do to hear and Jasper’s hair..specially her…did they decide to make her as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside…told son..”If she wasn’t already dead, I’d kill her myself” Shhhh was the response and a slight chuckle….oh which brings me to a whole section I left out..Gawd I am exhuasted from the whole experience…..anyway…I could do a whole post on my mental conversations with each of you while watching…love son more than he’ll ever know..but so thinking what WE would all be talking about…it was weird…like you were all in my head..poor things..and we would comment about this and that and laugh and perv comments….shitz no wonder I short circuited…being with Edward and all of you at the same time…what a way to go…………. 🙂

          • MidCyn – Love that we were “in your head” at the movie! It’s kind of like we all saw it together.

            Hair and makeup was a fail for Jasper and Rosalie!

            Haha! Jessica! I actually thought she was kind of funny…but in a bitchy way. 🙂 All the humans seemed funnier to me in this movie than Twilight.

            Oh, and guess what I’m listening to right now? There’s a possibility…

          • @MC Yeah, some of the makeup and hair was pretty fail in this movie. Rosalie looked a bit like a mime and Jasper’s hair was shameful. I’m so glad you got to see the movie in the theater. Maybe next time it *will* be us bursting into your house and dragging you off to see Eclipse!

  41. Aw Cyndi your story is so amazeballs. I’m so glad you had that experience. And I”m kinda in love with your son right now.

    By the way, that whole question about how Jasper can effect Bella even though his power is technically a mental thing; just do what I do. I was totes unsatisfied with SM’s explanation of it that I promptly forgot whatever it was that she wrote and just decided to go with it and suspend my disbelief a while for the sake of the story.

    And the unicorns is because unicorns are mythical creatures that no one ever sees and we’re not all that sure they really exist – just like men that like/read Twilight.

    • “Aw Cyndi your story is so amazeballs. I’m so glad you had that experience. And I”m kinda in love with your son right now.”

      I know, right? Bummer he’s engaged or I’d be bugging Cyndi for his number right about now! ;P

      • LMAO….I have to admit that he is really cute too…I don’t know how that happened! He has got the most incredible blue eyes…funny two girls have brown like mine and he and Twi-daughter got the blue…hubs Mom has deep blue eyes..

        • I’m not surprised. You sent me a photo of your Twidaughter a while back and she’s gorgeous!

          • Well me and the hubs did 4 things right I guess…tee hee..BTW Twi-daughter is going to be on a cover for a wedding mag!!!

          • How exciting! That’s so awesome. =) And I’m not at all surprised. =)

            btw, who took the photo of her in the green sweater with the hood up? I want that person to take my photo, too!

          • @JodieO…It was quite a while ago..I don’t know…but I will try and find out….I should send you one with a photographers name on it…it’s a beautiful pic of her…so you might like the photog….but doesn’t she look like a Twi girl in that photo in the green sweater? Haunting…

  42. @MidCyn – I win the Twi-dork award for the day…I found the Jasper power reference I was looking for. I actually think it’s weak, but this is how Meyer’s explains it in Eclipse. Alice tells Bella that Jasper’s abilities affect the body physically because he actually calms down the nervous system…or excites it. So it’s not an illusion – not tricking the mind into thinking you are calm, etc.

    Eclipse page 584 – hardcover.

    Yep – I’m a dork.

    • OH NO ON THE DORK…Your freakin AWESOMNESS!!! S. Meyers missed the boat on that one tho…cause the nervous system is regulated by the brain=Trust!

      • Yep…she missed the boat on that explanation. Oh well, she created Edward. So we’ll forgive her.

        And thanks for pretending I’m not a dork. Makes a tear come to my eye. Pass me an Edward tissue, please.

  43. WHERE DID TS GO????? She was such an important reason for making me want to see this movie and believed I could do it and now she is not here… 😦

    • she said she might be going out tonight….sad panda…

    • I’m heading to bed. I’m so excited for you and so proud of you. Print up today’s comments and stick them in your notebook so that if you wake up in the morning and can’t remember why you are so excited you’ll have this to remind you.

      Hugs and smooches!

      • I CAN”T PRINT with this computer….don’t go…I know I am being selfish I just don’t want this night to end…I really wish i could find the words to tell you all how much I appreciate you love and support…I feel guilty cause Twi-daughter wouldn’t see the movie til I did and oldest daughter wanted to try and take me on Monday (I think that was the day) and I wouldn’t go..I don’t think I told you guys cause I didn’t want to disapoint you all and then how weird is it that my son got me there..maybe cause he didn’t give me time to “think” about it…maybe its cause I never get to see him and he was so determined and excited to “make my dream come true” I just couldn’t disapoint him…I don’t know…but for whatever reason this has been the best day since I found you all her at LTT (LNM) I wish UC & MOON could have been here for this too..if not for them, none of this would be happening….oh I am just so thrilled….I loves ya JodieO..

