The Video Round Up: Ex Lesbian Lovers get real, Muse rocks and Vitamin Water makes fun of us

Dear LTT-ers,

With all the hub-bub of the past fews days we’re already gotten behind on all the Eclipse info starting to come out. FINALLY! But I guess I gotta say I’m glad they didn’t kill us with stuff from the movie like they did with New Moon. Let’s hope this less-is-more approach holds out for the next month.

Tons of new videos, clips and commercials are out and we gotta talk about some of these, so I thought we could do a few mini letters within a letter

Dear Nikki and Kristen,

Why do I get the feeling this whole scene was actually not taken from the movie but was in reality a conversation between you two while you waited to be called to set? The obvious disdain for each other is oddly reminiscent of your rumored ex-friendship. You girls went from fake lesbian lovers who were more interested in each other than actual boys to never being seen in public together again, rumored screaming fights, and greek shipping heir boyfriends. What happened here? What it really all about “the choice” like the tagline the Eclipse marketers want to shove down our throats?

Did you, Kristen have the choice between Oregano and Rob while Nikki sat on the sideline hoping you’d stay with the Italian spice so she could slide in with the new guy. But instead you dropped the old news for the new flavor of the week. Must have been a sad day for you Nikki when you were ousted from the “family.” And all because of KStew’s choice. Word to the wise for next time Nikki, don’t push the hand of the 19yr old on the freshmen team. Just sit back and watch her crumble under the pressure of trying to play in the varity league with the big girls, but  instead you gamed too hard and effectively had the choice made for you. Rookie mistake my friend. Stick around, let the big girls show you how it’s done.

Varsity Team!

PS Girls, these wigs need readjusting the hair lines are lower than my pantyhose after the elastic’s shot.

FINALLY, the first single from the soundtrack is due out TODAY! MTV will be debuting the video for Neutron Star Collision.

(enjoy this creeper photo for 3ish minutes)

Dear Muse,

You guys are SO over the top I can’t help but love you. What’s better for this dazzling, balls to the wall, romantic, idealistic saga then you guys bellowing over galloping guitars, bombastic piano lines and drum loops? NOTHING. Sadly, this will probably just be over the closing credits since that always seems to be the place they stick the lead single from these movies. But if I was in charge I’d make Bill Condon come in early and stage some huge over the top musical number. Think: dancing werewolves, twirling police officers, fountains of spurting blood in the background and glitter falling from the heavens on Bella and Edward. Best scene ever. DONE.

Jazz Hands!

Dear Vitamin Water Ad geniuses-

Are you people serious? Like really? My cat “Forks?” My bodies free radical “Victorias?”

Just don’t, Ok?

As “normal” fans we deal with people thinking we’re crazy already just because we like Twilight, we don’t need a national television spot perpetuating the assumption that we’re all camping out for Eclipse with glitter in our pockets. What I’m sure you want to come off as funny comes off as condescending. I’m all for making fun of the crazies in the world, but I don’t need another thing I have to explain to people as a false assumption about all fans. I’ve already got my hands full with the Twimom fiasco from Oprah.

Why don’t you hire a new creative agency to actually come up with something fresh/funny instead of tired material about the fans? WE can make fun of fans because WE ARE FANS. You are not. Catch the difference?

Thanks, but NO THANKS.

PS If you’d like to try again by sending me a case of Essential and Power C I may cut you a little slack. JUST SAYIN’

So did anyone else get the totally art imitating life vibe from that NReed/KStew video? And seriously, the Vitamin Water ad? Embarrassing!

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126 Responses

  1. This made me laugh harder than was probably necessary: “hoping you’d stay with the Italian spice.”

    Ugh, that TV ad. I tweeted about it when I saw it the other day while I was watching Gossip Girl. It’s terrible! As if everyone doesn’t think we’re crazy enough, let’s add to the pot.
    Enough is enough.

