Twilight Moments that have shaped us (Oh, we’re interviewing Stephenie Meyer)

Dear LTTers,

There are those moments in life that shape you- Graduations, Weddings at young ages, anniversaries, pregnancies by vampire husbands, beautiful children’s births, children biting their way out of your womb, Children moving out of the house, your ex boyfriend falling in love with your newborn child…Moments that are Epic– Getting our first commenter on LTT was one like that. To this day we still refer to Christa as our “Fanbase” & our #1 fan. Then there was the time when Sam Bradley commented on a post where we made fun of him. That was before we realized that wasn’t a big deal and could draw his moles from memory.

Big day!

Then there was the first day we suddenly had over 200 readers on the blogs. And then we met you. And you. and you. Then Stephenie said she READ US which we’re still questioning and sometimes fear that her mentioning “LTT” really meant “Linux Trace Toolkit” and her bro & webmaster, inspiration for small wolf, Seth, just threw it in there to make a dorky computer joke (Linux is something the geeky cousin tried to get me to understand once)

Then there was RobstenGate in August, seeing Rob on Ellen in November and that moment during karaoke night when I visited Moon in LA last fall and everyone was singing “We are The Rob” and I just FELT it. What’s “it?” I don’t know- you just know it when you feel it. Those moments shaped us.

And then stuff like this happens and we question once again if Seth, the inspiration for the small werewolf, is taking his anger out at his sister for naming the weakest werewolf after him (But Seth, he does get some one-on-one with Bella & saves her life!! (Ugh.. I think… Note to self- re-read Eclipse before meeting Stephenie)) and punks us YET again & makes it all up. But it looks like the little hat spoke. And shit just got real because I just programmed “Interview Stephenie Meyer in an undisclosed location” into my calendar.

Hey guys,

I want to do something different with publicity for this movie release. For Twilight, I did the normal press junket, for New Moon I got to go on Oprah. Both of these were fun, exciting experiences. However, they both had the same drawback—the interviews were designed for a very broad audience, and because of that, most of the questions were about things you guys have known the answers to for years. I feel like all of the basic questions have been answered, and for Eclipse I want to focus on the more specific questions of the readers. To accomplish that, I’m hosting my own mini-junket with a few fansites. It will be held on Friday, June 18th, the week before the L.A. premiere.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk to every single site, and I want to keep this as low key and enjoyable as possible. So I put all the U.S. fansites in a hat (for logistical reasons, we had to keep this in the country) and drew out four names.

The names I drew were:

* Twilight Series Theories (
* Twilight Source (
* Twifans (
* Letters To Twilight ( <——HOLY CRAP THAT’S US!!!!!!!!!

Each of these sites is invited to send two members of their staff (or one member and a guest) to our fan-centric mini-junket. You will be contacted shortly by my assistant, who will give you all the specific information. In the event that any of the sites is unable to send representatives, I’ve already drawn four back up sites, which I will post if it becomes necessary.

I’ll answer all of your questions (and your readers questions, if you want to poll them) about the Eclipse Movie, and the Bree story, as well, which will have been out for a few weeks by then. We’ll have lunch, hang out, and hopefully have a fantastic time. I hope you all can make it!


WHATTTTTT? Are you SURE!? And have you really read our site? We’re not your “What happens when Bella gets her period” kinda question askers (oh wait- we ask that all the time. Should we push her for the REAL answer “I didn’t think about that one- give me a break” since none of us believe that “the blood is dead” crap? ) And Steph we’ve joked from time to time that you have a thing for Edward and therefore for Rob (but then again- who are we to talk? We run a Rob site) so are you sure…We get to meet YOU?

To repeat the majority of the conversations Moon & I had over chat yesterday afternoon:


After the jump. Read some of the MANY responses we’ve received since yesterday:

Almost immediately after we heard the news, Moon sent an email to her close friends & family with this subject:


The first responses to the news were overwhelming and funny. Which is to be expected.. you are the funniest Twilight fans in the world, you know:

tiffanized @letter2twilight Is that Rob’s hat from Bel Ami she drew the names out of?

mylifeontwi @letter2twilight congratufuckinglations

JodieO @letter2twilight I am so 2nd hand excited for you right now! That’s way better than the 2nd hand embarrassment I usually get in Twiland!

twitstwilight @letter2twilight I’m so happy for you guys! You’ll ask the best questions and SM will rue the day she picked LTT out of that Bel-Ami hat!

