I saw New Moon and I LOVED it….

I know many of you haven’t seen the movie yet. GO GO GO GOOOOOOOO what are you waiting for!? Of course you know I’m writing about it today, but don’t worry- I’ll warn you before there are spoilers


Did someone bring YOU a goodie bag with knock-off Ray bans inside?

Dear New Moon,

A story to sum up the night: After remaining in our seats until the last credit rolled, singing along to every word of “Meet me on the Equinox,” occasionally letting out a yelp, a squee or an expletive and holding hands with friends and strangers around us, our group of (just) 18 gals ventured into the concession area of the theater continuing with our yelps, squees and expletives along the way. As we gathered around for a group photo in front of the Eclipse poster we decided what that moment needed was a group hug. Hugs were passed around, more squees were heard and then it hit us- just a hug will not suffice. What we needed was a New Moon huddle. So we gathered together, we all put our arms in the middle and on the count of 3 we raised our hands in the air and yelled: JORTS!

It’s 3:46am and I could go on and on about the movie I just saw. But it’s 3:46am and I really want to go to sleep, so I’ll just share a few thoughts. The first being that it’s amazing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, forget the bad reviews, forget any preconceived notions you have based on the badly made last movie (Twilight) and just go. Lower your expectations. Clear your mind of anything you hope to see and just go enjoy the great portrayal of a really great book.

I have a confession, though.  With all that talk I shoved down your throats about managing expectations and ACCEPTING IT NOW that the movie very well may suck, I still hung on to a few expectations myself. Thankfully, Chris Weitz reads my mind (and therefore may now have access to my body) and BROUGHT it with New Moon. After the jump here are a few of my expectations that were met ABOVE and BEYOND! *Spoiler Alert* (see ending for *end of spoiler alert*)

  • Placement of the Bon Iver song: I wasn’t sure where this one would end up. I was hoping for something pretty depressing. But putting it right before Edward leaves? Brilliant. Definitely sticks out in my mind. Bunny & Noreen give this move TWO Thumbs up
  • I wanted to feel loss: I wanted to remember what it was like the first time I read that part in New Moon. I wanted to cry. And I did. I felt sad. I felt loss. I felt Edward’s distance. I felt Bella’s pain.
  • I want the names of the months: I did. I wanted them so badly, but I was resigned that we were NOT going to get them. Because how can you do that in a movie? But it’s Chris Weitz, my future 2nd husband, and he made it happen. And adding in Lykke Li? OMG. I just fangirled all over again thinking about how awful and brilliant that part was. I hurt. I LITERALLY hurt.
  • I didn’t want to miss Rob: And I didn’t (neither did Moon) because this movie was all about the Tay-Tay show.
  • I didn’t want the Tay-Tay show to suck: And I was really worried. You can’t put too much faith in a kid who once starred in Shark Boy and spent the rest of his childhood weaning his dad off the “Super Size” at Micky D’s to carry a movie.  But he did it. I don’t know how. And we have a long time to explore it, but dannnggg, Taylor
  • I wanted Kristen to earn all that acting praise that often surrounds her: And she did. I am definitely on Team Kristen as Bella. She rocked it. And looked gorgeous while rocking it.
  • I wanted the chemistry between Jake & Bella to make me consider switching teams: And I did. I’m still considering it. They were adddddorrrrabbbllleee together. MUCH more than just brother & sister. He was so doting. She was so needing of his doting. She led him on. He wanted her bad, and every time they almost kissed I yelled, “DO IT” really loud in my head and whispered it quietly in Moon’s ear while squeezing her hand. That scene in her bedroom when she touches his abs!? AHH- let’s fangirl together in remembrance of that hottness. I wanted him to push her down on top of that purple comforter and say, “Let’s not wait 80 more days until I’m legal. Let’s do this NOW.”
  • I wanted to love Robward when he returned: And I did. I feel like I’ve seen the scene where he’s shirtless 1,000 times but RIGHT after she runs into him and they close those big doors behind them, THERE? THAT ROB? OMG. Hottest Rob I’ve seen next to the one I saw in person on Ellen this week. I died on the inside. And then I wanted to offer him a werther’s original when he was back in the forest in his full-on tweed.

*End of Spoiler Alert* It’s official- I completely know why Twilight sucked. Let me break it down. New Moon has the same actors as Twilight, but this time they’re good. New Moon has the same screen writer as Twilight but this time it’s good. New Moon had the same catering company as Twilight (oh wait, that doesn’t matter) It’s like that “one of these things is not like the other” show on Sesame Street. ONE thing is very different in this movie. ONE THING. And that thing is named Catherine Hardwicke. She is NO WHERE to be seen in this movie and as a result the movie is AMAAZZZZINGGGGGG.

So Chris Weitz, Marry Me:


Please preface any spoiler comments with *Spoiler* when you write!

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  1. YES!!!!!!!
    EVERYTHING you said there is EXACTLY what I think!!!!
    LOVE the months. I totally felt it. I wanted to cry and binge on chocolate for me it was sadder than the books.
    I loved the placement of the Bon Iver song too.
    And Hearing Damade with Victoria running throught the forest?!?!?!!? LOVE!!!!!
    Sooooooooooooo amazing, stunt work was brills, totally even more devo they sacked Rachelle. Bitches.
    KStew . . . my new girl crush. Always loved her and even more so recently and now? WOW. Bitch is fierce and amazing and she owned it. Love. Her.
    And her hair! Gorge.
    I get the Tay thing now. Truth.
    Wolves and humans were hilar!
    Mike and Jessica are wicked hilar.
    LOVE!!!!!! Charlie!!!!! Soooooooo much more!! Gah.
    Billy Burke is the shiz.
    And Carlisle’s little chin nudge after he’d stitched up B? Waaaaay cute!!!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels so good to FINALLY be able to fangirl with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big hugs cos I’m so freakin’ excited!

    Jayde xox

    • *spoiler*
      Hahaha, you said EVERYTHING I thought while reading this post! I also loved the placement of Hearing Damage with Victoria running, it fit perfectly!

      I was only surprised at how three quarters of the soundtrack were fit into the first 45 minutes of the movie. But no biggie, i loved where all the songs went!

      And the months with Lykke Li… perfect; I almost cried.

      • Yes! I loved how they meshed together Victoria being hunted my the wolves, Charlie and Harry hunting the wolves, Bella jumping and Harry’s heart attack. Brilliant, and I kept the action moving along so well.

        • I didn´t like that they cut out so much of Victoria in the movie, you hardly saw rachelle/victorias face at all?! (and rachelle wasn´t doing any promotion and did not attend the premiere, that SUCKS, poor her.)

          but the movie – loved it. LOVED ROB. did not care for taytay at all, but rob was beautiful enough for both of them.

          • SPOILER

            Yes, LeFevere was amazing. I’m going to miss her a crapton.

            Also, @fursploded and @addictbella, YES! I heart Hearing Damage…and it’s one of the stronger songs on the soundtrack. I’m so glad they did it that way and played so much of it. Where as the rest of them were like 2 seconds long. And I LOVED C-Dubs use of silence. That’s something my boyfriend does a lot when he produces TV shows. It’s like sometimes you don’t need music.
            What was the song she shuts off in jake’s garage? I didn’t know that song (got shortened version of the soundtrack)

          • CRAP! I didn’t close my bold tag properly. So sorry everyone.

      • *SPILER* I cried when Bella screamed from her nightmares…

        • I love how I can’t spell “Spoiler”. It’s because I’m too exoted about this movie! 😀 (or maybe because I’m typing with one finger because I’m eating a carrot)

        • *SPOILER*
          ME TOO! Omg. I thought I’d be like “pig squeal” But I wasn’t. I didn’t think of it. And then Charlie and swoon. omg. I can’t even…TALK/TYPE.

          Um, all my post are going to be spoilers.

          Spiler does seem like spiller, which sort of, you know, is relevant too.

          • charlie was SO great – what a good dad; it made me love him even more – esp. that (SPOILER) line about “sometimes you have to learn to love what’s good for you.” so like hime to sum up all of his fatherly advice on the situation into one short sentence! yet so true.

          • “sometimes you have to learn to love what’s good for you.”

            LOVED that one too!

          • YES! I’m soooo glad that the screaming scenes played so much better in the movie than as stand-alone clips.

          • That line made me cry. And try to hug the screen.

