Twilosophy: Why is the Leg Hitch in Eclipse SO important?

Dear LTT-ers and Twilosophy Majors,

Yesterday, after UC posted her thoughts on the Eclipse reshoots and how David Slade better get the “leg hitch” right and if that’s the reason for all the secrecy and need to go to Vancouver than she was all for it. Which we are, 100%. I mean we’re so committed to this being right we’re even willing to be the stand in’s or film it ourselves with a camera phone and Robert Pattinson in our wrought iron bed (we share one, duh. All good bloggers do) with gold brocade bedding we purchased at Anna’s Linens for the occasion. But as it turns out not everyone even knows what the crap the leg hitch even is. Witness this resulting conversation of me trying to explain it after yesterday’s post…

More like #cop a feel than #leg hitch

The Font: okay, i have pretended to understand this for long enough what the fuck is leg hitch?
Moon: i thought i explained it to you guys during a podcast
Font: no way, i would remember
Moon: ok, so in Eclipse theres this super hot scene that everyone always talks about. edward leaves to go off hunting with the dudes and leaves bella with alice and whoever at his house. well his room doesnt have a bed since vampires dont sleep so she thinks shes going to sleep on the couch or something during this weekend well anyway he gets her this bed (im so embarrassed) at some point in the weekend he comes back and they start getting it on. i will look up the quote but anyway during the making out it says something about “leg hitch.” we’ve been talking about it since last march and well it took off
Font:wait, leg hitch like his junk?
Moon: NOOOO! like grabbing someones leg and pulling it up
Font: I DON’T UNDERSTAND MOON*! what? this is a dry sex metaphor?
Moon: omg Font*
Font: Moon*, i have been reading this site for like six months (editors note: WAY longer. you’ve been making fun of me since at least last summer). i don’t know what the fuck is going on
Moon: OMG SERIOUSLY?!!!!! if you’re making out and/or having sex with someone
Font: i get it!
Moon: and you grab their leg like under the knee
Font: listen this is not my first rodeo
Moon: thank god! please dont make me explain it anymore!
Font: i really feel like this is a let down
Moon: why? cause, sometimes seeing behind the curtain isnt as good as the illusion.
Font:  truth, truth. But it’s such a weird phrase
Moon: I’m looking it up…

“He pulled my leg up suddenly, hitching it around his hip” -pg 186

Font: that doesn’t even make sense. these books are dumb
Moon: COME ON!

It's so important people feel the need to create fan art about it!

So of course this got me to thinking… why is the leg hitch so important? What about this seemingly small moment in the 3rd installment of the saga has captured the passion of so many people? And what does it say about the characters and us readers?

First off I think we have to understand that this is really one of the first “intense” (for them) make out moments Bella and Edward have. Besides some kissing and hugging the ultimate self cock blocker, Edward keeps it pretty G rated for the kids. So for readers who have been salivating over every little hand hold or emo eye locks in the science room, this is about more than we can handle. Bella and Edward touching… down… there?! ZOMG. But ever the moralist and well, a good story teller, Stephenie Meyer leaves us wanting more cause just when things are heating up Bella opens her dumb fat mouth and Edward remembers his priest-like lifestyle.

Secondly, this make out is the catalyst for a very important conversation between Edward in Bella. After remembering he thinks girls have cooties and pushing Bella away they discuss her not-s0-secret trips to La Push while he was gone. And FINALLY Edward figures out he’s being a monumentally freaky overprotective boyfriend and agrees that Bella should be able to visit Jacob and her friends in La Push. He comes to the realization that he needs to trust her judgment more. Even though she’s a danger magnet and is subconsciously, in some way in love with Jacob, Edward realizes that if Bella feels she’s safe than he needs to trust her.

Bada bing bada BOOM

And finally it’s important for Bella to see that Edward likes her in more than a vampire-I’m-attracted-to-your-blood-only kind of way. He wants her like any normal high school boy wants his girlfriend. Who doesn’t want to feel that way? Even though he shuts her down just when things are getting all mcsteamy up on the brocade bedspread, she already comes to the realization that he likes her on multiple levels.

But really, what isn’t there to GET about the leg hitch? It’s hot. It’s Edward in a bed doing all kinds of things high school girls and 20 somethings girls and 30 something girls and 40 something girls and moms and librarians and the Golden Girls dream about doing with a guy like him.

And THAT, my friends is why the much ballyhooed “leg hitch” is important!

We ain’t talkin’ trailer hitches!

So why do you think the leghitch is so important to us? Why is it important to Edward and Bella. What’s the BIG deal??

*We do not actually call each other Font and Moon in real life. Thank god. This is weird enough*

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  1. I think you summed up perfectly why it is so important! I can already imagine thousands of Eclipse dvds being worn out in the leg hitch scene. Slade better bring it.