There was the realization that we’re gonna have to BRUSH up on our Eclipse knowledge & be well-acquainted with the Bree novella

UC's big ass, gay smile

Calliopeblabs dearest @letter2twilight … member how you were so (not) excited about that bree book…. better get to reading skanks.

marah: i’m glad you got picked, when you have such clear disdain for the bree book. this should be good.

killerwardsmuse @letter2twilight Can you puh-lease ask her what the f*ck is up with Bree? You’re the only ones with balls to do it.

People had suggestions on what gifts to bring Stephenie:

PinkFluffGirl PLEASE make her a shirt that says “That’s QUEEN COCKBLOCKER to you!!!!”

clarks2 @letter2twilight Remember, nothing says “We’re gonna ask the tough questions” like tweed. Tweed & a They’re Not Bears! tote bag.

It didn’t take long to read suggestions on what to ask involving… who else…? Rob!

tiffanized @letter2twilight Can you smuggle a note to her for Rob from me? I want to be the first person to ask you that question. There will be more.

greenleafgirl Wow! Congrats to @letter2twilight 4 the score of a Twilifetime! I hope U ask her if Rob is cut or intact under the jorts u know SM gave him

ordinary_girl84 @letter2twilight – ask about jorts, NO – ask about buttcrack santa, NO – ask if she’s “accidently” walked in on Rob naked!

ItalianGirl: This is so exciting for you two, but I swear, the day you get the email to interview Rob, you will immediately respond “Yes” But say “However we need 3 tickets. We have an assistant, Italian Girl.” I WILL be going with you. I don’t care what I’ll have to do. I’ll wipe your asses if it means I get to be there.

We wouldn’t think it’s love, though, without the hate:

InspiredbyKstew WTF The kristen haters @letter2twilight Won SM’S competion!? What a crock!!

WeFartRainbows #TeamWFR thinks a better site than @letter2twilight should’ve won. L2T are full of shit.

(I think you understand why these two don’t need a commentary or rebuttal. The brilliance of their comments & twitter names just say everything)

Moon- about to barf with excitement in the work elevator (is she wearing a beanie? HOLLA!)

Then there were all the other “normal” question suggestions. Well, LTT-Normal. Which we all knows is the most normalest of all:

Awesome Teen Mag: Is she going to fly you to her house and you’re going to get to meet Seth and all of her other Twi-inspirational named siblings and children and husband??? Are you going to get to tell her that there are shades of lipstick besides red that might be equally becoming on her? Will you apologize on ALL of our behalves for Oprah’s insanely miniscule one-on-one time with her? And dude, for the LOVE OF GOD, get her to freaking finish Midnight Sun. I mean, if nothing else, accomplish that. And the lipstick 😉

ekels #AskStephenie Do you find yourself saying things like “Purple’s cool” and “Green is what? Good?” Cuz that’s normal. @letter2twilight

KStew411: You must ask if she lets her sons wear jorts. Congrats, @Letter2Twilight!

veddersgirl @letter2twilight I want you to ask SM if Edward and Jasper are finally get together in Eclipse. NM was such a let down. No #manlove. WTF!?

ekels @allryans Also, have u ever srsly seen a boy in khakis & a white sleeveless button down & wanted to hump him? #AskStephenie @letter2twilight

And of course… Midnight Sun.. Midnight Sun.. Midnight Sun

tiffanized @letter2twilight OH GOD. you have to ask her about Midnight Sun. All of your questions should be “So when are you publishing MS?

Then late in the day we received an email from a longtime lurker:

Dear UC & Moon,

I am beyond excited that LTT got picked. I’m patiently awaiting Steph’s sure to be classic responses to the totally absurd/raunchy questions I expect you to come up with. I know you’re probably debating how far is too far with our favorite lady… but I’m going to venture to say that she wants the outrageous. I don’t think her picking LTT is as “random” as she says it is. Deep down, she’s sick of answering the safe, easy questions from her usual hot-topic-worshiping, twilight-themed-cupcake-baking  fans. She’s ready for the kind of questions only a  NORMAL modern twentysomething girl would ask. I.e. When writing “the leg hitch” did Paco or whateverhisnameis get a little extra action?

