Unicorns DO exist!

I miss Twilight. I think I’ll watch it again soon- as soon as I remember who I lent my copy of the DVD to! But what I miss a ton is hearing what guys think of Twilight. This fan letter today reminded me of when we heard these stories all.the.time:

Dear Twilight,

You acquired a new fan this weekend and it might surprise you who it is. It sure surprised me. It’s my husband! After a full year of trying to keep my husband in the dark about Twilight, I was forced out into the open by Showtime. You see, I hadn’t let my husband watch the Twilight movie for fear that he would think I was insane for liking it. I hid the DVD behind other DVDs in the hopes that he wouldn’t find it and decide to just pop it in one day to see what all the fuss was about. Then the moment I was dreading happened. Twilight started playing on cable. And let’s face it, once it starts showing on cable, it’s virtually impossible to NOT see it. So I had a choice to make. I could not pay the bill and let our cable get disconnected or I could “woman up” and finally sit down to watch it with him. I decided to be an adult and face the music. After putting the kids to bed and settling in with a bottle of wine (all for me, btw), me and my husband turned on Twilight.

I fully expected to be ridiculed for the next 2 hours, but something surprising started happening. My husband looked like he was enjoying it. I had to explain a few things at the beginning, because so much was left out from the book. But other than that he seemed to get it. He laughed at the appropriate times. He really enjoyed Charlie (but who didn’t, right?). He laughed at Edward’s snarky comments. But what was more surprising was what he didn’t laugh at. He didn’t laugh at “Spider Monkey”, the cheesy special effects, “My Monkey Man” or Kristen’s stuttering and stammering in the hospital scene. And I was certain he would laugh at the sparkling. Come on! Even we lover’s of Twilight laugh at the cheesiness of the sparkling vampires. Nope! There was not even a smirk when Edward revealed himself. Was it possible my husband was actually liking this or was he just humoring me? As the movie came to an end, I was a little nervous. I didn’t want to ask my husband what he thought. He’s pretty tough when it comes to movies. He has a tradition of rating movies on a scale of 1 – 10. Most movies get a 5. One of his favorite movies, The Dark Knight, only got a 9 out of 10. I figured we were doing good if he gave it a 5. He didn’t say anything, however, so I assumed it was much worse than I thought and he was just sparing my feelings. Finally as we were getting ready for bed he said, “I liked it. I’d give it a 7.” What?! Were my ears deceiving me? Did my husband actually like this? Was he just mocking me? Or did I have a unicorn on my hands? The next words out of his mouth confirmed it, “I wouldn’t mind going to see the next one at the theater with you.” He spent the next few minutes asking me questions about the rest of the books/movies and trying to clarify points he didn’t quite understand. In the end, he admitted he thought it was a pretty romantic movie.

To think that I’ve spent the last year trying to keep my obsession under wraps, when I could have just let it all out for him to see. Apparently sparkling, emo vampires who only drink animal blood and attend high school over and over do not bother him. He found it interesting. What I found interesting were some of his comments during the movie. I’ve only ever watched and discussed Twilight with other women. It was nice to get a man’s perspective. Here were some of this thoughts as the movie played.

Random thoughts my husband had during Twilight

  • Jessica is “stacked”
  • Why are all those guys hitting on her (Bella)? I would go for the other girl (Jessica). She seems like she’d be a lot more fun. She actually smiles and laughs.
  • That guy (Rob) looks A LOT better in this movie than he did when we saw him on Letterman. ( I strongly disagreed with this, but he thought Rob looked better with his vampire make-up)
  • I bet she’s a joy to live with with (Bella). She seems like such a downer.
  • If you knew he was vampire, would you go off into the woods with him alone?
  • He admits he killed people and she doesn’t care?!
  • Wouldn’t kissing a vampire feel like kissing a cold, dead fish?
  • I can’t imagine not being able to sleep. I’d get bored.
  • So he (Edward) waits 100 years to fall in love and that’s (Bella) who he chooses?
  • Why doesn’t he just change her? Wouldn’t that solve the problem? (This was said during the chase scene with James)

But my favorite exchange came during the bedroom kiss scene:

As Edward slowly leans in to kiss Bella
: Wouldn’t that be like kissing your steak dinner?
: Ssshh! You’re ruining it for me.
Edward flings himself off of Bella and against the wall

DH: Whoa! Why did he do that? Was he turned on?
: Yes. He can’t go too far. He can’t have sex with her.
: Really? Why?
Me: He can’t lose control around her or he might accidentally kill her.
: Hmmm. . . now I know why you like this. It’s all about the yearning and the longing. Women love stuff like that.
Me: Shut up.

Unicorns DO exist!

So there you have it. I was doubting the existence of unicorns. I’ve heard people on this site talk about unicorn sightings, but I never really believed it. Now I can say that, yes, there are men who like Twilight. There are men who don’t laugh at sparkling vampires who wear too much lipstick. I know. I live with one.


Seriously- I laugh at that picture to our right EVERY TIME. Tonight, my husband who normally tells me to STOP blogging said, “UC- you need to blog about vampires and stop watching Chuck & Blair fanvids” My.. how the times have changed!

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  1. “He didn’t laugh at “Spider Monkey”, the cheesy special effects, “My Monkey Man” or Kristen’s stuttering and stammering in the hospital scene.”

    That’s like my hit list of things I can’t fail to cringelaugh at no matter HOW hard I try.

    • It’s funny, the first time I watched it, the only thing I remember cringing at was the Buttcrack Santa joke and Stephenies cameo, (Okey, so the sparkling was a disappointment..) but now that you ladies have enlightened me, I cringe all the time… 🙂
      So thank you, I guess..?

  2. “He didn’t laugh at “Spider Monkey”, the cheesy special effects, “My Monkey Man” or Kristen’s stuttering and stammering in the hospital scene.”

