Reshoots in Vancouver? What could POSSIBLY need to be reshot? Oh, I know…

Dear David Slade,

We’re 70 days out from Eclipse. SEVENTY. We’ve had one trailer (I think), a few stills, a lot of drama & rumor after rumor about so much stuff I can’t keep facts and rumors straight anymore.

Remember us?

Let’s think back to what was going on 70 days before New Moon released. I did a calculation (literally I checked it like 12 times & I’m probably still wrong) and figured out that was on September 10, 2009 (you remember, around our 10 month 9 month anniversary!)

70 days ago, Moon broke down ALL the best news in 10 words of less, signing off her Death Cab for cutie news section with my all-time favorite moonism ever:

Dear Chris Walla of Death Cab,
I think I’m in love, you called Edward an “A-hole.”

I will follow you into the dark,

We had the New Moon trailer released at the MTV movie awards and the LA times New Moon insider pictures. David you started your infamous twit pics of shadowy shapes of nature & pieces of grass, we had a soundtrack preview and more Jortspack pictures than we could handle. We were inundated with New Moon mania.

Sure, Chris Weitz is a DILF and you can’t compete with that- he rode the Summit PR train like Cathy Hardi rides Rob in her dreams. Eclipse WAS still filming during New Moon mania giving us double overload with Summit-released saga info as well as fan released Eclipse goods. And we know you’re doing reshoots in the upcoming days, so maybe you just don’t have anything good enough to give us. And speaking of reshoots, let’s vamp (ha!) on that for a second. Summit came out and acted like it wasn’t a big deal saying there were no major scenes to be re-shot. I think I’m gonna call your bluff. Not a big deal? We’re 70 days out- you’re in full on editing mode and there are some changes big enough that flying a few cast members to Vancouver is necessary? I’M GONNA CALL THAT A BIG DEAL.

As I’ve been kept awake late into the night thinking about WHY you might possibly need to re-shoot some scenes I’ve come up with only one possible explanation: You’re finally convinced the LEGHITCH is important and your half-assed attempt at it wasn’t good enough

We don't want any of your fancy-pants new dry humping in the meadow

You’ve been hearing our cry for a year now. You’ve seen our threatening tweets. Sure you didn’t believe us in the beginning and you tried some fancy new dry-hump scene where Bella feels the special tingles down there for the first time and tried to play it off as the leghitch, but that’s not what we asked for. That’s not what we need. It was simple. It was our only request- It’s the mother effing leghitch. And if my speculation is right and that IS why you’re going back up to Couve, then by all means, get it done, son! But just in case that wasn’t your plan and the LEGHITCH the RIGHT WAY still isn’t a part of the movie…… Here are some things I promise to do if there’s not a mother effing LegHitch, just the way we want it:

  1. Make cardboard cut outs of Chris Weitz & you and note the difference in their height with a big ass sign above their heads saying “BIG MAN vs SMALL MAN.” Then I will sleep out for as many days necessary to get up in the FRONT of the red carpet at the premiere where I can display my cut-outs proudly
  2. Boycott your movie (aka only see it once OR buy tickets for Sex in the City 2 and sneak into Eclipse without paying)*
  3. Track down your home address & give it to Catherine Hardwicke, telling her you were hoping she’d ‘stop by for a visit,’ margaritas in hand, to retell the story of how she was responsible for the love affair that is Robsten. If you’re extra bad I’ll tell her you want to help her make a new Robsten video for You Tube.
  4. Cut the blades of grass you were so adamant about taking pictures of during filming. You have a love affair with nature? Watch what I do to nature. Snip, snip.
  5. I will convince the VPs at Summit (and I’m VERY convincing (read: I got a new shirt that shows off the ‘girls’ real well)) that you want to direct Breaking Dawn SO badly that you’re willing to do it for free.

Half-assed attempt? Or the REAL deal?

So to recap, Eclipse is coming up SOON (70 days, 70 days) and I feel like we know very little about it. I’m scared to hear you’re doing some reshoots so late in the game, yet encouraged if they are to fix major issues that will give us a frownsmile if they are allowed in the final cut. If you HAD other plans for your time in Vancouver and you DON’T currently have an amazing leghitch scene of epic proportions currently shot, then I suggest you quick grab a couple sheets of screenplay paper & your teeny, tiny pencil and write us a mother effing leghitchscene to end all leg hitch scenes

Or else.


What do you think? Are you nervous they are doing reshoots? Are you still afraid we’re not going to get the leghitch we all dream of? Is this top priority on our fasting & praying list?