Ok, so while I have total faith in you, I do have a word of caution. I know you two might be tempted to get into long indie girl discussions involving how awesome Metric and Vampire Weekend’s soundtrack songs will be, but I’m going to implore you to stick to the important stuff… like details on what kind of hotpocket is Rob’s fav and her opinion on whether to wear flannel lingere or just the sambas when you meet him behind the dumpster. All crucial questions.

Thanks for all the laughs,

WHOA.. I mean…. WHOA… We can’t stop saying it…. What ELSE could happen here on LTT? I mean.. we might as well shut it down now… it can’t get much bigger than this!

UC & Moon

So excited to get to see our friends at TwiFans Allison & Kim again as well as meet some new friends from Twilight Series Theories & Twilight Source!!!!!

And… on a sappy note…. we love you all. We wouldn’t blog every day without you all. Our site would have never gotten to this level without you all. Therefore, you are just as much as part of this as we are. Sure, we’ll be the ones in her presence, laughing with her & making up inside jokes that we’ll talk about for years to come, but you’ll all be with us in spirit!! We wish we could bring you all- especially that girl who says we shouldn’t meet Stephenie Meyer since we hate Kristen. She’s funny. We’ll be asking your input for our interview for the next month, so start sending in & commenting with the best suggestions!


Don’t forget we have our 20 years from now contest going on until Thursday. You can win a tshirt from our brand new LTT_LTR store! Be creative! Some of the best entries so far are from people who “thought outside of the box!”

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

306 Responses

  1. I am SO mothereffing excited for you guys!!!!
    It was great news to wake up to and to remember through out the day, since mine turned out blurgh.
    Also, I’m kinda proud! That’s normal.
    So, so, SOOOOO can’t wait for this.
    Especially since you guys will actually ask decent questions.
    Love, love, love!


    Sorry – I just can’t censor myself with this news.

    I’m totally 2nd hand fangirling right now.


      Best. Cursing. EVER!!!!!
      It rivals Bill Nighy at the start of Love Actually.

    • EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! So excited for you ladies! You totally deserve it!

      By the way I totally just squeed and fangirled a little bit 😛

  3. So again, congrats! You guys totally deserve this. I mean, who else would represent the normal 20-something fanbase? I can think of no one better.

    I, personally, like this comment:
    “The kristen haters @letter2twilight Won SM’S competion!? What a crock!!”
    God. I mean, imagine? Kristen haters getting to interview SM. How can it be?
    Wait.. why is LTT a ‘Kristen-hater’ site again?

    PS. Did you guys know about this little competition? Or was it a surprise to you as well?

    • TOTAL surprise!!! we got an email before we saw it on her site & didn’t believe it.

      • Do you think they *really* pulled the names out of the hat, or secretly everyone at SM HQs was dying to meet you two?

        • I thought the same myself, maybe it was a rigged draw in the BEST possible way. SM would be dying to thank for you the giggles in person, I am sure of it.

      • You totally deserve it – and Stephenie does too: finally some FUN time on an interview! *hugging myself*
        If I were you I would still be pinching myself black-and-blue, though, because it absolutely sounds like the kind of dream you have after too much tequila. Just wait til you get to the next part of the dream, where Rob walks in wearing…oh, nothing, really. I could totally be your “guest” on that one. (Ass-wiping not included. How about I buy you drinks afterwards?)

      • That is one thing I love so much – you didn’t even APPLY!



  4. ok, im in love with the (maybe gay? dunno) guy Matt from twilight source. and theres a huge (twss) chance he’ll be there.
    Mooniepie, your single right? heck i dont care, UC can do it too, give him a big one from me!

  5. Oh, also, I should thank Steph. The only reason I was made aware of LTT and LTR was because I was searching her website for Midnight Sun. I stumbled upon this weird “Thanks for the laugh lines, girls” and, yep, I googled it. It led me to you.
    One of the best things ever to happen to me.