        • Yes! I’ve already seen it twice, and the whole calendar/nightmare screaming thing has gotten to be both times!

        • me to

      • YES! I was like, “Um, song 10, check. Song 2, check. Song 5, check. etc.” Wait, where was track 5?

        Plus I loved that Ms. Marina got her all but 4 seconds of fame. No wonder she was all pimping herself out on the red carpet. I do love that song though. Thankfully I have the soundtrack.

        And the score…desplat and me are in love in the awkward hermes scarf kind of way.
        I read C-Dubs say that the Lykke Li song was in a particularily sad part, and so I was expecting it raound then…BUT IT BLEW ME AWAY. So perfect.

        wow. I feel like I could go on all day. I wrote illgeal this uber long email last night and then she got online and we fangirled for like an hour. Dragging at work today. Definitely a coffee day and not a tea day. It’s one of those mornings where you hope your dirty underwear didn’t get stuck to your pants and you pray to god that you put on your dress shoes instead of your flip flops (totally did that once…tres embarrassing) I’m seeing it again tonight.

        Also, i had these guys 3 rows up behind me jabbering away in Spanish during the final 15 minutes. HELLO! RUDE! I almost hissed back at them “CAITE!” but I didn’t want to miss any more than I already was. Plus I knew I was seeing it again today (in 6.5 hours).

        • Sent u an equally uber long e-mail back…something to look forward to…I think…lol

          Just realised as one of the first few ppl who saw it and had a gag order, i still havent posted a spoiler yet…
          sad ironic cookie

          • No worries, gal. You’ll get after it.

            I can’t wait for your email. I’m bring a pen and paper to the showing tonight so that I can write down the “gems” as I see them.

    • Aw crap. Only just saw to prefix everything with *spoiler*. What a dick.
      Apologies, I was just so excited to be able to fangirl after 2 whole days of not being able to say anything except to a few! haha

  2. You do not know what a relief it is to be able to fangirl…after almost three fricking days!!!!!

    “Have you ever had a secret that you couldnt tell anyone?’ errr…Hale yes! I LOVED IT!!!!…more than a monkey loves coconuts….whew needed to get that off my chest…will make proper comment later….*trots off to get some coffee* relieved cookie

    • Gah, I know! It’s been almost 48 hours since I saw it and I was DYING to discuss!

      • Lolz…we Aussie and Nz peeps had it tough…sniff…cant wait to discuss and Im so glad you “get” Tay…now u understand my rants and awkward letters…. 🙂

        • I love the Sam analogy I made last night, so I will make it again right now for everyone.
          I feel so bad for you guys. It’s like you are Sam and had to go through the change alone. Whereas I had people talking to me while it was going on.

      • ahhh that’s exactly what I was like at 3:45 this morning, haha. I could barely wait 15 minutes let alone 2 days! You were very patient! I was haunting the forums at 4 a.m. just to talk about it!

      • yes, i totes feel you, i saw it on wednesday, but i didn’t know that in the us they’ll see it until yesterday, and when i came for mi daily fix of LTT yesterday, i learned that they haven’t seen it, i was all frustrated, but it worth it, oh and…
        I died at the end when robward says MARRY ME, i really felt ‘something coming out of my pants’!

    • Haha, I know how you feel! Writing about New Moon spoiler free was like being on a horrible diet of celery for two days. I’m so glad we officially can fangirl out now!

    • Jorts at last, jorts at last, good god all mighty, jorts at last! I am so happy to see Jacob get the respect he so obviously deserves. Can we get a widget to count down Taylor’s birthday, please?

      I can NOT wait to see that kissing and tent scene Eclipse now.

  3. Oh, yes, I’m so in love with this movie. Every Twi-fan is going to be so happy, it was amazing. I was blow away by how true to the book it was.

    I really, truly for the first time got how she could ever be attracted to Jacob…and I’ve ALWAYS been Team Edward to the point I wouldn’t have cared if Jacob got killed off at some point. No more!

    Bottomline, this movie is the first book adaptation that I’ve ever seen of a beloved book that made me think about the book in a different way, love it even more and make me so giddy I can’t sleep.

    I love Chris Weitz soooooo hard right now…David Slade, you’ve been warned! You have HUGE shoes to fill.

    P.S. In our theater, when she’s hugging Jake in her bedroom, someone yelled out “Touch his ASS!” LOL…we were all cracking up. Taylor was unbelievable.

    • Crap, sorry, some of the above post may be a SPOILER…

      And here’s one more.

      A lot of people in the theater groaned during Alice’s vision, but I secretly liked it…maybe in the future, early 20th century clothing will be back in style?? or maybe they were just running to a costume party? Or it’s all part of their kinky vampire sex…let’s play Anne of Green Gables in the woods…

    • That’s exactly how I felt in regards to Jacob/Edward. It didn’t make me switch teams overall, but it DID help me understand why the decision in Eclipse was so hard for Bella. Because right now I can’t bear to think of her leaving Jake because he was just soo wonderful in pulling her through!

    • Um, blvr, are you in Orlando? Cuz someone yelled that out in my theater too…

    • it may have been me that yelled that. i really wanted her to – i would have.

      • Yeah, didn’t yell because the people in my theater were all losers, but me and my friend most defs whispered ‘grope!’ and ‘just a little lower!’ 🙂

  4. I simply cannot be with you gals today. Just killed the cat xx will catch up nxt week after wed xx

    bet I’m back later. I’m just not that strong

    • Awww dude.
      And um, I totally snorted with laughter when you said you’d killed your cat . . . even thought you’re only joking . . . I hope.

    • i’m sorry about your kitty. illegal, can i bowwow a cookie to give ish? feel better, we’ll miss you.

      • *hands over sympathy sugar cookies* here u go Ish…and some choc fudge ones of NM fangirling for u EG…

    • Aw, Ish, you better get out of here quick like. I warned my sister not to step foot on LTT today. Too late though. She was sad that she read too much. Sigh, poor Griffs.

      I love you, Ish. We’ll see you on Wednesday. Spoilers are only going to increase. Say hi to the maple leafs for me…and eff them, go penguins.

      • Who am I trýing to kid. I simplöy cannot stay away. Very tempted at slinking into the double feature on sun midday, have tickets for wed and catching it the day I arrive in NZ on Dec 3rd to finally see it in English.
        Hey, is Rob trying to do an american accent as bad as uc and moon trying to do an eng one? It sounded ok to me but I am not alarican so wouldn’t know. So happy for you all and will just have to wait wait wait to join in the orgie of fanloves xx

        • Cat resuscitated so alls well just in case anyone was worried. Am going to councelling to control my emotions….

          • What is the cat joke? Is this illegal killing cats again? What was the thing about Edward coming out of the cat? weird.

            Anyway, there’s one part where he goes all british.

          • “Illegal killing cats again” WTF? why do i get blamed for ALL the deviant behaviour? LOL

          • Not all deviant behavior, only animal attacks.

          • TEAM SETH!!! Randall meant to write edward got out of the car but instead wrote Edward got out of the cat and it struck me funny. I just couldn’t resist it closet cat squeezer that I am xx well you prob wont read this anyway and continue to think I am a weirdo 🙂

      • and yet I keep coming back for more….must. stop. cant. stop. aaahhhhhhhhhh


    I came home a few hours ago at 3:00 and came straight here about how fucking awesome the movie was. I had only one complaint and that was that Chris Weitz is already married b/c I wanted to blow him behind the dumpster at the theater.

    fave moments:

    *did anyone notice the way Tay caught the wrench in garage? I DID.

    *the months passing. Oh, the months. I can’t believe that Chris and Kristen made that as sad and maybe more sad than in the book. I cried my eyes out.

    *Edward’s entrance to “Monsters.” Hot damn, I have a new sexy song. I listened to it all the way home and dreamed of Robward. The critics called it cheesy…I called it FUCKHAWT.

    *All the kissing scenes. Too many to break down now. YUM.

    *Everything Taylor. I have NEVER been team Jacob, and last night I seriously considered it. The moments in the garage sold it for me. Their bonding was so cute and natural and the little jokes were too sweet.

    *I’m probably the only one who liked Alice’s vision. It was a little cheesy, but that didn’t bother me. The whole theater did laugh, though.

    *The sparkle. It was soooooo much better in NM!

    *The humans. Jessica’s rant in particular.

