(Un)Motivated by Twilight


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Dear Twilight,

It’s no secret that I’m completely unmotivated at work. I can prove it. See this task list from my Outlook inbox? Yep- two of those reports are 32 weeks overdue. Yep. I’ve been hitting “snooze” on those report alerts every 5 minutes since March.

I blame you.

Okay to be fair, I’m only unmotivated at work. And when it comes to cleaning my house. And talking to my real life friends. And finding an amazing present & party idea for my husband’s 30th birthday next week. Ugh. Twilight… stop it! You’re ruining everything!

Although… IllegalWolfLover just sent us these Motivational posters she made. I think it’s just what I’m looking for. These will REALLY motivate me towards being a better worker, better cleaner, better wife & better friend. I’m printing them out and hanging them all over my office.  (I know, I know. You think I’m crazy. Like that picture of Ashley Greene is going motivate me to do anything but write my husband a letter saying, “Sorry. The time has come to confess. I no longer like boys.”) Do these motivate YOU to do anything other than doodle “22 days” and hearts all around “Swiftner” on your progress report due in 20 minutes?







What do you think? Am I gonna get any work done today? Or ever again?


THANKS IllegalWolfLover for these awesome motivational posters! I hope everyone prints out at least one & covers their fanfic binder with it! And if you have any motivational poster ideas, send them in!

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  1. Georgia tourism….. ha! 4 more months baby! Hmm… wonder if he’ll start doing more risque photo shoots….. or BETTER!

    Also: I KNEW there was a reason I loved history! YUM!

  2. These are good.
    Especially Rob and PFach ones.
    And HELLOOOOO! Tay! I have not seen that picture before. Mmmm. Legal in only Georgia, USA? Yes.
    Legal in all states of Australia? YES.
    Although Rob is faaaaar more my type.
    But I digress.
    These posters have motivated me.
    I am now motivated to apply for a new job and blog more often.
    Thanks 🙂


  3. OK. How come the avatar I set up yesterday in the forum isn’t showing up on my comment here?
    How do I fix that?

  4. i have to agree with you “Bunny” (heh)… not really focused at work like i should be… it’s a crying shame! Dang it. But i have a feeling that for me personally, i would tend to day-dream at my desk even MORE if those posters adorned my office area… tempting… maybe i’ll print and put on the fridge at home… i need a LOT of help there too w/ all the moving boxes scattereed about…

    yeah, Thanks… thanks for providing me w/ a conSIStant daily distraction via LTT… i swunny… where are the days going? (post-post-post)

  5. Awee.. that last one is funny, but also a little sad.. She is sooo drop dead gorgeous!!!

    Unmotivated, for sure! I’m here, instead of preparing for class.. and I’ll be here after class checking for more vidos.. and I’ll miss supper cause I’ll be watching the new vids I found…. THERES SO MANY NEW VIDEOS.. They kill me, they are soo amazing..

    Oooh, fun short story..
    Last night, as me and my bf watch tv, a new moon preview comes on, and its the shorter one that shows a lot of the wolves, etc..
    And my bf says, talking about taylor/jacob..
    “Is he still a vampire when he turns into a thing?”
    Yes honey, he is a vampire-werewolf, some freak hybrid shiz…
    I heart my bf, lol, he makes me smile 🙂

    • Wouldn’t that be what Jacob and Renessemee (how the eff do you spell her name?) kid would be…

      1/4 vamp, 1/2 human, 1/4 wolf…so would the offspring be it’s own enemy?

      This is a riddle like they only have in Georgia…your grandfather, uncle and brother are all the same person kind of thing.

      • spell it “Renesmee”

      • Your fancy genetics are hurting my head!!

      • Holy crap Sassy…talk about screwing with my head!!! I got dizzy just reading all that..lmao….

        Morning EVERYONE!!! 🙂

      • It’s not only that (the enemy thing), but vampire blood is venomous. So, unless the kid (including Reneseme herself) has 2 sets of veins, how does that work? 1/4 of her would die and 1/2 of her would change into a vampire?

        PLUS, there’s the issue of wolves actually being shapeshifters. Which means their blood is human until they become wolves, plus they can turn it off later in life (and finally quit wearing those fugly jorts and gap cut-off shirts). So, is the blood really 1/4 vampire and 3/4 human? AND do we really measure blood that way, or is more like a dominant/recessive gene thing?

    • mine was trying to jump on the bandwagon yesterday and said when is moonlight at the movies…. you just gotta love em!

  6. Love the History one! If only we had twi-inspired education videos at school, I might have become an historian or a biologist.

    And are my eyes misleading me or is Taylor wearing plaid and Wayfarers? I almost thought it was Rob, until I noticed the shirt was buttoned up correctly.