  6. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T believe it! I KNEW I should have started a blog about Twilight, I KNEW it!

  7. Great great great news – soooo excited for you – can’t wait to see the questions you come up with will be epic. I don’t think you should actually leave until she has FINISHED MIDNIGHT SUN – chain her to that damn laptop !!!!

  8. Another first time commenter, long time lurker here.

    Just wanted to say, CONGRATS, good luck, and have fun!

    My day wouldn’t be complete without LTT/LTR…keep doing what you’re doing!


  9. I’m so proud/thrilled for you two. You both deserve this for being the fearless HBICs around here!

    Also, perhaps Steph would feel more comfortable answering the tough, inappropriate questions if you three are lounging on a bear skin rug during the interview? Keeps it casual.

  10. I knew this day would come!
    knew it knew it knew it!

    so excited for you!

  11. God, that is so amazing!!! I am so completely over the moon excited for you!! I know that you will be funny and thoughtful, and can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Seriously, Midnight Sun should be the first question. Then, why Bree.

  12. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! So “2nd hand excited” (jealous), over the moon excited for you. I can’t help but think that if Steph has given her approval to interview her maybe the powers be at Summit might give you approval for Red Carpet interviews LTT/LTR style. #ifyourdownwithstephyourdownwiththekids

  13. I’m still so excited.

    Congrats! We know you’ve put the time into it.

    Oh, and “WeFartRainbows”? No. Just… no. They obviously DON’T or they would have been happy for whoever won. If you are going to have a ridiculous name, you must live up to it.

  14. Congrats! I’d do a cartwheel but I haven’t done one of those since the slapstick bracelet & leg warmer days and it could be truely frightening for all involved if I do so just pretend you saw me rotating like a ferris wheel down your hallway! Love you ladies!


  15. I am so happy for you girls!! Totes jealous, but happy none the less. 🙂

    I do have to ask you for one favor…it’s a question that has been plaguing my mind for months now, and if you were to ask SM, it would be like one of life’s greatest mysteries has been solved.

    Here it is…. SInce Edward is always *ahem* hard, does that mean that he always has a vampire boner?

    Just wondering.

    Congrats again lay-dees! You deserve it!!

    • OMG. Classic. They MUST ask this…

    • Well duh. Why do you think he pushes her off when things get a little intense? Poor guy runs away to take care of himself.

      Oh my, look what fanfic did to my innocence!

    • great question. one i have wondered way too many times to admit in the “real world”

    • Yes, that pertinent question has been much on my mind.. And if he is, ehum, hard all the time, is that a plus or a minus for him? (We hardly need to ask for BPOV, I think?)

      • Heeheehee…I can’t help but get a visual, and I can’t stop laughing over the ridiculous thoughts that are going through my mind right now. And aren’t vampires supposed to be immortalized forever?? Like, they are “frozen in time”? So does that mean it wouldn’t…get….any….bigger???? PPPBBBBTTTTT!!!!!! 🙂 I need to stop. I’m sitting at my desk at work laughing like an a**hole. But seriously. These are the things that we need to know.

    • OMG, I JUST thought about that for the first time today, while re-reading Breaking Dawn – the scene with their first night rocking the little cottage-in-the-woods.

      So happy that when my brain goes there, lots of others do too! 🙂

  16. squeeeeee!!! so excited for you guys (and us, for getting to read it)

  17. I am phenomenally over-excited for you two getting to do this. I need to check out those other sites to see if you’ll be in worthy company.

    I’d like to suggest that every question you ask her is loaded with LTT ‘in’ words & jokes to see if she really reads you & can spot them. i.e. ‘How do you feel when you see everyone mooning over characters you have created?’ (think phonetics). Or, ‘I love the font, how about you?’, or ‘Is tweed serious?’ & ‘Is purple cool?’.

    I just know that you’re going to become her new bffs, & GET INPUT INTO BREAKING DAWN…

  18. Okay, I am apparently hormonal and this made me cry.

    Like actually CRY with happiness.

    Am I lame?

    So so so sooo soooooo SOOOOOOOO excited to have you guys represent “us” – the NORMAL fans…


    aklfndkoajfioerajfkanvkl 8uaodjfkldjfa

    I couldn’t agree more!!