    • Hitch
      Hitch…… I’m smiling already.

      They’ll be wondering why Eclipse DVD sales are double the other movies in the series. We’ll know its because we all wore out our DVDs replaying the leg hitch scene 1,000 times

    • Agree totally!!! If I don’t see some touchy feely leg hitch hot makeout scene somebody is getting a beat down! I.e. D. Slade!

  2. i love the leg hitch (and do it myself) b/c it’s the moment that “thinking” fades and physical reaction starts to take over… *fans self*

    Edward… me-i mean BELLA… leg-hitching… Hottttttt! *swoon*

    • THAT is such a good point – it’s the exact moment they both start to lose themselves in what they are, ahem, doing. We all know the feeling, it’s such a hot, swoony moment.

    • And don’t forget that, not only do they do “the hitch”, they also roll around on that giant bed, while doing some heavy breathing!

      • Great thing about the series is that Rob and Kristen won’t have to ‘act’ during that scene…the two will play along on their own..may be add some of their own ‘techniques’….*ifyouknowwhati’msaying*

    • I agree….it’s the moment where you are starting to get so excited that you want to be physically closer and feel each other!

  3. This shit is MASSIVE! (TWSS?)
    It is IMPERATIVE that David Slade includes the Leg Hitch and does it RIGHT.

    • poor david slade i feel for him already… i think maybe we’ll have to revisit that manage expectations post again…


      ok “accepting it now” 😉

      • It seems this is our only expectation, which I find well managed. Though I am excited for Victoria’s head to be ripped off and to see how they do the thick purple-ish smoke. Hm, just realized that means the smoke is cool.

      • I don’t have any expectations for Eclipse.
        The trailer hasn’t convinced me that it’s gonna be good or even close to New Moon (<3 The DILF). BUT Slade may redeem himself slightly if the film is shit by including a proper Leg Hitch.

  4. Let’s just be straight and honest. We’ve been dying for Bella and Edward to do it ever since the biology scene in Twilight. And, especially after the fade to black in BD, the leg hitch is about the best we get in terms of sexytimes in the whole saga. So we don’t complain. We take it. We worship it. We are willing to write threat letters to David Slade about it.

  5. Wait, are you and the Font related, Moon? Is he your dad? I don’t get why it was so embarrassing for you to explain.

    • Does Moon have a crush on Font??

    • no he’s a friend from my church, thus the awkwardness of the convo. imagine having this conversation with a guy. dont you think thats weird???

      he has some lovely ladies he’s interested in and i have some lovely men so we shall never be foon. seriously we talk about twilight it can never happen

      • Which reminds me…my husband recently started enjoying reading. You know what that means. I kept badgering him to read THE BOOKS.

        He refuses over and over. I get mad…

        Last night I had a mini-moment then said to him, “WHAT THE HECK!?! I don’t want YOU reading that! No unicorns in THIS house dang it!” (Like he knows what a unicorn is…)

        Sigh. That was a close one. And he now officially thinks I’m insane.

        PPS – Thanks a FREAKING lot girls, I’m now obsessed w/ Fan Fic. Waaahhhhh. Reading through Wide Awake at work. Um, maybe not a good option.

        • I am so excited that I finally read Wide Awake and get the unicorn reference!! I’m one of the gang now…right? can I be one of the cool ones?

      • I have all kinds of conversations with my guy friends. The only one that gave me this level of shame was explaining to a guy that Edward wanted to stay a virgin so he wouldn’t go to Hell. THAT was awkward. Maybe it’s because I’m not a church-goer that I’m not understanding the embarrassment level. I kept picturing you as Bella when she and Charlie were having the condom discussion.

        Being able to talk about Twilight wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me at all. I’d rather someone I didn’t have to hide it from, really.

      • Can there be a Team Foon anyway…? Even if it’s just Friendly Foon…?

  6. The leg hitch is important because:

    It’s the first time in the series we have proof that Edward is not dead (well, technically he is) from the waist down.

    • You just provided me with a vivid mental image of Edward and his…*ahem* not dead part from waist -down….

    • And if his whole body feels *ahem* rock hard all the time (like marble.. we get it Stephenie) how can you tell when his waist down is anything but down?

      • Don’t think I haven’t pondered that question a few (million) times. So (pardon me for being graphic), does it get limp? How can it if he’s always rock hard?

        These are the things I think the film should answer. The only way to be sure is to have Rob do a nude scene, for scientific purposes, of course.

        • We need a twilosophy session for this. And really, if Stephenie can describe vampire semen on her website, then she should also describe vampire genitalia. It’s only fair.

    • ahahaha this gave me a mental image of edward in a wheelchair and them getting it on.

  7. I haven’t finished reading the post yet but I’ll tell you why its SO FREAKING important (to me anyway);

    I think it is the most detailed information SM gives us, and the closest thing to “full penetration” we get. Even on the island. Its all fade to black on the island. It’s the most satisfied we get through the whole series.