  2. Wow. I’m the only person I know who doesn’t actually mind watching commercials (I may or may not be an infomercial junkie), but that Vitamin Water commercial was awful. Is there going to be product placement in Eclipse? Are the Jorts Pack going to be pounding back Vitamin Water before the big showdown with the Newborns? Will Alice be seen at the Bed, Bath & Beyond in Port Angeles buying bolsters for Edward’s new bed? This troubles me… I miss November 2008.

    • “I miss November 2008.”

      I thought this, too.
      Until I realized that back in November 2008 I didn’t have LTT or LTR. Nor did I have any interest in this saga. Actually, I don’t think I had even heard of it. Oops.
      ‘Twas a simpler time. When I actually had a life.

      • Good point! LTT is definitely reason enough to put up with the extreme ridiculousness that has become the Twi-nomenon. ❤

      • “I thought this, too.
        Until I realized that back in November 2008 I didn’t have LTT or LTR. Nor did I have any interest in this saga. Actually, I don’t think I had even heard of it. Oops.
        ‘Twas a simpler time. When I actually had a life.”

        Um, I was going to say that, but, you already did…..

  3. “we don’t need a national television spot perpetuating the assumption that we’re all camping out for Eclipse with glitter in our pockets”

    What do you mean? I thought we all had sparkles in our pockets!

    *pulls fist-full of glitter from pocket and throw it in the air*

    Sparkles for everyone!

  4. Hey, everyone! Midnight_Cyn has asked me to pass a meessage along to all of you. She wants you all to know that although she tries to leave a message here every now and then that she can’t see well enough to read your responses. She’s afraid everyone will think she is being rude. She wants you to know that she misses everyone so much and she can’t wait to come back to play with us. If you have her email address you can send her a message, but make sure you type in all caps in a HUGE font so she can read it. She can’t see well enough to respond, though. =(

    She got some good news at her hearing the other day, though, and she’s heading to the eye doctor today. She’s hoping to have at least one good eye soon. Please send good vibes her way so that she can get better and come back to us soon!

  5. That Vitamin Water ad = the reason I am a closet Twilight fan, right there.

  6. Really, What am I supposed to do with all the glitter I have ordered for June 30th NOW???

    I guess I cound ship it to Pink for her next tour?

  7. “Think: dancing werewolves, twirling police officers, fountains of spurting blood in the background and glitter falling from the heavens on Bella and Edward. Best scene ever. DONE.”


    I kinda like the Muse single. At first I thought the lyrics were a bit corny what with all the “Our love is forever, we die, we die together” parts. But hey this is twilight we’re talking about so corny lines are a must! Even though Matthew Bellamy said he wrote this song for ‘The Resistance’ and not for Twilight, but whatev!

    (Confession: I started liking it only after Ellen played it on her show when Rob walked in, in all his buzz cut glory 😉 )

    Ugghh the new clip. All I could see was their hairlines. I even ignored Kristen’s almost stutters as she said “Wha- That’s ridiculous.”

    Ah the Vitamin water ad. They made another one last year and honestly I think this one was better. That’s probably because I felt proud when I realized that I wasn’t one of those fans. (The miniature cartoon Victoria’s were kinda cute too!) The previous ad said “Some thirsts can never be quenched, Luckily, yours can.” *cringe* ‘Nuff said!

  8. Yup. Nikki’s performance in that clip seemed oddly natural. I feel bad for Nikki. Never thought I’d say that. She lost her fake lesbian, hot on-location eff-buddy and ended up with that poor excuse for a hair/heir dude. Sad.
    But… karma is a biotch. TomStu is lurking in the shadows waiting to break that shit. He’s got he’s big girl panties on and will make no rookie mistakes. Team Thomas Sidney Jerome all the way!!!

    • tomstu is SOOO varsity its not even funny. he’s just biding his time. soon he will swoop in with the game winning play.

  9. Yeah that Vitamin water commerical is way over the top. And how did they know I bring glitter to the movies to throw on hot guys at the movie theatre so they sparkle???? how did they know!?!?!?

    Oh- and bring on the movie clips! I have no purity ring and I love it!!!!

    • They know because I put that video of you doing so on youtube. It got so many hits because no one realized how many hot guys go see Twilight for the fourth time on a Tuesday in December.

      ps- I like you.

