Questions for Stephenie about Midnight Sun

With the excitement of Monday’s surprise announcement, the launch of our LTT Store, Running our contest through Thursday, and the hundreds of dirty dishes piling up on my kitchen counters, we’ve been busy. Our email inbox has been filled with contest entries, fun messages from long-time lurkers and lots and lots of question suggestions for Stephenie Meyer. I think we need an assistant. Brookelockart has been offering her services for years, but turns out she expects payment other than the promise of UC & Moon co-written smutty fan fic starring her, Edward & Larry411. Who knew!? Anyway, a theme has emerged from the questions we’ve been told to ask so far: Midnight Sun, Midnight Sun, Midnight Sun…..I’ve had two fan letters about this very topic sitting around for awhile now, so I thought today would be the perfect time to share them!

Please, God. No

Dear Stephenie:

Brooke’s letter to you when the news about the Bree novella broke pretty much said it all: We want Midnight Sun- not some story about a newborn who barely had a blip of a connection with Bella and Edward (though I know I will end up buying it).

But with the desire for Midnight Sun that is so strong its painful, I would like to ask one thing of you WHEN you relieve our suffering and finish the book (I can’t bare to think of out as an if):

Please don’t have Edward purposely pick out that specific outfit on the day of the meadow so he can match Bella. Tell me that after I read the Midnight Sun draft and (naturally) went back to re-read Twilight, I misinterpreted a detail with the extra information I had. I noticed that Bella, the night before going out to the meadow with Edward, no only gratuitously used “drugs” (cough medicine), but she fussed over what she was going to wear. Does that mean she laid her clothes out? Because Edward was most likely in her room that night watching her sleep. PLEASE tell me that she didn’t lay out the ensemble and Edward saw it and thought that somehow it would be a good idea to dress alike.

Hey Bells, I noticed you picked out Brown panties for today. Me too

Have you seen couples that do this? It’s not cute- it’s not sweet. I cringe whenever I see this atrocity. But more so, it’s not something Edward would do. But I felt I had to mention it because I didn’t think he would have kept a lemonade bottle cap as a “token” either, which made me worry that maybe my fear was valid.

So please, keep that in mind. And for the love of all that is holy finish Midnight Sun!


PS – I can never thank you enough for your choice of Jacob and Edward’s names. But THANK YOU 😉

We ponder more Midnight Sun stuff after the jump!

Dear Stephanie Meyer (And really, the LTT girls and few guys.)

This is a letter I’ve been meaning to write for about 6 months now. Why did it take me so long? Because, 6 months ago I made a discovery. It was so shocking, so upsetting (Sarcasm! Yay!) that it actually took me a few months to process. I actually went through the 5 stages of grief. Now I have hit acceptance.

What was this discovery?

6 months ago I was at work. I’m a clerk and tarot reader at a touristy witchcraft shop. I love my job because I basically get to sort through witchcraft supplies and get to read all of the books on the supernatural and metaphysical that come in. One day, while unpacking a new shipment of books I noticed one called “Vampires- In their own words”. I’ll admit, I was curious. I’m a pretty open and accepting person. Just because I don’t believe vampires exist doesn’t mean I should judge someone for believing they are one.

So, I opened the book and quickly scanned the pages. And that’s when something caught my eye.  I’m  sure this happens to the best of us. It’s like an instant stop sign. There is was- something Twilighty in vocabulary.

“Midnight Sun”

I read the rest of the paragraph.

“I started formalizing this network of pen-pals into a loose organization, which became the International Society of Vampires, or ISV. The ISV was a membership-based organization with a monthly newsletter, The Midnight Sun.”

Wait, what? A newsletter? Not a story about Edward Cullen?

“The newsletter started publication in 1995”.

I was floored. 1995 was WAY before Twilight was even a thought in Steph’s mind. What the heck is going on?

That night I laid awake in bed, thinking through what I had discovered. Was it coincidence? Two vampire themed things with the same name? The book that Stephanie STILL hasn’t published?