    That’s like my hit list of things I can’t fail to cringelaugh at no matter HOW hard I try.

    WHY IS THE WORD ‘MONKEY’ IN THIS MOVIE TWICE? I will never get that.

  3. “If you knew he was vampire, would you go off into the woods with him alone?”
    I totes had that thought when I watched it too.

    I love the bedroom scene commentary!
    TooOld – You’re husband sounds like a pretty awesome guy!

    • Since that first time we watched it together, I’ve walked in on him 3 times and found him watching it . . . by himself.

      I’ve gone from pleasantly surprised to slighty concerned.

      • Excellent letter!
        I’d be concerned btw.

      • LOVED the letter!!! I’m SO jealous!!! My husband REFUSES to have anything to do with anything Twilight. He even gets Roberts’ name right. Robert Paterson is what he calls him.

        His co-worker loves the movie, his wife says between him and their son they have it on all the time (!) but even he can’t convince my husband to see it.

        I even asked him “When I get New Moon will you watch it with me?”
        Jake’s retort was a firm “NO”

        Embrace your name honey! Embrace it!! You are the epidome of both teams having been blessed with the two names. And you WASTE it!

        So, so jealous tooldforthis…. Give your husband a hug for me.

        • whoops… he REFUSES to get Rob’s name right…. bleh, I should check over my typing before hitting the button

        • You’re husband’s name is Jacob Edward?

          That is the most awesome thing I’ve heard today. So you could yell out either name during the “throes of passion” and he’d totally think you were talking about him! And you’re jealous of me?

          • LMFAO!

            Yes, his name is Jacob Edward. Which I get a huge personal satisfaction from daily. But it sucks that he’s so sullen about it. When I read the books for the first time, I’m like, “honey! The two main guys in these books are Jacob and Edward, how cool is that? Its like you and you!” Yeah, he didn’t think that was so cool. He wanted to hear nothing about it.

            See, he resents anything Twilight because the first time I read the books I couldn’t put them down (like pretty much everyone). I would stay up until 1 or 2 am reading ‘just a little more’ until he would realize I was still not in bed with him and come out to the living room and ask me if I was ever coming to bed reminding me I had to get up at 5 am. (psht! big deal work didn’t need me fully awake)

            He claims I ignored him and our children while reading the books…. I don’t know what he’s talking about…. and it’s left a bit of a sour taste in his mouth about it and anything associated with it.

            TOFT, What I would give to sit next to my Jacob Edward and watch Jacob and Edward…… I mean how much better could it get than that?

            …But yes, I do have those little perks you mentioned about the ‘throws of passion’ (which I have to admit is a really nice perk) and I’ve always called him by his full name when he frustrates me or gives me crap about something like when we’re bantering, so I get away with yelling “Jacob Edward!” w/o him getting all crabby because I’ve always done that, so he has no idea it makes me think of Jacob and Edward now or refuses to acknowledge he knows it. 🙂

            I guess we can’t have it all. There’s always something to be jealous of the other. I mean, I’m still wishing my husbands last name would have been like Roberts…..

      • Start worrying when he begins reading LTT and other Twilight related websites and then wants to watch all the movies that Anna Kendrick is in.

  4. Does Mr. ToOld have a younger brother? =P

  5. Re: the pic at the end – I caught a few seconds of E!’s Fashion Police Oscar Red Carpet show last night and when they got to KStew one of their discussion topics was her tendency to sourpuss. Joan Rivers, walking mouth, basically declared that she needed a personality transplant to be successful in the acting biz or else stay the same and go off and drive a truck somewhere. One point, Joan. KStew, zero.

    • The worst one that I’ve read was on that MSN wonderwall where they were complimenting her Oscar dress. Although that consisted about 3/4 of a sentence before they harped on her sourpuss ways and dedicated wearer of cactus panties.

    • tee hee hee.

  6. My Husband still brags that he”still hasnt see that movie” Maybe this month he will, once I get my hands on NM.
    Sounds like a movie marathon coming up. LOL

  7. Thanks for YouTube Eclipse trailer (fangirls go “Squeeee”).

    The IMDB version is much sharper though, especially full screen…

    Happy yearning!

    • *gasp* thud.

      Thanks for posting the link, google vids/youtube wasn’t “working” for me (fast enough) this morning!

    • Yeaaaaarnnnn! Although I still think that Edward’s makeup and contacts are major fail. *sigh*
      But I can live with that! Just give it to me! Now!

  8. I. died. over and over.
    The wig annoys me, but that was a given, and I didn’t think I would but I miss Rachelle!
    But HALE no where are the Cullens?!
    Thank you to Moon/UC who let me know the times and stuffff for this wonderful trailer because of my living in England-ness!

    • That’s my question, too! Where are the Cullens!?! And the rest of the khorts pack!!?

      • Maybe they’re editing in six packs if they’ve gone down the same path as Jacob. Now he looks like a little chubs just like Jared did in NM -_-

    • To sum it up. This trailer has:
      a) Too much scenery in it.
      b) Too much Jacabs in it.
      c) Serious lack of hot make-out scenes between Bella and Edward. (Preferably ones where I can squint and see me in place of the back of Bella’s head.)
      d) Serious lack of Cullens.
      e) No action scenes what so ever, except maybe that Victoria-jump. (? Where are the new-borns?? Evil Victoria with her co-horts? Wolf-pack revving up? Big time confrontations between Edward and Jacob? Is this a BORING movie??)
      *pouting and tapping her foot*

  9. If you remove the Forksy misty mountains and all the Moviemaker black transitions you might find 30 seconds of actual movie. Meh, I prefer the stills over this trailer trash. I’m having a bad fangirl day.

    • I’ll take any tease after the long Eclipse drought we’ve endured. And I like the misty mountains stuff. I hope David delivers an aesthetically beautiful picture. Bring it the hale on!!!!

