Not alright with this New Moon Hair & Makeup Dept.

if I was one of these girls or Jackson, I'd be crying openly

if I was one of these girls or Jackson, I'd be crying openly (click to enlarge if you can handle it)

Dear New Moon Hair/Wig people-

I’ve never been more sad in my life.

This is just NOT alright. I am seriously sad and may think of boycotting you for making Jacksper look this ridiculous. His hair is poofy and NOT CUTE. What did you do wash and set it with sponge curlers ala 5th grade? I mean it must take a lot of work to take a normally great looking guy and make him look like a poodle at the Westminster Dog Show. In fact I think that’s where you must be going to get all the wigs that were in Twilight and now New Moon. Jacob’s half up, half down wig makes him look like a Native American My Little Pony. All he’s missing are the bejeweled eyes.

If this is the hair Jasper has when he kicks butt and draws blood at Bella’s birthday party someone will have to hold me in my seat because I may not be able to help myself. I need a bad ass Jasper taking a swipe at Bella and not some fancy boy with Shirley Temple hair.

I have no more to say about this. I’m going to act as if this never happened. I have my eye on you Wig wranglers!

The end.

PS girls in this picture: please do not frame this or make it your profile pic on Facebook. We need to forget this ever happened.

PPS UC, i ❤ you and would never give you poodle hair if I was a hair stylist

74 Responses

  1. I muched liked his hair in Twilight. This doo…and that’s what it is…doo, is not working for me.


    he’s still sexy though….

    • It’s not a do…it’s definitely a don’t.

    • jaspers hair truly scares me… in a bad way.
      and i even think edwards hair doesn’t look
      too great :S (might get murdered for saying it)
      like its not as long as in twilight and its not styled
      the same and in twilight it never looked like it had gel
      in it and now it does and its not bronze.. i dont think.
      i like catherine hardwick’s verison of all of them better
      but alice and rosalie.

  2. From the stills I’ve seen, I’m liking the new make-up choices. But the hair….ick….the hair…*shudder*

    • agreed! the make up doesnt look so harsh now but the hair is a different story. help us

  3. I just choked on my pop tart. For two reasons. 1-your commentary and 2-the fact that he has grandma bingo hair. He looks like he just had his “wash-and-set”. Which is awesome. If you’re 65. And a lady.

    • exactly i feel like he’s going to call me from the ‘beauty parlor’ and im going to need to pick him up and get his walker. like with my grandma!

    • LOL this post had me almost peeing in my pants! 1) because I wore the sponge curlers every Saturday night so at church on Sunday I could look like jasper and 2) the pony/ bejeweled eyes comment! I just found this sight but it is officially bookmarked for good info and a great laugh. I agree with you totally I was psyched about the new moon trailer until Jasper and his hair flew across the piano. Poor Jackson he’ll prob get ragged about this for years! LOL

  4. I just saw a pic of this “hair”, yesterday and sent it to a friend who’s a big Jasper fan. We were both not feelin’ the hair. Saw a pic of Carlylse’ new do and I gotta saw he’s looking a little Walter Mercado to me…

  5. He needs to get a wig that’s DID.

    DID, I say. Wig wranglers, you listening?

    p.s. Totally applying for the job as head wig wrangler for Eclipse.

  6. Awww this is so sad…he looks like Shirley Temple…what happened to the kinda-slicked-back hair…he looked extra hot with that!!! I am so disappointed at the hair/makeup people…making him look all kindsa tranny-ish!!! LOL 😦

  7. I’m second-hand embarrassed for Jackson in that wig! Ugh!

    • no joke. im gonna be embarrassed to show people the movie if he looks like this the whole time

  8. I’m going to wave what, I guess, the majority will call my freak flag now. I like the wig style change.

    *Ducks from all the comb/pick combo’s and styling products flying at me.*

    I don’t like the hair style at all but I think it’s more appropriate than the twilight hairstyle. We all know he looked like a comical Edward Scissorhands there.

    The reason I like the wig change is because it is in the style of the late 1800’s. Men wore their hair like this and had big ol’ porkchops to go with it. (DH is a Civil War buff. Many a history channel snoozers I have suffered through).

    Although we think it looks a little Granny high’n’tight, it is actually right on target for the stickler history buff crowd.

    Ok, geek chic moment over. Let me have it. I can take it. 😉

    • “Many a history channel snoozers I have suffered through”…

      hahahaha, that cracked me up, because Mr LPB has made me suffer in such a way as well, My favorite is when he refers to something I “watched” (read: slept thru) and can’t understand why I retain no information whatsoever. He is not limited to just Civil War, though, no war is too boring for him!

      Anyway, I see your point and all, but I think just because Jasper lived and dies at the time of the Civil War, doesn’t mean he needs to hang onto that old lady hair! (only thing missing is the bluing tint!!) He should be keeping up with the modern trends because he is with Alice!! She would keep him current, and looking HAWT.

