WAIT, Catherine Hardwicke could direct reshoots for Eclipse??

Coming to a TGIFridays this June!

Dear Eclipse,

I’m worried about you. Like, A LOT! First off it’s no secret you are my favorite. Sorry Twilight, New Moon, Midnight Sun (psst you’re 2nd!) and Breaking Dawn, but Eclipse just does it better. So I’ve got even more invested in this one than I usually do. But now there’s news (via Lainey) that there might be reshoots taking place in Vancouver in the next few weeks (quick to the Twi-mobile!) which isn’t totally disconcerting (ok, just a bit) since a lot of movies have to do this but the BIG gossip is that someone other than David Slade might direct these reshoots and that someone just might be CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!! (click that!)

Yes, the Cathy Hardi that gave us famous lines such as “Hold on tight, you little spider monkey.” Ugh, I retch just thinking about it. Yes, the Cathy Hardi that gave us the infamous slow motion ghetto Vampire run that made every person in the history of ever laugh out loud. Yes, the Cathy Hardi that gave us Edward’s sweaty-sparkling-pock-marked face. Yes, the Cathy Hardi that had milked the supposed “Rob and Kristen Twilight Audition Tape” for all it’s worth, which in reality is probably just her and Solomon Trimble running lines on your couch in Venice Beach.

A still from the "audition tape"

So forget the whole, “what about the directors vision?” “what about being true to the spirit of the story?” I’m downright scared half these reshoots are going to take place in a TGIFridays with the crew getting paid in all they can drink mucho margaritas and potato skins. Will the tent scene actually take place in the handicapped stall of the women’s bathroom while Edward and Bella get their leghitch on in the vinyl booth for a party of 10?

You see Eclipse, these are the things that will keep my up at night until it’s announced/leaked/rumored who really puts the finishing touches on you. Speaking of that it’s almost May and you come out in JUNE and they’re reshooting now?! HOLD ME, Eclipse, HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!!

In my happy place,

PS I need one of those cougarita’s right about now
PPS Time to start fasting and praying in earnest people. Earnest!

Seriously? Reshoots? WHY? Catherine? David? Chris? Moon and UC who should direct this stuff and who else needs me to pour them a cougarita?

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  1. JodieO told me a lot of films do reshoots.
    But I’m still kinda worried.
    I’ve never been keen on Sladey.
    I want keen on the DILF either but after the first trailer I was madly in love.
    The Eclipse trailer kinda disappointed me though 😐
    I have like, zero expectations of this film being good. Srsly.
    It makes me sadface.

    • I think most films have to reshoot bits here and there. But it makes me nervous that they’re doing it this close to the release date.
      I don’t like David Slade either. But I’m still holding out hope that Eclipse will be good, because it’s tied with New Moon as my favorite.
      *crosses fingers*
      If they bring in Cathy the Cougar to do reshoots, all hope will be lost. I can’t see that happening though. I mean, she DID pretty much confirm Robsten to Time or whatever. Think of the shit that would go down.

      • Someone else on twitter listed films that have done reshoots and sorry to say, they were all crap films. Oh well, what can we do but laugh and hope for the best!

  2. The Return of the Cougar?! Truly horrifying!
    Eclipse is my favourite book too, they better pull something amazing out of the bag!
    I heard it might be fight scenes that are being reshot – perhaps, in all his dark and edgy glory, DSlade made these a tad too scary/gory for a general audience and that’s why Summit want to reshoot? This I would be OK with.
    If DSlade shot the worlds hottest lig hitch, full of potential Robsten sexual tension, and it was too hot and Summit wanted to reshoot it, THAT I would NOT be OK with.
    I guess we’ll see, in the mean time, I’m praying (to the DILF and Buttcrack Santa) that we get the movie we all want/need/LEGHITCH.

  3. I’m officially scared. If they’ve messed up the tent scene there will be….repercussions. Like, I might have to buy waterproof mascara.

    • Ugh I know! That would be the absolute worst!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even allow myself to think about such things – so much of my happiness is tied to that scene, that should it be any less than amazing, I am going to have to rethink my entire outlook on life!

  4. I still say Cathy might not be that bad – depending on what the re-shoots are.

    If they need to re-shoot some love scenes, bring Cathy on! Look what she did with the first kiss in Twilight. That was hot! Way hotter than anything in NM.

    What they need to to do is bring Cathy in for the love scene (don’t let her change ANY dialogue), and then bring Chris Weitz in for any actions scenes that need to be re-shot.