      Maybe we aren’t seeing the Cullens yet because they’re having to CGI all their wigs in. What is with those wig people at Summit? Sheesh! Kristen’s is distracting enough but if they don’t fix the Jasper-Poodle-Do then I’ll cry.

    • Agreed! Feeling SO disenchanted with this! WAAHHHH!

      Victoria – FAIL
      Wig – FAIL
      Jacob’s Pot Belly – FAIL
      Wig – FAIL

      Did I say Wig? Yes, it gets capitalized…it’s THAT bad.

      Edward? EPIC WIN AS ALWAYS…

    • Aww you need a Cullen Smile.

    • okay, now that I have calmed down from my fangirly heart palpatations, I will make a few comments:
      – agreed = too much scenery. We want to see Jorts and Edward and preambles to making out/leg hitching, etc.
      – I just watched NM last night and this really just seems like Pt. 2 of NM. I suppose the book was like that, but it literally is taking off from where NM left us. That’s ok, since I liked NM, but I did expect something “fresher” from Eclipse, at least from the trailer.
      – They still make Jacob too loveable. I’m about ready to don a pair of jorts and run off with him.
      – I want to love Edward…but can’t. He still seems to be depressed in this one. I’m sorry, Robward, but you are still way, way, way too depressed and mumbly in these movies. I’m starting to look forward to Breaking Dawn…if and only if you are actually happy and smile in this one. I never thought I’d say this but that’s the one good thing about Twilight… you seemed happier.

      • Funny you mention the mumbling…I saw New Moon again in the theatre (Grand Rapids, MI was STILL playing it 2 weeks ago…Taylor’s home town…) and I was SO distracted and annoyed by Robward’s mumbling and depression. Freaking get a grip, dude. MOVE.YOUR.LIPS.

        • Yay Grand Rapids!!! It’s still playing at the second-run here in Muskegon.

        • Hey, I grew up in Holland!
          Go West MI!
          I’ve been seriously homesick lately, too. Haven’t been back in over 6 months…the longest I’ve ever spent away.

          I live in Canada now.

          • (Holland, Michigan for those not familiar with the area. Home of the “world famous” tulip festival. acckkkk I’m getting really homesick now just thinking about it. )

          • Woo hoo Holland! Personally I prefer the “world famous” Coast Guard Festival (since I actually live in the SL/GH area). Besides, flowers are great but I’ll take hot Coasties over them any day. Followed closely by hot Canadian hockey players. 😉

          • Hmm…can’t blame you there! I love the CG festival too. Annd now you have me missing the lakeshore and the beach so badly.

          • The west side of Michigan is beautiful! I love to vacation over there.

            I live in Southeast Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit.

          • Ohhh girls lucky you. I’m stuck in Ghetto FLINT, Michigan. Gag. Was in the lovely west side of the state for a concert! 🙂 Loved GR…had never been before!

          • @Michelle – I grew up in Otisville. That’s like the rural ghetto!

          • And by rural ghetto, I mean hillbilly hicks! (In case any of you thought Otisville sounded like a high-priced, classy place!)

          • @tooold Otisville?!?! Aww yeah baby! Someone NEAR me who LOVES LTT and LTR?! Can life GET better?! 😉

          • LOL re:Otisville

            My dad is from the Delton/Hickory Corners area (near Kzoo)… now that’s class all the way.

          • I ❤ you all for your Michiganness…

          • Otisville puts the “ass” in class.

      • Operarose – i totally agree with it all. i haaaaaaaaaaated jacob in the books, mainly bc he was a total jerk 99% of the time, and yet so far i am actually liking movie jacob over movie edward, which is a total problem.
        Edward is such a downer. then again so is KStew’s Bella. it’s like the script allows for no actual emotion from them other an angst and angst and more angst. Did she (MR of course) actually READ the books??

        The trailer makes it obvious this movie is in no way completed. which actually gives me hope.

        • I think MR gets it. I place blame on KStew and Rob (ducks fangirl pie throws). They’ve interpreted them as angsty. Rob’s said in interviews that he thinks Edward is depressed and hates himself. I think he missed the change when Bella showed up. (I thought Rob read Midnight Sun…?) KStew might not get it at all. The Bella I read wasn’t all emo angsty all the time. But since KStew seems to be in real life, she probably figured Bella is too.

          • I totally agree with you. At least Cathy made them crack a smile on occasion. Now, they have certain liberties that they should have not be given. They’re so annoying with this angst act. And judging by this trailer, it’s getting toTaylor, too. Like he’s afraid to speak up.

          • I never thought I’d profess my love/appreciation for Cathy, but I’m going to have to now by agreeing with gizmo.

            Yes, you are right. She made Rob and Kirsten occassionally crack a smile.

            The angst was only a part of their performance in Twilight. They also had moments where they seemed happy, content, and in love, just as I imagined them in the books.

            Bella was angsty in NM so Kirsten was OK being all dark and angsty in NMmovie. But she has GOT to be over it by Eclipse. I can NOT deal with another emo Bella all through Eclipse.

          • Agree – I think of Eclipse as ‘volatile’, not seeing that in the trailer.

        • I would generally agree with your assessment of book vs. movie Edward and Jacob. In the books, I really liked Jacob, even loved him, especially since he did have his moments especially in New Moon. But I also loved Edward throughout. I may have been on the fence a bit between the two guys (just as SM intended, I’m sure), but was well in favour of Edward by the time Breaking Dawn came along.

          In the movies I’m 110% in love with Jacob, and *so* not in love with Edward, daresay even occassionally repulsed by him (in short: wonky nipple…creepy makeup… wimpy…mumbling and depression). To (I’m sure by now angry) Rob fans, it’s not really Rob per se. I don’t love how he’s interpreting Edward, but I also am not a fan of his general wardrobe, makeup, and the clear encouragement he’s getting to continue being “deep and depressed” by the directors.