  10. THANK YOU for the Vitamin Water commentary. Truly.

    Anyone else get way too excited to spot Moon on Ellen? Yeah…

    • Now I’m super ticked I missed recording Ellen yesterday! 😦 It is times like these I wish I didn’t live in the boonies with a slow connection so I could scour the internet to find the full episode. 😡

      Oh well…

    • wait howd you know it was me??!!! 🙂

  11. Did anyone notice Rob’s collar on Ellen yesterday? It was folded down inside his shirt on one side and sticking up awkwardly on the other. I couldn’t help but think that he did it on purpose. I’m sad to say that he did not dazzle me yesterday in that interview – it was very awkward.

    • That does sound awkward, the ‘avoid own eye contact’ level of awkward. I hope you’re feeling better for sharing.

      • Much. Now I see why I just lurk here and not comment – I used awkward twice in my comment. I’m not as creative and funny as all the rest of you!

        • No, don’t leave!

          Awkward is such a Twi-word, and I’ve just used it again. I’m making it my Twi-word of the day.

        • Don’t leave! I read your handle as “Suzy before 9” and felt stupid for doing so. If you leave it’ll take away that inside joke with myself everyday.

          • Sj and TeamSeath thanks! I’ll always lurk. You all are just so entertaining I feel intimidated to post anything. I’ll feel better doing it now though!

          • Besides I think our avies are related.

    • I noticed his collar, too! There had to be a mirror backstage, or makeup crew or SOMEONE that would point it out to him! I wonder if that was intentional. Like when he mis-buttoned for that awards show… come on, now Rob! I wasn’t too dazzled either. Huh. And I didn’t think he looked so hot in that Eclipse clip either-( the one with Jacob- I kissed Bella)- scene. What’s going on here!!?!?

      How jealous were you of the girl that got to do the Pattin’ Pattinson? I was freaking out! I would have taken off the blindfold and given him a huge hug!!! :o)

      And I totally agree with the “Let’s hope this less-is-more approach holds out for the next month.” I want to be surprised for the movie, and I can’t seem to stay away from clips and photos. Is it June 30th yet?

      • My thoughts exactly someone must look him over before he comes out on stage.

        But I did think he was hot in the clip – he was wearing a hoodie not tweed! And he was angry mmmm.

  12. I do wish Kristen Stewart would occasionally close her mouth..
    She could catch a fly in that thing.

    • Honestly, that is the one thing that makes me insane watching the movies. Ok, that and the wigs… and the breathing.. and the vampire high five of doom. But that’s all.

  13. Aww… I liked the commercial. It was funny! (In my twisted mind, anyway.) I still don’t give a damn what people think about me or my love of YA books and the movies based on them.

    I also LOVED Miss Nikki’s clip. And when I figure what the hell Muse is saying (so I can sing along), I’ll love the song too.

    I’m such a bad critic.

    Hmm… I think that I should rename one of my cats “Forks”. 😉

    • Is the other cat already called La Push?

      • Naw… Two are named after my daughter’s favorite Mickey Mouse characters.

        The other cat is named Mafia… formyloveofacertainfanficthatIshallnotname.

        • At least you didn’t name your cat Monstercock. Not that you shouldn’t… 😉

          • Or Quiveringmember, because I don’t think that would be at all normal. Although Vitamin Water could get a good ad out of it.

          • Haha… Uhm, actual line I said to my cat last night while I was trying to spot a certain someone on Jimmy Fallon:
            “Please stop mounting me. I don’t want to pet you”
            This would not be true of Monstercock. (Well, not as a cat. That would be gross)

          • I think I’ve been banned from thumbsupping..grrrr.

          • @sj: join the club! I’ve been banned from thumbing for awhile now. I think we exceeded our quotas. Who knew there was a maximum number of thumbs we were aloud? Keep trying, occasionally I am rationed some more. 🙂 Apparently I like too many peoples comments.

          • I can thumbsup from work PC but not my Mac. Hmm.