    (sorry Cyn, the phrase was just too good to not use today too)

  8. The leghitch is important because it is the best part of all 4 (5) books. I might like it even more when he rolls over and is on top of her like a cage.

    My heart is racing just thinking about it….

    Is this the same chapter when when Edward asks Bella to please stop trying to undress herself? Because that may be leghitch competition in my book.

    • Nope, that was the proposal chapter. The one titled ‘Compromise’, I think. The best thing about Eclipse is that E and B have some fun times on that gold bedspread twice!

      • Gold Bedspread for real??? I have a Gold bespread…OMELE…and have had for several years..I feel so special to share this with Edward…oh yeah and that girl he hangs with….actually I have always hated the thing (UNTIL NOW) but bought it b/c it went with the very old house decor…Now I am taking it off the bed keeping/treasuring/adoring/hanging it on the wall under glass Nah I wanna sleep in my bed now for a whole different reason other than I am sick to death of having to sleep on the couch….oh and maybe cuz the hubs is in there too…no for the bedspread! 🙂

        • No way Midnight_Cyn, you haven’t noticed the gold bedspread until now? Don’t you remember Bella comparing it with Edward’s golden topaz eyes in Eclipse?
          Make sure you snuggle with your Blanket Eddie (you have one, don’t you?) ON that bedspread..;)

          • @Rob’s slow mo: I haven’t read anything but Twilight…as far as remembering…well that still is a function of my brain that doesn’t work….

          • Why did I get a thumsdown??? What did I say wrong THIS time???

          • You didn’t say anything wrong. Don’t worry about it. I get thumbs downed all the time.

          • @JodieO..thanks..I just wish ppl would be courteous enough to say WHY when they give you a thumbsdown!
            Guess I am just being oversensitive today..lots on my mind… but thank you xo

          • @MidCyn, don’t worry, you’ll remember reading the books when you do 🙂 Plenty-o-Edward helps to store ’em deep inside (twss)

          • Cyn – I can’t wait for you to read the rest of the series and see if you turn to ‘the dark side’, actually that should be ‘the Black side’.

          • Hey now! Back off sj, Cyn and I are Edward lovers together forever.

            She would never go to the dark side. It would be the blackest form of blasphemy.

        • Aw, I also get thumbs down all the time. That’s one of the lows for speaking your mind on the internet…

  9. For me the leghitch is the catalisator for reading fanfiction like The office, MOTU,the dominant, kidnapped etc. So yes #leghitch 2010!

  10. The leg hitch IS Eclipse.

    I suffered thru Twilight & New Moon and their Disney-like kissing. When I got to the part when she wakes up in bed with Edward and then the infamous leg hitch, my HEART (and other *ahem* parts) HITCHED!

  11. The leg-hitch is kinda hot, but I always thought the part at the end where Bella gives in and says Alice can do the wedding, they’ll do it in Forks etc. and Edward basically rolls over and wants to give her whatever she wants because she is being a martyr again. Atleast… that what I thought happens…. haven’t read the book in a year or so.

    • Me too! I love that part. I’d love to see THAT in the film.

    • This! And doesn’t he say something like, “I want you right now.”? I was like, “Oh please oh please oh please take him up on it!” But no, foiled and frustrated again because as Moon put it, Bella opens her dumb fat mouth. Do him you fool! Meh, S’Myer the blocker queen.

  12. The leg hitch, for me, was so great because for a split second Edward let the man in him take over and forgot to be so freaking controlled about his every action. He spends so much time obsessing over his being a vampire that it’s nice to be reminded that he’s also a man that has needs—that he would LOVE to take care of.

    I’m lousy at explaining myself but in the end I will just say that crotches were touching—and it made me happy.

  13. It’s not a leg hitch – after yesterday it’s the “mother effin leg hitch” and I shan’t call it anything else ever again !!!!

  14. That scene is incredibly sensual – darkness, touching, kissing, forgetting your anger. Edward crossing a line, breaking his rules of contact and hitching Bella’s leg around his hip, then pulling her on top of him – good illustration of the benefits of the bed is an understatement. Will be disappointed if this scene is not in movie, and if it is I hope they don’t mess it up like they did the meadow scene (or lack there of) in Twilight – that was a total letdown for me.

  15. To be honest, I didn’t really notice the leg hitch when I first read the books. It wasn’t until I read a bunch of chicks moaning about it online that I realized it even existed.

    It’s just… meh for me. Because, ya know, I haven’t stopped at a damned leg hitch in… 6 years.

    And READING SMeyer do a sex scene is something I NEVER want to do. Y’all mourn the fade to black. I rejoice it. Can you imagine?

    “He stroked his throbbing member. She grew moist at the sight.”

