The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not?

*Spoilers all throughout, again. And seriously if you’re reading LTT but haven’t seen the movie yet you better have a GOOD reason. Swine Flu? Rob knocked on your door and said he’d be with you but only if you promised never to see one of his films? So if you haven’t seen the movie, best you skip on by. If you have, pull up your pencil & notepad, it’s time for a major New Moon-losophy:


I'm about to dissappear so that Chris Hansen can keep his career busy for the next few months

Dear LTTers,

Okay- Be honest, how many more times did you see New Moon? So far the record I know of at LTT is @Brookelockart who saw it three times. I’ve only seen it once, and I’m pretty miserable about it. But I promised my best friends I’d see it with them on Tuesday, so I guess I can wait until then.  In the meantime I’ve been thinking about New Moon a lot. I’d think that was weird except by now I know to just say “That’s Normal.” So at brunch today after I talked my husband’s ear off about what a great job I thought Taylor did and how I didn’t miss Rob at all but then loved him when he returned, I took the “I’m only listening to you now so that I don’t have to hear about it later, plus I know the more accepting I am of this the more guilty you’ll feel that we spent the whole time talking about you therefore you’ll be more giving in the bedroom” gaze on his face as totally normal, as well.

Since I finished re-reading New Moon on my plane ride home from Los Angeles and I can’t see the movie until Tuesday, I’ve been doing a bit of reading online to pass the time and get my New Moon fill. First I started with fan reviews.  They were basically the same- filled with “OH MY GAWD Taylor’s abs” and “I think I might switch teams” and “I’m most DEFINITELY not leaving Team Edward but dayyyummmmm can I stare at Jacob’s abs one more time?” Not to forget “Cathy Hardi you suck” and “MARRY  ME CHRIS WEITZ” sprinkled with a little “Kristen now that Nikki is out of the picture can WE be fake lesbians” and “THE ENDING.. AHHH” and “I can’t wait for JUNE!” (Does that basically sum up all the feelings?) But the critic reviews were a different story.

I stayed away from critic reviews before I saw the movie. I wasn’t going to, but then I remembered how I read a review last year before seeing Twilight that suggested that Cathy Hardi’s close up shots of Rob & Kristen’s faces were because they couldn’t portray the connection Edward & Bella were supposed to have well enough. I could never get that out of my head, and I think about it every time I see the movie (and tend to agree). So this time I stayed away from the reviews so I could form my own opinions. Obviously, I loved the movie and I’m looking forward to seeing what my 2nd-10th viewings show me (My husband said if I see it more than 10 times he’ll put me in an institution)

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This is the one time I had my shirt on in the movie

So… the reviews are a bit… harsh, to say the least. I think this section from the San Fransisco Gate sums up what most of the critics are trying to say:

So expect this film to satisfy its fans. Everybody else, get ready for a bizarre soap opera/pageant, consisting of a succession of static scenes with characters loping into the frame to announce exactly what they’re thinking. Then they spell out their personalities for us. Here is an emotionally tortured vampire. Here is a perky, friendly vampire. And don’t forget the vampire who is a dedicated physician.

Meanwhile, every so often – but never more than two or three times per minute – one of the characters makes a point of telling the perfectly nice, perfectly average teenage protagonist (Kristen Stewart) that she is the greatest thing on Earth. Sometimes it’s Dad who tells her. Sometimes it’s an enemy, who still recognizes our heroine’s amazing power. Most of the time, it’s some ridiculously handsome teenage boy. … And each time that happens, 500 girls in the audience scream.

Some themes emerge from all the reviews I read (I probably read 20 from the largest media outlets in the US)

  • Chris Weitz doesn’t do much for the action of the movie:

Director Chris Weitz proves that “The Golden Compass” was no fluke: He really is a non-master of action. His CGI werewolves, who look like they were designed by the animatronics crew at Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree, go at it in about three semi-OK bouts. (NY Post)

  • Kristen can’t act, followed by Rob and Taylor (who sometimes can). But Michael Sheen & Dakota Fanning can:

I can’t comment on the acting because I didn’t catch Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner doing any. They basically primp and pose through the same humdrum motions they did before.

Late in the film, a real actor, Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon), shows up as the mind-reading Aro, of the Italian Volturi vampires, and sparks things up. You can almost hear the young cast thinking, “Is that acting? It looks hard.” (Rolling Stone)

In “New Moon,’’ she’s playing a spurned and devastated woman, and Stewart just doesn’t have the skill set to do much more than stare woodenly into the middle distance.
When he’s onscreen, Pattinson’s Edward is all emo posturing under a trembling bouffant – the actor suddenly seems to be embarrassed to be here. Lautner’s performance, by contrast, has the warmth of an actual human. (And, yes, when he takes off his shirt to aide the wounded Bella, the crowd goes nuts.)
Better yet, there’s Dakota Fanning, God bless her, showing Stewart how it’s done in one nifty scene as a vampirette with sadistic mental powers and old-school movie presence. (Boston Globe)
  • The movie will be LOVED by fans and will turn off outsiders with it’s slowness:

The Twilight Saga‘s second installment may satisfy hardcore fans of the series, but outsiders are likely to be turned off by its slow pace, relentlessly downcast tone, and excessive length. (Rotten Tomatoes)


I ruled it in this movie, even though I look like I'm feeling myself up here...

You know that Moon & I started LTT because we wanted an outlet to be HONEST about the Twilight world we love so much. We aren’t afraid to say what we think (and maybe hurt some feelings and step on some toes along the way) and aren’t about to stick up for everything that happens in the Twi-world and call it good when it’s NOT good. I need to see the movie a few more times before I can write a real review I’m happy with, and I know I love New Moon more than Twilight. Yet, I can already see some of the points these critics are making.

Fans WILL love this movie, I’m sure of it, because it’s like seeing the book acted on on screen! (Minus the photos & CD under the floorboard! I miss that part!) And I can’t see anyone who hasn’t read New Moon liking this movie. I didn’t think the movie was slow AT ALL. Then again, I’m a super-fan (ew. but also kinda true. sigh) And Kristen won me over with her portrayal of Bella in New Moon. It was a gazillion times better than in Twilight. I’m not sure she blinked or stuttered ONCE. However, that being said, I can see where some of the critics are coming from. She is, at times, one dimensional. Happy Bella doesn’t always seem too far off from sad Bella (minus the painful orgasms or sore back from the wrong sleep number) And don’t get me started on how I feel about Chris Weitz. Some of the reviewers honestly sound like they wrote their reviews after Cathy Hardi took them out for an all-you-can drink Happy hour special at the Venice Beach TGIFridays with their comparisons of her work in Twilight versus Chris in New Moon. Are they smoking the tree along with her? Chris wins over Catherine. Hands down.

All in all, Rotten Tomatoes gave New Moon a 29%! Yikes! Did these people SEE Twilight? Do they KNOW what a step up New Moon was? I really hope Chris & Kristen, especially, don’t read the reviews. If they do, they’re going to be writing to Moon & I BEGGING for us to make fun of Chris’ yellow pants more often and write a letter with explicit details on why Kristen is bad for Rob because it feels so much better than what people like Roger Ebert have to say (Ps: that dude is WAY too old to be writing reviews on love films for girls. How anyone in their right mind would think he could “get” New Moon? I have no idea…)

All I know is this: Despite New Moon rocking her box office numbers by DOUBLE (That’s right- 140.7 mil this weekend!), Cathy Hardi is printing out these reviews, making 100 copies of each, laminating them, posting them around her neighborhood and then handing them out on Venice Beach (with the help of Nikki Reed) along with free reefers telling everyone to “celebrate” with her!
Ignore the critics, Kristen, Chris, Rob & Taylor! All you need is us!

What did you think? Just a movie to be loved by the “fans?” Too slow? Are they right about Chris? Did Kristen suck as badly as they said? What about Taylor & Rob? Talk it out!

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  1. The numbers are in. NM is breaking all kinds of records. The critics can SUCK it! For the record, the didn’t like Titanic either.

    • Yeah, 3 hours and 14 minutes of, why the hell did she throw that invaluable necklace into the effing ocean?

      • LOL… Forgot about that! 

      • And why couldn’t she scoot the hell over and let the dude have some space on the plank? Titanic was not my cup of tea.

        • The scooting over dilemma… It’s a no brainer that one. Clearly he was prettier than her, therefore, he had to perish. Now, getting serious, New Moon premiered in Costa Rica today. I got my tickets on 11/6 to a VIP room, so that I wouldn’t have to wait in line for 3 hours. Still, the mall was packed with people (yes ppl, as in there were unicorns too) on Team Jacob/Edward shirts. I LOVED the movie. The only thing is that maybe it needed some music or background noise in some parts to make it a bit more dynamic, but, all and all, I screeched, squeaked, and made noises I’ve never made before (in a movie theather at least, :P) and felt as queasy as a 15 yr. old. After all, isn’t that why we love Twilight?

    • i didn’t like it it was so stupid, edward was only in the movie for 15 mins. and jacob black didn’t even seem like a wolf i think they should get stephenine meyers back in to help them the man that directed it did not know what he was doing…

  2. Oh geez, wasn’t expecting to see my name up there this morning. BTW, my partner in crime, Callliope saw it 3x too. However, the real winner (yes, getting to see it multiple times is winning) is VickyB at 4x. Crazy, yes! So much more to say, but I must get ready for work!


    • I was supposed to go see it for the 4th time yesterday, but my daughter got sick. I lose.

    • i saw nothing but jealousy when it was revealed i’d seen it 3x so boo to you. haha. Also, if you are bringing people to see it to pop their NewMoonMovie Cherry it shouldn’t be a bad thing. Also… it was for research purposes… each time i saw it… Thursday at midnight… Friday night… and sunday afternoon… was a completely different viewing experience. Quite interesting to say the least. And from what i gathered… ALL those different crowds (and they *are* different) really enjoyed it… the Cliffie got them. DUDES liked this movie.

      team LTT/LTR researcher,

      • One of the guys in my class said that his wife saw it three times over the weekend, and he went with her that third time. He said that he “almost” wants to go see the third one. (I think that was just to save face) He loves the werewolves, and agrees that NM was waaaaaayy better than Twilight.

    • Oh…when I went to see it Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of sitting in front of a group of super-fans who had seen every showing at that particular theatre, including the midnight one. That made 12 times in all. Their conversation was interesting to listen to…

  3. I agree with the statement that if you didn’t read the book, you won’t “get” the movie. But I also think that anytime you don’t read a book series, and don’t see the first movie, you shouldn’t even bother seeing the 2nd/3rd/4th etc. movies. Just my opinion based on that whole “Lord of the Rings” thing. Didn’t read the books…skipped the first movie…husband rented the 2nd or 3rd one, not sure which…I didn’t “get” it.

    That being said…the critics SUCK. I thought the movie was awesome, every part. While I did miss the CD and photos under the floorboard part, I think that CW nailed the rest of it! I was able to physically feel Bella’s pain…and as far as the critics’ assessment that Kristen’s portrayal was one-dimensional, I disagree. She had to portray someone who was completely numb to the heartbreaking pain she was in, pain so deep she couldn’t cry nor really even function. I think some middle-aged dude must’ve written that review…what do middle-aged dudes know about female emotions anyway!? Taylor definitely stole the show, so props to him, and the limited scenes with Rob were great also. I have no major complaints…loved it & can’t wait to see it again, then start the countdown to June!

    • I love LOTR. I almost put something about that movie’s CGI in my critique below, but I put Pirates instead. I mean, the Olephants were more believable than the wolves in NM? Nope, I don’t think so.

    • At the risk of sounding ageist and sexist, I have to say something. You nailed it, Jenn when you said “what do middle aged dude’s (see Chris Weitz) know about female emotions?” I know Twilight has many faults, but I think CH had a better handle on the romance aspect of the film which is super important to me.

      I think I liked Twilight better and don’t understand why so many people here dislike CH. She brought us Rob (need I say more), some sexy kissing, fun music, nice cinematography, etc… What am I missing?

      Don’t get me wrong, I like New Moon and Chris Weitz very much, but fill me in on why everyone hates CH so much (besides wanting to stay in the spotlight and outing R&K).

      I need to see New Moon again and again and again just to see if my feelings change over time.

      • You’re missing that the cinematography in Twilight was cheap and poorly done. Handheld shots? Good if there’s 3. Wretched if there’s 100.

        • ooh and the dialogue was questionable at best, too!

        • Ok, I get it. I didn’t know ANYTHING about Twilight going into the film (rented it), so the whole thing seemed so fresh to me, and I was out of my mind when I saw Edward and couldn’t/can’t think clearly.

          Thanks, TeamSeth.

          • hehe, no worries. I was truly scared when I saw Twilight the first time. I thuoght he was going to kill her in the forest.

            But then when I see it now it’s like, “Ugh. Why did she choose that camera angle? Was the boom in all the other shots?”

      • I agree with you Kmountainlion – but see it again and you will love it more. After my first time seeing it at midnight Thursday – I loved New Moon. But then the next day I felt nostalgic about Twilight. Then we watched Twilight at a pre-New Moon party Friday night and I kept saying come on people Cath did a great job! It is different and cheesy at times but it is great. She picked the cast, did those great scenes the kiss and the gazebo scene. Then Friday night I saw it a 2nd time and saw the chemistry between Rob and Kristen that I missed the first night. I love both!! I don’t want Catherine to be trashed – she did a great job with what she had. I’ve seen it 4 times now – can’t wait for some scenes from Eclipse.

