New Moon means new laughs

Dear New Moon,

I know my letter title sounds like I might have a funny commentary about New Moon, the movie, but no, not yet. At press time I’ve only seen the movie once and I’m still reveling in Chris Weitz’ brilliancy. Plus I’m exhausted. Utterly exhausted. This week in LA with Moon was one of the best I’ve ever had, but we were busy and went went went non-stop. We were like little energizer bunnies or like me and Rob if we ever ended up in the same bed. We didn’t stop. So when I finally got a moment to rest yesterday in the airport as I waited for my plane home (as I was a major sad panda) I caught up on all the videos I missed from the past few weeks.  Here are 3 of my favorites!

My favorite Twilight cast interview last year does it again. Part 1 (warning. Don’t watch in your Sunday best. Lots of Language)

Swiftner lives!

Part 2 of uncensored cast interview:

Happy Sunday! Hope you laughed. I promise a REAL commentary about all the new laughs you are sure to provide us for months to come very soon. For now, I’m going to nap!


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97 Responses

  1. Dude.
    My internet is crap cos someone stupid used up most of the downloads for the month. GRRR!
    So YouTube won’t work.
    BUT I just downloaded those NGTV interviews for le iPhone.
    I already know I’ll love them. I loved the Twilight one.

  2. How bad is it that I desperately wanted TLaut to drop the F Bomb in that vid? yeah yeah…add that to my criminal record…LOL

    But seriously Tay, you make so many references to the naked mambo…”Its hard to put something in my mouth”, “bags of meat” etc.. and yet you dont say the word that would feature in my dreams for years to come…I mean Rob does it…le sigh..he does it holding a teacup with a pinky sticking out and we LOVE THAT….again le sigh

    Was Daddy Lautner or my future track-suit-sharing MIL around?

    Did the Swift forbid you?

    Wil u swear in Eclipse? (Please David Slade!)

    Do u swear AT ALL? U do in my head but thats another story for my therapist… 😀

    UC i hope u had a safe trip home and had a blast with Moon…something tells me u did…lol

    Morning everybody! ❤

    • OMG!!! It’s scary how paralell we think when it comes to Taylor… I totally said the same thing.

      By the way… I did think of you when I watched it since my theatre was all about Jacob. I told my convert friend about you (she is totes team Taybait… I mean Tacob… I mean Jacob). I was so proud of my friend for traveling all the way from NY to see it with me… But then, halfway through the movie she fell ASLLEEP!!! She slept through the whole bonding through the bike repair.

      I have to see it again to truly enjoy ’cause the first time I watched it I was sitting next to a disgruntled unicorn who was certaintly there under female coercion.

      • she fell ASLEEP? r u serious? In the sexy garage sequence? thats just blasphemy! 😀
        Wait….Ur telling ppl about me? *gulp* I should be worried right?
        We think alike cause of the pack mind…we’re totes synchronaaaaised….lol

        • Told my about you… was feeling guilty about not being Team Edward. It was my whole *singing like MJ* “you are not alone…” she found your name amusing by the way. But then when the movie started and all the Jacob love started to pour… Ann then we knew we were not alone.

          Btw… Don’t worry. I don’t know Chris Hansen… 😉

          • Your words say no but ur winking smiley says yes….hmmmmm…she found my name amusing? lol I guess amusing is better than screaming and alerting the local police….lol

    • Haha, I wanted Taylor to drop the F-bomb as well. I thought he did pretty well at holding his own though. Is it wrong that I now think there’s no hotter sound than the word “motherf*cker” coming out of Chaske Spencer’s mouth?

      • Its not wrong at all…yesterday i was saying on twitter how HOT it would be if Chaske did an Edward groan and said “I love you” before he kissed me Emily…I mean their scene in the movie was so squeeeeeeee…..
        sigh that voice…
        p.s. Taylor did awesome…they should interview him with the wolfpack…make him loosen up a little…Im sure he would have said f*ck with them around….OK random image generator just turned itself on…Im gonna need a minute 😀

  3. I’ve seen the NGTV interviews like 5 times. Ther is so much WIN in them and subsequently so much LTT that is like they used UC and Moon for research. Things I didn’t know til I watched this interview.