  7. illegalwolflover, those are awesome! if i had a binder of fanfic, i would be all over it, however all i have is one special edition of People hidden under the couch, and i don’t think that necessitates a binder. and no way is mister gonna go for me papering the walls of our place with cast photos, motivational though they may be. i’m still counting my blessings from when he helped me print out Midnight Sun (for my mother ~ahem~)
    moon and uc, you should have another contest soon so we all have an excuse to make more macros. fun times.
    and i’m throwing my two cents in to request a J.C.B. appreciation day sometime soonish because he showed up in a dream last night, and that’s gotta mean something. it’s like a sign, you guys!

  8. IllegalWolfLover, these are awesome!! I love the Chris Weitz one… I spit out my coffee at “Rastafarian Cougar.”

    Am I motivated to do work now? No, but I wasn’t motivated to do work even before I read Twilight. Did Twilight make it worse? Irrevocably so. 😉

    • The glow behind him is kind of like the blessings from above…he’s an angel and will bring greatness to each of us!

  9. I don’t have a real job, but Twilight has definitely interfered with my housekeeping duties (and laundry, cooking….I could go on all day). My 2 and 4 year olds can easily identify Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, and a lot of the other characters, so the kids have blown my cover to Mr. Fursploded. Today I have to make a Halloween costume, carve the pumpkins that have been rotting in the garage for a week, make games for my daughter’s preschool party on Friday. All of these things I have been “hitting snooze” on for weeks…all because of Twilight. I, too will be printing out the motivational posters and sticking them to the fridge. I will get to “work” today!…after I go to LTR….and Robsessed….and watch the clip from the scream awards again.

    • LOL – your life sounds like my life! How do you explain to other parent’s that you forgot about the class party because you were too busy making arrangements for your New Moon Party! 🙂

      • The funny thing is, I think I might not be alone. I should probably save this for my ‘letter to Twilight’ that I’ve been meaning to write, but…my daughter’s teacher has pet turtles in the classroom and one of them is named ‘Bella.’ Also, she came home from school and told me that her friend’s mom “reads the book with an apple on it that is just like mine.” Twilight has infiltrated the preschools.

        • you are for sure not alone!

          • omg! I just realized that you should organize playdates where you and the other moms read Twi/FF while the kids play! It’s like a rotation. One mom watches while the rest read a chapter, then it moves to the next mom.

          • TeamSeth…for that idea, you are my new fake lesbian life partner.

      • My son was late for Kinder because I was reading fan fiction. Really don’t want to try and explain that one 🙂

    • My 5 and 6 year old sons know the cast, too. At the grocery store yesterday in line, my 6 year old goes, “Look mommy, it’s Twilight!”
      The guy in line in front of me just smirked.
      Forced to admit Twilight obsession in RL… first hand embarrassing.

    • Haha, I don’t have a “real” job either.

      “Carve the pumpkins that have been rotting in the garage for a week.”

      Well I guess I’m in good company…I don’t think mine’s ever gonna be carved! It’s just rotting too, sitting on my porch. I wanted to carve something fancy, like say Edward’s face….nah. I think I’ll just ruin it and the neighbors will make fun of me. I chose to stay a closet-fan this time.

      Goodluck on getting stuff done!

      • You read my mind on the “Edward’s face” pumpkin, but my husband said he would bust it in the street if I did, and I just can’t see that done to Edward’s face.

      • My friend did the Edward’s face stencil.
        Got text from her earlier that this is a tragic day, Pumpkin Edwards eyes fell out. He is now smooshed.
        RIP Pumpkin Edward.
        I suspect foul play tho…

        • Oh no! Poor pumpkin Edward! Your friend must be good though, I can’t even begin to imagine how to carve Edward’s face! It will take me hours! I think I’ll just draw it on there. Haha.

          Yes I suspect foul play too! See that’s one reason why I didn’t want to. I’m just sure one of my neighbors are gonna mess it up.

          • It was a stencil. She got it at wal mart. LOL.
            She got Edward, Spongebob and Patrick.
            Patrick is the lone survivor

  10. I can dig it. Filing a marketing report. Bah humbug. Great posters. I love em. Go Phillies. There is a bad mooning rising. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  11. I wonder if I could replace that Rob photo with GQ sad Rob, print it out and hang it over my desk?

    It’s not like people really want their legal bills anyway….

  12. I’m just watching *the kiss* scene today. That’s on my agenda and should take me to lunchtime quite nicely! Love a bit of grunting and whimpering from Eddie to kick start my day 🙂

    • I watched that too – nearly fell of my chair.

    • oh god, i watched it last night and i died! must go watch again now.