*once in college I snuck into a 2nd movie after paying for the first one with some friends & I still live with the guilt, so I probably won’t be doing option #2

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  1. I want to repeat everything you just said, but with respect to the Tent Scene. If this scene does not make me laugh, cry, ovulate & everything in between there will be Trouble. The kind of Trouble that only a small woman with large gob can bring…. be afraid, Mr Slade, your height ‘issues’ elicit no sympathy from me….

    • LMAO!!!!

    • “laugh, cry, ovulate…” LMBO.

      You freaking rock, jorts! 😉

      And agreed.

      Although, leghitch is my reason for living…muhahahaha!

      • I am excited about the leg hitch, but have to admit that the sparkle peen doing a bit of rehearsal of the happy dance with the sulky vag isn’t NEARLY as thrilling to me as the 3 of them stuffed into that sleeping bag. That’s right, Bella, Jacob, & Jacob’s massive boner….

        • … the 3 of them…! Yeah, baby!

        • You know I love you for this!!!!!!!!!! That was me talking to Jacob and the third “member” in your scenario, but I love you, Jorts, for this comment as well.

          Congrats on be first commenator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • eatmyjorts, i’m still laughing about your “3 of them stuffed into that sleeping bag” comment. had to get on here just to read it again. tried to explain to my hubby why i kept giggling, and he finally asked that i stop thinking about jacob’s boner. as if!

    • @Eatmyjorts….Your so in the shitz… laughed so hard, made me spit my coffee out all over blanket Eddie… 🙂

  2. Yup, I’m nervous.
    Because I watched the 6-part documentary on the special features of New Moon DVD and ZOMG my crush on the DILF (and Rob . . . and KStew o_O) have grown ten-fold. And I sat there thinking “wow, The DILF was SO committed to getting this film so frigging perfect and as true to the book as could be for the FANS”. And that, I think, is what made us all love him so much, and what made me love the film so much. I Was funny about them getting Chris Weitz but after the first trailer I was more than convinced. When they announced David Slade to direct Eclipse I was even more unsure and the trailer was truly crap and I am honestly not that excited for this film. I have 0 expecations of it being something I will love as much as I do New Moon. I hope that I am wrong, I do. But I’m not really counting on it.

    • I know right *insert Anna Kendrick’s voice*? I too watched that and after seeing the effort Chris had put in NM, it makes me slightly worried about David Slade and all his ‘dark stuff.’ the cast said that Eclipse is all about the action. All I care about is the ‘action; between E/B meaning lots of dry humping in the meadow (eh Fanfic has totally ruined my innocence) and a major HOT leg hitch!

    • Jayde – i so agree. And Eclipse is the fave book of so many of us ( i see it mentioned alot on my interweb skulking) which i think is why we are nervous. oh that and being LEFT IN THE DARK! oh i really try to play it down otherwise imma gunna burst!

  3. GOOD morning everyone…NO I did not read the post yet..I just looked at the pictures and decided it was gonna be a FINE day! HUGS

    • It’s still morning here, so I can say good morning to you, Midnight Cyn. I have to say those pictures look pretty promising, fancypants new dry humping or not.

  4. “he rode the Summit PR train like Cathi Hardi rides Rob in her dreams.”

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    • Best line of the post!

      And yes, I think it’s way too suspect that they are reshooting this late in the game. And it’s even more suspect when Summit comes out and says it’s no big deal.

      Very worried that Eclipse is going to be crap.

      • As if Twilight and New Moon weren’t. Slightly crap. But we still went crazy over them. Same will happen with Eclipse, crap or not, we’ll watch it over and over and discuss it endlessly.

        • Yes I completely agree. We loved Twi and NM in spite of their cheesiness, horrible chicken run for vamps and Edward’s cringeworthy dialogues and his make-up. No doubt we’ll feel the same way with Eclipse.

        • you are so right…we wonjt be able to help ourselves.

          Hey has anyone heard WHO is going up to the Couve for reshoots?

    • You know she so does!

      You think when he couch surfed at her place, she tried stuff while he slept? Or tried the whole ‘ I’ll make sure you get the part of edward if you…’ ?

      • Wait, Rob slept at the Cougar’s house? Did I miss this bit of info?

        Forget throwing up a little bit in my mouth, I’m having full on dry heaves now.

        • I thought he crashed on his agent’s couch…?

          • He did. My imagination screwed me up. Sorry. I hate when I do that. I’m going to blame it on my recent TBI (traumatic brain injury).

        • Didn’t he sleep on Stephanie Ritz”s couch when he flew over for the audition?


