Kristen and Dakota on Leno? This is war!

Someone is NOT with Coco!

Dear Dakota and Kristen,

I heard the news that you will be on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show to promote your movie, The Runaways. And I gotta say I’m a bit hurt. I mean JAY LENO?! This is a traitorous move to the legions of Team Coco fans around the world who love the red-coiffed one and feel he was unjustly forced to leave the Tonight Show by the evil doers at NBC because of what a crap fest the Jay Leno Show was.

Don’t be surprised when Jay whips out some zingers like “This movie has BITE,” or “Watch out Dakota and Kristen will RUN AWAY with your hearts on this one folks,” or I’m hoping against hope he makes your girls participate in “Jay Walking All Stars.” That will teach you girls to turn your back on Conando.


How can you do it girls?! And especially you Kristen! You touched Conan’s HAIR when you were on his show promoting New Moon! You’ve touch God, essentially and then to sully yourself by going over to sit on Leno’s couch is unthinkable. Such treason is not looked upon lightly by the Team Coco nation. “We’re with Coco” after all and if you’re not with us, you’re against us.
I’m off to wonder why Conan didn’t chose to follow me on his hilarious Twitter. Such is life.

PS Now let’s get to what we’re here for… screaming over the TEN SECOND (wtf?) TEASER TRAILER (another WTF?!) for Eclipse which I’m sure we’ll post here once it goes up.

How much of a Conan O’Brien nerd am I? Also please don’t make me link to the “How to tell if this is sarcasm” link. Seriously!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

UPDATE: THIS bad boy was just sent to us…

129 Responses

  1. Fail! We posted 2.5 hours late. I bet someone had a heart attack…….

    • THAT WOULD BE ME..the ambulance just left…sending you the bill….insurance doesn’t cover panic attacks…. 🙂

    • Weeeeeellll… maybe not a heart attack, but I did have an “I dragged my ass out of bed at 8AM for nothing?!” It only got worse when LTR went down. It’s been a rough morning.

      But I still ❤ you both.

    • I just had a heart attack when I saw the 10 second teaser. My inner 13 year old is freaking out. Too bad the outer 25 year old is sitting at my desk buried in a pile of s#*t at work…I’d much rather be twittering about this right now! Or frolicking in a meadow with Edward. whatever.

      Please fight for me Jacob…pretty please…

      • Okay, after having calmed down a bit, I feel like Summit sooo has me in their pocket. I’ve already watched a (bolditalicsforemphasis) 10 second teaser to a teaser trailer like, 100 times.


        • I think all of our inner teenagers came out with this teaser…. Its like an involuntary reaction. You can’t help it.
          And I think I’ve repayed it just as many times…. I’m not sure why because nothing changes, but I can’t help myself…. I’m going to go watch it again….

        • Fight for me sweet cheeks….sob…

          • They seriously made Jacob way too loveable in these movies. damn you, adorable/hot Taylor. And damn you, grandfathery depressed Robward for not coming off (twss) hotter.

        • I’m pretty excited that even though the teaser was only ten seconds long it already includes a clip of Taycob shirtless! Yes!

    • A few of us got a little anxious for a bit there.
      The situation was remedied when the teaser trailer was released though 🙂

  2. I was worried my computer was broken, with no LTT update!!

    I am boycotting Leno, so will have to wait until the girls show up on one of the Jimmy’s show….

  3. Wait, you’re being sarcastic? Because I’m totally not being remotely sarcastic when I say WTF KRISTEN & DAKOTA HOW DARE YOU! I can sort of excuse Dakota since she’s practically grown up on Leno’s couch. But Kristen?! In the wise words of GOB Bluth, COME ON!

    Maybe it’s a security thing… After all, if she totally bombs, they can just put a laugh track over the awkwardness like they did for Sarah Palin.

  4. I made THE most unattractive noise when I first saw the 10 second teaser trailer..

  5. Thank the good Lord you are up and running again! 2.5 hours late and I still am not the first commenter! You LTT ladies are diehards, I love it!

  6. […] […]

  7. Kristen is such a sellout. What about her rage against the machine principles??

    I’m so disheartened.


  8. If anyone was wondering (I know you’re not) my Eclipse Purity Pledge last 0.0000000001 second. What can I say? I’m a slut!

    • Same here, I watched every single thing that got leaked from New Moon so I wanted to be good this time round. But there’s only 4 months to go and all we have is 10 seconds and a dozen pictures! The suspense is killing me.