    There you have it. It could be a decent movie!

  5. Twi Lexicon says that Summit says Gossip Cop has the right story and DS is directing.

    …And my best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s friend who sells hats says it’s going to be awesome. :p

  6. “Will the tent scene actually take place in the handicapped stall of the women’s bathroom” O M G I laughed like crazy reading this!

    Who should reshoot?
    James Cameron
    Bud crack Santa
    Chris Columbus
    Ephraim Black
    David Yates
    Big Daddy Lautner
    Jason Jenks (alias Jason Scott)

    • Let’s get AmanDUH to do it.

    • @natashadushi…OFTLOE…James Cameron!!! Can you just imagine Edward in 3D!! I’d be at the store tomorrow buying the biggest damn TV w/3D they sell! Picture it..Twilight in 3D..Edward flys off Bella’s bed and slams the wall..turns to look at me..I mean her.. with those bedroom eyes…he starts walking towards me…right out off the screen………………………………………………………………………………………………….THUD…………………………forget that……gotta call 911 now………………………………………

      • Mwahahahaahah….. Well thanx to the firls here at LTT/LTR I started reading MOTU 2 days ago. NOw that’s a fanfic that I want to see in 3D!

  7. I am a little concerned for Eclipse, too! It is my favorite book and the one that should easiest to turn into a movie. Lots of action. Lots of Edward. Plot chugs along at a nice pace. LEGHITCH and tent.

    I have never shot anything but home movies of my kids being cute, and I think I could churn out a decent Eclipse.

    So, Summit, What’s the problem????

    • I see a collaboration between LTT readers and Hillywood! Certainly in a pinch, we would be happy to step in, and I’m sure we could work within a budget, only a few million would probably be fine. I don’t foresee any problems, and I would personally waive my fee if they need a stand-in whilst they set the lighting levels for the leg-hitch scene.

      • Tweed. Plus there’s still snow on the mountains up here, so it’s totally doable. And there’s only one location, none of that Italy and Arizona stuff. Hell, let’s just shoot IN FORKS (novel concept). When my sis and I were on the rez during Forks Tour 2010, we saw a guy in jorts. Already there’s no continuity errors. Let’s Do This!


    “DAVID_A_SLADE: In London overseeing the film score with Mr Howard Shore and enjoying all the gossip flying around. Onwards to the Eclipse!! ”

    Two things, 1) Hey David, I know you’re reading! 2) I’m in London, lets hang out and you can give me Rob’s phone number!!

  9. Don’t screw with Eclipse people, it’s Twi book numero UNO!

    I loved NM but don’t understand why you guys rag all over the Cougs so much… after finally getting NM DVD this week and watching it numerous times I have to say I prefer Cathy Cougs’ Edward to the DILF’s. He was warmer and scrummier in Twilight, someone you could really imagine pulling down into your crinkly sheets. But in NM he dressed like my dead grandfather, wore a permanent scowl, was all stiff and frozen-looking and kissed like my dead grandfather. If they’re reshooting kissing scenes bring back the Cougs!

  10. All I’m going to say is this: I’m still Team Low Expectations. This is not going to be a cinematic masterpiece and I’m going to see it anyway… so… I’m sure I’ll love/hate it like I do the first two regardless of who edits, directs, reshoots, etc.

  11. I’m not really worried about this re-shoot thing. From what I’ve read in eclipsemovie.org, they’re doing, quote “pick-up shots of already completed scenes and can be necessary because of anything from bad lighting, a faulty print or a missing expression or line that was determined in editing.” Apparently David Slade is in London right now working on the score and will be flying to Vancouver to finish these shots. So, no worries about re-shooting.

    Like I said, it doesn’t bother me. No matter which director they hire, Twilight films will have staring contests, Edward’s cheesy dialogues and lots of blinking and stuttering by Kristen. We’ll love the movies in spite of these things. I still can’t stop watching Twi and NM even though sooo many scenes make me cringe, badly. I loved the films and I’m sure I’ll love Eclipse too. Not so sure about BD because I didn’t even like the book..

    BUT, to be honest, I was worried when Lainey mentioned Cathy Hardwicke’s name because nothing could top the horridness that is Coug Cathy’s filmmaking…just saying..

  12. To put it bluntly, NOOOOO….
    Okay, I had high expectations for this one because I adore, adore, ADORE New Moon and figured Eclipse would continue the trend of the movies just getting better. (At least until BD.)