  14. What What WHAT?! So I take a little holiday for a few days, a little sunshine before winter hits like an icepick in the kneecaps and today I catch up on posts and OMG – tee shirts that I can wear in public instead of as pjs, awesomeness.

    Now that made me squee, but then I fall off my chair because Moon & UC are meeting SM. NO WAY! I am so 1st hand,2nd hand and jazz hands excited my brain is spinning. Way to go girls, and no pressure or anything but pull this off and you are so on track to meeting Big Daddy. Whoa!

    Anyway, I love Rosalie in this clip, wig and all and has Kristen always had the eye swivel in her repertoire or is it new?

  15. The letter to Vitamin Water is so full of WIN!

    I cringed when I saw the ad.

  16. I like what I see in the B/Rosalie clip. The wigs are completely f*cking horrendous, though. There’s no doubt about it.
    Um, Muse. I love them.
    This song sounds like it belongs in musical theatre which I LOVE.
    Matt Bellamy is ❤

  17. Oh LAWD….those wigs!! I have sung with community opera companies that create better wigs than those. seriously. I mean even Corky Sinclair had better hair and makeup than that….sheesh.

    “would you like me to strike that?”….bwahahah….that movie rules. 🙂

  18. I’m glad you brought up the Twimom Fiasco on Oprah. It was totally embarrassing and I thought the correspondent was a total biatch. *Looking directly at KStew* “I get it, I do.” Uh…really? You get what, that these moms are total loonbags with nothing better to do than have weirdo parties where they eat choc covered strawberries and get trashed while they’re kids play in the back yard? I saw the beginnings of the bitchbrow on KStew’s face. I think she should have unleashed the full force of it on her. I really hated that part.

    • I’m usually pretty neutral when it comes to Kirsten but I really loved her in that moment…the deathglare she was giving the biatch was priceless.

      • Word! They’re trying to be taken seriously as actors and those TwiMoms make it difficult. I read it all over her face.

      • I didn’t ‘get’ the correspondent at all.

        • That’s Alexandra Wentworth shes an Actress, comedianne she used to be on Living Colour and and is married to George Stephanopoulos (he used to work in the White House and is now on GMA and other shoes)

        • Yeah, from the few, brief, times I’ve seen her on tv, that just seems to be her personality. I truthfully didn’t pay much attention to that part of the show.

          However, while she was watching scenes from the movies with the moms, I actually found her reaction where Edward walks into the cafeteria pretty funny. She just didn’t get it, and that’s ok with me.

          Twilight – either you get it, or you don’t. I’d rather someone like her not even try (or pretend to try!).

    • Don’t forget their whole walking the red carpet part! Crazies!

      That was completely embarrassing, Oprah! Why! Why did you show this?

      • Yes! Do people seriously think we are all like that? I thought Oprah was all about breaking down stereotypes!

        Between that and the vitaminwater ad, I am so staying in the closet!

  19. Wow! That might be Nikki’s finest acting moment of the series!! Those wigs, I know, it’s all been said but holy crapppp! It makes their foreheads so weird and misshapen, they look like Cretins, or Neanderthals, or whoever it is with the weird foreheads. Lordy!

    I fear the product placement/endorsements are just going to get worse from here on out. We just need to brace ourselves, ladies, Chin Up!

    • Yeah, the wigs. I almost don’t buy that there’s a chick in washington hanging out with vampires and werewolves; like there’re not real and I’m never gonna be rescued by a vampire. The wigs did that.

  20. Why do I get the feeling that Stephenie chose sparkly vampires because she knew the product placement would be insane – insanely profitable.

  21. omg “the hair lines are lower than my pantyhose after the elastic’s shot.” that’s just brilliant!

  22. OMG…my body’s “Victorias”?!!!!

    All I have to say is “help.”
    We will be battling this forever.

    Yet still not as horrible as the Twimoms on Oprah.

    P.S. “my cat Forks”……. we have a feral cat that hangs out in our yard. I am going to name him Forks. Or maybe “Victoria” would be more appropriate. Better a Victoria in my yard than in my body.