    • WHAAAAT !!!???


      • I posted it below…and pissed off the Twi prudes. Sorry girls.

        • you’re a jerk.

          But i’m doing really well. After Twi prudes was established, I’ve not watched ANY new material. I think it’s because I’m so excited about the trailer still that I can just get my fix on that…and the fact that I don’t care that much about Twilight besides this blog. 😉

    • I watched it last night because I thought it was the same one from months ago. It was the same but this one was more detailed, it had more dialogue. I couldn’t resist. I love it…love how he moaned into her mouth. I was biting my lip so hard! I was so hot and bothered you would have thought I watched a sex tape!!! 😛

      • I KNOW RIGHT! Although, it’s quite obvious to us that this kiss is post-birthday and Robward is full of emotion because he knows he is going to have to leave and it’s the hardest and most painful desicion he has ever made, and to everyone else it’s another case of JIZZED IN MY PANTS.

        • Darn, I wish it was my birthday, and I wish Edward was my boyfriend.

          He did awesome…best kiss ever! Like you said you could really see the sadness on his face because he knew he was going to let her go eventually. So to me it was like sad and HOT at the same time. Normal right? 🙂

        • Thanks for this guys, now whenever I watch the movie I think, “jizzed in my pants” during the scene when he smells her in bio. Totally lightens the moment for me!!!

        • Stop it, you fudgers. I am trying REALLY HARD to delay my gratification with all the spoilers, and you all are SHOVING IT IN MY FACE!!!

          Why don’t you just come over to my house in a couple months and open all my presents? And then TALK ABOUT THEM IN DETAIL on here? SOUNDS GREAT, RIGHT?

          If this comes off pissy, ignore. It’s just that I’m at work and all I want to do is crawl in the corner and suck on my thumb. I’m trying so hard to resist googling whatever the eff you’re talking about and I just don’t know if I have the strength. Where is fangbanger when I need her?

    • Staying strong! I will not watch it! 21 days!

      • #truelovewaits for the #twiprude.

        I didn’t even watch the Scream awards last night (mostly because I am a little jumpy lately and when I turned it on, every scary clip ever was being shown).

      • I am with you. Twiprudes Unite! However, reading these comments is breaking down my defenses. Pray to the Twigods that I can keep my legs crossed.. er.. um… I mean, NOT watch.

        • HAHA! “legs crossed”! you just references my post from the other week… aww, i’m touched.

          yup, legs crossed and nickel between the knees.

          (new montra) “i will not watch, i will not watch, so as not to effect my crotch”… (i put that for the bennifit of those who are getting “all hot and bothered” preemtively.

          Twiprudes Unite! Stay strong… support group meeting are daily at 2pm, ha-ha-ha…

      • Rock on! GO TWIPRUDES!!!!!!!!

  13. Keep hitting the “snooze” on that long overdue report. Until December 4. Ahem.

    Is all I’m sayin’.

    p.s. No, I didn’t watch “the kiss.” Remember, I’m a purist. A real fan. The end.

  14. I love this! Especially the Chris Weitz one (because we all know how much of a fan I am. *cough*DILF*cough*)

    I saw one once with ‘Robert Pattinson: The guy your girlfriend thinks of during sex.” Classic.

  15. PFach interview with Vanity Fair:

    Is it just me or in the first pic, is Peter sporting the signature RPatz plaid and bronze sex hair? haha!

    • Rob is setting the trend! First taylor with the plaid, now PFach!

      • That settles it, I’m headed to the Goodwill store this weekend to pick up my plaid shirt and secondhand holey jeans for the premiere.

        • lol already got mine!

        • I changed my oil today, and I had to wear my old holey jeans (which used to be my awesome, tight, going out jeans before they developed a series of holes in unfortunate areas) and a crappy tshirt. My friend leant me his hydraulic jack and jack stands, so I was changing it over at his place, and he offered me his plaid jacket to wear ‘cuz it was cold! I wanted to take a picture to send to this blog SOOOO bad. I had to look so hilarious. Plaid/flannel coat, tight holey jeans, and engine oil all over my hands…

  16. Thanks guys! they didnt help me finish my assignment though and now i have to be up all night trying to catch up… :p

    Damn u Twilight!!! *shakes fist at sky and then runs into forest to escape wrath*
    sorry sorry….

  17. I love these! They’re brilliant! My favorite is the one of Rob. :-). I think he’s sex on fire too….probably sex on a stick as well!

    You all should really post more pics from the Oscars. He looks absolutely gorgeous in a tux.

  18. I so relate to this – As I am reading – at work – my reminder window is minimized on my task bar. I have 10 reminders, all painfully “overdue.”

    Thanks for the motivational posters! I’m sure I’ll be way more productive today.

