Monday Funnies: Twilight, In 20 Years… and the LTT/LTR Store

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s a Monday and you might be on your 3rd cup of coffee looking to wake up and shake off the tireds. But you can’t, I know. In fact you’re probably looking pretty haggard when you catch your glimpse in the reflection of the coffee pot in the break room and wondered, ‘when the crap did I age 20 years?’ You’re definitely not eternally 17. So I was thinking if normal people feel this way than the twi folks have to have a few haggard days themselves. Since we could all use a pick-me-up and helped out with the site In 20 Years that Brooke sent me, I present you some of our Twilight folks… IN TWENTY YEARS!

First up we have Rob…

Hmmm… they usually say men get better with age… but it appears as though Rob’s eyebrows have just grown with age. And he may just have a drooling problem…

Daaamn and we thought present day Kristen was a hardass… look at what 20 years and some smokes will do to you… Joan Jett, midlife crisis movie here she comes!

Then it was Taylor’s turn and a funny thing happened…
I put this picture in, but kept getting this back
Looks like the apple (or the double bacon cheese burger) doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Follow the cut to see an extra special treat AAANNNDDD an extra special announcement. Spoiler alert it may involve tshirts

Because I’m a glutton for punishment and because I love a good laugh I decided to throw Cathi Hardi in the ol 20 Year time machine and here’s what happened… gird your loins!!

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who let skeletor into the 20 Year time machine?! Make it stop!!

Ok, so the big news besides scaring your retinas and making you cry with that last picture is that we’re launching the Official LTT/LTR Store! Yes, that’s right you can now wear the love you have for Vampires/Werewolves/Wigs/Jorts/Plaid/dumpsters right across your boobs, where it belongs! In honor of this momentous occasion we will be giving away a tshirt to one of you!!!!!! Yes, that’s right. But of course we’re gonna make you do something for it! Dance monkey, dance!

Want to see what Charlie Swan will look like in 20 years, or how about our favorite DILF? Use the In 20 Years site, OR your own creativity to imagine what our fave Twilight characters/actors/ect will look like when we’re all using walkers and can’t remember who the hale Edward even is… then email us with the subject “In 20 Years” and we will pick a winner and make you semi internet famous for a day and you will win the prize of their lives. Ok, they’ll just win a tshirt from our store but it’ll be a mildly exciting experience, I promise. So get to it! You have till Thursday, at noon EST to enter!

Beauty is fleeting but an LTT TShirt/Coffee Mug/Mouse pad/Tote bag is forever!

What will you look like in 20 years? What will the rest of our Twilight pals look like?! Have you found your new casual Friday/Twi-con/Leg Hitch/vacuuming shirt in the store?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

Special Note!
HUGE thanks to snowwhitedrifted for helping us make this a reality with her amazing and hilarious designs! Besides coming up with great ides, she listens to our crazy ideas and makes a Robsten-love-by-the-fire-tshirt a reality! You are awesome girl!

And another Special Note: Happy Birthday to Jena, one of our lovely forum mods and provider of smiles, sweet emails and DVD’s full of clips! Celebrate with her in the forum and wish her a very merry happy slappy yo-dappy (ok, I made that up) Birthday! Psssst I hear there’s Rob porn… and maybe some Rob/Keanu porn…

116 Responses

  1. […] HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT at LTT today about the LTT/LTR Store! Get there now! And maybe win […]

    • congrats on the store and the thing with Stephenie Meyer Doing ‘Eclipse’ Press With ‘Twilight’ Fansites!
      im so happy for you guys!!!!!! ask her…where the fuck is Midnight Sun u??? or why she is a cockblocker???she dont have to worry about my inocence hahah im not mormon i can do it???? hahahaha

  2. Dude. These are hilaaaaaarious!!!
    Also: a store?! Awesome!!

  3. “…you can now wear the love you have for Vampires/Werewolves/Wigs/Jorts/Plaid/dumpsters right across your boobs, where it belongs!”


    • You seem to be able to get some of these on panties as well – so you can emblazon your love for LLT/LTR on your ass as well.

      • HA! Those twimoms got nothing on us!

