The New Moon Contest winner that should have been

Dear Rachel, runner up to, but should have been winner of the “Be part of New Moon” contest,

Your video entry was heartbreakingly, breathtakingly…amazing. I got goosebumps and chills and tears sprang to my eyes- you should have won this contest.

Click the picture. DO NOT WATCH ANY OTHER VIDEOS. Scroll to the right until you find "Rachel"

Click the pic. DO NOT WATCH ANY OTHER VIDEOS. Scroll to the right until you find "Rachel"

Your video brought to mind my favorite parts, yet the most difficult lines in New Moon:

The waves of pain that had only lapped at me before now reared high up and washed over my head, pulling me under. I did not resurface.

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me.

Your video was a perfect representation of that searing pain of loss and grief- of the theme throughout New Moon. It makes me want to pick up the book for the third time and see what I emerge with this time around.  The first read through New Moon is always difficult because all anyone desires is for Edward’s return. The second read for me was shockingly different. I hated it and loved it all at the same time.

I recognized myself in Bella- my own grief. The cycle that Bella went through was all too familiar- the emptiness, the suppression, the denial and, finally, time moving on.Yet going through the story with Bella was oddly comforting because of the companionship I found- I actually truly understood this fictional character!  I’m so glad you had Bella with you through that time in your life.

You should have won this contest, but I understand why Summit chose a rapping teenage boy… It’s easier- it’s simpler.. but it’s less heartbreakingly beautiful. So today, you’re our hero- You’re a representative of the fans of the series who love it for more than it’s vampire/werewolf (almost) battles and for the all-too-perfect romance. Sure we all love it for those things too (although I could just take the romance without the (almost) battles), but to so many, this series is so much more. Your video embodied that, so you are OUR winner!!

UnintendedChoice for both of us

Oops- got a lil’ gushy on ya…Can’t see what video I’m talking about? Make sure to read the caption under the video

Does anyone know Rachel or how to contact her? We have a small gift, to thank her for her beautiful video!

48 Responses

  1. OMG her video was amazing…you’re right she should have won…and to me she is a winner as well.

  2. Wow. I have chills.

  3. Leaps and bounds better than the rapping white boy.

  4. w-o-w .. beautifully shot, simple/ elegant/ emotional and timeless. i love the tight shot on her feet moving, and the twilight scene of her dancing in the street. what a beautiful song too!

  5. I repeat what I said when I first saw her video:

    She is the real deal. Legit.

    Her video was perfectly scripted, scored, and filmed. It was heartbreakingly honest. Raw. And gorgeous. (The bit with her feet flitting? Brilliant!)

    Honestly, it was art…far too worthy for a contest such as this. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from Rachel in the future.

  6. This was fabulous. She captured perfectly the feelings surrounding such profound loss. Anyone who has lost someone will relate. Her video was so much better, imo, than the winner.

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  8. Blasted. Can’t watch the video at work, but I am sure it’s spot on.

    Srsly, I am a little worried about you too UC (per Moon’s LTR from today). Where’s the snarkiness? Ohh, whateves, sometimes we all have our gushy moments. tear. 🙂

  9. It IS “heartbreakingly, breathtakingly…amazing”. She clearly should have won.

  10. What a beautiful video! and what a beautiful post today UC! We all have our gushy sides, thanks for letting your peek through a bit. Its refreshing ! 🙂 (((hug)))

  11. I think in the beginning.. she’s in a wedding dress.. or so that’s what I like to think…

    • Maybe she was married to the love of her life and that was her wedding dress?! That would be unbearable. I think of the wife in The Sixth Sense and how she’s obsessed with watching their wedding video…

      I can’t even begin to imagine.

  12. Like Janetrigs, @ work so no go. I’m sure it’s amazing. I had trouble watching the winning video on the site yesterday. Really choppy. Anyone else? Or maybe it’s just my connection.

    You’re quite with the gush lately, missy. S’ok. Me likes. Snarkiness and Gush can each have their moments. 🙂

  13. Beautifully elegant, heartbreaking, pure, emotional, and true! Loved it! It should have won!

  14. Wow, I watched rapping boy last night and figured all the videos must be the same, but wow! That should have definitely been the winner… hands DOWN!!

  15. Snarkiness and Gush are the yin and yang of this blog….

    • Oh, and awesome video, too! Her tears made me tear up, any one whose heart has ever broken can relate….. The message at the end of the video is so sad, you know her tears were real. She should have won. I hope she finds you, so she can get your fabulous prize!

    • LOVE IT! so true… we ride the line of both those sentiments every day!

  16. So you know why the BOY was picked. Not that they need any more boy toys in the movie, but because if they had actually picked a girl…she would have cost Summit a lot of money.

    I mean, honestly. If I’d won that contest (didn’t enter, but still), the minute I saw him, I would have probably gone ape nuts, flipped over a few lights and green screens on my way to pounce on him. Shoving a few umbrella men out of my way (they are rather puny). And when I got close enough to smell the beautiful scent of those lucious locks of Roberts…I would have fainted. Ambulences, etc…cost a lot of money. Redoing the set, ordering new bulbs for the lights, and parts…cost a lot of money. Bandages for umbrella boys…you get my drift.

    Boys are cheaper.

  17. It’s such a relief to know that I’m not the only one who while reading New Moon the first time around rushed past all the hurt and pain to get back to Edward. I’m currently reading it for the second time around and while I was in the middle of a paragraph I stopped and said “wow…this is a really painful thing to read…I never realized how depressing this book was the first time around.” I’m thoroughly enjoying reading it a second time around.

    Your video was beautiful and I’m truly ashamed by our society that a crappy rapping tween won this contest. It’s ridiculous.