    SERIOUSLY. It pained me to make that up. Eww. I read A LOT of fanfic but… eww. No. Also, gross.

    • the guidance counsler in “10 Things I Hate About You”, anyone? …anyone? “his quivering member”… ha-ha-ha!

      • LOL! That’s exactly what came to my mind.

        Guidance counselor: “swollen, turgid…”
        Kat: “tumescent?”
        Guidance counselor: “perfect!”

        lol – I loved that movie

        • Aww.. I LOVE that movie.

          I wish I could watch it again. But as I cried the ENTIRE team that I watched The Dark Knight, I probably won’t.

          • I know I had a thing for Heath that started with that movie… 😦

          • I love that movie so hard I might have to pull out the VHS tonight. I almost broke down crying in Target when I saw the DVD cover. Couldn’t bring myself to buy it though.

          • Have you seen A Night’s Tale? Vintage, classic Heath.

          • @Kiesha- 10 Things on dvd now? I might have to pick that up sometime since I’m still rock’n the vhs of 10 Things. 🙂

            @apotampkin- I own Knight’s Tale. I heart that movie too. 🙂

    • This made me laugh. But PLEASE put down the FF. 😉

  16. Oh My God there is so much win in this post that I cannot even quote all the fantabulous (yes that’s a word) lines! I can’t believe Moon that you actually had to explain to your friend the importance of this leg hitch. I mean it’s THE leg hitch people! That scene which was steamier than Bella and Edward’s actual honeymoon scene….
    “Besides some kissing and hugging the ultimate self cock blocker, Edward keeps it pretty G rated for the kids. ”

    To be honest, I too had my doubts as to whether Edward wanted her beyond the freesia smell of hers. But of course as soon as he curves his hand along her ribs, down her thigh and below her knee (gulp), I felt my breath hitch. When I first read that part, I overlooked it. Mind you this was way before I started reading fanfic so it didn’t occur to me that this action was actually causing them to, to quote Moon, “touch… down… there”

    After I started reading LTT a year ago and you guys mentioned the leg-hitch from Eclipse, I went back to my book and then it occurred to me that Edward, in spite of his ‘priest-like lifestyle’ *snicker* had finally lost some control in that scene. And Bella had to go and ruin that moment…

    • Bella ruins everything, RSMS, didn’t you know that?!?

      • Bella’s an idiot. If she’d just stopped talking and let out a few moans, Edward wouldn’t have been able to control himself.

        I don’t care how “innocent” she was. Read a few books or go online. If she could research vampires online, she could research “How to get your boyfriend to go to 3rd base.”

        • seriously WHY ARE YOU TALKING BELLA?! SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE… or maybe it’s shut your COBBLER hole and go with it. gosh.

        • Yeah! And with all that wrought iron the bed breaking wouldn’t have been as easy or as big of a deal.

  17. The emmer effing leg hitch is important because it’s the first time we really see Edward let his “animalistic” side break through, which makes him all the more human – plus it’s just hella-hawt!

  18. THANK YOU MOON & “THE FONT”…I keep having to ask about this Leg Hitch…now I have a permanent page to come back to for the full low-down on the Leg Hitch!! U even gave me the page number for reference..course I don’t have the book yet..but I will and when I do, I will be fully prepared…its like Twilight in the bedroom..I mean classroom….(somewhat rattled, literally, this am from trying to sleep all night with plastic bag on my head) anyway I heart you and I am sure EVERYONE here thanks you for saving them the trouble of once again explaining it to me!! xoxo
    ***Now making Post-It***Marking calendar***Leg Hitch 101 on April 21st***
    Good Morning Ladies! ❤

  19. BTW that pic of Rob trying to grope Kristen, don’t y’all think that was ALL his doing and not part of the real script? just saying…

    • I’m not so sure. There’s not much to grope.

      • Meanie!

      • Yeah meanie! 🙂 Not everyone was blessed with a C or bigger.

        You know I always felt doubly jipped about that. I’m a natural blonde, I thought we all were supposed to busty. lol

      • Aww.. Can you blame me? If there is one thing I have over Bella/Kristen, it is a C cup. Let a sister revel in it.

        • Being remarkably large in the chestular region I think I’m a bit *sensitive* (twss) to comments made about any teasing of people at either end of the spectrum of lady bumps. Revel if you must, but no gloating!

    • yeah looks like a boob grab is coming her way!

  20. Yes. It’s hot. Period. What makes it even hotter is that it comes out of nowhere from Edward the-control-freak Cullen.
    It is basically the beginning of a dry hump routine, nothing special there. But women all over the world get horny along with Bella throughout the books and this is like a jackpot. Isn’t that sad? And the saddest thing is it turns out, it’s the most explicit scene of the whole saga.