      OK, I have over-analyzed that enough, I am going to go back and look at his smile, because, well, …sigh….

    • dude if he had huge sideburns and chops i would hug the screen!

  9. i didn’t notice the hair i was too busy stairing at his smile.

  10. I hate Jackspers hair
    I ❤ you too moonie

  11. Okay, most of the wigs are kinda terrible. I am hoping, HOPING, that maybe we are just seeing them at bad angles, in the wrong lighting, or SOMETHING and once we see them on the big screen, they will look fine. *fingers crossed*

  12. I saw this too – YIKES! I am hoping this is like in-between shots, test run, about to cut it specifically to work with his bone structure or something. Otherwise it’s just wrong….i would much rather have the slicked back Scissorhands ‘do. At least he looked more dangerous and less like an homely English Schoolgirl

  13. No response. You’ve handled it. Thank you.

  14. Jacksper’s hair IS ridiculous, but I actually like Taykob’s half pulled back hair. I think it looks way better and more natural than the Twilight wig. This isn’t a hate comment so don’t ruffle your panties ladies. I love you!!!


  15. “Jacob’s half up, half down wig makes him look like a Native American My Little Pony” LMAO

    Yeah I agree with the hair. I was thinking that this was hopefully taken after they did a scene and just need to restyle it back to look GOOD. I think Moon/UC should get the Wig Wrangler job for Eclipse. We know our LTR/LTT could do a hell of a lot better!

    • letters from the set:

      dear ltt/ltr girls – another day another wig… uc passed out again when helping rob with his hair today. i have insisted on a chair for all dealings with the cast so they notice my fainting less.

  16. okay the my little pony…that was hilarious. and true…I wonder what little picture he has on the side of his ass?

    oh wait…sorry Chris Hansen, just kidding.

  17. Seriously, methinks it’s going to be a bit distracting to watch Jasper try to bite a chunk out of Bella’s shoulder when the Twi-grandma next to me wonders aloud, “I wonder what kind of curlers they used on him?”

  18. no, no, NO! That is just wrong. I am sad now too. I mean, he’s had some goofy hair looks before but this….there are no words.

  19. Are we sure that’s a wig? Doesn’t his hair usually look a little poodle-ish?

    And just because he is an ex civil-war hero doesn’t mean he has to be stuck in the 80’s…1880’s.

    I mean what’s next? Rosalie wearing a flapper dress? Alice wearing a straight jacket?

    Another question…do vampires wash their hair? I mean those are some pretty complicated do’s they have, that’s a lot of product.

    • 80s 1880s! hhahaa

    • It’s def a wig – check out this pic, you can totally see where it is glued on his hairline. Seriously, this is the quality that we get when the first movie makes like 400 million. Summit needs to pony up some cash for the wigs.

      • Owwwwwww…my eyes hurt with the awfulness that is THAT wig.

        Does he not have say in not looking like his nana? I mean really? Who in the right mind sees that and thinks…”hmm, Jackson will totally ROCK this!”

        Seriously, it’s like Summit got it at a freaking flea market and forgot to wash and fluff it.

        Makes my head itch.

  20. Good God, where’s the gel? If he has to wear it like that then please put mousse or gel in it to tame it a little bit!
    That IS a wig right? I mean, that’s not his real hair, is it? Holy Lots-O-Hair Batman!!!

  21. Stamp a rainbow on Jacob’s ass and he IS a my little pony.

    Oh Jasper! He has a fro. PLEASE let them fix this “on camera”, PLEASE!!

  22. Maybe, just maybe,*crossing fingers and toes*, it looks this bad after a long day on the set in the damp air?

  23. So many good word pictures in the post bravo… I wish the new moon staff would piss you off more because this is genius. What is up with Taylors half pony? for real dude what guy would survive with that hairstyle? I can believe in vampires and warewolves, but a guys who has hair like jaspers/ taylors who doesnt get their asses kicked on a daily basis for being pansies? that I can not believe..

  24. His wig looks like a beard from “down under” if you know what i’m sayin’…

    In other words…sicknast.

  25. I couldn’t agree more. And I think that Taytor’s wig looks like Grandma’s aqua net got a hold of it, really makes him unattractive imo, thank God he cuts the hair half way through the movie. Ew just ew. I hope Rosalie’s wig doesn’t look fakenast either….I’m wondering about this.

    • AMEN!! this is the only thing that’s keeping me going… it’s the knowledge that he will end up SMOKING HOT.

      thanks for reminding me

  26. killing me right now!!! dying laughing

  27. I really do not understand the difficulty they have with hair and makeup, I think everything thus far looks much better in the pics I have seen from New moon filming, but I agree with the hair situation here. wtf? I’m a photog and i work with hair and makeup people all the time and It really is not in any way hard to get this stuff to look good!! They just need good people to do it! and there are tons of talented hair and mua’s out there so why does the twilight franchise seem to struggle with obtaining them? oh man and Taylor’s hair? Seriously? also not understanding how they struggle to make it look good, Its for sure an improvement from the first movie but it is still off. I would be happy to recommend some perfectly capable people to do hair on twilight… summit should inquire haha. Sorry this just makes me angry because it doesn’t have to be this way, and when watching the movie it will indeed be distracting

  28. “I need a bad ass Jasper taking a swipe at Bella and not some fancy boy with Shirley Temple hair.”