    *Charlie. ‘Nuf said.

    *All the Romeo and Juliet parallels. The book beside Bella when she woke, Edward reciting Romeo’s lines (a little cheesy, but I loved that the teacher couldn’t stump him), and for me, when Bella is drowning, it looks like a R&J death scene with Edward.

    I could go on all day, but I’ve had 3 hours of sleep and a preschool Thanksgiving program to go to….and New Moon to see again tonight!!!!! Can’t fucking wait.

    • I just found one small nitpicky thing. I really wanted to see Bella breaking her CD’s and ripping the stereo out of the truck, or at least having Charlie tell Alice about it. Hate to nitpick, but that could’ve been included pretty easily.

      • was that a wrench he caught?? i thought it was the pizza! haha

        • ya i loved jessica’s rant as well..

          also, when jacob said “It’s not you, it’s me”!! AND DAMN IT, THE JACOB RAIN SCENE!! ALL THE GAYS IN THE THEATER WERE SQUEE-ING. For serious!! 😀

        • LOL ME TOO!

          Can we please implement the phrase, “Jacob, how you likin’ the rain, wolf?”

        • She threw a piece of pizza, but the scene cut quickly and he caught a wrench. Why did that turn me on? Oh wait, that’s Normal.

      • I pretty much agree with Everything you have just said…with the exception of the preschool Turkey Day thing.

        I can’t say what my favorite thing about the movie is yet…too many to count and I’ve only seen it 1 measley time, but I loved Eric crying his eyes out and I loved when B told E to shut up.

        • YES YES YES

          but I loved Eric crying his eyes out and I loved when B told E to shut up.

          I clapped when she said that. And everyone went, “THANK YOU!”

          My theater was hardcore team jacob.

        • yeah! i forgot the “shut up!” that was awesome!

        • Okay so I was one of those losers that didn’t want to hear a peep through my preccccioussss…but I totally laughed my ass off at the Eric scene…and when B told E to shut up. I was like “That’s right!!”

      • Kinda rude, but I wanted Edward to see through Jacobs thoughts how Bella looked when she first came to him. All beat up and clutching her stomach. And I wanted to see that in the movie, it would have been interesting I think

    • spoiler

      *The humans. Jessica’s rant in particular.

      *Charlie. ‘Nuf said.

      I LOVED the humans. Like LOVED. Finally, natural dialogue. Wow, concept. I almost expected jess to be like, “So, you go off with some wanna be psycho, ‘cuz that’s normal, right?”
      But I wished Bella was like, “I’m not suicidal.” like she said in the book. Maybe they edited it out. Oh well.

      • The dialogue was great, very natural, that was the #1 improvement for me. Looks like Melissa got some tips on tightening that shiz up.

        SPOILER: Shut up was great! Loved Emmett teasing Edward about dating an older woman. All of Jessica’s stuff…Anna has great snarky timing. “you know, I’m going thru some stuff as well.” LOL

        • spoiler

          yes! Then she starts rambling about Mike. Perfect. I loved her line when Bella comes back from the motorcycle ride. I can’t remember it now.

          I was laughing so hard at the beginning. I think that Chris did a good job after the hardcore cryfest to make us lift up a little again before the fursplode leads to angst fest began.

          • i think it was something like “THAT HOMEBOY COULD HAVE BEEN PSYCHO!”

            but her killer line, i guess, was this one: “YOU KNOW MY COUSIN HAD LEPROSY AND IT’S NOT FUNNY.” this one really got me laughing a lot inside. i thought it would be kinda stupid for me to laugh out loud ‘coz i didn’t think people actually understood the random hilarity of it.

            luurvvveee anna kendrick! 😀

    • i agree with everything you said, fursploded. except that i was always pretty pro-jake. maybe because i pictured him EXACTLY like he was in the movie! oh they did such a good job i can’t stop squeeing.

  6. Amazing amazing amazing. I Loved IT!!!!!!! Thank you!

  7. Nope, not spoiling it for myself… I’ll see you lucky beotches tomorrow!!!! I’m off to get my Robward hit.

  8. *um… spoiler?*
    The biggest surprise for me was Taylor. I’ve always been 100% Team Edward but he played Jacob so convincingly I almost switched teams. Effin gorgeous! And hilarious how Bella kinda soft-punches his abs with her fist. Boy, that girl’s got willpower to stay mad at him WHILE touching those abs. I wonder how many times they had to film that scene. Then again, Kristen doesn’t seem like a gal who swoons over abs. If it were me playing Bella, we would have had to film that scene many times… on account of me forgetting any lines that come after the ab-touching. Okay, maaaaybe some ulterior motives might play a role there as well… 😀

    I have the same feeling I had after Twilight, that all the characters are real and might show up around the corner any minute. I’m crazy. It’s gonna take a while before I float back down from that cloud. What about you guys?

    • Ditto.
      And it’s all new to me because I wasn’t around for the Twi hype cos I hated it back then!
      I know. I was crazy.

    • me too, exactly. *swoons* i’m so glad to be in on the party now. it was all i could do the last couple days not to beg you girls to tell me everything!

    • I totally agree with the abs, but did you notice that when she put her fist on his abs that she stuck her thumb out a little and touched! yea!

    • I’m still on my Charlie high. He was glorious in this movie. Like, “Of course what do I know, I’m just a life time bachelor. I’m such the ladies man.” LMAO.

  9. AHHH!! I’m seeing it tomorrow night!

    Question: My friend is staying with me for the weekend and then she is going with me. She hasn’t read the books nor has she seen Twilight. How much time, sweat and hand puppet backstory do I have to give her in order for her to understand New Moon? (Does that sentence even make sense? I am a bit useless waiting to see this freakin’ movie!)

    I know that had I not READ Twilight before I saw the movie I would have been ridiculously lost….

    • I actually think they did ok with giving a bit of backstory. I remember thinking ‘oh that’s good they said that in case someone hasn’t seen it’
      SQUEE for you when you do see it!!!

      • Thanks, babe!

        I’m thinking “he’s a vampire, she isnt. he wants to kill her but they fall in love instead. He is protective and cant lose control around her. Jacob is her friend.” is pretty much what you need to know going into it.

        • Um, I’d suggest watching Twilight once. But they do give enough back story. Not a ton, but enough. C-Dubs knows what’s up.

          Enjoy converting her 😉

          • But please, PLEASE for the love of things good and holy, warn her of the total epic fail that is Twilight. And you can assure her that New Moon will rock her socks!!

            Gah, the more I think about it, the more pissed off I become over what Twilight was. I hate you Cathy Cougar.

          • Lulu! No! You have to embrace Twi for what it was. And then be so happy for the panty creamer that New Moon is. We’re never getting Buttcrack Santa back. Things should be embraced from Twilight, it’s the heritage.

          • Excellent concept, TS. NM didn’t make me regret Twilight. I am considering Twilight a stepping stone, but I’ll admit THAT kind of makes me nervous. New Moon is SOOOO much better than Twilight that I fear my expectations for Eclipse will be unattainable. We’re gonna need another “ACCEPT NOW” post, Moon/UC.

            One part of me is so tortured over the ending (Weitz, you are a sick genius) that I can’t WAIT for June 2010, but the other part is relishing the idea of going back hopefully Sat and def Sun to watch again. I want to wallow in the New Moon, to bathe in its essence and saturate my consciousness with all the little details that my completely-blown, overstimulated, spleep-deprived mind can’t seem to hang onto this morning.

          • @S-Pizzle, I’m basking in the NM for months. Eclipse can wait.

            Who liked the the Victoria coming out of the water a la Slade’s shot of the vamps coming out of the water. HAWT.

          • TS, I’ve been thinking about it all night and I just can’t do it! I don’t view Twilight as a stepping stone. I already had very negative feelings about it, but now that NM has shown me what could have been, I feel free to fully embrace my true controversial feelings: I officially hate Twilight the movie. I never want to see it again; I want to erase it from my memory. The only part I want to keep is Jasper and his bat.

            It was great for making lots and lots of fun of, but I’d trade that in a heart-beat for a decent movie that brought a book I loved to life. New Moon gave me that and there is NO GOING BACK!!

            As for Eclipse, Slade better bring it. His career might be over if he doesn’t. I don’t have higher expectations for it, I just want a good representation of the book. If it’s on par with New Moon, I will be more than satisfied.