  4. It was soo much bettar that Twilight so I can´t be critical at the moment. One thing though, why all the tweed and brown dress shoes with gray pants?

  5. I’ve seen it twice now, and it was different the second time.
    It did seem a little bit slower and I definitely noticed the little things in the book that I loved that had been cut (flying home from Italy, for one). But at the same time, the atmosphere of the cinema wasn’t as good for the 2nd viewing as the first which I think kinda contributed.
    But I did love it just as much.
    The months felt even sadder, I was soooo close to crying (I seriously don’t know why I didn’t, I cry at EVERYTHING).
    And I am also pretty sure that the ‘Hearing Damage’ scene is definitely high on my top 5 fave bits of the film.

    Maybe going for another viewing this weekend, will be interesting to see if my opinion changes after a third viewing.

    A for the critics saying Cougar Cath was a better director? Suck it, bitches, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I also think a contributing factor is a lot of these reviewers don’t invest so much time caring and anticipating and blogging and what-not about the films: they don’t seem to “get it”.

  6. Is anybody else on a New Moon comedown? I saw it twice this weekend and the first time I was in total disbelief it was actually happening and the day I had counted down to was finally here. Now it’s all over and I’m sad. I miss the hype, I miss the new Rob news EVERY day. That’s normal, right?

    I can’t read the critics objectively, because I am a FAN, I thought Kristen was great, and Taylor exceeded my expectations. Some of it was questionable, I think everyone agrees on which parts that is. I also didn’t think it was in any way slow paced! I’m not even sure how they can come to that conclusion?

    I think my biggest gripes are with Rob – but it’s impossible to portray Edward to everyone’s expectations, he’s PERFECT, you can’t play that! I found him a bit mumble-y and really, really serious all the time! Chillax dude! “You can’t trust a vampire. Trust me.” More of THAT please!! I did see in an interview Rob say he lightened Edward up for Eclipse – that is welcome news to me.

    • Um, I totally agree about Rob and could you be referring to the Vampire Bella in Jessica Mcclintock scene?

      • Hahahahah! Jessica Mcclintock! That so looks like a Jessica Mcclintock original. When I was 8, JM was the epitome of high fashion.

      • That was truely the only WTF moment in the movie for me. The entire audience at the midnight show was busting up at that. I can’t even put my finger on why it was such a fail. Was it the costumes? The fact that Rob (god bless him) looks even more awkward running in slow motion? If that’s the big HEA for Breaking Dawn, they need to work on it a bit.

        • And Kristen doesn’t look like a vampire at friggin’ ALL! They could have made her eyes red at least… or herself sparkly…

          • She was sparkly. And her eyes were the golden veggie version. She runs into the sun briefly. I thought that aspect of it was really well done.

            The major fail was Edward’s vest. Even Bella’s dress was acceptable. But that vest. I can’t even remember if his socks were tucked over his manpris, all 1700s style. That’s how I remember it. I try to block it out.

          • She WAS sparkly when she passed under the sunlight for a second. And her eyes were amber just like the Cullens.

            It was super-quick. Maybe you missed it?

          • LOL TeamSeth is soooo the other half of my brain.

          • I have to say that despite the vest and awkward frollicking (groan) from Edward, I did get excited seeing Bella finally strong, keeping up and even running ahead of Edward. Exciting! That’s what I miss most from Kristen’s portrayal of Bella- where’s the fun, witty side of our heroine? And Rob needs a little less angsty-brooding, a little more drive-me-crazy half smiles! All Taylor needs are those abs and some rain…

    • I know how you feel about a comedown! After the movie was over and we were driving back to my hotel, I wanted to start sobbing. I just had to tell myself it was normal and hope like hell it actually was.

      And Rob did wear the tweed. That = serious. You know this.

    • I agree about Rob! Its hard to play Edward and esp since he is supposed to be all serious and stuff. Im glad they gave him so funny lines and look forward to the “lighter” portayal in Eclipse!!

    • Almost total agreement. Taylor very much stepped up and delivered. I thought Kristen’s performance was excellent, as well. I should clarify, however, that I don’t think any of the roles were Oscar-caliber, and thus, I am not looking for Academy Award-level acting. I’m looking for competent, pleasing portrayals of the book characters. Done and done.

      No way in HALE was it slow-paced!

      The “almost” part that I disagree with? Loved Edward. Loved Rob. Loved Rob’s Edward. So tortured. So angsty. Eat. him. with. a. spoon. Nom effing nom.

      • I agree with your disagree! Edward needed to be tortured and angsty. Rob delivered! He was light hearted in the beginning before the Jasper incident, and that’s exactly how it should have been.

        Loved when he crushed the cell phone, btw.

        • Me, too! Loved that whole mini-scene, with the Christ the Redeemer statue in the background and the city lights. I really felt a sense of him being so far away, so detached from everyone he cared about.

          What can I say? I even loved his parking lot strut in the beginning! Maybe a li’l cheesy, but when someone looks THAT good, does it even matter?

          I may or may not have sung “Monsters” to my husband as he walked across the parking lot when we went to get in line yesterday. He was not amused.

          • I loved the parking lot strut too! Maybe it was cheesy…but don’t you think that’s really how Bella’s sees him? I know that’s how I see him when he’s walking toward me in my dreams.

            Er….um…did I just say that out loud?

          • You did say it. OUT LOUD. And I’m glad! I DO think that’s how Bella sees him – I mean, c’mon, how many times does she mention she’s not worthy of him?

            I think it’s great that these books and movies tout – okay, maybe objectify just a li’l – male characters. How many times have we seen a similar scene, only the slow-mo-sploitation was of a FEMALE?

            Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with Phoebe Cates in the red bikini, anyone?

          • I have listened to the beginning of “Monsters” about a hundred times and imagined Robward walking every time. Truth. That was my favorite part of the entire movie and I don’t care if you judge me.

          • @ StotheP
            Totes agree with the exploitation…I think it makes the the male critics question their sexuality and the female critics feel frustrated….therefore my intense mathematical effery = bad reviews…
            now onto the meaning of life….lol

          • StotheP…VAMPIRE.

            Just had to say that…OUT LOUD.

          • StotheP – Phoebe in red bikini…that’s awesome!

            Saw it twice over the weekend and definitely preferred the second viewing. The first time felt rushed to me (as well as soap opera melodramatic…which maybe was the point, dunno) but I appreciated it much more the second time. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could think it was too long. I could have watched another hour easily.

            Taylor was SO good…he really brought it.

          • So is it wrong that I totally believed Rob in the NGTV interview when he said there was a nude shot of Jacob in this movie? Let’s just say that while watching NM I was pissed with Robward for leaving AND for lying to me about something sooo important.

          • HA! The 2nd time I watched, naked Jake DID cross my mind. And don’t tell IllegalWL, but I wouldn’t have been TOTALLY opposed to the sight . . .

            What’s that they say? “Love the one you’re with.”

          • Too late…i heard ur heavy breathing all the way from NZ…Once Taycob totes falls in love with me on my 2010 tour (yeah keep telling yourself that) I swear StotheP, imma send u a pic…just a teaser though….cause i ❤ ya…lol

          • My mom said “heyy he is supposed to be suffering, so why in the HALE is he on holiday in Rio?” :-))

        • Actually you are totally right – I just want more of the lighthearted side, but obviously he couldn’t be lighthearted during the majority of the movie! I just wish I had seen more of the happier Edward.

      • What’s with all this “slow-paced” stuff? I thought it went too fast!!! Every second there was something going on! No time to breathe (and swoon). Ahh… just have to watch it multiple times to catch everything. Starting with this Friday at 10. 🙂

    • “I did see in an interview Rob say he lightened Edward up for Eclipse – that is welcome news to me.”

      You have no idea how happy you just made me!

    • The only part of the critics’ reviews I agreed with were Rob’s portrayal of Edward (sorry, don’t hate me). I think Edward should have been a LITTLE happier to be with Bella at least at the beginning of New Moon, so his intensity during the breakup scene would have been that much more potent. He could have also been a bit more relieved/exuberant when he realized she was alive. Instead, he is, to borrow the critics’ word, “emo” throughout. I think an Edward who is happy – hello, he has waited 100 years for this girl – and only occassionally tortured would have lent some weight to the love story and better reflected the rollercoaster the viewers were put on throughout the story.

      I can’t help but think that Kirsten, however, does a great rendition of Bella, especially in New Moon. She is supposed to be your “average” girl, a little insecure, but pretty typical. There was nothing she did in NM that you wouldn’t consider out of the ordinary for a 18 year old girl. Does that make her a bad actress: to act like an 18 year old girl, which she also happens to be? Not really, to me she’s doing the job. I think the fact that Edward is so morose and combined with the fact that she’s so insecure, a bit shy, takes away from the impact of their love story. Admittedly, I suppose she could have been a little bit happier at the beginning of the movie, too… hello, she’s head-over-heels in love with this guy.

      • As a disclaimer, I also believe that every actor is entitled to interpret the role in their own way and I don’t think Rob’s interpretation is “wrong.” It’s just not how I imagined Edward. But that’s ok, because I never expected my version of him would be exactly the same as someone else’s.

        Everyone gets so passionate about these films because of the incredible level of popularity that they’ve attained and the deep connection most of us had with the books… I think everyone could just “chillax” a bit and enjoy New Moon for the great work it is.

        • I never liked Rob’s portrayl of Edward. I sort of wish he wasn’t casted. Thumbs down me, fine. But you’d love whoever was casted instead, and don’t pretend that’s not true. And he would’ve never gotten to be in Remember Me or Little Ashes. In Charlie Bewley’s words (paraphrased to be funnier), “Hope to god I get work so I’m not slagging it in the bread line.”

          • That may be a bit harsh, but I’m not thumbing down, I think he is portraying Edward quite accurately… The Edward from Midnight Sun, that is. However, I do appreciate that he’s not Zach Effron-ing it.

            I also think that whatever is between him and KStew affects his performance. My opinion.

          • I agree with xylem…whatever is going on is affecting their performance. Whether it’s making them hold back…or it’s Stephenie Meyer’s influence on the scenes, but man, those kisses were like brother/sister kisses…BFF kisses…not kisses to the guy you haven’t seen for months and now just saved from being killed. Too chaste. I get that it’s PG-13, but c’mon…the kissing scene in Twilight is about 10 times hotter. And at 18…those kisses should be getting more intense, not “hey, we’ve been married for 40 years now, what do you expect?” kisses.

            I agree also, it’s more Edward from Midnight Sun. Perhaps he really is more of a jerk that Bella realizes, truth be known.

            Still, I do think Rob has talent…we shall see in Remember Me…I just think he is being too confined by Summit to portray what they think the character of Edward should be.

          • I never said Rob didn’t have talent. He proved that in that short ass trailer for Remember Me.

            “Perhaps he really is more of a jerk that Bella realizes, truth be known.”


            Sigh, I think today is one of my I really hate Edward days. I’ll try to reign it in.

          • TS – FYI – Little Ashes was filmed before he auditioned for Twilight. It got attention because of him and Twilight, but he would have been in the movie regardless.

          • Thanks, Ang. I didn’t know. Good to know that he’d gotten work.

          • @TS – I’m just here to share useless info about Rob. Just kidding. I’ve heard him talk about filming Little Ashes and that he still had the leftovers of the Dali hair when he went to the Twilight audition. Ashes was just slow to be released/distributed.

      • I agree regarding Rob’s acting. Although, and I KNOW I’m going to get thumbs down, I think Edward is a douchebag – he’s a pained-looking stalkery old dude who watches this girl sleep!

        “His skin sparkles in the sunlight! It looks like something Elton John would wear for an encore!”

        So unless you re-write the part entirely, it’s just not a really great character to play, so I can’t REALLY blame Rob. He seems like he is much cooler a person than actor. He hasn’t, in my opinion, shown that he has great acting talent. Not to say he doesn’t, just that I haven’t seen it! I’m sorry, but looking constipated and breathing heavy is NOT great acting!

        As a musician, and all-around person, he seems amazing.

        I guess I should clarify that I hated the books, but I really loved the movie. It was the actors and the first script that really grabbed my attention – I read the books later, well, skimmed them, it was a pretty painful read. I just thought that in New Moon they would take more liberties with the story, like they did in Twilight. Twilight the movie made it cool for me. This was too much New Moon, the book.

        Oh, and the frolicking scene made everyone in the theatre laugh. You could tell they didn’t want to, but we all did. That was beyond me.

    • Obviously they’re not oscar worthy. I mean, so obviously. But neither is the film, so who gives a crap. It will never win an Oscar, let alone be nominated. Perhaps the score? Perhaps. The more I listen to it, the more disappointed I am. But I was trying to differentiate between Bella, Edward, and Jacob’s themes…and I just couldn’t.

      • Me too! But I think it might be a bit more obvious when you listen to the music rather than try to work it out in the film, ’cause… you know… I’m distracted when either of them are on screen 😉

      • agree wholeheartedly on the score! I adored the Twilight score, I listen to it as in my car, whilst reading, whenever. I’m not an instrumental music type normally, so I think that speaks alot about the emotions that Carter Burwell was able to squeeze into his score for Twilight, that I enjoy it so much.

        The score from New Moon seemed pretty ho-hum to me – nothing special or out of the ordinary. In fact, in some places I felt it to be extremely cliched.