      • @Operarose..Normally I agree with you on most things..but on this one I MUST disagree (actually due to my somber mood I will probably disagree with everything) seriously though..In Twilight Edward was supposed to be happier..he found the love of his life after 108 yrs..but in NM he realizes he must give up his one true love for her own safety and hurt her in the process…how would you expect him to act? Plus they had to make Jacob much more appealing both in looks and personality to create a legitimate conflict…
        I would have really been disapointed had Edward reacted any different than the sad, depressed character he was.

        • MidCyn – You took the words right out of my head. I ALWAYS say this about NM Edward. And I kind of expect that to be true at times of Eclipse Edward. Dude has a lot on his mind!

        • I agree too. He’s just not a *cheery* character after Twilight. Depressedward exists from book2- book 4, but cheers up again for the wedding (he’s such a chick), then back to depressedward again when Bells gets preggo.

        • Oh I definitely don’t have a problem with Edward being dark and mumbly when he’s dumping Bella.

          But almost every other moment in the movie, from the beginning to the “ouch, papercut” moment and then the reunion when he thinks he’s in heaven (not when they’re with the Volturi) and then from the moment they’re back in Bella’s bedroom and onward he should have had happy, calm, excited, in love moments; instead, he is flat, grumpy, mumbly, emo, and boring throughout those times too.

          When he asks Bella to marry him, he’s all like, “well, okay, I guess I sorta want to marry you if you force me to make you immortal,” so he mumbles out, “marry me”….

          INSTEAD, here’s the emotion he should have had in that scene:

          Edward: “…You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…”
          Bella: “Edward, I…”
          Edward: “No, let me try and get this out. You’re ama- I’m not an idiot, I know how the world works. I’ve got billions of dollars in my pocket, I have nothing to offer you except for eternity of damnnation, and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be all right… That’s all I want.”
          Bella: “Well, I’m fine… I’ll be fine… really. Being immortal.”
          Ja-I mean, Edward: “Really? I don’t think so. We’ve got you trapped, Bella. And you’re gonna lose your soul if you don’t stay human. Maybe not right away because you’re strong but… sooner or later that stammering insecure human that I love about you, Bella… that human’s gonna burn out… into a sexy hot dammed vampire…”
          Bella: “It’s not up to you to save my soul, Edward.”
          Edward: “You’re right… only you can do that. But, if you want me to make you an immortal… I will under one condition… MARRY ME, BELLA…. MARRY ME…”

          *swoon, faints.*

          Huh? Hot, no?!!!

          I’m glad you disagreed Cyn, nothing I like more than a little hearty discussion. 😉

          • Ok well here I go again..I disagree that he is boring, unemotiional etc..for example: “Well you can’t trust vampires…trust me..”
            “I can control (whatever) everything…except my sister” so cute…then he naturally turns depressed b/c he knows what he has to do…leave Bella…for her to believe him in the leaving scene he has to act uneffected/unemotional or Bella will know he is lying..just look at his face when he hugs her the last time..heartache!!
            As far as the “saving Edward scene” I just watched it again and I think he is the way he is because he thinks he is dead and just dreaming that Bella is in his arms..so kinda hard to be really happy when you think your just imagining this wonderful reunion. As for the ending when he asks Bella to marry him…its not really joyful for him because its a trade off (and IMO Edward just assumes she won’t agree to marry him b/c of her age/Charlie etc., and it will give him an out for not turning her) Edward does not want Bella to lose her humanity and so it has to be that he is in turmoil….
            BUT I do think your scene was hot!! 🙂

          • You are the awesome-est! That was amazing! A thousand steel cables are tying me to you now because of this!

      • KStew’s sourpuss is rubbing off on the whole cast.

        …or he is just frustrated. If a little ‘ol leg hitch isn’t good enough for us, it’s definitely not good enough for Edward.

        He wants to have his (to quote TOFT’s husband) steak and eat it too.

    • Totally agree with Alice NaA – I just nearly cried stealth-watching the trailer at my desk cos I felt like a bad fangirl. I’ll take anything I can get but the grope-age pics got me in the twi mood way more than this glorified movie montage.

      In a throwback to yesterday’s post, the guy at the desk opposite me saw my distress on watching the trailer and asked if him watching it would spoil the story because he ‘hasn’t got to that book yet’, to which I replied, ‘nah, you already know she chooses Edward, right?’

      I just got bitch-browed by a unicorn.

      • Ahh the unicorn thing was today – all this excitement is clearly warping my perception of time

    • you are not the only one….i HATE IT!!!!!!! and my question is this…If i m a fan like really fan, i had read the books sillion of time, have poster, dream about edward, i never going to married because i want a unicorn, buy magazine if it has something about twilight,you know the **normal** and i didnt like it, what to expect of other??? bad bad trailer

  10. This husband is a genius! Please notify me if you ever get divorced and I will put him on my “possible replacements if I ever get divorced”-list directly!
    (Guess who’s number 1?) 🙂
    (No, nobody with jorts ever makes it on my list, sorry!)

    • Well, the only one I’d leave him for is Rob, and that probably ain’t gonna happen!

      I fell in love with him even more when we were watching it a second time. He said he thought Rob did a “pretty good” job. But he thought KStew’s acting was terrible.

      (I will be sure and pass along any hate and anger spewed at me over this comment.)

      • Okay – if it comes down to choosing between Rob and your husband (or mine) I would probably go with Rob. But if Rob decides to elope with you, please leave your husband’s phone number with me… 🙂

  11. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek, Eclipse trailer. Don’t look, abs, don’t look (I’m deep in purity territory!).

    Too Old For This, I lit-rally snorted at your interaction with your DH “DH: Hmmm. . . now I know why you like this. It’s all about the yearning and the longing. Women love stuff like that.
    Me: Shut up.” SO.FUNNY! Now I have Shreddies cereal stuck in my nose from snorting 😀

    Vi, congrats on winning. Your caption (which I voted for btw) was awesomesauce 😀

    Happy Day Before RM Come Out everyone (well, at least the day before it comes out in THIS part of the world)!!