    • She’ll be VERY sad she missed this!

      • She was here earlier and was waiting for my post then she was gone?

        Yeah the slo mo of Edward walking toward bella was alittle cheesy but still thud in the stomach occurrance…he has a way about him…
        Hey why weren’t his eyes black at the end of the movie? When he is with the volturi?
        I am about to utter blasphemy (sp?) but to be truthful Eddie wasn’t AS attractive in this movie as in Twilight..I get that he is not supposed to look great at the end, his makeup was much better…OHHHHH SHITZZ…the sparkle….OMELE…HOW COULD I NOT MENTION THE SPARKLE….IT WAS SO SPECTACULAR in this movie compared to the lame spikkle in Twilight…but again..I thought he was drop dead for in Twilight..I can’t even imagine him on the big screen in that movie..truly!

        • Are you sure you haven’t read New Moon??? Yes, his eyes should have been blacker at the Volturi…also when they first get home. In the book Bella talks about how badly he needs to feed but he won’t leave her.

          True…Eddie’s not as attractive in this movie. But the sparkle…so much better! Really wanted to see the Sparklepeen in this movie!

          I thought he looked pretty good in the beginning, when he wasn’t Sad Edward. But not as good as Twilight. The Cullen makeup was really different this time.

          Bella, on the other hand, was beautiful! Not that she wasn’t pretty in Twilight, but she looked great in NM!

          • Yes Bella was very pretty in this movie…truth I didn’t notice the golden eyes in the theater…I was just looking at the umm computer …I mean a pic..of him just as he is about to kiss Bella and that is when I noticed how awful he looked and at first I thought he shouldn’t have dark circles under his eyes cause for a vampire that doesn’t make sense and that made me think well he hasn’t eaten cause he was trying to die and then I realized that his eyes were golden…and I watched Twilight early this am..(while waiting to cash in on a black friday special at Victoria’s secret)…anyway his eyes stand out so much in Twilight when they are black, that is what made me think they should have been black when he was with the Volturi…

          • To be honest….I don’t remember the exact color of his eyes at the Volturi. But they should have been black!

            Guess since I don’t remember, I should go back and see it again. 🙂

            Now that you’ve seen it, will you allow us more than 3 viewings? I’ve only seen it twice, so I’m still within the allowed number!

          • @Ang…oh I forgot about that…definately…the rule is no longer in force…yes I just checked again to be sure and throughout the whole volturi scene they are golden…um I mean I looked at pictures…tee hee..amazing what a difference the theater is to a copy…..I mean picture…that is why I can’t imagine what Twilight was like on the big screen…be still my heart….

          • I’ll definitely be checking out the movie…I mean, the pictures…I have on my computer too. teehee

  44. Listening to Monsters….Makes me think of slo mo Edward walking toward Bella in the school parking lot. Cheesy…yes. Hot anyway…yes.

  45. Did we all go to bed with JodieO? OK, that didn’t come out right. Is anyone still there? MidCyn…Illegal????


    • @ Ang here sorry…was getting dressed…I have to go now though….sniff and yay at the same time…so confused…will see all of u tom…
      @Cyn…dont stop smiling…ur NM high is gonna keep us talking and grinning for a long time…dont worry we wont let u forget…

      Muah u guys!!! cya in the am…*hugs and happy cookies*

    • I am here…always..

      • I am fading…but I can stay up for a little longer. I think I am almost as excited as you are! I don’t want the night to end either.

        I never saw Twilight in the theater…only on dvd. So seeing New Moon (Edward) larger than life was so exciting! I’m just so glad you got to experience it!

    • If only!

      • Actually, you all DID come to bed with me because I brought the laptop. HA! I’ll stay for as long as I can last. (That’s what she said)

      • @JodieO …If only what?? Did you see my response to your question about the photog up above??? And how Maxie got us in to trouble??? And about the UC/Moon/Eclipse thing?

        @Ang…how weird that you mentioned Twilight…cause while I was walking out of the of the things I kept thinking was “if I am like this after NM…what would it have been like to see Twilight like this”…heart skipped several beats at the mere thought,

        • You know I just recently watched the Twilight dvd with a friend – my unicorn in training – at his house. He has a HUGE tv and surround sound. We turned all the lights off to watch. Truly, I was moved liked I have never been on my little tv at home. I saw and heard things I never noticed before. It was like seeing it for the first time. I was literally giddy. It made me even more excited to see NM on the big screen!

        • Ang asked if everyone went to bed with me and I said “If only!” just to be silly because, well, no one comes to bed with me anymore. Boo!

          I was just reading about the bird and my god that his hilarious! You totally have to get that on webcam sometime! I bet the police would have gotten a kick out of it if you hadn’t set that lady straight!

          And I would LOVE to have my portraits done by the same photographer who photo’d your Twidaughter. I love the atmosphere!