        Felt the soundtrack itself was also better for Twilight than for New Moon.

    • I saw it three times this weekend – once for the head, once for the heart, the rest for the … ! 😉

      At first, I was kind of bummed at Edward’s seriousness, too. But, what I noticed during the second viewing is that it’s Bella who’s always bringing him down. In the parking lot, he was smiley about her birthday – until she complained about her “age-ing”. At the birthday party, he smiles when Alice asks them to “Show me the love” – it’s Bella who’s pouting. In Italy, he smiles widely when he realizes she’s alive – then she has to say how she can “leave him alone now”. The list goes on….

      I loved, loved, loved the movie. Just have 2 questions:

      1. Does anyone else wonder what happened to the HOT outdoor reunion kiss in Italy that we saw in the still shots from filming in May (the one where Edward is lifting up Bella’s shirt in the back – not that I noticed or anything – lol)? I spent the rest of my first viewing disappointed that we didn’t get to see that kiss – only the one inside, which was much less hot, IMHO.

      2. During the scene when Jacob and Bella are in the truck, and almost kiss, all I could think was – “Exactly how many phone books is that boy sitting on?!” Sorry, Team Edward ’til the end!! 🙂

      • “Exactly how many phone books is that boy sitting on?!” – LMAO

        • I’m Team Jacob and that was funny as hell 🙂

          • I am do gals I didn’t see your comment until after my second viewing because now, I will always think of it when it gets to that scene. Mwahaha!

      • 1. Perhaps we got that kiss and just couldn’t tell because THE WHOLE EFFING THING WAS A CLOSEUP OF HIS SHOULDER.

        Hated the kissing. I missed Cougwicke’s cougar tendencies on that one. I hope Slade got the leg hitch correct.

      • Hmm, interesting point… I didn’t think of it that way.

        I need a 3rd viewing perhaps?

  7. The reviews are about the same here in Belgium. On retarded critic even went so far as to say that the movie has no layers beyond the obvious teenage love story. Ehm, sorry, no layers?! There’s tons of layers, ranging from all the metaphors about vampires and sexual repression to the simple fact that adult relationships are hard, and you have to make choices and let some things go. That hardly seems like a uni-layered teenage love story to me.

    • Exactly the same in Denmark. It kind of annoys me because now everyone (who haven’t seen the film) judges me, because I like it, and thinks I’m only into corny movies.
      I think New Moon was good. Not Oscar-good, but good. And I don’t understand the whole “these guys can’t act” thing. I think all three of them do a great job.
      I guess that’s why I will never be a critic.

  8. Only two more sleeps and I can play the game too. Is it wrong to be more lookng foward to new moon than my trip home in about 8 or 9 days? I haven’t been home in four years!!! Bring on wednesday night xx

  9. It’s a funny old world. On my second viewing on Saturday, I took hubby along with me! At the end I asked him what did he think and surprisingly he thought Twilight was better! On asking why, he thought NM was very slow and the only good bit was the Volturi scenes right at the end. He thought Twilight was a little more exciting and to the point!



    • Yeah, my almost-unicorn friend liked Twilight better, too. He told me he felt New Moon seemed too safe. As in, not willing to experiment much with the source material, where as with Twilight the director did that and even though the experiments weren’t very successful, it felt more genuine and charming. I must say I partly agree, but that’s probably ’cause I saw Twilight before I read the books and I have a soft spot for it.

      • Agree completely. I thought Twilight was completely charming (seen it 15 times easily)…so embarrassed. I also watch Twilight before reading book. I don’t think the book would have swept me away the same way the movie (i.e. Rob) did, but loved reading the books several times after seeing movie. Who cares…

    • My hubby said the exact same thing!

      He thought Twilight was a decent vampire love story, but he didn’t get New Moon at all.

      I must add that he was incapable to understand that Taylor was hot (“a child”) or what “27-years-old” Kristen (srsly, his words) was doing with this child.

      • I forgot to mention the fun stuff that went down the second time I watched New Moon. We were 500 girls and >20 guys:

        When Edward dumped Bella and said “It will be as if I never existed”, a guy in the audience shouted: “GOOD!”

        • Bahahaha!! That’s hilarious!

          I went to see NM with my Mum (the 2nd time) and she also preferred Twilight. But she said it was because Jacob did ‘nothing for her’ – which is fair enough considering he is only 2 years older than her youngest son.

        • While I was watching it for the first time on the opening day (of course) during the final scene right before the proposal one guy (and I should say most people in the theatre were men) shouted “C’mon, bite her already” which ruined the ending for me, but it was funny :-))

  10. I think people who have not read New Moon can still ‘get it’. There are plenty of people who didn’t read Twilight who somehow still got that movie and New Moon is better and more faithful.

    Whichever reviewer wrote this:
    “In “New Moon,’’ she’s playing a spurned and devastated woman, and Stewart just doesn’t have the skill set to do much more than stare woodenly into the middle distance.”
    must be fortunate enough to have never been devestated or depressed. I spent the better part of four months staring woodenly into the middle distance. That whole sequence was hard for me because it was it was exactly how I looked and behaved.

    I think a lot of people who aren’t already into the Twi-world are just annoyed with the whole thing and have already decided that anything associated with it is terrible.

    • ‘people who aren’t already into the Twi-world are just annoyed with the whole thing and have already decided that anything associated with it is terrible’

      TRUTH, and it makes me kinda angry, but whatever. To each their own. Personally, I can’t stand Clint Eastwood or most things he’s affiliated with.

      Thanks for acknowledging the grief sequence and how the reviewer just doesn’t “get it.” Who’s to say how another person would handle such loss? Obviously, Kristen’s acting was very close to your reality. I think I might have much the same reaction in that circumstance.

      I’ve read or watched many interviews wherein Kristen talks about connecting with her character, and really digging into the part, and I think that she owns Bella, more so in NM than even in Twilight. But just as Weitz said that not everyone would agree with his vision, not everyone will agree with the actors’ interpretations. And that’s okay with me, but I just wish people would stop with the derision and scorn and superiority complexes already. We get it, okay?

    • I agree Jodes. Kristen did what Bella describes in the books to a T. She didn’t have huge fits of crying or torturing herself. She was just … blank. And at night, she screamed. Done and done.

      There was a little blinking in there along the way, but not much.

      I was in a play once where I had to open the act by screaming out in my sleep in the darkness. A blood curdling scream, I think the notes said. It sounded just like UC described … like a painful orgasm. And when the lights came up, it looked like one too. EMBARRASSING.

    • JodieO – Agree.. esp. with the staring woodenly look. When I read NM, I was hit hard by the month pages because I related to it very much. I wanted to feel that in the movie, and I really did. I think that part was beautifully done.

      • It was perfect. Right down to the ‘oh, people are starting to notice, I have to pretend to snap out of it’ moment.

        • Oh, yes! That was perfect.

          I’m really looking forward to seeing this the second time. Someone was talking (quite loudly) during much of this scene, so I was a bit distracted and could feel it as deeply as I wanted.

    • The reviewer who wrote that must have never had his/her heart broken…and obviously never read New Moon. Kristen’s portrayal of those scenes was exactly what I’d expected and hoped for (although I agree it was hard to watch…which, to me, speaks volumes about her acting skills).

    • That scene was my favorite, I really feel the pain, the depression. I almost cry…and the music (Possibility) was just perfect for that moment.

  11. I’ve made peace with the fact that movies about football coaches and players who achieve greatly under difficult circumstances are not for me. So I don’t go to those. This movie is not for jaded old men & women who’ve forgotten what it felt like be young and in love/lust with a vampire and a wolf. 

    All in all this is a win/win for goddess SM. I came to the fandom after watching the Twilight debacle. I was confused about so many things in the movie that I had to buy the books to undersand it (cheching!!!). This will be no different I met three people at the theatre while watching New Moon who had not read the books and had all sorts of questions (mostly about Jasper… And not even about his wig). Two of them said they now wanted to read the books.

    • “This movie is not for jaded old men & women who’ve forgotten what it felt like be young and in love/lust with a vampire and a wolf.”

      I wish I could remember what that felt like… 😉

      What were their Jasper questions about, if not his wig? Why he wasn’t in a giant banana costume?

      • Imma go out on a limb here and say they probably went something like this:

        “Is that a dude?”


        “Is that dude constipated?”


        “Is that dude the baby daddy for the chick in the painter’s smock?”

        • “the painter’s smock”

          FOR REAL! WTF was she wearing? That was almost as bad as the Vulturi scene outfit and the acid washed jeans from Twilight.

        • You hit the nail right on the head! How did you know???

          They wanted to know why the camera kept focusing on him and why he looked like that (constipated is a good description).

        • Oh god you’re the best critics ever. I laugh so hard my tummy hurts.
          Is it weird that I like Twilight better . Mostly because the amount of Rob’s onscreen time. I got bored in the middle of movie, Kris and Taylor act just ..Meh…

      • I thumb upped u for the banana costume comment!

  12. As soon as the critics “get” that this franchise is not aimed for Sundance and Oscars audiences…the sooner they can get off their high horses and loosen the suspenders holding up their high waisted tweed trousers. I mean seriously, this is NOT Frost/Nixon nor is it Milk…enjoy it cause its escapism… not EVERYTHING has to be Ghandi (sigh Remember Me Rob) and philosophy….

    I thought the film was fab… The cast was amazing…and it left me wanting more. Everything was such a huge WIN!!! It was a BIG step-up from Twilight…and millions of others agree…and its the millions that sell tickets…not evil, repressed, snooty reviewers…so suck on that …

    Tweedy Defensive Cookie

    p.s. Just realised I didnt mention Tay even once…lol…I love that pic of the…errr…broody wolf…. 😀
    Morning everybody!!!

    • Stop reading my mind! Who do you think you are, Edward?

      Good hot morning to you, sister in wolf!

      • sister in wolf…of course i can read your mind…I fursploded before writing that angry post…it was bit hard to type in the teeny tiny keyboard but i managed lol…i believe u were in wolf form as well? your post does have a hint of anger… 🙂

        • Sure, sure! That explains everything. Ok… Gotta phase back and get ready for work.

          • Don’t pull a Taylor and accidently be naked.

            Good luck finding your jorts and Nikes hidden in the forest.

    • ‘As soon as the critics “get” that this franchise is not aimed for Sundance and Oscars audiences…the sooner they can get off their high horses and loosen the suspenders holding up their high waisted tweed trousers.’ AMEN!

    • ‘its the millions that sell tickets…not evil, repressed, snooty reviewers…so suck on that ‘

      And that, my friend, is the perfect rebuttal. I didn’t read reviews BEFORE watching the movie, because I knew they wouldn’t really matter but could possibly piss me off. I read only a mixed few after, but they still don’t matter, because I know I loved it, flaws and all, and will continue to love it because of what it means to me, not what someone who’s PAID to have an opinion thinks of it.

      I mean, let’s get real. Would many tweed-wearing [read:serious] professional critics actually squee over this movie? Not if they ever wanted to be taken seriously by their colleagues again. Such bs, the Twi prejudice. Twicism?

    • Agreed…well said!

      It is frustrating that critics think audiences only want to see deep dark movies about, you know, suicidal artists or something. Or at the least, angsty football players who learn the power of a family, or whatever. Sure I appreciate movies like that, sometimes. But I also love Twilight. Since when are some movies not allowed to be fun escapist entertainment, especially when done rather well, like NM?

      What’s so wrong with us wanting to see a little Vampire, Wolf, abs action once in a while? The world sucks enough, we don’t *always* have to be reminded in the movie theater when we’re trying to be entertained. Liking the Twilight series doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the Serious movies, too. We just don’t always want to. And how boring would it be if the world only had “deep” and Serious movies like Milk in it? *Yawn.* Come on. A world without movies like Twilight… I’d be more depressed than Edward was when he ran away to Rio and discovered they don’t sell wool and Tweed coats in Brazil.

    • PREACH IWL! 😉

  13. I loved the movie but I’ve only seen it once.

    My mom went with me along with a ton of other people who have only seen Twilight once. Never read any books.

    They all LOVED it. Seriously. Made them want to read the books. Made them all ask me extremely uncomfortable questions about baby vampires, imprinting, and Volturi. I hate being in the spotlight like that but I toughed it out for them.

    KStew won me over, finally.
    I even wore my “Cut Your Mullet” shirt to the theater and felt bad about it afterward.

    Critics can suck it. A great movie is not about box office or perfect acting. It is about making people think. Whether the thought is “Why am I Team Edward?” or “Can vampires have souls?”

    Or even makes you think of your most difficult breakup and when Bella is sitting in that chair with the world swirling around her, you know EXACTLY how she feels.

    As much as I wanted to cry during this part, I couldn’t. My heart was gone. Ripped out. Stepped on. I knew it was going to happen but still Edward leaving made me feel like I had lost a part of me.

    That is what a great movie is about. Identifying with the characters and feeling what they feel.

    • AMEN! So funny, with the questions from people. I have never felt as bizarre in my life as when I am trying to explain Twilight. Yesterday, I had to explain to my guy about WHY Edward just finally shut the hell up and changed Bella.

      I got to “stomach” and “teeth” before his eyes rolled. Pretty sure I was Bella blushing already.

      • I’ve never been so mortified as when I was trying to explain puking fountains of blood and baby vamp ripping through Bella’s body to my fifteen year old brother.