    • Oh dang, the slow clap. Well said, Alice…well said.


    • oh you always know the most opportune time for a slow clap!!!!!

    • Bwahahahaha!

      What’s better than the slow clap, you ask? The off-synch slow clap of course. Hilarious!

      Also, I have a prediction to make. I just totally had an Alice-like vision of Moon and UC sitting next to Step at the premiere totally inside-joking twilisophying on the holy trinity. THIS will happen! Because if full house of Thetas can get there for lusting over an almost legal boy (speaking from experience here), UC and Moon must certainly get get there for giving us ‘jorts’, ‘buttcrack santa’ and “tweed serious”, dontchathink?

  19. SO excited for you guys!!! And I think LuckyLauren is spot on – There was no randomness about LTT getting picked. Steph has GOT to be tired of the same old questions (as I’m sure most of the cast is, except probably BooBoo Stewart who will never turn down a publicity op).

    Priority #1 – Midnight Sun.

  20. UC & Moon….CONGRATS! I have tears (no joke) of joy after reading this (at the office at 15.00 European Time)
    I am soooo happy for you too. Plse give Stephenie one Heineken bottle Letters to Rob/Letters to Twilight (I don’t think she drinks alchohol)
    Will you wear a LTT t-shirt when you meet her? I am so exited for you too. LTT/LTR ROCKS BIG (rob) balls!
    Gefeliciteerd again!

    • Which T-shirt would be the best gift for Steph? I have to go and look. Ooh, ooh, maybe a mousepad, so it’s under her fingers all the time when she’s writing on her computer! Finishing Midnight Sun.

  21. I must be hormonal too!!! I cried with happines last night when I read the news, and am crying right now reading your post! (i’m at work, mind you, i look silly as hell) Wow! Iąm so happy for you!!! Congratulations Moon and UC! I just knew this day would come!!!

  22. I’m so excited for you! And kind of proud. Haha. Finally the best Twilight “fansite” get some action. 🙂

  23. of course, i don’t know either UC or Moon in person (like a lot of us commenters, most probably) but does anyone of you also feel like, right now, i can say I KNOW some1 who is set to speak to THE goddess SM??!~

    on behalf of all the commenters, i truly truly worship you LTT! THANK YOU for making it seem like MY dream of meeting SM also came true. that is all.

    i’m sooo excited for u guys!!

  24. 1. Do you really believe SM drew out your name? It was fixed, because she wanted to meet you. She’s just playing hard to get.

    2. We all knew it was just a matter of time until it actually happened.

    3. asfao235198yf0787ad*^A*^*(^(SKjhafajas;kdfajdl;fkj;alskdjflkj;f

    4. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

    5. I hope there will be several letters, podcasts, videos…. you have to share

    *squeeeeeee* I’m fangirling just a little inside.

  25. Congratulations BIOTCHS!!! You’ve made it and hit the big time. You are movin’ on up, just like the Jeffersons. You are one degree closer to Rob. “Le Sigh.”

  26. I had a mini freak out out of second hand excitement last night when I heard the news and the husband was pretty offended. He’s apparently a bit disappointed that I didn’t get as excited when he surprised me with a second honeymoon to Italy. (We’ve only been married 3 years and had a perfectly great first honeymoon…he’s just freaking awesome). I told him that if I had the chance to meet SM and had to choose, I’d cancel our trip.

    He hates me now. I doubt there will be any leg hitching for the duration of our vacay. I’m wondering if his promise to let me get a shirtless picture of him under the clock tower in Montepulciano is still good…

    Anyway, I’m so excited for you girls and I just had to give up my lurkiness to tell you!

  27. Congrats!! I am so excited for you girls – I’m usually a lurker but I read your site daily and the laughs never stop. I couldn’t think of a better site to get such a great opportunity!! Cannot wait to read how it goes and you MUST ask about MS 🙂 oh and maybe the jorts too!! Good luck!

  28. So glad I can rest comfortably in the knowledge that y’all will NOT be using the term “cock blocker” in her presence. Nor will you be wearing capes. Because y’all are BETTER than that. Amen. Praise the Lord.

    for the greater good, y’all!