          • I hope so! The idea of him sleeping on the Cougar’s couch is truly terrifying. There’s no telling what she did to him after she plied him with TGI Friday’s margaritas and he passed out on the couch!

          • *shutter*

          • @tooolldforthis, Haha when I read ‘TGI Fridays’ in your comment I thought of JacobEdwardsWife Twilight’s post where she said TBI (traumatic brain injury) which automatically made me think TGI stood for traumatic groin injury…

        • YEAH! When he auditioned for Twilight. He crashed on her couch while in California because he was broke and jobless so Cathy made sure it was known she had Rob at her place. I wanna say she talked about it more than once… Sounded proud of it that she had Rob over night… How much you wanna bet she’s like shrined that couch.

          • Crap maybe I’m making crap up in my head again… I’m going to have to look into this….. Sorry if my mind was tricked by my imagination again!! Gah! I didn’t do it on purpose.

          • I must have confused it with the fact she was so proud of the make-out audition he did on her couch

            EPIC FAIL!!

            *hangs head*

      • Crap I accidentally added the word “twilight” to my “name” and they’re all stuck waiting for moderation. i switched it back so hopefully this will post right away.

        I’m all sorts of fail today. Basically I said I confused his surfing his agent’s couch with the audition at the cougar’s place. And that I’m blaming the mix-up on my recent TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Sorry!!!

        (now watch the other comments will be mod’ ed and this comment will have been posted for no reason) *sigh*

        • Hey Mrs JacobEdward! What happened? Are you ok?

          • Yeah i am… or will be. I pulled a Bella and showed my un-graceful side. I biffed it on the ski slopes earlier this year. I succeeded in breaking my neck and having a TBI with bleeding on the brain and bruised my brain.

            I think I cashed in all my lifetime’s worth of luck though because even though I broke off a chunk of one of my neck’s vertebrae, I escaped any paralysis. And while I still have some cognitive & memory issues (like I so fabulously demonstrated here today), the doctors think I’ll eventually make 100% recovery.

          • Oh my gosh – glad you are ok! And yes, if you weren’t already Bella because of your husband’s name, you are most certainly Bella for this! I am glad you can laugh about and lived to tell the tale.

          • @DJT&TFH
            So you’re saying its like I’m living a strange RL version of Twilight? Because it was my husband who was there to rescue me while I was unconscious and seizing at the bottom of the hill (until the ski patrol and ambulance got there anyway). (no lie) He really was like Edward and Jacob saving me in my Bella moment.

            Omg I’m laughing so hard! Thanks for that thought! I’m rolling.

          • Jeez woman, get well soon. My Mum used to be a Neuro nurse so I know a lot more about this kind of stuff than I should. You were way lucky! Flipping heck…there’s a tale to dine out on.

          • @emj
            Yeah I know. Every dr and nurse who walked through my hospital door said that.

            But not to be ungrateful but I’d like my memory back and the headaches to go away. But I’m ALIVE!! (says in mike newton voice)

    • “he rode the Summit PR train like Cathi Hardi rides Rob in her dreams.”

      LOL! I seriously want that picture of CH cuddled up with E & B (I think it was in last week’s post about CH directing re-shoots) to hang somewhere in my house. I crack up every time I think about it!

    • She better not, she’s got Billy Zane in bed with her. Lucky.

  5. Uhm UC, in fact the thought of you camping out in line for 9 days just to stand there with the BIG MAN VS SMALL MAN cut outs is so appealing that I might consider it being even better than getting the perfect leg hitch scene 😉

  6. To David Slade and Melissa Rosenburg (’cause I know you’re reading this):

    One of the MOST important lines in Eclipse had better be in the movie. You know which one I’m talking about .

    “I love you. I want you. Right now.”

    I plan on recording that and using it as my ringtone.

    • Great idea LOL!!! I will use that sentence as my alarmclock! mmmmmmmm what a great start for the morning!

    • YES!
      Even though New Moon is my favey-fave book, Eclipse has some of my favey-fave MOMENTS of the whole series . . . Alice kidnapping B which then leads to Edward popping her into bed and then the leg hitch (*dies*), the WHOLE of Chapter 20, Jasper/Alice backstory.

      • I’m with you. Although Eclipse was one of my least faves, (I’m still a sucker for Twilight), it did have some hot make-out scenes 🙂

    • Mmmmmm…thinking of that on the big screen. Thinking I *may* ditch hubby for the midnight showing (it’s a pain dragging him there anyway…I just can’t fangirl properly)…and going alone.

      Wahh. How sad is that?

      Calling all LTT/LTR readers in/near Flint, Michigan. I need a REAL LIFE Twi-friend!!! WAAHHH! Do you exist?!