    • if you break out the hand puppets, please youtube that shit, kthanx.

  10. My mind basically exploded last night… Chris Weitz is now my hero. New Moon was awesome. It felt just like the book, only better, cause we got to see shirtless guys (instead of just imagining them). The only thing was, in the book I really felt like Edward and Bella were supposed to be together, but in the movie it really seemed like Bella should’ve chosen Jake. I gotta admit, I cried in the “break-up” scene between Jake and Bella.

    I only got 2 hours of sleep last night, but bottom line: it was worth it.

  11. I take back every mean thing that I said about Kristen as Bella. She totally rocked my world last night. I LOVED her last night. Loved, loved and loved.

    My dearest friend Calliope made us ladies (Janetrigs and Calli’s sister) New Moon Survival kits. They were AWESOME and definitely came in handy!

    http://pic.gd/78f3a9 – outside of the box.

    http://pic.gd/b348cd – the goodies within.

    We even had little bottles to honor buttcrack santa! holla!

  12. It was amazing. And I agree with what has been said already-the stunts, first time we see Edward get out of the cat and stroll across the parking lot (swoon), Bella & Charlie’s relationship, Jessica, Jacob bringing it, etc.

    But oh my gosh, I almost died when I saw Jacob in the rain after his transformation.

    Vision was cheesy…I didn’t get it. Why were they wearing 1920 clothes when it’s the future?

    Micheal Sheen as Aro and the Volturi fight scene-epic. The damage that was done, cracks and breaks.

    KStew did not disappoint. She was heartbeaking as Bella and I really like how they communicated her emotions (ie the hole in her heart, the excitement she begins to feel when she begins to feel whole again and happy with the new friendship with J) all through letters to Alice, her narration was so raw. But the best thing about
    the movie was that my theatre was silent from the start to the finish. You could hear a pin drop…no one wanted to miss a thing. It was

    • “But the best thing about the movie was that my theatre was silent from the start to the finish. You could hear a pin drop…no one wanted to miss a thing. It was

      I so envy you!! I almost wanted to shout, “shut up!” People were just so excited and, hence, noisy.

      • Yeah, the theater I was at was like that, quiet..but would laugh, swoon, etc when the scene called for it, lol. When it cut off the last scene and went to credits, everyone goes, “ARGGGH!” Then we all laughed!

    • Hey I don’t want to harp on about animals all the tiome but how DO you actually get out of a cat? I have read the books countless times and I could swear there was no bestality there, hmmm might just have to go reread xxxx
      just kidding thanks for the giggle

    • Micheal Sheen as Aro and the Volturi fight scene-epic. The damage that was done, cracks and breaks.

      HE WAS SO SPLENDID! I kept clapping with delight while he was on screen. He must have read Aro’s character from all the books like 50 zillion times because he was perfect perfect. Like the best juxtaposition of creepy and hospitable/happy (the eyes def. helped the volturi creepiness…even though they should’ve been darker since they were eating that day…which that scene was done perfectly…eff the nun, it’s all about the little kids!).

      Felix was so scary. And Demetri…yay! “She wants to be…” “…One of them.” “And so she will be.” “Or dessert” EPIC FTW DAKOTA!!!!!! Everyone swooned at Alec and Demetri in my theatre haha.

      • i loved Michael Sheen’s Aro too, even though he looked different than i pictured him, i felt like he really nailed the personality and the delivery of the lines. i was clapping in delight, too!

      • I was very happy with all the Volturi portrayals. I could have done with much more of the them.

        I might be joining team Demetri. Edward and Jasper are taken, Demetri looks unattached. Felix wasn’t bad to look at either. 😉

  13. Ugg my comments is being moderated. This blows.

    • Speaking of, I was disappointed there were no Ugg errors in the jorts pack. How cold was Taylor in that final scene. Poor guy.

  14. *SPOILER ALERT* sorta

    Calliope and I both said, “OH, SHIT!” upon seeing Taycob in the rain and then giggled at each other (cause we are the last people to fangirl over Taycob, but WOW)

  15. So what you are saying is that twilight stunk big time. They stunk the joint out bad. But how can New Moon use all the same people and not stink big time? I don’t get it. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  16. New Moon was and is the shizznit!!! By far exceeded my expectations. Chris Weitz is a genius!! He totally delivered and then some!! 🙂
    I thought Kristen did a fabulous job, she totally killed it!! I really think it was the direction-from that crazy director that shall NOT be named-she got in Twilight that made her performance off. I’ve always been Team Kristen/Bella and this just makes me ❤ her even more!
    Taylor did an awesome job as well. I believed the connection between them but not enough to make me switch teams or even think about really. Sorry! Ona funny note, the first time Taycob pulled his shirt off someone yelled out "How you doing?"
    Anna Kendrick totally killed it as well!!
    Did anyone else feel like the some of the songs were a lil rushed? It seemed like they were all jammed together, imo. Altho the placement of Hearing Damage and Possibility were beyond brilliant!!
    David Slade u better bring it!
    One last thing and I'll stop all this rambling: Chris Weitz for Breaking Dawn!! <—That's all 🙂

    • *Spoiler*

      I agree about the songs. The soundtracks was so amazing but we didn’t hear much of it. I feel that Edward’s meadow tune was over-used, especially near the end. It had this sad sound to it, that I think no longer fitted when he returned. But I’m seeing it again tonight, so maybe I will pay more attention to it this time. It was all so much to take in on such a short time! GAHHH I want the DVD I need to be able to pauze!

      PS. not wanting to come across negative, but I already SQUEEED my longs out yesterday.

  17. I was so happy about how they portrayed the passing of the months and how it emulated the way it was done in Pride and Prejudice.
    Kristen did look so gorge! Aaaand, she rocked the slutty wal-mart tank top.
    The soundtrack just made the movie that much better. Every song I was fist pumping in my head.

    Can I just ask, tho, bc Im kind of a beyotch and kind of a hater, WTF is up with Rosalie? Jeebus! In the voting scene? Holy haggard old lady! She looked so awful. The wig, the makeup, all of it. Thank god she only had two lines.

    • I have to agree on the Rosalie thing. In real life, she’s quite pretty, but she’s definitely not meant to be a blond. Perhaps she’ll thaw a little in Eclipse?

      • “I was so happy about how they portrayed the passing of the months and how it emulated the way it was done in Pride and Prejudice.”

        oh my god!! i totally thought about this too when i was in the theater!! 😀 lizzie bennet’s swing scene, as i call it.. haha!

    • Totes agree on Rosalie. All I saw was Nikki and thought, “What’s with the blonde…ugh.”

      And Jazz’s wig. Barf. And Emmet looked so much creepier in this one. Their contacts were creepier I think. This guy at my work (the eye-effing in the meeting guy) has the right shade of eyes. I wish they just copied his.

      And I love that you referenced P&P! So true!

      And I wore a slutty WalMart cami myself with Charlie ironed onto it say “Sit down. Have some plaid.” and I felt proud that I was rocking it (with the bra showing) the same way KStew was!

      • I thought about you while I was watching TS! I kept thinking, “There’s some plaid. And some more. More plaid. Plaid, again.”

        I finally just summed it up in my head so I could focus on other wardrobe details: Plaid was, most definitely, had.

        • Haha, S-Pizzle, I just got back from round 2, and I noticed ALL the plaid this time. Even Mike Newton is wearing plaid! And in the scene Bells arrives with the “scrap metal” for Jake, she’s wearing her purple plaid under her hoodie!

    • I think it was the wig. It was just awful.

  18. **SPOILERS**

    Ok, I KNOW I’m weird, but I still like Twilight better. I saw it for the first time on a big screen last night and was more excited by that. Maybe it’s because I have a hard-on for Rob, and New Moon couldn’t deliver – either in screen time or decent Rob acting. Maybe because I like the Twilight soundtrack better. Maybe because it’s like a first love – I don’t want to betray it.

    BUT – New Moon was better than I expected.

    Most fun part – how the entire theater let out a collective moan/sigh/gasp thing when Taylor first removed his shirt. Awesome! And Taylor handled his leading role very well.

    The CGI wolves (and the wolfpack actors) were much better than anticipated. I was expecting to cringe.