  21. The leg hitch did stand out for me in Eclipse, for all the reasons you’ve mentioned above. However, as I’ve said before, it’s not that important to me that it makes it into the movie. Bella and Edward’s kisses have already been more than chaste pecks, and since the movies focus more on the action (no, not THAT kind of action), we don’t get a lot of the build up and tension of Bella and Edward’s relationship. We’ve missed out on lines like:

    “I may not be human, but I am a man.” AND “Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body?”

    We didn’t even get Bella’s epiphany that Edward really loves her. So, I’m not getting my hopes up for any sort of relationship development in Eclipse, physical or otherwise. If I did that, well, in the words of Edward, “I hope you enjoy disappointment.”

    • Damn, you’re so right. It’s so sad those lines didn’t make it.

    • I mourn the loss of the line, “I may not be human, but I am a man.” One of the best lines in book Twilight. Damn you Melissa Rosenburg!

    • When she says, “You really love me” and he says “Truly I do”…THAT is my favorite line of the whole book series.

      Sadly, not in the NM movie.

      Le sigh.

      • YES! I was waiting for this… That was Bella’s major epiphany when Edward came back. What a shame that they left that out.

        Dear Rosenberg,

        Stop leaving important shit out.

        Love (but not really),

        • DITTO! That’s probably my favorite line of the whole series, too!

          I’m also still upset that they didn’t put in “Amazing. Carlisle was right” during the Volterra scene… I have a Twilosophy letter cooking about that one…

          • YES! At the premiere my sister shushed me during that part because I couldn’t believe they left it out.

    • You’re so right, TM. It’s a pity that amidst all the action and loss and such, they seem to have forgotten that te whole saga is supposed to revolve around Bella and Edward’s relationship.

    • Um, preach it, Tuesday. The entire Mind Over Matter chapter in Twi would have been nice to see in the movie. Edward smelling her neck like a caveman – “Does it seem that way to you?” Awesome. And a HUGE let down to not see on screen.

      The leg hitch will feel anti-climactic in Eclipse because he basically MOUNTS her in Twilight. (not that I am complaining) but she is HALF NAKED in her room at night, and he gets on top of her – what is different or special about her being in plaid and skinny jeans while he hitches her leg up? (Other than the obvious hobo-ness-art-as-real-life-for-the-Robstens part of that).

      As much as I want it to be epic, it will be MEH.

  22. Yeah well I’m going all “reverse psychology” on David Slade’s ass. I don’t want the freaking leg hitch anyway, yeah you heard me DSlade. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch a leghitch over and over and over and over again. Like, seriously. I totally would NOT stay home all day with my dvd pausing and rewinding it, then fantasising about it on the train.

    (Is it working? Is there a leghitch yet???)

  23. Moon, you explained it perfectly. Especially when you mentioned the Golden Girls.

    Is it weird that forever after I read about the leg hitch I made sure to try it during make out sessions with the bf? Only he would NEVER put his hand under my knee and make it happen? gawwwwwd. Personal leg hitch fail! tmi?

    • Hahahaha! I almost posted a “TMI” this morning. I’m glad you did. I never “leg-hitch” Mr. Old, but after reading Eclipse I did. It’s actually pretty hot 🙂

      • smeyers NACHO must be well versed in the leg hitch since Smeyer knows it and its effect on women so well

        (yea i just said that)

  24. I know why the leg hitch is so important to me- after WAAAAYY too effin’ long of Edward being all chaste and supressing his lust, EDWARD finally slips and lets go a little and gives us/Bella a little taste of his good stuff (just the tip- oh god I wish!). He shows the human weakness in his supernatural strength of will, and there ain’t nothin’ sexier than that!

    Oh, and Moon? LOVE the Freudian slip- “a very important conversation between Edward in Bella” Bwahahahaha I wish Edward was IN Bella, I mean me!!

  25. The “leg hitch” is important to me because frankly, that’s ALL we get. Nothing more. No deets, no descriptions, no play-by-play. I must rely on Bill and Sookie for the deets. I know go ahead and give me a “thumbs” down. I want details and yes I want the smut. After re-reading Eclipse, I felt very frustrated and jaded. Damn, I invested in all these books and SM could’ve given me something besides, “fades to black.” I got more deets from my more “experienced” girlfriends in Jr. High. Maybe Summit is re-shooting the make-out scene and extending it like, 30 minutes. But then I will just see Rob and Kristen making out. . .(sad face).

    • “rely on Bill and Sookie for deets” Haha!

      Have you read the Southern Vampire books? There is some HOT action between Sookie and Eric.

      • Now why is it that the thought of reading some hot fanfic action about Eric is all kind of yes, yes, YES! And yet I can’t abide reading any Twilight fanfic!! What is THAT about??! I think it might have something to do with thinking of Eric as nothing but a man mounting of sex in a black tank…

      • No FF reading necessary, for ever and always, even about HotEric!