      • I feel your pain!!
        I have NO-ONE who I can go to a midnight screening and fangirl with 😦
        Debating to go it alone or not bother 😦

        • Jayde,
          Let’s meet in the middle and go together. Muhahahaha. 😉
          Fangirl on!!!!

          PS – Midnight showing? It’s TOTALLY worth it. You know, dragging your butt to work the next day, half asleep playing the YUMMY parts in your head. Before you get to see it a second time…and critique the CRAP out of it. The first time…your sort of in ignorant bliss and being half asleep only compounds the bliss. You’re TOO TIRED to think of how cheesy it was. 😉

          Okay, speaking of cheesy…my LAWDY I watched Twilight last week *again (maybe viewing #20?)* and crapcrapcrap the more I watch it the more I cringe. Muhahahahaaaa. By screening 1,234 what WILL it mean to me?!

      • Hey I am in Jackson – is that close enough?

    • Is that line in that scene when E decides to give B what she wants in the meadow but she woke up stupid that morning and said no?
      ‘Cause I read the leaked script and that scene was badly tampered with and I freaked. So when I read about re-shoots I hoped they will fix that maybe.

      • Yes, it’s at the very end of the book and Edward decides to give in and have pre-marital sexing and Bella says no . . . and the fandom cried.

        • Edward’s words and that scene are very high on my “Stephenie Meyer You Are The Biggest Cocktease/Cockblock Of All Time” list of scenes/dialogue that drive the fandom crazy.

          • Yeah, I’m all for the yearning and the longing. But after everything they went through combined with the fact that Edward’s not exactly a saint (how many people did he kill during his “rebellious” period?).

            Just do it, already!

  7. UC! Please I need David’s address !
    I will camp out in front of his house, follow him where ever he goes in my selfmade t-shirt that screams “leghitch 2010” in the front and “fake lesbian since 2008” int he back.

    I think I will throw popcorn to the screen if there isn’t a GOOD leghitch.

  8. “leghitch scene of epic proportions”

    … and by “epic proportions” you meant peen close up, right?

    No, I’m NOT blushing.

  9. What about the scene where Bella realizes that she loves both of them and then all three of them go to the meadow for a hot three-way. . . . . .oh wait, that wasn’t in the book?

    Damn fan fiction!

  10. Peen close up = ALWAYS win for me (claps hand like a madman)

  11. I’m so scared. It better be good or I *will* cry. Which is so lame I think I might start crying anyway. Either that or I have PMS.

    This is the only one of the movies I actually care about! Putting up with Wooden Faced Actor (Female) and Wooden Faced Actor (Male) is going to be hard enough, unless an acting coach has finally beaten them both into submission and got more than broody stares and huffing out of the two of them.

    Also VAMPIRE FIGHTING. It better look awesome. Or I will scream. AAAAHHH!

    Definitely PMS.

    • Bwahhh..’going to be hard enough’ and ‘beaten into submission’ in same comment. Loves it. My inner adolescent pervy male is switched on and awaiting June.

  12. Bwahaha! I don’t get to comment as much as I’d like to anymore but I still read everyday and you guys crack my shit up. This is just hilarious. Absolutely right… get the dang leghitch RIGHT people!!!

  13. There are 2 things I’m anxiously awaiting: the leg hitch and, from the tent scene, Edward saying “Truce over” in such a sexy, smoldering, glowering way that I simultaneously combust AND melt right there in the theatre.

    I’m holding out a little bit of hope but I am prepared for disappointment.

    I could be happy with the runner up: if Edward says “I love you. I want you. Right now” in a sexy, smoldering, glowering way while stripping off his clothes and looking right into the camera.

    *crossing fingers*

  14. I am VERY worried about Eclipse, there are too many bits that they can mess up totally. It almost makes me not want to watch it – only almost cos there’s no way in HALE I’m gonna miss it!

    Oh, and “You have a love affair with nature? Watch what I do to nature. Snip, snip.” made me literally LOL.

  15. NO FAIR….I am NEVAR going to get to read the ACTUAL post because your comments are all so freaking hilarious!!! STOP PLZ…I need to get more coffee in me than ON me!!

    OFTLOE,,, I am officially corrupted by ALL OF YOU…I can’t even listen to the news anymore..Hubs was just watching GMA, I of course am just trying to keep up with the hilarious comments so I can finally read the ACTUAL Post.. when the I hear the guy on TV say ‘Everything that can be, has been successfully penetrated” to which I burst out laughing spewing my coffee once again….the look on the hubs face…OME.(I guess the guy was talking about National security computers etc.,) I really don’t know…I am so gonna have some ‘splainin to do……

    • OMG that is the biggest “that’s what she said!” right there.

