One picture, two takes: Jacksper’s edition

IIIiiiii'm throwing my arms around jacksper... i mean paris

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me!

Take One:

Dear Jacksper-

It’s awesome to see that you’ve taken up a part time job as an Elvis impersonator to fill all your down time while filming New Moon.

So tell me, do the grandma’s swoon when you sing “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” or perhaps they cry when you croon “Fools Rush In?”

But what I really want to see if you in a sequined jumpsuit doing “A Little Less Conversation” with KStew, NReed and Rachelle as your back up singers. That would blow that 100 Monkeys nonsense out of the water! Trust me.

Watch out Vegas, there’s a new star in town!

A little more bite, a little less bark!

Maria! I just met a guy in the Marine's named Maria!

Maria! I just met a guy in the Marines named Maria!

Take Two

Dear Jackson,

I’m trying to put my finger on the vibe I’m getting from your hair, and I’m a little confused. I’m feeling like you’re either going for the “Hi! I’m Jacksper Rathbone, and I look like a skunk” look or are secretly part of the gay Marine core.

Oh, I know what it is!  You’ve been feeling left out that Cam & Rob were asked to do that Vanity Fair “West Side Story” shoot last Spring that you are trying to convince the VF editors that you look the part, as well.  With hair like that, I bet you have killer dance moves, right?

Lovin’ the locks,


39 Responses

  1. He looks to me like a slightly flamboyant Matthew Broderick.

  2. @ Sass – YES! That’s perfect! LOL

  3. He’s just trying to find his place and fit in among the greats. (Read: Rob & Kellan)

    Dear Jackson,
    Try something a little less ghaaay.
    Love ya, mean it!

    • yes…less ghaaay! Ha ha ha. I feel bad that he already had his 3 seconds of glory during the bat flipping baseball scene.

      Dear Jackson,
      You have one more chance to shine during the birthday scene…
      don’t f@&k it up!

      Love, me

      • AMEN SISTER!!! BEST EVER!!!!!!! there’s definitely a letter brewing to jacksper and his role in new moon

  4. Awe, poor Jackson …such a cutie!! He’ll figure out where he fits in soon enough 🙂

    I wonder how much time and hair spray it took to get it that high …my hair is so fine, it would take me all afternoon to get that kind of volume …lol!

  5. I KNOW! He bought one of those Bump Its hair volumizers! Have you seen the infomercial?

    Is it just me, or does Nikki’s head look a little misshapen in this pic?

    • just saw the advertisement last week while working from home. the red carpet bumpit is my favorite! i think nikki is also wearing a bumpit. gotta love day time tv and advertisements for useless crap.

  6. Good call on the skunk look… I thought that too!!! Poor Jackson, always seems to have issues with his hair!! :S Me no likey this look..


  7. Maybe he thought he could trademark his hair like Rob.

    Dear Jackson,

    Ummm, honey, that is not sex hair, unless it’s the kinda sex hair you see in There’s Something About Mary.

    Love, me

  8. @Moon–I want to French you full on the mouth. You quoted “A Little Less Conversation,” and that’s just good programming right there. You WIN!!!

    @UC–“Maria! I just met a guy in the Marines named Maria…” OK, that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever written. I will French you, too. Please.

    p.s. Jackson’s pompadour is better than Rob’s in VF. I mean…it really is. And I’d stake my life on betting that he’s a better dancer, too.

  9. I’m not ‘Jazzeled’ by this pic…aw sad! 😦

  10. I’m speechless on his hair..

    But is it just me or does Nikki look like she is a cardboard cutout?

  11. I’m not sure, but does anyone else think that Jasper might be attempting the “little bouffant” that Rob was talking about during the Twilight commentary? I mean, technically, what Jackson is rocking is totally a bouffant…

  12. Jackson’s hair is the the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. He’s playing Sokka. And Sokka had very long hair…on top. The sides and back are shaved. I know it looks kind of weird now, but as an Avatar fan I’m thrilled that he is actaully growing out his hair for this. It will look so great in the Avatar movies.

    • hmmm…thanks for clearing that up…I might need to make some room in my computer time (read CyberRob time) to look into that too.

  13. Yeah I had heard about him having to wear a wig this time around because he was doing something weird with his hair for a movie. Thus why he’s usually wearing hats when paparazzi catch him out and about heh. I’d wear hats too if I looked like that…

    OMG, the “Little less conversation” line made me burst out laughing. Luckily no one else is home.

    Everybody but Kristen look like they’re photoshoped in.

  14. hmm…I’m seeing more of a ‘Lyle Lovett-ish’ hair don’t.

    Maybe he’s just trying(keyowrd is trying)to be creative.

    It’s not working.

    *Dear Jacksper,

    Slowly, put down the round brush, blow dryer, & Aqua Net….step away. It’s true, we are both proud Texans…but that doesn’t mean we take the “big hair” shizz literally!! Dude, you’re giving in to the stereotype. And it’s embarrassing….for both of us.

    Just let Ashley fix that mop from now on. Everyone knows she’s got the mad hair skillz….mmkay?! Glad we could have this little chat.

    Still sorta like/love you,
    Tasha =]

  15. Haha, I love the whole rockabilly/retro look, so I actually like his hair and this style on him a lot!

  16. I saw that hair the other day, and just didn’t know what to say. I still don’t know what to say except maybe, “OOO EEE OOO he looks just like Buddy Holly!”

  17. umm as much as i like jackson, when i first looked at this pic he reminded me of something, and i couldnt place it right away… then i remembered this video i saw wayy back in highschool…

    he kinda reminds me of that weirdo…
    hahahahah… =|

  18. This is genius, pure genius! I was laughing so hard the first time I read it I couldn’t even leave a comment.

  19. Aw, come on. He wants to play the “Ducky” role in the remake of “Pretty in Pink”.

  20. I personally LOVE his hair. I love it this way, and I loved it prior to the cut…all long, and shaggy…slightly curly.

    And yes, he dances. I’ve seen it first hand…about oh…6 feet in front of me. Not sure if it qualifies as “good dancing” but he did grab his you-know-what, which made me squeal like a fangirl who just found a stash of uppers.

    And now, Moon will know I’m a 100 Monkeys fan. I’m not ashamed =)

  21. I only really have one comment. Jackson, what’s with the hair? I couldnt even read the blog post looking at the picture! O.o
    xoxo Alexx

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