Young love is Taylor-made

Dear Taylors,

Awwww, ain’t young love grand?! It’s not even spring and we get to enjoy a little bit of love blossoming in the fall as we watch you two meet up all over the country. I’m going to write each of you a letter and you can figure out which one is to who…


PS Can we come up with a better couple name that Tay-tay or Taylor squared for you guys? Those just don’t have the right ring to them

Our song is the way you phase, sneaking out past paps and tip toeing back a sleepin' big daddy

Our song is the way you phase, sneaking out past paps, tip toeing past a snoring Big Daddy

Dear Taylor,

Don’t screw this up!!! If it’s true and you are playing the hanky panky at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Taylor than you’re a lucky SOB cause this girl is 19, you are 17 and in boy/girls maturity levels that’s a lot. And besides that, she’s a young musician who not only plays an instrument but also writes her own music! This girls got it going on, and has the songs to prove it. Which you can learn a lot from, by the way! If we know anything about Taylor we know she likes Romeo and Juliet, love stories, flowers, screen doors slamming, Tim McGraw, castles, tear drops, glitter,  that stupid old pick up truck, burning shit, white horses, hates cheer captains and loves being fearless. Oh and she hates the JoBros. But who doesn’t?

So seriously don’t screw this up cause you KNOW Taylor will turn your relationship in her next number one album if you break her heart! And don’t think we won’t know who’s she’s referring to when she sings about “that stupid dog.”  I will also warn you know that Big Daddy told me he’s getting ready to sit you down and have “the talk” with you! So if Big Daddy asks to take you to McDee’s for some “one-on-one time” he’s not refering to private time with a certain fried fish sammy, he’s talking about emabarassing birds and the bees, this is where babies come from, true love waits, keep it in your pants shiz! Prepare yourself! And tape it, so we can listen later cause it will be epically 2nd hand embarrassing! Oh and if Kanye gets any funny ideas at this years Grammy’s you better come prepared to throw down. I’m talking “don’t get me upset” Jacob style throw down.

Ok now go send this girls some flowers and do a back flip for her while you recite a poem you wrote called “Taylor + Taylor, we can make it not a failure” So, clearly you’ll help you with your writing skills (and mine).

It’s a love story Taylor, just say yes!

PS If something happens and you have to break up with her don’t do it via phone like that loser Jonas Brother did. You’re a classy fellow have the balls and do that ish in person!

Follow the cut to see my letter to the other Taylor! And some other goodies…


And I said Taylor take me somewhere we can be alone. It's a love story baby just say yes!

Dear Taylor,

If you really have snagged a werewolf and happen to have been caught going into the Beverly Wilshire with said wolf (though I doubt your parents or Big Daddy would allow this) please take my three tid bits of advice:

1. hang on and ride that werewolf like it’s your job
2. please don’t do anything stupid. Take birth control if you must
3. Watch out for Chris Hansen, that guys got a GPS attached to Taylor’s ass and you’re now officially on his watch list

Since you are 19 and super successful you have the upperhand in this Taylor squared situation so make sure you break him in properly, he is 17 after all and well the chances of you two lasting forever are well, slim, but if you put in the hard work now, whatever girl down the road ends up with him will thank you and your awesomeness for teaching him “the ways.” And well, you’ll probably end up with another slew of hits if he’s a loser and breaks your heart and even if he doesn’t you’ll at least always have us as fans! I can’t wait to hear your sure-to-be hits “Rust Colored Werewolf” and “Got my heart broken by someone with the same name as me.”

Now don’t disappoint me!


PS Taylor if you can eat ribs in front of Taylor and show him THIS VIDEO and he stays, he’s a keeper!

So what do you all think of this Taylor & Taylor business?! What’s a better couple name? Swiftner? Almost like my favorite broom! Do you co-sign this relationship? Do you even think anything’s happening? Should Taylor get her arse to Georgia quick like?

Since I’ve OD-ed on Taylor Swift music today, here’s my favorite for you to enjoy:

our song

tim mcgraw

love love love!!!!

you belong with me

it’s frightening how much this video mirrors my life in high school, right down to the color of the marching band uniforms. yes, I was in marching band.

FYI, Modcloth is now having it’s fall sale!! Get over there now to cash in on some fall deals (50-80% off) and maybe lock in your New Moon premiere outfit! I’m thinking something like this and this!

250 Responses

  1. They’re SWIFTER. That’s what I named them. Swift+LautnER=Swifter.

    The #7 (as of last night) song on iTunes is from Taylor’s new Deluxe version of her cd, “Fearless.” That song is “Untouchable.” It was written by my BFF’s brothers.

    I have to shamelessly promote it here, as they are also my cat’s uncles. And that’s a Very Big Deal.