    • “crappy rapping teen”

      Agreed…he probably just wanted to get on the set to get autographs for his sister – because her video skills suck.

      As for Rachel, there wasn’t a video that compared. She deserves much more than to be in New Moon.

    • Actually, I thought New Moon was the best book BECAUSE of all the pain. It made me tear up (and I’m not exactly sappy) – that’s a good damn book.

      • Yes! JJ is so untarded on this one. New Moon is my favorite, though hardest to read, in the saga because it through me for a loop in the plotline and where she dared to go emotionally. Plus I related to Bella’s state.

        Rachel, you are wonderful.

      • @JJ – New Moon is my favorite for the same reason.

        I can’t believe they picked that kid (KY, seriously?) over Rachel. I haven’t watched the others but Rachel’s is much, much better and so in touch with the pain of New Moon.

        She deserves the LTT Prize!

  18. I agree with all of was heart wrenching to watch and I found myself crying as well..we all know that heartache..she should have won with this vid..clear WIN

  19. her video was so beautiful, i couldn’t help but keep replaying it over and over.

    my favorite was her holding up the words, every time she held a new piece of words up, to me, it got even more sadder/touching/emotional..idk what word explains it best, but it was that that drew me into the video even more.

    the song choice was lovely as well.

  20. her Video was amazing! and she totally deserved to win.
    It was so beautiful, and so well done truly showed the essence of new moon.
    But of course summit picked a guy… picking a girl would have been to much trouble for them… jerks.

    on another note,parts of new moon were seriously gut-wrenching to read, reminded me of my very horrible break up with a boyfriend of 4 years. while reading the break up scene when he left her in the woods i think i sobbed like it was happening to me all over again. And the time passing, knowing how that feels, is awful…. wow watching this on screen is going to be difficult.
    I’m sure there are many people who related.

    • Meg, I agree, it’s like they haven’t read the book (5 times) to understand how SAD it is. They were just going with “sequel to Twilight”–teen/romance/vampire movie. But Rachel totally Got It, what the actual story is.

      Besides the fact that her video skillz kicked ass on everyone else. Although some of them were pretty funny (Leah). Some made me second-hand embarassed.

  21. after seeing all the AMAZING fanmade trailers and posters, expectations were high and i have to say i was VERY disappointed with the winners and even the runner ups for this contest.

    that being said, imo rachels was the only one that was original and definitely the only one that brought me back to the book and gave me shivers…

    bad choice summit!

  22. I cannot view this! And maybe I’m totally retard (feel free to tell me so) but I can’t get my screen to scroll over so that I can click on her name! Can anyone help me? I have no scroll bar at the bottom of my screen when I’m on the website. Clearly, I’m missing out.

    • Not to treat you like a retard, either, but did you see the little triangle-y thingies next to the names? that’s how they scrolled for me. ( Feel free to yell at me if I just pointed out the obvious…I mean well….)


      • It’s okay. I more often than not deserve to be treated like an airhead. Yeah, I can see the arrow on the left, but my screen cuts off after Melissa’s name and I can’t see to the right after that there’s no scroll bar to try to move the screen further right. I tried to scroll through the names going in the other direction, using the only arrow I can see on the left, but it didn’t work. My computer’s pretty old, so this might just be a consequence of having antiquated technology. *Sigh* Thank you very much for offering some help, though, I appreciat it!

  23. *retarded (ugh)

  24. I do not understand why they picked the rapping teenage boy. Perhaps to cater to a different audience. More unisex, if you will. Bah. Rachel should’ve won! Her video spoke volumes more about “New Moon” than some rapping punk ever could.

  25. I’m with you guys – Rachel’s video was stunning. Simple but really really touching, especially after you read the part at the end.

    I’m not surprised that Summit chose the guy (and I am not here to diss him, either) but I am disappointed. In them, and for her. They should have a better understanding of their audience by now. Or maybe they do and they just don’t care.

    I hope you find her – and that she sees how many people were rooting for her to win! If the winner had been chosen by popular vote, she would have clinched it for sure.

  26. wow she totally deserved it…instead they pick some crappy rap by some random kid???? EPIC FAIL

  27. Rachel’s video was beautiful – so much more like New Moon than the goofy winner.

    (and this post was beautiful too – moved to tears again – xoxo)

  28. I am completely disappointed as well.

    Rachel’s video was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I’m ever so grateful to her for sharing it with all of us. It was a perfect representation of the book… and so very lovely.

  29. Rachel,
    You video moved me to tears. I too have experienced great loss and pain. You deserve to win. No you deserve more than that. I’m sure your lost love is whatching over you now and is so proud of you.
    You are a beautiful soul and you will find some one speacial someday because only love fixes broken hearts

  30. yeah her vid def. made me cry, it was really amazing

  31. Oklahoma representing again! Dang I watched her video and thought surely the other entries must have been blindingly phenomenal in order to beat hers. You have got to be kidding on the other entries. They aren’t even in the same timezone of greatness. Rachel so should have won this contest. When my hubby listened to the twilight saga audio books (read it and weep girls) he loves it too, he reminded me of how painful it was and I’m getting ready to start the series over for the 2nd time. Yes, I’m a late-bloomer when it comes to twilight. Please find Rachel, she deserves to win.

    Peace out!

  32. Rachel’s video was awesome.
    I now have mixed emotions:her video really spoke to me,and at the same time I’m just so pissed that she didn’t win,how could they choose that pathetic vanilla ice kid?

  33. I mean srsly,people! He couldn’t even lyp sinc to his own rapping!

  34. she totally should have won omg!!!!! that was so sad and creative and omfg whats wrong with summit?!?!

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