    • Be strong Abs. I’m going to not watch the trailer now too, but only because I want to see it for the first time before RM! After that, I intend to be the clip whore that I truly am.

  12. I MAY have found a unicorn yesterday. I all the sudden became quiet and gentle… like I might frighten away this rare and magical creature by fangirling. It’s a delicate situation.

    • p.s. – I think we crapped out Twitter with all of this trailer reporting! haha

    • I know exactly how you felt. Trust. Unicorns or potential unicorns are delicate creatures. They require subtle approach. I know.

      • I think they’re frightened of their own feelings. They realize why the series is such a powerful aphrodisiac and that kind of power can be scary for a man. Just take it slow, unicorns. Niiiiiiice and sloooooow.

  13. One more thing I have to add… less than one second short of Edward when Jacob’s talking to him, black shirt, sexy hair..

  14. Great letter T.O.F.T.! Sorry it got momentarily overshadowed by the trailer.

    I think my fiance would have to agree with most of what your husband said. I don’t know if I’d quite call your husband or any other guy who could tolerate Twilight a unicorn, but at least the movies do have some appeal to guys! I took my fiance to NM in November and was surprised he enjoyed it. I think he’ll go back to Eclipse. I wouldn’t expect them to become major fans but at least we don’t have to be too closeted about our “interest” in Twilight.

    Finally, UC, are you going to start a blog “Letters to Chuck”?

    • I’m actually on my way to view the Eclipse trailer right now!

      And I was unsure of whether my husband was a unicorn or not, until I caught him watching it by himself. Any man who watches that movie w/o being forced to automatically goes under suspicion.

  15. My fiance is not a unicorn but I’m starting to think he’s warming up to it. Yesterday he showed me a picture of some girl in Maxim and we have this conversation.
    F: Hey this girls name last name is Swan…isn’t that Bella’s last name?
    Me: Yeah…sure is.
    F: Babe…look at her tattoo…isn’t that Edwards handwriting from your book?
    Me:….Holy Shit it is…..and why the hell do you know what his handwriting looks like?

    Her name is Serinda Swan and the tats on her ribcage:

    • I thumbs downed that girl for using “Swan”. Not you.

      Is there a close up?? I want to see what it says!

  16. sorry, but this was epic fail. mostly because it was so boring. This isn’t New Moon this is ECLIPSE!!! Come on!!! the only times my heart sped up was at the voluturi, victoria and edward in black (dieeeeeeeee) and of course the milisecond of CHARLIE. and yes, i agree with whoever said it that jacob was a jerk in the books and i long to hate movie jacob, but just can’t. he IS the right choice for her, even though i don’t want to subject him to Sulky StupidHair Sulkerson.

    of course, the movie will be better than the trailer. with all the drama surrounding it, this is probably the best they could come up with. but that’s still pretty sad. Oh David Slade, are you going to let us down???

    i hate to say it people, but we have here a situation where the books will always be far superior to the movies. FAIL!!! what a shame.

    • I think that pretty much applies to all books that are adapted into movies, e.g Harry Potter. Books are so much more consuming and explain things in much more detail. People say that KStew just looks sulky all the time but it’d be hard to process all the different thoughts that Bella has and compress that into one expression for a split second! Books rule all.

      • Books trump movies always! (Except for that one time I saw A Walk to Remember before I read the book… oh well.)

        • Definitely, books are the one. I think Kristen does an amazing job at playing Bella, she brings so many dimensions to the character!

    • I go into movies with the assumption the book will be better. But they could have improved on certain things. As much as I love Rob, he was way too sullen as Edward. Yes, Edward is a tortured soul, but I remember him laughing and joking with Bella in all of the books. And Jacob was way more of an a-hole than what I saw on screen. Taylor better bring his best douchebag behaviour. I need to hate Jacob at the end of EC, ’cause I liked him way too much in NM. (And I stand firmly on Team Edward.)

      • Hmmm, I just never thought of Jacob as an a-hole in the books. I liked him and all of his regular guyness (but yes I am Team Edward). Maybe I hang out with lots of jerks and my a-hole-o-meter is off? I need to re-read.

        Great letter, BTW. I can’t believe you caught your hubbs watching it alone. Interesting. Very interesting.

        • Interesting….. and scary!

          I think Jacob had his a-hole moments. But I was bothered by his constant pushing at Bella and the manipulation was off the charts.

          But to be fair (and to hopefully avoid all the “thumbs down” from Team Jacob), Edward had his a-hole moments too. (Ex. – don’t ever disable my vehicle or you will be walking around with one testicle!)

      • Agreed. I remember being very pissed off at Jacob by the end of Eclipse, and I need Taylor to bring the douchebaggery because I feel like I’m betraying Edward by loving Jacob as much as I did in NM. I think he can do it. I HOPE he can do it.
        What was the term UC and Moon were using pre-NM? Managed expectations? Imma try…

    • I can’t agree with you on the “epic” part, but it was most definitely fail in some ways. Eclipse is all about the huge battles- the one between Jacob and Edward and the one between the army of newborns and the Forks wolves/vamps. This trailer was mostly filler.
      That being said, I’ll take some more filler of Taycob please. I’m strictly Team Edward for Bella, but there comes a time where I take my cosmic eraser and rewrite Breaking Dawn so that Jacob/Taylor Lautner ends up with me. I am in love with his slightly shaggy hair-do in these clips. 🙂

      • Ha!!!!!!!! Here here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe deep down I could be Team Edward, because then Jacob is up for grabs – pretty sure I/we am/are better for him than that stupid baby! I don’t mind sharing with you – I will take what I can get!

