Spectulation Thursday

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Dear Kellan,

Man, what a GREAT interview with Access Hollywood! You never disappoint when you whip out your mannipples. I’m not sure I have ever seen a man whose nipples are always doing something fun- yours either look abnormally large or as perky as Megan Fox’s do around Robert Pattinson.

Uh, why are you going to Italy? I know you’re not in any scenes.  Do you want gelato THAT badly? Wanna compare your body to that of “The David?” Are you hoping a gypsy tries to steal your belly bag so that you have an excuse to get in a fight? Is sleeping for free on Rob’s floor really worth it? (Oh, wait…you’re banking on getting his bed, right? Since he’s clearly going to be shacking up with Kristen…)

Yeah, none of the above make sense, so I know what I’m gonna do.  It’s Thursday, it’s been a long week, I’m feeling kinda bored with Twilight Saga news… so I’m gonna spectulate…

You’re going so that you can get your Italy on with Ashley (if you know what I’m sayin.’)

NReed & Kstew move on over! A new fake lesbian couple is in town. Introducing: UCAsh

NReed & Kstew move on over! A new fake lesbian couple is in town. Introducing: UCAsh

Hey, I don’t blame you. Ashley is smokin’ and someone has to be give your mannipples some lovin.’ I hope she can handle it- have you looked at yourself  shirtless in the mirror lately? Those bad boys are hugggeeeee.

Don’t worry- I had some help with my spectulation. Some of The Quad jumped in on the fun:

Me: You know Kellan is just going to Italy to get his freak on with Ash
EastFriend: Duh. All these “they’re not hooking up” haters are on my nerves. (Which is basically every Twi site) I mean, GET THE HELL OVER IT!  Who cares IF they are!? Who cares IF they AREN’T!? Be cool. And then SPECTULATE!

and Moon shared her dream scenerio with me:

Moon: Hopefully Kellan & Ash hook it up out there in italy and then Jackson flies in and rescues her…

I dunno. I like me some Jacksper, and sure he & Ash have some chemistry from playing 18 yr old, married, vegetarian vampires, but I love the way she has described you as her ‘best friend.’ Plus your big, Teddy-bear like ways really get me. I’m on TeamKellan when it comes to who gets to shack up with Ash in Italy. Moon can jump on TeamJackson. Don’t worry- my team always wins. No one can deny you- especially when the other option is a bouffant-headed, bad wig wearing guy like Jackson…

I got your gargantiun nipples back,  baby,

44 Responses

  1. times you said nipples: at least 10

    team that will win in the end: team jackson


  2. there’s never too many times you can say nipple

  3. “Moon can jump on TeamJackson”
    That’s what she said and I’m simply positive Moon has no problems with that.

    Kellan + Ashley = TruLuv4Evr

  4. The new Jasper hair is PAINFUL. I’m pretty pissed about that. Like, I want to beat the fuck out of the person that suggested that.

    *whew* I’m ok.

    I also get irritated at the people that are so adamant there’s nothing going on. It’s like, why get mad? It’s no big deal. I know if I was part of the cast I’d be trying to get with everyone! All the members of the cast are so beautiful and nice (minus sourpuss) that I wouldn’t be able to help myself!

    • can we form a duo and tag team beat the crap out of thw wig dept for that mess?!

  5. If its between TeamKellan and TeamJackson…I gotta go with the pretty-abercrombie-church-boy…and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen his nipples…by the way you described them they seem to look like pepperonies LOL 🙂

  6. I love speculation Thursday. This should be a regular feature…especially if it pisses off every other Twilight site.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with some speculation goin’ on.

    Such a gross, fabulous word.

    p.s. Who’d pay big money to see a pic of Kellan standing next to The David? ME, ME, ME! Oh, and you know he’ll attend Mass while in Italy. He’ll take Rob, too.

    • dude he needs to do the david pose and get a pic. i would pay money for it.

      • Oh god yes! I love the David. My tour group called David my boyfriend all the way around Italy. I have a photo that I titled Me and My Boyfriend.

        I love that he’s going to Italy. Shall we say he’s going for ‘moral support’?

        Other than that all I really have to say is Nipple.

  7. Ok so I just watched the video…who’s the girl in the background…and was it me or did she just totally check out his ass while the cameras were rolling?!?! LOL

  8. There are other vamps that will be out in Italy…could he be hooking up with one of them?

    UC – glad to see the last night’s festivities didn’t hinder the creative juices or instead lead to you using “nipples” an absurd amount of times. 🙂

    Sorry – I’ve been MIA…now I don’t have train time to comment on the blog, need to sneak it at work!

    • DAKOTA FANNING??!! now THATS some speculation. sorry anna lynne mccord kellans going more for the pre teen oscar nominee bracket these days than the cw whore bracket

      • @Moon – meant the Heidi chick..-isn’t she a supermodel? Dakota and Kellan is just sicknast! Where is your mind? 😉

  9. Kellan is REALLY gowing on me 🙂

    Great post 🙂

  10. Sorry — GROWING!!!


    *giggles like Rob*

  11. i couldn’t even hear the questions that the reporter was asking so i have no idea what was going on in that video. or maybe it was just my A.D.D. or maybe i was just me ogling kellen.