    We love us some Taylor Swift ’round here. And we love us some Swifter, too. They are adorable. And I hope she does write a song about him, called, “He’s Only Seventeen.” You know, like the song by Winger, only…better…

    • Swifter was my first thought too. Then, I thought maybe the Swiffer people would get mad for the resemblance. But then, you mentioned Winger, and now I have to love you forever.

      She’s a magic mountain, she’s a leather glove, she’s my soul, it must be love… She’s only seventeen… Brilliant.

    • i like swiftner too cause it’s pretty much the only thing i could come up with cause: lautwift doesnt quite work now does it.

  2. Why did I wake up this morning with this very same topic on my mind?

    We are on the same, albeit, very strange wavelength.
    And by “strange” I mean completely “normal.”

    I was thinking “Swiftner” as their name smash-up.

  3. I am wholly Team TaylorTaylor.
    I adooooooore Taylor Swift. She is sweet and genuine and nice and she is just darling.
    And Tay Laut ain’t bad either tehe

    And my fave Tay Swift songs include Love Story, You Belong With Me, Fifteen and Shouldve Said No.

    Jayde xox

  4. hehehe… Moon, did your get the pic and “Taylor Squared” from ? b/c i saw it up there yesterday and LMCullen used that name… heehee.

    well i think (as if my opinoin matters) that they are adorable together. Plus i really like her, multi-tallented… music, movies, hooking jail-bait… GO ON GIRL! and i wanna see them in the movie Valentines Day… it should be cute.

    but the combo name… uhh… Lauft (pron. Loft) maybe… b/c Swiftner, yeah, cleaning product! But i do love the look of them together. (Awww…)

    • I can’t wait to see Valentine’s day! Seeing the Two Tays kiss is going to be adorable

      • (Jessica voice) ” i know, right?”

        but really though… that is a star packed movie… can’t hardly wait… speaking of that, any of ya’ll like the movie “can’t hardly wait”? staring a very young Carlise? great “90’s teen” flic… hilar!

    • sniffle-sniffle… i guess ya’ll don’t “love” my name for them… Lauft… sniff… anybody got a tissue?

      • I like Lauft. Cuz whenever Taylor dates someone after this romance fizzles (we know it will), anyone can combine the end of their last name with Swift. Only some people can make the beginning combine with -ft.

        I think MS bought 1,000 of those Team Edward kleenex boxes, so you might want to ask her for a tissue.

        And where were you on Billy Burke appreciation day? Everyone was hollering about “Billy’s cute, BUT PFACH OMG!” (kind of unfair to billy, I think). But, it was like 1 million Can’t Hardly Wait references. I personally think Ethan Embry is cute, so, I was sort of not into the PFach in that movie.

        • Billy Apprec Day fell on the weekend… not able to read til i get back to work… missed it. i’m late….
          MidnightCyn…i guess i’ll need some Tay-tay/Edwardian tissue *sniff*

          But TS, thanks for supporting Lauft!

    • no i got it from popsugar or lainey one of those

  5. He’s her Romeo!!

    I was so excited to see this post this morning, last night I was totally feeling the Swiftner love. Sadly there is not many ways to go with their name mash up. I’m not a fan of Taylor squared.

    The only issue I find with their love match is who do I love more, I’m a huge TaySwift fan (White Horse is amazing) but Taytot holds a special place in my heart too. One things for sure, they are both freaking gorgeous. TaySwift needs to be careful though, Taytot’s not legal even for her yet!

    I loved when he went to her concert and gave her a hug

    Lets just hope this one lasts longer than Taylena!!

  6. Dont wanna be all negative… but I dont think this will last very long…

  7. “I will also warn you know that Big Daddy told me he’s getting ready to sit you down and have “the talk” with you! So if Big Daddy asks to take you to McDee’s for some “one-on-one time” he’s not refering to private time with a certain fried fish sammy”

    I cant get over how funny u are Moon….!!! u have made my day as usual….

    Swifter??? I APPROVE! (not that it matters… :))
    Still holding out for a whilrwind affair with jail-bait but will voraciously live through Taylor Swift….

    They are so cute together….i’d hold his hand under the seat though…..and maybe a little more……*smacks hand*

    get thee to Georgia Taylor…tap that werewolf ass for ALL of us…then send pics…lolz

  8. They are cuuuuttttteeee together (So cute that it makes me drag the word out, apparently.)

    I like Swiftner!

    According to Mr. Fang, “You Belong with Me” mirrors my HS experience except he was in band and a football stud soo…

    P.S. Birth control, like green, is GOOD!

    Remember this. Live this.

    • PS Thank you all for your kind words yesterday! Made me feel loved. 🙂

      Now I just have to get back to not jumping every time the house creaks…

      • How ARE you doing fangbanger?? Worried about you and your girls all night…yup things tend to get stuck for me and I was so upset for you having to have gone through that. Do you have insurance?? I know you lost alot…and I personally would like to help if I can..I don’t have much but if there is something your girls lost etc.,, that isn’t covered..plz let me know… ❤

      • I can’t remember what your Twitter name is???