  19. Social comments and analytics for this post…

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  20. These are brilliant, love them all. Thanks IllegalWolfLover.

    Hopefully I’ll find some motivation for my assignment. (Unfortunately Twilight is so much more entertaining and distracting)

  21. Nicely done IWL!

    I’ve always thought that it was a good thing I don’t use a computer at work and your sites would be all blocked anyway (schooldistrict). And if I can’t come in here and comment like a maniac, seriously, what is the point?! If we lived closer, maybe we could split a maid, because that is what suffers here due to my un-motivation…

  22. UC…is it even possible to go back to being productive members of society? Do I want to go back to making sure insurance companies cover women’s pap smears and mammograms? Do I really want to participate in my children’s extra-curricular activities? Do I really want to plan my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party? Meh…I’m pretty happy being useless..
    I say we all just throw caution, our families and our good sense to the wind and continue to help KLutz bring back the ManWhore 🙂

    • I’m so with you on this! I have been very much “checked out” at work lately. BARE MINIMUM. I used to read a variety of blogs but now it’s just LTT & LTR, multiple times a day.

    • Please try to make sure our pap smears and mammograms are covered…

  23. Every day I get reminded why I don’t like Jenny Garth.

    Today is no different.

    Lucky Bitch.

  24. Today’s post is very appropriate for me because I haven’t been getting anything done at work lately. It’s a miracle I haven’t been fired, LOL! True story.

    See this stack…..see the date on that stack? That’s how far behind I am. True story. The reason…..I slack off and would rather visit the Twilight blog world and talk to my friends.

    (I can’t believe I actually took a photo of the pile on my desk and uploaded it to flickr! LOL!)

    But all of that has to be done in the computer and processed by moi. Me = Fail.

    The thing is, I have a very laid back job where everything I do doesn’t necessarily have a deadline, it’s just one of those things where you get it done when you get it done as long as you get it done and my boss acts more like a father or a friend than a discipline enforcer, LOL!

    But like I blame everything else on……it’s Summit’s fault!

    • Am feeling pretty useless myself – some how am happy Rob has not been in the vicinity for a while – makes things much more easier to ignore, but NM spoilers can’t let you rest in peace. THIS FILM should come and go quickly so that we can move on ha ha ha – I keep reminding myself that the madness will soon be over ( well hopefully). But then again there’s UC and Moon! how can you keep a straight face and go about your business while the blog still exists?
      Some little devil in me wants all the Twilight blogs to close down so I can be more productive and another part of me wants to know what’s going on, the fun and laughs of blogging, the invisible community bond and so on – something gotta give! and it aint me. I visit here religiously, UC and Moon like my heroine, can’t do without my daily dose..

  25. Twilight has totally ruined all motivation I have at work… and in school… and at home. I’m completely ruined! I’ve been “working” on the same report at work for Way too long now and I don’t think the motivational posters will help productivity as much as they will bring it to an absolute stand still. If I print and hang them in my office I will do nothing but stare at them all day. Especially the Sex on Fire one, because I love that song and I think of him every time I hear it!

    • Not me. I’ll keep thinking of other motivational posters that I could make. And then were to hang them so they’re in prime viewing space. I fail at all things real life.

  26. Wow, SO glad I’m not the only one. My Outlook Task list overfloweth. I’m at the point where I hit snooze for like a week at a time.

    Example: right after Labor Day weekend, my work sent out an email about mandatory training that would take an hour online. We had until October 21st to take the hour-long course. Guess when I did it? 5:30 on October 21st. AND, I kept taking breaks in the middle of it all to do Twi and twitter-related things. Because I’m an idiot.

    Eff you, Twilight. You’ve ruined me. (jk, I love you.)

  27. Love them, Illegalwolflover! Especially the ‘Tourism’ one.

  28. Remember that line in You’ve Got Mail where Frank tells Kathleen about the entire workforce of some state was caught wasting time at work playing solitaire?

    LTT is the new solitaire… and I am not ashamed.

    Although I may be ashamed that I have watched You’ve Got Mail so many times that that quote came to mind… nope. Still not. I have no pride.

  29. Totally unmotivated! My daily Internet Explorer tabs consist of f-book, yahoo, LTT, LTR, & Robert Pattinson on google, which I can refresh for updated ‘news postings’. Oh & of course a work tab that I can quickly hit when I hear my boss come stomping down the hall to my office so I can again look like I’m very busy at work! LOL!

  30. Like that picture of Ashley Greene is going motivate me to do anything but write my husband a letter saying, “Sorry. The time has come to confess. I no longer like boys.” HAHA!