      News writers need to learn to *read* what they write before putting it on the tv!

      Always a pleasure to corrupt you, Cyn 😉

    • Lmao!

      “Everything that can be, has been successfully penetrated”

      Laughed so hard tears…

    • FOLLOW UP: I had to pause, rewind to hear what the guy was ACTUALLY talking about which was how other countries are working on infiltrating computers to shut down our airlines/electric grids etc. AND using OUR computers to help in this attack (scarey stuff TRUTH!!..However, my 1st thought…”What if I can’t log on to LTT? for weeks?” Sheer terror set in….then my bizarre mind swung in another direction…what if all the LTT ladies used their computer powers to attack David Slades computer to nicely inform him of our feelings regarding ” the leg hitch”and list our other expectations…or cyber stalk him if he doesn’t meet “our needs” ! Something tells me I have my priorities screwed up!

      • I used to watch the news all the time, now my news comes from one source – LTT/LTR.

        That’s normal, right!

        BTW – Not everything that can be penetrated has been, that will have to wait for Breaking Dawn 😉

        • @Toooldforthis: I obviously wasn’t watching the news either as I get anything that is important in my life right here…the hubs had it on..he leads such a limited life!

          • I’m ashamed to admit that the only reason I heard about the Iceland volcano erupting was because some of the ladies on this site were talking about how it might affect Rob getting out of London on time for reshoots.

            *hangs head in shame*

            I used to be so informed.

          • Me, too. I knew about the volcano before my husband did from LTR. He asked me, where did I hear about that, and I said, oh, umm, on NPR . . ..

          • National Public Rob?

          • @Team Seth…me thinks.. News. Pattinson. Reports!

        • TOFT, that was what I was thinking . . . “well, not EVERYTHING has been penetrated . . .”

      • Dammit I can’t thumbsup anyone! If it’s those comp. terrorists they have some serious explaining to do.

        PS Thumbsup everyone.

      • Midnight Cyn, if I’m not mistaken, I think there has been an effort to inundate Slade with “Leghitch or Die” tweets, by these lovely LTT ladies? I’m ancient and techtarded so I don’t have Twitter, but I thought I heard a rumor about this?

        • Ha! I’m like you TOO. I don’t Twitter, either. Remember the good old days of e-mail? 🙂

          • I am so old I remember actually pen and paper..writing letters, mailing them! Do they still have post offices?
            Or are they used only for FBI Most Wanted?
            OOOHHH…we should consider sending DS our MOST WANTED/REQUIRED LIST for Eclipse..

            Toooldforthis & The Old One: Join Twitter..I am lame at it but would love to have you there..if I can do it (twss) you both will get it in a snap!
            my twitter name: Stareide

          • @MidCyn- there’s nothing wrong with pencil and paper. I LOVE writing letters of complaint. Email or those stupid online forms are not as satisfying. To join with the theme of the day, I will write an awesome letter to David Slade if there is no leghitch. So there.

          • add me to the old, not on Twitter either.

          • I’ve always wanted to be able to use a wax seal on my envelopes. Maybe I’ll start using one on my bills. NW Natural’s going to be so confused/delighted.

          • Uh oh, I just crossed over. I’m dabbling in Twitter now. I wonder if I will be as misto there as Facebook.

        • I am not that good at twitter to know whether or not this effort is indeed taking I said I am not very good at Twitter and about as interesting to follow as paint drying…so I don’t understand any of the symbols like # or retweeting?? But join and then you can explain it to me!!! But if there is in fact a Leghitch or Die tweet then I am in…although ONCE AGAIN…I have forgotten what exactly that is about in the first place but it MUST be DAMN important for all the talk about it!! 🙂

  16. “We were inundated with New Moon mania.”
    and we complained…. just saying…

  17. I’m full on expecting a leg hitch that is so hot I have one of those mind blowing O’s right there in the theater. (As you may have noticed in some of my previous comments I’m a little crazed about getting my leg hitch.)

    If that doesn’t happen. If its not in the movie at all (I think I’m shaking believing that it could be possible). I will follow UC around and help her accomplish those tasks…. And get my pitchfork out with the other LTT girls who’ve plotted that line of attack…

    Bah! Why can’t Slade post some tweet that seems meaningless and obscure to summit but speak volumes to us? Like; “hitch=yes” or ” 🙂 hitch” or better yet while he’s re shooting, TAKE A PICTURE OF A TRAILER HITCH and pretend its one of his non-meaning set pictures… but we’ll know what he’s saying..