    I don’t know what to think but hey, at least Stephenie is going to be richer than the Cullens (and the Queen of England) for all of this. I’m glad someone (other than moronic marketing teams) wins from all of this!

    • In a slightly unrelated note (though related to how far this whole Twilight thing has gone), I thought my eyes were deceiving me earlier when I saw a motorcycle rider wearing a t-shirt that I thought said “Twilight.” Instead it was actually this tshirt:

      Still kind of funny that a motorcycle rider was wearing that. Too bad he wasn’t wearing jorts or else I would have been certain he was one of the jortspack.

      Sometimes (like now) I wish that, for one day, I could go back to the summer of 2007 when the books were still stored soundly in the “M” (author) section on the shelves and no one except for super nerdy book geeks had ever heard of Twilight.

    • Definitely name it Victoria. Cat’s a free feral radial after all… in the pursuit of happiness. Or just food and sex. But you know, who isn’t?

      Gonna make a kitty, me-ow.

  23. That clip does not make Rosalie look like the most beautiful woman in the world. At.All. She needs lipstick or something. I won’t even touch the hair.
    PS- what is Bella holding in that scene? At the :34 mark she looks like she’s got one of those Jeopardy! ring-in things.

    • Why ISN’T she wearing a little lipstick? Would the venom burn it off too quickly? 🙂

      Also, her eyebrows seem a little dark. NOT that I’m saying blond hair and dark eyebrows aren’t ok, but all of my very blond friends have lighter eyebrows. Of course, I’m a brunette, so what do I know?

      Nikki is a very beautiful girl when she looks like herself, but I’ve always wondered why they didn’t find a gorgeous blond model for the part (CH shouldn’t have tried to fit a square peg into a round hole, just because they had a history). Also felt that about Carlisle…but this is another topic altogether.

    • A can of soda, I think.


      This is right after she breaks her wrist I think so maybe it’s whatever splint Carlisle put on her.

  24. I think this might come off as a bit passive aggressive but SCREW YOU, VITAMIN WATER! Condescending much?! Jeez.

    I actually think NReed looks great as Rosalie there – make up win. Unfortunately wig fail puts me and Summit back at even.

    • Yeah, but in the promos her wig actually looks decent. I like Nikki’s eyebrows. I wish mine were as nice as hers. 😦

      • The wig actually doesn’t bother me. I really think she looks prettier in this movie than in the other two.

        I like her eyebrows – they’re pretty, I just didn’t know if they seemed too dark, considering how blond she is. But like I said, I’m just going off what my very very blond friends look like.

        Don’t forget – her eyebrows are being worked on by makeup artists – so don’t feel bad about yours!!

  25. I think Nikki Reed looks really pretty in this clip.

    That wig makes Kristen look like a hedgehog.

    Vitamin Water-WTF is her head a clock? Did I miss something? I would be slightly less offended if they were peddling booze and not sugar water dubbed Vitamins for the truly gullable. I can totally understand getting sh*tfaced if I’m gonna be standing in line for six hours.

  26. Apparently Kristen chose Dakota over Nikki since she calls the 16 year old for um… you know….advice now.

  27. I saw that clip and thought, Oh, how art imitates life. Or is it how life imitates art? Their dialogue was so spot-on. Nikki doesn’t need acting skills, she just needs to think about real life, and voila, there it is, the jealousy, the bitchface! No need to go into the Edward/Bella Rob/Kristen life imitating art, but you know what I mean.

    The wigs, though, not imitating life, sadly.

  28. *Slowly taking all the glitter out of my pockets.* 😦

  29. I love that song in the Vitamin Water commercials. I also love the voice of the guy in the Amish hangover one when he goes, “We’ve all been there.” I wish they’d used him for this commercial. “There’s no shame in reenacting the tent scene from Eclipse. The snow keeps my vitamin water cold while 108 keeps me hot. Fiance vs. clingy friend…We’ve all been there.”

  30. I am so 2nd-hand embarrassed for that Vitamin Water commercial. I hope my husband doesn’t see it. It’s bad enough asking him if I can order the new stuff from Nordstrom for my birthday.