          And don’t feel bad that you went to the movies with your son and not your daughters. You had to go when the time was right. End of story. =)

          I emailed UC earlier with your story of going to the movies (I’ve been squealing about it to anyone who will listen) and she was so excited for you. =)

          • OH you are so funny Jodieo..I luvs you so….actually all the cops in town are customers of ours so they know Maxie pretty well…I did feel really bad for the guy across the street tho…if he hadn’t seen me out front with Maxie whilst cleaning her enourmous (sp?) cage he never would have found out the truth..he walked over to see the bird and yelled over to the hubs and Maxie..recognised his voice and said “Goodnight” If only I could have had a camera…he looked at me..then the bird and said “You mean to tell me I have been saying goonight to a bird for almost 5 yrs!! Damn” Priceless…
            You emailed hot shitz…lmao!!
            Was it you that said everyone is getting together to see Eciipse??

  46. oh no ….I feel like Bella now…with Edward leaving…good thing possiblity is still playing..sniffle…have fun tonight ILWL…see ya tomorrow….ANg their all leaving us….are you sure you don’t have any Eddie tissues handy?? I am in need…BTW…I was writing answers to comments above…that is where I was when you were looking…
    also did I ask you if you have a web cam?

    • You did ask me…but no, I don’t have a web cam. Wouldn’t want you to see me how I look at 1:30 in the morning anyway. 🙂

      I need an Eddie tissue too!

      I just sent you an e-mail…pic of Pocket Edward reading your New Moon story.

      • LMAO…I tried to get son to take pic of me in movie theater but it was too dark…wanted proof to show myself tomorrow…

        You all have been in be “in bed with me” for hours now…lmao …slumber party…where is Blanket Rob??? oh there he is…phew..hands off girls….he’s all mine….

        You still with us JodieO?

        • We will be your proof of your experience tomorrow!

          I’m so jealous of Blanket Rob! I’m sure he’s much better to snuggle with than Pocket Edward.

        • Just for another minute. Evey time I post a new comment the computer gets all upset. I had actually dozed off for a minute and then the cat helpfully licked my hand. So helpful… Ok, eyelids drooping.. browser crashing.. Night night for real thistime. Sorry I couldn’t stau up longer! But I promise I wn’t let you forget!

          • Goodnight JodieO…loves you for hanging in as long as you did..xoxox.
            Ang…You must be exhausted too…it 3:22 here…I don’t know if your ahead or behind me..that sounds weird… but I know your only staying up to be sweet as usual…I loves you for that..go to bed….xoxox

            Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving..but I will be here off and on…please pray I don’t lose this tonght…

            LOVE YOU BOTH 🙂

          • MidCyn – Enjoy your thanksgiving tomorrow! And give your unicorn son a big hug from all of us! 🙂

            I’m an hour earlier than you…but I am tired! So I am going to bed!

            You won’t lose tonight…we won’t let you!


        • I think I’m going to have to go to bed too! I hate to leave you MidCyn, but I have run out of steam!

          Lots more to talk about tomorrow! And don’t worry, we’ll help you remember it all!

          So, so, so happy to share this night with you!


  47. @MidCyn, PHEW! Just finished reading ALL of the comments in response to your NM experience. Truth. Oh my god, took like an hour.

    Anyway, OMCharlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so so so excited that you went. And proud. So proud. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true for me. I know you think that’s silly, but whatever. It is a dream come true.

    So anyway, I TOTALLY agree about the teeth. I don’t think Rob is perfect enough to be the Edward i imagine. Plus my Edward is snarkier and has some more personality to him. Ah well. Rob is Rob and so that is that.

    As someone found in the book, Jasper affects her physically and not mentally. It’s a weak explanation because Kate can’t affect her (Kate can more or less electrocute people), which is a pivotal part of Breaking Dawn (in my opinion, which is why I want to play the part of Kate, because she’s badass and I want to do my own stunts. In fact, I’ve already written out a fight sequence for her and Felix that’s not in the book. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, you’re not to BD yet of course!). Oh well, Meyer has other inconsistencies, but we all love her anyway.

    God, I’m so happy you went. And I’m so happy your son was insistent about it.

    Sigh. This is just so exciting.

    Sorry I ditched last night. I promised my friend’s little sister we’d go out dancing, as IWL predicted. We had a ton of fun, which was good. I hadn’t been dancing since I got back in Orlando.

    Anyway, I need to eat. It’s quarter to 4 and I haven’t eaten anything today. Boo. I think I’m going to get Chik-fil-a and just treat myself to some unhealthy deliciousness!

    I’m so glad you can talk NM now!!!! You’re one of us completely now. We should all get tribal tattoos. Heh.

    **HUGE HUGS**

  48. […] FUGLY RING.  Are those pavé diamonds?  I talked about this months ago on LTT, Slade.  I hope that the “re-shoots” going on in Vancouver right now are these scenes with a […]

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