Let’s discuss the names of all the other books in the series:

Twilight: Its a time of night.
New Moon: Being the witchy witch that I am, I’m down with all the moon cycles, and the New Moon happens to be my favorite. New Moon = No visible moon.
Eclipse: That’s when the sun gets covered, its all dark but its not night!
And Breaking Dawn? When the sun first comes over the horizon, the dawn breaks.

Is Midnight Sun a banana?

What the hell is a midnight sun?!? There isn’t a sun at midnight. It’s not a time of day. Its’ just two words strung together! It does not compute!

I was mad! How dare Stephanie steal the title! It couldn’t possibly be coincidence.

I swore off Twilight stuff for a week!

After a month or so, I calmed down. I started to mull things over a bit.If you really think about it, a title is just a title. In reality you cannot copyright it.

Jill Sobule and Katy Perry both have songs called “I Kissed a Girl”. (Jill’s is WAY better). My favorite book ever, Sick Puppy is also the name of a band. There’s another movie with the title Twilight that I accidentally rented on Netflix one day when I wasn’t really paying attention. There’s Zelda’s Twilight Princess game. And the wonderful band Boa has an album called Twilight that has Emu’s on the cover. I highly suggest it. Seriously find a copy if you can.

That’s when I started to heal. Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Would the story be any different with a different title?
What if it was called Hailey’s Comet? No wait, that’s bad. How about Meteor Shower? Havest Moon? Full Moon: the Jacobs ass addition? Equinox?

No matter what, Midnight Sun would still be my favorite of the series.

I realized that I just didn’t care. And I don’t think any fan will hold a grudge (I hope). We would continue to loves the stories, and continue to love Stephanie as the author.

Be it copyright infringement, coincidence, or whatev. I accept it, and you. Thank you Stephanie Meyer, for a wonderful series.

– Jamie

P.S. Finish Midnight Sun already!

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  1. O.M.G.

    “Hey Bells, I noticed you picked out Brown panties for today. Me too”

    funniest. caption. ever. I sn(j)orted.

  2. cough

    seriously, google, its what its there for.

    • So we all have to make a trip to Norway?

    • Ahhhh just remember though…wikipedia is a site that can be altered by the general public (not saying that one was) but just consider that…what if you had googled “midnight sun”, found a wikipedia article that stated something crazy…doesn’t mean it true…just a FYI…lol

      • Haha, well I’m from Norway, and believe it or not; it’s 100% true, there really is something called midnight sun;)

    • The hell?

    • OMG Thank You for this! I love that the word “Poleward” is part of the definition.

      “…The number of days per year with potential midnight sun increases the farther poleward one goes.”

    • Yeah, I always thought that midnight sun was when in the summer above the arctic circle or below antarctic circle for that matter, it’s sunny all day, even at midnight. Like the opposite of 28 Days of Night kind of thing (DSlade, holla). So I took that the title meant that Edward had come out of his darkness due to Bella. That he couldn’t get away from her… like when he’s in Denali lying in the snow looking at the stars and her face is clouding his vision, she’s the midnight sun. She’s burned into his mind.

      @natashadushi, yes, I’m down with a trip to see the fjords and the trolls 🙂

    • Midnight sun is a normal expression in e.g. Finnish – keskiyon aurinko. It is what it is. A sun that’s still up when it’s midnight. It’s great for dancing outside until late, not so great for trying to sleep.

  3. JacobEdwardsWife are you SO happy SM chose the names Jacob and Edward because you are married to someone called Jacob and/or Edward which means screaming either of these names mid coitus is totally acceptable??

    • I am grateful for these names since no-one I know is named Jacob, Bella or Edward. Mkay I just realized I have an uncle Edward *shudders*. When I dislike a person their name is completely ruined for me (thanks a lot Florence, couldn’t your parents name you after a lame city?). And even if I do like them, there are some people I don’t want to think of while reading BxE sexy times.