    Kristen was great – except NO TEARS??? The girl is massively depressed and having nightmares but doesn’t actually cry, tears, running down face? Not once??? Kristen doesn’t seem to be able to tap that emotion. I needed her to. She could take lessons from my friend who cried through the whole frickin movie. Seriously…

    Favorite part – the Remember Me trailer. No kidding – I SCREAMED and applauded when it came on.

    Worst part of the night – sitting next one of the 2 men in the theater who happened to be 300 lbs and felt the need to belittle everything around him to ensure we all knew he was too cool to be there. When this ass hat made a comment about the audience reaction to Jake’s body, mockingly stating “Oh, ooh, he’s so hot, blah, blah, blah” I responded back with “Because unlike you, he is.” That pretty much shut him down for the rest of the film.

    • I always imagined her as numb rather than weepy…devoid of any emotion…but then again i cant talk…i cry at the drop of a hat…drama-queen style…

      High five on the Big dude come-back…are u sure it wasnt Big Daddy Lautner? cause u know he’s totes jealous of his progeny…lol

      • In the books she cries a lot. I think she even mentions that when she get’s angry, she ends up crying.

        • well then…they could have added a few tears…but like u said…not sure if she can make it look convincing…i mean stutter mcblinky? (im kidding stew… I LOVE u after this movie)

        • No, I don’t think she does cry a lot in the book. She cries when she allows herself to think of Edward. It’s like she knows that it will kill her if she thinks of him, then when she does she falls apart.

          But, Charlie tells Alice that he thought she was coming through it when she had that major fit about going to Jacksonville the first time they try to send her. That she cries for the first time, and he thought that would be the turning point. Then she goes into zombie mode.

      • big daddy probably went and drowned his sorrows in a big bag full of fillet-o-fishes after the movie. i agree about numb bella. i don’t remember it ever mentioning her crying in the books. i don’t think she’s a weeper. but i cried through the whole thing too!

        • Hahaha i keep imagining him stuffing his face and saying stuff like “I used to look like that” and “i can quit anytime i want nom nom nom”…sorry future FIL…but ive heard it at too many Lautner family dinners at Mac’s to believe u….
          ❤ ya EG…

        • Yup, she cries right away. Talks about how she can’t wait to be alone her first night in Forks so she can have a good cry. She cries, I’m telling you, she cries!!!! :>p.

          So much it’s like a metaphor for all the rain in Forks.

          I totally made that part up.

          • Rob’s Bitch, that’s in Twilight, not New Moon.

          • I know – I was setting up that she is a crier.

            Didn’t she cry uncontrollaby when she was first reunitied with Alice and then when she was in the Volturi waiting room? Those are the only examples I can think of right now in New Moon.

            I still felt crying should have happened at SOME point! Not the entire movie… It’s like she tried, but never quite got actual tears to come out – and I noticed it.

            It will be interesting to see if Kristen is able to tap that emotion in future projects. It would be interesting if someone asked her if she finds that difficult.

    • I thought the absence of her crying was more potent. The idea of being so numb and so heartbroken and having this all consuming void that doesn’t trigger tears is way more emotional than any crying scene could be. I feel like the tears in the book kind of cheapened the loss. I remember rolling my eyes at those parts in the book. The movie made my chest physically ache. CDub did such an amazing job.

      • Totes. The tears were perfect when she sees Alice.

        First I jumped (and the audience gasped) and then I teared up with her!

    • High five for calling Big Daddy Lautner out. I had a jaw drop moment over here. “Oh no she didn’t!” “Oh HALE yes she did”

      You’re rad.

    • I also love twilight more. The reason is not because it’s a better movie (NM IS better, movie-wise), but because It’s my favorite book of the series. I’m a sucker for BxE romance. I kinda got the feeling that Chris wanted to focus on Taylor and tried to win the audiance over. Showing an adorable, arrogant and fun Edward at the beginning wouldn’t help matters there. So we got grumpy. I’m not a huge fan of the twilight soundtrack but I loved the way the music was used in that movie. During some parts of NM I feel the opposit. Meadow-tune overkill and would have loved to hear more of the other songs. I may still change my mind though ;).

      • Yes, it’s the romance. The newness. I just loved Twilight right away. It was my very late introduction to the book series only a few months ago.

        I really enjoyed New Moon and didn’t plan on picking it apart, but it’s like I can’t stop myself!!!

  19. And omg, did Kristen’s acting improve! The audible gasps made sense. The one studdering worked ok, but in all – it was good. I remember thinking mutiple times during the movie that it was pretty impressive.

  20. is it normal that my heart actually went crazy when edward first showed up?? and the break up scene. man, i cried. i didn’t cry in the book but this movie, wow. and the months with the lykke li song! wow. just wow. also, i especially loved the “circling” motion of the camera (i don’t know, how do u call that? the vertigo effect?) after bella fell in the forest.

    woah. i’m speechless. i can just go on and on. looking forward to watching the movie again tomorrow. 😀



  21. by the way, stephenie said one of her favorite scenes was the one with the Thome Yorke song so i was really looking forward to that one. and i totally loved it as well. 😀

  22. I just have to get through the next 10 hours and I’ll be seeing it this evening… ’til then I’m sad I can’t participate in the “morning after”!!!!

    • There’s going to be 2 morning afters. That’s why they issue two pills in the pack 😉

      I’m seeing it again. So, Imma morning after again.

    • OME…. (to use an annoying fangirl phrase)…. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!


      IT’S A MIRACLE! “So, Bella’s….back”

      Ok, so how awesome was that? It’s like Chris Weitz took the images out of mind as I was reading the book for the first time a few years back, swirled them in a pensieve, and made a movie of exactly what he saw.

      I mean, I was truly impressed. My expectations were so low they were buried underground and I ended up being incredibly incredibly happy.

      I even took my reluctant fiance and he was very impressed, promptly pronounced it a good movie at the end, and announced that he was Team Jacob.

      Love it! Also had a great crowd in the theater – they squealed, oohed, awwed, and were sad at all the right moments.

      • Oh, and yeah, totes seeing it again tomorrow. I want another morning after. And after. And after…

        Also how do I decide what’s more win: Jacob’s naked body or Edward in the sexy Volturi robe? “ArrrgghhhhhaaahhhhH!”

  23. Oh, I forgot – coolest effect: when the Volturi painting morphed into the real vamps.

  24. First response:
    “And that thing is named Catherine Hardwicke. She is NO WHERE to be seen in this movie”

    So not true! Didn’t you hear the cougar line that Bella makes?! Totally calling out cougwicke 😉

    • TeamSeth….SO GLAD you loved the movie!!! It sounds like BB did right by you!! As it should be! Did you take pics of your outfit? Can’t wait to see!!! Thought of you til the wee hours trying to be with ya in a Ghostward sort of way!!!

      • CYNDI! I so went to email you that video I promised you last night. But it was too big. I’m trying to find out a way to send it to you for free. It’s going to make your life better. I can’t wait to deliver for you. You can even hear me talk on the video. Le sigh.

        BBurke was amazing. So funny, so adorable, so sad, so loveable, and just soooo perfect.

        I can’t wait to send you my outfit pics. I totes was going to but I had to had to go to sleep. Illegal kept me up until 4:10am and then I had to send my boyfriend pics of me in my slutty WalMart cami. 😉 This distance thing blows.

        Anyway, I thought of you THE WHOLE FILM. You and Illegal. Cuz my theater was all team jacob!

        • I kept YOU up? lol…talking smack about me again TS? did u forget the renee moments? bahahahhahaha U better have thought of me…i wouldnt have been so passive with the almost-kiss…that boy would have gotten wat he wanted before he could say “Hey Illegal, how u liking my abs/lips girl?”

          • Yeah, when he came into the bedroom with soft ab punch you would’ve been like, ::soft ab punch:: “OMFG. Let’s make out.” and he’s all, “Have you ever had a secret that you couldn’t share with anyone?” and you’d be all, “I’ll share it with you.” as you unbutton your pants. And he’s all, “I’m bound pretty tight.” and you put on your best Emmett/Jasper Twilight voice, “Oh ho, I think we can handle that.” And he’ll start to try to talk, but immediately swallow his words Alpha style. And you’ll say, “What? Sam’s gag order? Yeah, I’ll show you what a gag order is.” as you throw him on the bed. Um…this is getting out of hand. When are we starting our Tremble for Trimble fanfic?

            ps-I just got back from round 2. Totes focused on Jake more this time. On his eyes, actually, based on your comments. Still haven’t read your email. Going to meet my friend for pizza. Okay, read it soon. Muah. And I’m annoyed I lent out my twi to my friend who totally dissed me. Ugh. I need it. I might have to go see NM AGAIN.