        • Hi! I am fine. The only thing my daughter lost was an easter egg that the idiots stepped on and potential heirlooms in our class rings and my other jewelry…

          But anyway, we do have insurance and they will cover it! YAY!

          My twitter name is @antisocialangel It used to be angel51_r but I had inspiration to change it.

          Thank you for your worries but really, we are okay! 🙂

    • BC is good!

  9. pics or it didn’t happen, taylor. get on that.

  10. Aw, Moon. I feel your band nerd pain. Although, it is not the least bit painful for me. Dork as I may have been, I had the time of my life in band. It’s where I met my hubby.

    I for one don’t think there is anything but friendship to this Swiftner thing. It’s cute though. I may be biased. I like Swift, but not if she’s taking Lautner off the market. (Like I’m allowed to be shopping anyway. 10 year age diff there plus marital status. Ugh.)

  11. Taylor Swift is so cute, I just wanna squeeze her! I approve of this coupling. I am going to call it “T for Two.”

    Since a JoBro was a prick extraordinaire, T.Sweezy has given up on the wearers of purity rings. Hey, girls have needs too!

    And this is when Taylor sealed her place in my cool book…

  12. Guys always like older women. My first girlfriend was three years older than me. I love older women. They are so cool. Do you know who Tim McGraw’s dad is? I’ll tell ya tomorrow. Country music is so cool. Go Phillies. Eagles won. But always remember your acky breaky heart.

  13. Am I the only one gagging??
    They look so odd together …

  14. Awwwh, aren’t they sweeeet?! You’re right, TaySquared doesn’t nearly have the same ring as TaySten. Maybe one of them needs to get a nicknameso we can better mash them up?

    JoBro broke up with her by phone? I wish there was a greeting card I could send to my ex (who dumped me by email) that says ‘even JoBro is a better man than you’. Too aggressive?

    • “a greeting card that says ‘even JoBro is a better man than you’. ” WIN! not too aggressive… anybody got Hallmarks’ number? but if he did that you shouldn’t waste the cash on the card! AH, they do have Hallmark on line… that would be a PERFECT e-card for you! HA! has it been a long time? you should do it…

    • I think probably does. They are snarky like that…and I love them for it!!

    • I think they are adorable…ahh young me they seem more “in adoration” (hope that is a word) than “in love” but whatever they are so cute. I hope they stay sweet the way they are now and not ruined by fame…I started calling them Wiftlor…I have NO IDEA why?

    • JodieO..just to let you know..opened a new Twitter…they wouldn’t let me restore my old one…new name Midnight_Cyn also changing it on LTT so I can remember it…lol…

      • That’s weird. You are showing up as one of my followers again under your old name. Twitter can be so dumb sometimes. I’ll look for you under your new hot name! Glad you came back!

        How are you feeling today? Any better?? *hugs*

    • EMAIL!!??? omg make that card yourself! i would buy one

      • Email. On his last night of being reachable before he disappeared into the nether regions of China for a week. The day before New Year’s Eve.

        Yup. He’s a winner.

        • Definately he is the loser missing out on you…glad you found out sooner rather than later….you deserve the best!

        • The day before NYE via email…wow. Some people have no tact. I fear it’s been long enough to not bother sending a card…I think it would scream “pathetically still obsessed” instead of “you’re a prick, by the way”. Probably not the message you want to send. 😉

          This reminds me of when Jack Berger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note in Sex in the City.

          • Eh, we were best friends for a long time before we got together and he still IMs me most nights, so we are still in touch. And I was so stunned that I just let him off pretty easy and never told him what a complete cocksucker I think he is, so I think it’s high time I did. =)

    • Not too aggressive.

  15. I love both the Taylors, each one of them, but NOT together. Ok, maybe because he’s going to marry me, whatever, but if they (notice the IF) get together, as husband and wife, they’ll both be called Taylor Lautner. Now THAT’s odd.

    • ohhhhhh… yeah that IS weird… especially to see it in print… *chills*

    • Oh gosh… I hadn’t thought of that yet… weird indeed.

    • HAHAHAHA i hadnt thought of that! mr. taylor and mrs taylor launter! hahahaa

      it’s alright ever jay, this is hollywood i foresee a yr at the most! this is like a sweeter/cuter/truer version of robsten

    • Hm, something tells me she’s not going to change her name. Taylor Swift is something of a brand…and I think she’s a bit more famous than Lautner. Well, she definitely was more so before Twi anyway.

  16. Well, since I already call Taylor, Taytor-Tot…I guess I can just take the ‘tor’ out and make it TayTay-Tot.

    And TSwift is on the radio RIGHT NOW!!!! It’s a sign that they will be 2gether 4ever!