  17. My husband also said Twilight was pretty good, and he likes “:real” vampire movies! He refuses, however, to set foot in a movie theater to watch any of the films.

    I’m holding out on the trailer. Going to see an advanced screening of Remember Me tonight w/ Sassysmart and hoping they will show it!

  18. Umm.. I have a potential unicorn friend and I’ve been so sure that once he sees the Eclipse trailer that he will become at least a half-unicorn. And he saw it and asked me: Is there supposed to be a difference from the plot of the previous 2 movies? Didn’t you say something about action and more wolves?

    Where are the Cullens? Where are the wolves and the newborns? And most importantly, where is the wig department? I want to kick some ass.

    And is it me or are the trio’s performances getting more mellow with each new movie? Jake is supposed to be all cocky and passionate. And by the time BD comes around Edward will for sure have to be subtitled.

  19. Jessica is ‘stacked’. Heh, I snorfled…..

    TOFT, my hubs only watched it once, and didn’t hate it, we don’t have a rating scale, but I consider that an almost-endorsement, since he watches movies all the time while working in his shop, and has seen almost everything…..

    But he also had a lot of questions about back-story, and different character’s motivations….esp Carlisle. In fact, he thought they should make a movie about Carlisle after I told him a little bit about his background, lol.

    Wow, I have only watched the trailer once, and I thought it looked great! I thought it looked less like NM, and more like Twilight in the colors. Maybe I will be more critical after watching it 25 more times. Oh wait, have to work…

    • My husband had a lot of questions about the back story, as well. He even woke up the next morning asking questions.

      I take that as a good sign. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t ask, right? 🙂

  20. I’m going to be all super positive today.
    – Firstly, TOFT – love the hubbie! Maybe you can post his NM commentry, pretty please.

    -The Trailer, I’m assuming the know just how volatile/on-the-edge-crazy Twifans can get over trailers and are breaking us in slooooowly to Eclipse, you know, making sure we all keep breathing.
    -Victoria’s hair, well, it’s red.
    -Victoria’s leap, very cool. I could put up with a few vamps to live with scenery like that.

  21. Ok, am over being positive. All the hate for Book Jacob this morning! My brain must be at polar opposites with Edward lovers, it’s the only way to explain it. Don’t worry Book Jacob, I’ll always be there for you….*sniff*.

    • I concur!!!!!!! I never ever once hated book Jacob! I loved him from the second he graced the pages of Twilight. Even in Eclipse, when he “acts out” or whatever, it’s all out of love for Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously love him so much! I never got why he came across as hate-able in the books to some people….for me him being totally loveable is what makes it such a great love triangle and a hard choice for Bella. Oh real-life Jacob – where are you?!?!?!?!? Call me.

      • I was not a fan of Jacob. But not because I thought he was a bad guy. He actually was a good person who wanted what was best for Bella.

        My problem with Jacob is that he interfered with the E/B relationship. After reading Twilight I thought I would be reading a book series about two people who were overcoming great odds to have an extraordinary love. I would have disliked anyone who came between them. It just happened to be Jacob.

        • Preach on!

        • Yeah, that makes sense, I can see your point. I think that I am just so biased toward Jacob that I always liked his and Bella’s relationship better that Edward and Bella’s, and I am sure I will get thumbs down for this. But that was just the relationship I was drawn to in the story. So I think I sometimes feel the way about Edward that most people feel about Jacob!!! No hate, just not the choice I would have made::slides out of chair slowly onto floor, hiding under desk, presumably for rest of day::

      • I honestly never hated Jacob either – if anything I hated Bella for being such a nut job to a good guy! 😉 I wanted Edward to “win” don’t get me wrong…but Jake’s a good guy!

        • Totally – if I hate anyone ever, it’s Bella! Whiny do-nothing who doesn’t deserve either of them! Oh, but I did hate Edward for a minute in BD when he calls Jacob “my…son” ugh barf. I have to roll my eyes up to the ceiling just so I can not have to look at those words. If they have that line in the BD movie, I will surely vomit!

          • Thank you DJ! I gagged the first time I read that, and I still do now, many readings later. I haven’t quite trained my eyes to skip that part.

          • Couldn’t agree more about Bella. During EC I kept wondering why either one of these guys wanted this whiny b*&^#@ so much. She wasn’t that great!
            I just wanted my 108 year old virgin vampire to be happy. Even if it was with that cocktease!

          • BD Edward makes me uncomfortable too. He turns into a cranky old man. Guy, don’t act your vamp age. They are going to have to re-tweed him for this one.

          • ‘My son’, OMG, could they ever pay them enough to do that scene?

          • I think we can all agree that’s one line that should be kept out of the movie.

            I was embarassed reading it!

  22. Just watched trailer – can’t get over the fact it’s not Rachelle as Victoria – bummer.

    But I was weirdly underwhelmed. I feel their may be too many “distractions” in Eclipse – the bad wig, the non-Rachelle Victoria that will prevent me from enjoying the leg hitch and the tent scene.

    Gah, who’d have thought it – I’m longing for the Cathi Cougar Twilight fabulous when I had no expectations…

  23. Although I am in mourning over the loss of Blanket Eddie and thus not having slept..through tears I am going tot try to find the strength to comment…
    On TOFTDH..Kudo’s..As my hubs listened AGAIN to my rant about the missing blankie..I stammered like KS and whined (yes whined) that “YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND” and went on to relate how a “good” husband like TOFTDH took the time to REALLY watch Twilight w/o laughing/smirking (cause that is mostly all I remember him doing) and he came back with “Well what did you expect? It was a stupid movie…I mean really who could enjoy kissing a cold dead guy wearing more lipstick on than a woman?” My look alone had him hurrying out of the room..I am in a very vunerable/sensitive/delicate state…could he not at least made SOME effort!
    On another note, read an article where KStew explained how it is really hard for her to do interviews etc., that she is shy and feels awkward and uncomfortable (like we couldn’t tell) that she is only confident when she “steps into the role of someone else ” and that she hopes to learn (so do we) how to relax and not get nervous when asked questions…
    Ok back to the search…. working on posters and counting change to put together a reward! I am definately the saddest Panda in the forest…(actually a friend sent me a pic this morning of just that..a sad panda in a tree..wish I could post it..and I thought “Yup that is me”!! “Sniffle, sniffle” 😦

    • Well what the frak? Where the hell could it have gone!?