          • *copy and paste Illegal/Taycob FanFic*

            I ❤ u so much!!! We should restart Tremble for Trimble again…Ive got the first few lines that Sparkle and I wrote…So damn funny…

            That bedroom scene…she totes checked him out before touching him…seriously if a Taycob sat on my purple comforter looking like he needed "comfort" Oh Jebus…wtf Bella…seriously WTF? Sorry this movie is a cockblocker on EPIC proportions…but in such a good way..if that makes any sense….

    Chris Weitz for effing PRESIDENT…..he rocked my world!!! I totally agree with everything you said…..you plucked it right out of my brain. I am totally team KStew……she was brillz…..who knew…..and soooooo beautiful. Rob well….there are no words!!

    Ummmm, one thing that I literally laughed out loud at….when Alice was showing Aro, Bella as a vampire……the running in the woods…..I mean I know that scene was leaked forevs ago, but that looked like a scene yanked out of Big Love…..juniper creek anyone?? It was so awkward and weird…..where did they get that dress Jessica McClintock circa 1987???? Everyone laughed in the theater…..I am guessing it was not supposed to be comic relief.

    Lastly…..LEGAL IN GEORGIA!!!!!!

    nuff said.

    obird 🙂

  26. I’m not going to see new moon till Saturday but now that i have read this i am even more excited then i was when i was trying to go to sleep last night. Twilight kind of embarrassed me. I saw it 3 times in theaters hoping that it would get better, but sadly i was still embarrassed, especially for the people i was seeing it with, since two haven’t read the books. Now i can’t wait to be sitting in the theater with my 52 year old mom and my 10 year old daughter holding hands, crying and squeeing together!!

    • Sounds like my experience with Twilight. One of my major regrets: taking everyone I knew to see it. But there are no regrets with this one – it was that good! Don’t worry about it! Now I have to go back with everyone I know! 😉

      • ‘I know, right? ‘
        I lent my friend Twilight last week (yep there are still people that haven’t seen it), and handed it over with trepidation and warnings..
        ‘please bear in mind the low budget, try and ignore excessing blinking, stuttering, gasping etc… and focus on the magic i.e. Edward’….

        Edward laughing over the microscope in class ‘like i said’
        Edward in the restaurant (nuff said)
        Edward sitting opposite Charlie before prom
        Edward in the Gazebo ‘isn’t enough just to have a long and happy life with me’ *thud*

        OK Rambling.

        Have seen NM twice now and can’t wait until I can get there again – but just can’t hate on Twilight



    My main issue with it is why was Alice dressed in practically maternity clothes? All the damn time?? Ashley is SO hot, and it’s like they de-hotted her?!!! Criminal. And Jasper’s wig was just as awful as we expected…..talk about de-hotted! ew.

    Otherwise, I loved it and laughed and cried and sqeed along with the rest of you, except on west coast time…

    the months passing=amazing.

    I’m going again on sunday.

    • THANK YOU!!! That blue coat number….it came straight off the rack at pea-in-the-pod. Help a girl out Summit!!! Sheesh! 🙂

      • And then when she showed up in Italy in the striped one, my bff leaned over and said ‘Is she pregnant in real life?’ Seriously!

        • YES!!!!!!!!!!!

          I couldn’t tell until the elevator scene (which was hilarious..the Italian elevator music=priceless). Then I was like, “WTF. Isn’t she supposed to be really fashion forward?!” Then i remembered that what’s in fashion right now is plaid…

          • Did you read that Weitz interview where he talked about how much SM loved the vampire elevator music, so he included more? I loved it – so funny! And how they all stood there looking uncomfortable – so much like RL!

    • I was so shocked that the months passing was somehow incorporated. So well done!

  28. I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I think I liked “Twilight” better. Don’t get me wrong – I loved New Moon but it lacked Edward and Bella’s chemistry. Think about the bedroom kiss and the end when they are dancing at prom. I didn’t feel any of this in New Moon. spoiler – Plus they took out those hot makeout scenes from when she first runs up to him in Volterra too – I was so looking forward to that!

    Too negative ? Okay – seeing it again tonight will keep my eyes peeled for some Buttcrack Santa moments. Seeing again tonight hoping to find the chemistry that I missed last night.

  29. Agreed on every point! Double that – at least – on Taycob – I was WORRIED. VERY very worried. And he worked this movie like he worked his Ab-Roller 24/7 for the last year… I honestly didn’t think he had it in him, and I am thrilled to be wrong.

    OK – gotta go get ready for my matinee!

    : )

  30. am i the only one who thought harry clearwater looked like mr. miyagi??

  31. You are SPOT ON! You were thinking the exact same stuff I was thinking UC!!! I needed…NEEDED…Chris to add in specific items from the book AND HE DID!!! He is brilliant! I was so happy…above my expectations! Taylor….unbelievable!!!!!! The acting was 10,000 times better too!!! ❤

  32. *Spoiler*

    I was blown away. I knew everything was right with the world when we started with the Remember Me trailer. SO hot!

    And everyone’s been talking about how much Tay-tay helped the Team Jacob side. For the first time, I can see it, I can really see it. They were so darn happy together and enjoyed each others company. Do you all have any idea how killer Eclipse is going to be?!!?

    I felt like there were shout-outs to LTT/R alllll over the place!! The cougars line, Eric the Gaysian crying during Romeo and Juliet, oh and let’s not forget the woodland frolic that will be fodder for so many more posts to come!

    Hearing damage killlllled me. That was absolutely perfect placement. Bella jumping off the cliff to the words “You can do no wrong in my eyes … they say you’re getting better, but you don’t feel any better” just … incredibly powerful. I was kind of “meh nothing special” on this song before. No more!!

    Finally, let’s just have a moment of appreciation for the amount of hotness that was on that screen last night. I can’t even count the collective “unnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhs” I heard from the women there, between Jake, Edward, the wolfpack, and Volturi guard! Wow!!

    • Oh and all the Jorts close-ups? Rawr!

      • Ok so hearing Damage during that scene made it one of my favorite scenes! it was perfect!! And I thought the same thing about the LTT/LTR shoutouts, they were totally everywhere!

        And the hot ness of that movie makes me so freaking happy! God, all I could say/think during some of those scenes was “DAMN Jacob/Rob/Wolfpack”

        I’m so happy right now, this movie totally blew away my expectations and I can’t wait to see it again!!!

    • Oh yes, the frolic in the woods. Oy vey. I guess Alice dressed them in her fake vision!

      The humans were all great in this.

    • The hotness was intense.

      But i have one question…How on earth are they going to make Quil hot?

  33. LOVED it!!!!!! I can’t comment fully bc I have to go to work (yuck, on 5 hours of sleep), but I am so proud to be a fan of this movie! Kstew was AMAZING and I think Rob was better this go round as well bc of the great DIRECTION they were given. I felt heartbreak, but didn’t cry till Charlie said something like you can’t go on like this…random right? Taytay blew me away…I was on his side for part of it. How about that ending?????? LOVE is all I have for this movie.

  34. I was just thinking that I wish there was a way to tell Chris Weitz how much we (the fans) appreciated it. Cause I know it’s getting torn up by critics and I really hope he doesn’t dwell on that — Chris, they don’t matter! WE loved it!

    • Someone could start a “Letters to Chris Weitz” blog!

    • We could just massively tweet Summit and Chris and David Slade to let them know how purple and green the movie was (meaning cool and good, not color scheme)

    • i think he reads this site- chris, we love you! thank you for making this excellent piece of awesome for us! please do breaking dawn – the critics don’t know anything. you killed it! (in a good way).

      • Actually, I think he might too. Because he said he really tried to listen to the fans, and this site is like top 15 or something of twilight blogs. Plus we’ve telling Chris forever what needs to be in it…and, um, it was in it. So…

        Am I just being naive?

      • My first thought after leaving the theater was that I hope he does Breaking Dawn. Seeing what he did with New Moon was just breathtaking, especially considering what he inherited from Cathy… I am sure he is more than up for the job of tackling BD.