  4. Team Aro! Awesome! That may be my new vacuuming/ watching 30 Rock t-shirt! Great shirts, ladies.

    • Cause I’m Old

    • “That may be my new vacuuming/ watching 30 Rock t-shirt” quote of the day

    • Srsly, that design had me laughing for 5 minutes straight.

    • I have the Team Aro shirt. It’s been worn to the park and gets a good laugh from twimoms and dog owners.

      • can we ask for anything more from a good incognito twi shirt?!

  5. Oh man. I better quit the drinking and Joan Jetting around. I’ve only got 5 years until I look like KStew!

    • Aww! But have you seen Joan jett lately? That vegan is h-o-t!

  6. I think i’m gonna try and draw mine 🙂

  7. The store is AMAZING. Do I spot Hale no and bobbygee? brilliant. A PHENOMENON as Oprah would say.
    I want the plaidman, downward spiral, fade to sad, war of wigs (do they look like a cool Canadian rockband or what?) and they’re not bears, ohh and fake lesbians. I WANT IT.

    • It’s a phenomenon. A PHENOMENON.

      • Even a Fee-narm-en-ahm! It’s that good.

        • I’m a Brit so it sounded even weirder – does Oprah normally pronounce the same word in different ways in the same interview? So odd.

          • Yes, she thinks she’s funny. Sorry, Oprah-lovers.

          • YOU get a phenomenon and you get a phenomenon and YOU get a phenomenon!!! wyou’re ALLL getting phenomenons!!@!!!!

  8. First I thought that wearing a LTT shirt would be a bit obvious. You know, no one really knows about my addiction… But then I checked out the designs. And they’re BRILLIANT! Cause NO ONE except real LTT ladies will “get it”. I SO want to wear one of those shirts to the Eclipse premiere!

    • Do we shout ‘That’s normal!’ if we see someone wearing one…we need to work out a code word.

      • I was totally thinking about a code word earlier! I decided “That’s Normal!” was best!

        • It’s definitely what I’d yell. Or maybe ‘They’re not bears’ if startled by a sudden T shirt sighting, cos they’ll be rarer here in the UK.

          • haha,alright! I’m excited to see if anyone will yell “that’s normal” when I wear my LTT shirt… I bet I would be close to a heart attack because of the shock. But it would also RULE! Especially if there are tons of people around who have no idea what’s going on 🙂 WIN!

      • So I was playing some scenarios around in my head of what would happen if like a co-worker picked up on a comment I made that was all LTT/LTR (ie 2nd Hand Embarrassed) and how I should react/test to see if they really are a fellow LTTer. It all comes down to THAT’S NORMAL. It’s like Joey’s “Whoa!”

  9. Dear Snowwhitedrifted:

    You. are. awesome.

    • amen and amen!

  10. Eew!! I’ll grab me some Team Aro Shirt now.

  11. Ooooh LOVE the store, actually maybe a bit too much LOL cos every new design was the very one I wanted… until I saw the next one! I may just have to send you my wage packet… for the next 20 years!

  12. Eep! that post was almost as bad as MTV’s glimpse into Rob’s future

    • Nope, the MTV thing was DEF worse!

  13. These are great…meaning the store and designs not the 20 years thing. It’s scary and I’m gonna have nightmares.

    I pray that Rob ages like Rob Lowe…he’s still delish.

  14. why does everyone look like meth addicts? Is that the same thing as twenty years? CAuse if so, ill start scaring my class with this site rather than telling them they will smell like cat pee.

  15. The Store the store – I am speechless – those t-shits are ace I must have one but which one ??? Fade to sad – making me laugh as is big in japan ha ha ha

    • T-shits? Oh crap.

  16. Those photos are scary. Especially the one of Taylor… yikes.

    I need EVERYTHING in that store. Please send me t-shirts. I will wear them and be your marketing tool. I’ll be your big, hard tool.

  17. Seriously, I want every single thing you’ve put in the store. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
    Great, great job.

  18. your new store is HILAR!
    i’ve got tears in my eyes ..but i’m asking wtf? where are we to wear this stuff.. where it is normal ?
    …or it is the ultimate inide joke and “no one ” will get it.

    **meaning those that do know not to say so?**


    • Yes!