    But moon you are right, it’s time to go back to low expectations and the occassional fast and prayer for this one. We had grown complacent after NM… and this is what we get for it. We are being punished by the Twilight gods for not sacrificing to them. For not giving them an offering. For not going to the Temple of Twilight every week. Or something. Time to get those Twilight ceremonial robes on and start devoting ourselves to the energies that will ensure that Eclipse is not cringe-worthy, and above all, that Cathy does not have a hand in this thing.

    Also, Summit, um, does Chris Weitz really hate you that much? Why is he not being called up? Can you just scrap Eclipse alltogether and have him redo it? I may be in the minority but I’d rather wait and have a good rendition of Eclipse rather than have them rush it out and it be a massive failure, a veritable Frankenstein of different directing styles (which it currently sounds like it is going to turn into), and have it be majorly embarrassing to watch. We don’t want to have to rely on Amandah to do a less embarrassing version of Eclipse now, do we?

  13. Just a fasting and a praying with Lula….please fix Mr. Slade please fix! (update, Mr. Slade will be doing the “re-shoots, in case you didn’t hear).

    I will def have to write Mr. Slade some “love letters” tomorrow evening. Until then…..

  14. I am fully prepared for the thumbsdown (even tho I WILL cry) but I don’t mind that CH might do some reshoots..let’s be honest..we all love Twilight for our own reasons, the good/bad/downrightugly..but it gave us all so many reasons to keep talking/laughing/crying for soooo long! Now comes NM and we really didn’t have much to say..I mean it was good, better acting, direction etc..but by the response here, it wasn’t really memorable or good/bad enough to fuel the comments like Twilight…worst yet..the best scenes when Eddie/Bella get it on, where blocked, with shoulders/backs etc., HUGE disapointment IMO and less we forget all the “bedroom eye” shots of Edward that still make me swoon…unlike in NM where he looked not so hot..and that is not easy to achieve!!!.CH gave us that sexual tension and I want more of that!! Really how MUCH damage can she do? They are only reshoots..yes she should NOT be allowed to touch the dialogue..but for me she brought a unique quality to Twilight and “maybe this could be a good thing” (my best Bella voice..
    Note to CH: I am sticking my neck out here~DON’T SCREW IT UP!!! 🙂

    THANK YOU MOON….I did “click that” and almost peed my pants laughing..TMI?? Anyway, I so need that on a daily basis, I saved the page for future use!! LOVE IT!!

    Have a great day everyone!

    • No one should get thumbsdowned for being honest!

      Cathy did manage to capture a bit more of that “whirlwind teen romance” feel than Chris did, I will give her that. But for both movies I was pretty unmoved by the chemistry between Bella and Edward, so they’re even on the romance front, to me. I’d love for Slade to improve on both movies in the romance department. (Ironically enough I thought Bella and Jake had much better on screen chemistry in Twi and NM. Wouldn’t it be funny if Taylor and Kristen were actually dating and the whole Robsten was just a massive cover-up to distract people? Okay I won’t go there. And I’m kidding. And I digress.)

      • Agreed. In NM if you couldn’t hear Bella sigh when Edward showed up (great job DILF!) you wouldn’t even know she liked him let alone was ready to give up her life and mortality for him. And the only tender moment I got out of it was when Edward said “it’s my job to protect you.. from everyone except my sister”. That shot of his eyes and smile is super sexy.

        • OH yes one of my favorite scenes!!! I love that sexy, adorable look!
          In Twilight I think one of my favorite Edward moments was when he flys off the bed and slams into the wall while yelling “STOP” (BTW Charlie MUST have been in a drunken stuper NOT to have heard that, relax Forks, your in good hands!) and then Bella tells him not to leave…he turns and THAT LOOK, THOSE EYES..I will admit to having to replace my remote after I cooked the pause button!! OMELE…

          • We know about the little Vitamin R problem Charlie is hiding, don’t we, Midnight Cyn? That explains how he never hears a thing, snoring away, with all the comings and goings through Bella’s bedroom every night (well, maybe not “coming”s…)!

          • @The Old One..ROFLMAO…” (well, maybe not “coming”s…)!”
            Made my day!!!
            Yes it is a sad fact that we have outed Charlie and his lil problem…also explains why he is always sleeping on the couch..passes out there while watching the flat screen!
            Why don’t we volunteer to help him with his 12 step program?? I’m in, how bout you??

          • @ MidCyn-
            Ummm, I think I married Charlie.

          • Yes, time for an intervention, I think.