  31. Silly willy…..God Bles Lula for “Legal in Georgia” and “Swiftner”.

  32. The poster of Ashley motivates me to go to the gym… she’s such a hottie!

  33. This is really off topic but I HAVE to know what you all think about it. HUGE SPOILER! Don’t watch if you’re not watching new clips.

    Is it just me, or is he having a “jizzed in my pants” looking thing going on?


    • Reeeally wish you had not just put this right in front of my face. Not helping my NM abstinence!! RESIST!

      • F. U. in the goatneck, Dude, I Fursploded.

        That is so wrong of you. What’s next on the agenda? Taking some crack to a rehab? Candy bars to fat camp?

        • F.U. in the goatneck?

        • ‘Candy bars to fat camp!’ HAHAHAHAHA!

          I seriously thought there would be more spoiler lovers on here than purity ring wearers. I really want to know what someone else thinks about this. It’s KILLING me…otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone to such extremes.

          • I will not comment for the sake of the twiprudes.
            I will not comment for the sake of the twiprudes.
            I will not comment for the sake of the twiprudes.
            I will not comment for the sake of the twiprudes.
            I will not comment for the sake of the twiprudes.

          • thank you greatly Shleeeigh.

            and bless you fingers.

          • Dude, go to the forum (Rob’s Flat.) today…they are GUSHING about it!!

            I had to leave cause they started going into moaning and sighing details that I don’t want to know.

          • Ok…now you have done it….never in my wildest thoughts would I have come up with that UNTIL you said it…DAMN GIRL..your right….but I AM GOING TO FORGET about that and concentrate on that fact that I think he is just in pain knowing he is leaving Bella..
            I WILL FORGET…
            I WILL FORGET..
            I WILL FORGET…

          • We can talk about this in the forum or on chat! I think I already commented enough on the moaning in the mouth hotness! Sorry Twiprudes, I was gonna stay pure but I succumbed to temptation! 😦

        • “What’s next on the agenda? Taking some crack to a rehab? Candy bars to fat camp?”

          I am seriously crying, here. Can’t.stop.

      • Et tu, People.com? Now they’ve posted the video! I feel like I’m at a high school party and you all are insisting I “just try it. Just this once. You’ll like it, I promise.” Peer pressure. It ain’t cool, dudes.

        Outtake from home last night:

        The Man ( snarkily, and as he cooks dinner): What are you reading? Fanfiction?

        Me (on the couch, with a bunch of papers stapled together): Psh. No. It’s human resource notes. I brought work home.

        The Man (cocking one eyebrow in disbelief): Human resource notes, my ass. Half of them aren’t even human.

        • No, they are playing “Just the Tip”

        • HAHA! I was doing the same thing last night. Hubs was playing Wii and I’m beside him huddled up with Shadows of the Sun by mystichearts. (Best FF I ever read BTW, second only to the I-Ching: ‘The Office’ by tby789)

          He did mention that he saw a TV spot for the movie, to which I said, “I DON’T WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT!”


        • Midnight Sin, you are hooked! LOL. I watched it many times. How’s are you feeling?

          • Hahah I just realized I had such horrible grammer above…sorry!

            I meant to say “how are you feeling?” LMAO

            I am feeling great…(ok I am lying, feel like shitz) pain meds helping but face keeps swelling and now running a temp…but I HAVE ROB to help ease the pain…gotta go watch again…wish I could find a page that has ALL the clips on it so that I just do nothing but indulge in as much New Moon as I handle….I AM SO IN LOVE….gawd..I must be over the edge..has to be the fever….

          • hahaha….dang I can’t type…grammar NOT grammer!

          • LMAO off SB…don’t worry about grammar with me..I don’t notice things like that…my brain reads things differently than what I actually see anyway…so I miss most of that…in other words..it looked fine to me..

            One of these days you all are going to have to explain “The Forum” to me…sounds like you have all kinds of fun there…

          • Midnight Sin – yeah unfortunately I haven’t been to the forum much lately, I’ve been so busy. And honestly as we get closer to the holidays I might not even get here :-(. We got so many visitors coming this thanksgiving and Christmas.

            Btw there’s a chatroom too! I really need to go visit the ladies and gents there sometime.

            About the grammar, well I guess I’m so anal about this(for me at least) because my actual degree in college was in Communications. LOL.

      • Me neither….

      • You’re a stronger woman than I. I think I’m on about viewing 20. This is the best one by far to date.

        *fanning self*

    • sorry, too, that I had not read the comments above and that you guys had already covered “jizzed in my pants.”

    • I totally thought that when I saw it too! At the very least, an awkward boner.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOO! Summit took down the clip! DAMN YOU, SUMMIT! 86 times watching (and listening to) this was not enough! If anyone knows where else to find this, please let me know.