  19. The store is fantastic. Seriously.

  20. I just read all the shirt designs and I have to say they are genius. The 20 year things, kinda creepy.

  21. Thinking may go with leg hitch 2010 or That’s Normal or shite can’t decide…one of all of them?? forsee depletion of checking account!

  22. Heck, I think I’m going to get pregnant AGAIN just to sport the So True 2 maternity tee. Ain’t nothin’ like a hoochie mama, hood rat, hood rat hoochie mama.

    All slutty seriousness aside YOU ladies did well and I will be weighing my options today. Can’t be too obvious, must hide the fandom.

  23. To tie it all together….doesnt Rob look like John Belushi in his old picture? kind of?

    Anyway- LOVE the store! Cool….now to decide which shirt to wear to the Eclipse midnight showing.

    • OMG…you are so right…he does bear a resemblence to John Belushi in that old picture *yikes* That makes it even more frightening!

  24. Dude I should have had my Monday morning coffee before I read this. Jesus Cathi Hardi stay out of the sun!!!! MY EYES!!!! I was not ready for that.

  25. “MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who let skeletor into the 20 Year time machine?! Make it stop”

    LOL! Exactly!

    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, Moon! 🙂 XO

    • Happy birthday Jena!!!

  26. So question. I went to that site. Did you mark the box Cathi Hardi and KStew were drug addicts? Just wondering? Cause you know Cathi Hardi was on some kind of psychedelic to think that the sparkles effect looked good.

  27. Kind of creepy *lol* I definitely hope Rob ages more gracefully than that…like a Richard Gere or Sean Connery

  28. I am SO glad I didn’t buy the team Jacob tshirt at Nordstrom’s Rack the other day. I now have money to get a LTT shirt which is way superior.

    I am definitely coveting the “Tweed Serious” design…hoping I can have Twilosophy moments all day long in one of those!

    Though the leghitch one might be a nice reminder for my fiance.

  29. MORNING 🙂

    • Heeeeey, stranger!


    I need a Tweed Serious shirt like nobody’s bizz.

    That’s Normal.

    • Serious! I’m sending you an email, btw.

  31. I love the store! I have to get the “Downward Spiral”.
    You also need one that says “LTT/LTR – If you have to ask, don’t”. That was talked about here once and I thought it was a great idea. Showing our fandom without getting crazy about it.
    I also think you need to send Jimmy Fallon a special “Bothered” shirt or boxers. Maybe even bejewel it for him too.

    • Great idea, sjaantje! I’ll even chip in for postage!!

  32. I pictured a lame tshirt. What a found would have blew my socks off if I were wearing any. WOOOT! I’m excited.

    PS. Someone needs to find the Fountain of Youth stat. I’m not well with this aging thing. 😉

    • Fang, I’m with you on this…the ageing thing is def plus some serious drug use – pics of me 20yrs ago & now really don’t look that different…maybe 1/5th of the effect here…

      As soon as I saw it though, I knew I’d be seeing Big Daddy & LTT did not let me down. I would bet money on Tay staying thin though, unless some hormonal thing runs in his family.

  33. Um, obviously I’m so hideous in the future that I couldn’t even get a preview. I must’ve crashed the site!! 😦

    I’m like a fat kid in a candy store-wtf am I gonna order??? “Fade to Sad” is absolutely genius. So is “Alleycat.” And “Pocket Edward.” Oh hell, I want it all!

  34. Omgg, can’t wait to get my little hands on some shirts!
    They look fab!

  35. OMG. How long have you been working on these designs?! This is so exciting!!!! The Quil quot lay question mark is too funny. Next time I’m in La Push (holla Beav!) Imma ask what it means. But seriously, thank god I have birthday and christmas gifts for this year. Phew. Question: Are you going to get an unicorn designs in the future? Or maybe a bobbygee design… something like a soccer ball and words like “Bobbygee, because I love succinct comments that make no sense. FUTEBOL!”

    • “Bobbygee” is on the Unicorns’shirt (“Men of LTT… Bad ass unicorns”. Bobbygee is the shark, White Yorkie is the wolf, Mr.Choice is the pit bull, The Hatchet is the Indian (sorry, Native American) Facepunch is the snake and The Font is the devil) etc.