    • He’s still missing? Oh Cyn, am sending you shedloads of sympathy, even though I made an evil quip to DJTanner about me having stolen him. I didn’t, I wouldn’t….Don’t hurt me. Bad Beaker.
      Can they issue an amber alert for him?

      Another thought: have you maybe snuggled him so much he’s actually just dissolved into dust?


        IT IS A SAD SAD DAY!!!

    • and he came back with “Well what did you expect? It was a stupid movie…I mean really who could enjoy kissing a cold dead guy wearing more lipstick on than a woman?”

      -new plotline for 6 feet under?

      • Actually being in the mood I am in it took EVERYTHING I had not to shout back…BE CAREFUL…VERY CAREFUL..or I might just decide to test out what it might be like “kissing a cold dead guy wearing more lipstick than a woman” ….. Nuf said!

        • In all fairness, I did warn my husband ahead of time that this was not a typical vampire movie. It was a romance.
          I tried to keep his expectations REALLY low. Maybe that’s why he was pleasantly surprised.

          Or maybe he was so busy staring at Anna’s breasts, he didn’t care what was going on in the movie!

  24. Am I the only one who is
    A) underwhelmed by the trailer
    B) not offended by Bella’s wig?

    • A) No
      B) Yes

    • After going back to watch it again:

      A) No
      B) I can’t really see anything wrong either, at least from the trailer.

    • Oh, and a question of my own:

      What are they (presumably Bella) eating when they’re in bed together? It distracts me every time!

      • I think it’s Lays potato chips, the only LAY Bella will be getting for a while har har har

        • I thought it was a quilt…you know how in the books he’s always wrapping her up so she’s not cold?

          Or maybe I’m just overthinking…go figure.

          • No, you aren’t. I’m pretty sure it’s the quilt, although I can see where it looks like a bag of chips.

  25. Loved the post TOFT! I giggled my whole way through it lovinging knowing that someone is able to be successful in turning an ordinary husband into a unicorn…. I mean really, he’s watching it on his own!! You’ll have to let us know when he asks to read the books. 🙂

    Loved the photo caption Vi! That was great

    I have to say, besides feeling cheated because 1/2 the preview was hills or words or that stupid green preview notice, I loved the preview. Of course, I’m so starved for Eclipse anything I’ll take what I can get… so that might need to be taken into consideration.

    But I wonder if the switch of Editors was part of the reason we didn’t see any ‘action’. It makes me worried that they’re busy watering it all down. 😦 I hope I’m wrong

    • I hope you are wrong too – maybe they are keeping all the main action out for now to create even more of a thirst for it, and will give us a couple more little nuggets as it gets closer to the release date.

      But for now,

      COLOR OUR BALLS BLUE, SUMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I tried to get my mom to watch Twilight (she had attempted to read the first book and stopped RIGHT before “Edward in the sunlight was shocking”) and fell asleep 4 times. I fail at turning people into Twihards 😦

    • Must be a mom thing. My mom got through Twilight, slowly. She barely limped through New Moon. She kept saying how strange it was. She was too caught up in the fact that Edward was a vampire and Jacob was a Werewolf to enjoy the books. I didn’t even bother loaning her Eclipse or Breaking Dawn…. She barely finished New Moon, I was doomed to never get my books back if I were to have kept trying. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Some just refuse to see the wonderfulness it is…. our mothers are perfect examples.

      My sisters on the other hand really got into the books and movies, one more than the other. Though they’re not as over-the-top about it all like I am. They like to laugh at me for it. If only they knew how deep the obsession ran…… 😉

  27. It seems the male reaction to Twilight The Movie boils down to 2 things:
    A) Jessica/Anna Kendrick is hot.
    B) Just bite her, Edward. (or, B.1–just *eff* her, Edward).

    They may be on to something. Jessica was just a minor secondary character, but ruled, and then Anna Kendrick is nominated for an Oscar after only her first real role in a movie. KStew has been in a lot more movies but never nominated for anything. And as for (B), guys just aren’t into the “yearning” and cockblocking that have been a staple of romance novels since Jane Austen. They’re all just “I don’t get it, do it already.”

    • My husband watches for Alice…and I quote…”she’s HOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT” lol. I said “honey you should see her in “real” life she’s SUPER hot”. Or maybe not… 😉

      • My husband noticed Alice the second time through.
        I pulled up her maxim photo shoot up on the computer to show him what she really looks like w/o wig and vampire makeup.
        He was impressed!

  28. So, I pretty muched liked the trailer… kristens wig was noticable, didn’t kill me tho…
    TOFT: lucky woman… my bf barely watched nm, and wouldn’t shut up w/the ?’s but refuses to start from the beginning… however he is considering coming w/ to watch eclipse 🙂

  29. I love your letter so much, Toooldforthis. YOur DH is fabulous.

    I love the photo caption, Vi. That works for me.

  30. I realize I am not thinking clearly today (or anyday for that matter) but I have watched the trailer umm several times and I don’t understand why the Voluturi are there? Sorry I know I haven’t read the book but from the explanation that Ang gave me.I didn’t think they showed up until BD?
    Also JodieO the wig thing is not an issue with me either..but I really don’t like the looks of the new Victoria at all…….
    I find it cool that Edward explains to Bella about what she is in for ie: losing everyone she loves over the decades, cause that was something that I thought about when watching Twilight…I couldn’t even imagine that..definately not worth living forever unless everyone you love could also..plus being a huge animal person, I don’t think I could grab a deer to-go for dinnner..Bambi and all that…although there have been a few times when my bird has been in mortal danger…
    Back to the search….