  17. “Oh and if Kanye gets any funny ideas at this years Grammy’s you better come prepared to throw down. I’m talking “don’t get me upset” Jacob style throw down.”

    Full-on guffaw.

  18. Anything that says, “do it like it’s your job!” is ALWAYS hilarious. I told my stalker cousin the other day that I read Twilight Fanfic like it’s my job, and that set off a series of giggles for at least 15 minutes. It also involved a guy I like to call the bulldog, but that’s not important here. Thanks for the morning laughs!!!

  19. “Can we come up with a better couple name than Tay-tay or Taylor squared? ”

    Yeah, Swifter or Swiftner.
    Lautswift just doesn’t really work well.

    Otherwise there’s Taylor to the 2nd power and that’s just dumb.

    Can I just say how I love how the girl has kept it together? JoBro break up over the phone, then the Kanye gate…..kudos to her for being so mature at her age. I think the two Tays are cute and good together as they are both wiser and more mature beyond their years. I’m just not a fan of her music, blerk! But I like her as a person for having a good head on her shoulders.

    • i’m telling you… “Lauft” (pron loft) is the way to go.

      they’re so pretty together they look “lofty” (laufty)

    • Wait, Jonas Brothers….how old are they? And I’m assuming she only dated one of them, how old was he?! Are they triplets? Wouldn’t that be a gimmick they’d use…the JoTrips or whatever. Oh my. Now you guys know I don’t read Tiger Beat.

      • [let me preface this info with: i did NOT know this, i just looked on Wiki…] (i didn’t even know their names)

        Joe = 20 (dated Taylor)
        Nick = 17 ( dated Miley Cy.)
        Kevin = 21

        (Jonas Bros… yick. played out from the get go)

  20. I like Swiftner. They’re sort of the antithesis of Robsten… All clean and shiny and happy and pretty. Aw, puppy love.

    • Hehe, You couldn’t be more right. However it kinda makes me prefer Robsten. The amount of perfection of Swiftner is just painfully high. It makes me want to jump of a building.

    • haha so true! Taylor is a “calls back, brings flowers, shakes dad’s hand, and open your door” kinda guy.
      Rob’s a “forgets your name, might share a ciggy, takes you to hang out with his friends and ignore but you hang around anyway to see the goods” kina guy. The usual.

    • OMG heyyybrother! i think you’ve figured out why i like them so much!!! theyre the anti robsten. im so a swiftner fan like robsten fans like rob/kristen!

  21. I was in Marching Band, too. (kindredspirit)


    • I was TECHNICALLY in Marching Band but I was on the Dance Team (Aristocats!)…we took up over HALF the band.

      OH! And random fact about Sassy:

      I was in Jazz Band but don’t play an instrument. They needed one extra person to have the class so they called me to come and hang out all year. It was AWESOME!!

      • groovy baby!

      • I was in the Color guard…that’s right, I can twirl a mean flag. My daughter is actually in the band for real. She’s a kick ass trumpet player. She’s in jazz band too. I have no idea where she got it from but I was like you Sass…I just hung around in the band room and got an A for it.

        • I thought hanging around in the band room and getting an A for it was what band is all about? That and having “almost sex” on the bus trips. (Of course, that was our crew team too) (I did neither band or crew…I played water polo)

          • “That and having “almost sex” on the bus trips.”

            Is that what we were doing? Almost sex?


            The phrase “sexually active band geeks” comes to mind.


          • is almost sex the same as playing “just the tip”?

          • having “almost sex” on the bus trips.

            …and he told me I was special. Damn, Alto saxophonist!

            Seriously, I had no idea this was common. I feel so used.

    • How cool that some of my fellow twi-nerds are also fellow band-nerds! I played percussion…snare drum in marching band.

      • I played cymbals one year…well not really played but held them and made a lot of noise.

        • I played cymbals the first year I was in marching band. Or as I remember it – the year I was smacked across the hand repeatedly by the snare player. I was nicer to my cymbal high-hat holder when I was on snare. 🙂

    • I was a tone deaf saxophone player for 7 years.

      That is NOT beautiful music.

    • high fives for marching bands/color gaurd/drill team nerds!!!

      • Boo-ya! I played flute. And hung around all the nerds, because they were clever and fun. I liked to hang around nerds before hanging around nerds was cool….which makes me sound kind of cool, but trust, I was not….would not go back and change it, though. Well, maybe a couple of things….

  22. Assuming they were doing what we all think they were doing at the Bev-Wilsh … whose name do they call out in medias res? Hmmmm … it’d be like moaning for … YOURSELF? Here’s hoping they have funny and cute nicknames. Like he calls her Lucy or something. Not Bella. Not that.