    A M E N.
    That is all.

    PS –
    I kinda like it… I mean, at least it sorta looks like it did in Twi… kinda…

  29. I wonder if they make Jackson use one of those silky pillow cases like my Grandma used to, so his ‘do won’t get messed up in between getting it set. Lol.

    • i SO have one of those! my grandma makes them and gives them to us a christmas. mine is fushia! true storey, uc can attest to this im sure she saw it in my room.

      i will let jackson borrow my silky pillow case for his froufrou hair any night!

  30. 100% correct about taking a great looking guy and killing it dead with hair horror : / This guy doesn’t even look like Jackson to me….he looks like a stunt double who got the reject wig. Please oh please let this be a practical joke.

  31. i came here to have a laugh and admire the looks of the twiguys and -gals before i have to do something for college, but now THAT`S going to be stuck in my head the whole time. instead of writing about great authors´ intentions, there´ll only be one sentence on my screen:
    “poor jacksper with his hilarious wig.”

    i accepted the jacobwig, because i knew he will be cutting his hair later anway. i was okay with the rosaliewig, because i know how awful bleaching dark can be, but what they´ve done to jacksper is NOT RIGHT!!!

  32. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Tragic. Middle Earth. Fuckery.

    It’s like Nancy Reagan’s wax statue and Frodo had a love child.

  33. Coming out of lurkdom to LMAO! You ladies are so effin’ funny!!!!

    P.S. I kinda like Jacob’s new hair ****ducks****

  34. I’m so glad you girls are on to this and grievng with me…What The Hell? Seriously?
    I get that its meant to be almost period hair – i.e. a Southern gent from the civil war era- But …

    1. Alice, being her fashionable and super styling self, WOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN to her man.
    2. Arn’t they meant to be trying to blend in? As much as six gorgeous godlike beings can do at a high school? I mean nothing screams iv’e been dead for a century like THAT hair.
    3. I want these so called hair stylists to contact us here at LTT and confess to their sins!! How dare they do this to our Jasper!!!!

    Up with this I will not put!

    Sorry I had Twilight rage for a second there…I think I had better have a coffee and NOT look at this picture ever again.


  35. I did not like his hair in Twilight. I pictured it more like this, but now that I see it, I hate it. Well, I hate it in this pic. In others it’s like what I pictured. I think it will be OK. I hope it will be OK. He is supposed to look Civil War and that hair is very 1860’s.

  36. Yeah, but then again, IS HE? (supposed to look 1860’s) I am with Brodie-Ann, Alice would totally be all, “Babe, that hair is so last century, let’s get some more gel on there, and make out.” She would.

    I did think his hair was a little big in Twilight (the higher the hair, the closer to God), but it was definitely better than this silliness. (fancy boy, hahahahaha)

    • But, really, are any of the guy’s hair styles like their “time period”? Wouldn’t Carlisle have long hair in a queue or a powdered wig?? And Laurent, did they have dreds in the 18th century? I dont think Edward’s shaggy hair would have been acceptable, although I do realize it was longer because he was sick.

      • @ nienor1 – I know I’m 2 days late on this comment(work is getting in the way of my time) but I had to tell you that a tear came out of my eye when I read “Wouldn’t Carlisle have long hair in a queue or a powdered wig?? ” So funny!!

    • “The higher the hair, the closer to God” I thought I was the only person to say that!!!


  37. I’m with you Moon. Hate the hair. Love the Jackson.

  38. […] my team always wins. No one can deny you- especially when the other option is a bouffant-headed, bad wig wearing guy like […]

  39. *snorts* Well, I kind of like his hair, I must admit but…that picture better be BEFORE they film any scenes with Jackson/Jasper in them. Please? What was wrong with his hair from Twilight? That was perfect.
    Blond curly hair on Jasper? WTF?
    Missed me? … >.> <.<…
    Well, I missed posting on LTT! XD
    xoxo Alexx

  40. Jasper is descibed as leonine in the books def not poodle-ine…..okay both are goofy words. We just want our Cullens hot. I personally thought his hair was perfect in Twilight. Don’t mess.

  41. […] for new moon – NOT THIS ONE! If this is your New Moon Hair Dept, we are NOT happy. […]

  42. […] maybe we weren’t so kind to your New Moon counterparts a few months ago when we saw poor Jackson in that god awful poodle wig that was designed for Jasper. I still shudder […]

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