        Let us all take a minute today to praise Book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series. Shower scene, yummm.

      • I have read books 1-3. I am trying not to get ahead of the actual True Blood series (stupid, I know – I feel I need to space out the enjoyment). With that little sneak peek into book 4, I don’t think I will be able to wait. I am actually more excited about TB season 2 coming out on DVD, then Eclipse. I feel so JADED ;o(

        • I think the t.v. series deviates enough from the books that you should be okay to go ahead and read them

          Don’t deny yourself book 4. There is some HOT Eric action in there. It puts the leg hitch to shame.

    • Ahem, please don’t forget about Sookie and HotEric!

  26. As I said on twitter yesterday: they were chaste, then he hitched her leg and his junk was close to her junk. ‘nough said.

  27. Leg hitch is important because they finally got to the dry humping stage and she started to take his clothes off, then hers and then……SM got all conservative and I about threw my book across the room!

    I, however, would like to see more ravishing tongue kisses vs just a leg hitch. Am I gonna get smacked for that? Don’t get me wrong, I want the leg hitch, it’s just other things on screen in a pash session are more important to me. If he hitches the leg, YAY!!! If he doesn’t, then they’re better be lots of makey outey time to make up for it!

    • I agree with you, Jena. Leg hitch is important, but if there’s one thing NM taught us, passionate kisses are just as important. NM had no passion, the kisses fell flat. Nothing came close to bedroom kiss in Twilight.
      Eclipse better ramp up the passion!

      • What about the post-birthday kiss in New Moon? The one where Rob groaned? That groan which some fans (*ahem* I swear I wasn’t one of them) wanted to set as their ringtone?

        • I think he was trying to stop himself from drinking her blood, not having an internal battle to not rip off her clothes in her driveway.

  28. I think I just realized why I’m Team Jacob from the moment I first read New Moon. I couldn’t explain it before, but I can now: it’s the promise of real, hot, passionate sex. There would be no need for Fan Fiction if Bella chose Jacob after Edward left. Leghitch just isn’t enough!

    • Not if SM wrote it. I have a feeling Jacob would be just as chaste and you’d get just as many fade to blacks.

      • She’d have him inherit the same medical condition that made Billy Black end up in his wheelchair. It’ll kick in the moment they’re about to do it in the rabbit. But of course Bella’ll get pregnant nevertheless by some bizar werewolf thingy. I can’t make this stuff up.

    • For this, and so many other reasons, I wholeheartedly remain on that same team!

  29. I haven’t read any of the earlier comments yet, so I might be repeating something that has already been said. Forgive me, please.

    First, Moon, you “nailed it” completely with your explanation of the “leg hitch” scene, so I won’t touch that. But….

    For me, the part where Edward licks her lips with his tongue, is so much hotter than just pulling her leg up. David S. needs to get the WHOLE scene right. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Eclipse is my favorite in the series because of the large amounts of UST and the vampire fights at the end.

    God, I feel so much better now. Thanks.

  30. Okay. Yeah. So the leg hitch could be pretty hot, unless they manage to hide it behind Edward’s shoulder. *eyeroll*

    But. BUT. I am not prepared for the legions of rabid Robsteners to use this scene to fill in the blanks of all their Isle of Wight and Budapest daydreams. Yes, I am pro Rob & Kristen. Yes, I think they make a great couple. Yes, I am sure yet fearful this relationship will implode at the most inopportune moment (read: right before Breaking Dawn promotion). No, I will not read your real-people fanfics about how they practiced the leg hitch so much before filming that David Slade had to do reshoots so it looked less like a porno.

    You say crabby. I say proactive. Winky face.

    • That is also my fear. Oh who am I kidding, I totes do not fear their relationship imploding. Just sayin.

  31. The leg hitch is the first release of all the sexual tension of the first 2 and a half books!

    It’s junk against junk (albeit be-clothed)

    It’s HOT.

    Font, Imma spell it out for ya, Women. Like. Foreplay.

    Now you know.

  32. Quote: Secondly, this make out is the catalyst for a very important conversation between Edward in Bella.

    You totes wrote Edward IN Bella – my girly bits just exploded at that thought.

    Moon, I ❤ you for referencing the exact page. Ever since the leg hitch campaign started I've wanted to read it again in the book but for some reason I just couldn't find it – reading fail!

  33. Moon,

    I will never look at a librarian or a AZ snowbird the same way again! The leg hitch transcends age, race, occupation, and just about anything else!

    Do you think that David Slade even understands what we are talking about? He is pretty short and it may be hard to get his little arms up around someone’s leg to hitch it up. I would be willing to fly up to the couve and demonstate with Rob.

    *Mr. Slade, if you are reading this, let me know. I am always around if you need some help.