      • Wait, WHERE is that shirt?! How did I miss that!!!

      • The unicorns shirt has had me laughing all. day.

  36. Yay, the store launched! I’m so excited!

    • I love you!!! I had no idea you were working on this!!! you are awesooome!

    • *claps enthusiastically*

      So excited for the store… It is so hard (twss) to choose which one explains me best…

      *returns to browsing shirts*

    • Your designs are brilliant!
      I am SO impressed!

  37. Wow- the Ts are lovely and it’s gonig to be so hard to decide! But why can I not click to see larger? and why are they all women’s Ts?

    You brought me Cullen smiles today, ladies!

    • There is a men’s option (towards the bottom) on all the designs. It is an organic men’s tee.

      To enlarge the designs, click on a garment to get into it, then click on “zoom in”. It takes a few clicks.

      Or just do an “ltt” search on and when you hover over the design, it enlarges.

      • Thanks- ask and ye shall receive!
        SnowWhite, your designs are great- I am super impressed!

  38. What the hell is wrong with Rob’s mouth? Does he have some nasty-assed cold sore thing going on or something our what. Gah! Rob better not look like that in 20 years! I’m not even going to start on Cath. Yikes! But awesomely hilar all the same.

  39. Oh hell! Rob is going to look like my uncle in 30 years. Seriously. That just ruined it for me. DAMN!!

    Love the Store!! Choices! Choices! Leg Hitch? Robward? BIJ? Fake Lesbians? GAh!

  40. the store is blocked on work computer… stupid county schools… I tried to look on my phone, and icons are to tiny.

    I an sure that they are wonderful, i will be wearing one to Eclipse one of the times that i see it

    • Good idea wearing it to Eclipse.

      I love that I’ll now be able to have a chance to spot fellow LTT/LTRers. You know, us “normal” people. 😉

  41. Can I request a quilt with patches of all the different t-shirt designs? ‘Cause I just can’t choose which one to get! (Currently narrowed it down to 10. Well, 12. Actually, 15. No wait … you see my dilemma!)

    • A patch quilt of the designs is a fabulous idea! Put me down for one of those. And I will attempt to explain it to my grandchildren someday.

      • The back could be entirely plaid, that way you can flip it over when you have pesky visitors (or grandkids) stopping by!

        • Or a certain well-known male person who likes plaid . . .

  42. OME, I’m dying!! These are fantastic!! I’m going to have to figure out some layering cuz I need the Quil Clout Lay, Downward Spiral, War of the Wigs and That’s Normal.
    Love it!!

  43. Can we get an LTT of the month club (like a fruit of the month club)? Which 2 are vital for May and June before Eclipse?? Decisions, decisions!

  44. I will have nightmares of these “In 20 Years” pics. Shudder. BUT the store makes up for all of that and more!!!!

    They’re NOT Bears merchandise here I come!

  45. Ok, so can we talk about how I feel like a proud mommy right now (which is fine because I’m older than both UC and Moon)?? I’m dying for you two.

  46. just wondering if you are excited this site being pulled for the mini-junket? just saw it on

    • oh yes!

      • This is monumental! I’m totally OMG squeeing! And that’s something I never ever do. It’s like having a personal audience with the Pope or something. OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I’m usually a lurker, but just read about what you girls are going to get to do with Smeyers, and I am SO SO very excited for you. Its so nice to see you get a pat on the back publicly because I recognize how much work you put into these blogs.
    Squee-ing with you!!!!

    • THANKS WENDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OMG!! I can’t wait for you guys to break this down!

    • Hey came in to give some ‘grats to the two of you as well for getting this opportunity with Stephenie M.

      Ya Gotta Represent!


  48. WTG, you two!!! Awesomeness! Can’t wait to hear about all the good stuff you guys are going to find out!!

  49. I can’t be the first to say something about it, but Letters to Twilight was randomly chosen to participate it a press junket with Stephenie Meyer. Check out her website.

  50. HOLY SHIT GUYS!!! Congratulations!!

    Thank GAWD someone got pulled from that hat that may jazz up the junket a little. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.


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