    Esme has a pleasantly filthy mouth
    Krysten is as concerned about Taylor’s age as IWL and I
    Rosanikk is really disliked as both the character and the actor by the Cullens
    Rob lies!!!. I went to see NM totally expecting to see a tastefully treated for-art-sake TayTay nude shot. (sorry Chris Hansen).
    C-Dubs totally listens to Snoop (Gin & Juice)
    New nick names for Robward and Taycob VILF and WILF
    Taycob is a lot more wholesome than I want him to be (that’s normal)
    Quil is really embarrassed to be Embry’s friend. (the look on his face)
    Summit is a lot more chill than I thought they were for letting these interviews happen.

    • what? concerned? erm…yeah…ok….lol

    • Is it bad that I like the wholesomeness?

      • Nah…it just means ur a better person and wont be going to hell in the back of an ’86 Rabbit……there is no hope for us…but there is for u…Xylem and I applaud ur pure thoughts….


    • Um, I went again today. Where was the Taylor nude scene? And for that matter, when did they play the White Demon Love Song by the Killers? Was that during the credits? No one I’ve gone with will stay through the damn credits. Can’t wait for my boyfriend to come down and see it with me. He’s a stay through the credits kind of guy.

      • Ugh I TRIED to stay through the credits when I went again yesterday, and the darn theater people give you the look of death! There were about 5 workers there cleaning up after people left, sweeping and things, and I was the only one trying to sit through the credits. They kept sweeping loudly in my row, obviously wanting me out of there, so I caved 😦 Guess I’ll have to wait for the dvd!

      • It was in the credits…just after the instrumental song. I stayed through part of it, and then I got the “we’ve got to clean up for the next show” crew pushing me out too. I’m guessing Meet Me at the Equinox was in the credits too unless I just zoned out during it elsewhere.

  4. They really should make “Firelight” into a full length feature film. It would do great numbers at the box office

  5. Watching “Firelight” has made me realize that I, too, bite my lip.

    A lot.

    I wonder if there is a direct correlation between my lip biting and the 242.986 times I have watched “Bella” in Twilight.

    Just another mystery of the universe, I suppose.

    PS The f bomb interview rocks my socks. 😛

    • No, it’s no mystery, Fang. I started biting my lip after that movie, too. No joke.

      And, even worse, after seeing NM, I kept combing my hand through my hair and doing that breathing thing Bella does when she voice overs that she’s irrevocably in love with Edward [in Twilight]. Um, yeah. ::face palm::

      ps-for more second hand embarrassment, she my comment on yesterday’s post that has the Ode to Billy Burke poem I wrote and performed on the fly at the poetry night I accidentally stumbled into last night. Thanks, again Illegal, for peer pressuring me into it.

    • pps-your new avatar is SMOKING HOT. Please don’t change it. You look like a total MILF in it 😉

  6. No one is talking about the movie. What is it a stink bomb? or worse than that?

  7. Haha what a fun interview that Kegan girl did 😀
    If I had the chance to interview the cast this is definately the way I’d do it 🙂

  8. “they’re just sippin’ gin and juice.” Um, Chris Weitz, I love you even more.

    • Haha. I love that “Doggystyle” makes Mr. Weitz flashback to 1994. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind…

  9. I loved how Jared (whatever that actor’s name is…) was all like, “I’m down with the girls.” and we’re all, “Yeah, where’s your 6-pack? Or even 4-pack. Come on, man. Do the work.” He’s so much like his character, “Yeah, well we’re faster.”

    I love the wolf call though. Loved it in the film too.

    ps-Isn’t Cameron Bright like 16? Creepy. The guy who plays Demetri is super hot, why didn’t they have him in the interview [jortsless]?