        He thinks I’m a nut case.

        BUT he is so Team Jacob, it isn’t funny.

        He is a big dirtbike fan so that won him over.


    • You have a Cut Your Mullet shirt? I fell in love with you all over again.

      My important thoughts included:
      Will Charlie ever say, “Sometimes you’ve gotta learn to love what’s good for you.” so that I can reach up and hug him and say, “I love you.”
      That Demetri guy is super hot.

      Other important thoughts involved:
      I wonder if UC&Moon will make fun of their grunts in that kiss by her truck.
      Why aren’t people laughing at the leprosy line? Do they all have cousins with leprosy too?

      • I totally laughed at that line! Jessica was hilarious!

      • “I wonder if UC&Moon will make fun of their grunts in that kiss by her truck.” – I didn’t have a chance to see it in the original, but in Russian variant it was like a high-pitched-I-just-came-into-my-pants sound which wasn’t cool at all :-)) people were like “ok, he’s not of the ones who last long… – dude, you don’t understand, he’s been keeping it for a 100 years” :-)))

        • I think the ruskies hit it dead on.

          • ARE YOU FOR REAL??? I was hoping to the end that it was just the problem of dubbing 🙂 I can’t wait for DVD to come out to finally see it in English!

            P.S. In the Russian variant of the saga, Jasper is called “Carrie” (like Carrie Bradshaw?) in all of the books. Should I inform SM about it?

      • “I wonder if UC&Moon will make fun of their grunts in that kiss by her truck”

        I said this a few weeks ago when the clip got leaked. I said we would be laughing about the I-came-in-my-pants kiss. I totally did not crack up in the theater, though. I had already begun to cry at that point….but it does look like he came in his pants.

    • “cut your mullet?!” i SOOO need one of those

  14. I think a lot of times critics WANT to hate on movies that are popular, designed for teens, etc. The problem is that not all films HAVE to be art house, independent, foreign films. I, for one, love bad action movies. Once in a while I even like a romantic comedy (preferably when it stars John Cusack). I think there’s a place for all genres in the film world and it’s a shame that critics sometimes seem to go in biased.

    That said, some of those reviews were hysterical.

    I’ve finally figured out part of my problem with Kristen Stewart. I don’t think she’s a bad actress at all (though, I do think that Dakota Fanning is better). No, she tries too hard to make things too realistic. Which means that she really embodies her characters. The problem? It’s not fun to watch realistic. I’m not an actor, but it seems like you have to exaggerate a little, even in subtle situations, to make things more apparent and entertaining to the viewer, and I think sometimes KStew loses herself in the character so much that she forgets the viewer. Just an opinion, I really don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.

    Other problem, these books are too cerebral. I’ve conducted this experiment on some of my friends. If you haven’t read the books, unless you like the movie enough to go read the books, then you’re just lost, and, sadly, you’ll never “get” it.

    • I like action movies that star John Cusack, CON AIR anyone! We all know that movie sucked and I LOVE it nonetheless! Cyrus the Virus, how can you beat that??!

    • Good point about KStew. I don’t really know anything about acting either, but your thoughts make sense.

      Dakota Fanning, for instance, seems to toe the line between believable and exaggerated which apparently does play out better on screen. You may be right in that KStew’s only fault is that she’s a little “too” into character!

    • Hey, you’re preaching to the choir, here!

      My FAVORITE genre of movie is disasterporn. Epic catastrophes on global scale? I’M IN!

      Also a huge Cusack fan, SO can you IMAGINE how excited I am to see 2012? Cusack, racing against time, earthquakes, collapsing buildings, freaking ARMAGEDDON? It’s like my own personal brand of . . .

      I like how Meyer’s books have sparked interest in other literature, notably classics like Austen and Bronte.

      • Yep, I read that Edward is named after Mr Rochester from Jayne Eyre, he is my favourite classical hero because he’s pretty arrogant and that’s how I like my men!! BBC did a wonderful adaptation last year or the year before with Toby Stevens as the best Rochester ever!

        Although, hands down my favourite book EVER is The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (sorry, Steph!). I. Love. That. Book. Lord Henry Wotton is hotter than words. It’s constantly in my bag and I just read it over and over again.

        I’ve totally digressed! I really need to get on with some work now…

    • I think you’re definitely on to something with your assessment of Kristen’s acting. She’s just so damn realistic! You don’t feel like she’s acting. I thought she was pretty great in Twilight – but I do thing she was better in New Moon! 🙂 The one part the irks me is when she arrived to the meadow in NM and she wraps her arms around her body and drops to her knees. I know that’s what happens in the book but it seemed silly in the movie. I think they could have had her look around at the emptiness there and look devastated and we would have felt the emotion.

      Yeah, I couldn’t really imagine ‘getting’ the films without seeing the movies. ALTHOUGH I have a few friends that have seen Twilight before reading the books and they loved it. who knows! lol

  15. Haha, I just read the four comments above mine. Great minds think alike, eh?

  16. The issue with these reviews is that they are judging New Moon as a standalone movie and not taking into account what we all are: Twilight. If you are only judging New Moon as a movie on it’s own from a critics eye, then we all can say yeah, it ain’t getting any oscar nods.

    But for us, this movie is good partially because it follows up the embarassingly bad Twilight. I’ve only seen NM twice and there are already parts where I’m kinda cringing (who didn’t laugh at the future vamp Bella scene), but there are so many good parts. Is Kristen’s acting top notch? Maybe not, but compared to her acting in Twilight, it fah-reaking rawks! The special effects? Baaad in Twi (cables, anyone?) and better in NM. Is Jasper constipated with a poodle wig? Ok, maybe not the best example.

    Things that are still great in NM that were great in Twi – Charlie. Loved him then, love him now. Victoria. Still crying over her. The soundtrack (i know, I know, but I loved the Twi one, too)

    Third times a charm on Tues for me too!
    xoxo SP

    • Will be seeing it for the second time tomorrow…but I could not have said it better than this. We are comparing to the travesty that was Twilight…not as a standalone movie. The critics aren’t. Even the actors have said as much, somewhere there’s a vid of Rob basically saying that New Moon is so much better than Twilight as a movie.

      But as a standalone, it ain’t Schindlers List.

  17. I think it boils down to this:

    Would the people who wrote the reviews like the book?

    Because the movie was uber faithful to the book (in pacing, plot points, etc), so if the reviewers are the type to hate the book then they are not going to like that movie.

    @Shleeeigh – I definatly felt like they played the very beginning too seriously/slightly depressing- I wanted to see happy Edward and Bella before everything goes to hell! But that was honestly my only beef with the movie.

  18. I stopped reading the reviews after I saw the movie.
    At 3am, when I got home from the midnight screening I jumped online with my friends to have a look at the first reviews from the so-called ‘critics’ and found the majority of them to have the same themes as the ones mentioned above in this post.

    It really ticks me off, because the movie isn’t meant to be a ‘blockbuster’ or any kind of epic movie, its about a young girls depression over lost love.
    The critics aren’t reviewing the movie for what it is, they are reviewing it for what they think it should be.

    And as for them all saying twilight was better, they obviously have no idea, and its simply further proof that no one who has read the books could possibly think that twilight was more well-made than new moon.

    I feel really passionate about this (as an unfortunate friend on facebook discovered whe he had the nerve to post a link to a bad review)
    The ciritcs need to get off their high-horses and take a step back and look at the movie for what it really is. As illegalwolflover mentioned above me, its not aimed at that audience so they shouldn’t review it like it is.

    Sorry for my rant, I’m a passinate twi-lighter 🙂

    • Isn’t it a blockbuster though? Weren’t the lines to get in all the way around the block? Isn’t that the definition of blockbuster?

      • Dood, epic busting of the blocks over here.

        • lol, maybe so. I meant more specifically that its not supposed to be all action and suspense and all that that usually comes with big name movies.
          I think some people are just forgetting that its based on a book.
          It just really pisses me off

  19. I personally don’t care what the critics say. I haven’t and will not read any of them. It doesn’t matter what they say because the FANS have spoken, and that’s all the matters!! 🙂 $140.7<—that's says it all, imo!
    Did anyone else miss the fact that they didn't explain what her visions where and the fact that she didn't have her epiphany about Edward really loving her the same way??

  20. So basically the movie stunk big time but made a ton of money. That’s cool. Was the bucks worth it? I mean movies are expensive plus all the poporn and coke and good stuff.

  21. I am really trying to look at this objectively, but I think I’m having a hard time due to the fact that New Moon was hands down better than Twilight. But, I’m going to try. Beware, it could get wordy…

    I felt that this time around Kristin really began to capture Bella. Instead of her just staring at Edward with doe-eyes like she did in Twilight, to me at least, I felt she captured her feelings for Edward well w/o words. For example, when she seems him getting out of his car on her birthday, w/o saying a thing, you see this disbelief that he is walking to her and loves her but at the same time you see her excitement and can almost feel her heart skip a beat. Same as when he leaves her in the forest, you see her pain and throughout esp. when she speaks to him before she jumps from the cliff – heartbreaking. As for Taylor, I felt he played Jacob just right…you picture him young, whimsical and doting on Bella – Taylor did that. But with Edward, I waiver. I love Rob and love Edward – I’m Team Edward. But for me, I just feel that Rob has not captured Edward’s essence completely. At times, he is overplaying him and making him so serious. I think it’s Rob’s interpretation of Edward. He sees him as an old vampire, that has issues (don’t know exact words he said, but I’ve read articles where he has had some gripes about Edward). And I think that’s where I have the problems, Rob as Edward – beautiful and lovely to look at. But I picture Edward so much different b/c I, like some others, have this ideal of Edward in my head. Maybe Edward really came off like that in the book to others, but just like Bella I saw him in an entirely different way. But overall, the acting was so much better than the first movie for the three of them, and the Volturi were great – all of them…not just Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning.

    I think it would be hard for a critic to look at this movie and judge. Just like it’s a challenge to bring a book to life on the screen, it’s probably a challenge to critique it – things are missing that may be pertinent to the story, but for the fan who has read the book, we can fill in the blanks. A movie critic may necessarily not be able to do that b/c they didn’t read the book or simply don’t understand the appeal.

    I saw the movie three times this weekend and each time I enjoyed it, and it didn’t seem to drag even on my third viewing. There are some little things that bother me and things that I questioned and didn’t find consistent, but overall I think C. Weitz did an amazing job. And each time I saw it, I felt Kristin’s performance was stronger – the notes to Alice and her narrative…kills me.

    Ugh, sorry for the short story. I haven’t had many people to “talk it out” with so I obviously jumped on this opportunity.

    • You are so right about the three main actors/characters. Of the three, I think Taylor captured character the best and that’s because he kept it simple… He studied the books. Kristen may have too this time around, but Rob is way off the mark with his. SM might have done him a diservice by sharing Midnight Sun with him. Because although he may be feeling all the deep and sad emo he’s been portraying on screen, that is not what Bella experiences and therefore not what we should experience either.

      I love Rob, so I am blaming it all on the wardrobe deptartment. It’s impossible to act carefree when you are wearing tweed!

      Yeah… I had pent up unshared feelings about this movie too. 

    • Re: Edward. You took the words out of my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Rob, and I love Edward and I don’t think Rob is in any way a ‘bad’ actor or doing this badly at all. It’s just Edward is a perfect creature, and perfect is different for all of us, Rob is perfect looking as Edward, but he wasn’t so tortured and serious in my mind.

      • How was Edward not tortured in NM? I mean, I think before the birthday party he was a little less distraught, but he was never a carefree character – not really until Bella is changed in BD.

        Having said that, I will say WTF to his acting during the birthday goodnight kiss. He looked like he’d eaten bad shrimp or something. Doubling over and groaning? I mean, I get that he was distraught and upset over what happened, but that kiss was not passionate and hot at all.

        • I’m kinda talking the saga as a whole – but you guys are right with New Moon specifically, the boy was having a hard time!

    • ” I haven’t had many people to “talk it out” with so I obviously jumped on this opportunity”

      I know…I came home at 3:00 Friday morning and Mr. Fursploded was asleep and I had gone to see NM alone, so I came on LTT and screamed about it!

    • Agreed, agreed, agreed. I think you summed up many feelings I have as well especially about Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

  22. i think it’s true that the aggressive marketing and general popularity of the movie, and the franchise in general, has generated something of a backlash and a lot of people are just determined to hate it based on that. i quit reading the reviews because of this, and because i’ve been hearing it plenty on my day-to-day.
    here’s the thing. it’s become apparent to me that the majority of the people sounding off on how bad this movie is haven’t read the book. Maybe it’s just me, but can you really judge an adaptation if you are unfamiliar with the source material? personally, i don’t think so. nor am i interested in opinions on the books from people who haven’t read them, but i hear them frequently!
    of course, both the book and movie incarnations of New Moon have flaws, i don’t think any of us super-fans are disputing it. but Kstew’s performance wasn’t one of them. i don’t know where the critics are at with this, because i’ve struggled with depression too, and let me tell you, girl nailed it. she had me in tears for a signifigant part of the movie. sorry, just had to rant there for a sec.

    • I love that you used the plural of “incarnation” as if there’s more than one version. You’re a dreamer, egregious!

      and I think you can judge a movie adaptation w/out reading the book. I saw Golden Compass and liked it. I could tell where it left out major segments of the book though. I saw Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and never finished reading the book in middle school because I thought it was stupid. I also thought the movie was stupid. Go figure. I only liked the opening when London gets bombed.