    • They’ve gotta ask Steph if she knows your story and how much Twilight has meant to you, Midnight Cyn. I’m sure she’d be happy to know!

  30. It was totally fixed! She fangilrls over uc and moon and wanted an excuse to meet you wonderful ladies! Congrats ladies!

  31. Congradulations Moon and UC.
    You make Mama very proud.

  32. Oh wow! UC and Moon. I’m sooo effin’ excited for you guys! (I hardly swear, so this means that this is a special occasion.) I too tweeted about it when I read the (Twi)news this morning. Of course my tweet was nothing as witty as those above, but nevertheless I’m just as excited as any other LTT girl!

    Can you ask Stephenie to write a novella about Tanya and how she tried to seduce Edward? Also can you ask her for a detailed explanation about how Edward refused her, quote, in a ‘gentlemanly fashion’? And what made him ‘prefer brunettes?’

    And of course, you have to ask for Rob’s number. That’s a given. And once you get it, you have to share it with the rest of us 😉

    Oh and FYI, Stephenie’s hubby is called Pancho!

    Girls, go kick some serious ass! I’m so beyond proud of you *sniff* I was sooo surprised to see this news on today. Even though I’m new in the comments section, it’s been a year since I started reading LTT. I don’t know UC and Moon as well as some other commenters do here, like chochang mentioned above. Hell, I don’t even have a proper Twi-BFF yet. However, this site makes me feel like I’m part of a family. A twi-fan family. And that’s all thanks to you and your site, UC and Moon.

  33. Michelle…CRYING?…So NORMAL! So am I (crying…and at work for gods sake) So happy for UC and Moon! You guys will ROCK the questions! I am so excited for you…

  34. OMG you guys rock!!! I have no idea what i would have you ask Steph, but i can’t wait to see what you ask her. I am popping popcorn and grabbing a box of tissues the day this is posted and be ready to laugh my ass off. Good work UC and Moon on your blogs and getting the notice of Steph herself 😀

  35. Congratulations! I was so excited to see that you were chosen! And I don’t believe that it was random at all. Steph loves you girls (don’t we all?) — OF COURSE she would pick you!

    Good luck!

  36. Congratulations…That is big news!

  37. I squeed like a 14 y/o twihard when I saw that little scrap of paper with LTT on it on SM’s website. This is huge. It’s HUGE, I tell ya. I got some tweed serious questions for Stephenie:

    1. When writing the tent scene did you originally envisage it as a three-way between Bella, Edward and Jacob?

    2. During filiming of Eclipse, how many times did you have to demonstrate the leg-hitch on Rob?

    3. Does reading twilight fanfic turn you on? Which one is your favourite?

  38. You might want to consider a podcast and bring The Font and White Yorkie with you. I’m positive that SM won’t mind. I’m happy to carry your bags to Phoenix.

    Yes, get Rob’s number, so that we can all call him on Saturday night and see what he’s doing.

    I also like the Midnight Sun pressure.

    My god, there will be so much to accomplish when you get to the undisclosed location on the as-yet-unspecified date!

  39. Dood! Righteous! Congrats Moon & UC! You guys continue to rock the fandom!

    I began to read this letter, and I was like: Cool, they wrote a fake interview with Stephenie Meyer!
    And then I went on. And on. And I got it.
    Moon and UC were THE CHOSEN ONES!!!
    You KNOW which questions to ask, and you KNOW we (aka: the readers) will give you a hand.
    Of course, I’ll give you a list:
    1. What the crap is going on with Midnight Sun?
    2. Who the crap leaked the first chapters? Was it one of your sons, who was sick of you talking about Edward, Edward, Edward….and not packing him your lunch? Was it Pancho, for the same reasons listed above?
    3. You are Team Jacob. This is not a question.
    4. Why Bree Tanner???? WHY???? Why not the Isle Esme scene?
    5. Why glitter…uhm, I mean sparkles???? Do clean men make you horny? Does Rob make you horny? (tee-hee)
    6. Is it true you wrote Mrs Cope thinking about yourself?
    7. Do you like waffles?
    8. Does Jane aka Dakota Fanning scare you? Because she sure doesn’t scare me!
    Later to be added…in the following weeks.