  34. ok…those posters are toooo good…love the Georgia Tourism and LOVE the Saviour one (I soooo agree with that) Great stuff!

  35. O.K. Those posters made me giggle, especially Kellan’s and Ashley’s. I do believe that one day, Rob will awake and beg Ashley to marry him. Maybe the last day of shooting on Breaking Dawn??

    Rob’s and Peter’s posters are so hot!! Love them!!

    I am with Moon and UC on not watching another new clip from New Moon, especially the Break Up scene. I want to experience that on the big screen, not on a computer monitor.

    Wow, is it really only 22 more days?!?!?

    • I will not watch the kissing scene.
      I will not watch the kissing scene.
      I will not watch the kissing scene.
      I will not watch the kissing scene.

      You guys are killing me with the descriptions of Edward groaning in her mouth!! Damn….

      I won’t do it. I won’t watch it.
      I won’t do it. I won’t watch it.
      I won’t do it. I won’t watch it.

  36. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!!!!…I just fell off the couch….my hands are shaking, my heart is racing and I gotta watch it again…and again…I don’t think I can take it…seriously…..I was going to post thanks to illegalwolflover for the motivational posters (although the Edward one kinda creeps me out…like he is looking at me and laughing while thinkin..”Hey Lady..your like way too old to be thinkin what your thinkin about me” and the Ashley one is titled correctly..HOPE…but for me it was when I die I HOPE to come back looking like her! Then I saw the kissing scene and shitz all went black….

    • ‘shitz all went black’ lmao.

      I know it’s hot, but did you think he looked like he went prematurely in his pants afterward? This is eating at me…I just can’t get past it. Months from now (or the day after the premiere), we will look at this scene and laugh about it, I promise you.

      • I totally agree, please see my comment further up. I’m not sure why Twilight has to do this to itself.

        OK, now I’m really not going to comment about these scenes again.

      • Sure now I have to watch it AGAIN.. (like I wasn’t going to anyway…all day) and ahhhh thanks for putting that thought in my head…luckily it will be gone tomorrow..lol.. and ummm I will definately NOT be laughing at this scene months from now…I will probably be on high blood pressure meds!!! ..If nothing else THIS SCENE is really making me reconsider not going to the theater…the idea of seeing him…I mean..the movie on the big screen is almost enough to force me to overcome my fears….almost!

        • Cyn, you have GOT to go. go ahead and buy your ticket now so you won’t feel like you can back out later… like i’ve told you before… once the theater darkens you won’t be aware of the “real world” b/c you’ll be dropped into the Twi-world…

          you’ll have no regrets, surely

        • MS you should see it! If I was closer I would totally take you to see it in the movies!

    • @MidCyn – ”Hey Lady..your like way too old to be thinkin what your thinkin about me” lol

      That’s one of my favorite Rob pics! Try this instead: “Hey Lady…let’s blow this party and enjoy a Hot Pocket in my room upstairs.”

      See, now you won’t feel so creepy. 🙂

      • LMAO…Ang…you make my face hurt when you get me laughing…shame on you..!! I am still thinking he is looking at me going ” Ahhh sorry but it would be like %??? my Mom”….I am so old…. 😦 But that kissing clip..OME…I can’t help but feel his pain….So it got me to thinkin..”Come here Eddie, come to Mama and I will make it all right”…Shitz..I have lost it totally…blame it on the fever…blame it on the fever….I have got to find a way to see this movie…..got to…

        • Come to mama!!!! That cracked me up!

          I get more excited with every new clip. At first I wasn’t going to watch stuff – I usually don’t like to see too much of a movie before I really see it. But this is different. I never tire of seeing Robward!

          I promise you, having read the book, that scene is very well played by Rob!

          • AMEN Ang!

          • Ang I don’t have to feel guilty watching the clips cause I don’t remember them…lol…although I am trying to find a way to save this kissing clip…cause like I don’t ever want to forget the look of pain on Edwards face…I so forgive him (not really but sort of) for leaving Bella…and not being able to read the book…I just can’t make sense of it (him leaving)…gotta watch again…just in case the puter goes….

  37. I love these. It’s truth that my productivity at work has completely gone down since March when I found this blog, and I was already hanging by a thin wire due to Twilight. Now each day, I debate bringing my personal laptop to work so I can blame client phone calls and e-mails as distractions and go “work” off site – all to really just check updates more frequently.

    IWL, thanks for throwing aside your real life obligations to share these with all of us – you know what’s really important. I don’t have a fanfic binder, but I just might cover my binder of Swiftner pics I have started. Not a huge fan of T. Lautner, but I am of rainbows, ponies and fairy tales; their innocence is so refreshing. I feel like I’m looking at newborn babies and puppies when I see them together. It’s my new happy place.