      • I am thumbs-upping you for saying that LW&W was stupid. I would a million times over if I could. I made it all the way through it, and I will never get those hours of my life back, ever.

  23. I have only seen it once but I am getting time to see it again soon! Trying to get a girl from work to see it with me but she hasnt seen Twilight, so I am letting her borrow it so she can get prepared!

    Went to the MOST ghetto movie theatre to see NM in Philly!! I mean, I was scared for my life. They didnt let us in until 5 minutes before it was supposed to start and it was like a mad rush for the door. Like wal-mart on black Friday. We locked arms and pushed our way through the crowd, praying we wouldnt get shot! We made it though but next time I got to the movies (ever!) I will pay the $4 bridge toll to go to the nice theatre in Cherry Hill, NJ!!!

    New Moon was awesome!!! It made Twilight look like college students made it. It was fabulous. Even KStew stepped up her game. Taylor of course was great. I loved the funny lines, the natural dialogue, the clothes (beside Edward’s suites) and every scene besides the one of the vision Alice shows Aro. (kind of cheesy!) It was deff worth my $10.50 and I will see it again (prob mult times) in the theatre! Yay!!!!!!!!!

    • I liked the dialogue a lot. Like when she says, “Are you doubting your mad skills?” Your old wpolo players said stuff like that. It was a very teenager line.

  24. I don’t think NM is a masterpiece and Oscar-worthy but it is much better than Twilight. I’ve seen it twice and the affects did kind of wear off after the excitement of the midnight showing. I actually loved the (added) action scenes. And I must be blind because I thought the wolf fights were edge of your seat awesome and Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree never came to mind once. I also loved how when Jacob and Paul are fighting in the woods the camera gets knocked over as if it was a hidden camera that just happened to be filming there and a random fight between two wolves knocked it over. Oops. And I continue to be amazed with Billy Burke. LOVE him!

    • Me, too! I was fully expecting the wolves to be cheesy, but I thought the effects were really good! I mean, I know I kinda had “Twi-goggles” on, but even when I watched the second time I thought they were believable. In size, in motion, and in expression, I was reminded of actual wolves. When Jacob and Paul were fighting, it reminded me so much of when my own furchildren try to act like big dogs. Meaning, every day when I come home and walk through the door and they almost trip me with their “me first” crap.

    • Love Billy Burke and the Bella/Charlie relationship is super sweet. I love them!

      • Team Charlie! 😀

        • concern and copstache…can life get any better?…damn u Sue Clearwater….damn u and ur seductive ways….

          • I just had a thought, Charlie’s like all BFFs with Harry in this movie. BD happnes like….Christmas the same year that Harry dies. So, let’s go with about 9 months later assuming spring break is in March (which I think it’s in April, but whatever). Um, Sue is totes over the death of her husband by then?! WHAT?!

          • I totally wondered the same thing when I read BD. But, I had forgotten that I wondered that until you just brought it up. Sue Clearwater is a minx, I tell you.

        • Unrelated, but inquiring minds need to know:
          When Edward said, “Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve done in a hundred years.” What was the thing he did 100 years ago? ‘Cuz he establishes himself as 109 in the beginning of the film. Was it that he came back to Carlisle after his adolescent rebellion of human killing and had to feel guilty about it?

          • Hmm… okay, let’s think about this. If he is 109, that means he is probably taking human years + vampire years into account. Since he was born in 1901, that means this takes place in 2010 (weird). Regardless, this means that he has been a vampire for 92 years. So, 100 years would extend back to his human childhood. Since he had a happy childhood, my only guess is that what he meant was that leaving Bella was the hardest thing he did over the course of his entire existence and he was just generalizing when he said 100 years, because Bella’s feeble human mind can’t really comprehend the difference between 100 and 109 years. I don’t know, that’s the best I got.

          • I think he just meant it in the sense of ‘hardest thing he’s ever done’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the 109 encompasses both vampire and human years, making him 9 years old at the time, if his ‘hundred years’ line is taken literally.

  25. After seeing that movie… I’m “meh.” I wasn’t wowed by anyone except Michael Sheen. I really just wanted it to be 2 hours of “The Twilight Saga: Aro’s Story.” For serious.

    • I LOVED Aro…at one point when he was excited/happy and clapping his hands I said outloud “Hercules! Hercules!”

      I had a running commentary through the whole thing. I blame the sweet tea vodka.

      • Hahaha I had a running commentary, too! And I might have had some rum in my coke. People around me were probably wondering if I had Tourette’s. Mostly with the scenes including Mike (“That dude is weird” – my favorite line) and Charlie. And I might have screamed ‘asshole’ when Edward left Bella.

      • I felt like I was having my own personal stand up comedy routine. For some reason, everything was hilarious, and I felt the need to entertain my best friend and the tween next to me, who was giddy with laughter. It must have been the margaritas.

        • LOVED the midnight experience for this reason! My friend and I were cracking each other UP!

          Our theater was pretty expressive, with cheers and laughs and stuff. ONE lady yelled out, “PLEAE BE QUIET!” and I’m pretty sure everyone busted out laughing even harder. Dood. You’re watching “New Moon.” At MIDNIGHT.

          • I loved the commentary Friday night – opening night still, in my mind – and the audience was obnoxious in a good way.

            The problem was I went back to see the movie again on Sunday early afternoon hoping to have a quieter viewing and I ended up sitting next to the most obnoxious sixteen year olds ever. They seemed to think it was their personal duty to ruin the film for everyone around them by loudly – not whispering – talking about how “lame” and “cheesy” and “stupid” each moment was – and how Jacob was “so ugly” and Edward was “so weird looking” — I wanted to slap the girls! I mean, ok, you’re entitled to not like Twilight. But then why go and see it on opening weekend, and what’s more, feel obligated to assert your hate of it for everyone within 2 rows of you to hear? After they laughed through the “lame” kissing scene between Bella and Edward after her birthday I quickly moved far, far away to a much politer row of middle aged women. (I could hear them cracking up behind me, I’m sure they loved that I couldn’t stand the obnoxious little beyotches.)

            Seriously, girls like that need to grow up and have parental supervision until they do. I feel sorry for them that they couldn’t at least be a little politer and just keep it to themselves. It’s one thing to make a few whispered negative comments once in a while but to have a loud, running commentary about how terrible and lame and cheesy everything is? No.

            I can just see them in their 10th grade classes this morning obnoxiously telling all of their classmates how much they hated the film… I hope someone trips them or sneezes on their diet coke. But because of their obnoxious, loud manner I can totally see them being the “school mean girls” scaring their classmates into becoming closet Twihards. So sad. 😦

            I can just imagine when they grow up they’ll be fake-blonde super bitches with plastic botoxed faces and cheating @$$-hole ex-Wall Street banker husbands. ’cause that usually is what happens with that type of girl.

            Not to be mean or resentful or anything. I’m just saying.

          • I saw some girls like that in the video store. Talking about how the ‘used’ to like Twilight, but they now think it’s lame. All I could think was, ‘ well why in the hell are you in here perusing through the New Moon merchandise?’ You know those same girls ran home and hit up every Twi-blog imaginable trying to get their Twilight fix. They’re probably here right now. Hey, Hookers!

    • Don’t thumbs down because of her opinion!!

      Thumbs up to you, Sara, for being ballsy.

  26. ” And seriously if you’re reading LTT but haven’t seen the movie yet you better have a GOOD reason. Swine Flu? Rob knocked on your door and said he’d be with you but only if you promised never to see one of his films?

    What the Hale UC …You were supposed to keep Rob’s visit a secret!!! He left here this morning so pissed that he was found out… I have not only NOT seen the movie…bot ROB left…”talk about someone ruining my Monday morning!”
    Still love ya tho…welcome home…xo 🙂

    • YOU were the one I was thinking of when I wrote that…. you have the best excuse of them all

      • LMAO….then you should have put ” And seriously if you’re reading LTT but haven’t seen the movie yet you better have a GOOD reason. Swine Flu… BRAIN DAMAGE..? Rob knocked on your door and said he’d be with you but only if you promised never to see one of his films?

        Then I would have been feelin “the UC love”….
        Hope you had the bestest time ever!!!

    • Do u have pics MidCyn? We really need them for the Breaking News…are you feeling better or was that just a cover-up for ur dalliances with Rob? lol missed u….

    • MidCyn – So you being “sick” was just code for “I don’t have time for you people because Rob is here.” I understand…I’d ditch too!

      • @Illegawolflover & Ang :
        I HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT FOR SURE..actually Dr. C was here with Rob….cause I was seriously ill..begged Rob to “turn me” just so I would be permantely better…he wouldn’t tho..he wants me to keep my soul…bless his non beating heart..
        Lil better today….so missed you all yesterday..didn’t even turn on puter til I wrote last night then passed out again…

        Have I mentioned lately HOW FREAKING MUCH I WANT to see this MOVIE!
        Sorry, its the fever…I need Eddie back to cool me down ..but UC took him away….. 😦

        • MidCyn – Thank God for Dr. C! Hope he makes you better! And hmmm, don’t know about Edward coming to cool you down. True – he would bring the temp down….but since he might be the cause of the fever maybe he should stay away.

          Oh, who are we kidding? He’s worth the fever! 🙂

          • OH YES HE IS!! 🙂

          • Oh God im so behind…
            Ang and MidCyn….I dont mind a little Edward action over here…especially with summer rolling around…I can keep him in storage for u guys if u want…lol…I promise i wont bite…unless he breaks out his Tyler impersination…then i cant promise anything LOL

          • @Illegalwolflover: Oh sweet betrayl by my BFF…I am feeling a “Breaking News” article in the works!!! You keep your cute “claws” of my Eddie…or I am gonna start doin some Taycob lovin on the sly…..only kidding..he was meant for you….and ummm don’t be complainin on the SUMMER its freaking freezing here…”chills” course we did have to turn the heat down whilst Eddie was here….

          • MidCyn and illegal – I want you to know that I was looking through my rob porn folder – yep, I admit that I have one – and was totes looking at pics thinking…hmmm, what breaking news could we make up to go with that pic?

          • Ang..I’m going through my Rob/Tay porn too…I think I’ve got some gems….

            aaawww Cyn u know i wont make edward cheat on you…he and I love u a bit too much for that LOL…

            Muah BFF’s!!! Reunited and it feels so good…lol

          • Illegal – just what I needed…a peaches and herb song stuck in my head. 🙂

        • Cyn! Let me know when you have a non-crashing computer. I have some things for you.

          • Hi JodieO…your so sweet…you can send them to my email and then if I have to I can view them on daughter’s computer if mine won’t work…its was off all day yesterday so I don’t know how its going to behave today….
            Luv ya!

          • Okey doke. They are on my home computer, though, so I won’t be able to get them to you until tonight.

            MWAH! Hope you are feeling better today!

  27. so it made ALL that money and is in the top three thingies of best selling tickets or whatever and critics say it sucked? Let’s get Victoria on their asses. Loooved taylor’s abs.. *drool*

  28. I understand critics’ reaction to this movie. I’m not saying I agree with them, but I do understand them. This movie was geared toward fans of the franchise – as it should have been. It wasn’t trying to be inclusive to casual filmgoers. I could tell throughout most of the film that anyone watching this who was not a fan of the franchise probably wouldn’t “get” or like it. You’re either a fan, or you’re not. I’m OK with that.

    Taylor NAILED it. End of story. Whatever critic said his performance was “amateurish” can kiss my lilly-white ass. Taylor OWNED Jacob.

    All in all everyone was great as far as being their characters. The makeup and wardrobe choices were largely unfortunate, but the characters were there for me – and that’s what counts in my opinion.

    • “Taylor NAILED it. End of story. Whatever critic said his performance was “amateurish” can kiss my lilly-white ass. Taylor OWNED Jacob.”

      PREACH, LADY!!!!

      • Woot! for Taylor’s ACTING…there was so much more to him in the movie than a hot bod!…my god his eyes…sigh…and his cocky smirk…”I’ve got a vampire to kill”…
        Eff u critics…u wouldnt know talent if it smacked u in the face with a wet fish…I mean isnt that why you critique? cause u couldnt “make it” in the business? tee hee sound like a 12 yr old having a tantrum…

        • Srsly! He was was so hot.. I mean good that even Moons mom is talking about visiting GA. Suddendly, I don’t feel so alone in my perviness. Gah! Is it Feb yet?!

        • all i heard was “cocky”

          • Why TS…I never knew….
            great now thats in my head…the word that is…

            cockycockycockycocky…*waves to chris hansen*

          • It’s coming off a joke from Friday night. I had dinner w/ my friend at his friend’s pizza place. It was right before close so it was just us, her, and this guy she knows. The whole time the other guy kept saying, “All I heard was ____” (fill in blank with sexual innuendo). Hilarious. So…yeah.

    • Taylor WAS great. I’ve never particularly warmed to Jacob’s character from the books, but I was feeling for him big time by the end of New Moon. He was warm and funny and my heart broke for him in the end.