    • Hahaha! It makes me feel special that my husband possesses both those names. I like feeling special. 🙂 lol

      • One of my friend’s husband’s middle name is Edward. I find him hotter now that I know that.

        I am so lame.

        • I already find him hot too. Normal.

        • No that’s “normal” 🙂

          • Last Saturday night I had a bit too much to drink. My husband (who is NOT named Edward or Jacob) and I were watching Twilight on t.v.

            Apparently I repeatedly kept asking him if it was okay if I called out Edward’s name during a “moment of passion”. He told me it was okay as long as he could call out Jessica’s name.

            So you don’t necessarily have to have a guy named Edward, you just have to have a really understanding guy. 🙂

          • @toft: LMAO! That is awesome!

        • Ugh- Both my Dad’s and my brother’s middle names are Edward. Not cool

          • My grandpa and my uncle are both named Edward! But they go by Eddie, which we all know is completely different, right? Right?

          • Right!

      • You are lucky!! I’m not going to lie, guys with the name ‘Rob’ become ever so slightly more attractive to me as a result of the same principles!

        • I used to really dislike the name Robert, Rob, Bob, as kind of clunky and old-fashioned but not in a good way, but obviously my feelings have changed. Except maybe for “Bob”. That’s still a no-go.

          • Would you it make a difference if Rob was “Bobbing for for boobies”

          • Sigh. I feel you on the Bob thing. Which is unfortunate given my boyfriend’s name. The way my sister says it though really makes up for it. And makes me laugh every time even though the joke is 3 years old (to the day. Holy crap, I just realized i met him 3 years ago today)

          • TeamSeth, does she say it like Rowan Atkinson in Black Adder, talking to the girl who is pretending to be a boy named Bob, perchance? That is an acceptable use of the name Bob, cuz it’s very funny.

          • @the old one, YES! how did you know?!

          • Kind of sticks in your head, doesn’t it? It’s what I hear when someone says the name. Funny! Oh, and happy anniversary, by the way!

          • Thanks. Actually anniversary is in june, since I turned him down at first… mid first date actually. Whatever, he withheld information. And I went back!

        • We have a customer with the last name “Pattison”, I smile when I get emails from him.

          • My friend once started laughing very loudly in the silent area of the uni library because she saw somebody with the surname Pattinson in her psych textbook and preceded to tell everyone about it in a really loud voice.

            I told her “that’s normal” but other people seemed concerned…

  4. I tend to avoid wikipedia as anyone can add info on any subject. Usually its not experts on the subject, but teenagers, geeks, etc who post whatever they feel like with no evidence.

    The point I was making in the letter is that Midnight Sun, the vampire group run by people who believe they are vampires has been around since 1995. It seems fishy that there are two things out there, on the subject of vampires (fiction or not) with the same title. The one story (that is amazing) that has yet to be published.
    Its great to know that a midnight sun is an actual occuring phenomenon, I love learning new things. But the point I was making in the letter still stands.

    • orrrr… Stephenie Meyers IS a member of the International Society of Vampires and they really do exist! (okay, i think i may have drunk too much cougarita from yesterday’s “celebrations”)

      p.s. there’s a chinese show that’s named meteor shower. not really any good, fyi.

      • Ok, but I really thought this too about the ISV and SM. After learning about my unicorn’s vampire obsession, and seeing the way his eyes sometimes seem like a flat black, I’m a little worried he might be in the ISV. I’m 2nd hand embarrassingly seriously waiting for the fangs to come outtrue blood style.

        Ohai, unicorn. I forgot you read this now.

    • “I tend to avoid wikipedia as anyone can add info on any subject. Usually its not experts on the subject, but teenagers, geeks, etc who post whatever they feel like with no evidence.”