          • @Theoldone & Snow white drifted: after re reading this: “also explains why he is always sleeping on the couch..passes out there while watching the flat screen!” I realized I could be describing me! LMAO….the only differences, I can’t drink AND
            I sleep with Edward on the couch in front of the flat screen!!

        • Really? Whenever I heard him say the line “It’s my job to protect you..” in the TV spot, I always replied back,”Dude, do you get paid for protecting her?” That is, until I heard the rest of the line while watching the film. Oh Alice, is super preppy as she says “It’s time, it’s time!”

    • Guess I should’ve read first, bc – what you said!

  15. I pretty much started crying when I saw the rumor of Hardi coming back to direct the reshoots…

    But then, I remembered last summer when I met her… Not only did she tell us that she doesn’t drink (haha yeah right) but she also said that if she were asked to direct another Twilight movie, she would say no because she feels like her “babies” have been “corrupted”. So we’re safe from her dream sequences and montages in the future 😀

    • I’m sorry, did you just say that you met her?! Okay, be honest, was it at Chili’s or Fridays?

      • Actually… we were close to an Applebee’s and a Hard Rock Cafe.

        Sadly I didn’t meet her at a restaurant… instead I went to a Twilight convention… first-hand embarrassing, but I did get to meet and hug PFach and Chaske with his sexy voice.

    • WTF does “her “babies” have been “corrupted”” mean?

      who are the babies and what kind of corruption?

      So many possibilities.

      • She meant her movie and her actors. She was acting really disgusted at the thought that someone else was taking over her job of directing them. But Chris did much better, so I don’t really care what she thinks about it! lol

        It was definitely an experience seeing her in person…

        • I think you need to write a letter about it. I want to know more. And see pics of you hugging PFach and Mr. Sexy Voice. 😀

          • Oh boy! It was quite a while ago… I don’t exactly remember everything that happened… But I do have pictures placed on my wall 😀

            And… I have to admit… I’m going again this summer.

  16. Does anyone else get Cathy Cougs confused with Betsy Johnson? I’ll be flipping channels and quickly see her (Betsy) and think.. “Oh here’s some Twi gossip… oh wait, why are there pink lacy bikinis behind the cougs…? “

  17. Moon, it is not even 10 AM, I think I need one of those cougaritas!!

    I kind of agree Rob was hotter in Twilight, bring back the Bouffant and Pea Coat!! I can put up with spider monkeys, buttcrack santas and ‘It’s Laaaaaaaaaa Puuuuuuuuuuuuuush’ (I mean come on!) for hotter kisses and hotter Rob.

    I know nothing about the movie biz, maybe reshoots are no biggie….

    Can I still have a cougarita?

    • Am I the only who thinks that hanging out for Appy Hour with CHards and Solomon Trimble (bartending, of course) sounds like a great time?! I think Justin Chon and Michael Welch would be down as well…

      • I’m always up for a heavy salt cougarita…and when trimble’s behind the bar, well let’s just say his motto is: magarita mix doesn’t come here.

  18. I’m with Midnight_Cyn on this. Even though Sladey all but debunked the rumours on twitter, I would not have been averse to Cougar Cath coming back on board. Girlfriend knows how to bring on the smexy times. I really liked the grey/blue moodiness of Twilight. It was all romantical and shit.

  19. Me: Okay, now I’m scared.
    D-Slade: Good, you should be.
    Me: No, I’m not scared of you, I’m only scared of losing you. I feel like you’re going to disappear.
    DS: (nervous shifting of weight) It’s me, I’m not good. I used to be, a good director. But not anymore.
    Me: It’s not you, it’s me? So, that’s it? Slade, you promised me!
    DS: I know. And this is me keeping that promise. Go home. And don’t come back until Breaking Dawn.
    Me: If this is about my soul, take it. I don’t want it without you.
    DS: This isn’t about your soul.
    Me: You know, I’m not really into that whole cougar thing.
    DS: What’s up with you and that Hardi chick, anyway? I mean, how many cougaritas did she have?
    Me: I don’t care. It does not matter.
    DS: (his phone indicates a text msg; he checks it) That was Cathy. She’s coming.
    Me: I don’t want her to come!
    DS: Yeah, well you really should’ve figured that out sooner, and saved yourself all this regret.
    Me: You think I regret supporting you?!
    Cougwicke: Hi! Will you be riding with me to Vancouver for the reshoots?
    Me: No. The donated Volvo is full.

    (ps-this morning on the bus ride to work, a Solomon Trimble lookalike boarded. I almost asked him, “Do the Cullens come here?” You know, just to see.)

