Fan Art – Bella

Loss - Adrienne Trafford

Deepest Loss

Dear Bella,

We’ve given an award already to Adrienne Trafford for her amazing dipiction of you, but she deserves all the awards in the world. Today Adrienne gets the “You gave UnintendedChoice goosebumps and made her cry” award for this picture entitled Deepest Loss.

Adrienne writes on her site that she was thinking many things when creating this beautiful piece, but she thought a lot about you being left in the woods in New Moon.

She posted this for the first time along with a poem entitled the Promise of Water. Here is a snippet:

at some point i will
look straight ahead,
but now only know the
saltiest tears.
they are like the waves
that break against the rocks
you hide behind.
they roll to the beach like they
roll down my face.
they are almost a

 "...what if this hole never got any better? If the raw edges never healed?....i was changed..."

"...what if this hole never got any better? If the raw edges never healed?....i was changed..."

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art, Adrienne! And for the goosebumps and the tears…


Go check out Adrienne’s art blog now- she has recently made some of her 5×7 prints available for purchase.  But if you all buy Deepest Loss and there isn’t one left for me, I’ll be so sad that you’ll get the “Made UC cry b/c of your cruelty” award.

16 Responses

  1. themoonisdown
    Check out my fan art. I think it turn out quite well.

  2. And here is the completed version on its own 🙂

  3. Adrienne is seriously, seriously amazing. I loooooove her stuff.

  4. I love New Moon, it is my fav book and I have read the scene where Edward leaves a LOT…her art is “spot on”
    thanks for sharing.

  5. New Moon is such a beautiful book. I cried too… a lot. The aching and raw edges of the hole in her heart – that 2nd piece of art – perfect. I’m honestly speechless and struggling to find words for this…

  6. I wish I had one eight of the talent that she has in her left pinkie!

  7. This soooo amazing…I’ve read New Moon alot and STILL cry through it and these paintings capture the essence…this is really amazing!! Adriene is very talented!

  8. She is so amazing! I love her depiction of Bella 🙂

  9. What a beautiful picture! Quite amazing!!

  10. Wow, those are amazing pictures! Amazing!

  11. Loving it! I’m a poet and and artist myself, so I really enjoyed those. Bella in New Moon…that’s my favorite book in the Twilight Saga, so…yeah. ^^;
    xoxo Alexx

  12. Deepest Loss is fantastic – i love her skin tones

  13. Gorgeous…the look on Bella’s face…she looks so utterly lost.

    Adrienne, you are amazing.

  14. Beautiful.

  15. i just came in here! i’m crying…you are all so sweet!!

    xoxo love you all

  16. Wow, Adrienne. Your work is just beautiful.

    Here’s to you LTT for bringing me such wonderful things everyday.

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