    • I love Jared; he seems like so much fun and so does the rest of the Wolfpack. Just gotta love ’em!

    • Awwww TS…u like my hyper twin Jared??? I ADORE HIM!
      I wish i had gone to see him in NZ but I was too chicken…*hits fail button repeatedly*
      sad cookie

      • I loved him since I saw the first video of the wolfpack. He’s just so cute and funny. Wonder what it would be like in real life. I think of all he’s my favourite character-wise. Lookwise I have to go for Paul (alex meraz) and Taylor of course. Alex is gorgeous, but married; and Taylor is great, but not yet legal. So whom is a girl suppossed to choose huh?

  10. Oh dear…Kristen being gangster…let’s hope she never stumbles into South Compton. She wouldn’t last five minutes…

    Love how Rob is like sipping tea and acting the most proper of all of them

    • I for one don’t think that was tea. You can put a lot of things in a tea cup. It was definitely gin and juice.

  11. Just came back from the New Moon preview in Munich. I am totally exhausted but sooooooooo happy. It was so much better than expected. I felt like living through what I thought a movie would be like when reading the book!
    Really great. Can’t wait to see it again next week.
    Check out my blog for more information.

    Lots of love,

  12. OMG!
    this was totes hilar!!

    i needed the laughs
    my family is falling apart


  13. So, upon third viewing (sorry MidCyn, I know I know that I’m not allowed any more) I completely fell in love with Charlie Bewley. Let’s not act like it wasn’t already starting to happen…I mean, I added him to my Twitter weeks ago.

    Everything about him draws me in. His looks, his voice, even his smell (er, what?). He’s built to kill, and I don’t care. I does not matter. I’ll just gently reach up to his eyes and remove those contacts to reveal the azure underneath, take his arm that’s posed 18th century style behind his back and put it around my waist, lean up towards his 5’11” frame, and ::fade to black::

    ps-I love the “r” that the British accent does when you string vowels…such as “Bella(r) is alive after all!” I think that I feel the same way about Aro as I do the Joker. I’m always anxious when he’s on screen, but I don’t ever want him to leave because he’s so brilliant.

    • Amen to this sister. I recommend checking out Charlie’s facebook fan page and some of the fan groups on there. There’s some really great pictures and videos! He looks –way– better without the red eyes and make up.

      • hmmm…that’s a little intense. I haven’t even been to Billy Burke’s fan pages. I mean, this is my one fangirl outlet, and I think I’ll keep it that way. (yeah, fine, I sent him a tweet telling him he did a good job in the film. ::blushes:: And asking him if his arm got sore holding it behind his back for so long. And I know it did because I did gymnastics and drama and holding anything that long hurts. And that scene had…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 angles/cameras that I can think of off the top of my head. Which is a lot of repeating, especially with so much choreography involved. Sigh, at least it means he’s ambidextrous. Er, what?)

        • Charlie, Billy, Billy, Charlie….me getting headache of Alice proportions….
          I need some wolf aspirin….

          p.s. Charlie Bewely IS cute….

        • *gasps* You mean there are more of us?? Hrm… I think I’ll stick with what we’ve got here. 🙂

        • So…here’s my big Charlie Bewley fangirl moment of the day:

          Click on the “I am” video. And swoon. And also learn about making films with the same person in them over and over. And free advert for Max Lollar (hi Max! Can I meet your friend, Charlie? He seems so nice. I want to watch EPL games with him even though he cheers for the Spurs (poor thing)). And views of Vancouver (not that we haven’t been seeing it over and over again in NM. Hooray for the whitecaps in the bg!).

    • Okay Ang! Sorry I went MIA. Illegal accousted me on Google chat.

  14. I waited for two days to fursplode this. hahahaha

    I was able to watch it twice! Yes, my cousins and I violated that ‘you-can-only-watch-it-once-inside’ policy. And for sure the guards were still cursing us up to this day. We did it for the love of Rob!(and Taylor’s abs!)