    • omg maybe theyre HUGE narcissists! hahaha

      • I think they are. Mirrored ceilings and the works. The names are just the start of it. I mean, Rob can’t even watch the entire Twilight movie without getting embarrassed of himself. Taycob is gonna be takin’ the Swift to the premiere (she’ll be in a sequin dress since those are apparently way in style) and he’ll be more interested in watching himself than she will be. (Despite how devoted he looked at her concert…who were those 3 guys anyway?)

  23. would kristen approve?? she and taycob sang “love story” once..!

  24. why can’t robsten be as out there as tay-tay??!! why lord?? why??

  25. They are cute. I like this, despite the fact that they have the same name and that is just strange. However:

    Is no one else worried that Taylor L. would absolutely break Taylor S. when they get down to bidness? He is immense, and she seems very delicate and bony. I am concerned for her safety.

    Also…do we really want the sweetest person on the planet (at least from what I can tell) teaching the 10-pack about the birds and the bees? Future T-Laut sex partners will be expecting a throwdown, and instead will get….not a throwdown.

    On second thought, it’s always the seemingly innocent ones who know what’s what…Taylor Swift…I trust you.

  26. oops. wrong video, that one.

  27. Anything that says, “do it like it’s your job!” makes me giggle beyond belief. I told my stalker cousin the other day that I read Twilight fanfiction, “like it’s my job” and she laughed but it’s wicked true. Thanks for the morning laugh, it’s much needed!

  28. I approve. As much as I want to be all hateful and call her a ho for stealing my make believe boyfriend, she seems like a sweet girl. But I assure you the moment I hear one rumor about a Swiftner engagement, marriage or pregnancy I’m giving the whole franchise the finger.

  29. I love Taylor
    I love the other one as well
    This union makes me happy
    and of course it’ll provide amazing break-up songs that Taylor will act out in amazing break-up videos that will make me wish for my innocence back.
    Sigh.. to be Taylor. One of them. Preferably the female… I really have no desire to have one of those ‘things.’ you know what I mean

  30. Awwww!
    I think these two may actually just be friends. We’ve seen that the guy has many girlfriends (Selena Gomez, Kristen and now Taylor). But in my romantic lil heart, they are in love. oh, l’amour. C’est romantique!

    Though, I’m all for the couple name Taysquared. Sounds cute!

    • i think it’s a relationship b/c he ditched the Eclipse cast/wrap party to go to that game w/ her… smell like more than “like” to me…

      • well, if the scent’s not like, I don’t want to smell anyone’s fingers.

        • you know, “it smells like love to me”… smells like more that just “like”…

          no. no finger sniffing. eww. ( i have fallen for that before)

        • When I read the “smell like…” I thought of Nirvana. Oh… Hahaha!

          Also, you’re right! Yay! My romantic heart is complete now… ❤ They probably are together! Awwwww! Tays! You two are amazing!

          And ew… I'm with you, bestie. I don't think I'd wanna smell someone's fingers… especially if they're not in love. They might not wash their hands. Ew.

          • ew! Not in love? hahaha. Keep away from Robsten then…I don’t think hot pockets expressly encourages hand washing.

  31. Am I dork that when I get woken up to Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong to Me’ in the morning by my alarm, I totally keep it on and actually get up right away. I swear, that’s the only song that doesn’t piss me off when I wake up. Taylor Swift is soooooo cute! She’s a perfect match for Tay Lautner’s cutness! I think they’re a good fit – he’s got good Midwestern values to fit her country style. Who knows if they’re really dating – hope they’re having fun while they’re young like they should be! 🙂

  32. AARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I knew it! i knew when I heard it on the freakin local news this morning (I live in Nashville…every time Taylor Swift farts, it makes the news here) that freakin girl was going to get absorbed into my Twilight/Rob bubble and damn if I wasn’t right. Nothing against Taylor Swift…she’s a sweet girl from what I hear. We live in the same area she’s from. My daughter runs in the same circles as she did. Anyway, I’m just all Taylor’d out… and now she’s crossed over into my happy place. ugh.

    side note. the cheerleader in the video to Taylor’s immediate right that looks like Miley Cyrus is my daughter’s good friend…and she really is a cheerleader at JPII, the high school this was made at. Now she’s in my happy bubble too. Damn it.

    • Hold the phone!! You live in Nashville??

      YAY!!!! I am moving HOME (Nashville) at Christmas!! We need to get together! If you want. If not that’s totally cool too. Whatevs!

      • sigh… stop rubbing it in. go to Calypso together. eat a coconut muffin and think of me.. sigh

        • girl….the black bean nachos. I can see the Calypso on Elliston from my office window. I will be partaking of some Carribbean yumminess at lunch now….and thinking of you UC 🙂

      • Oh we totally should get together!! We need to swap e-mails. Is there any way to do that with out giving my e-mail out to everyone???

        • you create a temporary “for short-term use” email addy and when you get her info you close the account or just don’t use it anymore.

        • Twitter? I’m sassysmart on there too.