    • In my humble opinion, studio-issued trailers don’t count. I was the original #TwiPrude for New Moon, so surely I know what I’m talking about…?

      I’ll watch trailers – or in today’s case, teaser trailers (seriously, wtf? Summit clearly gets off on being a bunch of boxteases. Basically if Edward was a company, he’d be Summit.), but no other leaked footage. You can do it. Stay strong.

      • Agreed. That’s what I have decided, no unsolicited clips, just the official bizniz from Summer themselves.
        “…if Edward was a company, he’d be Summit” < BAHAHAH!

      • I know Shleeeigh remarked on your amazing comment “If Edward was a company, he’d be Summit”, but it was so perfect, so I want to remark on that again.

        I agree with studio release trailers being fair game.

    • I don’t think any less of you… I mean, what can I say? I didn’t even make a purity pledge that’s how loose I am. 😉

  9. Yeah, what’s with the 2.5 hours late, ladies??? I checked this morning and YESTERDAY’S post was waiting for me. What do I pay you people for??? I was so mad I punched a baby! And then I realized I had actually punched David Slade. I will wait until after I see more than 10 seconds to decide if I feel bad about that or not.

    p.s. – Viva la Team COCO!

  10. Team CoCo all the way! 🙂

    And regarding the teaser trailer… one word: KHORTS.

  11. You are so spot on with the lame Leno Zingers, Moon!
    By the way, who in the world that watches Jay Leno is at all interested in seeing the Runaways? I am too young to watch Leno, and I’m OLD!

    Team COCO!

  12. Goodness.

    It’s so obvious that Kristen and Dakota will both go to hell. They will be forced to sit in Coco’s backyard with the squirrel watching it eat nuts and never sharing with them for the rest of eternity.

    Such a travesty.

    Perhaps Kellan will start a prayer chain on facebook for them? We can only hope…

  13. Jay Leno hasn’t been funny since the O.J. Simpson trial. That is all.

  14. The wig…oh dear Lord the wig. It hurts to see it.

  15. I can’t believe what I’ve been reduced to – face pressed against the computer at my office hoping no one sees me fangirling to 10 seconds…that’s right 10 seconds…of Eclipse.

    And I’m Team COCO too. But let’s be honest. If Jay Leno was the only show where we could see the 10 seconds from Eclipse, we’d ALL be watching.

    • I hear ya. After I hit “send”, I regretted emailing that clip to my semi twi-fan friends (all in their 30’s). I momentarily forgot that I am the only one who fangirls over this stuff. Their replies are going to be brutal, and will probably include a Hot Topic coupon.

      • Is it normal that I just read your comment and my first thought was “ooo, hot topic!”? j/k I don’t shop there. I buy all my twi-merchandise on amazon. They send me my purchases in brown boxes through the mail so no one is the wiser.

        • Yes, me too. Online is the best route (unless my husband gets home and opens the mail first, ugh). Seriously, I feel more comfortable perusing “adult” items than in Hot Topic in search of a pocket Edward.

        • That’s smart. I did go to Hot Topic twice. It was frightening and so first hand embarrassing along with second hand embarrassing. Though I did help someone choose btwn two Team Jacob shirts for their friend. And felt good about it. Oh god. Face Paw.

          • SnowWhite and TeamSeth – For some reason I can’t get the thumbs to work for me today. So “thumbs up” to you both!

    • @Ang..Blasphemy!!!

      • @MidCyn – C’mon, admit it. If EDWARD were on Leno, YOU WOULD WATCH! 🙂

        • I’ll have to think about that for a bit….still would probably choose Edward video’s over Leno..Coco loyalty yeah know!

      • Oh shoot. I just messed up and commented with the wrong e-mail address. So, that’s me with the funny looking avatar that will soon be here after I’m approved. oops.

    • From 7 seconds onwards, KehStuuh’s hair looks rather lanky-lank.

  16. First off, I’m holding on tight to my Eclipse purity until Friday when I go see Remember Me. Okay, maybe I had a slight fallback when I played Just the Tip and looked at those stills a few weeks ago. But that’s IT! I need Edward’s face on the big screen for the first time (twss).

    And B) I am a HUGE Team Coco fan. I hate Jay with every fiber of my being (yes, dramatic) and hope his show fails miserably. I do wonder though, how much control do Kristen and Dakota have over where they make appearances? I don’t know how all that works, but I just wonder if they really have much say in where they go. Oooh I also just had another thought – who wants to bet Jay or his minions or whoever were quick to book Kristen and Dakota knowing they’d get all that Twi-viewership? They definitely aren’t stupid!