      I’m definitely part of the geek camp then, as are most of my friends 🙂 Wikipedia is often the fastest way to find out about anything as long as references appear legit i.e. someone has made the effort to actually provide support to their words. One of my friends wrote the software used by wiki projects and I may or may not spend time regularly to write/edit pages that touch my work interests…

      • And then there’s my brother, who once changed a wikipedia page to reflect my dad’s side in a silly argument between my parents…
        Sorry that he makes everyone who truly tries to add to the knowledge look bad. (He did change it back, though.)

    • I haven’t read all the comments so don’t know if someone already offered this. I don’t think Stephenie plagiarized the name “Midnight Sun.” On page 109 Edward is watching Bella sleep and when she says his name and asks him to stay he thinks “My life was an unending midnight…So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight.” Of course, don’t know if she wrote that first and then thought of the title or vice versa.

  5. Hey UC and Moon, totally forgot that on Monday… Can you please ask under which fake name Stephenie writes all her fanfic? Is it really QueenCockblocker? Just so that I know which fics are SMeyer approved you know… 😉

  6. Oh my. That photoshopped pic of Rob in those speedos…Ugghh that pic hurts my eyes! Seriously, where do you girls find these gems?
    And that first pic (is that Rob?) with the sleeveless shirt and brown pants reminds me of Aladdin *cringes*

    • I am scarred. Scarred.

    • I threw up in my mouth a little at the speedo pic…

    • Yes please never, never show that atrocity again!

      But I do kinda have a thing for Aladdin! I think its the magic carpet.

      • Or that the voice is DJ’s bf from Full House! That gets me every time. He’s so snarky. Mmm. Okay, awkward. Anyway…Carpet is pretty great too, better than Abu maybe. It’s normal that I was thinking about that scene where Aladdin is throw in the ocean with the cannon ball tied to his leg yesterday, right?
        The thought process was something about stabbing someone in the heart, but with a hook because it has a barb (metaphorically!) and then I thought about anchors (which also have barbs) and wondered how in the 1500s they would pull them back up. And something with the sand at the bottom of the sea made me think of that scene in Aladdin. Omg. I’m so sorry for this post. I need to finish my coffee.

  7. JacobEdwardsWife:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think Edward is definitely the type of guy who would think matching outfits was cute.

    After reading Midnight Sun, I just assumed when he showed up on her doorstep the morning of “The Meadow”, he had intentionally matched clothes with her.

    Being a fellow Edward fan, I know this is painful to accept, maybe not as painful as his sleeveless white button down shirt, but painful nonetheless.

    • That’s SO depressing.

      I have a deep seated fear that reading Midnight Sun is going to make me realise Edward isn’t the kind of guy I think his is/want him to be.

    • I agree. I guy who spends alone time in a ‘meadow’ and compares his love to astronomical objects definitely would want to match his clothes with his gf. I’m scared that once SM finishes Midnight Sun, we’d find out that instead of all those century old books he claims to read, Edward secretly reads Mills & Boons in his spare time.*shudder*

    • I always assumed that Alice told him what to wear, since he was supposed to be hunting with her that night. Hence, when he noticed that he and Bella matched, he was embarrassed.

      Honestly, I just redressed everyone in my head when I read the series to begin with. Some of their actions seemed impossible given the clothes they were wearing. How was he supposed to do the collarbone tracing sexiness if she had a full on button up shirt on? I guess Bella was decidedly stuttier in my head. And Edward didn’t wear a sleaveless shirt. Ever.

      • Oh yes, the mental re-dress happened everytime clothes were described in my head.

        • Same here, I think the dodgy white sleeveless shirt idea was the absolute worst, but I also cringe at khaki skirts, red blouses and blue jumpers at rave parties… my mind just can’t cope with any of these things so automatically produces alternatives.

        • The sleeveless button-down didn’t even compute in my head until I came to LTT and saw a PICTURE of one. Then I realised I must have blacked out when reading any of the ugly outfits.

          Hello, Alice in skintight red pants? Eeew..