      I have SO been thinking he should do that. For like weeks. Let’s #trend it. You know we can…

      • I’ll have to assign the task to you. I’m not on twitter. *gasp* I know. But I have faith in you. You can do it! 🙂

    • Or maybe a synopsis of the Will Smith movie “Hitch”…we will know what it means…

      • lol – yeah it’ll be like *wink, wink*

        We’ll get the message and sleep easier until June 30.

  18. “You have a love affair with nature? Watch what I do to nature. Snip, snip” Oh UC, I love you for this. I would seriously fly out there and give you a hug for writing ‘snip, snip’.

    We should get #giveusourmothereffinleghitch trending on Twitter. Sladey will get the message.

  19. Brilliant post UC! Yes, I am indeed worried about not getting my perfect leg-hitch scene. I remember the bedroom scene in Twilight. I also remember holding my breath as Rob took his time and leaned in at a painstaking slow pace. I mentally screamed at the screen for them to ‘do it already.’
    I want twice of that anticipation for the leg-hitch scene. And when it’s done, I hope we’re not left with the frustration that Bella faces every time Eddie pulls away in-between make out sessions.

  20. I will be sure to pass then on to David Slade this Friday night, the night when we usuallly correspond.


  21. I have this theory that we’ll know for sure if Summit and David are having issues if David is forced to make an appearance on Oprah this Friday and have a Q&A with the Twi-Moms.

    • I would pay to see David have a Q&A with the twi-moms. Brilliant idea!

      I still can’t wait for the massive PR explosion that takes place in June. How long do you think David can keep up the charade that he actually thinks this movie is great?

      I predict a massive breakdown during one of his interviews, where he goes on a tyrade about how incredibly stupid the Twilight series is.

      My popcorn is ready!

      • Yes, the PR part with Dave is going to be very interesting to watch. It’s going to be like a social experiment of some kind.
        Maybe they’ll just have him heavily sedated the whole time.

  22. Totally off the subject, but UC, you were in my dream last night. That’s normal, right?

  23. FINALLY, got to read the post..EPIC as always UC!!
    I think you should add a couple of other threats as well:
    Will spray paint his house in, purple & green of course, the words: Size evidently DOES matter!
    LTT’ ladies all handcuffed together sitting in Tents on his front lawn and holding signs “Truce over”
    Email theTwi-Moms group directions to his house..
    Flood light his home/office and play “Possibilities” repeatedly on loud speaker til he goes crazy
    Place cardboard cut out’s all over his now purple lawn of Chris Weitz!
    and Imma just gettin started….

    • Cyn- absolutely brilliant ideas! “Size does matter” lol.

      But giving the Twi-moms directions to his house. That’s just sadistic!

      Remind me never to get on your bad side!

      • LOL..never happen..I luvs you..cept Blanket Eddie is in the wash thanks to your first comment 🙂

        • Why? Did you feel the need to wash him at the thought of Catherine Hardwick’s nasty dreams?

          • but ewwwwww thanks for putting that image in my mind….it was your awesomely funny first comment of the morning that made me spill/spit out my coffee right into Eddie’s eyes!!

          • @Cyn-poor Edward! You just get him back and then he’s assaulted with coffee.

  24. Where is helpful/knowledgable brother? He needs to analyse the situation. Get him to Oprah!

    And while I realise everyone’s happiness is irrationally (yet understandably) dependent on Leg-hitch scene, if Bella doesn’t doesn’t kiss Jacob like she’s about to tear his jorts off there is going to be one major popcorn throwing coke spraying hissy fit of such epic proportions that you will hear about it on the news. The serious news that is. I’m looking at you Sladey.

    • I’m Team Edward, but I still love Jacob, and I’ll be really upset if the Bella-Jacob kiss is a fail. Makes me nervous that I read somewhere that she thinks of him as a younger brother.

      She’d better not kiss him like he’s her little brother!!!

    • Oh don’t remind me! If it’s not the lind of kiss to put the wood into his totem pole I’ll cry.

  25. Let’s face it. This story is four long books of foreplay. I think its safe to say we all have this love/hate relationship with this whole chaste aspect. In a way it makes things more sensual and erotic. But it also gets uber frustrating at times.

    We savor every ounce of [dry humpin’] action we get along the way. We just ask it to be duly noted. As far as I’m concerned Bella and Edward’s intimacy baby steps, e.g THEE LEG HITCH, is just as importante as the vampire or wolf aspect in Twilight. Right, right?