    Team Coco FTW!

  17. I am pretty appalled by this appearance on Leno and don’t think I will be watching. Team CoCo 4 LIFE!

    Actually, if I am being honest, I am having mixed feelings about The Runaways. I’m sure it’s a great flick; it’s definitely great subject matter. BUT we can also thank The Runaways for the shiteous wig shown in all its gagariffic glory in the 10-second teaser (damn you Summit!) released today. If Summit’s wig department was so fail that they couldn’t even run a flatiron through that thing, can’t it be helped a bit with CGI?

  18. that teaser trailer… just the tip

  19. I’m currently trying not to Squee my pants. I totally can’t get away with watching the teaser at work and I’m dying here!
    Looks like I now have plans for lunch.

    • It’s not that exciting. I promise. It’s a teaser for a teaser for a trailer, which really just makes me want to punch Summit in the neck.

      You’ll be ok until you get home! =)

  20. All I could think when it was done, was:
    “It’s over already? That was way to quick.” (twss)

    Now that’s out of the way, next time will last longer…. lol

    ahem Sorry, pulls mind out of gutter. I’m excited for tomorrow’s trailer! I’ll probably watch that over and over and over too….

  21. You may have noticed a panicked post by me on LTR asking where you were Moon…what can I say? You have RUINED me. I care, darn you.

    And why can’t I thumbs up anyone? I feel disempowered & many things today’s woman is not meant to feel.

    Off to watch that trailer again…

  22. Hey DJ! Here it is…

    Also Tworts, for Serious Business.

    KISS ME JACOB! (sorry, couldn’t resist) (will have to do with smooching a Sock Puppet) (again)

    Looking forward to shennanigans…

  23. I find it interesting (read: SMART) that Kristen/Bella and her wig have no lines in this thing…

  24. this teaser is the ultimate fade to black (without actually being long enough to fully fade)!!!! Did you see that lean in w/ Jake? Are they going to kiss or is she just going to lean her head on his shoulder and say “thank you” again?! ::looks around frantically for reassurance that the Jake/Bells make out is supposed to take place in the snowy peaks of the Olympic range:: The meadow’s flowers aren’t plastic! Pre-leg hitch shot! Cannot.Wait.For.Full.Length.

    • I’ll reassure you…but now we both need reassurance that Slade knows this too!

    • I’ve always been such a dedicated trailer/spoiler whore but I just realised I don’t want to glimpse the Jella?Belob? mountain make out before the face punch/break hand makeout.

      This has ruined my whole lead up to Eclipse. I’m reduced to watching everything squinty eyed – because that doesn’t count as really watching, does it?

      • I totes forgot about the face punch scene. I hope Billy Burke delivers that line and we can all hate to love him for 20 seconds.

        • Oooooh! And then the annoying/cocky Jacob & all pissed off Edward!!!!!!

          The anticipation! The excitement! I am really going to have to work on Twillight brainwashing people in my RL or I think I will burst, or maybe Twisplode.

    • Fully agreed.

      Since all the New Moon hype died down, I’ve been suffering from Twirectile Dysfunction….
      But seeing this teaser has got me excited again! Can’t wait!

      • Twirectile Dysfunction – Hahaha, I heart you!

        This sounds like a good name for a Twilight inspired band!

  25. I honestly didn’t think that 10 seconds would throw me into such a tizzy! I am practically vibrating (TWSS) with ahem…. excitement! OMG I can’t wait until Friday night and Saturday and maybe Sunday…who knows….it has been too long since I had a real Rob/Tay fix.

  26. TEAM COCO!! only because it never EVER dawns on me that Conan is like super tall.

    so i was a tad underwhelmed with the teaser. i dont know why, but i’m having cold feet. i dont think david slade is going to satisfy me like C-Dubs did for NM.
    but maybe tomorrow i will see the light! a full 80 more seconds to satiate my thirst.

    why is it i can’t thumbs up?

  27. TWI-CRISIS!!!! First LTT didn’t work this morning..almost killed me…NOW….NOW…BLANKET ROB IS MISSING….I have my phone on speeed dial for 911…..

  28. HAS The WORLD GONE MAD???? LTT was down, MY BLANKET IS MISSING, KStew defaults, The trailer is so short, blink and you miss it and WHY OH WHY CAN I NOT THUMBS UP ANYONE??