      • I can’t focus on anything else until I get rid of the sleeveless white shirt (among other things – long khaki skirt, I’m talking to you, too). The movie wardrobes have helped with my mental images.

        The next best thing I can do for the meadow scene is put him in a long-sleeved button down, sleeves rolled up, unbuttoned once they arrive in the meadow (to expose his sparkles), and so she can stroke his arms and see his chest.

        Now…I’m distracted.

    • They’re like fiancees that wear the khaki/ white outfits to the beach at sunset for their engagement portraits.

    • Finishing Midnight Sun is the golden opportunity for Stephenie to make all these little corrections that will make the ugly images in our heads go away. For instance when I read “sleeveless button-up shirt” I assumed she meant short-sleeve and just misspoke. Right, Stephenie? The khaki skirt could possibly be cute if she described the style a little better as something more fashionable. Yeah, probably not. Maybe we don’t really need to know what they were wearing.

    • Excuse me while I go weep in the corner…

  8. I would leave a comment, but I’m pretty sure I need to run and get some brain bleach for the Edward in brown panties.


  9. JacobEdwardsWife,
    It all makes sense to me know, i just thought it was some cute name… I get it. Must be nice. I loved your letter and once again (shock) I totally agreed with everything you said. I completly forgot about his creapy stalker behavior, like stealing mementos and such.

    Dont forget to watch Ellen today, and BONUS, she is calling for help for Nashville, and as a Nashvillian myslelf all thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!

    • Nope the name has meaning. I remember reading the books and like “honey! The two main guys in these books are Edward and Jacob!” He didn’t find it very amusing like I did though.

      Ikr? 🙂 You start thinking about it and Edward very well might have dressed to match Bella on purpose.

      Darn it all! What was on ellen today? I’ve started going back to work a few hours here and there and I miss stuff. Too bad short term disability doesn’t last forever… You know like past the time you need to recuperate medically.

      • Rob’s on Ellen today!!! Moon was at the taping yesterday! Don’t worry- if you miss it, it will be on YouTube in 2.6 seconds after it airs 🙂

  10. Jamie: I love that your threat was to give up Twilight for a week! A week! Go on with your bad self! This would be my threat if I got upset with LTT/LTR, I’m giving you up for 24 hours! Damnit! (Because this would be all I could handle)

    If UC and Moon can get Steph to finish MS or say that she is finishing it! That would be EPIC!

  11. I think that Edward kept the bottle cap as a token was sweet. Though I agree the outfit selection would make me cringe if written out on paper, I have always assumed that’s what happened.

    • I thought the bottle cap was really sweet, too. Reminded me of high school when I used to keep the movie ticket stubs from a date with a guy I really liked. I sound like a loser?

      • It is sweet, but doesn’t strike me as a very “guy” thing to do…

        • yeah but Edward’s not really a “guy”, he’s a gentleman from the early 1900s who’s never had a girlfriend.

          He’s bound to be into some weird stuff…just not weird kinky, fade to sad 😦

  12. I totes loved Edward even more after reading MS, if that’s even possible. I didn’t care to remember that they matched, too wrapped up in the story, tho didn’t get that far in MS cuz it hasn’t ben written yet. “Midnight Sun”… I always assumed it was another word for the moon…like how “Twilight” is like the end of day, start of night, so the moon gets to shine real bright & its Bella’s POV, so MS is another word to represent the moon (like a sun that shines at night?) & its in someone else’s POV, Edward’s.
    So, is this right?: Edward=moon, Jacob=sun, Bella=earth? Moon always closer to earth than sun will ever be. Moon(E) is always there, u can even see it in broad daylight, while sun always leave? (is that why B could still hear E even when he’s gone?); Twilight: moon shines bright, E is the only thing B sees; New Moon: no moon=no E, the only thing that really ‘shines’ is the sun during this time=J shines; Eclipse: moon covers sun= E blocks out J; Breaking Dawn: basically new day, new life…