    Girls, you goooooooooooo girls!

    • Oh man. I made so many mistakes I don’t even want to check…well, THAT’S NORMAL. I’m Italian, and that’s great news!!!! Now onto LTR…


      “Who the crap leaked the first chapters? Was it one of your sons, who was sick of you talking about Edward, Edward, Edward….and not packing him your lunch? Was it Pancho, for the same reasons listed above?
      3. You are Team Jacob. This is not a question.”

      LOVE IT!

      • Well, I love you, UC and Moon! You make my day, everyday…and, apparently, Stephenie’s too….we’all know she wanted to meet you, and she invented this “draw out of the hat” game, just to hide it. But we know. Oh we know.

  41. holy cow you guys, what an awesome way to start off my tuesday. I feel bad for getting to work late and missing out on this news sooner.

    I agree with LL, This shit was not random, she picked yall out and drew the next three. All my love and wishes, and im counting down the days!!

  42. This is beyond awesome! I probably flipped out as much as you guys did when I saw LTT listed as one of the sites, and I’m not even going. But I’m just so excited because I know I can count on you for some amazing questions that we all want the answers to, but that no one has had the balls to ask yet. BUT YOU WILL! Hopefully. 😀 And yes, whatever you do, make sure you mention Midnight Sun and beg her to finish it.


  43. Congrats to LTT! There are a lot of good fan sites out there but nobody does the breakdowns and analysis the way you guys do with so much hilarity – I think Steph knows that and whether it was a really random selection or not, you guys are going to have sooo much fun with her.

  44. What will you do if she surprises y’all with a drop in visit from The Trinity? It could happen.

  45. I am so happy for your both and for all of us too! I am teary and proud and I know you both are gonna rock this interview.

    I agree with LuckyLauren that the randomness of this draw is questionable. I bet Stephenie wants to meet the ladies behind the snark just as much as you want to meet her!

    I think your number one goal for the meeting is to nail down some MS details. How you do it, I don’t care – just rope her into something …a timeline, a commitment, a secret copy of the already finished manuscript that you swear to god you won’t show anyone but email to each of us on the DL

    Again, so freaking happy for both of you!!

  46. I’m SO MOTHERFRACKING PROUD of you guys!!! Just as I said yesterday, this is seriously so deserved. All the hard work you put into writing for us daily… I didn’t know how hard it was until I did it myself. Insanity.

    I can’t wait for this fandom to have a face I’m proud of. Well, two faces, really. Two gorgeous, smart, snarky faces. I think wearing Tiffanized’s NM premiere outfit may be a good idea, btw.

  47. I literally squeed when I saw that you guys were on that list. This is going to be so awesome!! I can’t wait to see what questions you come up with. 😀

  48. Holy Crapsten! I am SOOOOO excited for you, UC and Moon!!! You TOTALLY deserve this because I think you girls are friggin hilarious! There is no way in Hale that she randomly chose LTT. You gals kick ass and Steph knows that! You have a great sense of humor, and I’m sure she’s looking forward to your interview. I’m sure you’re squeeing with delight while you rack your brains for the list of questions to ask! How crazy exciting!!!! You know we are all so jealous!!! Love you girls and enjoy your day. You deserve this!

    • I agree, the “randomness” seems very suspect. I too think SM just wants to meet the coolest fans around. Seriously, she’s got to be a little scared of and 2nd hand embarassed by most Twilight fans.

      Questions to ask…
      1. Does she ever wish she’d left the series as a trilogy as she once planned it to be?
      2. Any scenes/sections she wishes she had written a bit differently upon reflection (Isle Esme….)?
      3. Does she still have a thing for Henry Cavill? Does she still watch The Tudors? Was she pleasantly surprised by Joss Stone’s Anne of Cleves like me?

      Seriously UC and Moon — this is so effin awesome!!! Couldn’t have happened to two cooler gals!

      • On second thought…SM did create the most moral vampires in literature…perhaps it is an awesomely happy random occurance.

  49. Yesterday’s news was the best thing ever to happen to LTT (next to making out with Rob obviously). It felt like we had all won something! I’m so excited for you girls. Steph’s going to want to become part of the quad after meeting you two in person. Truthery! 🙂

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