    I loved what Chris Weitz did with New Moon!!! (I might want to eff him, seriously, or apply as the Muse of his DILF club).

    I am really not a Jacob fan but I kinda felt bad for him in the movie. Bella the bitch just sort of used him (sort of meaning totally)… I let out an audible “awwwwww” at the part where Bella said, “Jake, I love you… Don’t make me choose… ‘coz it will be him… It’s always been him…” I felt like I wanted to be a wolf and phase in front of Bella and scratch her bitchy face… (so that she and Emily could be bffs). On second thought, maybe I felt bad for him because he had this perfect abs going on but the girl still chose the one with the fake, painted abs.

    The soundtrack!!! OMFG… The songs were just very apt… Especially at the scene where the wolves were chasing victoria. I love the slow-motion effects they did to it. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen on screen I promise.

    The part where Bella said, “I’m coming” then Edward, “I don’t want you to come.” I was the only one who laughed. Seriously, I was the only one who knew what that means? and I swear, I saw (amidst the dark,) there were people who stared at me like their faces were saying, “Seriously bitch? What’s with you? He’s breaking up with her! And you’re happy?” And I stared back at them all thinking, “Seriously, bitches? You didn’t get it? I pity you for not being as clever (depraved) as me!

    Okay the nitpicker side of me…

    But the kissing scene(s), uhm, I don’t know if it’s just me but I didn’t feel aroused(that’s what she said) during those scenes unlike in the kissing scene in Twilight (maybe the effect of knowing that now they might be doing it in real life… fuck…) Especially the one where Edward was moaning. I cringed. (I do when I’m jealous hihihi)

    And yes dudes… the outfit?! Edward’s outfit? the shoes???? wtf?!!!!! The whole time he was in Italy he didn’t even change clothes??? October, November, December… Goodness yes vampires don’t sweat but wearing the same clothes for like three months is beyond Rob’s hobometer… I bet he smelled like death…

    Alice’s? Her LBD was her only outfit that I loved all throughout the movie. The clothes she wore at school and in Italy? wtf again…

    Dakota and Michael S.= superb performances!!!
    Kristen Stewart’s scream during (Bella’s) nightmares?= sounds like a screaming pig on the verge of being killed

    Edward and Felix’s fight scene? Fierce!… It made Edward and James’s fight scene look like two girls having a catfight… It made Rob look “so tough” hahahahaha…

    New Moon>Twilight=yes!

    Eclipse> New Moon= should be!!!! (I know David Slade, it would be a tough job… considering what DILF has done….

    Chris Weitz=My new god… Amen…

  15. Goody-Goodness. Totes. Let us pray for our new god, the DILF, The ChrisWeitzinator.

  16. Missed all today …very sick puppy…will try tommorow…thud.

    • Oh MidCyn…I was just thinking of you because I haven’t heard from you in a couple of days. Sorry to hear you are a sick puppy…puppy…like the werewolves? 🙂 Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • I’m sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Wow – so I know I am WAY late to the game…but I finally got to see New Moon for the first time tonight. I have at least 2 other visits planned this week with other folks. Loved it! Things I loved:

    The months passing – easily one of my very favorite parts of the book…really delivered with one of my favorite soundtrack songs playing.

    Loved Ghostward…the water Ghostward was even better than I thought. From clips I always thought it was weird that he was upside down…but they were really side by side, not upside down.

    Loved the Volturi action!

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the moments after they went in from the sunlight under the clock.

    LOVED the humor of Jessica.

    Also loved Alice, but then I always have.

    I didn’t for moment think of switching teams…still Edward all the way. However, I liked the wolf pack and also respected Taylor’s acting. I liked Jacob better here than in the book.

    All in all, a win! I missed a few things from the book, but I’m not dwelling on that now because I am basking in my happy!

    • Glad ure back Ang…we missed u round these parts lol…I Loved the water ghostward in the water… that whole sequence starting from the victoria scene was just so awesome…i think i held my breath throughout….

      yay!!! everyone’s officially back…the family is complete…here’s to late night chats and more breaking news…muah!