  20. I’m with Midnight_Cyn – the idea of CH doesn’t scare me. Twilight and NM both seriously screwed up some of my favorite scenes, and omitted others (blood typing, “I might not give you back” cafeteria scenes, and the Bella-Edward reunion in NM), but they’re like comfort food for me now. I don’t even really notice the ridiculousness anymore (which is why I made my husband swear he wouldn’t laugh at any moments that weren’t intentionally funny while watching NM with me, or I’d never be able to get through the movie again without cringing a little).

    As much as CH screwed up (and I’m talking to you too, Melissa Rosenberg), the dvd has really grown on me. I love the quick fix of watching Twilight. (The number of times I’ve watched it – embarassing!)

    Love E & B dancing in his room (crooked smile!), love when they arrive at school, “…Not that guy…no, he just looked…since I’m going to hell…” Yum. There were lots of E & B moments like that that I just didn’t get from NM, as improved as it is.

    But I do agree – CH would be best reserved for lovey, sweet, sexy, emotional scenes.

    • @thischickrunswithvampires: LOVE your screen name!!
      I had a thought…(yes it does happen)…well the more I think about it, CH did us a huge favor..she GOT US with Twilight, regardless of its many flaws, the good far outweighs the bad and we were caught hook, line and sinker! Who knows whether or not the movie would have impacted us all this much if it had been done any other way? It was a given that no movie could live up to the book and in her own way she gave us the Bella/Edward we (I) wanted, BCS, Spidermonkey etc., I am sure you know what I am trying to say. I think I was more disapointed with New Moon b/c the expectations were higher and in most cases met, but we still had corny lines.(which even if written by MR, the director/editor can pull them) .but I didn’t find them funny in the same way as I did in Twilight. I thought Face Punch was ridiculous, Jessica’s totally non relavant speech after movie night, and I always fast forward through Mike’s conversation with Bella (I love MIke btw) but the Protein line just annoys me IDKW. So although New Moon was done much better in some respects to me it was also lacking in more ways than not..all the things that we love about Twilight were not there in New Moon..most notable the passion between Edward/Bella especially after reuniting at the end..to me that was what I waited through the whole movie for and was left feeling like I had faded to black…

      Oh before Team Jacob places an old Indian curse on me..I thought that the conflict/friendship/relationship with Bella & Jacob was done really well, I almost changed teams, okay I am lying now…but seriously it was great, I just wished as much effort had been put into Edward/Bella….still friends???

      • Yes! Exactly. CH totally pulled me in, despite the screw-ups. The E-B moments, the longing looks, the colors and music. Sigh. My first time seeing it, I was clueless. Knew nothing about Twilight. Thought it was pretty good. Then I read the books a few months later, and I was so MAD at the movie. Mad at Catherine and Melissa. But here I am, more than a year later, and I STILL can’t put the movie away. The more I watch it, the more I appreciate it, major flaws and all. Would have preferred more accuracy, but I’ll take the feelings.

        Totally agree about NM – I had much higher expectations. After I saw it the first time, I was like, “Eh.” The movie was more accurate, but it was lacking. The end was COMPLETELY effed up. The reunion, all that anticipation, Bella thinking he doesn’t want her – oh, the agony!! I was desperate for that, and they just didn’t come through. (I say all this, and yet I’ve just popped the freakin movie in.)

        Oh, and Julie who mentioned us wanting a movie just like the book – yes! I’m in my fourth re-read, and there are SO many funny/cute moments. Why didn’t they incorporate them?

        “Protein” Ugghh. I loved Mike’s comments in Twilight, but come on! Let’s either pull from the books, or get creative, Saga-People.

      • @Midnight_Cyn – “I almost changed teams”

        Please don’t scare me like that! You’re my “Team Edward Buddy” through thick and thin. Don’t even joke about switching teams!

        But I get what you’re saying. CW really took the time to develop the relationship between B/J in NM (as he should have). But he seems to have forgotten that we needed that same kind of development between B/E in order for the story to really grab our hearts.
        And the ending…..my goodness, I felt like someone hit the FF button on the remote. She was no sooner running to save his life and then, bam! We’re seeing the Cullen Vote and then the marriage proposal. Slow down there, CW.