    Ow, my brain hurts…sorry if everyone already knows this but I NEED sleep & so am just rambling…

    • “So, is this right?: Edward=moon, Jacob=sun, Bella=earth? Moon always closer to earth than sun will ever be. Moon(E) is always there, u can even see it in broad daylight, while sun always leave? (is that why B could still hear E even when he’s gone?); Twilight: moon shines bright, E is the only thing B sees; New Moon: no moon=no E, the only thing that really ‘shines’ is the sun during this time=J shines; Eclipse: moon covers sun= E blocks out J; Breaking Dawn: basically new day, new life…”

      ^ I LUV this! We have a astrological/Planetary explanation for the EBJ situation, referring to book titles. Is there a math whiz out there that can come up with a mathematical equation for the EBJ situation? Does this already exist?

      • LOVE that!! I think you are right, and Bella even calls Jacob her sun!!

        *not math whiz*

        • But then Edward calls Jacob *SON* in BD and I threw the book at the wall… For me the Twilight Saga ends on Isle Esme.

    • you do make an excellent point! but, in midnight sun (which i may or may not have just read for the nth time a week ago–yes i don’t have a life), edward thinks of the sun as a metaphor for bella. because his life before bella was like midnight, as in everything seemed dark and lonely, yada yada yada.. so here comes bella stepping into his “midnight” and sets it ablaze.. hence, she becomes his “midnight sun”.

      (*twi geek alert*)

      Midnight Sun Draft, page 109
      “My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?”

      p.s. i still do agree that, in bella’s POV, jacob is the sun. just not in edward’s.

      • OOOH good call!

      • Thats’s right1 how could I forget?! I KNEW I was missing something! I was bawling my eyes out at that…& when he playd the piano again w/Esme there…& esp the part where he ‘fantasizd’ that an angel had creatd Bella esp for him… (excuse me, I need a moment…) Q: did Edward love Bella first? Cuz I KNOW he loved her more!

        • I think he did, because (having JUST started reading Twi again, such a dork) I think the moment Bella falls for him is when he offers to drive her to Seattle, and she’s like “Whoa” cos before he was ignoring her and being a douche.

          He’d been sneaking into her room for quite a while then, so I think he realised he loved her first.

          Go logic! And sparkly vampires! MLIA.

          • No, not a dork for re-reading Twilight. I have a total of 4 hours tomorrow on the train (Milwaukee to Chicago and back again) and my plan is to bring Twi with me to read for the nth time. OK, maybe we can both be dorks.

      • @chochang Thats’s right! how could I forget?! I KNEW I was missing something! I was bawling my eyes out at that…& when he playd the piano again w/Esme there…& esp the part where he ‘fantasizd’ that an angel had creatd Bella esp for him… (excuse me, I need a moment…) Q: did Edward love Bella first? Cuz I KNOW he loved her more!

    • I’m pretty sure that SM didn’t think that much into it, but I am definitely picking up what you’re putting down.

  13. Dear UC & Moon,
    I just read your incredible news a/b interviewing Stephenie. I am so excited for you/ unbelievably jealous!!!! Short of actually making money off of this blog (or getting to f*** Rob behind a dumpster), this has to be the absolute best thing that could happen b/c of your incredible work on LTT. I am on a school bus on the way to a class trip right now, so I need to quit reading shit on my phone or I’ll get sick – but I could not wait to comment so that I could congratulate you!

    • Are you *driving* the bus!? All of Oprah’s efforts are for naught!

    • How much do I LOVE it that you are commenting while riding a school bus on a class trip?!? That is dedication to a blog.

  14. You should definitely ask SMeyer about her research and/or inspiration for the series. How cool would it be if she knew about the same group that was already using that name? “Small world” conundrums continually amaze me about how all connected we all really are. Those pictures of Edward in the brown panties….ick! I need some antiseptic for my eyes.
    Btw, did anyone else notice that the close up looks different from the full-body picture? I think I’m more grossed out by the full-body because it looks like Rob and I hope to God he does not wear anything that looks remotely like that under his clothes.