    So Monsieur Slade, do US.. and YOURSELF…. and the WORLD a favor! Throw us a friggin’ bone — Deliver on this. After all, you do owe us… Remember all that smack talk before being signed on? We do. FYI: Twi tweens and Twi moms can be very scary.. they’ll make your 30 Days of Night vampires look like, well.. like Twilight ones 😉

    • I absolutely agree that the story is four long books of foreplay, well, there was a little taste in BD but that ended in the whole Renesmee fiasco…

      However, this is exactly why I don’t care about the leg hitch in Eclipse the movie. I know, I know, thumbs down me if you will. But, the movies *ahem* Cougar Cathy *ahem* have already blown it. The make out scene in Twilight on Bella’s bed went practically as far as a leg hitch. The load has already been blown in Twilight, and I just don’t feel the sexual tension building up in the movies the way I did when I was reading the books. (Maybe it’s also because I know the actors are knocking boots in real life…)

      However, if David Slade DID want to be true to the books, he definitely should include the leg hitch. You’re right about the Twi-crazies… he should be afraid… very afraid.

      • You are absolutely right that the make out scene in Twilight already kinda ruined the leg hitch. Don’t get me wrong…I do LOVE that scene in Twilight. But it does make the lead up to the leg hitch not as exciting for the movie. But I still want a leg hitch anyway.

  26. 70 DAYS!! Time to start fasting and praying if you haven’t already!!

    Since I have never actually followed the making of a movie in such detail before in my life, I just cannot figure out if a few re-shoots 70 days before release is a big deal or not? Maybe this is Standard Operating Procedure?

    I work in education, I know nothing of the fast paced exclusive world of Excellent Film Making….

    *there better be an effing Leg Hitch*

    • ‘there better be an effing Leg Hitch’

      I believe this is one of the chapter titles of the Excellent Film Making Manual, or it will be. It comes right after ‘Fans Can Take Only So Much Fade To Black’ and just before ‘I Hope You Read The Previous Two Chapters Because You Cannot Outrun Pitchfork Wielding Mobs Of Crazed Fans Chanting Your Name And Calling For Your Innards To Be Outards’.

    • “Since I have never actually followed the making of a movie in such detail before in my life”
      OMG lapushbaby you just took the words from my mouth! I too have NEVER until now known what steps are followed while making a movie. Is it sad that I know Twilight is made under the Temple Hill productions along with Summit? Or that the producer’s name is Wyck Godfrey? I soo need to get a life…may be not..

      BTW that justin chon pic as your avi is all sorts of brilliant, along with your username!

      • Thank you!! Sometimes I forget that my RL initials are NOT LPB, haha! I love that pic, too. I just really really love his hair, it is so fascinating! (mine is brown and frizzy)

        I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I am telling you, I just write the release dates on the calendar for the movie, and then buy my tickets in advance. That’s it. I have NEVER followed the movie-making process at all! I have no idea if they ever had these things called ‘re-shoots’. Never known if the scripts were leaked online…..I’m not even sure where they are filmed, lol! Yet I have to keep it a secret that I know so much about the filiming of Eclipse in RL, since I am trying to keep up my street cred around here, lol.


    • Okay…now I AM worried…I had already bought my tickets (Sept. 8, 2009) for NM when it was 71 days before it premiered Nov. 19, 2009. IT IS NOW 70 DAYS OUT BEFORE ECLIPSE PREMIERS AND I CAN’T BUY/FIND TICKETS YET….WTF!!!!! Sorry for shouting but I had to get that off my chest! Has anyone been able to buy advance tickets in their area…or am I the only one? Anyone else “worried” about the lack of advance ticket sales?

      Count me in on the “there better be an effing Leg Hitch”!

  27. “…I suggest you quick grab a couple sheets of screenplay paper & your teeny, tiny pencil and write us a mother effing leghitchscene to end all leg hitch scenes.”

    LOL. “Teeny, tiny pencil.” 🙂

  28. The Leg Hitch is my favorite part. I have “Eclipse” on my iPod and I fast-forward and listen to that part over and over and over, I know keep breathing Lindsay…. So ill be damned if it isn’t done right. Ill be there to fight the good fight with the rest of you and other nashvillians.

    Another frustration… I had my new moon tickets by now!! Where are my Fandango tickets? What happens if they are all sold out at midnight because I don’t get there in time? Eclipse is my favorite out of all of them

    This has been the longerst wait in the history of my life.

  29. Oh, UC, hearts and plastic looking meadow flowers for you! “Snip snip”… what kind of nature is that, grass or the path to Judaism?