        • @Toooldforthis..don’t EVAR worry about my alliance!! I am Team EDWARD all the way!! 🙂 We are true Team Edward Buddies for eternity!! ❤

          • I’m gonna hold you to that! I listened to too many people say they thought about switching to Team Jacob after watching NM. Although I can agree Jacob is way more likeable in the movie than the book, I won’t switch teams. I can’t!!!
            I’m glad to know we have each other’s backs!! 🙂

          • @Toooldforthis: NEVER worry about me switching teams..I cannot ever look at Jacob other than like a son..now Edward being 109 is much more age appropriate and ohhhh sooooo fine…I will always have your back…didn’t you read where I said I was lying (not even joking, lying) everyone knows Eddie’s my (our) man!

  21. TeamSeth – that was hilarious!!

    • @thischickrunswithvampires…forgot, you should get a really cool avatar to go with your name..imma just sayin…

  22. The eclipse movie site says this is not true. Horrors if they are wrong – how you likin the rain girl will not fly coming from mikes mouth again!!?I just wonder why they have to keep f’n up the stories anyway!? I mean, the book gives you the story – all we want is a movie just like book. Give us that. You’d get a bunch of happy women.

    • That’s all I’m asking.

    • I have no idea why I am on a “Lets take a moment to appreciate CH” but I think its important to remember that she DID NOT write the script…she just made some changes. some good/more bad, but.why is it that we don’t call out Melissa Rosenberg for perhaps not translating the book to screen as well as it could have been?? She knows what the readers are hoping/looking/demanding to see! Especially in New Moon..the ending…so lacking.. ;(

      • Yes, I think CH gets too much of a bad rap. I blamed her at first, but then I turned my wrath on MR. Even a great director can’t overcome bad writing. Why couldn’t they have hired a screenwriter who actually understood why this huge female population can’t put the books down? There are reasons why we’re in love with the story. It’s like she totally missed the point. 😦

      • Hear Hear!!!!!! (Or Here Here – I have no idea) You are right on – the vast majority of the problems, in my opinion, stem from crappy script-writing and changing/deleting of key story elements!!!!!!! The person we should all be angry at is Melissa Freaking Rosenberg!!!!!!!! She is most definitely not down with the kids! (Ok, so some of her lines I obviously like, but still…)

      • The M-berg issue doesn’t make sense to me. I read one of the Dexter books, and her adaptation to screen for that is pretty spot on. How come not for Twi! Like the break up scene… I cry every time I read it, but when I watch it, no emotion (except a stifled giggle during the “coming” part). I mean, it’s a long scene, she could’ve just copied the dialogue directly from the book. Plus, and I guess this is directorial, they make it look like he walks her deep into the woods, not 5 feet down the path like he does in the book. My bf saw it and was like, “What a jerk, he just left her in the middle of the woods” and I had to explain.

        • LOL
          “What a jerk, he just left her in the middle of the woods.”

          Ughhh, after I bought it I watched with my husband and had to pause the movie at least 10 times to explain situations. He had no memory of Twilight, which made it tougher.

        • TS I think it is b/c Dexter is her “baby”..she has a lot invested in it. Plus it is a whole different audience/subject so as with many authors/directors etc., they have their niche. Dexter is very adult with IMO creepy content..I have only watched it once and there is a reason for that, I didn’t like it. So maybe that is her forte and she should stick with that?? How many times have we seen comedians try to write/act in serious roles that didn’t translate well, and visa versa..sometimes its best to stick at what your really good at?? Just a thought..

          Totally off topic, but food for thought:
          As I commented way farther up on the page (and now that my blood pressure has returned to almost normal) I would like to head the campaign to have all Twilight movies/DVD’s made into 3-D!!
          As I said b4, imagine just for a moment (cause that is all my heart can take) that Edward or Jacob (if your Team Jacob, yes still worried about old Indian curses) could literally come out of your TV towards you, I mean Bella..no I mean me………………………….thud……………

          • Hmmmm…. you speak wisdom!

            ps-I’m so glad you’re back. You’ve had such passion the past 2 days!

          • Only as long as they’re still made normal too! 3-D movies cost more and give me a headache. Plus, I think that sometimes when they make a movie 3-D they throw in random, unnecessary stuff that just looks cool in 3-D. (Like that scene at Slughorn’s in HP6)
            Sorry to be a downer, but that’s my opinion. Although, I do like your *vivid* descriptions, MidCyn! 🙂

          • @TeamSeth…I am so happy to be back..(not sure everyone would agree tho..haven’t shut up in 2 days lol.. but I like your description better)..thanks!!