  15. The letter was awesome, the brown panties made me vom, and not to phased either way about the matching clothes issue..I endup only envisioning a sleeveless, bare chested Rob anyways…lol…but I will say one thing…I think how Bella is dressed in all the movies is more of how her clothes should have been described in the books, matches her personality more…I think at least!

  16. Jamie, I say we sue the vampire group. I take copyright infringement very seriously.

    • This may be sarcasm, but in no way affects the validity of Jamie’s funny, thoughtful letter.

      • Or, we could just throw them in jail. I hear you know people who can do this.*wink* <–insert sarcasm….in case there was confusion.

        • obird, are you by any chance from pakistan and now living in Dubai with your husband? Did you get married last year? Sorry for the stalker like questions but from what I can tell from that pic of yours, you look EXACTLY like a cousin of mine…
          Ignore this if you are not said cousin of mine 😛

  17. Holy crap. I’m on vacation for a week (though, I’m sure no one noticed…) and I miss everything! Anyone want to give me the two minute version?

  18. I’ve heard of the Midnight Sun in Norway. I think they have it in Alaska, too.

  19. Um, I’m on a train right now. Please put a warning or something above your posts when they contain……delicate images. I hope the old lady next to me didn’t get an eyeful of Speedward.

  20. Am I the only one who can’t stop thinking about how fantastic Full Moon: Jacob’s Ass Edition would be? Thoughts of that masterpiece have cleared the beige button down right out of my brain, thank goodness.

    • I’m with you!

    • Oh DJ, I knew I could rely on you! Not just for perving on Jacob, but for the sisterly intervention earlier…

      Confession: I have read some fanfic…I hunted down some stuff about J/B & read Breathe Again by ysar. I love it as the characters/situation are very close to SM’s & Bella hasn’t turned into a foulmouthed shag machine like with Hockeyward…not that I don’t like it…new chapter of MoBS today I think…I just like the sweet stuff. The promise sequel to Breathe Again will be more lemony though. Promises promises.

      • Oh! This reminds me – I should have enough $$ at the end of the month to buy a new computer for the sole purpose of reading your recommended FF and conducting our “business.”

    • Ooooh, I saw my Taycob doppleganger again the last week. Same 4-way Stop and he was shirtless again.
      8:25 AM.

      I totally thought of you, That’s Normal, right?

  21. Jamie your mention of “Equinox” brings up a point of contention I have with the whole Equinox/ Solstice thing.

    The song “Meet me on the Equinox” which says “…meet me at the equinox the longest day of the year…” Ummm, no that is the summer solstice. The vernal and autumanl equinox’s are when the day are exactly the same length.
    Enough with the tweed astronomy.

    …the banana in the hands made ne snicker. so phallic with it’s happy little curve to the left.

    • oops, it leans to the right… I gotta stop reading these posts upside down.

    • You’re right about the solstice/equinox thing, but the lyrics actually say “when the sun in perched at its highest peak in the middle of the day”, which I take to mean that the sun is directly overhead at exactly noon. So they got the meaning correct.

      Sorry to be such a geek! Just tryin’ to live up to my name.

      • oops, you’re right.

        Wow do I feel like a dumbass for being irked by lyrics I mistakingly interpretted.

        .. I also think Elton John sings, “She’s got electric boobs, a mohair tooth”

        Eeee-aww! Eeeee-aww!

        BTW- your name’s song is now stuck in my head lilmisscan’tbewrong. 😉

      • Okay, wow, I just realized your handle is probably from that song. And now I have that song in my head.


    • No-one could hate you Cyn! I have a feeling Stephanie may be about to learn of your existence & all that Edward has done for you (twss). Out of everyone here you are, by far, the most incredible, next to UC & Moon of course 🙂 & should be shouted out to Mrs Meyer.