    • MidCyn – I don’t think I’ve ever broken down Eclipse for you! Major fail on my part. I’ll update you more completely, but some of the Volturi are there in Eclipse too. As the “vampire police” they visit/investigate/punish when the vampire secret isn’t being kept. They are there in Eclipse cuz of the major newborn vamp population Victoria forms. Hope that didn’t just confuse you more…:-)

      • Oh Ang..could this day get any worse?? I am just now realizing that I know NOTHING about Eclipse…took me forever to “get” New Moon..I will never be able to catch up!! 😦 I AM SO DEPRESSED & THIS IS WHEN BLANKET EDDIE WOULD BE SUCH A COMFORT AND HE IS GONE!!! I know, I know it’s JUST a blanket…but NOT to ME!! He was a gift from my unicorn son & DILTB and it reminded me everyday about my love for Twilight…..

        • First – Blanket Eddie is NOT “just a blanket.” I feel your pain, really.

          Second – You will totally be able to catch up on Eclipse! The story is pretty simple (and good). Don’t worry, I will fill you in!

          But seriously, where is Blanket Eddie? Does Hubs have no clue?

          • No, he was like all “what’s the big deal, its a blanket?” I have torn the house apart looking..worse I can’t remember like anything from the past few days …which is another reason why I am so upset..I am missing so much time…so I can’t backtrack, I am also missing one of my notebooks…I am sorry I don’t mean to complain and I honestly try to stay upbeat about shitz like this…… there is so much worse going on in people’s lives, I have no right to complain.. will stop posting now!

          • Blanket Rob ran away with your notebook? Hrrmmmmm.. this is getting more suspicious…

        • Cyn, I can send you some emergency Rob during these hard times if you like?

          • Oh I ❤ you Jodie..but you meant emergency Edward right? LOL

          • Rob, Edward, Robward.. it’s all good, right? ;P

          • MidCyn is just being a good friend. She takes Edward and leaves Rob alone so I can have him for myself. heehee

          • WHAT?! She told me she was saving him for me!

          • @Ang & JodieO..ok ladies there is enough of Rob to share…here’s a test..who already has plans to see Remember Me tomorrow? Who already bought the tix??

          • @Mid_Cyn I did! I can go buy another if you want to come with us! =)

            Also, I sent you some email!

          • I’m ok with sharing, but I don’t know if Rob can handle both me and JodieO. I’m just sayin’.

            And imma be at Remember Me tomorrow too!

        • Cyn – am praying this day gets better for you & that Blanket Eddie & the notebook turn up soon.

          Big ❤ & no evil jokes.

          • ❤ you back… I KNOW how silly this must seem to everyone..but I live day by day and with a steady routine..the littlest things that change really throw me off…so the Blanket being gone makes my couch (bed) "not feel right" and without my notebook, I have don't have my notes to follow from the previous days…so I kinda feel lost..basically its very hard for my brain or lack thereof to adjust to any changes..cause it "knows" something is diferent it just doesn't register what it is…probably not making any sense here…
            I just don't want anyone to think that I am being ridiculously over reactive to misplacing a blanket… 🙂

          • I’m convinced that Blanket Eddie has gone AWOL from some deluded thinking it’s better for you without him around, then he’ll turn up right when you really need him. Hang in there!

            PS. Seriously not silly to be anxious over something that may seem trivial to others, I’ve been there.

  31. LOVED the convo on the bedroom kiss. It’s so true!!!

    Haven’t watched the trailer yet. Can’t make a fool of myself at work. But I am preparing to be underwhelmed.

  32. My husband is still an anti-unifcorn. Just this morning he told me I need to “lay off those vampire stories and stuff”

    (prob because I had a dream he was a vampire and told him all about it but whatever!)

  33. frame 0:20 is that an ass grab?

    Wow, I can’t believe I scrubbed a trailer.

    Too Old For This, your husband is great. He could teach a “How to Twilight’ class for the rest of our hubbies.

  34. Same thing happened with my husband: he loved Twilight and thought it was very romantic! He was just as interested in the Edward/Bella relationship as in the action scenes (of course he also loved the baseball scene and the final fight). Juts one thing: he thought Robert wasn’t handsome… he juts doesn’t get it – “what’s about thisguy ?” – which is good, in a way, because he won’t be jealous… :))

    • I love your name! It’s one of my favorites. If I had a daughter that’s what I would name her.

      My husband doesn’t think Rob looks that good in real life. He didn’t say anything about how he looked in the movies (other than he thought he looked better in the movie). Usually when he knows I think someone is good looking, he’ll take every opportunity to mock them.

      Now I’m wondering if it’s not just Anna he has a crush on. Maybe I have more than a unicorn on my hands…..

  35. I am sorry guys but I have to comment before I read the post…


    you MUST see it… now,

  36. I am a fan of this girls husband… there should be a fan page for unicorns in facebook… 14864564453184534 fans (all of the women, twilight saga directors and other unicorns)

  37. Fantastic letter, my husband definitely asked the “why doesn’t he just change her” question. Ah memories.

    OMG trailer love!! You see THAT Cathi Hardi?!?! THAT is what a meadow looks like!! (She reads this website right??)

    Rant over. More wine now. Can’t wait until June.

  38. hahahahahaha… That is what really happened there… Taylor taught Kstew how to smile… hahahahaha

  39. Just have to brag that I just saw “Remember Me”. Very nice movie. Great acting all round. Well done Rob and Emilie.

    Remember Me and the Eclipse trailer all within 12 hours = happy day.

  40. Hooray for unicorns! 🙂

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