    I think solution #1 (or is it punishment #1?) is the best option. Especially since it would go down during #LegHitch2010. I mean, the irony of nomenclature is too great to simply ignore. Plus if you wear the shirt from #4, you’d make that Red Carpet for sure… I mean, more likely than PattzPants Lady, and that’s some serious stuff there. Speaking of punishment #4, is this really a good idea? I mean, if Sladester can’t deliver a leg hitch, would we really want him to deliver a fade to black sex scene and an overtly anticlimactic ending… oh, wait. Bring on #4! Heck, maybe with the money they save they can hire a new wig dept.

    I’m not worried about the reshoots. Whatever happens, happens. And when I’m a quarter of a century old, me and my LTT Capetown friend will defy her Twi-hating hubs and rock our bdays Twi-style (Eclipse comes out on my bday, so it best be good). For now, I can live in peace knowing that Billy Burke will deliver his sexy eyebrow raises (a la “Bella’s gonna play baseball? Good luck with that.”) and his under-the-copstache frown at his distaste of Edward’s return. Not to mention the 15 seconds of Charlie Bewley and Cuddley. Mmm, love me some Daniel Cudmore. Plus we know that Rob’s gonna have that real man running scene somewhere in there. AND we can play the game “Count the wigs.” No, I’m not worried. I’m stoked.

  30. There better be some rewindable scenes!! I watched 1/2 of Twilight last night, and had to view Edward’s cafeteria entrance, and when he stands at his car in the school lot staring at her, two times each! NM didn’t give me as many, but love to re-watch when she slams into him and they kiss (and he utters his weak “Bella!”), and when she’s sinking and sees him, and then Jacob pulls her out (cool music, cool visually).

    I so want the hitch and the tent. But I’ll be really upset if there aren’t a few moments that make my heart stop, or make it race. Those moments and feelings I experienced when I read the books for the first time. Want that back!!

    PLEASE let him deliver. And please let it not be so cheesy that I’ll have to laugh along with my friends after seeing it, secretly knowing that I’ll be pre-ordering the dvd and watching it late at night when everyone’s asleep…

  31. About the leg hitch-

    Seriously, the fandom will only be satisfied with full penetration.

    • Truth!

      That is when I’ll be satisfied!

    • I think I might be OK with this. Yes, yes I would be OK with this. ❤ you!

    • @Snowwhite..I am so blushing right now more than I can say…Honestly I have learned/heard/written more “naughty” things here in the time I have been here than in my entire life…please Lord…don’t let me randomly blurt out full penetration in ANY conversation I may have because it is “stuck” in my brain…oh my THAT doesn’t sound right either!!!

  32. Word of the day: Penetration

    Learn it, live it, love it!

    (thx Cyn I think you mentioned it first today) 🙂

  33. Judging from my physical reaction to seeing that meadow photo, the humping was NOT dry.

    Edward sexytimes!!!!!!

    Woohoo Eclipse here we come! (twss!)

  34. I can see how strongly you feel about this subject, UC – your spelling suffers in this post! But don’t take this as a criticism .. I feel hte smae way yoo duo!

  35. UC, I was almost offended with the “Big Man vs. Small Man” cutouts, but I think I may have to camp out with you if David doesn’t add the leg hitch. Normally I am all for the shorties, but David you are on your own if you mess with the sacred leg hitch.

    Great post, as always!

  36. Off topic for a moment…Need my LTT friends help…does anyone remember if I mentioned I took a fall the last day or so? I tried checking a couple of days comments but didn’t find anything but maybe on Twitter? Thanks!

  37. “Sure, Chris Weitz is a DILF and you can’t compete with that- he rode the Summit PR train like Cathy Hardi rides Rob in her dreams”
    UC favouraite line – ever!! HILAR!

    I sure do hope Dave has heard our pleas and recognised the importance of the LEGHITCH! i
    m so pleased you’ve brought it up again.

    And i can not beleive we don’t have any news on the soundtrack. eh – no fair!

  38. They left out my Dave part of New Moon where Edward actually talks about how dark his world was without Bella. If they leave out the hitch…:0!!

  39. Fave comment… Ugh iPhone!!

  40. Late to the party but I have one hope for reshoots: WHERE ARE PETER AND CHARLOTTE? They are not listed as cast on imdb, but Jasper’s story doesn’t make sense without them. Anyone know? Am I just a huge loser for wanting to see them? (Maybe don’t answer that.)

  41. Did you know there is a facebook group called “We want the leg hitch!”?

    Come join us!

    Wonder if there is a “We love the tent scene” group as well?

  42. […] after UC posted her thoughts on the Eclipse reshoots and how David Slade better get the “leg hitch” right and if that’s the reason for […]

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