  23. Jamie, I’m kind of jealous of your job.

  24. Dear Moon & UC-
    I hate to break it to you (and the rest of the LTT/LTR community), but I have a feeling Stephenie’s PR people are going to be firm on their NO MIDNIGHT SUN QUESTIONS policy. And that they’ll get grabby with you if you insist. Kinda how Summit used to have a “no Robsten questions” policy.

    Time for Plan B: Operation UnTuck.
    Does it really sparkle?

    xo obava

  25. Always thought Edward is one scary mtfer ever since I read twilight for the first time… I mean, he breaks into a girls bedroom and watch her sleep, srsly…

    • The problem is you’re thinking logically. My logical mind would run screaming from Edward. But when dealing with anything Twi, I try to let the fantasy part of my mind completely take over. Then none of the scary behaviors seem scary. In fact they usually make me swoon.

      • This is why the feminists have such a hard time with the books. That’s a whole can of worms UC and Moon are probably better off not opening with Steph.

  26. what I want to know is, was Tiff drunk and naked when she asked that question?

    (inside jokes rule)

  27. Hello, at the risk of upsetting everyone I think it would be better if no questions around Midnight Sun were put to SM. I too am devasted that it hasn’t been finished and will devour the book if it does eventually get published.

    However I think SM has made it clear that she’s not in that space and while there is still so much noise about it, is unlikely to get into a Midnight Sun writing space.

    I know for me personally the more people talk or remind me about things they want me to do (especially family) the less inclined I am to acquiesce.

    I think we just have to trust SM. She knows how badly we all want Midnight Sun, but saying the same thing more loudly doesn’t generally get the desired result.

    After lurking for a long time this is my 2nd post in 24 hours – so please be kind!

    • Boo! Hiss! Boo!

      Kidding! Kidding! 🙂

      I know how it is though, I too am less inclined to do something if I keep getting nagged about something. But its sooooo hard when you are on the other end and want something really bad. Especially since patience is not a virtue I possess much of. 🙂

    • She did say something like if she didn’t hear any mention of it for, like, 3 years, maybe she could get back into it. Now everytime I see a mention of MS somewhere, I think, oh, no, tack on another 3 years again! Damn!

      • Well darn it!

        Sorry!!! (not just to you but to me too!)

        *screams and kicks imaginary rock in frustration*

  28. Thank you guys for the comments on the letter 🙂 I’ve been typing up legal documents all day (not part of my job…. RL stuff) and popped on when I could earlier today. Its actually really cool to hear that a Midnight Sun is an actual occurance in parts of the world!
    Thank you Moon and UC for posting it!

  29. “Hey Bells, I noticed you picked out Brown panties for today. Me too.” <– It's things like this that can turn a crappy day into a better one. Thanks, LTT!

  30. OI, eu só gostaria (DESESPERADAMENTE), que fosse publicado na integra “MIDNIGHT SUN”.
    Desde que tive acesso ao rascunho, não paro de pensar na continuação da história. Espero que algum dia seja publicado.
    Sou fã da Stephenie Meyer e li os quatro livros em cinco dias.

  31. “Hey Bells, I noticed you picked out Brown panties for today. Me too.” lmao! genius….and distubing xD

    oh god I never thought about edward choosing the outfit because he might knew what she will wear. on all that is twilight…that just can’t happen!
    *sigh* oh midnight sun when will I be able to hold you in my friggin hands.

  32. Stephenie did say her mom bugs her all the time to finish MS. Let’s let her mother annoy her and not us!

  33. Actually there is such a thing as a midnight sun. BUT, there is none in AMERICA. SOme places have it happen to them. It is because the earths axis is a little tilted, so some places have a sun that might not set for six months ( north pole). so that means that they have a sun that is up during midnight. SO that is what a midnight sun is, and it exists. so u really need to learn ur facts dude, cuz a midnight sun does exist. SEARCH IT ON THE INTERNET! OR JUST ASK A SCIENTIST!

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