          Or the forum with a PM…

          • girl I barely do the twitter thing…but I’m ItsLauraHoney on there too

          • Okay…so I’m following you on Twitter now…not that I know how the hell to work it. are you on FB?? That’s more my speed.

          • And I’m following you. Just sent you a DM.

          • FYI …Twitter would not let me restore my account so opened a new one… If you want to follow me..(although warning you I am about as interesting as a dripping faucet) but my Twitter name is Midnight_Cyn…

      • *Waves from Memphis*

        Luckily we don’t get the Taylor Swift news here in Memphis… oh, wait, it’s probably because of all the murders, house fires and missing persons preempting it… well, and because no one has figured out yet that Elvis isn’t actually still alive. Shh… I don’t want to burst their bubbles.

        • So I’ll totally be in Memphis on Saturday. Going to see Bobby Long and then doing some serious Halloween partying on Beale.

          • Awesome! I didn’t even know he was going to be in Memphis… just looked it up to find out he’s totally playing in my neighborhood. Small world.

        • Tuesdaymidnight – Get out! (In my head I’m saying that in my best Elaine voice.) I live in Memphis too. Are you on the LTT Forum?

          • No way!!! (I would have read your “Get out!” in the Elaine way w/o the explanation, haha.) I signed up for the forum a long time ago, but it would never let me get to my user profile, so I gave up. I’ll log back on and see if I can get it to work. My user name’s the same. I’m so excited to find a fellow LTT Memphian!

          • Cool! I signed up on the forum not long ago so I could exchange e-mail addresses with someone, but I haven’t spent much time there. I’ll log on when I get home from work tonight and look for you!

        • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! On our move out to Oregon, my SO and I were set to go through Memphis to Arkansas and he insisted we stop there. I said, “Really? Memphis isn’t all that great, babe.” and he was all, “I’ve never seen the Mississippi!!!” So we stopped and made our picnic lunch. It was hot, humid, disgusting, no shade cover (on that water front park). “So, how do you like Memphis?” “Yeah, let’s get out of here.” And THEN he remembered that he’d been on the Mississippi before. UGH.

          • Hahahaha, sounds like you got the Memphis experience! I like to call Memphis the “armpit of the south” for that very reason. When I moved here three years ago it was 107 degrees… and then I went exploring and found the Statue of Liberation (You can google it, if you dare!) and I wanted to turn around and go home…

          • I grew up in Memphis and I will never become accustomed to the heat!

            I CANNOT believe you just told someone to google the statue of liberation! Can’t we just keep that our little secret? For the record, there are some normal things and people in Memphis too. Like me. 🙂

          • I take anyone who visits me to the Statue of Liberation! It’s like the scene of an accident, I can’t look away!! I will say, though, that Memphis is definitely growing on me… it’s not entirely without its charms.

          • tuesdaymidnight – I just sent you a message on the forum. Hope you can access it!

    • sooooooooo, do her farts smell like roses?

      My daughter (10) just discovered TS’s music. DAMN those songs are catchy! Stuck in my head all the livelong day…..I know it could be worse (Hannnah Montana–sorry to her fans…) but I listen to my own music all the time, car, kitchen, etc, but what am I humming while I brush my teeth, ‘You belong to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.’ Truth.

      • Ok, her song is on the radio AGAIN.

        I’m reading your lyrics and BAM…she’s singing them.

        It’s like effing Miley and The Climb!!

        • I’ve stopped listening to radio all together but I get Taylor and Miley blasting out of several bedrooms at my house and I swear, all these songs make me want to take a bath with a toaster. They get stuck in my head whether I want them to or not then I catch myself singing them all day. Damn them…those catchy tunes.

      • no…they smell like money.

      • Is it weird that I’ve never knowingly heard a Taylor Swift song?

        • No.

        • I’m pretty sure I haven’t either, but I’m kind of weird, so I’m probably not a very good gauge.

          • I don’t listen to the radio much and I don’t like country music much…so I suppose it’s fairly expected that I wouldn’t know her music. Wasn’t she the chick in Music and Lyrics that played the pop super star?

    • I’m with you. Love them separately, but don’t want TS on my Twilight time. Plus she’s too old for him. I wouldn’t have been caught dead with a 17 year old when I was almost 20. She should be going for a 20 someting Cullen, not a young wolfboy. Do the big boys scare her? (Sorry, now I’m just bein mean). Although when I was 20 we didn’t have 17 years olds that looked like TL!

      • Whoa, totes awkward you used “TS” for Taylor Swift. I was like, “Why is she talking about me like that?” Then it quickly made sense. And seriously on the 17/20! When I was 17 I wanted to date 20 y.o. guys…because the 17 y.o. were ugly, lanky, and immature. (Okay, actually I dated a 26 y.o. which was a mistake, but only because he was an ass)

        • So sorry on the TS faux pas! You are always welcome here! And yes when I was a 17 year old girl I wanted to date OLDER 20 year old boys, but not the other way around. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a puppy younger than me! LOL
          Ignore me, I’m just jealous!