    • *He is pretty short and it may be hard to get his little arms up around someone’s leg to hitch it up*

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  34. The leg hitch is important because we have been waiting for this moment of VILFY GOODNESS for freaking ever! The entire series is a poster child for some True Love Waits campaign, let’s be honest. I love the Divine Miss M, but the fade to black shit really leaves a girl needing a bit more.

    I love the leg hitch for the following reasons:

    1. Our boy Edward comes back from hunting like he’s just been at a strip club and needs some relief and is done with the lookie/ no touchie nonsense. I love that! He’s feeling all primal and shit, I get that.

    2. At 17 a guy is so busy trying to get with it that he can get a girl pregnant through a snowsuit. This is the only look we get at Edward being a 17 year old guy. (other than the scene in the book, post proposal, when he’s ready to do the deed in the meadow ~insert shaky knees and clothes falling off HERE~) Edwards walks around the rest of the series being 109. By the bed scene I needed him to bring the hotness and lack of control that I got in the first kiss scene in Twilight. I’m just sayin…

    3. I want Rob naked.

  35. When I read the leg hitch section, I literally screamed, dropped my book and started texting the friend who had introduced me to the saga “are the gonna do it??? I cant handle the sexual tension!!” I was practically hyperventilating. I think that part of the appeal to the hitch is that its sooooo taboo in SM’s little world. Not only is Edward totally eunich-ish, but there is no talk of premarital sex at all before this. When they have sex at Isle Esme there is no fever pitch b/c duh, they are married, of course they are going to do it. But the thought of them bumpin uglies in his parents house where anyone could possibly hear (and probably did), is sooooo junior high, making out in your backyard where your parents cant see…. deliciously naughty and risky…. *sigh* The only part of Isle Esme that compares is when she wakes from that dream and then they go at it, that part is pretty hot too…. but its no mother-effin leg hitch!

  36. Hey Font. It’s cool, leg hithces are not part of the male sexual repertoire. It’s only alive in girl-fantasy-forplay land.
    My hubs gave me a , “WTF is a leg hitch” when I , um, requested it.

    • ahahhaha. did you seriously request a leg hitch from the hubs??

    • I’ve tried to do that without actually asking for a leg hitch specifically (showed him with the hope he’d catch on and do it himself). I knew I’d get too many questions that I didn’t want to answer if I specifically asked for “leg hitch”. 😉 lol

      • haha same here..I just kind of…tried it…I’d think I’d get the same response as SWD if I asked…”what on earth is a leg hitch?!” ..and then we’d have to have the same conversation that Moon and The Font had.

        • See with me, admitting it had anything to do with twilight in any way shape or form would GUARANTEE me to never get it for all eternity. I have to be sly about this kind of stuff with the hubs since he’s so anti-twi. 🙂 lol

    • Hm, I think you’re right. Though leg hitches and latin ballroom dancing go together…a quick viewing of the rumba should provide an example or two. (yes, I’m a dancing with the stars fan)

      • OH i didn’t even think of that! I’m a DWTS fan too…and also a ballroom dancer myself…viewing the rumba would be a good example

  37. I wish women had been this excited about dry sex when I was 14.

  38. You all wait for the leg hitch and the gold brocade – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the “Back-bow”…where Jacob grabs Bella’s waist and her back arches like a bow toward him when they have their hot kiss in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s right – BACK-BOW 2010, people!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. This is purrrfect. I just had to explain this crap to BFF the other day and I don’t think, I had the deets quite as well as you. See, I have to send the BFF Google Calendar Reminders for when I go out of town, for when Brookielockart comes to visit, when her daughter’s recital is and lots of other what not, cause she can’t remember shit. I think it has to deal with her brain surgery or some other lame excuse. Anyhow, one Google Calendar remidner I recent sent to her was for, “LegHitch 2010” and she was like “WTF?”

    BFF has met some of he girls and even “the famous” Ms UC, so she well understands our bonded rediculousness over books about teenage vampires. However, I think this LegHitch thing proved difficult for her to grasp. Thankfully I can attach this link to the Goole Calendar Reminder and she can check back, when ever confused.

    Next, she’ll ask me who the hell is the Font?

  40. Thanks for citing the direct line from the book, Moon! I remember when I read it the first time (and only time so far, for shame!), I imagined, well, two things:

    1) The covers to have hints of purple sewn into their shimmering gold as well as this awful gawdy bed frame

    2) Her leg literally wrapping around his waist, not just the slight lift up demonstrated in the fan art in today’s post. It was a “let’s go all the way” wrap around that shouted, “We’ve got the parts, let’s do it!”.

    I was so engrossed with my internal debate of whether they were going to do it on this hideous looking bed, or if Edward would want to wait. I thought, “This is it, who can say no when the parts are touching through their clothes?!”