  35. Spoiler? I don’t even know.
    I think that the movie better portrayed Charlie’s frustration and worry for Bella. I think because everything is from Bella’s point of view in the book and her understanding is limited, we can’t see it as much. Billy Burke rules!
    Loved the months passing as well.
    And the opening scene with Gran was well done…and kinda creepy.

  36. Good morning ladies. I’m so happy happy happy for all of you that have seen the movie. I’ve got 5 more sleeps (unless I totally cheat on my Sponsor and go see it without her before that…which i’d never do (…or would I?). But I just wanted to say hello and good morning to you all, and thanks to UC for the perfect placing of the spoilers and alerts. I skipped all the stuff in between, but at least I got a little dose of my two favourite ladies (in the whole wide world) today. I CAN’T WAIT I’M GOING CRAZY!!!

    P.S. IWL they had a quiz on the radio this morning about city nicknames asking which Country was home to the city that doesn’t need a nickname because it’s actual name was so odd – that city name being Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu …you’ll be proud that I new the answer 😀 And I thought of you.

    P.P.S. IWL, Ang, Midnight and TeamSeth, thanks for keeping me company last night 😀 Anyone else in New Moon exile for the time being feel free to email. Muah.

    5 more sleeps , 5 more sleeps , 5 more sleeps , 5 more sleeps lalalala

  37. Sooo I was going to stay off LNM b/c I JUST DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW and then I am like idiot..you won’t remember what they say anyway!!! So I am here… 🙂
    First hand embarrassement from last night cause like NO ONE was here “crickets”
    Oldest daughter friend calls and blubbering about having just come from the movie theater and I go into a huge “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME” and went on for like 40 mins. how upset I am that EVERYONE has gone to see the movie and how I am all alone…sniffle..and she is like ” Wow, had NO idea so many Michael Jackson fans still out there??” OK major fail!!!
    First thing this a.m. phone rings.daughter-in law calls to TOTALLY GLOAT over how my son took her to see NM… I’m just saying….
    Glad you all the greatest time last night and that the movie turned out to be a WIN!!
    P.S. If this post shows up weird its cause I am trying the strike out and bold…

    BIG SMOOCHES TO ANG AND ILWL for getting me through the midnight hours!! xoxox

    Admit to being soooo jealous of all of you, but happy for you more!!!

    • Is that why you were in a bad mood? awwww Cyn…u could have told us silly billy….hmpf….

      • No ILWL..that wasn’t it..but will admit made it worse…but luv’s you for being there last night…so glad you can spill your love for all that is Taylor this a.m….you have been so patient..

        • i sound like such a teen “my boyfreinds awesome cause..'”LOL
          I have to go to bed cause im my nose keeps hitting the keyboard will see u guys in a few hours…..muah!

    • Ok so obviously I haven’t got the whole strike out thing or bold right…cause the strike out was totally gone…was supposed to read ” Future Daughter in Law called to gloat about my son taking her to see NM…NOW I MAY OR MAY NOT ATTEND THE WEDDING..I’m just saying”
      I have to leave LNM now…I tried really really tried to put on happy face and share in your joy of all thing NM…but sadly it is tooooooooooooooooo painful…so I am leaving.. 😦

      • MidCyn, I promise I’ll get you that clip. I think it will brighten your day(s). I wish I could’ve sent you it last night. Sigh.

        miss you already.

      • is your son a unicorn? that would be too lovely. i hope you get to see the movie soon.

        • No he’s in love!!! Funny tho heard he thought the CGI stuff was really well done….and…he DID like the movie…Makes a Mamma proud!!! ❤

          Oh you have NO IDEA how much I want to see it!!!

    • Is your email address still the same? Just sent you a new message!

  38. Wow, awesome post – this makes me even MORE excited to go see it (if that’s even possible). Unfortunately I must wait until Monday – it remains to be seen how the hell I’m going to make it through the weekend – but it will be SO worth it from what I’m reading from you all. *sigh*
    Thanks for the report – I’m off to buy the soundtrack (already have it on itunes but I want a hard copy too)…and some Keds, Ray Bans and a bag of meat in stealthy, silent tribute to how much I heart KStew, Rob and Tay-tay.

  39. O.M.G.

    It was like baby Jesus giving me
    everything i’ve ever wanted…

    It was better than Christmas morning

    I went in with my standards set pretty high
    and Chris Dub totes stomped on that…

    && My honey went which made it more amazing!
    we had an extra ticket and straight out said QUOTE
    ” I’ll go if you want me too that way
    the ticket doesn’t go to waste”
    he was def into it &wouldnt stop asking questions!
    Then when we got home, he made me explain
    the whole darn series!!!

    I’m still excited!!!

    New Moon = EPIC WIN

  40. Finally…after three whole days of repression…it’s Illegal’s SPOILERS

    I said i was gonna do this yesterday and so to everyone who didnt “get” it before…(lol)

    I KNOW!!! Taycob is Hawt, Amazing and a fantabulous actor…and yes i got that from a scruffy uniform and red Licorice sticks and by being Team Jacob ever since I read the book. Even though the movie gave him every excuse to be shirtless (and i would be the last to complain…DUH) what got to me was his eyes…I mean the pain and love and worry and arrogance and dissapointment…i mean oh my god…he just kills me…

    The movie was just…AMAY-ZING!!!! from the title screen to the sudden ending…i was hooked so hard, i cuddled my wolfpack popcorn bucket and didnt even sip my drink during the whole thing incase slurping, crunching would make me miss something…

    If I started on everything i liked..my post will be longer than the email i sent to Team Seth…so my highs…

    *ALL Jacob scenes. “one oh eight over here”, “marshmallow”, “got a vampire to kill* le sigh
    *the entire cast…*stands up and starts slow clap* kudos
    *Aro…OMG u just made me fall in love with u all over again after Underworld…
    *Charlie…I ❤ u so bad its like someone punched a hole in my chest…
    *Newton cause he looked like he was going to cry when Jacob threatened him…
    *OK GO as a Jacob song…PERFECTION!
    *Thom Yorke sequence…squeee!!!! vampire speed cougar not benny hill show…get with the programme
    *Harry Clearwater…funny and heartbreaking..

    I have ooodles more but i will stop and convince college to fund my New Moon postgrad thesis….sorry about the long post…3 days of word vomit…whew!
    ❤ happy cookie…

    • spoiler…totes forgot to say…Taycob speaking in Qiuleute before leaning in for the kiss????…(insert incoherent babbling, swearing and hot flashes here)

      Good Effing Gravy……..Jebus Weitz u will never EVER know how much that means to me and my dirty dreams…never…i mean….got out of the theatre sweating…and believe me it was cold in there…something about a guy being able to sex u up in another language…LE SIGH….

      • Oh my friggin soul…Jake speaking in Qiuleute was like manna from heaven. So hot and completely unexpected and their lips sooo touched. That DAMN boy needs to grow the hell up already!

    • “one oh eight over here”
      One of my faves. I’ll be right there Taycob!

  41. I love that you bold-ed Marry Me.. lol clever lady..
    I loved the ending, it was amazing, not that we didn’t see it coming, or know what happens next, but great cliff-hanger..
    Loved the movie, can’t wait to see it again, which I’m thinking is tmrw.. haha..
    muah, x.

  42. It’s 11:30 and I’m in the theatre – alone- I haven’t read today post or any other comments to avoid spoilers but this is the best sick day i’ve ever had so far. Quite a few teens here – why aren’t they in school? They’d better not scream. There is a GIANT unicorn in front of me. More later

  43. Everything you said is spot on!!! After a night’s rest I am awake again on not much sleep (I can’t sleep anymore, I need to go frakking see the movie again!) and I still can’t believe how utterly awesome it was.
    I TRIED to lower my expectations, but honestly I didn’t and I wasn’t let down….I don’t think that has ever happened before. It was everything I wanted and more!!!
    I’m going to see it again on Sunday, and it can’t get here fast enough!!

  44. i was never so loud and obnoxious last night in that theater. people probably thought i had tourrettes. it was so pleasing to finally have a piece we could appreciate and fall for the characters all over again. i only laughed (at inappropriate moments) maybe twice, instead of every 5 seconds as i did in twilight. the field frolick was probably it for me, but at that point i was so happy thus far i didn’t even mind.

    i felt the ending was so rushed but i get it (keep it under 4 hours). I LOVED his proposal at the end; it was the perfect invitation to eclipse…

  45. *SPOILER*

    Ok, it was good, it was true to the book, it was better than Twilight, BUT it was had it’s “buttcrack santa” moments.