      • agree – the whole sequence of the water. victoria. poor harry clearwater (may he RIP) was very well done!

        I was having LTT withdrawals. I was twitching earlier, really.

        • i have dreams of comments sometimes…yeah wierd..i know….our own personal brand of heroin lol

          • That’s ok – we’re normal.

            Just thought of something else I loved, and TeamSeth will love that I say this….loved Charlie! He was such a good dad in this movie, while also rockin’ the copstache. Very hot.

          • He was wonderful wasn’t he?

            I have that opening scene with him givin the bday gifts on my tshirt…er, walmart cami. I’m going to get the photos up soon 🙂

            ps-did you see my poem on yesterday’s comments. It’s maybe the most 2nd hand embarrassing thing you’ll ever experience. Blame it on my love for illegal.

          • I wish I had dreams about the comment board. I keep having these anxious dreams about this guy (the eye effing one from work). In the most recent one I went to his house and his girlfriend answered the door. She told me that he was being angsty, and I said, “What’s new?” and we laughed. Then he came out and we hugged…like a sexual hug. And he pulled away all Edward style cuz his girlfriend was there. And it was just so weird. Like the dream ended with me trying to hold onto him and him unclasping my grip and then I looked over at his girlfriend and she was staring at us. And I woke up feeling uncomfortable. Sigh.
            If I had dreams about the comment board than at least there’d be hot jortsless guys and..even better…there’d be Charlie Bewley. Swoon.

          • sometimes i have dreams of reading ACTUAL comments…like people being mean to me…or saying wierd things…then when i wake up and read the comments i try to figure out where my “dream” comments are o_0 …..wish I had more Jorts dreams…sigh

          • illegal – What? Someone is rude to you? And you dream about it? Definitely need more jort dreams!

          • yah i do….in my dreams people call me mean…and hate on Taycob….or tell me that I’m stupid…

            Im a bit of a dreamer…every night…movie-length…full colour…such a wierdo…lol

          • illegal – you need Taycob to give you dreamcatcher like he gave to Bella to get rid of those dreams! Though, apparently, hanging that on your headboard makes you scream in your sleep. Or…maybe it makes Charlie come into your room at night. Hmmm???? It’s worth hanging up!

          • teehee….dreamcatcher, Charlie and jacob? yeah wont be going to bed for ages if that happens….

  18. Illegal – just remembered your comments on sadcookie about OCD. While driving to NM tonight, my friend commented on our OCD. But she meant our Obsessive Cullen Disorder. 🙂

    • Obsessive Cullen Disorder…FTW!!!
      I think we should start making up health updates with Twi-related disorders…like ADHD -Attracted to Dangerous Hotties Disorder…
      we should get Midcyn on this one night…

      • Bipolar Disorder = you like it both hot and cold (WILFs and VILFs!)
        Schizophrenia = you see ghostwards

        • OME – I am very sick.

          HI TeamSeth!

          Haven’t read all the comments from the last few days, but I will look for your poem!

          Really, my Billy love has grown. Loved him being such the tender dad! Hated that we didn’t get to see the conversation between him and Alice. But that’s ok, probably couldn’t have done it justice!

      • Oh, I have ADHD too!

        What about TMJ? Taycob Madness Jorts…serious syndrome that causes lock jaw from clenching your teeth while saying “dayum”

  19. TS – Burke, oh Burke. That was rich.

  20. illegal (and TS if you are still out there) I am headed to bed soon! Just wanted you to know you are about to hear….


  21. Is it just me or does Firelight have a better budget than the actual Twilight movie lol. God forbid twilight did have sparkly Frakenstein monsters instead of vampires, I’d hate to see the make up for that.

    • the sure did do a great job on that digital short, and the budget apparently was no object. Will anyone be mad if I say I kinda think Tay Swift might make a better Bella than K Stew? I wonder how it would have been with her in there anyway.

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