    Ok, now I’m going to go finish reading the post. (I pulled a MidCyn today! hehe *hugs and a scowling giggle at the parrot*)

  41. Hm, just had a random thought that I always wondered about. Hopefully you guys can help. In Twilight when they are in biology watching a movie, as soon as the lights go off there’s this electricity between them, literally. Same deal in the car ride home from Port Angeles. I’ve always wondered what the hell it was, and I always thought she’d explore it further. But SM never did. Then later when they’re having touching (on the clavicle in the meadow), no electricity. Perhaps this effect is tied to darkness? If so, should it not exists on Isle Esme? Please help!

    • I have pondered this question, TS. Is just a metaphor for sexual attraction? Or is it an actual tingly feeling? Is it like two magnets that can’t help being pulled towards each other, but once they touch, the effect stops? If so, is Stephenie giving us another Purity Vow lesson, that it’s better to NOT touch than to touch? Oh, Stephenie, are you there just to tease us?

      • Oh no, your response is like an episode of Lost! In answering one question and you’ve asked 5 more!

        I fear Stephenie is like the ashtray bowl in Remember Me. What a tease.

  42. I just noticed the claw in that picture. teehee

  43. I hope we get the leg hitch for all the reasons listed above.

    I just can’t wait to actually see and HEAR it… hear Rob’s ‘frustrated’ moans and growls. Grrrrrrrrr

    Oh And good news, Stew! — Its actually a scene where heavy breathing is not only okay but encouraged!
    … you Stew! *wink

    And for the love of Yorkie! –I pray that Edward’s attempt at seducing Bella in the meadow makes it in too! I love how Bella notices him as being less guarded and overtly passionate. Its still a good scene no matter how futile of an attempt… ’cause we all know that of a sudden, buzz kill Bella has a change of heart and a prude epiphany. Damn you Bella *raises fist* make up your damn mind!

  44. PS was anyone else momentarily distracted in the leg hitch portion of the book because they too could not stop thinking about how disgusting a wrought iron bedpost with disgusting iron flowers all over it would look? It was almost as distracting and barftastic as in Twilight when Bella discovers she and Edward are wearing matching sleeveless button down beige shirts.

    • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

    • Yes!! Ha ha DJ. I totally loose the moment due to decor and wardrobe FAIL.

    • Believe me, because I do this for a living, I have a whole mental picture of the decor and furniture as described in the books. I’m OK with Charlie’s house having WalMart furnishings, cheap purple comforter, etc., but I’m sorry, Alice and Esme have only high-end tastes, so I’ve replaced the descriptions of the gold brocade and the tacky wrought iron in my head with very expensive European versions of these things. They do exist, although probably not what Stephenie was envisioning.

  45. The meadow scene is Eclipse is almost as hot — “I love you. I want you. Now.” Um, yes, please – I’ll take a couple of those, Edward, kthx.

    Everyone keeps saying that leghitch is the closest we get to sex in all the books, but correct me if I am wrong, don’t they have floor sex in the cottage in BD? I mean, I only read that travesty once so I may be getting something wrong here, but doesn’t she say something about never getting tired and never stopping or something like that?

    Maybe there are no parts touching in that scene. My eyes will bleed if I have to open up BD again, so someone please to be refreshing my memory and save my eyes.

    • Yes allryans, I think you’re right ’bout the cottage/floor s-e-x. But SM doesn’t offer any details… what a surprise :/

  46. Gawd, we are so freakin’ pervy.

  47. Font! You have to realise that the Mother Effing Leg Hitch is to Eclipse what Princess Leia (sp?) in that bikini thing & chain is to whichever Star Wars movie it is. Empire Strikes back? I feel guilty because I jsut watched them again, & love them, & can’t remember.

    P.S. If you ever need to discuss your ‘feelings’ for Moon please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m a Church Youth Worker & can do that stuff WITHOUT laughing.

    • It’s Return of the Jedi. Empire ends w/ the Luke rescue and the Hans carbon freeze, and Return of the Jedi begins with the attempted Tattooine rescue that results in their captures and the creepy sink hole full of teeth.

      P.S. loved your p.s.

    • Oh. My. Gosh. Now I KNOW we are soulmates! You: Church Youth Worker. Me: Preacher’s Kid. soul mates.

      Unless you were kidding…But we are soul mates for other reasons so I won’t let that negatively influence our bond.

    Probably unnecessary, but I know how touchy you people can be!

    Who else noticed all the leg-hitching going on last night? I had a rather fan-girly moment because they were singing and leg-hitching and it was all kinds of awesome. Poor Finn, though…

  49. Holy Mother, I think I wet myself just thinking about that!

  50. this is a day that will stay in my life for ever.. I am going to write it on my calendar “they day I finnally understanded WTH a leg hitch is.”
    thank you for the post! I really needed to learn what were you talking about

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