    -Namely …. anytime JASPER was onscreen. Seriously, I guffawed OUT LOUD at that boy every time we saw him. He looked ridiculous. So did Rosalie … she looked post-op transgender. And Rob? Looked far more like a tranny than any of the other vampires, including the very homosexual Demetri (Stephanie didn’t write any gay vamps … I wonder why?) ANYWAY … hair and makeup for the majority of the vampires (Jasper and Edward especially) was COMPLETE FAIL. Someone should be drawn and quartered for making Rob not look as hot as he is.

    – The jortspack. Embry and Jared looked like school boys. I thought they were supposed to be buff? What’s up with their tummy jiggle? Look, if Rob can get it together to be shirtless, then the jortspack should have looked a hell of a lot hotter.

    – The Anne of Green Gables moment was SO hilarious. The entire theater was cracking up. Although Vampbella was kind of awesome.

    -Other than that (and a few other things that I will remember after I see it again this afternoon) it was a complete delight. I only screamed “That’s not supposed to happen!” twice. I was the most obnoxious person in the theater. And totes proud of that.

    • Vampella was rad. When she looks back and there’s the hint of sparkle. FTW. Where was the bed though? 😉

      I thought, and don’t thumbs down me please, that Edward looked awful. Like was he supposed to be green the whole movie? I guess he’s supposed to have been tortured and pathetic from Rio to the ending…sigh. In the beginning he looked fine. Okay, just the ending. No one squealed in my theater. It was 90% team jacob.

      I’m so happy they had the vote chapter in there.

      • Beginning of the film Edward is the best Edward ever! “You can’t trust a vampire. Trust me.” It was like Rayban Edward and Jump-on-the-top-of-Bella’s-truck Edward again!

        • He was hot in the end end too. Just in Rio and Volterra. Okay, I take it back. He only looks bad in Volterra…and that’s cuz he’s totes borrowing RPatz clothes…did you see that huge rip? Grab the RPatz sewing kit, needle and a loose thread from the hotel couch.

        • Totally was loving the Ray-ban Edward in the first 10 minutes of the movie. The second she first saw him and he had her ‘crooked little smile’…I swooned right there in the seat. And this is coming from Team Jacob alllll the way. Srsly!

          Then he had to get all sad and such
          after the party!ofdoom.


      • He looked a little sickly in some parts. And I wish they would stop putting lipstick on him. Arrrgh.

        My fiance’s comment to all that was, “I think Edward is ‘Team Jacob'”. ahem.

    • Really? I thought Rosalie was a huge improvement over her look from Twilight. Especially in the vote scene.

  46. AGREED! The entire movie was DeLISH! Everything you said was spot on, but the two highest of the highlights in my mind were:
    1. K-Stew! I want to be her friend now! She really made Bella seem like a real person. And she looked so beautiful the entire movie.
    2. The scene right after bella runs into Edward at the end and pushes him back out of the light. Their chemistry was so intense and deep and sad and lovely… I cried.

  47. I’m in the theater now, losing my shit on the inside, but trying to pretend I’m dignified. I’ve been doing the cabbage patch & running man simultaneously all day. Giddy is an understatement.

  48. *spoiler* (maybe. I don’t know. I’m filterless, you never know what might slip out)

    .: Fish Fry Harry is the new Buttcrack Santa.
    .: After we see the movie twenty times, there will be parts that we think are just as goofy as Twilight. Particularly the part where Edward is walking across the parking lot at school like he was dancing down the aisle on Soul Train. Also the running in the forest like Hansel & Gretel. I know it was Alice’s stupid fantasy/vision but everybody laughed, even my 7-year-old who said it was “stupid looking”
    .: Michael Sheen as Aro was perfect. I cannot say enough about how he both impressed me and creeped me the eff out. He may have been my favorite non-threesome part of the movie.
    .: The CGI wolves were a thousand percent better than I thought they would be. I liked the part where Jacobwolf and Paulwolf were fighting and knocked over the camera, because it made you think they were really there. Very cool, Weitz.
    .: I think The Weitz has been reading fan fic. The kisses were not very chaste. There was a lot more jealous Edward. I kept expecting a panty to be ripped at any moment.

    • Fish Fry Harry IS the new BCS! FTW!!!

      And the kisses! OMLP the kisses!

      p.s. lp=la perla

    • I think you’re right about Harry. Especially that great knowing look he gives Chaske at the beginningish, even though he doesn’t really know anything… um, what? Plus how amazing was his face when Victoria (miss you already Rachelle!!!) was all up on his gun.

    • Robsten conspiracy theorists would allude to the interview wherein Weitz denied he directed the kissing scenes, claiming that it was absurd to tell people how to kiss. He said that he let them handle it themselves.

      Said theorists would then draw conclusions about what the increased intensity of the aforementioned scenes might imply about . . . .

      *nervous laughter* Don’t look at me. I’m not the conspiracy theorist. It’s my “friend.”

    • The new “little bottles” is: My King Fu is Strong.

    • Hmm, I thought the kisses were too chaste, *Spoiler*
      particularly the reunion one. It didn’t feel the relief and desperation of being together again. The post birthday kiss was pretty good though.

      However, (I’m eating my words here) the Twilight kiss was better than these imho. So I guess I will keep that part of Twilight too.


    Angry Jacob is HOTT!! I audibly went “Ungh” when he jumped up in Mike’s face.

    “Age is just a number, baby.” DAYUM.

    And my fave: Jake leaning in the window begging Bella not to go. I hurt. I would’ve stayed. Just me.

    Frankly, I didn’t mind the Jakewig so much. I thought I’d hate it and clearly it was fake, but I had a 0.5-second flashback to Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. Niice. 😉

    • oh god i love you for the legends of the fall comparison. it was the twilight of my tween years (i watched it like, every day after school) oh shit, i’m dating myself.

    • I agree about the Jake window scene, Moonjeen. I leaned over to my sister and said, ‘ I would have gotten out of that car so damned fast it’s not even funny.’

    • :sigh:

      I heart this Jacobwig. I know I may be alone on this, but that’s cool.

      Did anyone find it really weird that Jake leaned over Alice’s side to talk to Bella? Funny in a weird way def…but it would’ve been more intimate I think, if he was leaning in on her side.

      • Not alone on the Jakewig. Defs. Might even turn me on a lil.

        I wonder if Jake leaned over Alice so she could wrinkle her nose at his smell. There seemed to be a lot of the 2 of them snipping at each other in that scene. I don’t think I could’ve handled it if he had been on the passenger side, inches from Bella’s face.. and lips… again. (Maybe Jacob couldn’t have handled it either. Might’ve jumped through the car window like he did the bedroom window. Grabbed her up and…. ungh. Here I go again.)

  50. Seriously I want to marry Chris Weitz. If you haven’t seen yet, get thee to the theater immediately. Seriously go NOW. RUN!

    ******SPOILER ALERT******
    I think he captured the spirit of the book PERFECTLY and if I could have somehow turned what I imagined in my head as I read New Moon into a movie, it would have looked very close to what I saw on the screen last night. I was on the verge of tears so many times during the movie, sometimes due to the story (hello, the MONTHS! Lykke Li and the camera movements! I absolutely loved how they pulled that off) and also due to the sheer happiness of loving the story and the characters (Billy Burke is even more perfect as Charlie). The “Hearing Damage” sequence had me stoked and sad at the same time; it’s a great song and it fit the action so perfectly but it also made me feel that much more disappointed that Summit fired Rachelle.

    The additions to the cast were fantastic – big ups to Michael Sheen (who I already really liked) and Dakota Fanning. The Cullens looked even more beautiful, even with the wigs on Rosalie and Jasper, and you can really see why they stand out in Forks and why they would be shunned by the rest of the population. Loved the wolfpack, was psyched to see Gil Birmingham even if only for a minute and nice job getting Graham Greene in the mix.

    Stewie’s performance was much better this time around and, as corny as it was, I was still super stoked to see Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire running in the woods with Edward. Tay was fantastic, so earnest. And beautiful. Rob seemed to be playing it up a bit more cheeky this time, but he had it GOIN’ ON during that slowmo swagger in the parking lot.

    I wish the movie could have gone on forever, that is how much I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see it again and really can’t wait for the DVD. Please hurry Summit.

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