    • Yup, yup. ‘everyone was great as far as being their characters’

      I know a lot of people wanted Edward to act happier, but to me, Rob did an excellent job revealing the character’s internal turmoil. He HAD to be conflicted and self-loathing, otherwise he wouldn’t have had enough motivation to leave Bella. Taylor’s acting being amateurish? Nah. He’s playing a 16-year-old boyman! I thought he did a great job of showing Jacob’s emotions – the lack of control over the jealousy (especially juxtaposed against Edward’s 100+ years of self-control), the stubborn determination, the puppy-dog (oy at my wording) eyes. Truly brought Jake to life.

      Even my husband, who secretly could NOT give a shizz less, felt for poor Jasper with his Golden Girl perm.

    • speaking of unfortunate choices, did anyone else hate Esme’s side ponytail? it was driving me insane!

  29. I have now seen NM 6 times(once in theater)…not that I’m trying to win or anything…so what do I win?!!!!!!!

    OK, here’s my “review” of it in it’s entirety as sent to Myria after I watched it:

    So, at first, I was all SQUEEEEEEEE, and now it’s over.

    -Jake is awesome, hot and can act…and I totally almost went Team Jacob on his ass while Edward was gone.
    -The Wolfpack rocks.
    -Edward was not in it enough.
    -Can’t comment on the sparklepeen, cause it’s hard to see on the computer.
    -Edward was not in it enough.
    -They released too many clips and all the clips were all the MAIN parts, which kinda sucks because the rest of the movie is just filler now.
    -Edward was not in it enough.
    -Jasper’s 2 lines are cute.
    -Edward…well, you know.
    -Wasn’t the vote around the dining room table that they never use? But I’m glad Rose’s line about “I wish someone had voted no for me” was there.
    -Edward and Emmett were not in it enough.
    -The movie is too short, can we get like a BBC version that’s like a 6 hour miniseries, like they did with Pride and Prejudice?
    -The acting was MUCH better, and Bella’s stutter is miraculously healed, they should totally have her teach a class on that shit.
    -Oh…hey, remember Edward, and how he’s not in it enough? That SM is a bitch.
    -I love New Moon.
    -I can’t wait for Eclipse.

    • “Jasper’s 2 lines are cute.”

      Glad someone mentioned him! I loved him too.

    • 6 times?! When did you sleep? Did they just let you stay in the theater and take naps in between viewings while they cleaned the moistened seats?

      • I didn’t say i went to a theater 🙂

        • Imma need a pirate hookup. I will totally buy the Bluray DVD asap, but until then, I’m already wigging out about having no access to NM.

          And by “wigging out,” I do NOT mean “obviously pissing off the movie hair dept. peeps, thereby provoking them to disregard a sexalicious, curly-haired GUY wig in favor of a “spent too much time gossiping at Truvy’s shop under the dryer” monstrosity.

          • If my pirate comes through, I’ll mail you a copy.


          • Fangy Fangerton, if you do that, I will totally write a song for you. Warning: I only do parodies. However, you may pick the genre and the number of times the eff word is included.

          • Oh, bless you. I was totes thinking of the hair helmet, too!!!

        • Whoever thumbsdowned me is just jealous…hush.



          I am even willing to overlook “my” 3 limit viewing rule for you snmlamb …tell how is possible YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO THE THEATER???? PLEASE DO TELL……YES I AM BEGGING….HALE WITH THE PRIDE WHEN IT COMES TO NEW MOON!!!

          • Hey…PM me on the forum, I don’t want to get all stomped on in here, it’s Monday and I don’t feel the urge to hurt anyone just yet 🙂

          • @ snmlamb: Thanks for your reply…sadly I don’t know how to use the forum…I know lame…but I barely manage here as you can probably tell 🙂 Any other idea’s??? X’s fingers!

          • How “bout you follow and DM me on twitter. Mkenn076

          • snmlamb and MidCyn – I can PM snmlamb on the forum and find out how/where for you. 🙂

          • @Ang & snmlamb…You guys are great! How can ever thank you for your help!!! I can try the twitter thing..have been afraid to since I got hacked, but since this computer thing is junk anyway..and after all I am desperate! LOL…seriously guys..I ❤ you!

          • @snmlamb: Hey there..just tried to follow you on Twitter and they say there is no acct. Mkenn076????
            My twitter name has somehow been reset to Stareide…if you want to DM me??

      • “moistened seats”

        Ew…. but nonetheless true.

  30. Here in blighty land the critics no likey. The Independent wrote ” so tedious and stupid that it makes last year’s twilight seem like Nosferatu” which just proves the point earlier about a backlash. So because cath is an indie director it’s marginally more acceptable to them, I mean seriously do they actually watch these movies at all??? Seriously pissed off!
    Probably as pissed off as them as they totes realise no one cares about there effing review.

  31. I have only seen it once. I have a few comments:

    – Coug Cathy did ONE thing good with Twilight. She made it blue, which made it easy for CWeitz to do flashback scenes…he didn’t have to alter them.

    – So many folks skipped the Jacob/Bella part cause Edward was gone. I always felt bad for the kid. I could see that he was about to get his heart stomped on…with this movie, those hard core Edward fans that wanted Jacob to just go away could see it too.

    – Whenever someone says “This is hard” it makes me think of that Will and Grace episode where Grace is getting her blood taken and the candy striper girl says that drawing blood “is hard”.

    – I figured I would cry at the emotional scenes…I mean I am a total pushover, I cried at the end of Terminator where the little boy is watching Arnold lower himself into that vat of hot stuff and he yells “Terminator don’t go!!!!” But I didn’t tear up ONCE during New Moon. I giggled at the “I’m coming with you.” “You can’t come.” lines…probably because I am 12.

    Was the movie what I expected? Yes

    Will I see it again? Yes

    Do I think when they make Breaking Dawn they need to get rid of that white poplin dress that looks like something my mom made me and then made me wear in pictures when I was 7 while running through the woods? Yes

    • Bella’s “after” running through the woods dress is awful…and is it just me or did she not look as “stunning” as it says she does in BD? I almost expect her to be just “DAYUM” as a vamp.

      I dunno.

      • I expect a sexy tiny blue silk dress looking all “you want to be a fake lesbian BAAAADDDDDDD, don’t cha?” kind of look. Not like me as a 7 year old.

        • Exactly. That was the only thing wrong with the movie.
          I wanted Bella to look like a supermodel.

          I did love the scene though. I thought it was adorable!

          I think I’m in the minority on that.

          • No, you’re not. I liked it too. It was cheesy due to the music, I think. When seeing it a third time, I replaced the music in my head so it looked less like a scene from Bambi. It worked for me.

          • @Fang I liked the scene, too. The expression on her face when she looks back to him . . . totally looks like a mixture of “NOW we have nothing to be angsty about. I TOLD you so” and “Yup. I hit that.”

            @Sassysmart You’re so right about the blue silk dress. Ripped up to here. Book adaptation fail.

            @Dude You’re killing me. I hadn’t even THOUGHT about Bambi, but now I’m going to have a hard time NOT. Edward: “You can call me Flower, if you want to.”

          • LMAO @ “Yup, I hit that.” and “You can call me Flower if you want to.

      • Yep. I was hoping for Harper’s Bazar open-back DAYUM.
        Edward’s outfit was not helping matters either.

        • NO! I mean, although there are some definite improvements over how SOMEONE (I’m looking at YOU, SM!) thought Edward should dress, generally, I’m not in love with Edward’s wardrobe.

          I get that he is 100+ years old, and therefore may have some lingering tendencies to wear tweed and shapeless linen, but c’mon! If there’s a need for Edward to be more formal than a v-neck t-shirt (and I don’t believe there really is, if nudity is not an option), then how ’bout just a spiffy button-up?

          NOTE: I do NOT mean the circa 1989, ostensibly-representing-his-Southern-roots-but-really-just-denoting-the-wardrobe-department’s-continued-scorn for-the-actor hideousness that was Jasper’s birthday party shirt.

          • Absolutely! WTF…these are supposed to be the hippest, most beautiful creatures around…yet we continually get short-changed by Rosalie’s crappy wig, Jasper’s granny-poodle-perm (I honestly preferred his Edward Scissorhands look to this movie) and good God, what are these wardrobe people thinking? I hope Eclipse is better, but I’ve just about given up now that we are ever going to visually experience the Cullens as they should be. Whether it’s SM’s “guidance” or Summit or that this is CW’s vision of what “hip” is (hence those wicked pants he wore), well, I’ll just be happy seeing it in my head, I guess.

            If you want to know how modern day vamps dress, pop in a “Moonlight” DVD and take a look at Josef. Mick isn’t too shabby, either.

        • Bella needs to look like Kristen does in the Harpers Bizarre in that dress with Rob on his knee(s).

          Work it.

          The scene running in the woods —-all I could think of was the comment from Kristen about how she calls Rob “flippy” and made joke about his running.

        • ha! that VEST! i mean, really? SM must have picked out their clothes for that scene.

    • Little bit of a SPOILER
      I thought I would cry too but I didn’t. I almost did at the one scene where Edward was in Brazil (anyone else like the Rio de Janeiro nod) after he talked to Jake on the phone.

      And Alice’s vision of Bella “after” so had to be a joke… I thought her dress was kida cute but definitely not right for the movie and wtf was up with Edward in a vest?? That really didn’t look right.

      • I have a vest fetish…they’re so sexy! But the snake skin slash used condom around his neck was a deal breaker for me on that outfit.

    • “Bella I don’t want you to come” … yeah, Edward. WE KNOW.

      I laughed OUT LOUD at that line. Like I’ve said, I think everyone in my theater most likely wanted to cuttabitch … that bitch being me.

    • sassysmart – you made me look up that clip (well, the bloopers from it). Freakin’ hilarious!

  32. IGNORE the critics!! They tend to love movies that the American public will hate. On the flip side they always hate movies that we love.

    If I see a critic hates a movie, I rush to buy a ticket – cause it’s gonna be good!!

    I have seen New Moon twice (Thursday night and then again Saturday morning). Noticed Edward’s ripped shirt in Italy, but his mipple didn’t look so bad on the 2nd take – thought It was maybe a CG issue and turns out it is.

    Can’t wait t see it again over the Thanksgiving weekend! And yes, I must agree – the installment was much better than C Hardwicke’s (for the record I HATED the movie Thirteen)

  33. I read a critic who thought that one of the biggest problems with the movie is that it was made with the assumption that you would see the next one and not as an independent movie. Well DUH! This movie was made for the fans! My problem with critics is that they judge all movies the same and that’s wrong. They need to judge them based off of who they were made for and that might give them a different spin. Try sending a critic to a movie in which they are the target audience, it might make a difference.

    This movie was made for the fans and the fans have spoken to say that it was awesome!! It has it’s flaws but personally that makes me love it more. It was true to the book and it made me happy and so excited for Eclipse! The critics can stop trying to rain on the Twilight parade cuz this was good and they know it.

  34. 2x for moi. And yes, VickyB wins for most out of us at this point (she live tweeted during her 3rd time, hilar)

    Wow. I haven’t been reading reviews, but heard rumblings of bad things. Honestly, someone already said it here in the comments, but the reviewers need to realize that this isn’t some Oscar-worthy, Sundance-indie-revolutionary movie. It’s a movie made for the FANS. And I honestly don’t understand the appeal if you haven’t read the books.

    I don’t know how I’d feel if I hadn’t read the books at this point. Granted, I saw Twilight for the 1st time on DVD, THEN read the books. But with this one, I have no idea how I’d feel about it. I have the emotion and knowledge of the saga going into the movie, and that makes me understand what they did and enjoy the brilliance that Chris gave us. It’s like with Harry Potter. Those books are dense and VERY detailed. They cut and change a lot for the movies, but we, as fans of the books, understand that. And we still appreciate what’s been done b/c you need to adapt the material for film.

    I really don’t want to read reviews at this point either b/c I don’t want them to taint the love that I definitely have for the movie I just saw. I LOVE it. I’ll live in my NM bubble and be happy. It’s a wonderful place to be. Shmee. 🙂

  35. I like New Moon a whole bunch but am still critical of some things. However, I have only seen it twice so far with the very big deal on twitter @brookelockart and I think that I also need to see it again to have a thorough review.


    • Let’s do this!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA. Maybe my favorite part…other than the blatant Burger King placement that Griffs pointed out to me.

  36. WARNING: Long rant ahead

    It’s not a secret that I was slightly disappointed after seeng it for the first time. However most of that dissapeared when viewing it the second time, mainly because I was hoping to see certain scenes/dialogues that weren’t coming. I still hate the ending and when are we finally doing to see that Edward stays with Bella every night?!

    I agree with some points of the critics.

    This not an oscar movie. It’s a not an epic huge budget Peter jackson style movie adaptation. I’d call it charming. I’m pretty sure that most people who don’t ‘get’ the books or haven’t read them won’t like it.
    I agree about the wolves (especially the first scene). The dialogues are a bit corny, but only if you lack the background of the countless ‘normal’ conversations in the books and know they really have quite a lot of ‘ fun’ as well. Chris just gave us the famous SM lines. So I guess I agree that for people who haven’t read the books, this is a rather crappy movie.

    Overall I’m glad Chris made the movie for us, the fandom. He portrayed the characters as they are described in the books. Not how they might have looked most credible. Edward is not a normal teenager, he’s 108 years old. Bella is also mentally 35 (or was it 40?). I like the contrast between them and the ‘normal’ humans. Also Bella is a suffer on the inside type. She’s never overly excited (apart from the leg-hitch scene, bring it Stewy!) and Edward had difficulties reading her .Therefore I don’t think they acted badly at all. Especially not Kristen. I think she stayed very true to the character, despite what people might expect from a depressed teenager. Rob’s ‘serious’ drama-face was maybe a little bit all over the place. Yeah, it was. Or maybe I just miss happy Edward *sigh* (who we got to see 1 minute in Twilight, thank you not Cathy).