    Moon & UC, I’m thinking of writing you a letter. Look out for it. 🙂

  31. “That Vitamin Water ad = the reason I am a closet Twilight fan, right there.”
    EXACTLY! I pretty much let everyone think I’m a huge fan only b/c Rob’s gorgeous, not b/c I secretly love the books, the movies, the “culture,” the actors, the gossip, EVERYTHING. And that commercial is exactly the reason why. It dumbs it all down and I don’t feel it’s dumb so much as a guilty pleasure. I have friends addicted to reality TV….I think it’s the source of all evil in the world but I don’t make fun of them for it (OK, yes I do but come on-reality TV?!?) but it’s their guilty pleasure. Twilight et al is mine. Don’t dumb it down, water-bottling people. Stick to what you know (fake water products) and I’ll stick to what I know (obsessing & stalking).

    • Stick to what you know (fake water products) and I’ll stick to what I know (obsessing & stalking).

      Phew. I’m not alone.

  32. Ok, in regards to the Nikki and Kristen mess….
    (no offense) but I really dont understand why you and a lot of other people think they know what goes on in people’s lives?? I mean come on!!! You just DONT know. I do like your sense of humor in general though but this is just annoying. I mean you say she dropped the old news for the new guy? You dont know what was going on in her and that other guys relationship and who are you to judge her and Rob?? They have great chemistry i’m sure they just fell in love. You love Twilight, i’m sure you can understand that…and same goes for her and Nikki….you dont have any idea what happened there….sometimes people just stop hanging out us much as they did before but are still friends….even if they did have screaming matches who hasnt done that w/ a friend??

    • You ever heard of sarcasm, my friend?

    • I’m sure we all know it’s only speculation what went on/goes on in the actors’ private lives, but this whole blog is built on humorous speculation, taking the what-ifs to a ridiculous level. In reality I only wish the best for the actors and others involved in this Twi-phenomenon.

      • preach old one!!!

        “…this whole blog is built on humorous speculation, taking the what-ifs to a ridiculous level. In reality I only wish the best for the actors and others involved in this Twi-phenomenon.”

        our thoughts exactly.

  33. lol yes again, the wigs are terrible….especially Kristens…I thought Nikki’s acting was rather good!!! And I also agree that Nikki does not look that great in this scene….I wish they were more consistent with the make up….they look completley different in every movie!
    I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the twi moms thing!!!! SSOO horrible uuuhh….why why why in the world would they do that? The red carpet?? The cardboard cut out of Rob omg and why would you go on tv and show that craziness….wow.

  34. Well, I gotta say I love the Rosalie clip, but mostly because I think all their dialogue is pretty much spot-on from the book, and it’s one of my favorite scenes.

    I don’t, however, love the Muse song, even though I am a fan of them. The lyrics sound a bit like he’s reading off a plot synopsis of the movie provided by the Summit execs. Not up to their usual creativity. But I AM excited about the rest of the soundtrack, esp since Moon broke it down the other day and I got schooled about a few bands I hadn’t heard of before!

  35. I liked the Rose Bella scene.. I can’t wait to see the whole thing actually. But yeah the wigs needed adjusting. Yeah the V-water ad was not my favorite. It was picking on us all a bit huh? And clearly they aren’t fans like we are, they can’t be. A product can’t be a fan of anything, it’s an inanimate object. So fail. Only us fans can ‘pick’ on each other. Please take the stupid ad off TV and the Internet FOR GOOD. Just saying…

  36. I’m doing so well! I love the Rosalie backstory in Eclipse and I STILL haven’t pressed play. And I didn’t press play on the Charlie the Narc clip either!

    Will my resolve last until June 30?! I just gotta keep busy until then.

    • I didn’t want to watch those, they just popped up while watching Ellen or Oprah or other things. What’s a girl to do? I actually think they are restraining themselves a little more with the clips & stuff than they did with NM. That may change in the next month, though.