    • I’m so sorry. I’m originally from Orlando, so I learned long ago not to fangirl crush on anyone…you never knew who the mouse or lou pearlman would pop out next.

  33. might i also add, Taycob is mighty sexy!!

    His smile makes me melt like a popsicle
    in the sun on the 4th of July

  34. Man they are so freakin’ sweet, I just got a cavity!

    (My hubs was in marching band and band geeks are hot! He was also in football and ski team and track, we lived in a very small town, so all the kids had to be on every team.)

    • that way you can’t help but to be in a popular circle! it’s a win-win, eh?

      • yes, and I knew everyone in my high school, and their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and so on. Our prom queen and king were also in band, it was awesome.

  35. Can someone clear this up for me? What is the age of consent in the US? I take it that it differs from state to state? Because it’s 16 hear in the UK so as soon as Taytay lands at Heathrow I can throw down and it’s perfectly legal.

    (Not that I would – ROB ALL THE WAY).

    • Um, not that I know this or anything, but it does vary from state to state. As in the UK, it’s 16 in most states.

      But, it’s 17 in Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Texas.

      And, it’s 18 in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

      I’m such a perv.

      Though, I’m really only Team Billy, and he’s definitely legal. 😉

      • Oh right – I was thinking it was 18 everywhere but Georgia or something. I’m starting to feel particularily pervy for wondering in the first place now!!

        • i was hoping he’d turn up in NZ cause he’s all too legal here…i think most Taycob fans checked up on age of consent as soon as that boy exploded/blossomed (I may or may not have checked before that….)

          dont feel pervy!!!It’s Normal!!! 🙂

        • No no, you’re not pervy. I’m the one who knew the answer! Haha. Though I did have to look up the particular states… then again, I did already know some of them… and I knew where to look to get the rest… because, um, I went to law school briefly??

          *waves to Chris Hansen*

      • Georgia is about to be 18, right? Anyway, How I happened to move from one 18 state to another…. blasphemy. And you’re not a perv tuesday, we’ve been discussing this very topic for months now. We’re all just trying to help out illegalwolflover when she makes her big US debut.

        • Well, since Taytay is 17, she’s got 39 states to choose from! I moved from a 16 state to an 18 state (Hit it!).

          • ROFLMAO!!!!

            @TM tell that to the judge indeed….”please your honour i really am his age…see? they wont even let me buy booze” (they dont in RL sigh)

            @TS I think Chris Hansen has already blacklisted me from ALL points of entry into the US…I’ll have to smuggle myself in wearing a bad wig ala Jasper and a British accent…
            “She looks strangely like that perv we’ve been tracking….is Taylor Lautner is the area?”

            I’m getting a baaaad reputation round these parts…..(tumbleweed rolls across screen)

          • @Illegal You really think Chris Hansen can tell the difference between an English and a New Zealander accent? Puh-leeze.

  36. Cuteness plus swiftner…love it

  37. Aaawwww aren´t they cute.. already doing PR for San Valentine movie…

  38. I love me some Taylor. Gimme either one. Even if it only lasts through the promotion of New Moon, *ahem* it’s a cuteness match in heaven. Girl’s got mad skillz, and he’s hotter than any 17 year old (or 25 year old for that matter) has any right to be. I say bring on the Taylor lovin’.

    Oh, and I just learned to play “You Belong With Me” on the guitar last night. It’s not hard to play, but still, yay me!

  39. These two? I would say that I fall into the ‘Don’t give a Swiftner’ side of things. Too young and squeaky clean for me. Maybe Robsten could double date with them at the dumpster sometime and show them how it’s done down in DirtyLand.

  40. Don’ t get me wrong…I like Taylor & Taylor but I am feeling the need to get a Robward fix…it just doesn’t feel like a normal day when we go without commenting about him …I start getting the urge to wear plaid and look in my neighbors dumpster…I know not normal..but I just can’t help myself….there must be some news that I have missed in the last couple of days…someone spill plz…..

    • You ever go to That is the main focus!!!

      • I have never been over to LTR…I have a hard enough keeping up here…lol

        • It’s all about the hawtness of Rob. Not much to keep up with. All you have to know is:

          1) Rob is hawt.

          2) He loves hot pockets and may or may not build forts out of the boxes.

          3) Many women (and a few men) would really like to meet Rob behind a dumpster.

          4) He is a big fan of plaid.

          5) Rob is hawt.

          Pretty simple. 🙂

    • I hear you…I like T&T too, but life isn’t good without my daily Robward fix!

      Glad you are feeling better today…or not feeling anything at all. At least the pain is better!