    I am blaming UC/MOON with their late post…all of us falling down/screaming/fainting or throwing our computers at the same time must have changed the space/time continum (sp?) or something…

    • Is Blanket Rob back? First things first….where did you last snuggle him?

      The thumbs up disaster is getting me down too. The late post gave me a full cardiac arrest & now I can’t even register my approval? And I dragged my drip stand all the way over to the computer…

    • Perhaps everything landed in the tardis.

    • My thumbs are working. Must be just some of you that can’t use it. Bummer.

    • My thumbs aren’t working either. Well, MY thumbs are working, but not the ones on the site. 🙂

      But more importantly, where the HALE is Blanket Rob????


        • Have you checked the washing machine? The dryer? The linen closet? Under the couch? On the bed? In the freezer? In the car? In the husband’s trunk?

          Do you need us all to come over with flashlights and form a line to search for it like they do on CSI? ‘Cause we’ll do it!

          • ITS GONE!!! ((SOBBING)))

          • Well it couldn’t have gone far! Time to start interrogating all members of the household including the dogs and birds!

          • @JODIE i HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT!!!! I haven’t stopped looking all day and all night…IT’S GONE!!!

      • Does anyone have Firefox? Thumbsups have been working for me all day. That’s the browser I use. It looks like only 1 or 2 other people have been able to thumbs-up, though.

        On the bright side you can say whatever you want about KStew and you won’t end up with 10 billion thumbsdowns…

  29. They brought back the Cullen crest wristband! Hurray! And they gave us khaki shorts… shakis?

    I shan’t even mention the atrocity that is that wig… since I already know everyone shares the same opinion about that… thing.

  30. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: So… 10 sec #EclipseTrailer teaser, huh? It’s like… just the tip….

  31. Sorry to be so late in the day to comment, but I have been out for a while and just finally got caught up today!

    I actually have a question that I’m hoping Moon or UC see…

    are you guys going to do any kind of breakdown/analysis on where is the best place/offer for us to get our New Moon DVD’s when they come out this weekend?


    • Holy shikes! NM is coming out on DVD already?! It’s gonna be a movie marathon weekend for me!

    • New Moon is coming on the 20th.

      Which version of the DVD should I get….. Borders, Target (leaning torwards) Blockbuster’s, Amazon’s

      Such a quandry

      • I was wondering the same…

        … unfortunately I live in Canada and so I have to figure out who is carrying the “Target version” (there’s no Tar-jay here), “Borders version” (ditto), Amazon’s (too slow to ship and customs fees unless has the same),

        Am leaning towards Walmart. Because naturally, we do have Walmart here. Hoping it’s the same.

        If there was a Starbucks version I’d have access to that too.

        I volunteer to do the “Canadian translation” of the “breaking down of where to buy the DVD.”

        • I’m also Canadian, and at this point I’m leaning towards the Walmart version…It supposedly has 30 minutes of “extended Eclipse footage” of some kind — but it sounds like I might need to get the Target one as well. 😦

          I have the Target Exclusive 3 disc version of Twilight, totally worth it, so I’ll probably get someone to mail it to me from the US. BUT, this year, I need to get a DVD no later than the 20th, as I’m hosting a New Moon DVD party at my house. ;D

          So, I’ll be getting whatever DVD I can get my hands on for the 20th. 😉

  32. I am so Team CoCo and I am SO glad to know LTT is as well!

  33. My frikkin god. Dont get me wrong. Some eclipse is better than no eclipse, but 10 seconds…..


    I always knew Letters to Twilight was awesome, but now that I know you’re on Team CoCo, I’ll love you forever, for reals! 😀

    I do hate Jay Leno with a passion that knows no bounds…….but, *whispers* my love for KStew overrides that passion, and I PVR’d the Tonight Show so I could fast forward through to KStew’s appearance.

    It was worth it, just to see her in that fuckhawt dress, which I have serious, serious WANT for.

    RE: Eclipse justhetip teaser clip — In 10 seconds we got meadowEdward, shirtlessJacob, wigBella, and……..not jorts, but Khapris?!?!

    I mean, they looked a bit long for jorts, so I think I’m going with Khapris on this one. 😉

    P.S. FWIW, I don’t think KStew, or anyone, for that matter, gets much choice in which shows they promote on….I mean if they’re doing major promotions in LA, there’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson etc., (I would love to see KStew or Rob on Craig’s show, btw!!), if they’re in NY, there’s David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon…

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