    • HIGH FIVE! I’m all purity ringed up too! 😀 Though I couldn’t resist billy burke, so, you know, I guess I did cheat. Just the tip!

  37. “But if I was in charge I’d make Bill Condon come in early and stage some huge over the top musical number. Think: dancing werewolves, twirling police officers, fountains of spurting blood in the background and glitter falling from the heavens on Bella and Edward. Best scene ever. DONE.”


  38. The thing that worries me most is that the conversation between Rosalie & Bella wasn’t in Edward’s bedroom.

    Does that mean the whole bed thing doesn’t occur in the movie – in which case there is definately no leg hitch.

    Surely they could have done something better in the wig department for both Kirsten & Nikki, not to mention Nikki’s overall appearance – she’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful women around.

    • time to reread that post called “accept it now”

      things will NOT be exactly as we expect them. i am accepting it now!!

  39. Obviously the Vitamin Water marketing people do not know this fandom. Now if they would’ve had Rob and Kellen all decked out as Edward and Emmett drinking some of the XXX water I may have just went out to buy the water just because…..but they make fun of the “stereotypical” fan and it just pissed me off. For New Moon I did not sleep out in a tent for six days….I bought my ticket on Fandango and was at the theater around 10 which was normal for me….so anyways to make a long complaint short…..the Vitamin Water peps made a big mistake not only will the fandom not buy this stuff, neither will anyone else who sees this ridiculious commercial!
    *rant over* 🙂

  40. For some odd reason I’ve been thinking about the vitaminwater all day. I have concluded that I really resent it for many reasons, including:

    – It’s called “vitamin water.” That’s so basic, and dumb, that it’s insulting.
    – They sell it for like $2 a bottle. Whereas, a glass of fresh, drinkable water is virtually free (or close to it) if you live in a 1st world country,
    – Vitamins are also not terribly expensive. A jar of multivitamins is $5-10 for several weeks’ worth. So, maybe, a vitamin and a glass of water costs a total of, oh, I don’t know, 15 cents, max.
    – The vitaminwater people are therefore marking up their product to ridiculous levels. And we complain about the high price of gas. Think of the markup on this “vitamin water”!!!
    – The vitaminwater people are taking their massive earnings on selling vitamins in colorful water and spending it on marketing
    -The marketing involves a brilliant idea of coming up with a special water for Twilight fans. Think about it people, a special water for Twilight ads. I am so angry I didn’t think of this myself!!!
    – The marketing of said water for Twilight fans is in the form of an ad, which insults Twilight fans. and makes them resent vitamins, and water.
    The end.

    • *special water for Twilight fans.

      So upset I can’t even type correctly!

      (By the way I’m not actually that upset. I just find the whole vitaminwater concept – especially a vitaminwater marketed to Twilight fans – to be a bit over the top!)

  41. “I’ve already got my hands full with the Twimom fiasco from Oprah.”
    Enough said. That Twimom business was wrong on so many levels. I was practically hiding behind the couch because i was dying of second hand embarrassment for all of them.
    I just want to clarify for all of my real life friends–Yes, I’m 35 years old with 4 kids and I enjoy me some Twilight/Rob goodness, but in NO WAY does that make me a Twimom!!

  42. I can NOT get over how bad Bella’s wig is.

  43. Muse’s Neutron Star Collision: First an 8 second clip. Then a 30 second clip with the line “our hearts combine like a neutron star collision” then the full music video released yesterday and the ‘making of’ video today. All weeks before the actual cd drops. I love Twi-mania. It’s like a spectator sport.

  44. The Vitamin Water ad totally deserves a…

    P.S. My friend does work on this brand…I need to have a chat with her.

    • Dang, how do include a pic here…

  45. I did not see this ad till now… as we have no real TV channels in my house(PBS only). But I knew I had been watching these movies too often when my 18 mo old pointed to the pics of Bella, Jacob and Edward in the grocery Vitamin Water Eclipse display…like they were Elmo or Aurthur. My poor son.

    I am officially embarrassed that I bought it…

    P.S. Thank you LTT for making my entire week. I will be reading everyday from now on.

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