  12. haha I cannot say “that word” I say areola lol

    Hey we all got issues OK!? lol

  13. Hahahah. Luv it. Don’t think I’ve seen the word “nipple” used so many times in one breath.

    Srsly. Let’s stop with the RobSten or RobStu or whatever for a moment and SPECULATE about our other fave Twi stars. I ❤ Ash. She and Kellan are adorbs. I mean, that pic from the other nite w/him holding Marlow the first day Ash got him? Together now, “Awwwww.”

    Can’t. Wait. For Italy.

    Btw, did anyone read that the Ash and Kellan twitters we follow are FAKE. *gasp* Totally possible, but it really did seem like it was them. And of course they lie, lie, lie to the media about that kind of shtuff anyway, like Kellan does here. Makes me wonder…

  14. I could hardly hear a word he was saying in that video, I was so transfixed by his nipples. It must have been cold that night; poor boy went out without at least a scarf to cover those bad boys up.

    And, in solidarity with Moon and other Jackson lovers, I say TEAM JACKSON! Love, love, love. Ashbone forever.

  15. I’m shocked! Am I the only one who think that Kellan and Ashley look absolutely adorable together AND that they spend way too much time together to be “just friends”?

    Are you serious when you say that there are sites out there that are anti Ashllan (or whatever we should call it)?

    Not that Jackson is a bad match (I know! Our problem is just the opposite to the normal… we have too MANY options… all the TwiBoyz are so awesome). But I would be so happy if there really was something going on between Kellan and Ashley. he would be a such a good dad to Marlow!!

    And I love the Speculation Thursday. Since Kellan and Rob get along well, we can speculate about double dates in Italy a.k.a. group dinners. Because of course, nothing romantic is going on in the New Moon set… yeah… right…

    Love to Moon, UC and all the LTT-ers =O)


  16. I can honestly say that I have no team here. I feel the same way as I do about Rob getting lucky, if they aren’t doing each other, all the damn time, that is a serious WASTE of hotness.

    If other blogs are against these hookups, well that is just silly. People that gorgeous should have a lot of sex, (and with each other, by all means!) it should be one of the benefits of looking that good!

    Also, back to why the heck Kellen is going to Italy at all? Are they changing the story that much? I don’t know what to think. I know how hard it is to make movies from books good, but isn’t there a reason only Alice and Bella go to Italy? I forget why actually, guess I know what I am reading tonight!

    Thanks for the nipple post, I think I am now immune to that word, it usually makes me giggle a bit…hee heee.


  17. I concur – Speculation Thursday should be a regular feature. I will read it while I celebrate Champagne Thursday.

    I’m all for speculation about the cast, although I know in my heart that Rob is pining away for me from the comfort of his own bed, while Kstew and NReed plead at the door for him to “come visit them in their hotel room.” Then he invites Jackson over and they discuss my beauty and my soft hair and my sense of humor and wit. Then they wrestle to determine who gets to bang me first when they finally meet me (I of course know that we’ll have a threesome – DUH).

    So yeah, like I said, I don’t care about the speculation… I know the truth.

  18. So everyone is okay with RobSten, but let someone say that Ash and Kellan and hooking up and we better call out the dogs to protect from the siege.

    Whatev, I ❤ AshLlen, or is that KellShley! And, it may be true that I was one of the starters of the whole RobStu thing. Ha!!

  19. Hell I say the REAL winner is Ashley. Lucky girl!!

  20. I would be soooo disappointed if NO one ever hooked up! I mean, hello, they are all gorgeous, in their 20s and on location in some kick ass places so what the f could be stopping them??? It should be counted like vacay sex– oh and TeamKellan all the way.

  21. “Do you want gelato THAT badly? ” Ok, that’s my fave right there! LMAO!

  22. Is it weird that I sort of want to print out that picture of Ashley? Is it also weird that when I saw this picture my first thought was… are her boobs real? it seems a bit impossible, but I bet they are… off topic… but Blake Lively MUST have fake boobs… those puppies don’t exist in nature…

  23. When she says “best friend” I think she forgot to add “in bed” to the end of that phrase. Just sayin’…

  24. I got your gargantiun nipples back, baby

    LMFAO!!!!!!! gargantuan indeed!!!!!!

  25. Dear Ashley,
    I know you love this man … you love snuggling against his hard chest – who wouldn’t anyway. You even said once that he is your own “Edward”. In this picture, you look pretty caught up in a reviere, that involves him and his “lovely” nipples.


    Too bad the guy has a thing for your 90210 friend Annalyne. He was caught on TMZ “kissing” her, he was even singing her Little Light of Mine..sad I know..and you must have seen it.. that’s why you hooked up with the LOST dude (Ian or whatever his name is) all night long the day after at Jackson’s concert..
    My deepest sympathies go to you girl . You deserve better .. maybe Jackson..give it a shot.. everything about him is quite as hot too, well I mean..”almost” everything..just try to overlook the horrifying hair and everything will be fine, I promise.


  26. Gahhhh!!!

  27. I love Kellan but his stocks completely blummetted when i heard he had a “thing” with that fugly 90210 girl.

    I mean any guy that is surrounded by naturally gorgeous girls on the Twilight set and is able to even contemplate hooking up with that 20 something year old girl who looks more like one of those old, plastic ladys on The Real Housewives of Orange County… well I dunno he cant have much taste can he?

    SOOO if he was to hook up with Ash he would totally redeem himself IMO lol

  28. […] Posted on June 3, 2009 by unintendedchoice Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. We’re gonna speculate about a few things […]

  29. […] by unintendedchoice on June 3rd, 2009Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. We’re gonna speculate about a few things […]

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