    Michael Sheen and Dakota (and let’s not forget Michael, Anna and Billy) were brilliant, and true, they are better actors. But one can’t really compare their roles with those of Bella en Edward. Who are a bit boring, 19th century-ish and serious.

    So, I really loved the movie the second time. Could it have been better? Duh. Was is better than Twilight? Duh. Do I love it more than twilight? Mmmm I don’t know. No matter how badly Cathy screwed it up, it will always be twilight, my favorite one of the books. For me the saga is still all about the ExB romance.
    Would I have loved Twilight more if Chris had made it? Duh, and if he had included the Meadow scene: Abso-f*cking-lutely.

    • Wow, it’s even longer now I see it. Sorry for the waste of virtual space green guys.

    • “when are we finally doing to see that Edward stays with Bella every night?!”

      Turn down your volume, I’m about to scream:


      Screaming done. Seriously, this bothers me so much that Edward never sleeps over in the movies (except the one night after the first kiss). I hope that this is addressed in Eclipse.

      • But doesn’t Edward say something about it in Twilight? Bella asks “Do you do that alot?” and he responds with “Just for the last couple of months.”

        I guess I cause I read the books I get what he is saying.

        • I’m not talking about when he’s watching her sleep when she doesn’t know he’s there. I’m talking about in the beginning of New Moon where she says “Charlie wasn’t exactly aware that Edward frequently stayed over……But I didn’t feel too guilty for deceiving him. It wasn’t as if we were up to anything he wouldn’t want me to be up to. Edward and his rules…..”

          Remember when she talks about him wrapping her up in the quilt and then him lying on top of the quilt so that she wouldn’t get cold? I love that he stays over most nights. I wish it were in the movies.

          • I wish my high school boyfriends could’ve done that. Too bad they couldn’t climb the three stories to my bedroom.

      • I was thinking the same thing, but to be honest being a movie viewer first and a book reader second, I may have been completely turned off by him sleeping in her bedroom every night if that were included in the first film. It creeped me out in the book and it would creep me out even more in the film. It just doesn’t come across well. It makes Charlie look like a terrible parent and it makes Edward seem like even more of a stalker. I also think it would send out a really bad message to the younger audience. Our age bracket can diffrentiate between fantasy and reality. The younger fan base will be trying to figure out ways to get Jim Bob through their second story window at night.

        I know I’m gonna get thumbed down for this.

        • For the record, I did not give you the thumbs down, Pinky. But I thought it was sweet when he slept in her room…and I’m old.

          • I thought it was sweet too and romantic (albeit stalkerish). But if I were Bella’s parent I wouldn’t think it was so sweet. I just couldn’t get past the fact that kids were getting into this and thinking that this was ideal. I saw a gang of kids miling out of the theater, no older than six or seven and I hear kids outside of my daughter’s elementary school discussing the series in detail. I think the more stalker tendencies they leave out of the series the better.

        • Wasn’t me either, although I respectfully disagree.
          There are way worse messages in there *cough*Renesmee*cough*. And I think there sleepovers are just too cute.

    • I’m so glad to hear you say you were “slightly disappointed.” I hope a 2nd + viewing will work for me, too.

  37. I dont know what these critics expected. They really shouldn’t be reviewing the Saga with out reading the books first. CW did his best, I do agree that the action could have been a bit better, maybe some blood to, but all in all NM with only a 50 mill budget (Summit Sucks) Rocked! Kristen’s acting was spot on, I am very proud to be her fan. Rob brought Edward to a different level, love him and Taylor impressed me with his portrayal of Jacob. Regardless, haters will hate. Harry Potter freaks will be jealous and die hard fans will be satisfied. Though myself being one I am hoping David Slade brings some real action for Eclipse, some mature scenes for us older fans.

  38. First of all UC, clearly our husbands have embraced a philosophy that can work to their advantage. Mine said to me as we were walking out the door to see NM Sat…’are you getting all hotsie for Edward in case he sees you?’ Then, after I killed him with the force of my stink eye, and he miraculously resurrected…he said this, ‘do you want me to take you again this week?’ WTH????

    NM is not perfect, I saw the flaws…bottom line…I don’t care. I’m not interested in anyone else’s opinion, and I’m grateful that the book series I love has been played out onscreen. Regardless of the flaws. You cannot please everyone. Even the truest fans will hate parts of it. But at the end of the day, it served it’s purpose, it made me happy, it makes me love the stories more, not less. To all those that look down their noses at this movie, while seeing the records being broken, and money spilling in…I say, grow a pair! And admit that, while it’s not perfect, or maybe not your thing…it is a cultural phenomena, and it’s special to ppl. A LOT of ppl.

  39. I feel like there should be two sets of reviews by critics. One for the general public: don’t see it; and another for Twilight fans. Because my mother, who has never heard of Twilight, would benefit from the reviews you posted. She’d read them and decide it wasn’t for her. But fans of the books don’t give a crap about the pacing, the CGI, the bad wardrobe choices (oh, and they were BAD) – we just want to see our beloved books played out in front of us on screen, warts and all.

    Saw it Friday night – my observations: They cut too much. I know DILF said that he wanted it to be faster paced, so he cuts a lot of scenes. But there wasn’t enough at the end to satisfy the Bella/Edward connection (ie, no plane ride home, no “the world doesn’t revolve around you” discussion in her bedroom).

    And WHAT is with the screenplay? Melissa Rosenberg should be beaten with a stick. When Bella runs to save him, where was the “Carlisle was right” thing? Instead they’re DISCUSSING why he left her? Right there when they’re first reunited? FAIL.

    I’m def. on Team Edward, but the star of New Moon was most certainly Taylor. He made me rethink my allegiance, and for that I’d say he was definitely ACTING. Great job, Taylor!

    • When Bella runs to save him, where was the “Carlisle was right” thing?

      Yes, this! So he says “heaven”, I get it, but I wanted SM’s dialogue…….

      The whole scene was a disappointment for me. I wanted to feel overwhelmed with emotion, I wanted to feel Bella running into Edward (because obviously I AM Bella, duh). I wanted to feel blown away with this scene and I just wasn’t. Maybe a second viewing will help?

    • I thumbs downed you, because I’m a twihard and I give a crap about pacing, quality CGI, wardrobe (cringe), and all the other aspects that go into a film. I don’t think I should have to lower my values of what quality film is just because I’m a fan. And I didn’t lower them for this film. I would argue these critics to the ground for the film’s quality–as a standalone–and I think they’d have to cede on some points. Hell, maybe I will write my own critique and submit it to one of the weeklys in one of the cities I live in.

      • It’s OK. I won’t hold the thumbs against you. I hear what you’re saying. I thought many moments in the movie were cheesy or not right (still peeved about the screenplay most of all) – what I meant by what I said was that the fans aren’t looking at it (by and large) with the same critical eye a movie critic is looking at it with. They’re writing their reviews for the general public, not Twilight fans. That’s why I think there should be two sets of reviews.

  40. i doubt that critics would give a hyped out movie the best review.they tend to give the best reviews to movies people don’t watch.and in regards to new moon i see no difference in their treatment.but critics are critics first….and i feel that they abuse it sometimes.dakota and micheal were respected for their work before so sure enough they show abit of lenientcy towards them.if the golden compass had not flopped people would be raving bout the effects and chris weitz too.i’m not defending the movie as being a masterpiece but alot of well-loved movies never get the best reviews.a critic may see it once,but fans will watch it again and again because they value it.kristen,taylor and rob are in a very delicate position which celebrity brings,they may deny it but they have more to prove…that they are not just hype….as for the movie,i actually enjoyed it alot and wish people see it can’t judge it too quickly bcoz there are moments that will move you to laugh,cry and root for the characters….

  41. When were critiques right about anything??? I personally think they criticize for the sake of it, just to sound cool. I went with my bf who didn’t like Twilight but has read the books and my friend who despises all the hype around NM, and haven’t read the books. They both loved the movie.
    It’s not masterpiece but it’s definitely did the job it was supposed to do and did it well! Loved the movie, Kristen was incredible, Taylor shocked us all, and Rob was great.

  42. Let’s face it….Any movie where the target audience is females ages 12-whatever, is going to get slammed. Teenage girls (and women) obviously have no idea what a good movie is. (Being sarcastic of course). Not to mention the movie making a gazillion dollars at the box office – critics have seizures over this scenario. The movie isn’t perfect, and yes it isn’t for EVERYONE, but I’d say it is perfect for it’s target audience….which is rather large if they haven’t noticed by this weekends results….
    I’ve seen it three times. Midnight premiere with my friend; took the family the next day; and then my friend and I went back the third time on a mission… solve “Mipple Gate”….Rob’s odd looking nipple…
    It’s a shadow I’m fairly certain…

  43. I have seen it twice and loved it both times!
    I love that Weitz put in some color!!! Oh my god, Bella actually looks like she has blood in her veins! I hated that in Twilight.
    I thought the Cullens looked awesome – much more hip in New Moon than in Twilight. Rosalie actually looked hot which she didn’t in Twilight AT ALL!!!
    The only scene that I thought was a little slow was the one where Bella confronts Jacob in the rain. They kept saying the same stuff over and over and it could have been a little shorter – but it would never stop me from seeing the movie again!
    I loved the fact that the wolves were huge and you could see the ground tremble when they ran by! I thought that was a cool detail.
    I thought Edward was awesome as a smart-ass! I hope Rob puts more of that into Eclipse!!
    Kristen was awesome as Bella! She actually made me believe she was Bella!
    I thought the whole thing was way better than Twilight!
    I think 2 snaps and a thumb-up!

  44. I know this has probably already been said, but I have a limited time here and can’t read comments until later. I’m a little sick of the snooty poo reviews for NM. I’ve read a few that talk about everything from how mediocre the acting is to how depressing and slow the movie was. To this I say erroneous and no shit. While I didn’t think there was much to be said about Rob’s acting, Kristen and Taylor SHUT. IT. DOWN. Their portrayals were amazing and I felt like they represented the book as close to character as possible. Billy and the humans were also well represented and really added some tangyness. To the idiots that complain about the depressing theme of the movie; you freaking dumbshits! Read the book! I bet you said the same crap about Schindler’s List. There are some movies that are made to tell a story, not make you laugh. Where’s the reviews we want to see? Where’s the review of Rob’s left nipple (huge and deformed, it was obviously trying to steal the show). Where’s the review on Kristen’s non-stuttering this time? I didn’t see her blink too often or try and pull sexy rabbit teeth face once! Hello improvement! Darn! Have to go. I’ll be back later to continue my rant! I know, you’re excited.

    • Okay, so I heard rumblings about this nipple, and tried to pay attention the 2nd time around. As if I wasn’t going to be staring at his nearly-nude form anyway . . .

      I can see where it could appear huge and deformed. I could also see where maybe it’s just the way the chest hair is curled? Anyone have a breakdown on this crucial subject? A diagram?

      Because I totally have a particle of self-respect left to lose, and that doesn’t feel NORMAL.

      • Take a look at detailed photos on, if you haven’t already for 11/22/09. Laughed at your comment about having a particle of self-respect left to lose. Can so relate.

        • My last particle just went the way of the dodo. Mipple Gate debunked, but at what cost?

          • *hangs head in shame*. Stalked pic after pic of shirtless rob today….didn’t know about robsessed’s post. I feel like a creepy stalker with a mipple fetish now. So NOT win. Not even close.

  45. I agree with you UC. We all sorta knew that the critics would feel this way though. Not one of them is going to admit it’s a well-done movie because that would be giving us credit for having taste. I’ve always agreed with your assessment of Twilight the movie. It’s why I read this blog. So, I look forward to your take on New Moon as well. Personally, I think it was really well done. An almost perfect visualization of the book. And the things that changed weren’t all that noticeable. It was well-paced, well-acted. But I agree that anyone who hasn’t read the books would probably not like it. Although I thought the same about Twilight too — and I’ve met lots of people who like that movie without having read the books. All-in-all, I don’t know why they are being so harsh on Chris Weitz in particular. He took an almost completely internal (in Bella’s head) story and brought it to life. He took scenes that had *no* action, and gave us something to look at. Bravo to him. All Hardwicke did was make the actors look really uncomfortable.

  46. Sorry for spoiling everyone’s fun but I feel like I need to say this:

    I didn’t mean to upset anyone starting my blog or even insult UC and Moon “stealing” their idea. In fact I just started it because I loved the idea so much and felt like Taylor should get the same attention Rob does and not because I tried to be like them or smth (I know I will never be able to do that). I have to apologize so much to everyone who’s on here and mostly UC and Moon. I totally ADORE you ladies so sorry if I upset you or even insulted you in any way. I just didn’t know better. First I sneaked around here since the beginning and when I finally have the courage to log in and write comments I destroy everything. I am really really sorry! And to show that I am going to delete the blog and my account by the end of the week.

    Lots of love and respect,

    • Hey guys don’t thumbs down someone apologising for making a mistake!

    • Hey, don’t do that. I mean, I wouldn’t continue the blog without UC & Moon’s approval, but don’t leave. People make mistakes and you have apologized and explained well enough, so it should just be water under the bridge.