    • MidCyn – Here’s a link to some pics from New Moon. Maybe these will keep you out of your neighbor’s dumpster today.,,20308569_20308128,00.html

      • Thanks Ang. so glad you understand the need!!..Just what the doctor ordered..having mad Robward cravings…and it would not be good for me to be seen staggering over to the neighbors dumpster in my shorts and Robward tee…since its like 39 degree’s out and I have already been ordered to remain on the couch by the hubs (bastard, I think he likes having the power..only kidding) already took a header in the bathroom first thing this am….lol…but yes the meds are working but make me sooo sleepy…still look like a freaking chipmunk tho…. ❤

  41. Where is Team Seth…????

    • I still get excited when people ask where I am. To quote my own novel:
      Am I actually one of those girls with really low self-esteem?

      • No you are not one of those girls….I was missing on you…where have you been.. 🙂

        • I was sleeping 😦 Pathetic, I know. I couldn’t get to sleep last night and I had this “fantasy” that I ran into Robsten and got two photos of them. One with KStew doing the glowering glare (the one fangbanger loves so much) and the other of me drawing abs onto Rob’s stomach. Both of which had them holding up a sign that said, “I ❤ LTT". Most people fantasize about hooking up with Rob, I fantasize about getting funny photos for a blog that's not even mine. That's normal right?

          • KSTEW bitch stare FTW!!!

            I tried to explain it to my mother earlier today and she looked at me very oddly. I was sad.

      • aww… i think and ask about you… need to e-mail, huh?

        you? low self-esteem… pu-shaw… nah.

        but everyone appreciates a boost!

        • No, I’m way too vain to have low self-esteem (heh). The quote is actually from a character in my novel who doesn’t have low self-esteem either. Which is why it was funny [to me].

  42. I was an orchestra snob back in high school, but I once dated a guy who played the trombone. There are definite benefits to playing trombone…

    I love TX2. And you all are right. They are the anti-Robsten. Shiny, happy people. Such a nice change!

    Great, now I can’t get REM outta my head.

  43. Ummm…..just as I started to read this post her song “Love Story” just came of the radio at my office!! Totally ramdon

  44. Swiftner… I like that.. I also kind of chuckled at T for Two.. but I would just write it “T42”.. shorter.. less to type 🙂

    I adore this young woman. She is a unique talent. I love that I can listen to one of her songs and it brings me back to when I was a teenager.. all the feelings, the excitement, the love, the heartbreak, the promise of the future. Her songs make me remember that. I think she has a good head on her shoulders… and a good heart. He could do worse…

    TAYCOB.. what can I say.. he’s a little too “perfect” for me.. but he’s still adorable.. I’m sure he’s a good kid, I hope his parents treat him well, being a child star isn’t always fun… you have to grow up fast…

    Together.. I think they are cute… I think I could back Team T42… 🙂

  45. Did anyone think of TnT yet? ‘Cuz they’re boom dynamite! (or just an already popular brand name of the TV network)

  46. “Oh and if Kanye gets any funny ideas at this years Grammy’s you better come prepared to throw down. I’m talking “don’t get me upset” Jacob style throw down.”

    Yeah Taylor!!!! Do it!

  47. I heart them both! I can’t help it…they’re just too cute! I was also in marching band color guard in hs and college. Shout out to the AUMB!
    Also, let me remind you that the age of consent is the same in Georgia AND my home state of Alabama. I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or excited 🙂

  48. Anyone requesting to follow me on Twitter plz let me know that you are from LTT …thanks!

  49. OH UC & Moon…how could you be so cruel…you now have a huge link to prepurchase tix to NM that I will have to see all day, everyday….oh the pain…. 😦

    • MidCyn-don’t you think you might want to brave the movie theater? You went to the oral surgeon after all. And I promise seeing New Moon would be soooo much better!

      • Oh don’t I wish…I actually had to be dragged to the OS..then literally hubs kept me there until they took me..he was there to do all the talking etc., so I didn’t have to be embarrassed…different story going out to a public place…with people all around…I really stumble when I try to talk and then there is the balance issue and I just know people are thinking I am drunk or something worse…

        • Well, I don’t have a brain injury, and I will likely be stumbling and talking crazy because I won’t be able to control my excitement. 🙂

  50. Dear dearest Moon,

    As if I didn’t already love love love LTT, I love you even more for this post because you combined my two favorite people into one fine post. I dont know how much research you did on TSwift for this or if you knew it all off the top of your head (in that case, I’m impressed but she actually “hates that stupid ol’ pickup truck” she never got to drive), but I add you to my “people I consider officially cool cause they get Taylor Swift” list.

    Now here’s the real question–WILL Underage Taylor make a surprise appearance when Sundress-Wearing Taylor she hosts SNL next week?!

    • we talked about the snl thing today, me and UC. im hoping and praying to god it happens!!! keep your fingers crossed!

      and yes, i love me some taylor swift and so does uc so this one was easy peasy!

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