  38. I have to say that although my overall work ouput has suffered due to Twilight, my work relationships have improved. Now, instead of getting caught scowling at my computer, my coworkers are more likely to find me laughing at my phone. (I use my crackberry to view this blog because I don’t need corporate IT to know exactly how much time I spend on LTT daily). LTT has become a daily source of happiness and snarkiness all in one that makes my usually frustrating day go a little smoother. So thank you Twilight and thank you LTT! My only sadness is that I have no one here to share IWL’ brilliance with…deeply in the Twi-closet…

  39. I wish Rob was my job 🙂

    Thanks for the post, good to know that I am not the only one behind in my job and I am a SAHM, so when I don’t do my job people don’t eat or bathe, so it is really bad! Yeah, cereal and hot pockets for dinner again tonight!

    Love the posters IWL you are very talented. I am bummed that you live in NZ! I was hoping you lived closer by and we could be “twi-lepers” together!

    • I wish Rob was my job too! how sad, as I said yesterday anything I can do as my job is hilarious!!

    • awww i wish we could be twi-lpers together..it will be the start of a twi-leper colony…lets find an island and a boat…and build a movie theatre of course….

      are u in Aussie?

    • This evening after my DH left for work I saw a huge message for me on the dry erase board: *PLEASE* wash my work clothes!

      I guess that about says it all! LMAO. Dinner is not gonna be on time tonight either. My 2 yr old has been munching on blueberries and cookies, that might be dinner for her unless she wants to wait for the chicken! I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise!

  40. Great post! I work in retail so I have weird days off sometimes (as in middle of the week) and I’m supposed to use that day to do laundry, clean house, etc. Never gets done thanks to this blog, you tube clips, and those stupid games on Facebook everyone sucked me in to.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of love for Rob and Tay, but DAMN PFach! I love me some hot older men in period costume! Am I weird for loving him in that outfit? (not to mention the Dr’s outfit from his fantastic entrance in Twilight!) I think I embarrassed my friends when I screamed out in the theater when he burst through those doors in all his glory. Jenny Garth is a LUCKY woman….

    • @ SarahG re: “Am I weird for loving him in that outfit?”

      conclusive answer: NO! but please PUH-LEEEEASE don’t tell me you like his hair there… please, dear lord NOOOOO… yick… “period costume” yeah, got it, but bleck…. that’s a jacked-up looking comb-over.

      • @ambushed: no no, I am in total agreement with EVERYONE that we neeednto fire the wig department! I don’t get how they can let Rachelle “go” but not the wig dept. Sheesh!

        I’m just obsessing over that picture. I loved Heath Ledger in The Patriot, the guy who played Mr. Darcy in Keira Knightly’s Pride and Prejudice, etc. Somethin about the way they dressed back then is hot. 🙂

  41. okay.. it’s almost 5 pm for me so i’ll be heading home…

    sorry to’ve missed Team Seth today but “hi-HI-hi!” *waves* (if and when you check out today’s postings)

    hope everyone has a lovely evening!

    stay twi-happy!


    • Midnight Sin- Summit removed the clip 😦 so no it’s not your computer, I don’t think so!

      • OME…THIS IS THE WORST DAY!!! Your right its gone…I had another computer fail and I just got back on and it WAS GONE…. I am crying now!!! Is there no pleasure in life anymore??? Doesn’t Summit realize that some of us live for these clips??? Where is the justice!!!??

        • MidCyn – I’m sad too! I can’t watch videos at work, so I was anxiously awaiting seeing it again tonight! Bummer. I’m sure there will be another enticing clip for us to enjoy soon. Here’s something older for you to enjoy while we wait for something new:

        • I meant to just paste the link and accidently posted the video box. For the Twi-Prudes this the official trailer…don’t hate me for posting it!

  43. I got so lost in the kissing clip that I forgot what the topic of the day was….so I just thought that I would offer my own different perspective on the subject…I have actually BECOME MOTIVATED because of Twilight…I know I don’t have to go into details cause you all know my boring story…but it could have ended when I finally finished Twilight after almost a year IS a long time to finish a book! Instead I wanted more..so I have kept reading/watching Twilight daily, I have met the most incredible people here on LTT…I have all four books now (thanks to Twi-daughter) and the determination to get through them all…I have continued to fight my low self esteem and when I falter as I did recently, my friends here helped me realize I can never give up. Yes I spend my days at LTT, but I am learning so much from all of you. Acceptance, patience and the drive to keep fighting even when I feel it is hopeless. So it is time well spent, I have a place to go everyday, friends to laugh with and I am not alone anymore. I am motivated every day to push forward, hell I even learned how to Twitter or is it tweet? Ok so I have a ways to go, but I am not going to give up…Twilight/LTT has done that for me…I still wish I could thank everyone personally…especially Stephanie Meyers who without knowing it, really changed my life or should I say gave my life purpose again..all because of Twilight…UC & Moon you are responsible for tossing me a lifeline and I am hanging on…for that I will never be able to thank you enough.