          • @kitkat: I agree that they should make both! It’s just that with all the new T.V.’s coming out with the 3-D option, I just couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to have Edward standing in my living room or can you imagine the CGI wolves in 3-D! This coming from someone who has NEVER seen a 3-D movie ever, so I might suffer a brain circuit malfuntion or “death by Edward”!
            Next day front page news report:
            A local woman has died while watching the recently released 3-D version of Twilight. Family members report that the incident occurred during the scene in which the character Edward throws himself against a wall so as not to lose control with his love interest, Bella. Suddenly, the woman whose name has not been released at this time, clutched her chest and fell off the couch onto the floor. Her daughter thought she heard her Mother whisper “Edward” just as she fell. Luckily time of death was easily determined as the family took the time to pause the movie giving the police a timestamp. This is the first reported death associated with the popular Saga, but commenting off the record, an officer stated he didn’t think it would be the last. Although obviously grief-stricken, one family member was heard saying that at least her Mother died with a huge smile on her face! Funeral arrangements have yet to be made….:)

          • @kitkat wait, which slughorn scene… the one in the opening? I didn’t see it in 3D. But I would’ve preferred to see more memories of Tom Riddle than have a whirlwind of chandelier being put back together for some lucky vacationing muggles.

          • @Midnight_Cyn – LMAO! “Her mother died with a huge smile on her face.”

            I’m imagining a 3D leg hitch. I’ll be joining you in the afterlife!

        • Yes, I wouldn’t care what she said – Twilight has been strictly a paycheck for her. Doubt she’s ever felt any real passion, care or concern for the characters and their world while adapting the stories. Bummer.

  23. I just have to remind myself to breathe. Add tell summit to do whatever they need to do to give us our well deserved leg hitch and tent scene! 🙂

    • Good thinking – that will have to be our mindset for now until we see/hear otherwise!

  24. I was kind of worried when they released the trailer. There were no fight scenes, or really much of anything in it. And then they fired the editor, and brought a new one on, and now this? I also LOVE this book, and I’m concerned that David may have butchered it. 😦

  25. Oh great. They just said the “I’m coming” lines and I laughed, so there goes ever watching this scene seriously ever again!!! 🙂

    And, yes, I’m just going to hope for the best with Eclipse, too. I’m already prepared to lose out on either one or both of our favorite scenes – hitch and tent. Fingers crossed!!

    And now, stepping away from my computer…

  26. Melissa said she based her adaptation of Twilight on Brokeback Mountain & Romeo and Juliet…also added that she had 5 weeks to write the script…nuf said…

    • er, what?! I wish that she’d actually read the book. Though the line “How you likin’ the rain, Arizona?” is in iambic pentameter…

      • Seriously. I feel like she turned to one of her ten year old nieces and was like, ‘Summarize for me, will you?” And then Catherine turned to her twelve year old nephew and was like, “What was that I heard you calling your friend the other day? Spidermonkey?…Cool…that’s got possibilities…”

        (Ok, full disclosure, the spidermonkey line has never bothered me the way it seems to horrify most of the fans.)

        • Actually after some research I discovered that this: ” She (MR) was given a “manifesto” written by Meyer outlining everything that had to be included or could not be changed in the adaptation” then MR presented Steph a 25 page outline and was hired thinking she had several mons. to write the script, only to be told she had 5 weeks instead!!
          I have now come to the conclusion that the blame lies equally at the feet of all the powers to be…

          TS…” iambic pentameter” please explain for the mentally challenged one..umm that would be me…

          • I’d read about the manifesto, but the not the time constraints, so I guess I’ll ease up on her…a bit…

          • As the old adage goes, blame it on Summit.

            MC: Iambic pentameter is a metric used in verse (generally poetry). It’s one of Shakespeare’s signatures. Full explanation here.

        • I always laughed at the spider monkey line, in a good way. It may be more that I’m laughing along with Bella there. It’s, perhaps, the only time Bella laughs in the entire series. Oh, except when Mike says that Edward looks at her like she’s something to eat.

          Team Spidermonkey Line Doesn’t Bother Me!

          • Thanks TS for the explanation…and sign me up for Team Spidermonkey Line Doesn’t Bother Me!!!

            Looking for member’s to join w/ me in “Team Twilight Saga 3-D” my quest to get Edward..I mean Twi-DVD’s made into 3-D!!!

          • Same here. I think that’s why the spider monkey line never bothered me – and why I kind of liked it. Bella was actually laughing and happy (and book Bella really does have some happy/amused moments as opposed to movie Bella). Also, Rob gives what I’d consider the Edward’s-Crooked-Smile (or at the very least a grin), if I’m remembering correctly, and that’s worth hearing any silly line.