      Understand that in the microcosm of online communities, it’s too easy for people to misinterpret or be misunderstood. There’s no allowance for tone (sarcasm or exclamation or teary heartfeltness) in the written and read word. Also, the heightened exposure (especially on such a popular site as this) means that many, many people will read what a person has written, and those many, many people will be in many, many different moods at the time, so you will get a mixed bag of reactions.

      Blah, blah. My point is that you should stick around. Ditch the blog, but not your presence. It’s not like you TammyO’d or anything. I think the majority of us feel like tweens about the Twiverse but in reality are (ahem) well past puberty. Therefore, our maturity should allow for forgiveness and respect.

      Hope this helps and maybe eases some of your obvious distress.

      • S to the P you are A to the G (have no idea what that is but it just flowed so I thought I´d go with it.)

        well said madam well said.

        • Thanks so much StotheP and Ish. This really means a lot to me. Hope UC and Moon are so forgiveable aswell.
          I feel so much better having read this.
          You’re right. I shouldn’t continue this blog without Moons and UC’s approval (even though I kinda feel like a stalker having written them 2 letters in 5 days or smth).

          • haha, I write them like 2 letters a day. Okay, not anymore, but at the beginning of my LTT addiction I did.

            UC&Moon are very cool chicks, I don’t think they’ll care. Keeping up a epically successful blog is a huge task and they are very, very dedicated to their blogs (major emphasis on the plural there).

            But keep coming here. We always like another Taylor fan.

    • S-Pizzle and Ish, well said.

      Boo to thumbs downing apologies.

      Bleriana, I don’t think any of the villagers were coming at you with pitchforks and torches. No one wants you to get lost or anything like that. I think we were merely trying to point out that there’s a code of conduct that exists in the blogosphere and it’s best to follow it to avoid drama. I’m sure you’ll hear from UC and Moon soon, keep in mind that they get a lot of e-mails and have lives outside of LTT/LTR. Stick around and get to know everyone. I’ve never met a weirder group of chicks in my life! Cracking out over the twilight universe with them is highly addictive and the kind of good time that you could threaten people with. Onward!

      • I’m sorry if it came across that way. I didn’t want to be all like ‘omg, the bad girls on LTT/LTR are coming after me, because I stole our goddesses ideas’. I totally didn’t. But as I said before I didn’t know better, and for my defense: I didn’t read the comments made after me anymore (you know the time difference between Germany and the US is kinda big) cause if I had I sure as hell would have stopped.
        I know UC and Moon have lives outside of LTT/LTR but I guess that because of Rob I kinda feel like I am stalking everyone by just writing him/her a letter… hahahhahaha
        Tbh I have been part of LTT/LTR basically from the beginning (even though I kept it secret until now). Which is probably the reason I am so dedicated to this site. But I never thought that my baptism of fire would cause such reactions. I guess everyone knows/hates me now…

        I LOVE UC AND MOON! I totally adore them and when I grow up I wanna be just like them (no kidding here I am only 18 so I got plenty of time…)

        So once again sorry because just now I read the comments and recognized how angry everyone must have gotten.
        I still love you all.

        Lots of love and good night!

      • pot, this is the kettle. you’re weird! (love ya!

      • thanks, sparklescakes, thanks for that. Just because I got peer pressured into writing a bad poem about Billy Burke using as many Twilight references as I possibly could, and am writing Tremble for Trimble with IWL, and have more whiplash inducing mood swings about whether I like book Edward or not, you’re going to say I’m one of the weirdest chicks you’ve ever met?

        That’s unpurple, man. Unpurple.


  47. I saw it twice and I LOVED IT. The critics can suck it. I saw it with 4 different women. My BFF who has read all the books once thought it was too slow, and horribly acted. Yes, she is dead to me now. My other friend who is Team Jacob LOVED it (obvs), my other friend loved it, and the friend who had never even read the book really liked it! She saw Twilight, and had hated KS, and thought she was SO much better this time around, that it made the movie great for her.

    So whatever!! Critics are paid to be critical, and anyone who went to this movie to see an ‘action’ movie would be sorely disappointed. In my mind, this whole dang series is a ROMANCE, (hello, female fanbase???) with some emo angst thrown in.

    Will I follow along with UC and Moon poking fun at all the kooky stuff? (Harry Clearwater’s kung-fu???) OH YEAH!. But I loved it, I did.

    I agree that CW ruined the Golden Compass, but I believe he learned from that and made this movie for the FANS So thank you for THAT!!!!

    Done, now, sorry for all the yelling, it’s Monday.

  48. I have only seen it twice, but I saw it twice in twelve hours!!! Do I get a prize of some sort for that?

    The first time I saw it, my opinion was not that high. I was happy to see it on the big screen, and I thought it was better than Twilight. But I did think it was kind of slow in some spots. I thought the soundtrack was distracting. I thought Edward and Rosalie and Jasper’s styling was SOOOOO bad it was laughable (I still think that. Edward’s skin made him look like a tranny and Rosalie – well, she did too). I thought the wolfpack was the least hot group of supposed to be hot naked boys I’d ever seen. And I thought the Samwolf looked like an animatronic or that thing from the NeverEnding Story. I giggled a bit at the double entendres in the break up scene. I thought Jasper was insanely hilarious, despite not supposing to be. I loved Charlie, loved Bella, loved Victoria, loved Aro, loved the wolves in action.

    The second time, some of that changed. I teared up. I cheered internally. I thought the soundtrack was genius. I thought the pace was perfect. I still found Jasper’s facial expressions hilarious, and the wolfpack to be sorely lacking in the “buffitude” and I still think Rosalie looked more tranny than supermodel. My biggest complaint was that they spent precious Edward time having him recite Shakespeare, when they could have shown more of his remorse when he got back from Italy. But the movie was a perfect portrayal of the book. And it was a joy.

    Dammit! Now I want to go again, and I have these damn kids to entertain all day.

    • Well said, allryans. Agree with everything you said and wonder what the harm would have been in simply making the movie run for 2.5 hours? Everyone wants to see Edward begging for forgiveness and trying to hold Bella’s face in his iron hands (or something like that) to kiss her, right?

  49. I though New Moon was excellent. I only have seen it once though but I’m going again sometime this week. I thought Kristen did amazing, Robert and Taylor did amazing as well. Chris did a fantastic job in directing New Moon. Critics are just hating on the fact that New Moon has this really great fan base, I think they just try to make us mad. Anyway I loved everything about it, I wish the part in the plain to Italy and back in the movie but it didn’t matter. There is so much to say but I just can’t say it all. lol

  50. Response and critique:

    “Edward is all emo posturing under a trembling bouffant – the actor suddenly seems to be embarrassed to be here. Lautner’s performance, by contrast, has the warmth of an actual human. ”

    Um, right…did they remember that Edward’s, um, not an actual human and is about to say goodbye to the only love of his existence? And then is going to pull a Romeo suicide? And that Taylor is playing, gasp, a human? And that when he goes all wolf he gets super angsty too? Plus, Rob is embarrassed to be everywhere he goes, probably because he’s followed by psychos like PattinsonPants.

    At least Slade will deliver on action since Eclipse, thankfully, has action. Not that SM writes action well. Maybe they didn’t realize that New Moon is an emotional book, not a Dan Brown pace race.
    Plus, let’s recall how little the actors have to go on…especially Edward. Ever notice how underdeveloped Edward is in the books? Until BD, I think that he’s just this beautiful, overbearingly overprotective, and angsty guy who thinks bella is perfection walking, well…stumbling. I do like SM’s description of them as satellites (by Renee).

    I hope the reviewers don’t have daughters, if they’re making fun of giving a beyond depressed daughter constant positive reinforcement of her worth.

    Like Brooke, I’ve seen it 3 times, and unlike Twilight, which was slow the first time and then uber fast all sequential times, the pacing remains solid each viewing. Which is a sign of a well-paced film. Slow, slow, friendship fast, fursplosion faster, flight to fight super fast, slow, cut to black. Standard plot arc, and standard Weitz. Why mess with the plot arc that’s worked since Greek drama?

    Also, where are the reviews of the cinematography? It was an amazing part of the film. The bird’s eye view dizzying spiral of Bella into her depression. The use of a handheld on Bella in the breakup scene, but a steady cam (or super steady handed camera man) on Edward. The slow circle shot of the months scene. The switch to wide angles when Bella feels disconnected to Jacob. The straight on angles of Bella but side/below angle of Jake during their “break up” scene.

    Also, the CGI was beyond great. Fuck the critics on that one. The wolves felt real. Plus you could tell which one was which kid. I truly felt that the wolf was Jake. And then at the end when his eye reflects Bella in the center with Edward one the outer rim. Must we compare to the embarrassing, yet Oscar winning VFX of Pirates? Tippet Studios, don’t fret, you rocked it. And I’ve seen the Country Bear Jamboree enough times to know that this CGI was not a comporable travesty, even if we’re only speaking in hyperbole.

    Sheen was perfect of course. But that’s sort of like saying, “Judi Dench commanded the screen.” He’s my favorite in the whole film. Fanning was superb, but let’s recognise that she’s a completely flat character in this movie. I mean, newcomer Bewley rocked his 3 lines and character’s nuances, and he’s a flat character too, doing his first film ever. The Volturi were all stellar.

    I can see where they’re coming from on the whole “you won’t really get it unless you are a fan” thing. But if you haven’t read the gospels, would you really have gotten The Passion of the Christ? No. Who’s this Jesus dude and why do I give a crap if he dies?* Who’s this Edward dude and why do I give a crap that he leaves this Bella chick?

    UC, I hope that you think we think more than that about the film. We’re not all one-dimensional people here, you know. I for one kept a keen eye and ear out for all the “gems” we can use in months to come until our preparations for the DVD release and the Eclipse trailers, soundtracks, spoilers, and overall pre-release assessments.

    Critics, let’s take a step back and breathe. As UC and Moon implored us all to do, lower your expectations. Prepare yourself for a flop. When you see Weitz’s name come up (in that awful font choice), I promise you’ll be thinking instead, “How delightful. I just love a happy ending. They are so rare.”

    *I’m not dissing on Jesus or Christianity here. Mel Gibson, however? Yes.

    ps-Roger should’ve retired when his other half passed away. RIP Siskel.

    • TS – i wish i could “thumbs-up” you more than once.
      i would.

      consider it done. like x 1,000.

      and i think as far as critics reviews go, to quote Bella to Edward in the movie, “Shut. Up.”

      if you were to watch episode 5 of Star Wars (sci-fi fan here) w/o having seen eps. 4, well, there you go. not really supposed to be a stand-alone movie. it doesn’t have enough of a beginning-background-end (to appease some people) b/c it’s a part of a continuing story… duh. and it was soooooo different from Twilight, but it should be. we all know that the book has a “different feel” to it. so CW nailed it.

      if critics don’t like it, then they don’t have to watch it anymore. no one will tie them to a chair w/ their eyelids proped open by toothpicks… move on. like it’s been stated on previous posts today, it’s an indi film, not running for the oscars. puh-lease… stop trying to lick the red off my candy.

      as a legitimate fan of the story and concept: i absolutely LOVE it and am waiting w/ baited breath for the next one.

      okay. *deep breath* i’m done… for now. *whew*

      • But you have to agree that episode 5 is certainly the best of all of them. How can you compete with the tautons, Lando, and the introduction of Yoda? You simply cannot.

        Not sure if you were referencing Clockwork Orange with the tied to the chair with eyes propped open, but let’s turn on some Beethoven and get to the point.

    • AAAAAAAAMEN!!! Yep, everything you said.

    • TS, I have so many words.

      1. Last night on Twitter, totally hope you didn’t think I was intimating that I was attracted to Mike physically. Haha. No. I meant that his character was much more likable because he was even funnier in NM>

      2. Did you ever figure out where track 5 is in the movie? ‘Cause I haven’t and am sadface about it.

      3. Spot-on with your response and critique, and thanks for that. I have yet to and will probably never actually write my own. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, so brava for your committment.

      4. There’s something else you had mentioned earlier, and I forget now, so when I remember, I will let you know. Stand by.

      5. My guy watching a Charlie scene in New Moon? Totally mumbled something about Vitamin R. I. Died. He’s struggling with my superfandom and trying to be supportive, but to quote Twilight? And with a Charlie ref? LOVE. ‘Nuff said.

      • 1. I would never think that.
        2. Someone said it’s the 2nd song i nthe credits.
        3. Thanks
        4. Standing by.
        5. Sweet guy…keep him.

      • StotheP, I love your husband. How great is that? My fanaticism has brought out my DH’s best, too.

    • *stands up and claps*

      I wish I could give you 10 thumbs up including one for dissing Mel Gibson.

      Also I’m glad someone commented on the cinematography – it WAS very well done.

      • Indeed it was well done, all though in the cinema I was in, everything was sooo dark besides the screen, so I got that sensation where you feel like you are spinning and not the camera on KStew.

    • Yes – cinematography MAJOR WIN.

      The wolves were freaking scary – I was literally cowering from the screen when Jacob was fighting Paul, it was SO up close and in your face. And Wolf-Jake at the end was so expressive, you could tell he felt defeated. I found them totally believable. DILF win!

    • TS – as I frequently feel when reading your posts, I bow down to you in a Wayne & Garth “not worthy” type way.

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