    • Now how could any of us let ourselves feel guilty for spending so much time on LTT when we know how much MidCyn appreciates the time we spend here? 🙂

      Seriously I think it’s awesome that you hang with us!

      • Thanks Ang…your awesome….just when I was so upset that Summit took away my Rob clip..I see your comment..and I am once again smiling…how could Summit be soooo cruel!!!??? Had computer fail again..came back and it was gone… 😦

        • I just tried to post a video above – not the kiss, but an awesome fix for you anyway! It’s dragging on my computer. Hope it work for you! Here’s another link in case that one doesn’t work:

        • Apparently I am mentally challenged this evening. For some reason each time I try to add a link, it posts the video itself. I give up now.

  44. The closer “New Moon” gets, the less work I’m capable of accomplishing. I may fail out of college at this rate. Between scouring the web for news and drooling over TLaut pics (oops, did I say that out loud?) and blogging (http://isawforeverinmynever.wordpress.com/) I’ve done virtually nothing for 2 weeks.

    …But it’s so worth it.

  45. Well, you guys made the comments easy to skim through today…because everything was responses to the new kissing scene! UGH. I’m just going to pretend it’s between Emily and Sam since Edward and Bella DO NOT kiss in Volterra.

    • i’m totally a twi-prude. i’m glad it happened.

      • That makes me sad too! 😦 The fact that he wouldn’t kiss her on the lips was such a huge indicator of their internal tension and confusion until Edward finally tells Bella he’ll never leave her again. I loooove the end of the New Moon book. I wish they would stay true to Stephenie’s brilliance.

        • I still get annoyed whenever Rob’s lips move. Edward’s supposed to be marble-like. Bella’s lips form to his, none of this open-mouthed business… and anyway, I don’t get the excitement. I don’t think that kiss is even meant to be “hot,” Edward’s in pain.

          Then again… sometimes there’s a fine line between the expression of pain and the expression of pleasure…

  46. Goodness… Ashley is gorgeous in that pic!!!!

    If it’s a sex tape of Rob and Ashley, I will watch it!!!!!!

    I just still can’t accept it (and I will never accept it) if Robsten is real. I mean, Kstew is just a girl who landed at the right place at the right time. I’m sure if Ashley or me or Moon or UC got the (Bella) role, do countless takes of kissing scenes with Rob, was instructed to pretend to look in love during filming and premiere nights (though for me it’s real), Rob will unconditionally, and irrevocably (Yes, I just typed that) fall!!!! HARD!!!! as in HARD!!!!! hahahahaha… I want to know what that mullet did in her previous life to be the luckiest (boy) girl of the 21st century!

    I can’t wait for New Moon!!!! I, together with my cousins, will hump the moviescreen simultaneously!!!!!! Whoaa…. That’s a big one!!!!

  47. Swiftner forever and to think all the adorableness started with this

    and continued on with



    and boo to jonas

    ^^such cute expressions!!

  48. ^^can you imagine the “Unmotivational” stuff that Tay Swift will produce if she does combine with TayLautner? BTW that’s a good name for them..TAYlor plus LAutner equals TayLa 😀 and one more

    I can’t even imagine the awesomeness of her combined with Taytay

  49. I was a motivated person until I read twilight. Now just totally useless really. B UT finished Twilight (again) yesterday and found a major flaw. As I was a closet fan for months and am rather new to all this blogging and stuff, perhaps it’s been talked about and discussed a zillion times, but when Edward drinks Bellas blood to suck the venom out why why why are his eyes blacker than black in hospital. wouldn’t they have at least turned a slight shade of pink? Surely this is not a new revelation has anyone noticed this before and what are your explanations?

    • I’m going to apologize for this in advance, but I really want to respond with: “It’s the fluorescents, you can google it.” 😉

      Though, actually, I have never noticed this…

      • I know I only noticed after reading it for the tenth time! Now I’ve gone all cynical and hurrumphing through new moon looking for flaws. The love of all things meyer has taken a definate kick to the nether regions

  50. […] i love jorts Who’s Laughing now?* i am, i am laughing Love, UnintendedChoice i wear white gloves when I sing that song Thanks to Illegalwolflover & Rebecca for the amazing posters! See (Un)Motivated by Twilight Round 1 here […]

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