          • @MidCyn I think they have to shoot it in 3D originally…So i’m not sure if they could do Twilight. This is something I know you will research into 😉 But, I’m on the Team if it’s formed, I wanna see that paw jump out at me when Jacob wolf faces of Victoria in NM. (cheese-fest!) Though I think in 3D the vamp-speed running would actually look more realistic. As though they’re going so quick they’re going to run out of the TV or something like that…

            @runsw/vamps I’m very much Team Demetri and Team Charlie, but if Eddie would flash *that* style of crooked smile as often as he and perfect teeth seem to in the books, I’d be Team Edward faster than a vampire runs… and you know that you can’t really run with vampires.

  27. You had me at “slow motion ghetto vampire run.”

    Just…NO! Please, Tiny Director Man, work it out!

  28. I haven’t read the other comments yet, so sorry if I’m repeating here. But I had a bit of an epiphany about this last night. So David Slade is pretty well know for his fantasy/action movies, right, but not so much for romance. And while Twi is cinematically awful, there is a certain chemistry between E&B that Hardi does get right in Twi. There chemistry is there a bit in NM, but not as much (not surprising bc of story). This all made me wonder if during editing Eclipse it seemed too fantasy/CGI/fighting ridden and Summit knows we need(!) the love/a hot leg hitch/Edward’s possessiveness and maybe the Slade just didn’t get that. I just pray there’s no “Hitch it up, Spider Monkey”.

  29. Eh, there’s good and bad to ole Cathy. Bad = spider monkey-type nonsense (retch retch laugh gag retch oh vom! no they didn’t), good = Rob looked like a plate of ribs you want to eat in Twilight because chicks know what’s fucka…uh, I mean, attractive.

    But I heard this rumor was knocked down anyway. We shall see! I’ve told myself I’m only going to look at The Pretty regardless of whatever other madness is on screen. Otherwise, poor BDH’s wig alone would be scary enough to keep me away.

  30. Ummmm where is JodieO, Ang, ILWL, etc??? 😦
    I come back and they disappear?? Please tell me I haven’t driven away my BFF’s with all my excessive Commenting!!! I will shut up, promise if you come back!!!

  31. Midnight_Cyn – I can’t believe I’m really admitting this, but they just re-created the E-B scene that will be the cause of your 3-D death on Vampire Diaries (yes, I watch… vampire-oversaturation). It was almost the exact scene – maybe a bit more intense (but not as sexy without Rob). Either that happened in the books, or somebody’s been watching a bit too much Twilight while writing VD episodes…

    • LOL..Confession: I watch too..shhhh don’t tell anyone..I DVR it and watch after the hubs goes to bed..remember its our secret!
      BTW have you noticed just how MUCH Vampire Diaries (was going to abbreviate but then thought twice about it ..lol..) imitates Twilight..what makes that fact sad is that it appears that the writers of THAT show pay closer attention to what Twilight Fans really want to see more than the ppl in charge of the actual Twilight Saga do…so wrong on so many levels…

      Can’t wait to watch it later!! Luckily its not in 3-D or with Eddie cause I am having a pretty good day…and besides funerals are expensive!!

  32. I am team Cathy all the way, if you don’t like Twilight, then throw your dvd away , but you keep watching it again and again except team Jacob here……

    Cathy gave us a good cast of unknown, good score, good music, memorable lines and scene while Chris didn’t do much with an alrdy given good cast, is there any memorable scenes in NM? No, I have friends and family who are movies lovers not Twilght fans to judge and Twilight wins,
    NM was such a crap that it degrade the saga and made it a laughing stock…..

    Catherine rejects to do New Moon because of the time frame, she needs more time for prep and the script since she is a hands on person ,she wasn’t going through all the politics during Twilight again like cutting budget in the middle of a shoot etc…..

  33. Dude! I’d drop everything and go to Canada NOW for this!

  34. […] Summit-released saga info as well as fan released Eclipse goods. And we know you’re doing reshoots in the upcoming days, so maybe you just don’t have anything good enough to give us. And speaking of reshoots, […]

  35. Saw the movie last night and am bitterly disappointed. There was no magic, lacked the class of Twilight and New Moon. Was more for the kiddies. I think Slade sold out, tried to make it more for the guys as well as the girls with the action. And Bree barely features in the book, why was she given so much movie time?

    Cut out lots from the book as well. Awful. Just awful.

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